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Common Grounds / Re: LOA Thread
« Last post by Phedre on Today at 05:08:22 PM »
Name: Phedre

LOA Effective Date: January 23, 2020

Plot Proxy: Dany

May Players continue to contact you during your LOA with questions about the site?: Yes, absolutely!

If so, please list the preferred method of contact: Discord is the best way to reach me. Phedre#7147 Please be patient with slow replies.

Other Notes: This is an LOA Lite. Chronic pain is extra bad atm and I just don't know my capacity from day to day. I have some upcoming Dr visits that may or may not help, we'll find out! Wanted to give y'all a heads up as my writing and reading abilities have been super low :(

Apologies to everyone that has been waiting on me. If you need info to tie off old threads, let me know. Same if there are things we need to move on from.
Chaillot / History & Recent Events of Chaillot
« Last post by Jérémie Tailor on Jan 22, 20, 10:45:55 PM »

Despite Chaillot's long history, it is the most recent history that many will find themselves curious about. Below are important events that have occurred in the last decade, including links to characters and threads where applicable to help a writer get a feel for the territory as it is now.

Aravice Laurent, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen and Ruler of Chaillot, worked with Dorian Conall, Summer Sky to Green Prince, in 185AP to establish Dark Haven.
↪ On the surface, Dark Haven was created to not only shelter the persecuted Dark Jeweled but also provide for them a safety net to be able to grow beyond their perceived instability.
↪ The truth of Dark Haven was something more insidious: not only did it help spread fear of Dark Jeweled, thus helping keep Lady Laurent in power, it also enabled those working towards this goal to manipulate and create more instability. This truth is not known as anyone aware was either killed in the slaughter of Lady Laurent's Court or currently out of play.

● In 186AP Aravice Laurent and most of her Court--as well as the Queen's Residence in Beldon Mor itself--were decimated by a Dark Jewel.
Flavie de Beauvoir, a Summer Sky to Green Black Widow (who presented as a Summer Sky) was led by a vision to Vincent Leblanc, a Yellow to Rose Warlord. Aware of Lady Laurent's role in killing Lady Odette Durand, the previous Queen of Chaillot and his Queen, he convinced her to create the web that would see the Territory Court and its Queen brought to ‘justice’.
↪ The web was placed on Didier Fournier, a Blood Opal to Green Warlord Prince on leave from Dark Haven. Once at the party the web activated, causing him to slaughter those present. He was stopped by Dorian Conall.

● Following the death and destruction of the Court of Chaillot a summit was called. With the ruling Queens of Chaillot present, Etienne Roux, a White to Rose Warlord Prince, put himself forward and became Ruler.
↪ His rule was secured with the murder of the Queen of Cotaine Province by his sister Reine Roux, an Opal to Red Black Widow.
↪ As far as anyone is aware, Etienne Roux gave his sister leave to kill the Queen of Cotaine but in truth she acted under her own volition.
↪ Etienne Roux saw almost every court within Chaillot taken over by a trusted male with the Queens serving within the First Circles.
Camille de Beauvoir, a Rose to Summer Sky Queen, was replaced by her own First Escort as Ruler of Touleans, with Evette Presage, a Rose to Opal Queen, being the only Queen able to keep her position as the Ruler of Rennes Province.
↪ Due to the destruction of Beldon Mor, the capital of Chaillot was moved to the Port Island of Finistere (an island east of the ruined Queen’s Residence).

● Cousins Madeline Rousseau, a Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen, and Josette Moreau, a Yellow to Summer Sky Queen, combined their influence in 192AP to start a rebellion against the rule of Etienne Roux.
↪ This eventually lead to not only blockades stopping the import and export that Chaillot relied upon but to the Queens pressuring all others that shared their Caste to not Gift the land.
↪ Etienne Roux was not above making use of the Dark Jeweled that he had collared. He was also known to hire Dark Jeweled mercenaries from other territories (who were not collared) as privateers and use them against the blockades set up.
↪ The fighting was further complicated by rumors of Dark Jeweled uprising in 193AP and attacks made on targets unrelated to either side of the civil war.
Jérémie Tailor, a Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Warlord, pushes for peace talks during the spring of 194AP. Yet they fall apart when, on his way to the talks, the Warlord and his entourage are attacked. Each side of the civil war blames the other for the perceived attack and death of a hero to the people.

● Under the cover of a horrible storm, death and destruction swept across Chaillot in the last part of 194AP at the hands of Dark Jeweled attackers.
↪ All attacks occurred overnight, targeting Courts, businesses, and any other locations that were deemed important to the infrastructure, including the Navy and its fleet.
↪ Most of the Dark Jeweled attackers died during the attacks, shattering their Jewels and destroying their minds with the power that they unleashed. Should someone wish to play one of these Broken Dark Jeweled, please reach out to Rated Em!
Daniel Claremonte and his wife Charlotte Claremonte used the chaos to take control of the Province of Touleans. It remains under Landen rule, backed by the Landen Government.

● Survivors gathered together following the death and destruction of the Dark Jeweled attacks. Alois Oberonn, a White to Rose witch, appeared with not only the dead body of the perpetrator of the attacks--a Prince named Aldéric Paille who wore the Sapphire--but also the still living Jérémie Tailor. Her actions and valor in the face of such horrors, as well as her clear vision and drive, lead to her being named as Ruler of Chaillot and selecting Jérémie Tailor as her First Escort.
↪ Save for La Dame Rouge herself and her most trusted allies, no one is aware that the Red Market both created and orchestrated the entirety of the Dark Jeweled attacks.
↪ Currently the Court of Chaillot is pulling itself back together and working to put the territory to rights.
Points Scheme / Re: (Jan) Points Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Jan 22, 20, 01:59:31 PM »
Character Name: Takato Ueda
Link to Sheet:'s-registry/takato-ueda/
Player Name: Nemaisare

Item Purchased: Family Roll Adoption -  the rose to pd on Ishiyo's sheet

Points Cost: 0

Tacea / Re: Ishiyo no Izayoi
« Last post by WrenStar on Jan 22, 20, 08:54:51 AM »
Chaillot / Quick Reference: Character Creation in Chaillot
« Last post by Jérémie Tailor on Jan 21, 20, 10:40:16 PM »

A territory with a troubled past, Chaillot is a land where societal norms of the Blood have been turned on their head. Dark Jeweled are persecuted, the Landen rule a Province with their government, and the Territory Court is trying to keep it all running. Information in this thread will help a writer hit the ground running but for more in-depth information about Chaillot please refer to the Culture of Chaillot or have a look in the Territory Keep for other articles!

● Chaillot is based loosely on France along with similar elements from nearby cultures. Character names are most commonly pulled from French culture with some allowance for names from other lands as not everyone is native to the territory. If you need help with naming your character, here are some resources: Behind the Name, this wikipedia category, and this generator link. The last is preset to the most commonly used but can be adjusted by clicking settings towards the upper right (and thus can be used for any territory you want to play in).

● There is no rule for Chaillotan last names other than being culturally appropriate. That said: surname overlap can--and has--happened. It can be helpful to do a quick search to see if the last name has been used. If it has and you're really into it, consider reaching out to the player of the character to see if they're looking for more family. This can be a great plot hook to get you involved right away! However, if you need to change a surname--or even a first name--after you've already made the subaccount, you can get it changed here.

● Sometimes French names have special characters in them. An example of this is Jérémie. When creating a name with a special character, please create it without the special characters (as they can interfere with the tracking). However, after making the handle you can post within this thread and have the display name fixed!

● The instability within the Dark Jeweled of Chaillot has ensured that those of Light Jewels enjoy greater prestige and importance compared to other territories.
↪ With that in mind, a Dark Jeweled Warlord would find themselves regarded with more fear than a Light Jeweled Warlord Prince within the current political climate.
↪ Chaillot’s general population believes wholeheartedly in the instability of their Dark Jewels. More on this can be found below in the Culture section.

● Dark Jewels occur at a normal rate but are persecuted and the subject of intense scrutiny.
↪ Many Dark Jeweled individuals leave, fall into the clutches of the Red Market, are sentenced to Dark Haven, or are otherwise caught up in a war against their very existence whether they like it or not.

● Purple Dusk and above are considered the safe jewels. Opal and Blood Opal are subject to observation and considered at-risk. Green and below are considered unstable and are kept monitored.
↪ An individual that wears the Opal or Blood Opal can expect more scrutiny from those around them than they would have experienced before 194AP.
↪ Originally Green was considered at-risk with Opal and Blood Opal but in the aftermath of the Dark Jeweled attacks that view has shifted.
↪ If an individual wearing the Green--or Darker--shows any sign of instability then it is very likely they will be remanded into the custody of a Black Widow and eventually sent to Dark Haven.

● During the height of the civil war, with supplies dwindling, Hearth Witches were the ones that helped stretch things out. As such Hearth Witches are a coveted treasure, valued for more than just being some of the best fashion designers, and find that they have more respect here than they might in another territory.

● Particularly interested in the brain, especially the ones in the employ of Dark Haven, Healers explore every avenue that they can to make headway in understanding instability. If there is an advancement to be made in medications, in the use of potions to alter one's brain chemistry without the touch of a Black Widow Mind Healer, then it is likely because of the experimentation of a Healer.

● Priestesses are the spiritual and educational backbone of Chaillot, guiding the people when they need it most.
↪ Most individuals are expected to have been educated at an altar, if not one of the privately run schools.
↪ They educate more than just the youth, offering lessons in philosophy and more to those that come to the altars willing to learn.
↪ Recent years and the rise of instability in the Dark Jeweled has led to some Priestesses believing that something must be done. Not only has this resulted in attempts of trying to manipulate the Rituals and Ceremonies--such as Birthright and Offering--but has led to a growing schism within the Conclave.

● Black Widows have been responsible for the mental well-being of Chaillot's citizens for countless decades. While they are highly respected, that respect is beginning to wane in the aftermath of the Dark Jeweled attacks.
↪ Dark Haven employs several Black Widows but the bulk of them are within the Hourglass.
↪ The Hourglass regularly experiments and otherwise tries to control and understand the instability of the Dark Jeweled.
↪ With the rise of instability many are questioning whether or not they can handle the problem.
↪ While Black Widows are the ones responsible for the care, management, and transport of those considered unstable, they often have Witches or Warlords in their employ--as they tend to be the most even-tempered of the Castes--to aid them in this endeavor.

● Despite being the highest Castes, requiring the utmost respect, both Queens and Warlord Princes are experiencing a loss of face and some public snubbing. This is a direct result of the actions of the Warlord Prince of Chaillot, Etienne Roux, and the Cousin Queens, Madeline Rousseau and Josette Moreau, during the civil war.

● No exact date can be pinpointed as the beginning of the Dark Jeweled instability but rumors of incidents stretch back to not long before the Purge.
↪ As many of the incidents were documented following the Purge, it is sometimes believed that it is responsible for the instability within the Dark Jeweled.
↪ Rumors vary as to what the cause of the instability is ranging from Mother Night’s displeasure in the behavior of Dark Jeweled to a psychic miasma driving them insane. No one knows the actual truth.
↪ Both the Hourglass and the Conclave devote considerable time and resources into trying to pinpoint an underlying cause leaving Dark Haven to contain and handle those individuals that are considered lost to their ‘instability’.
↪ A character can have whatever opinion they want about the instability of the Dark Jeweled. However, save for the highest echelons of Chaillot, most are not aware that the instability of the Dark Jeweled is a problem that has been created by the actions of those who wish to remain in power.

● Just shy of three years, the civil war left Chaillot ailing and it is just now on the path to recovery.
↪ Food shortages were rampant, especially with the lack of Queen’s Gift to increase the natural bounty of the land. Queens are now required to Gift under penalty of punishment (to be determined by the Territory Court).
↪ The infrastructure of Chaillot has suffered heavily and there are openings at nearly every level.
↪ Many businesses closed or otherwise had to be shut down due to the blockades and embargoes that severely limited their resources.
↪ People are more vocal than they have ever been before and will question a Ruler’s right to rule due to perceived improper behavior.

● Chaillot was home to one of the realm's only blue-water navies. It has been near decimated in the aftermath of the Dark Jeweled attacks, leaving many of the Naval Fleet dead at sea (due to both the storm and the attacks upon their boats).
↪ Those still remaining take the honor of the institution seriously and work hard to return it to its former glory.
↪ It's motto is Honor, Homeland, Valor, Discipline and was found on every boat within the Naval Fleet.
↪ With the Navy destroyed, Chaillot has turned to Privateers to protect its interests. The survivors of the Navy often take personal umbrage with the use of this stopgap.
↪ More information about both the Navy and Privateers will be found in a forthcoming article. Until it is up, please refer to the old article about the Navy.

● Within Chaillot, Landen have their own form of government that they have created that came into existence around fifty years after the Purge.
↪ As the Landen now rule Touleans, there are changes and more being made in the highest offices of the government. One of the biggest pushes is to ensure that the only ones in power within it are Landen and not Jeweless Blood.
↪ Each Province has its own name as used by the Landen. Rouen refers to Cotaine, Artois refers to Rennes, and Bastia refers to Touleans.
↪ Not only do they have their own government but they are also at the front of most non-Craft technological advances.
↪ The Landen believe that while Craft is beyond them, science is not.
↪ Any advancements or ideas for new technology not already in place must be discussed with Rated Em. If there's something you want to see if it can be created, just reach out!
↪ A more in-depth look at the Landen and their society can be found in the Landen article, with an updated version forthcoming.

● Details and information about Chaillot’s recent history, things that have caused some of the culture changes, can be found in the History of Chaillot article.

(This idea and outline took inspiration from Reid's Quick Reference for Tacea, <3.)
Points Scheme / Re: (Jan) Points Transactions
« Last post by Nemaisare on Jan 21, 20, 09:31:05 PM »
Character Name: Takato Ueda
Link to Sheet:'s-registry/takato-ueda/
Player Name: Nemaisare

Item Purchased: Family Roll Adoption -  the rose to pd on Ishiyo's sheet

Points Cost: 0
Announcements / Re: Winter Icon Tie Breaker!
« Last post by Haloriel on Jan 18, 20, 03:54:42 AM »
Yay congrats Em! I'd honestly never have submitted without them showing me how to do a bunch of stuff that was super cool.

So extra super grats.
Dena Nehele / Re: Sorinna Roman
« Last post by WrenStar on Jan 18, 20, 03:47:23 AM »
Announcements / Winter Icon Results!
« Last post by WrenStar on Jan 18, 20, 03:33:58 AM »

Congratulations Rated Em!

And thanks to all who submitted the beautiful icons for Winter: Rated Em, Starling, and Haloriel!
Character Plots / Xiong Teng
« Last post by Xiong Teng on Jan 17, 20, 01:52:17 AM »
Summer Sky to Green Queen. 32 (162AP). Tacean.

Xiong Teng was a Queen and a scholar, but the destruction of her academic institutions has left her unable to complete her studies. An aneurysm destroyed her ability to acquit herself as the warrior Queen most Taceans expect to have on the Dragon Throne--and that's before her unsuitable bloodline comes into play. Yet, selected by the living legend Seung Corro and anointed a daughter of Amaterasu by the highest Priestesses of Tacea, she has taken the Territory Seat. Surrounded by a Court as unconventional as she is, Xiong faces the oncoming challenges with the knowledge that if she fails, Tacea as she knows it is doomed.

Xiong Teng is faced with an unenviable task: she must uphold the work done by Hinata no Kagen, the Queen who ended the Warring Dragons period. In a Territory wracked by a cold war between two clans, a succession conflict in another, and a teeming horde of refugees in the fourth, even a Queen trained to the role might be daunted by the challenge ahead. But Xiong is not only a Territory Queen, she's a Tang--a member of an ethnic minority that has never had a Queen on the Dragon Throne in all the millennia of Tacea's history--and lacks even the most basic support that any other Dragon Queen could expect from her own Clan. With Black Immortal belching black smoke into Tacea's blue skies and the mainland of Terreille watching, there is no room for even a single misstep.

Summer 193. Green as sun-drenched grass with Zhihao
    Xiong has a job interview with the Interregnum Court's spymaster.


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