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The High Priest rules Raej with political acumen and charisma, but not all is well under the desert sun. As the years progress tension between Blood and Landen grow and are now nearly at a fever pitch. Odji Khaldun’s secret war against the Landen is not public knowledge but the workings of it can be seen. Blood and Landen die on both sides while Raej subtly prepares for civil war.
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Author Topic: Landens of Raej  (Read 1131 times)


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Landens of Raej
« on: Feb 21, 12, 02:55:05 PM »
Landens of Note

The Landens of Raej may seem defenseless but there are many parties who work to keep their people happy and whole. These are those Landens.

Landen Consul: Kafir Abada

Kafir's Bodyguard: Nevelle Ammon

Hand of the People: Anisa Sacmis *NPC

Merchant of Note and Supporter: Fered Husn

Landen Rights Activist: Seth Apet *NPC

*See Tal for any of these to adopt.