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A smile curled within the dark curtain of Lady’s Jha’s dark hair. Each strand breaking it into shy segments, and drawing Tarabai’s eyes there to be certain she could interpret the warmth hidden beneath. It was a small change to the way she was first received, tension eased from the atmosphere only barely. Where Tarabai any other woman she would have rankled like a cat whose hairs slowly rose at the first sign of danger, only she recognized a shared deathly but graceful poise in Shanti. It was the same scent that filled her spirit just after an exhausting spar, the need to put practice to application and the threat to follow through.

It dawned on her, that perhaps they each were predators in their own right, coming together for the first time.  “You are not unrecognizable Lady Jha. Your eyes especially, they keep secrets, they burn against them. I've been taught to watch for those, no matter how stunning the facade is.”  She smiled gently, complimentary. “And you are stunning, especially here. I have a strange sense of this place.”  she admitted, her eyes lifting away from the Priestess long enough to glance at the altar of candles, and the ancient face that stared back at her.

Jabin.  It was not the first time she had heard his name throughout the trip, though Pai had done his best to keep all topics as far from the Court as he could. It was only when he was eager to return that mentions of the Ruler of Sikkim began to grow in frequency, like tiny crumbs meant to lead her back to where she belonged. Tarabai wasn't so sure she was eager to return. Not when she hadnt found the peace she was looking for. The Lady was dead, her duties did not change though the position did, and Jabin was still lost, barely strung together by rage and duty.  “Prince Bhattacharya is well. I have not seen him in weeks. It seems that the Court, or his son ever sleep.”  Jabin was as well as could be expected, as well as he pretended to be for his son’s sake, and she feared, as well as he would ever be. Again a familiar pang of guilt sank its needle into her heart.

Tarabai wasn't sure how much she had said, but the underlying recognition in Lady Jha’s dark gaze made her consider just how much she had revealed. The Priestess watched her as if counting each step. It was more than a simply considering Tarabai’s presence a trespass, but had shifted into a mutual curiosity. The way the priestess looked at her, it was as if she had gently extracted the fragile essence of truth obfuscated in the First Escort’s words laying her bare before her. Moving the topic along she shielded her thoughts with another layer of conversation.  Were it was humid outside the Temple Naresh walls, inside it was equally as warm but drier. The scent of incense and age lingered in the air.

How many dances had these walls seen? How many Priestesses shed their sweat upon the stone floors until they glistened like gems? How man died for it? Lifting her almond shaped eyes she considered the Priestess. Forbidden dances in lost temples made for precious secrets easily manipulated by the wrong hearts.

“It is an honorable duty. How old would you guess?” She admitted, , still considering. The question lingered in the air, a lure meant to enrich or ensnare her. Either Lady Jha was so bold as to attempt to trap the First Escort of Sikkim or she truly meant to test her loyalties. Glacia’s rules on the old dances was clear. It was heresy under the eyes of the mad Queen and the decrees cast down on a land they promised to once again fill with the sweet tang of milk and honey. The ones who killed Akshita, leaving nothing but the memories of a life that haunted her. The same who kept Nharkava mostly fed and whos laws she promised to protect.

Her steps carried her across the center of the temple once more, past Lady Jha, for a split second her back was to her, either dauntless or foolishly was up to the Priestess. Just when the silence was weighted enough she pivoted on her ankles in a fluid movement to face her once more. “My mother was a Priestess, I would watch her dance in the mornings to welcome the sun. She was so full of joy,I remember how the light caught in her skirts during my Offering, the dirty soot that clung to her feet, the sweat on her brow and yet nothing else in the world seemed more pure.” She paused whistfully. “I don't see that with you, not completely. I see control, I see savagery and hope, I see your skirts trying to bind this place to the present. To give it life, a heartbeat.” Is that what she wanted? A heartbeat? A life beyond the loss threatened to rend her spirit. “It must seem like nonsense to you. Ive never been a particularly spiritual woman. ”  She said breaking away from her darker thoughts, but a voice inside offered a contrary theory than the one warning her of a trap. Were she to dance she would be an accomplice, but maybe she would also be free. It was a lot of hope to put into such a small thing. “My mother left when I was young, not long after my offering. My sister is a Queen.” Like Akshita. There was a hint of pride and pain in her voice. Lifting her chin, she tried to shake free the ball bearing in her throat. “So what I know of dance I know from her. It was long ago. I fear ours might be at war with one another, unless you can guide me. Will you, correctly guide me Lady Jha?”

Dena Nehele / The Clockwork Solution
« Last post by Niccolo Faa on Today at 02:43:28 PM »
Nick was in the rafters.  It was his usual place to go when he wished to be alone, and when he wanted to think about a problem.  Things were changing with increasing frequency, it seemed to him, but really that was just a result of the time and the place.  His Offering had not set all of these objects in motion, many of them, like Sora and Asimov, were already in motion.  He had changed the course of one of them, but that was incidental in his mind because Asimov was unharmed.  She would grieve for a time, but she would live and grow and make her own Offering one day.  Nick wanted to be there to see that, as she had been there for him.  This did not change the fact that objects, people, were in motion, and those few gems that Nick had gathered for his hoard were beginning to slip away.

After his Offering, he had read all he could find regarding Dragons, and the Dragon, Mother Night.  It had led to even more late discussions with Asimov.  The Red made him awake in ways he could not have predicted.  He had a very deep well of energy now, made deeper by his Birthright already being so Dark.  Exhaustion was a distant thing most of the time, and while he certainly ate more—in part because Aunty demanded it and he could not ignore her in this—he did not need as much sleep.  It seemed to him that Jeremiah had made his rests peaceful just in time for him to need that peace a bit less often.  It was something of an irony, though it was a welcome one.  When he did sleep, he wanted tot o be peaceful, not filled with nightmares.  He wondered if his run in with his Uncle made his sleep easier as well.  Had he conquered at least a portion of his past?  Maybe.

Nick’s arms were folded across his chest, and he felt the blood slowly settling in his face.  He was always fascinated by how much he could feel happen within his body, even without his Craft, especially when you hung upside from the beams over the great hall.  He was sight and aural shielded, of course, and no one knew he was up there, save perhaps Sway, as she had the key to his shields.  Sora was going to leave in the near future, and he would not be in her Court to protect her, he would have to trust that to her Males, and that did not settle his concerns.  She was his and his instinct was to keep her near, but he could not, nor could he fix her with his Mark.  Sway held that, and she would continue to hold it unless they found another way to make that tie as permanent.  He wanted Sora to be just as easily found, in the event that her Males failed to keep her from being taken from them.  He wanted to know that she was where she was meant to be, when he did try to finally rest—that had been easy while she was here, but she would not always be.

His watch slipped from the pocket of his waistcoat, thankfully secured by the button hook.  It politely reminded him of its presence by smacking him in the mouth.  Nick winced, and then had an idea.  He let his reflexive surprise flinch swing him back, and he released the beam that was holding him aloft.  He tumbled in midair, and used a series of shields and physical enhancement to land soundlessly on the floor.  Nick took a moment to straighten his clothes, replace his watch in the proper pocket, and left the hall, shedding his shields once he was certain he was alone.  He walked to where the First Circle of the Territory Court had their offices, and and approached the one door he had yet to ever visit.  Nick politely rapped his knuckles on Lady Genadie’s door, and called, ”Pardon the interruption, Lady Genadie.  Do you have a moment to talk?”
Keep's Registry / Re: Adriel Hakim
« Last post by phinneas on Today at 02:42:24 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.



1. Tiger Eye - Rose
2. Purple Dusk - Green
3. Opal - Sapphire
4. Tiger Eye - Rose
5. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
Points Scheme / Re: (December) Points Transactions
« Last post by phinneas on Today at 02:39:31 PM »
Character Name: Adriel Hakim
Link to Sheet (if edits are required):'s-registry/healer-jewel-to-jewel-played-by-bunny/msg130169/#new
Player Name: Bunny

Item Purchased: Family Jewel Roll from Sydney Concord

Points Cost: 0

Marked as used.
Keep's Registry / Re: Adriel Hakim
« Last post by Adriel Hakim on Today at 02:29:19 PM »
I am using an ally roll from Sydney Concord (Purple Dusk to Sapphire) and it was purchased! Can I get the cut/uncut for her jewels please?  Could I also get 5 ally/family rolls?
Keep's Registry / Re: Sierra Maeve Kavanagh
« Last post by Mischief on Today at 02:27:00 PM »
Keep's Registry / Re: Sunar Bannok
« Last post by Mischief on Today at 02:26:48 PM »
Keep's Registry / Re: Maribella Ackerson
« Last post by Mischief on Today at 02:26:28 PM »
Points Scheme / Re: (December) Points Transactions
« Last post by Adriel Hakim on Today at 02:23:23 PM »
Character Name: Adriel Hakim
Link to Sheet (if edits are required):'s-registry/healer-jewel-to-jewel-played-by-bunny/msg130169/#new
Player Name: Bunny

Item Purchased: Family Jewel Roll from Sydney Concord

Points Cost: 0
Glacia / Re: Inside man
« Last post by Ulric Lindgren on Today at 02:20:48 PM »
Her remark that the Territory Court was a safe enough place to traverse without escorts had him nodding his head sagely in agreement. There were few powers in the Realms that would tangle with the Ebon Grays stationed here. Anyone who ventured across that threshold could rely upon that promise of safety.

Well, unless they were the ones trespassing against those Ebon Grays.

It came as little surprise to him that Reija wanted to know about the plans for Adelina Tuomi. Ah, ambition. It was wonderfully easy to spot at times and a trait underappreciated by most. A woman who knew that she wanted from the journey of her life was a remarkably sexy thing to behold. Ulric was blessed to be surrounded by a few of them. Most of them untouchable but such was the beauty of artwork – one looked with one’s eyes and one’s mind and not with one’s hands.

“She has, indeed, returned to us,” he confirmed. “In fact, she is one of my upcoming appointments. With the intent of discussing her foreseeable plans.” His tone maintained an air of casualness as he continued with, “Our mission in Nharkava has produced some results and we here at the Court are not displeased with those results but we would like to see things moving a bit…faster. If the Lady Tuomi agrees with a few suggestions, or if she perhaps has a solid plan in motion, then I believe we shall see that come to fruition soon enough.”

He switched which ankle was resting on which leg as he tilted his head slightly one side, his stormy eyes lit with a curious but restrained light, as he asked, “You are a woman with devotion and ambition, blessed with the ability to see patterns in motion. If the Lady Tuomi were to remain here in Glacia for the foreseeable future, who would you recommend to take her place in Nharkava?” It was not a bait sort of question. Ulric was not looking for Reija to volunteer for the position – that would be weak-willed of her, show vulnerability for snapping up the first bite instead of waiting for the feast to come. No, he was fishing for who she would suggest be sent, either because they were qualified enough to take on the job or because they were her rival.

Or, in some cases, both.
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