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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Glacia / Re: Ritva Toivonen
« Last post by phinneas on Mar 05, 20, 03:00:01 PM »
Glacia / Re: Ritva Toivonen
« Last post by Alise on Mar 04, 20, 06:22:14 PM »
Ritva is ready for her second review.
Nharkava / Jaya Laghari
« Last post by Jaya Laghari on Mar 02, 20, 11:05:42 PM »

The Basics

Character Name: Jaya Laghari
Nicknames: Jaya, its 4 letters. Ja-ya.
Age and Birth Year:  27, Born 167 AP 
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Witch
Birth Territory: Little Terrielle
Home Territory: Nharkava

Birthright Jewel: Cut Rose
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Purple Dusk
(Jewels from Silje Frisk's application.)

Role: Silje’s court Cultural Liaison” (To come in story)
Faction: Padmalaya Estate


Play By: Shraddha Kapoor
Distinguishing Features:
In a land a land of honey colored skin, and vibrant silk it is difficult to notice one culturally ambiguous woman. While Jaya is attractive, she by no means carries herself with the grace of a Queen, the sexual allure of a Widow or the gentle countenance of a healer. Jaya moves about unnoticed for the most part, blending easily into crowds. Up close it would be her eyes, a light hazel that borders on amber and an enigmatic smile that creeps along her lips in a way that makes others think she knows something you don't. Maybe she does.



Jaya enjoys life, taking time to savor small things, the sweet nectar of fruit, the touch of a man, the laughter of children through a crowded city street. She appreciates love and joy, laughter and fear. Without reaching the borders of these emotional stages, how can one truly appreciate the good times? This love of life spills over into her small family which she adores and guards possessively.
If she can make someone laugh with a well timed joke she will do it, though her humor tends to lean toward sarcasm and observation.

Jaya lives as a means of escape. It may sound bizarre. She does so because the alternative means being trapped her current circumstance. In many ways she uses escapism under the guise of aloofness so that others don't get close enough to peek beyond the veil.  You see what she wants you to see and she guards her secrets, especially her fears and insecurities. Jaya has found that even when help is offered it is rarely ever welcome and often makes the situation worse. So she doesn't ask for help especially when it's desperately needed. Not from anyone, including Mother Night.

Though she believes that the Darkness touches all life, she doesn't exactly prescribe to the notion that Mother Night is ever present in the day to day. She won't ask for help through prayer or rely on a greater power to solve her problems for her. Jaya believes in self sufficiency. If someone was out there to solve all your problems then no one would blame themselves for their own failures. Her faith was rocked by the death of her father who she loved dearly and she never completely recovered.

Fiercely loyal and protective she will act quickly if someone she cares about or respects is insulted or attacked.In any way. The only caveat would be if the victim acted first. Though she was trained in courtly protocol Jaya prefers a straightforward approach when possible, and is not unwilling to break down exactly what she is upset about and why. She will speak her mind.  However due to past trauma she can have a knee jerk reaction when frightened and use her craft to calm the situation down. This is sometimes considered an invasion, but at the moment it is happening it is the only recourse when flight is not possible.

  • 1. Exploring Boundaries- Life is for the living, you only get one chance to get it right and learn from the things you get wrong. If it means staging little excursions to unknown territory, playing a small prank, trying unfamiliar cuisine or experiencing culture she will do so.

  • 2. Honesty- Jaya has found it is easier to trust someone when they are up front with her. Whether or not she likes what they have to say at the time. Some truths can hurt. Jaya will always appreciate an honest answer over half truth..

  • 3. “Doodling”- Though she doesn't often display her work she finds no greater expression than that of capturing a moment, scene or face to paper. A skilled illustrator she can make an image seem like it will jump out of the page. She has never sought approval for her work and often loses herself in it. Its not uncommon to find her hunched over a book with fingers stained in charcoal.


  • 1. Violation of her privacy- Mind your business and we won't have an issue. My problems are my problems and I can mess them up on my own. Your problems might be my problems, but I don't always listen to my own advice. Its hypocritical, I get it. Invade my space and I won't give you a chance to do it again.

  • 2. Emotional upheaval- Some people are just even tempered and Jaya enjoys making her home in that space. Stepping into the extreme of negative emotions sets her off and she feels compelled to interfere. Rage is especially a trigger as it tends to lash out blindly and hurt not only herself and the people around her. If she encounters someone who is drunk and enraged to the point of violence, or so sad that the possibility of self injury is a real concern she will attempt to police their emotions back into submission. This can be a violation of someones space and while Jaya does her best to remove herself from those situations, fear causes her to act.

  • 3. Blind Religious devotion- Zealots are everywhere, people have done terrible things in the name of religion. In turn, the Landen Gods give very little back. What is the point of worship if sacrifice goes unheard? No, self sufficiency is the only way to survive.

  • 1. Being forgotten- Living in anonymity can make a person independent just as networking opens up doors. There is a lot to be said about keeping a close knit circle. Jaya has very few people who she can say she truly loves, while she maintains friendships easily she doesn't go out of her way to seek them out. Being present in the lives of the people in this circle is important but she can't help but feel if she were to disappear that she would be forgotten.

  • 2. Trusting too much- People disappoint you, sometimes the ones closest to you. Don't hand them a knife to stab you in the back.

  • 3. Being too Late- Life runs on its own timeline and rarely goes according to plan. Jaya lives in the moment while carrying the burden of familial responsibilities on her shoulders. While she wishes she could be there in every event, she cant. Though she tries to the point of spreading herself too thin.  Having lost her father while committing to her schooling taught her the hard lesson. If she had only made it back in time, if she could have done something different to speed up her course, she might have been able to sooth him and her family through his final moments.  Those chances only come once. As such, she's always wound just a bit tighter in times of stress, worried that if she slows down at any moment, she'll be too late again.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1. Emotion Manipulation- Jaya has grown strong in the art of emotional manipulation. It all began with the study of projections which allowed her to manufacture and alter her emotional state and push it out to influence others. It also aids in masking her current emotions with some more suited to the situation. Once she was able to project happiness in spite of her tears and have others believe it she moved on to higher schools of Mind Study.  Manipulating outside emotions is not easy. It takes on a whole new roll depending if the subject is aware or not. Through study and plenty of practice in court as well as through the tutelage of her teacher, she has managed to map a person's emotional landscape where she can push or pull, making small short lasting changes to their state. Anger can be quenched from a raging inferno down to a small flame, joy turned slowly to sorrow. These do not have to be long lasting as emotions are like tides and ebb and flow throughout the day.  Due to this mastery Jaya has also learned to mimic her own emotions, real time with another person. This little trick was learned in passing and not often used as Jaya is quite private. However it did open up another line. Jaya can tether two people to each other's emotions as long as she is in the room and the participants are willing. This is seen as therapeutic and was used often to resolve interpersonal conflicts between peers during her lessons.

  • 2.Breaking Mind Barriers- In Tune with the emotions around her Jaya has become proficient with breaking or drilling through mind barriers. Craft barriers broken within the scope of her jewels may come down or shatter so that she can access the person’s emotions to read or alter. Her touch has become so subtle that jewels lighter than her own are likely not to notice that their barriers have been shattered.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1. Combat Shielding Combat has never been her specialty. As Jaya can manipulate emotions she tends to default to that form of offense first. Due to this Jaya finds it difficult to bring up shields swiftly enough to merit the use of this skill. If she can reason or talk her way out of a battle, she will do that first. As such, her combat skills have suffered.

  • 2. Riding the Winds- Jaya was born without the skill to Ride the Winds. Strands criss cross in all the areas she's ever lived connecting places in a world she can't experience on her own. Being unable to access them and not always able to afford a coach, she feels a bit stranded, unable to use this easily taken for granted ability has caused her a great amount of grief.

    Life Story

    Mother: Puni Laghari - Rose - Summer Sky Healer (b. . 148 AP)
    Father: Jano Lungah-  Blood male Deceased (b.136 AP -187AP)
    Sister :Narkeen Laghari- Blood female Tiger Eye - Summer Sky (b. 178 AP)
    Step Father : Janbir Testavali- Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk (b. 137AP)
    Paternal Aunt Lowra Lungah Rose -Opal (b. 123 AP)

    Jano Lungah was a well off merchant in little Terrielle. He bought spices and textiles from bordering territories and sold them within Little Terrielle at wholesale prices. Though business was good elevating his status within the Courtland Province, the young, ambitious man sought to expand his enterprise. Money had a voice there and he wished for nothing more than to be heard. Setting his sights on Nharkava he travelled into this once vibrant land and into Goa in hopes of expanding trade. However this is not a story of business or how one man sought to weight his pockets with the politics of another.

    Puni Laghari was a short lived Light Jeweled Blood Healer in the small farming community where Jano arrived. She was young, just into her 19th year when she and the 30 year old man met. Entranced by her sweet nature and giving heart Jano proceeded to court the young woman rather than building his estate. Taking his new wife from her homeland, they crossed the border back into Little Terrielle.

    Jaya was their first daughter. She was born in melting pot of cultures and free thinking, attending fine schools and learning about her father’s business. It was not uncommon to find her perched on his desk, legs swinging during meetings. After a time, his business partners became used to the little girl’s presence and eventually, her insights.  While happy with her life, Puni missed her homeland. Unable to deny her anything and as business was good, he agreed to move their family back to Nharkava, where Puni would be more comfortable.

    Their second daughter’s name was Narkeen though she was not born with her Jano’s eyes, or his bright smile. Her face was well rounded and her skin a light chestnut. Still she was a feral child filled with too much cleverness and very little common sense. At the time Jano’s business would take him for from home for extended periods of time, leaving Puni to care for their daughters. When he did come home he would describe the places he visited and Jaya would sit at his side, sketching the images he fed to her imagination. Jaya loved her sister though the girl tested every last nerve and she actively sought knowledge wherever she could find it. Empathetic to a fault, Jaya was always looking out for other people's emotions, doing her best to lighten their moods or lend a hand.  Whn she wasn't, she drew, escaping into the present and capturing images. Art soothed her and kept her grounded. Watered, this skill blossomed and thrived.

    When the Darkness granted her the  uncut Purple Dusk jewel which was witnessed by her  Mother, Jano swelled with pride. He was Blood but was never so blessed. Immediately he decided that the best course of action was to send Jaya back to Little Terrielle to live with his sister Lowra Lungah and receive schooling there. It was an emotional farewell, Jano promising to visit his daugher often and bring letters and news of their family. Missing her nights in the city Jaya agreed and moved back to her birthland.

    Aunt Lowra was a bitter pill. Though Jano warned her that his sister was “reserved”  nothing prepared her for the strict woman and what lengths she would go to in order to mold yet another member of the Jeweled line. Wealthy and prone to excess and structure, Lowra ruled the home while neglecting Jaya and what she considered where her fanciful areas of study. The fact that she did not have a proper caste in her opinion was most upsetting. For her part, Jaya absorbed all she could, taking full advantage of her lessons, including those shoved down her throat by Lowra. These classes revolved around court, protocol, navigation and codes of conduct. While learning which fork went on what side of the service, she attended school, and was eventually brought under the wing of a Black Widow. Fascinated by people's emotions and how to mend them, Jaya engrossed herself in this unconventional craft, learning to infiltrate, disguise, mask and even alter emotion. She was so incredibly gifted at this that Breaking Mind Barriers became easier. She learned to play emotions like a harp, plucking at strings, preferring subtlety to force.

    Her father visited regularly, bringing back breads and homemade gifts from their family. Though they had money, she prefered these most of all. The visit was brief and she hugged her father farewell for the last time.

    Jano Lungah grew sick on the road from Little Terrielle to Nharkava. It was not until he returned home and after the puzzled attention of multiple Healers that it was decided that word should be sent to his eldest daughter.  Receiving that letter was the worst moment of her life. Jaya raced home, unable to take to the winds herself, and too fearful to risk it alone, she sought a coach on the last stretch of her journey. The house she had lived in was so quiet, so empty and as she approached all she could feel was agony, bleeding from the walls. Jano died before his daughter could say goodbye.

    For the next two years Jaya worked on her craft. Lowra eased her tension on the young lady and Jaya barely noticed. She worked in the court, transcribing notes, seeing to attendees, and working her way up. Letters from home were frequent until they suddenly weren't. Jaya requested leave and came back home to find it drastically changed. Janbir Testavalli, one of her father’s business associates took charge over their family assets with her mother’s consent. Puni Laghari had remarried the summer  earlier and while Janbir had been an active member in their house during her formative years, seeing him in this roll was off putting. Not only that, Jano had squandered the majority of her family’s wealth and possessions through ill placed dealings and bad investments in only a short period of time. Jaya was able to convince her mother to suspend her new husband’s access to what little was left. This further enraged Janbir.

    Asking for help from Aunt Lowra was out of the question. Her opinions on Jano’s choices were negative at best. No one would be able to help, legally the property was theirs and not even Puni, who feared her new husband and had so for some time, concealing her concerns from Jaya. Ranbir was abusive and possessive, unleashed he destroyed her family’s life. Jaya could not understand why her mother would accept this considering how her father cherished her.


    Ranbir was the one to explain her mother’s shame. One mistake when her father was away, working for his family resulted in Narkeen, her now half sister. Jaya’s world shattered.  Since then she has abandoned her life in Little Terrielle though her Aunt insists her unique talents are wasted. Moving in with her mother to keep Janbir at bay, the coward is at least hesitant to lift his hand in Jaya’s presence, although he is aware of the usefulness of her craft, seeking a way to exploit it. She tends to her ailing mother and little sister. Hoping that one day soon, she will find a way to pull them out from under his thumb herself.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    His face swelled with anger, red like a ripe pomegranate. Bloody vines edged closer to the iris of his eyes as he looked upon the thief, no longer seeing the boy no more than eight years old struggling against the severe grip of his fist. Instead he settled the blame of his ill begotten luck on the beggar. People like him took from the hardworking, they reaped the benefits of his livelihood and spoiled the market like leeches upon the fruit of his labor. The Harvest had come and gone, and investors pulled away seeking bounty in another farm. His investments turned over little profit and when he was at his lowest this urchin attempted to slip his small, filthy hand in his pockets by stealing his fruit. It would not stand. The Glacians had a point in their cleansing of the population, light jewels weren't enough, half bloods even jewel-less half bloods were a blight. It wouldn't be long until Glacians figured that out as well.  “Bandit, criminal, bloody little shit!  You think I wouldn't see you, you think I'm blind!?”  He roared violently yanking the boy forward to throttle him, nearly dislocating his slender malnourished arm in the process.

    The young landen boy filled his eyes with the anger of the merchant. His hand reflexively tensing against the pressure and tighter around the tomato in his small hand. “I'm hungry, I'm sorry!”   He cries trying to pull away, terror taking hold. The merchant lifted his eyes to the shiny red beacon the embodiment of his frustration and yanked it free from the tiny hand. The fruit burst spilling the juices of its yolk over the boy and the man’s crisp white tunic.  There was red and now the man breathed it, drawing his hand back farther and farther, fist clenching around the flesh of the tomato until it pulverized the meat leaving a gory, sticky mess of his fist. Red would run. He tensed and anticipating the pain, the child recoiled turning his head away to shield his head from the blow.

    The blow he had received many times before.
    Yet another to add to his bruises.

    Only it did not come. The man panted, heavy breaths drawing in and out from the center of his chest. Seeing the boy, he remembered his crime, twisting his hand....and yet unable to summon the rage that moments ago burned so hot. Guilt toward this pitiful creature crept into his mind, filling his spirit. Shame. Regret. Self loathing.

    The man lowered his hand, and quickly released the child. The boy clutched his arm and looked up to find the bewildered man confused and at odds with himself. Those who had peered from their stalls to watch frozen for what was to come next. But nothing did. Seizing the chance the boy fled, pushing past the man’s hip and disappearing through the crowd. Right past the dark haired woman standing in the nearby booth, a dark hood crowning thick locks of raven hair, enigmatic eyes boring into the man. They were just another set of many but none were tethered so to the craft. She drew back releasing his emotions, sickened by what she had felt. Reading minds was not in her repertoire, and even if she could, nothing would lead her to delve deep into that muck.

    The man staggered, confused by his own unreasonable emotions and finding himself suddenly calm.

    Player Name: Isa

    Caste Requesting: Witch

    Why did this character became inactive? I was out of the country for the last week or so with my new job and got back late March 1st so I missed the window.

    What are your plans for this character after Reactivation? I plan to continue playing this character in Nharkava.

    Number of previous Reactivations for this character:0

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation (if any) : None
Glacia / Re: Ritva Toivonen
« Last post by phinneas on Mar 02, 20, 11:37:23 AM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Registry Cleanup / Re: Gamal Omari
« Last post by Myst on Mar 02, 20, 11:22:09 AM »

Registry Cleanup Notice
This character sheet has been inactive within the Keep's Registry for over 2 weeks. If you wish to keep this character sheet (including the Jewels rolled) you will need to reply to this thread within 2 weeks or else you will forfeit the character and the Jewels.
Points Scheme / Re: (Feb) Points Transactions
« Last post by Rated Em on Mar 01, 20, 03:44:58 PM »
Approved @ 506pts. Marked as used. What's the name of the NPC?
makoto no ariake (: sorry i didn't put it there.
NPC Registry / Re: Makoto no Ariake
« Last post by WrenStar on Mar 01, 20, 09:59:34 AM »
Inactive / Re: Makoto no Ariake
« Last post by WrenStar on Mar 01, 20, 09:14:53 AM »
Character has been archived and marked inactive as per player's request.
Points Scheme / Re: (Feb) Points Transactions
« Last post by WrenStar on Mar 01, 20, 09:06:40 AM »
Character Name: Sydney Concord
Player Name: Rated Em

Item Purchased: Registered NPC

Points Cost: 506.25 (fifth purchase, so 337.5 x 1.5?)

Approved @ 506pts. Marked as used. What's the name of the NPC?
Points Scheme / Re: (Feb) Points Transactions
« Last post by WrenStar on Mar 01, 20, 08:55:00 AM »
Character Name: Naoto Shirato
Link to Sheet (if edits are required):'s-registry/naoto-shirato/
Player Name: Reid

Item Purchased: Redeeming my S-G roll from the flash auctions!

Points Cost: None, already paid!

Done & marked as used.
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