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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Yearly Superlatives / 2020 Superlatives Winners!
« Last post by halyonix on Feb 03, 21, 03:34:10 PM »
The Results Are In!

Character of the Year 2020:
Sorinna Roman, written by Gavin

Runner Up: Xiong Teng, written by Reid

Thread of the Year 2020:
In blood or coin, everyone is going to pay me their due, written by Reid and Gavin

Runner Up: a graze, a gash, our collocation

Best Writer 2020:

Runner Up: Leez

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Points Scheme / Re: (February) Graphics Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Feb 02, 21, 02:13:38 PM »
Rolled over from previous months:

Character Name: Saskia Rowe
Writer Name: Jamie

Images to use:
Play By: Jamie Sanna

Images for Signature:

Images for Avatar:

"The Lace Initiative"
"Be mindful of the spider's web less you are caught as well"

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature (100) & Basic Avatar (50) = 150 Total.
Character Name: Oana Ardelean
Writer Name: halyonix

Images to use:

Graphics Shop Service: 250 pts

Please remember that Oana's right eye is blinded/scarred. Designer go nuts with design (I gave you extra images to play with) but I'd like the words "I am my scars" somewhere. Thanks!

Character Name: Armel Perron
Writer Name: Lugh

Images to use: I would love something nautical or stormy sea to go with the words “Smooth seas never made a skilled Sailor”

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature= 100 points.

Character Name: Aether Forsythe
Writer Name: Lugh

Images to use: I am open to any image you think fits the signature really. “Scars are no blemish to a wise man's sight"

Graphics Shop Service: Basic Signature= 100 points.
Points Scheme / (February) Graphics Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Feb 02, 21, 02:12:28 PM »
Graphics Expenditures - Feb 2021

To request graphics transactions please use the following form and reply to this thread:

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Writer Name:[/b]

[b]Images to use:[/b] *List the name of the playby, and/or link the specific images you want used, if you have any*

[b]Graphics Shop Service:[/b] * Include each service you are requesting and the total sum of the cost you expect to pay, along with your specific instructions for the services requested *
Points Scheme / (February) Points Transactions
« Last post by halyonix on Feb 02, 21, 02:11:58 PM »
Point Expenditures - Feb 2021

To use your points towards the rewards please post a reply to this thread using the following form.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Link to Sheet (if edits are required):[/b]
[b]Player Name:[/b]

[b]Item Purchased:[/b]

[b]Points Cost:[/b]
Yearly Superlatives / Re: Character of the Year Nominations
« Last post by halyonix on Jan 28, 21, 10:13:07 AM »
We currently have a tie on COTY so the poll has been reset with the tie-breakers!
Announcements / Re: Temporarily Waiving Activity Requirements
« Last post by halyonix on Jan 14, 21, 12:22:30 PM »
While we're beginning to see an uptick in activity across the boards, the HBC has decided to give writers a few more months to get back into a comfortable groove of writing. Therefore, we are extending the waiver on activity requirements until the end of March. That will give the club a full year off, setting up April to be the first month that we start looking at these requirements again. 

Because we'd like to look towards cleaning up inactive characters, if there are any that you would like to drop before activity requirements are reinstated, please do so on the monthly transaction threads at 0 cost.
Yearly Superlatives / Re: Welcome to the 2020 Yearly Superlatives
« Last post by halyonix on Jan 14, 21, 11:15:54 AM »
Voting is live!
Announcements / Re: Winter Icon Contest
« Last post by halyonix on Jan 11, 21, 03:02:05 PM »
Our winner for the winter icon contest is : Rated Em!

Yearly Superlatives / Re: Best Writer Nominations
« Last post by Reid on Jan 10, 21, 10:48:12 PM »
Writer nominated: Leez
Reason: Leez is a gem of a person to write with at all times and in all Territories and with all characters. I know I'm like, her husband and stuff, but I really can't think of a single thread she's written with anyone that didn't entertain me to read. Her characters always feel so rounded and real, and I fall in love with them every thread (sob emote)

Writer nominated: Nem
Reason: Nem has got a way with words that's really admirable and charming! They can also produce so many different kinds of characters--Vedran is very different compared to Takato or Shinobu--and it's really cool to see how even the things their characters notice are different, which is something I really struggle with. :)
Yearly Superlatives / Re: Character of the Year Nominations
« Last post by Reid on Jan 10, 21, 10:45:23 PM »
Character nominated: Artemisia Xenopol
Reason: Artemisia started off this year swearing she never wanted to rule anything ever and that she would be happy serving at Minerva's side for the entirety of her contract. In the course of this year, Artemisia has learned a lot about herself and what she's willing to do--and now she's forming her own Court and discovering who she is as a Black Widow Queen and ruler. Artemisia learned and grew a lot this year, and it would be a shame not to recognize that.

Character nominated: Sorinna Roman
Reason: Sora went through a lot, too, between gaining her Healer's Caste, saving Sway, and negotiating with Tacea to preserve the Dena Nehelean Conservatory and prevent war from breaking out between the two Territories. This has been a set-up kind of year for most characters, and Sora's set up to really make some waves in 196!
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