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Dena Nehele / Now without guidance
« Last post by Hanaki Hisakawa on Today at 01:00:38 AM »
Hanaki wanted to go back to the monastery, but then, he always did. He wanted to be overjoyed at finding his Queen. There was a glory to finding the woman that the Darkness had designed him for, heart for heart. But knowing why he was here, what was going to happen, he couldn't bring himself to look outside his own future and how very short it was. He didn't even clarify his comment to the Triangle: Toyani no Kagen, as far as Hanaki knew, had taken herself to Dena Nehele. But Xiong Teng might refuse to allow her passage back into Tacea if the Kagen tried anything. Hana didn't know if it would work, but...

But nothing. It didn't matter. It was a non-issue because corpses didn't have to play political games.

Still, it'd been a little enjoyable, hadn't it? Traveling across the ocean. He'd taken a good many pictures of the ocean and the far-off coastlines. On their one-night stop in Darkwood, Hana had taken the time to develop them. Each photograph was filed away in his temporary room at the boarding-house, packed up neatly for shipping back to Tacea or moving to whatever rooms he was assigned or acquired. He wasn't sure which he'd hoped for. At least if he was dead, the monks would be safe. If he lived, then that danger still hung over his head, over the head of every monk at Goryu-en.

Once they were alone, ensconced in a room that looked nothing like the rooms he was used to. The seating was on high, formal mainlander chairs, and he perched uncertainly on the edge of one once Sorinna was seated. "I don't know as much about Dena Nehele as I ought," he began, "but I hope you value mercy." Don't speak of the bond, he told himself. Don't complicate this any more than you have to. When she nodded, an encouraging look on his face, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He startled when her hands brushed his, and that impulse-thought of home raced up the long nerves beneath his skin, fireworks igniting at the base of his skull. His hands closed on hers, and he thought--he wished--

If she were a monk, he would give her a name like Mother Night Sings Through Me. And even that would pale in comparison to everything he knew of her in the few hours he'd watched her.

"Mercy is what I ask for," he said. When he opened his eyes, he looked past her, imagining she was one of his friends from the monastery. Mother Night Has Twice Blessed Me With the Radiance of the Cosmos had once had these long talks with him, late into the night. "Please. Don't send me back alive. If I return to Tacea alive, then my family will say I sabotaged the alliance between Tacea and Dena Nehele; they will massacre the monastery, they'll have me charged with treason--I'm already an embarrassment--it will be public, and it will be slow, and the monks don't deserve that."
Glacia / Re: The Stage Is Set For Tragic Verse
« Last post by Warren Winters on Today at 12:37:42 AM »
To say that Warren had been unprepared for the wicked little turn of events was a gross understatement. One moment he was sipping his drink and thinking that perhaps it wasn't such a bad thing that Jakob had dragged him out of the kitchens for the day, and the next all hell was breaking loose. To be honest, he wouldn't be fully certain of what had happened until several hours later. In the moment, the only thing that really registered was the sound.

Shattering. Smashing. The deep rumble and a boom that was almost like thunder but also far sharper - far too sinister to be something of the natural world. Whatever it was - wherever it was coming from - it was manmade. There was a different sort of terror that people felt when the threat was coming from human intervention rather than something of beasts or nature. The screams sounded different. It was in the inherent betrayal of the thing that lashed out at that naive child at everyone's core that cried out with bewildered, fretful pain, 'I trusted you!!' - not because of any individual, personal connection, but because on some level, they were all supposed to be of the same. They were supposed to be kindred of spirit, if not kind of blood, and that had to accound for something... didn't it?

Warren only had a few moments for that fear to sink in, and then they were moving. Iiro's hand was firm around his arm - and normally he wouldn't be particularly pleased with the man's assuption that he needed to be lead, but a calm was invading the fear that reminded him that he could trust the Prince - that it was going to be okay if he just trusted him. So, he did. It was easy to do, and it was so much better than the fear.

Not that he wasn't afraid anymore - but his fear just shifted back a few slots and first and foremost was that notion that he could trust Iiro, and that when he did everythign would be alright.

He swallowed tightly, then gave a nod, and moved with the Prince willingly at a quick step that wasn't quite a run but really couldn't be called a 'walk' either as the trio of them made their way through the chaos until the cacophony of it all finally started to clear. Later, he'd think about the soot-smeared faces, how some of them were so afraid, and others were so angry, and some were terrifyingly gleeful in a way that shook him to the core.

When they finally came to a stop, Warren's heartbeat was still doing a very aggressive tap-dance of anxiety against his ribs, but he felt less like hiding in the pantry than he though he probably should have. He wasn't about to question it, though - it was a relief not to be a complete and utter disaster, and it felt good to be able to trust someone.

Iiro drew closer and Warren looked up to meet his eyes during the quiet murmur of an almost too-intimate moment. The attempt to lighten the conversation wasn't missed on him, but he found it more difficult to take the bait than under usual circumstances - explosions must throw him off his flirting game more than he thought they would. He'd have to work on that.

"While you find out what happened?" he asked, feeling worried and bewildered. "Don't tell me you're planning on going back into that mess." He took Iiro's hand and gripped it tightly. "What if it's not over?"
Dena Nehele / Re: ways of marking time
« Last post by Judith Grigorie on Today at 12:28:12 AM »
Jude crunched on some of the Tacean greens in the ramen, though she hadn't quite mastered the chopsticks enough to confidently snag a piece of... anything, especially the long, wavy noodles. "Eighteen months," she corrected. "The first class will graduate in June." And the second next December, and the third the June after that... She smiled at him, her cheeks dimpling at the thought of June and all the pleasures thereof. "And that will line up better with the necessaries, won't it? If we start trying in June?"

If dinner weren't so delicious, she would've abandoned it in favor of wriggling her way into Carson's lap. Thinking about the future, the baby they'd have--babies! Multiple babies--made everything now seem so small. Yes, she was remaking the medical face of her home Territory. Yes, she was building up the support system for more Healers to have children if they so chose. But that wasn't what she'd always wanted to do, she'd wanted to just be a Healer and Carson's lover and the mother of his children. Everything else was window dressing.

"I say that if you don't give me my hands back I'm going to eat you instead," she teased, but once she was able to get back into her soup, she smiled again. "I suppose it is early enough to still arrange for things. Amaranth will be free to officiate now, too. Elisabet's old enough that she can be left with a sitter for the ceremony..." Jude tapped her fingertips against her chin as she thought and Carson slurped up noodles. "We could do it in the Conservatory once the students have gone home, or we could just go to an altar, or... Is there somewhere else you'd rather do it?"
Dena Nehele / Re: Searching for a precedent
« Last post by Rilandra Vlas on Today at 12:13:54 AM »
When Sora asked to leave, Riley finally felt like she could fucking breathe again. *Thank the Darkness!* she sent on her Rose thread with Jeremiah. Despite her annoyance at his gentle chiding, he had been right, of course. Had someone pressured Riley to talk about one of her bonds before she was ready, she likely would have punched hard enough to break their nose. Each new bond for Sora meant so much to Riley that is was hard to remember sometimes that this was Sora's time and Sora's male, and it was hers to decide how to go about things.

There was no reason to stand against the Queen. They had already had to endure more than enough through dinner and this discussion of the Dragon Mother's letter. Hanaki had offered them his own interpretation, and it was one that Riley appreciated. He did not blunt his words for their comfort. Riley respected that. That didn't mean she hadn't wanted to hear what he had to say.

Dena Nehele had enough of an issue taking its own people hostage. They didn't need to become the dumping grounds for those that had displeased the Dragon Mother or the Great Clans. At the same time, if Tacea was so overabundant with Queens that they were worth nothing more than bargaining chips, why shouldn't Dena Nehele's hungry land benefit from what Tacea shunned? Riley didn't like to think of them as hostages, especially where Toyani was concerned. She couldn't see Toyani being anyone's pawn, really. But when it came right down to it, Riley would happily take their strength and ability to feed the land. The harvest this year was better than last year, but it was still just enough food to get all of Dena Nehele through a long winter. Riley wanted to see a harvest that would see all of Dena Nehele fed without question. She would take what Queens she could. 

Smiling at Sora and her Prince, Riley spoke for the room. "Nothing that cannot be handled later. Go. We'll see you both tomorrow. Good night." Sora looked visibly relieved. The Sapphire Prince rose from his seat and bowed formally to the Queen and the Triangle. He thanked them for their time, and then turned and followed Sora from the room. Riley tried to think of the last time she had seen Sora walk quite that quickly. She hoped that whatever transpired between them would deepen their bond. The first few hours after bonding could be so important for how the rest of their relationship could be going forward. She only wanted the best for Sora and her foreign Prince.

Once they left the room, Riley shifted until she was sitting cross legged in her chair. Now that it was just her Triangle, she didn't have to continue trying to be something she wasn't. "Why is the Dragon Queen sending hostages to Dena Nehele? And why the fuck can't she just say she's unhappy?" Turning to Drake, she said, "I promise never to bitch about having to communicate with the Eyriens again. Illyrian is so straight forward compared to this."
Dena Nehele / Brooding over a broken heart
« Last post by Artur Woden on Nov 13, 19, 11:44:24 PM »
Get out. I don't want to see you right now.

She hadn't said I don't want to see you ever again, but that was cold comfort to Emil--to Artur--as he watched the Court of Neamt go about its day. Last time he'd been out this way, the room they now used as the throne room had been the ballroom; evidently the new Queen wasn't much for balls. This spoke well of her, and considering her territory it wasn't a risky play. How many balls did the Queen of Neamt have call to host when they were so distant from the majority of the aristocrats that would attend to them? Pretending to be interested in the landen and the little people would endear her quickly to them, and that was a strong move. It would've been Artur's play, but thankfully he'd never had to rule shit beyond the Guilds.

In the three days he'd been watching Gabriella Robles and her Court, he'd seen her hold audiences every morning and, sometimes, in the afternoon. She traveled throughout her District to make sure everything was laid in for a punishing winter; she'd made a day trip out to a little town in the middle of the long, arid plains, and her Steward's logbook alleged that she made a trip to a different town or village every few days. He kept his hand in by identifying assets that could be turned to his purposes: men or women who'd like a little extra on the side for secrets, or who had secrets he could threaten to expose. Insurance, that was all. It wouldn't do to send Stela off to her first Court posting without making sure he could keep an eye on her.

As a newly-constituted Court, it was easier than it ought to have been to find his way among the servants as a day-laborer, nominally there to help switch out the autumn sheets and bedclothes for winter-weight flannels and velvets. It took a web to hide his Red and his Caste, but he had one of those already on hand. Once he was inside the Court complex proper, it was a simple matter to remove the ring and ingratiate himself among the courtiers with no record and no one else the wiser.

Fate liked to play jokes. Artur had left a Queen tending her garden, banished from her sight for what he was, what he had become in his attempts to protect her. He'd nearly killed Rilandra Vlas in one. Now he met this new Queen, the Queen his niece would serve, in a garden as well. It was slumbering, winter coming on fast: the orange-gold of the sunset sky poked between the long black fingers of bare-branched trees. It was picturesque as fuck.

He was starting to hate gardens.

"Lady Robles," he said, levelly. "I advise you don't scream. That would make me rather irate."
Dena Nehele / Re: a little time to ourselves
« Last post by Stela Petrescu on Nov 13, 19, 11:28:19 PM »
Savi was trying to tell her that she didn’t have to do this to make him feel good, but he might as well have told Stela that she didn’t need to breathe. His moans, the feel of his fingers in her hair, made her work harder to silence him. She grasped his shaft to make the crown of his cock swell, stroking him while her head and mouth urged him on. She moaned against the hardened flesh between her lips, gratified to find that Savi was enjoying this as much as she was.

She brought him to the near edge once, stopping briefly to ensure that he didn’t go over. She crawled forward to kiss him once again, then straddled hm on the bed. For a moment, she just looked down at him, her long brown hair mostly spilling down her back, a few locks hanging down across her chest. Her blue eyes focused on his. Stela seemed to consider something before reaching back to grasp him and stroke him again.

I trust you, Savi. I know the kind of man that you are and that you wouldn’t hurt me. You...I’m glad we met.” Stela said.

I’ve been looking forward to this since I asked.” she said, leaning down to kiss him once again. This kiss was long and lingering, Stela’s tongue brushing against his. The kiss broke and she angled his shaft against her sex, sinking down on it slowly. Stela moaned as the Warlord was sheathed inside her once more. She rocked her hips slowly, letting him feel her as she adjusted to this new sensation.

They spent the night together and part of the following day, exploring and enjoying each other. By the time he left, Stela was too tired to say goodbye.

Then again...she was sure she'd see Savi again very soon.

Dena Nehele / Re: a little time to ourselves
« Last post by Nolan Savu on Nov 13, 19, 11:25:21 PM »
Stela urged him harder and he fucked her harder. She urged him harder still and Savi knew things about her that she had yet to discover for herself. Like that this was just the beginnin’ of explorin’ what she liked, the very outer layer had barely been scratched, and already she wanted more. With one hand bracin’ against her body, he thrust hard into her.

”Fuck,” he groaned. She was hot and tight around him, and hungry. He could feel her desire increasin', could feel it as he drove her closer to orgasm again and again. His fingers left bruises across her skin where he gripped her, his muscles taut as he drove himself into her. She bit his shoulder and Savi let out a loud hiss, ridin' out the wave of her cunt convulsin' around his shaft yet again. He watched her, felt as she drifted away from consciousness. He kissed her forehead, checkin' her pulse before gently shiftin' position until he was holding her cradled in his arms. When he was certain she was safe and just restin', he allowed himself to do the same.

Darkness had barely touched him when he was pulled back to wakefulness by the warm wet of Stela’s lips and tongue. He moaned openly at the feel, his hand lowerin' to tangle in her hair. He held her gently but firmly in place as she explored what he tasted like, covered in her own fluids.

”Stela… you know you don’t have to…” his words were lost as she sealed her lips around him and began to suck on the head of his cock. ”Oh fuck. Yeah. Like that.” His hips thrust against her mouth, cravin' the release he had not yet had. ”You are going to have to tell me where you want me to cum. But first… Night! First… you need to do this for a while longer.”
Dena Nehele / Re: a little time to ourselves
« Last post by Stela Petrescu on Nov 13, 19, 11:21:29 PM »
Stela thought that sex would be just one more sensation, just one more thing to mark her transition into adulthood. She had to undergo her Virgin Night in order to safely seek the well of her power during her Offering. While she was sure that Savi would make sure she enjoyed this night, Stela did not expect it to be memorable beyond what she was losing in order to gain her adulthood. She trusted him and expected that he’d do right by her, given his experience with the role.

Later, Stela would contemplate the kindness that her past-self had done her in selecting Nolan Savu to take her through her Virgin Night.

Every thrust had Stela crying out, biting her pillow to stifle the screams. He said she felt good. She thought she sound say something, but another orgasm found her then, tearing another scream from her throat. She didn’t want to stop. If Savi decided that he wanted to fuck her until Winsol, Stela was fine with it. If he wanted to fuck her beyond that, she’d find a way to fit it into her schedule. She liked the way he fit her, though, and she made sure he knew it.

Harder.” she said, glaring up at him.


She wasn’t happy until Savi was practically railing into her. She bit his shoulder again when she came, the world going dark she lost consciousness. Stela lost all sense of time and space, floating along on another current of pleasure that could have led her back to Mother Night’s embrace or into the Twisted Kingdom, or to wherever people went as their world shifted and reorganized itself beneath them.

She woke to find Savi dozing beside her. She ached, but it was great ache. She rolled over and watched him for a bit. He looked relaxed, if not peaceful. A mischievous grin spread across Stela’s face as the idea came to mind. Her hand grasp him, stroking him once again until he was hard once again. Then she took him slowly into her mouth, teasing him with her lips and tongue.
Dena Nehele / Re: a little time to ourselves
« Last post by Nolan Savu on Nov 13, 19, 11:19:54 PM »
He brought the Priestess across, feelin' her muscles tighten and convulse beneath his fingers. His tongue continued to work her clit, pressin’ on to a deeper level of pleasure than even what she’d just known. He wanted to make her come undone beneath him. Savi wanted her ready, mind and body. He wanted her wet and he wanted her relaxed, able to trust him to take her through this process.

It always seemed right unfair to Savi that men just got their power while a witch’s power hinged on this one moment of her life. It was a cruelty, much like the pain and discomfort they felt during their moontimes and their inability to wear their Jewels. But this would be a good night. A successful one, and the dark haired Priestess would rise whole and safe in the morning, or whenever it was she was ready to stop ridin' his cock.

He checked with her about whether she was ready. He didn’t want to surprise her, to pull her from her happy euphoria by the sharp pain of his spear. Gainin' her acknowledgment and permission, he moved to spread her thighs and position himself. Savi grasped his shaft, making the head swell as he rubbed it along her nether lips, slick already. Slowly, he thrust himself inside her, pressin' deeper until he was buried deeply inside her. He held the position, his breath catchin’.

”Fuck,” he groaned. ”You feel so fuckin’ good.” He drew back, thrustin' again, and again. His powerful hands grasped her hips and raised them up off the bed, shovin' a pillow beneath her ass and tiltin' her hips against him. He moved, seekin' that spot that would make her shiver and shake and convulse around him. Findin' it, he rubbed his shaft against it as he fucked her, thrustin' faster and harder as she urged him forward.

When she came, he smiled down at her. ”That’s right, Stela. Just like that.” He continued to fuck her, as much because he needed to as because he needed to make her cum around him again. ”How many times do you want to cum, Stela? How many should I try for?”
Dena Nehele / Re: a little time to ourselves
« Last post by Stela Petrescu on Nov 13, 19, 11:16:00 PM »
The pressure and the rhythm made Stela moan Savi’s name. The longer he worked, the deeper her sighs. “Again.” she demanded, fighting the urge to beg him to keep going. Something was building, coiling low in her stomach the longer Savi massaged her clit. They hadn’t even truly begun yet and Stela was sure that she could stay like this forever, at the edge of nothing and everything. She didn’t even mind the pain, the nails of her hand sinking into Savi’s wrist to make him keep going. She didn’t hold him long. He moved away from her, sinking lower and lower still until he was between her thighs.

His mouth focused on her pearl while his fingers teased her sensitive nipples. Stela bit her lip, sighing as that building sensation sharpened and grew stronger. Savi promised to keep her safe and give her what she needed. Some stray thought wondered what it was she needed, other than the sublime sensation of his mouth on her sex. Stela couldn’t think of anything she needed, but she couldn’t really think about anything at all. Her hips rolled against his mouth. “There! There, please! Don’t...oh...please!

His nails sank into her thighs and Stela came hard for him. She grasped the sheets in her hands and saw stars from the force of her climax. She could have laid there and just basked in that feeling for a time, but Savi didn’t stop. He kept going and Stela’s body responded in time. “You’’re’re not stopping…oh fuck!” she said, her tone incredulous. She came again quickly, her entire body going taut for a long moment before she relaxed once more. She could have floated away completely, then, but the kiss Savi gave her just then said that he had no intention of packing it in for the night.

She was nodding enthusiastically by the time he asked if she was ready. He could have asked her for anything just then; she’d have agreed to please him and to learn anything else he cared to teach. He was inside her soon enough . Stela’s nails raked his back after the first thrust. Her screams grew louder, deeper, and when she felt herself climaxing again, the Priestess bit hard into his shoulder even as she moaned against his skin.

Don’t...don’t stop. Please.
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