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The High Priest rules Raej with political acumen and charisma, but not all is well under the desert sun. As the years progress tension between Blood and Landen grow and are now nearly at a fever pitch. Odji Khaldun’s secret war against the Landen is not public knowledge but the workings of it can be seen. Blood and Landen die on both sides while Raej subtly prepares for civil war.
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Author Topic: Merchant Council  (Read 1538 times)


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Merchant Council
« on: Mar 19, 13, 07:19:38 PM »
The Merchant Council controls the various sources of income in the Territory. If you make money in Raej, Landen or Blood, you report to the Merchant Council. The Council was set up before the Purge to take pressure off the Court of Raej, originally so the Court could focus on past times of greater pleasure once they reached a place where Eyrien occupation was normal. After the Purge, the Merchant Council was integral to uniting Landen and Blood and rebuilding after the devastation.

Since then the Merchant Council has become its own entity and is capable of resisting the Territory Court if needed. The relationship is typically symbiotic between Court and Council but historically the two entities have not always seen eye to eye. Due to the power of the Council as the purse strings of the Territory and the Court being the law makers, the two forces have been forced to work together for years since the Purge.

You can be Landen and hold a spot on the Council but it is not as common as a Blood member holding the chair. Landens are always welcome to come and petition the Council whether it be to request a permit or to file a complaint about a business. The Merchant Council is one of the places in Raej with the most Landen-Blood equality due to the metric of power being money and business acumen instead of Jewel strength.

Leader of the Merchant Council: Isette Bakhoum, Rose to Opal Witch

Seats on the Council
  • Leader of the Slave Markets*: Darius Massri, Rose to Blood Opal Warlord Prince
  • Head of Agriculture: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Imports and Exports: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Mining: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Establishments: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Bankers and Financiers: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Manufacturing: Unnamed NPC
  • Head of Red Moon Houses: Unnamed NPC
* Dependant on Queen or Ruler, has been a position not always filled on the Council. The Queen before Odji Khaldun tried to outlaw slavery and this position on the Council was temporarily removed.

The Leader of the Council is chosen from the current Seats of the Council and then their seat becomes available. Seats of the Council are chosen by others who fall in the category of the seat’s purview. So the Head of Agriculture would have been a farmer at one point and the active voting collection of farmers Territory wide would have voted him or her to be their voice on the Council. Heavy politicking can be seen when a new seat becomes available and even more so when the Leader role is open.

Membership to the Council is easy and only requires proving your profession qualifies you for one of the sectors policed by the Council. The Merchant Council collects taxes from you once you are a member but only the amount set by the Territory Court. Membership provides benefits of having a voice in the Council and protection from racketeering and blackmail.

The Council receives a stipend from the taxes collected to enforce their civil requirements and protect business in Raej. They are allowed to have a small staff of guards. Technically they report to the Territory Court but it is more formality and continued working relationship than dependence on the Court for guidance.