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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Announcements / Autumn Icon Contest
« Last post by halyonix on Sep 23, 20, 07:30:59 AM »
Summer Icon Contest
Here's your chance to design our newest season icon!

For the next week, we will be accepting submissions for the Seasonal Icon Contest. The rules are as follows:

  • You can submit up to two icons to be voted upon.
  • The icon can include words but should be tasteful and not excessive. Should the staff dislike the text we will reply with a request to remove it.
  • Size should be 170x75.
  • Last, but not least, the icon should represent the season.

Once submissions have been made we will open voting. Depending upon the number of submissions players may be allowed more than one vote.

Reward: POINTS and PRESTIGE. 150 points to the Winner. 25 per entry for the runners up.
(Also 1 billion Prestige, which can only be cashed in with Blood Rites members and can be used for pumping one's ego to a new extreme.)

To submit an entry, please send your icon to with a title of "Seasonal Icon Submission". You cannot submit more than 2 icons. All voting will be done without knowledge of who made what icon, so please do not reply to this thread with your entries!

Submission deadline is Wednesday, Sept 30th. Voting will begin soon after that.

BR Staff

Previous Icons For Reference

SUMMER 2020: Created by Mischief

SPRING 2020: Created by Rated Em

WINTER 2019: Created by Rated Em

FALL 2019: Created by Rated Em

SUMMER 2019: Created by Rated Em

SPRING 2019: Created by Rated Em

WINTER 2018 Created by Myst

FALL 2018 Created by Dany

SUMMER 2018 Created by Starling

SPRING 2018 Created by Dani

WINTER 2017 Created by halyonix

FALL 2017 Created by Starling

SUMMER 2017 Created by Starling

SPRING 2017: Created by phinneas

WINTER 2016: Created by Starling

FALL 2016: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2016: Created by Selene

SPRING 2016: Created by Caryn

WINTER 2015: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2015: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2015: Created by Ariana

SPRING 2015: Created by Dani

WINTER 2014: Created by Dani

AUTUMN 2014: Created by Dani

SUMMER 2014: Created by Jamie

SPRING 2014: Created by Jamie

WINTER 2013: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2013: Created by Jamie

SUMMER 2013: Created by Jamie

SPRING 2013: Created by Dani

WINTER 2012: Created by Vivian

AUTUMN 2012: Created by AJ

SUMMER 2012: Created by Kri

SPRING 2012: Created by Jamie

WINTER 2011: Created by Jamie

AUTUMN 2011: Created by Blue

OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Livish on Sep 15, 20, 10:36:53 PM »
Hi and nice to meet you, looking forward to writing with you sometime!!
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by halyonix on Sep 15, 20, 03:48:52 PM »
welcome, welcome, welcome back back back! i'm halyonix, resident gryphon, HBC, and plot lead for Glacia. feel free to hop into our discord ( to introduce yourself and chat with the other writers. i look forward to writing with you!
Common Grounds / Re: LOA Thread
« Last post by Jamie on Sep 15, 20, 03:45:06 PM »
Name: halyonix

LOA Begin & End Dates: 09.16 to 09.25

Reason/Other Notes: work has me traveling back to back with long hours over those 10 days so if you absolutely need something, ping me on Discord

If you need anything while Haly is off feel free to ping me direct on Discord <3
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Jamie on Sep 15, 20, 03:44:39 PM »
Welcome Vamps!
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Nemaisare on Sep 15, 20, 09:30:05 AM »
Hiyo! Welcome!
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Vamps on Sep 15, 20, 01:47:07 AM »
Hello I am here to cause problems (on purpose)

(good problems i promise)
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Reid on Sep 15, 20, 01:29:38 AM »
OOC Account Registration / Re: Vamps
« Last post by Kenna on Sep 15, 20, 12:15:41 AM »
Welcome! My name is Kenna and I am the plot lead for Pruul, a nomadic desert territory with giant Dune like worms! I have some want ads up if you are interested and I look forward to playing with you.
OOC Account Registration / Vamps
« Last post by Vamps on Sep 14, 20, 10:14:29 PM »
Name: Vamps

Age: 30

User title:

How you found Blood Rites? Returning after years long sabbatical

Contact Information:
gChat: NA
Discord: WhoMST've#5429
Email: I don't feel comfortable giving that out, sorry.

Favorite Black Jewels Book: Uhhhhhh god it's been a while i honestly couldn't tell you

Other Information: Just thinking to try and get into it again
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