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Glacia / Re: Lydia Kalas
« Last post by phinneas on Nov 13, 19, 05:48:07 PM »

Lydia has been blessed with a specialization in Communion Craft.

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section as written.
Tacea / Re: father always knows best
« Last post by Seung Corro on Nov 13, 19, 04:48:06 PM »
Seung wanted it to be something born of altruism, this attempt to take his name and turn it to political capital. He himself had made use of it to ensure the continuity of the Tacean unification, but that was different: it was his. Corro was the name that he bore for himself and refused to give as a burden his children. In Tacea, the mother's name always came first, no matter the father's dominant Jewels or Caste, but he could've insisted and made each of them a Corro in truth. With his reputation, it would've been proper and honorable. It would've happened, if he had staked himself on it. He had not, and part of it was the burden it indicated and the other part was this.

"I expected this from Tomomi, Sayaka, or Tomoko," he said. "They were ambitious, grasping, consumed by hate for the Kagen. I did not expect this from you." The silence hung heavy between them, Ji Yoon's nervous smile faltering at his stone cold, forbidding expression. The Green Jewel clipped to his obi tie flared as he raised an aural shield, for both propriety and the raised voice he wasn't sure he could prevent, if he could rouse the energy to shout.

There were not words for how betrayed he felt, but he would try anyway. Thousands of years were too many years to live in anger at one of his few remaining children. If he could make her see, then perhaps this could be prevented from becoming worse... "We live here on the sufferance of these people," he said. "These mayflies. Ji Yoon, you are in your eighties, and you think you know how short their lives are in comparison to our own. There is a reason I abstain from politics even as I continue to live among people who will age and die so quickly that I will not long remember their names--it is because the lure of our long life, our so-vaunted experience, is too great! I look at the problems they have caused for themselves and I think that I know better, that I should force them to adhere to my way and my thoughts--and I cannot do that, Ji Yoon. You cannot do that."

He took a measured breath. "It is natural and fitting that you should wish to assist in finding a new home for the Hanwa. I have encouraged you to see yourself as one of them, as a Tacean, and this was my mistake. You have grown up among them, had children with them. I would do the same, if it were appropriate. But it isn't, because we aren't like them. We cannot be like them."

But it was too late to call it back. The idea had been released into the world, and the Tang Queen had found it good. The Dragon found toothsome meat in the scions of House Corro.

"It's too late to undo this," he said. "Lady Teng sees an opportunity to protect the Hanwa and the Tang by establishing sovereign houses to lead them. She will make you an offer, and you will have to elect one of you to represent the will of the Corro family at Court.

"It was a mistake to think that we could avoid this. I never should have let you pretend at being a normal Tacean child."
Glacia / Re: Lydia Kalas
« Last post by Lydia Kalas on Nov 13, 19, 04:46:39 PM »
New Craft Strength:
  • - Communion Craft. Years of shepherding the flock of Ivalo has honed Lydia's skill here into a Craft creates a secure, calm, safe space, limned in Red, for another to step into and descend into the Abyss. Lydia's ease with the Craft makes it easy for others and, with her Jewels protecting them during that vulnerable time, they leave feeling far more refreshed.
Keep's Registry / Re: Thalia Metaxus
« Last post by halyonix on Nov 13, 19, 04:38:33 PM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Dena Nehele / Re: Searching for a precedent
« Last post by Hanaki Hisakawa on Nov 13, 19, 03:31:54 PM »
Hanaki didn't want to fidget, and he hadn't, though he wanted to dry his palms on something. Here he was in the company of two Queens, two Princes, and a Black Widow Warlord Prince, each of them likely appraised by some secret note the service they were expected to do with him. Even the lightning-shock of recognition as he'd first bowed before Lady Sorinna Roman wouldn't spare him from the ignominious fate that his mother had devised for him. The elder Queen kept trying to catch his eye and smile at him; well, his Sapphire meant that he could probably cause quite a lot of trouble before being taken down by their Red, if he had a mind to resist whatever fate doled out for him. He didn't, and he found her gesture of welcome to be strangling because of it.

"She's unhappy," said Hana, keeping his gaze on his neatly manicured fingernails. "She writes like a Tang, but I knew a few Tang in the monastery. She's accused you of valuing your people's lives less than she values Tacean lives. Bases of blood and bone means..." He would've thought it meant children. It could also mean corpses. He took a deep breath. "That if she doesn't get what she wants, some tangible proof of ties, then she may not be able to gainsay the Clans from going to war. The Ariake aren't happy."

His Queen said that his presence was welcome. Did she know what it was Xiong Teng expected her to do? He had to talk to her in private, he thought, had to make his request that she not be present when they. If they.

He looked up at the Warlord Prince when he heard his name, though he politely avoided eye contact. "As soon as Lady Teng was enthroned," he said. "Lady Ariake was formally dethroned then. She'd been informally dethroned by the Dragon Father, but Prince Corro didn't have the authority to make decisions as to who could rule a Clan Court. So it waited, and Lady Teng refused Lady Ariake's fealty.

"Or that was the rumor."

The Queen, though, that was a puzzle. His face was calm and serene as he thought back over the Queens he knew of. It wouldn't be an Izayoi; if it was to be Hoshiko, then surely they would have come at the same time. Hoshiko, though only a vassal Queen, wasn't a threat to the Dragon Mother due to her Light Jewels. Now, if it was to be the Queen of Nara, the original Izayoi candidate, that would make sense, yet no one would describe the Queen of Nara as a young flower; she was in her late thirties and a mother besides. It would be political suicide to unseat her.

He was quiet for a very long time as he thought. "Mind healers aren't common," he said finally. "And neither are young Queens who yearn to the see Dena Nehele. Especially considering what happened to Itsuko no Kagen and Yua no Ariake and Seiha Inoue. So it wouldn't be a Queen of the Clans. Not a Tang Queen or a Hanwa Queen, because she won't risk them that way. I believe it would be... one of the wards from one of the Clans that isn't as supportive of her. There was one who was once a ward of one of Lady Teng's rivals for the original throne..."

Hanaki didn't forget his manners as he realized what Xiong was doing. Get rid of this inconvenient, powerful Prince and I'll give you a powerful Queen and a mind healer. Build your enemy a golden bridge to retreat across, Hinata no Kagen had written in the aftermath of Tacea's reunification. Was this a power play?

"She's sending a hostage." Bonds of blood and bone. "Likely a Shingetsu. You already have a Kagen. With a Shingetsu and a Kagen Queen here, you can be guaranteed she won't risk them because two of four Great Clans will never attack their own Queens. The Clans will see that she has no problem with sending their malcontents away if the Clans don't handle them themselves."

And what, thought Hanaki, would his own severed head show?

He looked back down at his hands. "Lady Roman. I'd like to speak to you in private at your leisure." The concern of the blood bond oughtn't be one. After all, he was hardly going to live long enough to appreciate it.
Graphics Claim / Re: Graphics Claims
« Last post by Haloriel on Nov 13, 19, 03:23:01 PM »
Swapping Out:

Lee Seung-Gi;; claimed by Haloriel, October 28

Adding In:

Code: [Select]
[b]Lyrica Okano[/b];; claimed by Haloriel, November 13
Dea al Mon / Re: It Can Creep Up Inside You
« Last post by Rapture Alindolea on Nov 13, 19, 03:08:44 PM »
It had not escaped Rapture’s notice that Storm had spoken out loud to the self-important Prince. Had given him fair warning that any delay in his departure could have adverse effects on his health. He could have used a psychic thread if it was just for the man’s benefit. It was for hers too. Letting her know that he was taking care of the issue so she would not have to. He was taking care of her, in his own way. Warmth invaded her body and leeched a bit of her tension away. She was strong; could take care of herself. She was used to taking care of herself and could easily become snarly if anyone even hinted that she might need someone to take care of her. But, this man, he knew how to handle a strong, prickly female.

The Prince left and Storm continued to use his voice. Rapture had lifted her foot to move towards him but found herself rooted in place. It took ruthless control of her body to keep from shivering with the sudden chills running up her spine. She was unaware of the fact that her pupils had dilated. Frisson. She was experiencing frisson. Something she typically only felt while dancing when the music was truly speaking to her. It was his voice. The growling tone, rough with disuse, was a caress to her skin. A delight to her tactile nature.

And the rat bastard likely knew it and used it to his advantage. She placed her hands on her hips and her down at him imperiously. (Something she was able to do only because he was sitting.) But his draw was too strong for her to maintain her distance. The Widow glided across the floor with a sinuous grace – one born from years of dance and her own inherent sensuality. She stopped when the front of her legs pressed against the chair between his legs. Storm’s hands cupped her hips and encouraged her to sit. Instead she placed one hand on the back of his neck and the other on his shoulder to lean down and nip his bottom lip.

Rapture was in the process of tilting her head and stealing a possessive kiss from her Warlord Prince when his words processed. Storm, the man who was forever the buffer between herself and the violence she’d inflict upon annoyances, had been ready to hurt the man who’d just left? The man who had had to learn and maintain a wealth of patience to deal with her and her sister? Her eyes narrowed and she turned her head towards the door. She began to reach out with a Sapphire Thread to find the mental thumbprint of the Prince who’d just left. She would not need to see him to rip off his jaw with a bit of telekinetic craft. “Why?” a nearly subvocal question, one filled with a deadly intensity. A quiet menace. “What did he do?”

She’d get back to what she needed from Storm in a moment. First, she’d take care of any annoyances. Work came before play. It made the play more enjoyable if there weren’t any pesky tasks intruding on her thoughts.
Keep's Registry / Re: Silvanus Django
« Last post by halyonix on Nov 13, 19, 02:13:41 PM »
adding to the queue
Keep's Registry / Re: Lupe Fabrizia
« Last post by Dash on Nov 13, 19, 02:08:02 PM »
ReAdY fOr ReAcTiVaTioN
Keep's Registry / Guadalupe Fabrizia
« Last post by Guadalupe Fabrizia on Nov 13, 19, 02:06:54 PM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Guadalupe Fabrizia
    Nicknames: Lupe
    Age: 24 (Born 170 Post Purge)
    Race: Long-Lived (Dhemlanese; And Pure to Boot, Bitches)
    Caste: Queen
    Birth Territory: Dhemlan, Terreille
    Home Territory: Dhemlan, Terreille

    Birthright Jewel Cut Rose
    Offering Jewel: Uncut Summer Sky

    Role: Queen of Atholi Province


    Play By: Becky G (Rebecca Marie Gomez)
    Distinguishing Features:


    In public Guadalupe (“Lupe” to her friends), is one of two things. Either incredibly friendly, social, and fun, or a vicious bitch. To her friends and those she is trying to court she is talkative, and perceptive, interested in everything the person has to say and an excellent communicator. To her enemies or rivals (they are seen in the same light) she is a relentless foe who tries to tear her enemy apart through a campaign of lies, hazing, gossip, and passive-aggressive commentary. At the Academy she was a Straight-A student. As a Queen, she is even more of a workaholic. Her hard-working attitude is seen by everyone, be they in her Court or in her Province, as a relentless agent. She does not shy away from extra responsibility, and is known to sleep little and work late to organize, plan, and execute on any number of things to help her people.

    In private Guadalupe is consumed by a need for praise and attention. Having suffered a childhood devoid of parental affection, she has instead shifted that focus to her people. She now works exceptionally hard to make her Court and her citizens love her, to accept her, and to push her for more. To those unfamiliar with her she is dizzying in her energy and her need to move from one project to the next. She is almost neurotically organized, planning out her day by the minute and is a terror when someone makes her deviate from that task.

    Since her Virgin Night she has become almost obsessed with sex. Being under an incredible amount of stress, much of it self-inflicted, she finds that the physical release of the act does a great deal to ease her body and clear her mind.

    Lupe is project-oriented and very mindful of her position. She knows she’s something special, as the only pure-blooded Dhemlanese Queen born in a generation. While her jewels are not dark, they are still nonetheless incredibly useful, and she plans to make herself a Queen worth legend after her days at the Academy. While she lives in Isadora’s shadow she doesn’t lack ambition, and in fact since she has taken her position she strives to make Isadora's legacy nothing but a memory, supplanting it with her own. In the back of her mind she feels a need to make up for the lack of aristo status her Step-father robbed her of.

    But there were some lessons from Isadora that stuck with her: Ruthlessness, merciless bargaining, and manipulating those around you with every weapon at your disposal. Isadora is dead, but her heir has been fully shaped by her lessons.

    • Ruling: Lupe had always been inwardly afraid that she wouldn't be a good Queen. Since she took the reins of Atholi she has thrived, however. She eats, sleeps, and dreams of being a Queen worthy of respect and pride. She treats her people well, she tends to the land with great vigor, and she eats up all of the attention and deference. It is her life goal actualized and she realizes how lucky she is to have gotten the seat thanks to Isadora's mistakes.

    • Her Brothers: While Cornado spurned her, Estevez and Santiago had always shown her love and respect. She deeply loves both of them, fawning especially over Estevez who is closer to her in age. She regrets Estevez having to feel so much guilt over what’s happened, but she’s assuaged that guilt by showing him what success she’s enjoyed since coming into Isadora’s care. Now that she rules Atholi, she has brought them both into her Court and enjoys them being so near to her.

    • The Academy: Lupe always will have a soft spot for the Academy and her friends from it. It was the competitive environment of the Academy that Lupe thrived and grew from. She had outlets for her constant need for success and praise. She had challenges to force her to become better and stronger, and she has a social network to manipulate and to enjoy thanks to it. She will always look out for the Academy and give it whatever aid she can. She is the ultimate Alumni.
    • Half Breeds and Eyriens: Bella was the seed for her hate in the Academy, but it has bloomed since then. Now Lupe's disgust for the Eyriens is clearly present as well as those who have mixed Dhemlanese and Short-Lived blood. This puts her at odds with the Priest Prince of Sarque and her belief that he has no business being in charge of a farm, let alone a Province.

    • Her Step-Father: Because Cornado denied paternity at the Birthright Ceremony, he denied her aristo status forever. He never showed her any affection, never told her anything of value except that she had killed her mother and that she lived only because of the fact she was born from a woman she loved. She feels no guilt over manipulating him, and plans to one day destroy him when she comes into her own Court and power.

    • Alexi and his Bandits: Isadora had made a real fucking mess with what she did to Alexi and the other males she'd collared and tormented. While Lupe has sympathy for Alexi (he was around her and protected her during the last decade), she absolutely cannot stand his attacks against her Province and her people. She needs to bring Alexi to heel and soon, and if he will not obey then she will have to destroy him.
    • Not Being Better Than Everyone Else: Lupe can’t just excel, she has to be better than everyone. She has to be worth more, has to stand out more, has to have more. It’s not enough in this world to be good, she has to be the best. If she fails at something she suffers a minor panic attack, if she suffers a setback she can go into a terrible rage or a crying fit. Her need for excellence is all-consuming, and she can’t accept anything less.

    • The Secrets Getting Out: Not everything about Isadora Diamante's vile rule died with her. Some of it was merely inherited by her protege. When Lupe took over Atholi she made a large sound of changing everything, but some of the books of slave trading she kept, and she kept the Rings and the trade connections Isadora made. She's still thinking of how to make it work but there was undeniable power to the prosperous state of Atholi in the past. It's just a matter of being smarter than her predecessor and not getting caught.

    • Being Known as a Bad Queen: Lupe's entire life is being Queen of Atholi. She realizes she is young yet and has many, many, many years to build her legacy. She wants to be at the helm of the future direction of the Territory and maybe in a thousand years even be the Territory Queen. She tries hard to keep her best PR face on at all times, and takes any sort of criticism seriously.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Queen’s Gift: Being a student of Isadora was not without great benefit as Lupe continued on her legacy of this powerful boon in a starving land. Atholi thrives while Dhemlan starves thanks mostly to Lupe alone.

    • Seduction Craft: Since completing her Virgin Night, Lupe has gained an almost insatiable lust for sex. It’s not just sex, but the conquering of another person through Craft and guile. She had seduced a number of her fellow students (and teachers) to her bed, as well as those around the Academy. She has only expanded that upon gaining her Seat and has taken most of her Court to bed at least once.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Queen’s Touch: While Lupe doesn’t have quite the same issue as her mentor about attracting males, she does lack a certain empathy and a base of instruction. Isadora cared little about tending to the needs of her males through Craft and thus did not instill it into Lupe. As such the skill is not just one she had never bothered to refine, but one she could not summon.

    • Combat Craft: This is what Escorts and Males are for. Why bother?
    Life Story

    Mother: Lucia Contesa-Fabrizia (Rose to Purple Dusk Black Widow) (Deceased)
    Step-Father: Cornado y Fabrizia (Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince)* Born 300 before Purge
    Half Siblings: Santiago y Fabrizia (Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord Prince) Born 120 Post Purge
    Estevez y Fabrizia (Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince) Born 130 Post Purge

    *Jewels assigned, not rolled.


    Hate breeds hate.

    Lucia was Cornado’s brightest star. A beautiful and gifted Black Widow. The two of them had survived the Purge, though Lucia had sacrificed her Offering to do so. Their two sons born after the Purge, were strong and healthy. But all the love in the world cannot stop a Warlord Prince in a rut.

    Guadalupe was conceived during a particularly destructive instance of the Warlord Prince’s sexual release. To this day she does not know the identity of her father, only that his rape of her mother caused her creation. While Lucia was able to successfully bring the child to term, a healthy Queen, it was too great a toll on an already wounded woman, and Lucia died days afterward. Cornado never really forgave Guadalupe for the death of his beloved wife, but as Lucia’s daughter, he could never bear to be rid of her either. Even when he had considered it, his sons vehemently opposed the idea of it. So he took her in and gave her his name, but he never accepted her as his child.

    Her youth was hard. While she should have been celebrated, given that she was the first pure-blooded Queen born to Dhemlan in a generation, her father could never look at her without seeing the man who had murdered his wife. Due to the origins of her birth, she did not inherit the aristo status that her father and brothers enjoyed, so Guadalupe’s earliest memories are that of scorn. While her brothers were protective of her, they would not stand in the way of their father, and they stood by as they watched him drive their little sister with a relentless need to excel. His lack of affection and attention, his constant anger at her, instilled in her the need to just be better. Better than her peers. Better than her brothers. Smarter. Prettier.

    But it’s an impossible task to “make up” being your mother’s killer, and as Guadalupe failed to capture her father’s love, she instead came to hate him in turn. And as she hated him, she hated those like him -- aristos who snubbed her status, when they should have been grateful of her mere existence. Even after her Birthright Ceremony, an event that gifted her the Rose (the same jewel as the darkest Queen in the Territory!), she could not win his love, not even the slightest nod of acceptance. She had wailed, she had despaired, and when she woke the next day, she plotted her way to escape.

    A very bright child, she wrote to Isadora Diamante, lamenting her situation to the Queen of Atholi. After weeks of corresponding with one another, Isadora gave Guadalupe specific instructions on what to say to her brother Estevez, what to do, and when to do it. While at the time Lupe was ignorant to what Isadora was up to, an elaborate scheme was begun to ensnare her brother in Isadora’s clutches. Estevez, who doted on his little sister, fell right for it. He had gone to a certain dollmaker’s shop in Atholi that Lupe had raved about for weeks before Winsol, and there he fell into the carefully laid trap that Isadora had set. Some Widows Webs, some Seduction Craft, a carefully planted patsy, and one drunken haze later and Estevez found himself in a dire situation that so many other males in Isadora’s Court had found themselves. But rather than bind him as she had other males to her service, she contacted Cornado and called him to Court.

    Estevez’s “crimes” were deep, for he had broken a witch in Isadora’s service. But Isadora offered Cornado a way to save his youngest son from a terrible end; He had to only hand over Guadalupe to her guardianship and remain silent about the terms. Cornado, eager to trade the child he hated for the child he loved, agreed. Estevez was allowed to leave, pardoned, but carried with him the guilt that his sister had sacrificed herself for his freedom (which was, cunningly, a way for Isadora to snare Estevez later).

    Guadalupe came to live with Isadora, finding the situation to be as different as night to day. While Isadora was doting and loving, treating Lupe like her own daughter, she was also intense with her direction. But Lupe was quick to rise to the challenge, and Isadora could not find a more eager student. With Isadora’s support she was accepted into the Dhemlan Academy as part of the current class (and how could she not? She was the only pure-blooded Queen in a generation!).

    At the Academy Lupe had become a star pupil. Bright, inquisitive, social, and terribly manipulative. She held a deep hatred for Ysabel and Gabriella, whom she sees as rival Queens, and all of their “Cronies”. A social shark, Lupe was often the center of all gossip, mischief, and social events at the Academy. She was the eldest of all the Queens in her class, having received both her Virgin Night and her Offering. But despite that she always felt a deep, clawing insecurity -- a cancerous need for more, to be better than anyone else, and to validate Isadora’s faith and “love”.

    Things changed dramatically shortly before she graduated from the Academy. A number of Isadora's males, including Casim, stepped forward to testify about her having used Rings of Obedience to keep them in her service. They iterated a list of shady transactions and brought forth proof. With damning evidence, Isadora pled guilty and begged for clemency. Lupe submitted herself for inspection to Black Widows and it was made clear she was innocent of any wrong-doing and in light of that, she was given control of the Province (an unprecedented thing for someone so young). Isadora was brought to the capital and Lupe saw her executed for her crimes. Returning home she offered for any male in Atholi who'd been wronged by her to come serve her instead. Some did, but others like Alexi, turned to banditry and violence.

    For the last few years Lupe has ruled Atholi with a velvet glove around an iron fist. She has kept her people fed and well cared for, but she's never been able to stop Alexi or his rogues and they have recently closed off the Province to outside trade - hurting the Province and the Territory as a whole.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    “Risto.” Lupe purred into her male’s ear as they sat in the dining hall. As usual she was curled next to him, taking comfort in his warmth. While it was known that the Ebon Gray Warlord Prince was hers, many outside of her inner-circle did not understand the complexities of their relationship. While their other friends ate their meal and watched with interest, others in the hall tried to ignore them -- for fear of catching her ire.

    “Love.” Seduction Craft wrapped Summer Sky tendrils around his muscled body, deep into his lean form and across the span of his psyche. “You see that dainty Priestess there, Yolanda?” She lifted her fingers to turn his chin to look in the direction of the indicated girl, eating nearby Bella and her cronies. Lupe’s lips slid along his earlobe, giving him just a touch of teeth. “Eating with that Eyrien slut. She’s too pretty to be doing that, Risto. She’s one of us, not one of Bella’s mongrels.”

    Her fingertips and manicured nails grazed along his chest, uncaring who saw what. He could take her on this table and it would thrill her, save that it’d mar her reputation and ruin her dress. Maybe one day she’d urge him to -- the last week before the end of their tenure at the Academy, maybe. “Make her ours, love.” She whispered against his ear and nibbled against the skin. “Show her what a real male can do for her. And that she’d be so, much, happier with us.”

    With me, she thought. With a real Queen.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive?
    I'd lost my muse pretty bad for the site. It's not 100% back but I'mma give it a try.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    Write with her.

    What are your plans for this character?
    Write with her with ppl if I ever have a fking muse.

    Number of previous Reactivations:
    One for this character.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
    None on this go round.

    Player Name: Dash
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