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The High Priest rules Raej with political acumen and charisma, but not all is well under the desert sun. As the years progress tension between Blood and Landen grow and are now nearly at a fever pitch. Odji Khaldun’s secret war against the Landen is not public knowledge but the workings of it can be seen. Blood and Landen die on both sides while Raej subtly prepares for civil war.
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Author Topic: Raej Creation Myth  (Read 1008 times)


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Raej Creation Myth
« on: Sep 06, 13, 11:57:07 AM »
Many, many years ago beings of immense power came to the world. These beings fought and warred among one another until only one was left, the Great Black Snake. The Great Black Snake mourned the death of his friends, loved ones, even enemies. In regret and wisdom the Great Black Snake saw fit to give lesser beings the burden of power but with the imperative to protect the land, protect the people.

So the Great Black Snake shed its skin. Whomever touched the skin received a portion of the Great Black Snake’s power and a burden: protect. For the remainder of its life the Great Black Snake traveled the Realms, shedding its skin and imbuing people with the ability of great power and responsibility. So the Blood were born.

When the Great Black Snake finally grew tired, its life nearly at an end, it retreated to the Mountains, to a place that existed between the Realms and drew its last breath. It was there, the newly created Blood, found the body of the Great Black Snake. They remembered what it had done for them and erected a great structure with their power to honor the Great Black Snake. Through the years they improved building and a name stuck, the Keep of the Black Mountains, or the Keep of Ebon Askavi.

Note: The creation Myth about Lorn and his scales descending from the sky to create the Blood exists as well. Both Myths exist in Raej but the Great Black Snake myth is more obviously geared to life in Raej and replacing unknown Dragons with a beast more easily understood by the common Blood.