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Glacia / Re: Diamonds And Dominance Are A Girl's Best Friend
« Last post by Leif Tostain on Today at 04:08:52 PM »
How he fucking hated Dark Jewelled clients.  Some of their best business dealings were with these people.. and he still hated working with them.  They were moody shits, and just as likely to do something rude and against Protocol as they were to ignore him.

He'd prefer they do the latter - but in this client's case?  He knew better than to hope for that.  Lydia fucking Kalas had eyed him like a fat cat eyeballing a juicy mouse.  But at least this time his sister was staying at the store.  At least this time he didn't have to worry about those greedy eyes setting their sights on a sweet soul.

He could do the Protocol dance with Lydia Kalas.  He was excellent with it, with the intricate steps and making sure he did everything right.  It wouldn't necessarily save him if she decided to do something cruel - but at least he could genuinely say he'd done everything he could.

Everything except swallow the poison of the twisted Faith the woman represented, anyways... but unless she forcefully ripped her way into his head she wouldn't know that.  And as she didn't have his control ring?  Well that wouldn't happen.  Thank the fucking Darkness, because he had the feeling he'd fall dead in a half-breath if she ever got a look inside his skull.

He'd taken himself straight to her estate, a full half hour before the appointment time.  Better to be a little early and wait than to risk the Priestess' ire.  He also knew her ego would be massaged and sated by the idea of making a lowly Light Jewelled soul wait for her majestic ass.

He'd dressed well, of course.  Ensured that his suit was crisp, pressed, and well tailored.  He'd also left his hair down.  It wasn't traditional.  He didn't care.  There were no 'rules' about that - and so he'd leave it down.  His own little public rebellion against the chains that were wound so tight against him he sometimes felt he couldn't breathe.

Instead of pacing, as he felt like doing, he'd settled into a comfortable chair in the room that he'd been told to wait within.  His fingers had pressed together beneath his chin, eyes half closed as he waited out the intervening minutes.  Let some think he might be contemplating the 'glory' that her patronage conferred.  He wasn't.  He was contemplating how best to get his sister a better life. 

How to get her out from under the thumb of his mother, and away from those like Lydia Kalas.  Smuggling wasn't an option - there was just no way for him to be able to pull it off.  But maybe.. maybe he could find someone less cruel?  He'd heard that the Priestess' sister was a Queen - and from the sounds of it, there were worse people to serve. 

Perhaps he could write the Queen Kalas and request.. what?  That his brilliant sister help keep her court clean?  He barely held that sigh back.  Something would come up.  He was certain of it.  He just.. had to keep an eye open. 
Dena Nehele / Re: Survivalism
« Last post by Lyoshka no Ariake on Today at 03:55:53 PM »
A Red Jeweled Kagen Queen? There was only one of those that Lyoshka knew of, and his education in the matters of the other Clans had been very good. He would've heard if there had been a second Red Descent among the Kagen. So that meant Toyani no Kagen was in Dena Nehele, doing... what the hell was she doing in Dena Nehele? Taking a Court? But from everything he knew, she should've been ruling in Tacea as the Kagen Clan Queen. The idea of her presence sent his heart racing: just as he knew who Toyani was, she would know who he was. Just knowing she was in the same Territory raised the fine little hairs on the back of his arms. Not because he was afraid of her, though anyone would be rightfully cautious around a Red-Jeweled Queen, but because the Kagen were the sorts of political creatures who would try to use Lyoshka's position to their advantage.

Lyoshka clenched his jaw and looked away, but didn't really see the red flowers his face was turned towards. Would Toyani cause problems if she knew where Lyoshka was? Oh, yes. Maybe not for Garen, but for the Ariake... for Yuki...? Almost certainly. "Lady Moon's family despise the Kagen," said Lyoshka. "One of theirs assassinated Lady Moon's father's Queen while she was pregnant with a viable daughter. Lady Moon's perception of Lady Kagen is warped by that event. I don't think I ever met Lady Kagen. I only know of her from lessons."

But problems. If Jolie's sale of Lyoshka was legal, then that was the end of it. The Red and a seat on a District Court might be enough to raise questions, but the law would win out one way or another. Did rules about receiving stolen property count when the property was a person? "I don't believe Lady Kagen has reason to care about me," he said. At least, not in ways that would reflect on Garen. "I... there's no reason for her to care. Her family has a Dark-Jeweled Healer and it isn't as if--" No, abort that line of thinking. He didn't need to test Garen's inquisitive mood by saying and it isn't as if you wouldn't make me available to her if she needed my services. It was true, but he didn't have to say it. If he stuck to the questions asked, maybe everything would be fine, but it certainly wouldn't be if he ran off at the mouth like an idiot.

"Lady Moon is very principled," said Lyoshka. He wasn't going to correct Garen on Ji Yoon's name. It wasn't worth the possible pain. "I... I don't know her well, but I don't believe she is the sort who could be bought." Mother Night, he hoped he was right about that. He'd asked her to conceal his presence in Dena Nehele, knowing that she could have told her father right away and at least begun the process of securing Lyoshka's freedom. "She cares deeply for her patients and values their trust in her." Was that good enough? Garen didn't want to see Ji Yoon killed, which implied... that Ji Yoon was causing problems?... Maybe? He didn't know. It was a distraction, he needed to continue not knowing. There was nothing he could do even if she was.
Dena Nehele / Re: Survivalism
« Last post by Garen L'Voide on Today at 03:28:42 PM »
"Mm." Garen didn't sound completely convinced as he drew his hand off of Lyoshka's chin. As he lowered his hand away from the Healer's chin, he kept looking down at her face, watching her reactions and gathering what information he could from her expression. The collar around her neck, now that he was focused on it, could tell him vitals like if her heart beat were raising or if she were growing anxious. Slaves thought they could lie to him, sometimes, but the collar assured obedience in insidious ways.

He was no novice though. Fear alone wasn't unexpected when someone was the target of his attention. But the way the body could spike when you asked something pivotal, ah, that tended to be telling. "They might cause some trouble if she recognized you. There's another Queen in Dena Nehele from Tacea. Named Kagen. Do you know anything about her? She has a Red Jewel too -- her Offering, though. Riley just gave her the Lesser Caecian Court.

Ji Moon's told Riley that she's a sneaky cunt. Not to be trusted. Is she going to cause us problems?"
One cannot say that Garen didn't do his due dilligence to aid the Queen he'd signed a contract with. He didn't love Riley, but he wanted to make sure she succeeded. If he could use Lyoshka to ferret out an edge on a potential problem, he would.

He continued once he got the answers from Lysohka about the Kagen Queen. Back to Ji Yoon Moon. His questions were not truly haphazard, he just knew how to pace them for maximum yield.

"Riley likes Ji Moon, so I'd rather not see her get killed. Is Ji Moon someone that money can sway, or is she the type that tend to think about principle over practical?"
Dena Nehele / Re: Peace, at any cost
« Last post by Sebastian Bane on Today at 03:22:12 PM »
No, they weren't ever going to find out if it was a Myos kill. It wasn't really important, except that Seb was going to have to somehow answer for this, and they were going to want blood for it. He had no intention of handing any of his people over for Eyrien justice if they hadn't fucking earned it, and he sincerely doubted Savi had done anything to even look askance at punishment. "I'm not throwing you under the cart for something that wasn't your fault, Savi," said Seb, somewhat pained by the very idea. It would've been the aristo thing to do. The political thing to do. I can't get you your man's killer but here's the man who let it happen.

Well, Seb wasn't aristo, and he hadn't gotten this position because he had any talent for politics. (Actually, he remained unsure why he was here, but it wasn't like he was going to track down the Guild Master and ask.) Nothing was going to happen to Savi if Seb had to sacrifice his own self to ensure it. He kept going back to the splatter of blood on the floor. How long would it have to stay? When would Claudia return from her fucking sabbatical?

In the silence after Savi's description of the voice, Seb refined his original plan to contain at least this part of the situation. Jude to look at the... aftermath, see if there was anything she could tell him about the remains of the assassin's victim. Claudia to pull memories from stone and bone and recreate the murder. Mother Night, he hated assassins. Killing ought to be illegal, not just something for which a price could be demanded.

"I've got Riley secured," he said finally. "Piles of security webs and more guards than you can shake a stick at. You're dismissed for the day. Get yourself to Jude if you need healing. Don't burn or wash those clothes, they might have something we need on them... I'm fucking sorry, Savi. This shouldn't have happened."
Little Terreille / Re: Know the Basics Before Application
« Last post by Merihem Striker on Today at 03:07:06 PM »
“Fall? Not a bad call, and gives us a bit of wiggle room to get the underbelly of this operation running smoothly. Yes, I like that, and there is no rush, really. Construction is months ahead of schedule thanks to a small injection of personal funds. Didn’t really feel comfortable spending Lady Ackley’s money on secret doors and overabundant security features.” And he wanted to impress his Queen, but Lisbet hardly needed to know that. The truth of the matter was that he was new to Odelle, and he wanted her to see what he was capable of as quickly as possible. He wanted her respect and admiration almost as much as he wanted to make sure her legacy would live on centuries after the woman herself. This school was part of that. His plans, of course, spanned much further than these walls, but every mastermind needed a base of operations, right? Now he had one, and as of today, he had a second to deal with all the bureaucratic nonsense while Moe had some fun.

“Oh, a stalker are we? Always liked people who appreciate the value of obsession. It’s a great tool to get things done, as long as it’s applied with intent and moderation. But don’t worry, there will be much more interesting things to obsess over than celebrities soon enough.” He said with an evil smile, then let the ominous words sit for a second before laughing them away. “Keep your secrets, Lisbet. I much prefer guessing games anyways. When you’re as old as I am life can get terribly boring.” He didn’t let the terrible truth of those words get him down as it sometimes did, since he had company and, well, right now his life was anything but boring. Between Chiara, Odelle, Rayne, the School and his own plots, it wasn’t an issue of too many hours in the day anymore, but too few.

Her answer was… everything he could have wished for. Pragmatic, this one, and sensible, but with some dramatic flair. Chiara was going to adore her. “Prince Mischief? Hmm… I like that. Has a nice ring, Miss Mayhem.” He winked again, then set his wineglass down on a side table and sighed, “alright, as pleasant as this has been, I did actually have plans for today and a schedule to keep.” He called in his wallet and pulled out a few notes, “an advance on your first month’s salary plus enough to get yourself settled nearby until your rooms are ready. Report back in a few days once you’ve tidied up your affairs and we’ll get down to business and get this place up and running. Deal?”
Dena Nehele / Re: Survivalism
« Last post by Lyoshka no Ariake on Today at 03:06:14 PM »
Lyoshka flushed at Garen's blunt statement of Jeremiah Mercer's intent. That had been his thought, too. Why pay attention to a slave? Lyoshka held no ability to influence anyone, to give anyone anything that they wanted. He didn't even have the ability to influence things for himself, let alone a men who occupied the same social rung as Garen and could likely negotiate better terms. If Mercer wanted Lyo for healing work and wanted a better price, talking to Lyoshka wouldn't get him anywhere. But if he just wanted to fuck, and didn't like it when his partners struggled... or suspected he might be able to get Lyoshka to do something off the books?

No, that didn't make sense. Jeremiah had come into that in-between space of Lyoshka's dreams and Lyoshka hadn't felt any ill intent. The whole of it, part and parcel, was in his mind and he had known something of Jeremiah while the Warlord Prince sat with him there. But maybe Lyo was wrong. He wasn't a Black Widow... and Mercer was training to be. "I performed my Virgin Night before I left Tacea," said Lyoshka. He tried not to think about it further: he'd only survived that night intact because Haneul had psychically stopped him from shattering himself. "That's all, Master." That, and what had happened the first day of his tenure here. He wrapped his arms around himself, ran the backs of his fingers over the inside of his own forearm where the woman had clawed him. Did any of that count?

He could imagine why people might want to fuck someone who couldn't give meaningful resistance. Plenty of men had made veiled passes at Lyoshka at Court, even with his short hair and generally grim demeanor. There was much prestige to be had from attaching one's name to a Red Jewel, he imagined, and if not that, much satisfaction in making one kneel. Only he didn't know how to answer Garen with any of that without sounding egotistical, and it sounded to him like a rhetorical question anyway.

Ji Yoon, that was an easier answer. "I worked with Lady Moon for Lord Aegle's healing," he said. It'd been the only Healing he'd had to perform in tandem with another. Everything else had been so simple since, hardly worth his time or thinking about after the fact. "I do know her from before, but only by reputation... I think I saw her at a Court dinner once or twice." It wasn't a lie, precisely. With Garen's hand beneath his chin, it was hard to avoid looking at him. Making eye contact was always uncomfortable, but with Garen it was more so. "Her father is Dhemlanese. He served, too. As Territory Steward to my Queen."

Anyway, he wasn't lying. It was more of an... omission of irrelevant facts. Lyoshka's training had been with Yuki, who wasn't the focus of the question, and as a Court Ward he didn't have any particular duties to attend to under the purview of the Court Healer. They had talked, a few times, about difficult cases. But they weren't friends, not like Lyoshka had been friends with her little brother. Who wasn't the focus of the question.

Asking why was pointless and might even draw Garen's ire. Lyoshka decided to refrain.
Dena Nehele / Re: Back to our regularly-scheduled broadcast
« Last post by Sebastian Bane on Today at 02:35:08 PM »
In a world where a statistically significant portion of the populace could claim a lifespan of over a thousand years, Seb had formerly been blessed to have met exactly six people who had long-lived blood at all in them. Or at least, six that he knew of, he wasn't fucking perfect at guessing this shit. Sorinna Roman, the Eyrien delegation, now Ji Yoon. So seven total. It'd be eight, if Seung Corro hadn't had to excuse himself.

"Well, I, um. I hope he's well. I was sorry that he had to leave so urgently." That was polite enough. Anyone could say that and mean it, even about someone that he'd never met, because he'd set aside a meeting time and now he was having said meeting with someone else who he honestly hadn't super prepared to meet with. Not that he was complaining about Ji Yoon's presence, because she seemed very nice, it was just that Seb hated when plans changed. With that pleasantry out of the way, he folded his hands before him and paid attention to Ji Yoon.

He sat at his desk until about halfway through her statements. The moment she made that veiled threat, Seb blanched and held up a hand for silence. He got up from his desk, went to the door, leaned out and told his secretary to cancel the rest of his plans and meetings. Yes, even the ones with Riley and Mikhael and the Triangle. When he closed the door, he activated the privacy spells he'd asked Claudia to put on it. Enough that sound wouldn't get out, that listening spells would mysteriously cease to function, not enough to keep Ji Yoon in if she wanted to leave.

Then he sat back at his desk. "I was going to ask if you wanted coffee," he said, sort of inanely, "But, uh, privacy seemed more important, so." The Red Birthright Healer... None of them had thought that she was actually born a slave and legally sold as one. Tacea had been gone for almost two hundred years and Lyoshka still had the accent, by all accounts. Seb had seen the papers confirming the sale through rather shady means--the Shaos worked for anyone with the liquidity to arrange for it and it wasn't hard to find the one person depositing a significant amount of money to Dena Nehele's banking system since his wife owned a good portion of it--and the sale looked, at least in the transfer between Lyoshka's original owner to Garen L'Voide, to be completely solid and backed by Prince-craft.

None of them thought that they were basically holding Darcia fucking Glassade. "You're talking about Lyoshka, aren't you? The slave Garen L'Voide holds." He did not want to be talking about this. He was going to piss a lot of people off if he talked about this. "We've seen the paperwork. The bill of sale and the transfer of ownership were all in order." It clearly grated on him to be saying this; his eyes scrunched up with disgust at himself. "What is it you want us to do about it? I assume you or your dad had some kind of plan for when you found her if she was in a bad situation." This wasn't even his fucking job. He was a master of the guard, not a... whatever this was... a diplomatic incident defuser.
Dena Nehele / Re: Survivalism
« Last post by Garen L'Voide on Today at 02:20:52 PM »
"Maybe he wanted to fuck you." Garen's words were crude and without softening. His interest was still on the flowers, not shifting his gaze from what he was looking at. "You're pretty for a skinny little Tacean, Lysohka. Mercer's always been a little off. He went savage a few weeks back and beat the fuck out of Riley's Master of the Guard. If he wasn't bound to her, he probably would have been put down." The slaver shrugged sightly and ran his thumb across the petals of a flower.

"Have you ever fucked anyone, Lyoshka?" Again, no kindness to his question -- it was an almost clinical interrogation. "Or thought about it? You're around the age to have your Virgin Night. But I know some people fuck before their ceremony. Riley probably had half of Tulzbruja before she was twenty."

He stopped looking over at the flowers then. His interest them had passed and he turned instead to the Healer in his employ that had a great deal of potential; both in profit and in trouble.

"I've had a few people ask me and offer a lot of money. Those aristo men want to fuck the Red right out of you. Heh. What is that, you think?" He turned his full attention to Lyoshka, looking at her with the small smirk of a man who had his own little secret. "Why do you think it is they want you so bad? There's a few Tacean women in Dena Nehele now.

One of them even has golden eyes. That healer Riley has running a Clinic for her in Bidea. Ji Moon or something, right?"
He stepped slowly toward her, his hand sliding to dip beneath Lyoshka's cheek and press his index finger beneath her chin and cause her to lift her face up to look at him.

"Do you know her?"
Little Terreille / Re: Out of the rabbit hole
« Last post by Merihem Striker on Today at 02:16:09 PM »
Moe had been sitting in the tree for three hours. He was now lounging in the crook of a branch; long hair pulled back in a haphazard tail and eyes roving the street and park below. His black trousers were hiked up a few inches due to how he was sitting, revealing striped socks of mismatched colors, and while his shirt was a perfectly normal bright blue, the loose, short-sleeved cotton button-down he had flung over it had a very loud print of flying pigeons all over it in clashing, psychedelic colors. In short, he looked about as normal as he ever did.

Dark sunglasses shaded his eyes, perhaps fooling the casual observer who thought to look up into thinking Moe was taking a nap. He wasn’t.

His gold eyes were, in fact, in constant motion, scanning the surrounding are for whoever it was that Chiara had sent him to find. He assumed it was a person, at least. His sister didn’t usually assign gendered pronouns to inanimate objects, but usually only meant less than half the time, when it came to his sister.

She had given him the date, the time, and told him that there would be someone looking for directions to Odelle. Considering the recent threat to his Queen, the spymaster was more than happy to personally greet whoever this was and get the measure of them before they got anywhere near his Queen.

This person, though, was late.

Most days this might have annoyed Merihem, but today there were better things to do, such as naming the pigeons and conversing with them. Pigeons were noble birds: they survived and thrived where nothing else could and had the BEST senses of humor! A pocket full of broken biscuits ensured that they kept close, and he had just decided that the two pecking at his latest offering and occasionally missing to peck each other were Neckbeak and Harold when this little witch plodded over to the nearby bench and sat down, proceeding to attract all the pigeons to her and away from Moe.

Well, if they said this was who he was supposed to meet, who was Moe to disagree? The fact that she had food was, at best, an inconsequential detail.

He watched her toss a little piece of pie across to the birds and tisked audibly from his perch in the tree. “You don’t want to do that. You can get away with feeding Twinkletalons and Snowcap pie, but Moonstork is on a diet, and Cockasqueal doesn’t digest wheat well.”

With a grin, he jumped down from the tree and strolled over, hands in his pockets. “I’m Moe, pleasure to meet you.” Looking at her over the rims of his sunglasses, he winked then held out a hand. “I was told you were looking for directions the the Seat by another little bird I know and am here to offer my assistance.”
Nharkava / Re: Ekto gamat
« Last post by Indaara Ericksson on Today at 02:12:15 PM »
The weight of him atop her was a promise, one that she was eager to see filled. She enjoyed the solidness of the feel of him, the sweltering heat of him even now, before he'd truly worked himself into a fury. Her hands passed appreciatively over his skin, in turns pulling him nearer and exploring the hard-won shape of his strong and fit body. The disguise he'd etched into his memory as "Maara" was closer to the Widow's true face and shape than any of her other disguises, but even this one didn't show the whole strength that'd been built into her frame from a lifetime of physical thrill-seeking. A little stronger than average herself, she appreciated it when her lovers had more bulk than she, more strength and endurance and drive than she. Sex was the one place where she didn't mind being bested, because it was still a good time even when "losing".

Case in point, despite the Widow's attempts to keep her wrists out of Sixten's hands once she realized what he was after, the Warlord Prince nonetheless managed to pin her hands over her head in short order. The look she lanced him with was sharp. Anticipation warred with recalcitrance before the desire to have him inside of her again convinced her to be still for a moment and let him make it happen. He didn't disappoint. Eschewing any gentler approaches, he sank himself fully within her with one thrust, and his groan of satisfaction was unintentionally mirrored by that of the woman beneath him. A soft fuck escaped on a whispered breath, and she all but purred at that briefest of pauses before he moved again. She rolled her hips against him, eyes lulling at the way that motion stirred her insides. She tried to not let her eyes close entirely, as she enjoyed watching him like this. He was so plain with what he felt; she got the sense that there wasn't much that passed through his mind that wasn't written on his face, and there were few things hotter to her than a good-looking guy getting off. When she tightened her core around him, hard enough that her thighs squeezed at his waist, it wasn't because she thought she could hold it for the duration of the fuck. She just liked hearing what it did to his grunts and pants, and how it shifted the features on his face. He repeated that deep, hard, unyielding thrust a few times, shaking the whole of her body with each strike against her. Her breath caught each time, but the nearly-drunken glaze that began to shine over her eyes was a promise that she had no objections, despite how her hands fisted and pulled against his hold.

He released her wrists eventually, and her hands were half-numb still when she splayed them on his back. He began to buck more quickly against her and she went with it, holding herself close both with arms now and thighs. It was too much to resist burying her face against him then, when his head turned from her and his throat was right there. First her nose, then her lips, then her teeth grazed that warm nexus of scent and softness - an oddly tender touch for such an abrasive woman. But almost as though intentionally countering that notion, she turned her head towards his shoulder and bit down on the tight muscle there. Short-trimmed nails dug into the flesh of his back for no other reason than to pepper little divots of pain into all of the pleasure, much like the teeth that dug two half-moons of indents into his shoulder.

None of it was anything that would deter Sixten, though, she was pretty sure. She might not have risked it otherwise, considering how much she was enjoying the way he didn't hold back. She groaned a little in complaint when he shifted things, but the pillow beneath her changed the angle of his stroke enough that she rolled with it for a few strokes, watching him loom over her while posted on his arms. Only a few strokes, though. Then she pushed herself up on her hands, and leaned up to kiss him while he fucked her. Slow, deep, demanding kisses, with soft little purrs and moans swallowed up by them.

"What's the matter?" she teased him after, a grin splitting her lips even as they lingered near enough to touch his. "You fallin' asleep on me already? Maybe you should lay down..." It was horse shit and they both knew it, but it was almost like she was compelled to goad him whenever she could. He likely expected as much by now, right? What he might not expect was the way the grin tempered back to something milder right after, or the way she looked him directly in his eyes for a beat. Then again, Indy was too proud a woman to ever forget a concession made on her behalf. Now that he wasn't making demands, she didn't mind ponying up a concession in return.

"Lemme ride you, Six," she whispered. "Please."
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