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Tacea / How would you rate your care?
« Last post by Motoko Ueda on Nov 10, 19, 05:51:43 PM »
It had not taken long for Motoko to find her way into the role of Xiong’s personal physician. She should not have been surprised by the development - it was only right for the Court Healer to see to the Queen’s needs, be they contraceptive draughts or cures for the common cold - but she had expected her traitor’s blood would see her turned away. She had saved Xiong’s life once, yes, but were her hands clean enough to learn about her Queen’s most private life?

Apparently, yes.

Xiong sat before her in her little examination room, wrapped in a colorful juban and little else. She held very still as Motoko traced her skull with diagnostic craft. Most healers didn’t touch the brain much - minds were Black Widow work, and it was dangerously easy to trip across that boundary. The best scrolls on the subject were written by Lady Wakano, who’d been Xiong’s attending on the slops of Black Immortal, and Motoko had read them all beginning to end.

It still made her nervous, grazing the snarl of blood vessels in Xiong’s cerebellum. The previous healer’s work had been good - Motoko could hardly feel the old break. Only the unusual shapes and still-healing tissue around it gave it away, like a floodplain after a deluge. But there was nothing to do about that - it was better today than it had been last week, and next week it would be better still.

“I see nothing to be concerned about,” Motoko said, withdrawing her hands. Having her fingers in someone else’s brain was uncomfortably intimate, even when they brain belonged to the Queen Mother Night bade she serve. “Your recovery continues apace. Shall we do your exercises?”

Xiong made a noise that indicated that she very much did not want to do her exercises, then held her hand out for the first apparatus, a ball of sand.

“Do you have any new questions about your care?” Motoko asked, eyes on the ball as Xiong worked her grip strength. “Any new symptoms to report?”
Dena Nehele / Re: Are you here to break my heart?
« Last post by Arkadie Graveworthy on Nov 10, 19, 05:10:39 PM »
Arkadie wanted to be comforted by his assurance. I would always come back, he said. But that only made her want to cling onto him tighter, to crush him to her chest--and it would be crushing. She would crush his spirit and reshape him into something worse than what he'd been if she tried to cling to what they had. I want to be useful... not away from you. She wanted to tell him that he could be useful here, at her side, without leaving. But she knew he'd never be happy being a toy kept on her shelf, trotted out when she needed him. Many men would've been content to idle their lives away, reading and attending banquets and escorting her on rites. Phoebus would not be.

He would come back at her pleasure, to make reports, he said, and then he stopped and corrected, but Arkadie felt something in her chest recoil. "Yes," her mouth said, even as that something withered. "So you are." She gave herself another minute to feel... however she felt, this confused mire of uncertainty, and then she forced herself to rally.

"I'm sure Liana can help you figure out a schedule for visits to the farms and fields in the area," she said, trying to sound airy. "And she'll know where we need you to shore up what we already have. Lord Ciriescu will be glad to spend less time out in the fields, I'm sure." What sort of vocal tic was this? I'm sure, I'm sure. Surety was the one thing she didn't have! "And she'll be able to settle the concern of your rooms--your quarters are still available, if you'd like them."
Tacea / Re: not quite so belated
« Last post by Xiong Teng on Nov 10, 19, 04:51:33 PM »
Sometimes, not often, Xiong wished she understood her bonded better. With Tae, it came so easily. Perhaps that was the years of familiarity with his moods and the ways he accepted comfort, years that she simply didn't have with Motoko. It certainly wasn't similarity between cultures--there was no avenue for Hanwa males to acquire an education in the more academic modes as there was on Zhong--that made him an easier bonded than Motoko, surely. She could still feel Motoko's unease, roiling beneath a mask of serenity, and it felt more like failure than she liked.

Pushing would get her nowhere, decided Xiong. It would be better to let Motoko sleep on what she already knew, and revisit this the next time she felt ready to have this conversation.

Which left the question of what task to set Motoko. Letting her stew on her position and her perceived instability would hardly be useful. Yet Xiong, now that feeling had returned to her feet, had no desire to get up and pretend at being the Queen of all Tacea when she felt more like a misplaced flower among snarling wolves and sneering cranes. Tomorrow, she told herself, I'll wear hanfu. I'll be Xiong Teng, a Tang Queen, and not the Dragon Mother. She told herself the same lie every night, and the next morning when her Red Handmaiden came Xiong put on another kimono. Duty was a heavy burden.

"You may help me back to my rooms," she said, "and summon Tae. Then, I believe the gardeners are worried that the night-blooming flowers in the eastern garden, the ones brought from the mainland of Terreille, have contracted some kind of root-rot. Would you be so kind as to look into that? I'd meant to do it myself, but I find myself feeling unwell." At Motoko's concerned look, she hurried to reassure her: "Nothing an early night won't fix. If you would, Motoko?"
Keep's Registry / Re: Marius Sharpington
« Last post by Marius Sharpington on Nov 10, 19, 03:16:37 PM »
Ready for review
Dena Nehele / Re: Searching for a precedent
« Last post by Sorinna Roman on Nov 10, 19, 02:17:03 PM »
Sora had been nervous about this day since Jeremiah sent off their reply to Tacea. She’d talked to Gabr about everything that happened. Then she brought her own males together and informed them of the situation with Tacea and everything that led to this point. While she couldn’t discuss the most sensitive matters regarding issues with Tacea, she gave all of the information that she could give. They needed to know what she thought and felt and she wanted to hear what they thought as well. Marius didn’t like it at all and said as much. Ben agreed with him, feeling that the possibility of marriage to someone she didn’t know was unfair to her. Mihael was in a better frame of mind to receive the news, but disliked it immensely. She could feel his discomfort through the bond and resolved to speak to him privately when this was done.

Lord Groza didn’t elect to accept her invitation, but Sora would deal with him soon enough. Nick and Gloom were rocks during this time, both men unwavering in their support of her and reminding her the final choice rested with her. Their support bolstered her courage, even as she Sebastian’s words echoed in her mind. We need to remain on good terms with the Taceans. Sora agreed. The welfare of the Conservatory, and all of Dena Nehele, rested on the interaction between this prospective suitor and her. The futures of Codrin, Elisabet, and thousands of other children would be determined upon her putting Dena Nehele above her personal desires.

She had daily tea with Lord Shingetsu for a week, seeking his knowledge of both Tacea and Raej, as her letters with Saiph al-Kaid had raised other questions she needed to answer. By the end of that week, Sora did not feel anything remotely close to an expert or a diplomat, but she knew now that she could meet this male and not intentionally offer him offense.

The big day arrived. Sora chose a navy and gold dress for the occasion and asked Gloom to stand as her escort that day, as RIley would be with Drake. She’d applied a touch of kohl to her eyes and gone extremely light on everything else. The letter of introduction arrived early that day, introducing him as Prince Hanaki Hisakawa. Sora liked his name. It sounded and flowed easily from the tongue. When he finally arrived, Sora was immediately struck by two things and, if asked, wouldn’t say which came first.

Prince Hisakawa was undoubtedly pretty, but in a far different way than Prince Musatin. Prince Musatin’s various features combined into a pleasing whole that drew the attention and held it. Prince Hisakawa drew the eye and held it, but Sora wanted to break down each of his features and admire them separately, wanted to trace her hands over his face and the rest of his form to understand just how well he was put together.

That knowledge led to the second fact, one that was immediately apparent as she laid her eyes upon him for the first time: he was hers.

Sora managed to keep her composure and navigate everyone through the meal without difficulty. As promised, Hanaki (she was already thinking of him on a first name basis) occupied a place of honor at her right where she could extend the aura of her Touch to him and Gloom, since she couldn’t just sit in either man’s lap. She resisted the urge to sit and stare at hm, though she would ‘ve been happy to do so. The dinner went smoothly but every minute dragged on for Sora. She wanted to talk to Hanaki directly and dispel any misconceptions he might have about her or her people.

The main dinner ended. Sora took Gloom’s and held them tight before she dismissed him for the night. She sensed her Warlord’s desire to speak with the newcomer and learn more about him. Gloom really was just the kind of person who’d sit and talk to someone because it sounded like fun, rather than attempting to gain advantage through secrets or lies.

Finally, the occupants in the room numbered six. Herself, Riley, Jeremiah, Sebastian, Drake, and Hanaki. Now they came to the business of inter-Territory relations, which Sora enjoyed least about her role. Sebastian read the letter from Lady Teng and Sora once again wondered how much of it was sincere and how much was veiled threats. She started to reach for Hanaki’s hand, but stopped herself. Did he even like physical contact? The last thing she wanted to do was force presence upon him. The bond was a gift to her, but tension she sensed in him worried her. What if being bonded to a stranger in a strange land was worse than possibly marrying one?

Sebastian finished reading the letter. Sora considered his assessment.

I’m still getting used to how things are phrased by our western allies, though a couple of things contained in it give me pause. That said, Prince Hisakawa’s presence is most welcome.” Sora said, finally looking to him. She offered him a small smile and had to force herself not to simply excuse herself and drag him from the room with her so that they could speak privately.

The offer of another Queen for five years, rather than the jewels of the one who attacked our Court, bothers me. However, Lady Teng has assured us that said person has been dealt with. Pushing this any further would be essentially calling her a liar, especially since they’ve apparently suffered some ill luck based on what she said. In the interest of maintaining good relations, which is our goal, I’m prepared to meet them halfway.” Sora said.

What do you all think?
Dena Nehele / Re: this might be too much to swallow
« Last post by Arkadie Graveworthy on Nov 10, 19, 03:59:09 AM »
Arkadie was only half-listening to Umbral's explanations. Her thoughts were focused on the web ensnaring Snowblind's mind, tapping along log-lines for tether points, listening for traps. "Are you going to sell him out," she asked, her voice too distant to be disapproving, though surely Umbral knew she wouldn't like to hear that. "It's hardly his fault." She hummed another snatch of her song, and balled up the Blood Opal around her thoughts and slammed it into the first tether. A fine point of power around the decaying potency of Seiha Inoue's Sapphire was more than enough.

"I'll ask him once he's recovered some," she sighed. "He might not remember, and if the memories aren't there, then I can't say one way or the other. Now hush, Umbral." They could puzzle out the Black Widow's disappearance once Snowblind's mind was his own again, not pried open like an oyster in the grips of a tentacled monster.

She did end up requiring Beatrici's support; the older Black Widow scowled to have to help her with a mind healing, but she was mostly useful for the strength of her Sapphire. Arkadie pointed, and Beatrici struck, her Sapphire less a delicate tool than Arkadie's Blood Opal but effective all the same. Even with the two of them passing the shattering of the tethers back and forth, it took them some time. By the time the work was done, the sun had long set. Beatrici was winded, but her Jewels still sparkled with power. Arkadie, however, wanted to eat a three course dinner and then sleep for a week.

Sleep was for the weak. Instead, she sat down on Seiha's cold, untouched bed. "Prince," she called, soft and loving. "Attend."
Dena Nehele / Re: as you stand upon the edge
« Last post by Xiaowen no Ureshi-sa on Nov 10, 19, 03:50:31 AM »
There were already so many things that he would have to do to ensure his stay in the aftermath of their leaving did not disrupt as much as it could. Certainly, an Ebon-Gray without his Queen--who had already acted against the Territory Court--would come across a certain way and his Prince mind picked about each of them. At least until Haneul spoke again and he nodded in agreement.

Even if--


Both his Queen and Lady Graveworthy had a bond between them and that was all he was going to think about (or how they were stunning together and apart). "I believe it will," said Xiaowen carefully, "even if they will likely consider Lady Graveworthy to be ... compromised, in a fashion." That she favored their Queen as she did. "... that was also a consideration, should things not go favorably, to see what can be achieved here."

His name was Tang, yes, but Xiaowen could barely remember anything that would endear him more than distantly. It did not mean that he did not feel, only that it was more out of a sense of duty at times. (He had, after all, shed the name he once held for that of his okiya.) "There is already a Tacean Queen ruling, albeit it Lady Toyani no Kagen." Xiaowen didn't make a face but it was still there in his voice. "Assuming that she has done well for the land as a Ruler, that is another potential point in our favor for consideration of land for the Hanwa and the Tang in the event that Xiong Teng turns out to be so considerate." Which was being polite, all things considered.

"It'd be something more than what we've already lost, a step in the right direction." Even if part of him did not like the idea at all but that was purely based on the mortality rate within Dena Nehele. Without the Decimation it was still startling; the power of the Guilds somewhat concerning.

"Thank you," said Xiaowen after a quiet beat. For speaking with him, for potentially helping with Yuki, but perhaps also for being his brother-in-arms.
Keep's Registry / Re: Daisuke Tanji
« Last post by Zen on Nov 10, 19, 03:39:38 AM »
General Random and 5 Family Rolls, please~ <3
Keep's Registry / Daisuke Tanji
« Last post by Daisuke Tanji on Nov 10, 19, 03:39:03 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Daisuke Tanji
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Fukuoka, Tacea
Home Territory: Ito, Tacea

Birthright Jewel:
Offering Jewel:

Role: Sword of the Queen / First Dagger
Faction: Territory Court


Play By:
Distinguishing Features:




  • Musical Instruments. TEXT

  • Tea Ceremonies. TEXT
  • DIS2. TEXT
  • DIS3. TEXT


Craft Strengths:
  • Enhanced Battle Craft. TEXT
  • Incite Rage. TEXT

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Telekinetic Craft. TEXT
  • Combat Shielding. TEXT

Life Story



Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:


Petitions (if any): 

Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): 
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Wanted Ad Link: here
Wanted Ad Sponsor: Reid

Player Name: Zen
Dena Nehele / Re: body of proof
« Last post by Judith Grigorie on Nov 10, 19, 03:33:18 AM »
It was astonishing to Jude how much of what separated a Queen's instincts from a Healer's seemed to be a matter of talent rather than their actual abilities. If it was one of my males, I would want to know someone was looking out for him. That sentiment resonated with Jude, bouncing and echoing off the lives of those she healed. It was the very reason she was now wrist-deep in a dead body with Sora, rather than at home. If she saved Sora, then Sora was her responsibility; and it mattered to her, somewhat inexplicably, that someone was looking out for Sora. She'd want the same for Carson, or any of her students... but most specifically her Carson.

She laughed. "No, they don't, do they?" Men were hopeless. It was too bad she liked them so much, and one in particular. Though she, too, couldn't imagine what it'd be like to be bonded to a woman she'd never met by some quirk of pheromones or Craft or fate. What would it be like to walk into a room with a stranger and know that your heart and soul and life belonged to her? A horrifying prospect. Court wasn't for her, and it was even less for her Carson.

Blood lore said Warlord Princes required the intervention of a Queen, but that had never been her experience. They were more volatile, but all she ever needed to calm Carson from the killing edge was to remind him of her presence. A hand to the back of his neck, laid gently and cool as water, often brought him back.

She smiled at Sora. "Glad to be of service."

They worked for a little while longer on the torso before she started to close up the long incisions, returning the organs to their homes while Sora recorded her notes. Jude paused in her threading of the thick suturing-needle, gaze drifting upwards as she tried to remember the details. "Um? I believe he's about six. I think his name is... Mihai?"
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