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Dena Nehele / Re: Luyse Arevi, the light of the sun
« Last post by Tamarian Yechezkel on Today at 03:40:07 AM »
As Tamarian all but thrived upon fashion and appearance, her attire was of course perfectly put together in every physical manner. Of course, that was unsurprising considering her interests in Craftwork surrounding the tendencies of Hearth Witches the Realm 'round. As Prince Gabriel was a Warlord Prince and wore the Grey, his talents lay in other places and she had been well aware he wouldn't have chosen to be the most perfectly attired male at a gala, and that was IF he bothered to attend that kind of thing. Her pulse sped up in just seeing that he'd chosen to wear a newer jacket. She ought to have expected more, but little details had always gotten her attention first.

Who cared if the man couldn't dress entirely well so long as he could keep a near-perfect house. Gabriel could clean a dining room faster than she could yell about a stain and that was the best part about his allure. Not to speak of his skill sensually. She knew he'd know that she was intrigued without even so much as a brush of her outer barriers as she had a tendency to project her feelings outward. When the Warlord Prince lifted her hand to kiss the knuckles, Tammy blushed. He could always make her blush. "Prince Silvarin," she murmured, her low and warm contralto more appreciative and full of emotion than further words could offer forth.

"You are home early," she turned her hand over in his, unable to help herself and utterly craving the skin contact with his. Tamarian visibly shivered as she sought permission to lace her fingers with Gabriel's while holding eye contact. It had only been weeks and she felt as if she hadn't seen him in years. Her chest tightened and the shift startled her.

"You cleaned everything. You handled the boy, our sweet Samuel. He hugged me, Gabriel. As in, asked his mother for a hug and held me for a full five minutes without being typically grossed out by contact with his mother. He was perfectly Protocol correct." If the restaurant hadn't been full she'd have thought to have him bend her over their table right there in the middle of the room, if it hadn't been utterly beyond what was considered sane and normal for the Blood in public. The restrained desire in Tamarian's face was ferocious. She gripped the edge of the table to steady herself and it creaked, which only served to brighten her blushing.

"You mopped and scrubbed the counters just the way I love it done," Her full lips pulled slowly up into a smile, golden-brown eyes very bright with approval. "You want something. What do you need from me? How can I help you?" As a woman, she didn't consider the Grey Warlord Prince hers any more than he preferred her to. She was absolutely content for him to have any lady he needed to avoid painful explosions of his violent edge as a Warlord Prince and had long championed safety and love over any kind of restraint.

Of course, while it was true it was autumn, Tamarian being half Eyrien hadn't aged a single day in appearance since he'd met her almost seventeen years previous. The only difference was the warmed span of her hips. Lately, she'd been wondering whether he'd stick around now that their son was almost old enough to tend himself and had felt ... and wondered if she'd have more children, regardless of whether they were his or not.

"I missed you. So much." Tamarian bit her lower lip. "I've had others, but ... there's always been something about you." She drew in a careful breath. He smelled so good. Waiting for permission, she reached out and brushed her free hand down his shirt, relieving it of every single wrinkle, as well as the trousers. Tamarian snapped her fingers and the colour that complimented his eyes best glamoured the shoes and belt. Half the women in the restaurant seemed to collectively sigh. Tamarian's resulting grin regarding her work was nothing short of feral, as was the sharpened passionate laugh in paring. A few even seemed to tremble to catch Tammy's eye contact in unwavering appreciation.

Then she dropped a bit of news that she expected was going to stir his brain up, but there was no other way to put it. "... My mother and brothers want to meet our son." It was hard to keep eye contact while trying to explain as delicately as she could that she still had a living family. Her palm itched to brush her fingers over the old wedding ring hidden beneath her gown, but instead, Tamarian kept her hand in Gabriels. Had she even told him her real surname? She hadn't thought so. Some details had been far, far too painful to contemplate when they had met, and he had never asked her more questions than she could bare to speak of, much as she offered him equal respect about his past. Now, she wondered if she hadn't asked enough. Gotten to know the father of her son. Tamarian's pulse quickened a little more. She didn't know if love was quite the right word for what she felt about him, but she didn't want to lose him. A mere thought could turn her legs to some semblance of gelatin.

"I know that Askavi is and was ... a difficult place for you to consider ... actually visiting and only going near the border is as much as you might normally ... bother with," but Tamarian had simply never asked him why. Now seemed a good time, despite the fact that she wanted to inhale him then and there regardless of observers. It made her wonder if she was close to ovulating, which meant time to make the brew.
Keep's Registry / Re: Calypso Hesperides-Agrippina
« Last post by Haloriel on Today at 02:55:10 AM »
As of Purchase Approval for this Discard a Roll, please reroll that General Random, thank you kindly.

-cries in expensive anxiety- Hnnngh.
Points Scheme / Re: (Oct) Points Transactions
« Last post by Haloriel on Today at 02:52:37 AM »
Character Name: Calypso Hesperides-Agrippina
Link to Sheet (if edits are required): Sheet Link Here
Player Name: Haloriel

Item Purchased: Discard a Roll; 3rd Purchase

Points Cost: 900 Points (?)
Dena Nehele / Re: they tell you it's all in your mind
« Last post by Jeremiah Mercer on Today at 01:18:50 AM »
Seeing Shadya with Sora was a good thing, though it was most certainly because he knew that the Rose-Jeweled Queen was seeking out her services for Marius. Jeremiah could tend to nightmares, he could even tend to another's Chalice, but that was not something so easy when it was the Bonded of the young woman he considered his daughter. Marius could permit Jeremiah to help ease his sleep but any more and the discomfort grew. It did not help that the Black Widow Warlord Prince had his plate full and, quite honestly, had found himself dealing more with the recovery of people lost within the Twisted Kingdom more often than not.

None of which particularly mattered now, Jeremiah's expression blank--a tell if there ever was one--as he had greeted Marius and requested entrance. The air around him still held a chill, though it had lessened as he had moved away from the healing room and Lord Cosovei. "I could say the same," agreed Jeremiah, before he inclined his head toward Shadya. "Lady al-Sabbah." That he did not have more banter was another tell.

It was not normal particularly normal to watch as people left the room but then he was a Black Widow Warlord Prince on a mission.

"I am certain that you recall the horribleness that we learned of a few days ago?" What had been passed off as a lover's tryst gone wrong: the death of Anzhela Baciu and the subsequent suicide of Nazariu Cebanu for his part in killing his lover. Jeremiah waited for a beat for acknowledgment, moving to take a knee before Sora and catch her hand between his. Better to focus upon it than let the coldness of his gaze bore into her. His anger was for those of Prince Randa's club.

"It is far more insidious than that," said Jeremiah, who then proceeded to explain what had been discovered. Not every detail was revealed, of course, but enough that she would understand the true depravity of the males and that which they had done. The Black Widow Warlord Prince was tightly contained as he spoke, tone devoid of its usual warmth.

The bag and its contents of memory crystals were a heavyweight that he wished to see destroyed but could not be yet. Once everything was explained, once Jeremiah finished speaking, he let out a long, shuddering cold breath.

"They think themselves above being caught," said Jeremiah, "that no one can claim the Price that they owe. That they can hunt these very halls." Finally, he looked up and the eyes that met hers--this day--were a glacial blue-green. "We will have to spring a trap upon them, however, or they will go to ground. So today, when you hold Court, and they are present," as they were meant to be as both guard and escort at times, "they will be caught with nowhere to go." Then and there, in front of the people that gathered within the Territory Court, they would pay their Price.

And Stela's contract would be fulfilled.
Keep's Registry / Re: Calypso Hesperides-Agrippina
« Last post by phinneas on Today at 12:06:36 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut White Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Rose Jewel at your Offering.


Keep's Registry / Re: Virlomi Baht
« Last post by Myst on Oct 22, 19, 10:24:30 PM »

Registry Cleanup Notice
This character sheet has been inactive within the Keep's Registry for over 2 weeks. If you wish to keep this character sheet (including the Jewels rolled) you will need to reply to this thread within 2 weeks or else you will forfeit the character and the Jewels.
Keep's Registry / Re: Miriam al-Bakka
« Last post by Myst on Oct 22, 19, 10:24:16 PM »

Registry Cleanup Notice
This character sheet has been inactive within the Keep's Registry for over 2 weeks. If you wish to keep this character sheet (including the Jewels rolled) you will need to reply to this thread within 2 weeks or else you will forfeit the character and the Jewels.
Keep's Registry / Re: Eva Moreno
« Last post by Myst on Oct 22, 19, 10:23:51 PM »

Registry Cleanup Notice
This character sheet has been inactive within the Keep's Registry for over 2 weeks. If you wish to keep this character sheet (including the Jewels rolled) you will need to reply to this thread within 2 weeks or else you will forfeit the character and the Jewels.
Keep's Registry / Re: Calypso Hesperides-Agrippina
« Last post by Haloriel on Oct 22, 19, 09:40:07 PM »
Okay. Let's go for that General Random and see what we get, please? <3
Dena Nehele / Re: i need a change 'cause i'm tired of feeling drained
« Last post by Irina Groza on Oct 22, 19, 05:24:56 PM »
Cristina had always strived for excellence and her father had expected that much from her. Irina’s guidance was drawn on faith, in Mother Night’s blessings and in Cristina’s potential and ability to make the right choices.  She had yet to be disappointed.  Irina knew, despite how little her niece spoke of her Offering that she had aspirations, especially now with her father gone, she would want to make him proud. Her little flower couldn’t imagine just how much she had succeeded in doing just that.   The day of her Offering would be glorious, Irina would guide her into the depths, the communion would be everything they wanted and Cristina would emerge, blessed and reborn. No matter what she came away with it would be exactly what she needed in her eyes.

Smiling into her hair, Irina pressed her lips to the crest of the young woman’s brow and rested her cheek there. A matronly arm wrapped around her small waist as she held her close. As a child, she would often hold her like this. The recent events with her father brought those old memories back to the surface.

“Contingent? That is another matter we need to discuss. Your special night is around the corner and I want to make sure you are prepared.” The Virgin Night was a rite of passage, but Irina would be damned if it wasn’t done right. Whoever she picked would need to be vetted and she would hear no argument that Zamfir and herself would speak to the male at length about their expectations.  It was now their duty to assure Cristina’s safety, especially when she was so vulnerable.  The young Healer would have her pick, she was beautiful and sharp as a whip.

A wide smile blossomed on Irina’s face the moment the court position was mentioned. Her hand tightened slightly in a warm press to her side.  “Cristina, that is wonderful news! Why don’t you sound as excited as Id think you’d be? Would you be staying within the court or will you desire accommodations outside? I'm sure that Zamfir wouldn't mind looking up some available properties so that we could visit often. “ Pulling back but not fully releasing her she reached for the young woman’s face in hopes of reading her expression.  So much had been lost in the Decimation, her father among the highest and even her escort. Irina could not imagine how close they had become.

“Well tell me about him? His family? Qualifications?”  She asked, clearly invested. It had taken a lot of time and research to locate Florian. Very few met Irina’s high standards.
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