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Points Scheme / Re: (December) Points Transaction
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 30, 20, 01:46:15 PM »
Player Name: Rated Em

Item Purchased: gifting this additional craft strength to reid <3!

Points Cost: nada!

transferred over
Chaillot / Current Chaillot Territory Petition
« Last post by Storyteller on Dec 29, 20, 06:30:47 PM »
Territory Ruler’s Name: Alois Oberonn (territory ruler)
Territory Ruler’s Caste: witch
Territory Ruler’s Jewels: White to Rose
Plot Lead Character’s Name: Jérémie Tailor (plot lead character)
Plot Lead Character’s Caste: warlord
Plot Lead Character’s Jewels: R-SS or SS-PD
Territory Plot:
Since the death of Queen Aravice Laurent, the last Queen of Chaillot, the Territory has known only turmoil and strife. The destruction of Lady Laurent's Court at the hands of a Dark Jeweled Prince seemed to bear out the dire prophecy of Dark Jeweled destruction she'd made. When another Queen was killed by another unstable Dark Jewel, the fear and paranoia she'd nurtured flowered. Dark Haven, the institution she'd founded, became seen throughout the Territory as a necessity. Without the control it wielded over the unstable Dark Jewels of Chaillot, the Territory would be defenseless.
Etienne Roux had stepped in during the summit; to all eyes, his sister Reine had killed a Province Queen at his command to secure his place at the helm of the Territory. His bloody tactics built into a civil war, but his control over the Dark Jewels, his knowledge of strategy, and his charisma meant that the rebellion struggled to build. Despite his assets, he couldn't secure the unshakeable grip upon the Territory that would be required to control the land and its people in the long-term.
Unrest grew and the people began to whisper: Was Etienne Roux right? He usurped many Queens, replacing them with trusted males instead. The Queens that remained were placed under watch by specially chosen males. The rest of the Queens were left to squabble over the remaining positions of power, in hopes that males of Prince Roux's choice would not be the majority if they were to have any hope of earning standing within the Territory. Political upheaval and in-fighting became the norm. Even the Landen seized the opportunity to elevate themselves, stepping away from the Blood to rule as they saw fit when the opportunity arose.
Amid all this unrest, two Queens came together: Madeline Rousseau and Josette Moreau, each popular within their Districts. They began to gather people to them, giving rise to the beginnings of a true resistance within Chaillot as they did so. Their cause--a return to the way things were before Etienne Roux--called to many of the Blood of Chaillot. Most were unsettled by the primarily male rule, particularly the lack of Queens to look after the Chaillotian people and land alike.
Alone, neither Queen was a challenge. Together, they were a force to be reckoned with, more so as their message spread and people came to their side. Where people could not be swayed by ideas, money sufficed, and the Queens used it where it was necessary. When Prince Roux would not take their challenge to his throne seriously, they broke from him by no longer providing the land with their Gift, and convincing other Queens to follow suit.
The Resistance was growing strong, but so were Etienne Roux and the Territory Court. Despite skirmishes across the Territory and on the sea, the civil war was trapped in a bloody stalemate. The land suffered as it was not Gifted, the economy suffered as the embargo continued, and the people began to collapse into poverty. The factions that supported each side were beginning to destabilize as it became clear that unless something was done soon, there would be no winners, only losers...
And the greatest loss would be the soul of Chaillot itself.
Succession Plan:
In Chaillot’s shadow, the criminal enterprise known as the Red Market has always existed. Born of the Eyrien occupation in bygone years, what once was a simple smuggling operation grew far beyond that. The Red Market--so named because of its bloody history--has been pulling strings to help or hinder the Territory for nearly one hundred and fifty years, whichever was more profitable at the time. They removed businesses and Queens from power, those that did not bend the knee to them, and helped others rise; the only difference was whether they paid their dues to the Red Market. Behind the scenes, it has become one of the greatest temporal forces in Chaillot itself, especially during times of great upheaval and strife. Its motivation has been constant: They are always looking to improve their bottom line. War, it turns out, is hugely profitable, and the Red Market loves nothing more than to turn a profit.
Still, lines must be drawn. The civil war in Chaillot had drawn on too long and the buyers were no longer buying; it no longer benefited the Red Market to play sides off each other from the shadows. Between the Roux Court’s blockades and the Queens’ refusing to Gift the land, profit margins for the Market were getting too close. It became clear that they could no longer turn a blind eye to the resistance, or play both sides against each other for the greatest return on investment. This civil war would send the Territory into a death spiral if it did not end soon.
The leader of the Red Market, a witch called La Dame Rouge, decided it was time to take action.
For years, the Red Market had helped smuggle Dark Jeweled individuals out of Chaillot for various families. Sometimes, however, human cargo did not make it out of the Territory. Instead, they became part of the Red Market, whether by choice or otherwise, and disappeared into the criminal underworld that it thrived upon. Indoctrinated and leashed by the collar, Black Widow craft, or Contract craft--or all of the above--the Dark Jeweled of the Red Market were the enforcers of its will. No one cared about disappearing Dark Jewels as long as they were off the streets and out of sight. For some, within the Red Market, they found a purpose. Even if it was one they would not have necessarily sought out themselves.
With the power of the Red Market behind her, La Dame Rouge had plenty of options; some of them altruistic, and some of them… less so. All of them depended upon her whim. What she wanted to do was to make money. For that to occur, she had to take control.
Tensions were already on the rise, the fear of the Dark Jeweled of Chaillot growing, and so La Dame Rouge’s plan took shape. It was simple enough, though it was truly insidious. All it took was a statement let loose, just one, for everything to begin falling into place: the Dark Jeweled would no longer suffer the persecution of the Light Jeweled. From there it was merely a matter of making use of the Enforcers--her Dark Jeweled thralls--to stage small, bloody, and regular attacks across the island. They were tests, but they served another purpose, too.
The message was clear: the Dark Jeweled would no longer be suppressed.
Even as tensions rose, the civil war between Prince Roux and the Cousin Queens continued onward. Each was more invested in securing their own victory than in looking out for the people. Amid this turmoil, an aristocrat of Chaillot decided he would no longer simply sit idly as their Territory was lost to war. Unable to watch as the people suffered, the Warlord Jérémie Tailor began to speak up.
In Cotaine, the Province of his birth, Jérémie had already begun to support the people around his family land to ensure they were looked after. When his personal reserves ran out, Jérémie made use of his family fortune. When that began to run out, the Warlord was not afraid to go into debt to look after the people. It was what the Blood were meant to do. As Jérémie gained popularity, he realized that it was a base to stand upon. From there he could begin to do more to help the people.
The civil war had to end. Lord Tailor offered himself as an impartial party that could go between the Cousin Queens and Etienne Roux. As someone with the Territory and--primarily--its people in mind, Jérémie was seen as a champion for the people. When he was able to secure a meeting with each side of the civil war, to begin potential treaty talks, the people began to do more than just hope.
Not everyone wanted peace. Someone else saw an opportunity. On the morning that Jérémie Tailor and his entourage were meant to meet with the Roux Court and the Cousin Queens, they were attacked. Everyone within Jérémie Tailor’s entourage seemed to be slaughtered. The Cousin Queens blamed Prince Roux’s Court. Prince Roux blamed the Cousin Queens. The waters were suitably muddied.
Neither side knew the truth. La Dame Rouge had seized her moment, initiating the final act of her insidious plan. The Territory thought they knew the perpetrators: the Cousin Queens or the Roux Court. The Dark Jeweled cabal she’d cut from whole cloth was a lurking threat, but for now, attention was off of her pawns. Jérémie Tailor’s entourage was dead, but he was not. He would be kept captive until the time was right for him to be of use.
All across Chaillot, in the early hours before sunrise, the Dark Jeweled struck. Province, District, and even City Courts were leveled. Important businesses, institutions that were the backbone of the Territory, were blown to the ground. Anything that was seen as a bastion to the Light Jeweled was a potential target. The people whispered that it even seemed as if the very seas had turned against the Naval Fleet. Many of its vessels were lost to the storm that rolled in, compromising Chaillot's ability to protect itself. The truth was something else. It was nothing more than careful planning and a willingness to wait for a storm. The perception of the people, however, was a very powerful thing. La Dame Rouge used it to her advantage.
The bloodbath at the Territory Court and the Cousin Queens' base of power reinforced that fear. A few District Rulers survived, but their Courts were in shambles. The destruction had left them unable to do much more than staunch the bleeding. This did nothing to quell the fear of the masses.
With the highest echelons of the Territory Court dead or missing, it fell upon the one lone surviving Province Ruler, Lady Evette Presage, to call an emergency meeting. Dangerous as it was to gather in one place, there was no other choice if they wanted to try and begin salvaging Chaillot. At least one of the Dark Jeweled attackers had been found alive, though they were Broken and their mind seemingly addled. There was hope that their captive might be able to tell them if more attacks were coming.
The meeting was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lady Alois Oberonn, the witch at the head of the company known as Ark Metred. She was a bloody mess, but she brought with her a startling gift of goodwill: Jérémie Tailor, wounded but alive, and the Dark Jeweled leader, very dead. She explained: There had been an attack on Ark Metred, but the attacker had been caught in the century of warding and webs that protected the building. Fearful of further attempts on her life and livelihood, Alois made use of the Black Widows in her employ to search the mind of the attacker.
She said that was how they found the location of the Dark Jeweled Leader’s base of operations. She was so upset and enraged, she claimed, she'd gone after the mastermind herself, followed by her bodyguards. Within the base, they had found an unexpected treasure: Jérémie Tailor, kept alive to be a final message to the Light Jeweled of Chaillot.
This operation was not without its losses. Alois had lost most of those that had gone with her, each of their lives laid down for Chaillot and to give her the opening she needed to strike. Yet she stood before the remaining leadership of Chaillot with the dead body of the Dark Jeweled leader, having rescued a Warlord that had become a hero to many of the people, and vowed that she would never let Chaillot suffer if she could do something about it.
Jérémie and the Dark-Jeweled survivor corroborated her story; he told a harrowing tale of torture and deprivation, and the survivor confirmed the identity of the body Alois brought with her.
With most of its rulership incapacitated, dead, or simply missing, Chaillot faced a turning point. How would it rise again after all this wanton death and destruction? How did the people trust in the Courts to ensure their safety? How could they move forward with so many lost? The questions only seemed to multiply as the sordid tale unfolded, but Alois came prepared with answers to each of them.
If this, said Alois, was what civil war got them, then they were done with it. So the witch outlined what she believed to be necessary to put Chaillot to rights. For the Dark Jewels, it would be stricter rules: a curfew, a minder, mental monitoring by a Black Widow, restrictions on roles they could hold within Courts, the Navy, and businesses. Any sign of instability--even the smallest outbursts--would see them sent to Dark Haven for a mandatory seventy-two-hour stay for monitoring. For the People of Chaillot, the implementation of guidelines to protect them: Queens would be expected to Gift the land regularly, with failure to do so resulting in consequences that ranged from removal from their position of power to being fined (or even jailed). The Courts would do their part as well: they would promote businesses who, in turn, would support the economic growth of the Territory and its people. Most important: Alois would not take payment for her role in arranging all of this. Ark Metred, she said, would benefit from Chaillot’s resurgence just as the rest of the Territory did. With everything and everyone in disarray, hers was the voice of reason. Despite her low Caste, it was clear that she had the vision and drive necessary to guide Chaillot into a better future.
The people had already seen what the Queens of Chaillot had done for power. There were few, if any, examples of Queens who had truly served the people since Aravice Laurent. They knew what had happened beneath the guiding hand of the Warlord Princes of Chaillot. Neither side of the civil war had done anything to help Chaillot; their squabbles only made it worse and created the mire in which they were all ensnared.
Jérémie Tailor, the Warlord who spoke for the people, said he would support her first. From there Evette Presage, and then each of those remaining said they would as well. With the support of the surviving rulership behind her, Alois Oberonn--La Dame Rouge, the true orchestrator of everything--took control of the ship of state as the witch of Chaillot. Her first act as ruler was to turn to Jérémie and offer him the position of First Escort. He had held a great deal of sway with the people and his voice would help ensure that those of Chaillot knew she was going to be different than those that came before.
As the smoke rises, the bloody day behind them, it is clear that strife and unrest still exist within Chaillot. The Naval Fleet was all but destroyed. Without their protection, pirates have started to rise and claim the seas surrounding the island Territory. To protect Chaillot's ability to trade with the rest of the Realm, the Territory Court begins to authorize privateers: private individuals with their own ships and crews, given the right to prey upon pirates in defense of the Territory.
Not all the remnants of the civil war forces--that of Etienne's Court and the Cousin Queens' resistance--were destroyed. Many remain, not at all in agreement with the decisions made by the surviving rulership to put a witch in charge of Chaillot. One individual among them begins to bring them together, pushing to look past their differences so that they can work to oppose the Territory Court and the new Ruler. Starting with protests, attempts to countermand or defy new initiatives, the remnant group works to cause people to doubt the sincerity of the new Territory Court.
In Touleans something happens that no one ever expected: the Landen are ruling. In the vacuum left behind, with the Blood at war with one another and other subsequent incidents, Daniel Claremont (supported by his wife, Charlotte, and others of the Landen Government) took control of the Province. With the Blood more concerned with their own problems, the Landen have been able to secure their foothold.
Rumors spread about A.C.O.R.N as well, a section of the Landen Government that was created to counter and work against the Jeweled Blood of Chaillot. The new Province Ruler of Touleans, Daniel Claremonte, is content to work with the Blood Courts as long as the landen are left alone. A.C.O.R.N. is not. Stories are beginning to circulate that they have begun to capture and collar not just Dark Jeweled Blood, but any Jeweled Blood, with the assistance of the Jeweless.
While the original Dark Jeweled uprising was the work of the Red Market’s propaganda, its apparent success has unintentionally galvanized the Dark Jeweled among the populace. Dark Jeweled individuals are gathering, speaking of the injustice and more that has been visited upon them all because of the Jewels they were gifted by Mother Night. Now the Territory Court finds themselves having to deal with a real uprising… and with so many other problems on their plate, they may not be able to stop the Dark Jeweled when they rise for real.
With the surge of restrictions on Dark Jeweled and the rise of Dark Jeweled incidents, Dark Haven is finding itself more and more taxed. There is talk of expanding the Dark Haven, but the problem lies in controlling so many Dark Jeweled in so many disparate places, if one can even find enough people willing to risk themselves that way. Yet the Haven may still hold the secret to Chaillot’s salvation from its home-brewed horrors.
Chaillot’s civil war has ended but its cold war has just begun.
Roles of Castes:
Black Widows - Black Widows--especially those in the employ of Dark Haven--are responsible for discerning that a Darkly Jeweled individual is truly unstable and in need of being committed. Trusted to be keepers of the mind, there are eyes upon the caste to ensure they’re above reproach. Rumors have begun to grow that not every Black Widow can be trusted with their heady role, casting doubt on many of them. This leads to a lack of trust in the Hourglass Coven in the aftermath of the attacks, as it seems they cannot manage the growing instability of the Dark Jeweled as well as they professed they could.
Priestesses - What is it that pulls some so deep into the Abyss? This has been a question that the Conclave of Chaillot has been trying to answer for generations. Here, more than any other Territory, the Priestesses are responsible for trying to understand the connection between the Blood and the Darkness. Can it be manipulated to ensure no one ever descends darker than the Opal? It has led to a division among the ranks of the Conclave. Some believe that the prevention of Dark-Jeweled instability is their purpose. Others believe that interfering with the Birthright and Offering goes against the very will of Mother Night. As the Territory simmers in a cold war, a much hotter battle is brewing within the Conclave.
Landen - Unlike other territories, Landen have pulled considerable power to themselves. Not only have they taken ruling a Province for themselves, but they have also created their own form of Government. They are also at the forefront of discovering and creating the latest advances in technology, hoping that while Craft is forever beyond their reach, science is not.
Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:
Realm - With the reinstatement of a stable government, Chaillot will slowly regain its health and former potential for bountiful harvests. Over the next few years, the realm will see a resurgence of exports (wine, fish, and fashion) that the island Territory is known for.
Issues arise with the near decimation of Chaillot’s Naval forces--a feature Chaillot was known for--at the hands of Dark Jeweled attackers. Without their protection, piracy surges, causing the commerce and trade of Chaillot to be inconsistent. To counter this the Territory Court begins authorizing privateers. These ships and their crews are the primary protection afforded to those traveling the waters of Chaillot. Without their assistance, the shipping and trade lanes would not be secure enough to ensure steady trade and commerce between Chaillot and other territories.
Territory - Economically, Chaillot will slowly be on its way to regaining what had been almost entirely lost due to the civil war. With the fear of starvation slowly starting to fade, the people are able to return to work and help promote the stability of the local economy. To help secure this--especially vineyards, farming land, and more that the people depend upon--Queens are expected to begin Gifting the land once more.
To ensure that another boycotting incident--as carried out by the Cousin Queens and their loyalists--does not happen again, the Territory Court has put penalties in place if a Queen does not Gift. Penalties include, but are not limited to, fines, dethronement, and imprisonment. Many see this as a good thing, holding the Queens accountable as they are meant to look after the land they rule, but it creates tension between the Territory Court and the Queens that are coming back into power.
With the losses of life suffered during the end days of the civil war, some businesses cannot afford to be picky with who they hire on. Trade and commerce will once more flourish but it will take time and likely not truly begin until the spring following the civil war.
The fear of Dark Jeweled instability has grown. A Dark Jewel within Chaillot can expect to be shunned at best. Dark Jewels are social pariahs and outcasts, even those previously trusted. They are not welcome in many social venues unless they are collared or visibly under control. They will find themselves turned away from taverns, businesses, and even altars. Any sign of instability results in consultation with a Black Widow and a potential trip to Dark Haven where they will be confined until such time that they are deemed safe.
The people of Chaillot are seeing another "change of the guard"--an unorthodox one at that--but mostly, they will find themselves feeling more secure and trusting of the rule of Territory Court. With a clear vision and a voice to their concerns, the majority of the people will likely feel as if they are coming out of the fog for the first time in years.
Province/District - Two of three Provinces--and subsequently the Districts within them--will see changes in leadership once again. With the strategic attacks by the Dark Jeweled, as well as the incidents in Touleans, there are openings at almost every level of rulership. Both Warlord Princes and Queens will find they have lost a measure of trust and faith from the people and will not have an easy time of it. Some Queens, such as Evette Presage who have weathered these past few years, held to their Courts and the people they have kept safe.
More people than ever feel free to question their local ruler's right to rule, especially at the lower levels. Those who come into power in the vacuum created might find the people they're meant to be guiding more vocal or demanding than they have been in years past.
Each Province has trials and tribulations of their own--such as Touleans under Landen rule--as well as weathering many changes. One of the most noteworthy is that of Cotaine, the location of the Territory Seat. Beldon Mor, the Capitol in the time of Queen Aravice Laurent, was destroyed in the same attack that saw the Queen and her Court slaughtered tragically. In the years since its fall, the capital has been moved to the Port Island of Finistere.
Dena Nehele / Re: Ilya Vorakh
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 29, 20, 11:09:16 AM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

Announcements / Winter Icon Contest
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 21, 20, 09:59:19 AM »
Winter Icon Contest
Here's your chance to design our newest season icon!

For the next two weeks, we will be accepting submissions for the Seasonal Icon Contest. The rules are as follows:

  • You can submit up to two icons to be voted upon.
  • The icon can include words but should be tasteful and not excessive. Should the staff dislike the text we will reply with a request to remove it.
  • Size should be 170x75.
  • Last, but not least, the icon should represent the season.

Once submissions have been made we will open voting. Depending upon the number of submissions players may be allowed more than one vote.

Reward: POINTS and PRESTIGE. 150 points to the Winner. 25 per entry for the runners up.
(Also 1 billion Prestige, which can only be cashed in with Blood Rites members and can be used for pumping one's ego to a new extreme.)

To submit an entry, please send your icon to with a title of "Seasonal Icon Submission". You cannot submit more than 2 icons. All voting will be done without knowledge of who made what icon, so please do not reply to this thread with your entries!

Submission deadline is Monday, January 4th. Voting will begin soon after that.

BR Staff

Previous Icons For Reference

AUTUMN 2020: Created by Dany

SUMMER 2020: Created by Mischief

SPRING 2020: Created by Rated Em

WINTER 2019: Created by Rated Em

FALL 2019: Created by Rated Em

SUMMER 2019: Created by Rated Em

SPRING 2019: Created by Rated Em

WINTER 2018 Created by Myst

FALL 2018 Created by Dany

SUMMER 2018 Created by Starling

SPRING 2018 Created by Dani

WINTER 2017 Created by halyonix

FALL 2017 Created by Starling

SUMMER 2017 Created by Starling

SPRING 2017: Created by phinneas

WINTER 2016: Created by Starling

FALL 2016: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2016: Created by Selene

SPRING 2016: Created by Caryn

WINTER 2015: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2015: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2015: Created by Ariana

SPRING 2015: Created by Dani

WINTER 2014: Created by Dani

AUTUMN 2014: Created by Dani

SUMMER 2014: Created by Jamie

SPRING 2014: Created by Jamie

WINTER 2013: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2013: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2013: Created by Jamie

SPRING 2013: Created by Dani

WINTER 2012: Created by Vivian

AUTUMN 2012: Created by AJ

SUMMER 2012: Created by Kri

SPRING 2012: Created by Jamie

WINTER 2011: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2011: Created by Blue

Points Scheme / Re: (December) Points Transaction
« Last post by Rated Em on Dec 18, 20, 08:59:37 PM »

Player Name: Rated Em

Item Purchased: gifting this additional craft strength to reid <3!

Points Cost: nada!
Points Scheme / Re: (December) Points Transaction
« Last post by Jamie on Dec 06, 20, 09:11:59 AM »

Alise  |  Writing Points: November  |  13
Caryn  |  Writing Points: November  |  32
Gavin  |  Writing Points: November  |  175
halyonix  |  Writing Points: November  |  96
Kenna  |  Writing Points: November  |  36
Leez  |  Writing Points: November  |  382
Lene  |  Writing Points: November  |  79
Livish  |  Writing Points: November  |  46
Nemaisare  |  Writing Points: November  |  17
Phedre  |  Writing Points: November  |  132
Reid  |  Writing Points: November  |  372
Caryn  |  Writing Points: October  |  172
Elexus  |  Writing Points: October  |  17
Gavin  |  Writing Points: October  |  95
halyonix  |  Writing Points: October  |  187
Kenna  |  Writing Points: October  |  23
Leez  |  Writing Points: October  |  392
Livish  |  Writing Points: October  |  215
Nemaisare  |  Writing Points: October  |  299
Rated Em  |  Writing Points: October  |  204
Reid  |  Writing Points: October  |  724
Reid  |  New Characters: Oct/Nov  |  120
Livish  |  New Characters: Oct/Nov  |  30
Dany  |  Seasonal Icon Contest  |  150
Points Scheme / Re: (December) Graphics Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 02, 20, 09:47:43 AM »
Rolled over from December/January:

Character Name: Saskia Rowe
Writer Name: Jamie

Images to use:
Play By: Jamie Sanna

Images for Signature:

Images for Avatar:

"The Lace Initiative"
"Be mindful of the spider's web less you are caught as well"

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature (100) & Basic Avatar (50) = 150 Total.
Character Name: Oana Ardelean
Writer Name: halyonix

Images to use:

Graphics Shop Service: 250 pts

Please remember that Oana's right eye is blinded/scarred. Designer go nuts with design (I gave you extra images to play with) but I'd like the words "I am my scars" somewhere. Thanks!

Rolled over from February:

Character Name: Armel Perron
Writer Name: Lugh

Images to use: I would love something nautical or stormy sea to go with the words “Smooth seas never made a skilled Sailor”

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature= 100 points.

Character Name: Aether Forsythe
Writer Name: Lugh

Images to use: I am open to any image you think fits the signature really. “Scars are no blemish to a wise man's sight"

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature= 100 points.
Points Scheme / (December) Graphics Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 02, 20, 09:47:27 AM »
Graphics Expenditures - Dec 2020

To request graphics transactions please use the following form and reply to this thread:

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Writer Name:[/b]

[b]Images to use:[/b] *List the name of the playby, and/or link the specific images you want used, if you have any*

[b]Graphics Shop Service:[/b] * Include each service you are requesting and the total sum of the cost you expect to pay, along with your specific instructions for the services requested *
Points Scheme / (December) Points Transaction
« Last post by halyonix on Dec 02, 20, 09:46:46 AM »
Point Expenditures - Dec 2020

To use your points towards the rewards please post a reply to this thread using the following form.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Link to Sheet (if edits are required):[/b]
[b]Player Name:[/b]

[b]Item Purchased:[/b]

[b]Points Cost:[/b]
OOC Account Registration / Re: summer
« Last post by Haloriel on Nov 23, 20, 05:50:50 AM »
Welcome! I'm Haloriel. I write a lot of places around here. Hope you have a cool time.  8)
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