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Dena Nehele / Re: A mile of bad road
« Last post by Roxanne Babicov on Today at 12:58:31 AM »
Thinking was nearly beyond her. The taste of his flesh on her tongue was addicting. The tug of his fingers in her hair was maddening. The feel of his muscles tensing, relaxing, arching, beneath her fingers was so unbearably erotic. She could smell her own pungent aroma perfuming the air mixing with their psychic scents. This was a man lost to her. A Warlord Prince that wore the Gray was unable to process anything outside of her.

It drove her out of her mind with lust.

Roxanne figured that Draco would shove her head down when she staved off his imminent orgasm. She thought that he would fuck her mouth until he spent himself. He would fuck her throat until she swallowed his seed.

Instead, he grabbed her and dragged her body up his own. “Mother Night,” she whispered. He yanked her body up as if she didn’t weigh a thing. She shuddered against him. “Draco,” she murmured. She wrapped her hands around his upper arms, unable to stop her nails from digging in. “Draco,” she repeated.

Her torso flowed back, arching her breasts into his face. Her head fell back, leaving her throat vulnerable to his kisses. She gloried in the moment, in feeling him, so hard and wet, pressed against her opening. Then she rose up completely – pressing her chest to his and sliding her fingers in his hair. Roxanne tilted his head and crushed her mouth to his, kissing him as if she would die if she didn’t.

With just one small shift of her hips for alignment, Roxanne sank down onto his cock. Her sudden fullness had her breaking the kiss to bite down on his shoulder as she came. Her arms tightened around him as her inner muscles clamped around his dick. After a moment, the Hearthwitch dislodged her teeth from his shoulder and soothed the indents with her tongue. She pressed a kiss to his shoulder and then got to work sliding up and down his shaft, making sure to squeeze him with her inner muscles.
Pruul / Re: The Price of Poison, Part 1
« Last post by Jasper al-Situla on Today at 12:50:52 AM »
Jasper felt like crying. He didn’t because he was Pruulian, for fuck's sake, and their people did not cry for anything less than agony. Aahad would not die, so there was nothing to cry about. NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT.

His hands around his friend’s squeezed tight.

“Of all the ways to get out of getting married you just had to choose this one, didn’t you? Aahad, when will you learn to tone down the overdramatics?” He tried, really tried, to keep the joking, light tone he had always used with this man, but couldn’t. After everything that had happened over the last day, this was too much.

A tear rolled down his cheek and he let it, let Aahad see it because he didn’t care, not anymore. “Of course I’ll get you water.”

Jasper filled the cup and cooled it down so it would be easier to drink. He even held it to the Priest’s lips so his trembling, limp arms would not have to do the work that Jax’s healthy ones were more than capable of doing. Then he moved about the room. He could not wick moisture out of things like a Water Priestess but there were other ways to dry bedding. With a word of warning he pulled the blankets off and heated them with craft until they were dry, then hoisted Aahad up into his arms to do the same with the bed, and setting him down on warm, dry sheets. He tucked Aahad in with all the care he gave baby Fari on the rare occasions Hadjara now let him handle her and even found a towel to wipe away the perspiration on Aahad’s forehead.

All this to make him more comfortable, but also to avoid answering that one question.

Of course, he had asked about Aahad’s family. They were all but family to Jasper as well since his own grandparents had died. Even though he had been almost certain he had seen their end he had made sure. The remaining Situla numbered in the dozens, perhaps a few hundred once the ones not in Onn were counted but their Tribe was… gone. Over. Centuries of history reduced to Jasper, Aahad, and a few others. Was Jasper now the highest-ranking member of the Situla? Would the responsibility for their fate rest on his shoulders?

Not something to think about right now, or rather a great thing to think about so he wouldn’t have to answer-

The agonized look in Aahad’s eyes brought all other thoughts to silence. Jasper came back to sitting by the bed, and when even that didn’t seem like enough he crawled in to sit against the headboard, pulling Aahad’s trembling body against his, and wrapping his wings around them both, hoping that maybe he could impart some tiny measure of strength to his friend through presence alone.

“She’s gone, brother. I’m sorry. I could only save one of you and…” His arms around the Priest tightened and he pressed his face into Aahad’s curly hair. “I’m sorry.”
Pruul / Re: The Price of Poison, Part 1
« Last post by Aahad al-Situla on Today at 12:30:53 AM »
The knock knock on the door made Aahad's brows furrow. Not out of any particular reason, it was just the first time he had encountered people since his quarantine at least while he was conscious. Half the time he was either asleep for fitting while asleep. Someone of course had to have been the one filling the decanter, or chilling the cup to make the water go down a bit more smooth for him. The door opened and Jaspar came through.

Jasper. So at least someone else made it. That was good.

"Oh yes. You know me." He commented with a lopsided smirk of someone far too tired to be more sinister or sarcastic than that. "All for the fun. Let me tell you." He shifted to sit more upright on the bed, using the poor pillow as a backrest as he let out a huff of exhaustion of just even moving around in a bed. The cup was empty but he was quietly thankful he had enough strength to not let it roll off and hit the floor again.

Jasper took his hand, clammy and hot as it was but he didn't have the strength to do anything more than simply exist in his grip. Jasper was strong, Aahad knew that already but when he had no strength it painted a new picture to how strong he was. Rock and stone grip compared to his which was laughably limp. He let out a breath and looked at his cup, sliding it toward him in a quiet 'I need help drinking'.

Then he spoke of the others, and Aahad's eyes widened. He remembered what he came here for in the first place. The Situla. Mom.

"...Mom? Where is mom?" Reflex made him half-begin to get out of the bed in a panic. Mom couldn't be dead. She was the best water scout in their caravan. If anyone could ditch the worm attack it would have been her. She'd be with the others. She might even be wounded and Aahad had to make sure she was okay. Fuck the poison. "She made it right?" Even 'panic' sounded muted to him.
Dena Nehele / Re: we have come too far to ever turn away
« Last post by Elenor al-Sabbah on Today at 12:10:01 AM »
A seizure? What the… Then again, her body did feel as if she had just run a mile or two uphill on her moontime, a sensation she knew all too well for having done it a time or two. Every muscle in her body ached, her head throbbed and there was just the hint of the taste of blood in her mouth. But why would she have had a seizure? How…

Her eyes fluttered closed. So tired. Could she remember ever being so tired? Elenor wasn’t sure but she knew she had no intention of disobeying Jeremiah and moving anywhere just yet. Maybe she could just take a nap right here, in the grass. Yes, that seemed like a good idea. It didn’t even matter that there was another person right next to her or that anyone could walk by and see them because the ground was so comfortable, the land soothing, perfectly happy to just swallow her up and never let go. Maybe if she gave in to the way it always seemed to scream at her here she could just sink inside it and sleep forever.

His hand on her shoulder startled her out of her half-doze.

“Room, yes…”

Getting up was a struggle. Jeremiah had to all but haul her up but once she had her legs under her Elenor stubbornly kept them there, just as she had the time she had been forced to walk through a blizzard for almost five miles. She had always been alright as long as her feet here under her, could always get away from her problems and pick up some speed.

Well, speed wasn’t really an option now, to be honest, not with the way her muscles were shaking, but Jeremiah’s arm around her waist kept her at least nominally vertical until they got to the door of her room. There she braced herself on the frame for a moment, panting, before continuing on.

He helped her settle onto her bed and she let out a relieved sigh, falling onto her side and pulling her legs up to her chest. “So tired,” Elenor whispered, quietly enough that only he could hear, but then there were hurried footsteps and another voice. She recognized it as her Master of the Guard from the room next door, then his rough hands were on her forehead and cheek, turning her face up to look at him.

“Lady Elenor-”

“I’m fine… I’m fine… just sleepy is all. Prince… Mercer was just kind enough to bring me back here. I’m fine. I’m fine.”

She closed her eyes and felt him retreat but not far. “What happened? She clearly isn’t fine?” Elenor could hear the anger bubbling under the surface and shot out her hand to grab Danyal’s wrist. She missed but after a bit of flailing caught it in a weak grip. A brush of her Touch came before,

“He didn’t harm me, not in any way, nor did anyone else. Please, Danyal. I’m really fine.”

The old Warlord patted her hand but turned back to the Warlord Prince. “Sorry, she has a habit of running headlong into danger and it has me on edge. What really happened?”
Dena Nehele / Re: we have come too far to ever turn away
« Last post by Jeremiah Mercer on Aug 15, 18, 11:36:51 PM »
Quiet, Jeremiah merely let Elenor speak of the Red-Jeweled Mind Healer and how things had changed after that day. "I do not think he is the cause. Your Chalice is sound but ..." The cracks were visible, even to him, and they could give at any moment due to the stress she was currently under. "It is a natural degradation, I think, of something that should not even be there in the first place." The words were quietly said as Elenor started to cry. Jeremiah understood, he truly did, but from the sound of the Gray - the other that had left their mark - the had not done this out of a desire to harm.

No, this had been done for ...

The thought was just there at the edge but it would require him focusing on it; weaving another web and seeing what he saw within it. "I can imagine," how much it hurt because he knew the pain of a damaged mind, "but you cannot fight what your body needs, Elenor." Yet that was the problem here, was it not? Not Elenor fighting it but her mind fighting what was necessary. Pushing back against rest and more that was needed.

His arm tightened around her as she went on, a projection of his emotions put in place; calm and soothing. Not that it helped, not when she released that noise of pain and not when her body started to spasm. Jeremiah shifted then, releasing his hold and laying her upon her side (what knowledge and skill he had in regards to such things was cobbled from years of working as a Jack and from Judith Grigorie). It was only when she stopped, a heartbeat later, and rolled onto her back that he was interrupted from calling for assistance.

"Stop, please do not move," said Jeremiah, ignoring everything that she said for the moment. A hand upon her shoulder stopped her from sitting up; firm and gentle, it simply said stay where you are."You did not fall asleep, you had a seizure." The rest, at least, was somewhat accurate but even then. A frown grew upon his face, the kind that was not necessarily good to see. It spoke of things being not so good. "I will give you a moment to gather yourself and then I am taking you to your room and alerting, at the very least, your Master of the Guard."

The paper and pen, the ones she had called in, were ignored for the time being. Not when this was something far more pressing to deal with.

"I can help," said Jeremiah quietly, "you get to sleep after that."
Graphics Claim / Re: Graphics Claims
« Last post by Starling on Aug 15, 18, 11:29:59 PM »
Code: [Select]
[b]Adriana Lima[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Barbara Palvin[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Juliana Herz[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Pedro Perestrello[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Priyanka Chopra[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Sean O'Pry[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Code: [Select]
[b]Willy Cartier[/b];; claimed by Starling, August 15
Keep's Registry / Re: Sita Khurana
« Last post by Starling on Aug 15, 18, 11:14:54 PM »
Keep's Registry / Re: Reverie Erebril
« Last post by Starling on Aug 15, 18, 11:14:47 PM »
Keep's Registry / Re: Masilda Constantin
« Last post by Starling on Aug 15, 18, 11:14:41 PM »
Keep's Registry / Re: Fane Dalca
« Last post by Starling on Aug 15, 18, 11:14:35 PM »
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