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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Raej

The High Priest rules Raej with political acumen and charisma, but not all is well under the desert sun. As the years progress tension between Blood and Landen grow and are now nearly at a fever pitch. Odji Khaldun’s secret war against the Landen is not public knowledge but the workings of it can be seen. Blood and Landen die on both sides while Raej subtly prepares for civil war.
Culture of Raej
History of Raej
Cults of Raej
Slave Markets
Merchant's Council

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  1. Green in the Dark, Echo the Heart
  2. learning to like the taste of crow
  3. are we abandoned in the end?
  4. if the stars fall down on us
  5. ill tidings
  6. A Silenced Pulse
  7. Call on me, will be there
  8. you can fool the world, but not your sister
  9. Let beauty come out of ashes
  10. hello, sister, my old friend
  11. Tender, Lovely Chain-breaker
  12. Just sign on the dotted line.
  13. a fever you can't sweat out
  14. A New Chapter (but still too sandy)
  15. a change in tendency
  16. Grief and the grieving
  17. Nothing Ventured
  18. Who is the lamb and who is the knife
  19. In Temple and In Law
  20. A challenge answered
  21. dreadful little beasties
  22. Buying Back Her Power
  23. Devout Gardens in a Spiritual Desert
  24. Broken Dreams and Shattered Trust
  25. The Constellation of Us
  26. Washing Away The Filth
  27. Flip a Coin
  28. Who knew a letter could weigh so much?
  29. Tea Room Encounters
  30. A surprise in the mail
  31. The Spider and the Scorpion
  32. Tea Leaves and Frenemies?
  33. Never forget where you came from
  34. Where The Green Dies
  35. you and your big fat mouth
  36. That which submits, rules.
  37. Pleasure Doing Business
  38. Hear You When You're Quiet
  39. sister, stay awhile and listen
  40. wayward sisters
  41. Wandering Spider
  42. Eyes in the muted dark
  43. Be What You Are
  44. Warm the Heart and Cool The Sting
  45. New Year, New Alliances
  46. Come home, coming home
  47. Tender Vocational Calling
  48. I would call you brother
  49. Shadow of a Former Self
  50. Exaltation
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