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The High Priest rules Raej with political acumen and charisma, but not all is well under the desert sun. As the years progress tension between Blood and Landen grow and are now nearly at a fever pitch. Odji Khaldun’s secret war against the Landen is not public knowledge but the workings of it can be seen. Blood and Landen die on both sides while Raej subtly prepares for civil war.
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Author Topic: Provinces & Districts  (Read 1056 times)


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Provinces & Districts
« on: Feb 21, 12, 02:45:40 PM »

Created by Erica.

Ta-Sheme Province

aka Upper Raej

Ruler of Ta-Sheme: Ho-Ankh Katsch, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Priestess Queen

Ruler of Buhen: N/A
Ruler of Ayyubid: N/A

Ta-Sheme is known for richness in minerals and gemstones mined in the large collection of rocky mountains in the province. The River Vaal flows quickest here so transport down the river is very easy but up river requires much more effort and rowing.

Ta-Awy Province

aka Middle Raej

Ruler of Ta-Awy: Syeria Neferet, Opal to Red Priestess Queen

Ruler of Asyut: Raet Neith, Summer Sky to Green Queen
Ruler of Lahun: Shukura Neferet, Opal - Red Priestess (*NPC Mother to Syeria)

This Province is both the middle of Raej and known for the middling of abilities. Mines are found in this Province but nothing like Upper Raej, and the farming is hardy, but not as good as Lower Raej. Kemet is located within Ta-Awy and therefore the Province is known for having the large markets that Kemet and the Gate to Kaeleer are known for.

Ta-Mehew Province

aka Lower Raej

Ruler of Ta-Mehew: Reem Nagi, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen

Ruler of Pelusium: N/A
Ruler of Damietta: N/A

The best farming is done along the Vaal in this Province. The River becomes a delta near the exit to the ocean and is known also for the papyrus that comes from the Damietta district near the sea. Traders from Challiot pass through this Province and foreigners who move to Raej and don't settle in Kemet are more likely to settle on the idyllic banks of the Vaal found in this Province.


The Capital City of Raej

Kemet is known as the Heart of the Slave Trade as well as the city that holds the Dark Altar with passage to Kaeleer. Not only is it well known for its special qualities, the numerous markets as well as being the home to the Merchant Council of Raej makes Kemet an extremely busy and expensive city. Foreigners have been known to balk at the prices offered but the variety has never failed to amaze.

For entertainment, there are battle arenas styled after the Hayllian Coliseum as well as menageries and traveling shows. Theater, specifically that which is placed to music, is very popular in Raej. Opera though is not a well known art form. For those without the wealth to entertain themselves how they wish, common festivals dot the outer edges of the city of Kemet where the common man, Landen or Blood, can find beer and food aplenty.