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Title: learning to like the taste of crow
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Kemet, Autumn 193 - Rehema’s Clinic

Kontar did not like admitting to his older sisters when they were right. He’d done a fair bit of that, over the years, and it never got easier. They all reacted to the knowledge in different ways. Nailah would listen quietly and, though her words after were never cruel, they always carried the hint of I-told-you-so in them that rankled the Warlord. Theoris never held it over him and, like their mother, gently imparted extra wisdom to go with hard lessons. He appreciated that because the hard lesson usually stung enough that he didn’t need extra.

Masika was always vocal about her victories. She remembered every time she was right and never hesitated to sprinkle them into otherwise polite conversation.

Rehema, on the other hand, was usually kind in her reproach and gentle enough that he didn’t feel like a complete idiot afterward. Kontar felt like an idiot today, especially when he thought over how Rehema had told him to leave the situation with Raet and Maseo alone, to let his Queen handle the matter herself. He’d listened to his sister and then gone to Dena Nehele anyway to force the issue. Lord Shingetsu was a problem. Nevermind that it was Nailah who’d had the man effectively exiled from Raej, Kontar still saw the Tacean as an unnecessary burden for his Queen to carry. He wanted to make Raet’s life easier. Instead, he’d angered his Queen and made life more problematic inside the Court.

His record as First Escort, thus far, was off to a rocky start.

He’d picked up lunch from Casa de Atholi, using the time to talk to Hector about the issue. Hector was quick to shake his head, serve Kontar a drink, and then explain in excruciating detail why Kontar was wrong to do what he did. When the reasons were laid out by the Prince, Kontar recognized that he’d heard much of what Hector was saying from Rehema...prior to leaving for Dena Nehele.

Rather than dwell on the past, Kontar decided that it was better to fix the present. Maybe Rehema could help after he apologized for being so stubborn. Or maybe she’d just shake her head and laugh.

He really hoped that Masika wasn’t here. He didn’t need the extra embarrassment.

He showed up early that day for just that reason, hoping to catch his sister between appointments. He introduced at the front door and waited to see if Rehema was in.
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It was just another busy day. The week took off at a sprint and Ema was rather proud of herself for being able to keep up. It helped that she now had an Escort who made certain she ate at regular intervals and did not burn the midnight oil so to speak. Ema didn’t really miss the long nights of double and triple shifts, she was finally getting a minimum of six hours of sleep and had more time to herself than she cared for. Corvo hadn’t reorganized her life but he set clear lines that helped her prioritize her own health. It was a work in progress and she struggled often with her inability to do more.

Rehema looked up from her elderly patient and rested her hand on his shoulder. The clinic was bustling, but between herself and the two other Healer’s making the rounds they had made some headway. She whispered to the man to rest and looked on with pride at what she had accomplished. Nothing too serious had come in, a few scrapes, complications from malnutrition and a few infections from badly tended wounds. She moved through the clinic to check and see if anyone needed anything from her when she noticed Corvo waving her brother Kontar inside.  The guards, of which now there were two allowed him entry. Rehema smiled in a way she only did for her little brother and waved him forward.

When he approached her arms wrapped around his neck in an affectionate hug. Kontar had long outgrown his sisters and it was still difficult not to think of him as the small boy Masika would trick into wearing aprons and their mother’s shoes. This was a story shared and enjoyed by all his sisters.  Having not seen him since they last spoke weeks ago she leaned back to study him as she took one of his hands. By far Kontar was her favorite sibling, no one had to wonder, not even Masika. He held a special place in her heart from the moment he was born. “Oh is that a bribe? Or perhaps an apology for not coming to see me sooner? I swear Kontar, you eat there so much I am beginning to think you are Lord Hector’s silent investor.”

Smiling she tucked the same rogue strands of hair that always managed to escape her bun behind her ear. “Come, we can go to my office. Lady Ranma, Ill be taking a break.” She shouted the latter to the older Healer who smiled and greeted Kontar with a nod. He was a clinic favorite in these parts.

“So how are you? How is the Court? Your Queen?”

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Kontar hugged his sister, though he spared a nod for Prince Corvo. Rehema seemed much happier these days and she was taking much better care of herself. Even for a Healer, Ema gave so much of herself to other people that he worried over her happiness. Whatever Prince Corvo had done to adjust her schedule and make her show greater care for herself, Kontar was happy for it. He also surmised that the strengthening of her relationship with Nailah and the boys had something to do with it. Kontar was happy for that as well.

It’s less of a bribe and more of an apology.” Kontar said, looking down at the floor. “Hector’s tried to get me to invest, but I’m not one of his backers. But I eat there enough, so I should think about it. I could at least get rich.

Kontar laughed.

He followed her to her office, the weight of his ring, the symbol of his status as First Escort  of Kemet, heavy on his finger. He could practically feel Raet’s upset through their bond, though it was covered with a layer of cold focus. She wasn’t blocking him out, but she also wasn’t sharing her feelings with him. Ema could look at her brother and tell that his focus wasn’t fully in the room. He was clearly bothered, though his smile came easily enough.

Once they were in her office, he sat down and opened the bag, waiting for Ema to sit and join him. He removed everything quickly and efficiently, setting everything up so that they could eat. There was spice sauce and lots of the chips that they loved, plus a few beef dishes that Hector had recently added to the menu.

Things are...not great.” Kontar said.

I mean, Raet is good. The Court is good. But I messed up recently and I think it was pretty bad.” Kontar said.

This meal is an apology for not listening to you when you told me to leave it alone where it came to Raet and Lord Shingetsu. I should have listened to you. Now I think I’ve hurt Raet so deeply that she’ll never trust me again.” Kontar said.

So this is your chance to tell me that you told me so.” Kontar said, a sad smile on his face.
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Kontar and Rehema were the closest in age if one were to ask Masika. She still asserted she was born first, even though it was a matter of a minute if that.  The fourth time had been the charm for their parents and they often joked that they gave up after Kontar once their luck turned.  There was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be blessed with triplets on the fifth try. Knowing their fortune, all of them would be female.  So that was the point in which Kontar was forever immortalized as the ‘baby’ of the house. 

“Whatever, you're already well off enough to make a killing. Sure it will mostly be your own money and a belly full of acid but whatever makes you happy.” She teased, her smile softening as she noted the way he didn’t quite meet her eyes. Kontar had some obvious tells and she was confused by what he could possibly be sorry for.  He didn’t visit her enough, and no matter if he came by every other day that would be true. Things with Masika were not going as well as she liked which was strange considering that for the first time in a long time her family was more united than ever. This many pieces had never been gathered in one spot, but try and she might, the full picture was never complete without Masika. 

Kontar had cut their last visit short. His irritation with her twin and his sister had boiled over to a point that he would rather leave than delve back into the same spiraling argument.  Ema was annoyed that Kontar didn’t feel as though he could stay and that Masika’s true purpose had been to collect a favor. She hoped they could bridge a gap, the way her brother had helped her do so with Nailah.

Instead of sitting at her desk, she chose one of the two guest seats in front of it so she could sit with her brother. A wide, excited grin stretched across her lips once she saw the chips and opened the container of spicy dipping sauce.  Her attention on the food was short-lived, however. Things weren’t great, and she couldn’t help but study him quietly.

“Oh no…Kontar you didn’t.” Her tone was soft with a disappointment that quickly shattered to worry. He’d gone off and been a male about the whole matter. “It's dangerous to travel that way, you could have been hurt.”  Rehema was more concerned with Kontar’s physical wellbeing than the actual issue at hand. He’d done it and run off to Dena Nehele to confront a man, a more powerful male at that to leave his Queen alone. The boundary he overstepped with severe and she was not so surprised to hear that Lady Raet was displeased.  Impulsivity was never something she would accuse her brother of having, but it looked like bonding to a Queen had scrambled him a bit.  Ema could feel the guilt weighing him down. His choice of words clicked against something in her brain and she reached out taking his hand in her own and squeezing it. “Advice is free but it isn’t always freely followed. You don’t have to apologize to me. You’re your own keeper baby brother. You are a strong, caring, a good man. I love you, Im your sister, I can only be here for you.”  She smiled, kissing his cheek. No one could punish Kontar more than he did himself. “Anyways when you can make boneheaded mistakes just fine without me.”  The last part was a joke meant to lighten his spirits. Her smirk blossomed into a tender smile. She wasn’t angry with him, he didn’t owe her anything, no matter how much she wished he had followed her advice. The I-told-you-so’s were unnecessary. Ema wouldn’t ever lord it over his head.

“What happened? Were you ok? Was there a confrontation, outside of you know, what you went there to do?”  she asked, opening the containers of food and handing him a fork.  Still, she didn’t focus on the meal or how the savory scent of garlic beef made her stomach tingle with anticipation.
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Kontar winced at Rehema’s reaction. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Raet’s, but there was still a note of disappointment that got to him. She was right about the danger. It was even worse than she knew, really. He debated the merits of telling her about the cataclysm that had killed so many people in Dena Nehele, but he decided against it. For one thing, he didn’t really know the cause of it or how widespread the damage. For another thing, he didn’t want her worrying about him more than she already did.

Yes, I know. I should have stayed home. I just...couldn’t.” Kontar said, sighing.

The man’s made himself at home in the north, that much is clear. He’s got himself a large office full of books and a nice desk. For a man who was just a humble tea merchant a year or so ago, he’s definitely experienced a change in status.” Kontar said.

I made an appointment to speak with him. He had a bodyguard, which I suppose is necessary in Dena Nehele. I heard that they pay people steal information for them. For the right price, they’ll even kill someone. A strange place, in my opinion. Anyway, I told him that I was there on behalf of the Court of Asyut. I also told him that the Court of Asyut suggested that, well...he leave Raet alone.” Kontar said.

He took issue with it, but he eventually relented. He had a friend there, some scummy-looking thug that had to be another Dena Nehelian or something. I thought they were going to try to fight me in that office. I was ready for all of them, but...Lord Shingetsu relented and I left. I returned home the following day and that was that. Or so I thought.” Kontar said.

I guess he wrote Raet a letter to tell her that I’d come because she was furious enough for the both of them.” Kontar said, sighing. “She destroyed her atrium. Things have been a bit tense since then. I keep waiting for her to relieve me of my duties, but she hasn’t. So I keep working and trying to support her. That’s the best I can do for now.” he said.

He accepted his fork and started get himself a bit of food.

So..that’s where things stand right now. I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I didn’t see any other way to help Raet get past this. The man caused problems between her and Lady Syiera from what I understand. Cutting contact was the best way for her to move forward.” Kontar told his sister. He believed that fully, but Raet didn’t see it that way.

I made a mistake. I thought I was helping, but I think I’ve made things worse.
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Rehema hated seeing her brother beat himself up over every mistake. Granted this had been a big one, but he was really taking it to heart. The last thing she wanted to do was rub his nose in it, it seemed his Queen had rightfully done that herself. All she cared about was that he was home, intact and safe. She didn’t know what would become of her if she lost him or Masika.

Tempering her tone she reached over, squeezing his hand. He gave her a brief explanation of this man that had managed to stir such jealousy in his heart. Even so far away he was a point of irritation for Kontar. She couldn’t understand his reasoning. By all accounts Nailah had a hand in the male being exiled from Raej, he was no longer a threat and his letters to lady Raet predated Kontar’s bond.  At the same time, he was a Warlord whose head was all scrambled up due to the bond, so she could give him some leeway on his lack of foresight.

“You could have been killed Kontar. You can't rush headlong into situations like this. Why look for trouble when there isn’t one? I know its hard, wanting to protect her so badly, every instinct is telling you to act, but you have to listen to her, take her feelings into account despite what you think is right. ”  She was concerned, a little knot clenched to her chest with the slightest pressure. “I don’t like this, but I also, I want to make sure you are alright.”  He was there physically. It still felt that while he was apologetic for his actions and knew them to have been made in error, both because the upset it caused his Queen and his family, there was also a sense that he made excuses and reasoned out his actions even now.

“She will come around, she is your Queen. I haven’t met her yet, but you are bonded and there is so much room for forgiveness there. Youll just have to be patient and humble.”   She handed him one of the containers and dropped some chips inside. “Im sure it will smooth over.”  She didn’t want to lie to him, but he had probably made it worse, however, she truly believed he would be alright.

“Just learn your lesson and don’t do it again. In fact, say it with me. Come now.”  She prodded his arm gently with a fork. “Rehema…this is where you repeat after me Kontar.” She lifted her brows at him, raising her form and swaying it from side to side. “Rehema, I will listen to you from now on. You are a bastion of good advice, patience, taste, humor, and beauty.  I will do so under penalty of playing dress up with my sisters.”  Smirking she bit into a piece of spicy beef and grinned at him.  She hoped by the time their visit was up he would be in better spirits. “The party is coming up soon.  I know you are bringing Lady Nima and Lady Raet. What are some of their favorite foods? And no, we are not ordering from Hector’s.  Getting them some of their favorites might help them feel at home. I'm already bringing Nailah’s, and some spirits, she will need it if she’s going to spend time with your Lady. I hear she isn’t very fond of her. I'll keep her out of your way if it helps. I may also convince Masika to make something...if she declines the invitation. Don't worry, I told her I would be eating it as well so there is no worry of poisonings. I think.”
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Kontar knew that Rehema would chide him for his actions. She deserved to, at least. She had told him that going to Dena Nehele was a bad idea the first time he brought it up. He’d elected to ignore that advice and it had cost him his Queen’s trust in him. The bond was still hard for Kontar to balance against his emotions and feelings for others. He couldn’t really talk about it to anyone else. The thought made him feel more alone than he’d ever felt.

I thought I was helping. I didn’t want her to suffer with knowing she wouldn’t see him again. But Raet’s feelings for him ran deeper than I realized. I misjudged the situation. If someone tried to send me away from Raet, I…” Kontar trailed off.

He didn’t want to tell his sister that the idea of killing someone to be close to his Queen no longer scared him the way it once did.

I hope it’ll smooth over. I don’t like feeling disconnected from her. I’m her First Escort. I’m supposed to help ease her burdens, but it seems I’ve only added to them.” he said, taking a bite of another chip. He chewed thoughtfully while Rehema spoke and that broke through the stern look on his face as she told him to repeat after her. He shook his head in denial.

Ema, you are beautiful. You are funny. Any man would be lucky to have you as a wife and mother of their children. When it is time to increase my number of nephews, I will look to you first. But there is no way in Hell that I am ever being tricked into playing dress up with you and Masika ever again.” Kontar said, his tone mock-serious. Not unless he was dressed as a prince or a rich and wise man from a distant land. He’d been their go-to person for dress-up games as a child and the number of dresses he’d worn in the early years of his life was higher than most men would say. Having four older sisters would drive most men insane.

Kontar liked to think that his comfort with women stemmed from navigating the moods of his sisters and taking care of them as needed.

You are a bastion of good advice, though, and I’ll start taking it beginning today. But yes, I’ll ask them both to come to the party. In fact...I was going to ask Raet if we could have the party at the palace. Mother and Father should meet her. They’ve asked a lot of questions about her, but I’d like them to get to know her in person.

Besides, the more people we bring, the more Nailah may be encouraged to remain civil.
” Kontar said.

Nailah isn’t fond of her. Lord Shingetsu offended her, too, and that disdain has carried over to Raet.” he said. “I think they’d like each other once they see how similar they are. But they’d both deny it before the words left anyone’s mouth.” he said, shaking his head.

Kontar paused for a moment, watching his sister carefully.

So what’s going on with you and Sika? The last time I was here, you two seemed out of sync. I’m not saying that you two are always of one mind, but...something is different about each of you. You seem happier. She doesn’t.” Kontar said.

Is everything okay?
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“It will.” Rehema’s hand slid over her brother’s.  They were only a few years apart in age, but she still remembered a brief time when his tiny fingers slid so easily into her palm and she felt as though she could hold onto that soft hand for an eternity. If she smiled she could keep him from crying long enough to vanish whatever scrape or bruise he had earned.  He had grown in size and as a man. The days she could shield him had been short but she held on to those fond memories. Kontar was and would always be her little brother. She still did not like seeing him in distress or knowing he felt like a failure when he was anything but.

So she opted to make him laugh. Ema wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t followed her instructions perfectly. Kontar had always had his own mind. A sheepish smile crept across her lips, the kind he would recognize receiving when Ema was certain she would get her way eventually. She was rarely ever wrong about such things. “You looked so cute though with the bangles and mama’s veil. I'm sure you can fit into her temple sandals by now.” She teased, then released him to steal another chip.

“” she stopped mid-chew and slowly shook her head. Swallowing hard she washed the salty taste from her tongue with a sip of water before continuing her thoughts. “It’s a family event, having your Queen host, wouldn’t that be more burdensome than an invitation?”  Nailah wouldn’t like it and Nailah was the one planning the whole thing.

“How are you so pretty and so utterly oblivious of danger? Wow.” 

Knowing her eldest sister she would spend the entire party putting on polite airs while secretly brooding about Lady Raet upstaging her at her own parent’s party. “I say invite your Queen, of course, let her see our hospitality, feel included and let Nailah be the one to host her. “  The chances of Masika attending were slim, but they plunged into a none existent chance in Darkness that she would if the Territory Court was involved.  Rehema might even protest, knowing what she did now about her twin.

The weight of that thought fell on her stomach like lead.

Kontar’s question caught her off guard. She had never wanted to lie to her brother, doing so felt wrong, but she couldn’t very well tell anyone the truth without what? Betraying Masika? Ema recognized the irony of that. Sika would blame her after she had committed the worst betrayal a sister could ever do to another.  It felt as though this burden had been strapped onto her back so she could feel the guilt that Sika was clearly incapable of.  Ema turned toward the platters without looking at her brother and riffled through the beef dish, picking out the pieces of spinach, mushrooms, and carrots she preferred. “We had a spat.” She repeated the same words that had rankled her sister the last time Kontar had seen them both in the same room.  Was she happier? She wasn’t sure that was true. More and more she was pushing her concerns to the back of her mind, hiding the secret behind smiles, and Corvo helped with that. “They will be. I am seeing things differently. For a long time, all of this strife has affected me, my nerves….my episodes.” Kontar would know them, the anxiety, the panic attacks that sometimes left Ema gasping for breath and in tears.  They were a lot less frequent now, but for a long time, she lived in a state of heightened awareness of everything and everyone.  “The issues with our family have been triggering for a long time. I felt trapped and torn apart at the same time. Like I had to be the glue that held Sika together and at the same time that last bit of sinew keeping the family from completely ripping away from her and us.  I know a lot of it was me not having a backbone, I just, cant be that way anymore. “  Even now she could feel the knot forming in her throat, she could recognize it for the bundle of nerves that it was. “I want her to come to this. I'm thinking of laying down an ultimatum, I'm just so terrible at this. Because I speak up now, I fear she thinks I'm abandoning her, and I'm not, I just…things are finally getting better and I want them to stay that way. I don’t know how to help her.”

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Kontar ate a chip and shook his head at Ema’s teasing. She was being silly and that made him feel safe to engage with her. Kontar felt like he had few truly safe places to engage and just generally be himself, so lunches with his sister were the height of his week. Nailah was often busy ministering to the souls of the Territory, Theoris had a thriving business, and Masika was so angry that it was draining to be around her. Kontar hated thinking that way about his older sister, but it was true.

Rehema managed to be busy and still have time for him and that made all the difference.

You’re probably right. I know that Raet would go out of her way to make the party memorable, but Nailah wouldn’t see it for the boon it was. I just wish I could make them see each other the way that I see them, you know?” Kontar asked rhetorically. If anyone understood him in this, it was Ema. She’d spent more time being the family’s glue than he had, and he’d taken up the task because he saw in part the toll it had taken on Rehema over the years. She deserved her own life and happiness now, and Kontar wanted that for her.

The funny thing is that Nailah will be so intent upon showing up Raet that she might just forget to be mad at her.” Kontar said, finishing his chip. He watched his sister closely, though, because something was bothering her. He wasn’t the most perceptive man in the world, but he knew that something had happened between her and Masika. They twins were usually so guarded and solid that it felt like no one else was allowed into their group. It made him jealous, at times, but he always realized that there was nothing to be jealous over. Their blood flowed from the same font, so to speak, and he would always have his sisters no matter what the world sent his way.

I’m sorry, Rehema, for all that you’ve had to deal with. You don’t deserve it. I know that telling you this doesn’t make you feel it less, but I’ll say it anyway. Masika is not your responsibility. She is a grown woman, her own woman, with her own issues. She carries a lot of anger in her heart and I grieve for her. I don’t know the cause. Sometimes, I wonder if I contributed to it. I would help her if I could, but she’s decided that she doesn’t want or need my help or anyone else’s.” Kontar said.

He looked his sister in the eyes now and placed a hand on top of hers to make sure that he heard him.

It’s not your job to fix her or protect her from herself.” Kontar said.

You have plenty of backbone. You couldn’t do what you do if you didn’t. Masika will be invited and it will be her choice to attend or not. If she attends, she has to play nice. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t get to make you the enemy or claim that you’ve betrayed her. Do what is best for you.

Maybe you example will be the thing that finally gets through to her that she can’t live this life alone.
” Kontar said.

You’ve always reached her when no one else could. Maybe this time, you have to stop reaching in order for her to get it.
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Ema understood what Kontar was trying to accomplish but she was realistic enough to see that it wouldn’t work until Nailah could put her differences with his Queen aside. She knew little of Lady Raet except that she was bonded to her brother and that was all she needed to know to accept her. Nailah must have had her reasons for disliking the Queen, but even she had to know, sister or not, this was not a battle she was going to win.  “Or she could get even more jealous and make things worse.” Okay so now she was being a pessimist, but this sounded like something Nailah would do.

“You know that could be it. Masika’s anger stems from jealousy, maybe Nailah’s does too. You’re our little brother, we love you and we are a little insane Ill admit when it comes to you. Nailah always has herself put together, but you have a place in her heart that none of us will. You’ve been there and here comes a Queen trying to take you away out of the Darkness. Nailah isn’t used to not being the center of attention.”  Ema hoped she said that with enough affection. It was becoming easier to do that since she reconnected with her older sister. "Maybe if you reassure Nailah that nothing will change between you she will learn to accept Raet when shes less of a threat? Or at the very least, learn to tolerate her. I mean, it will make dinner parties less awkward." she smirked.

Masika wasn’t her responsibility, or at least she wasn’t before she spilled a secret that could fracture their entire family.  Rhema knew that while she had nothing to do with Masika’s actions, she too would be taken to task for not telling Nailah, or even Kontar sooner. It all made her feel as though she was being pulled in every direction.  Masika had finally told the truth, but she had managed to drag her down with her.  The knot tightened in the pit of her stomach as she listened to Kontar’s words. “You haven’t Kontar.”  She shook her head firmly, making sure to emphasize the point. “You tried to be the go-between. Sometimes you were persistent, but you are not to blame for why Masika acts the way she does or does the things she does. “

They were both saying the same thing, but he didn’t have all the details and that killed her. She'd never kept anything from Kontar, not like this.

“If I don’t protect her then who will?” she asked squeezing his hand. Ema felt helpless and frustrated to do anything when it came to her twin. How could she love someone so much and fear them even just a little?  “She is jeweless like she likes to remind me. Like you I just want things to be better. I know you saw it in me, I know that’s why you kept pushing for Nailah and I to talk. You saw what I couldn’t see. We are still working on it, but at least we are trying. It feels like Masika will do what she likes as she likes so long as people let her get away with it…” What was she saying? The words felt to harsh on her tongue. “Do you think she will leave if I push? I don’t know what to do without her. I feel like Ive lost a part of myself.”
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Whether or not that’s the case, Ema, that is not your burden to carry. Masika must learn to deal with her own pains and sorrows. You two are twins, but you are allowed to have lives of your own. And you are not responsible for Nailah’s reactions, either. Those two have to make their own amends someday soon. We’re family. That means more than any petty disputes between us.” Kontar said. The set of his jaw and the way his fingers tapped on the table made clear that this was a passionate subject for him. He wanted his family whole and safe. Beyond that, they would deal with the difficult things.

He nodded at Rehema’s explanation of Nailah’s feelings. He hadn’t really thought about Nailah feeling threatened like that. She was the High Priestess of Raej. She wore a Red Jewel. She stood on par with the strongest Province Queen in the Territory, but...she was a Priestess. She would never be a Queen and she could not rule like one. Kontar loved his elder sister, but that was wholly different from the way he felt about Raet. He would die for Raet first, last, and always. No matter how difficult things were for them now, they would get better eventually.

Maybe you’re right. I’ll talk to Nailah and try to make her understand. Serving my Queen doesn’t mean that I love her any less. I must see Theoris as well. I’ve not spent as much time with her as I should have. I don’t want us all to drift apart over misunderstandings.” Kontar said.

And it’s not your job to protect Masika. Not yours alone. I know you feel that way, but she’s a grown woman, same as you. She has to be responsible for her own choices and actions someday or she’ll never learn.” Kontar said.

Just because she’s given up her joy doesn’t mean that she gets to steal yours, too.” he said, patting her hand.