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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: The Aubdina  (Read 1316 times)

Description: The Water Priestesses

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The Aubdina
« on: Jun 16, 16, 04:01:28 PM »
The Aubdina

The Water Priestesses

The Aubdina are the water priestesses of Pruul. They are some of the most powerful Blood in all of the territory, able to summon water from the very air through their rituals. They perform them when the sun is at its apex and the day is at its hottest, physically sacrificing the water in their own bodies to bring forth three to four gallons of water from the air. The Priestesses are able to do this by pulling the moisture straight out of the air, but they lose their own fluids rapidly in the heat of the day. It is an exhausting and deadly process and that is why each water priestess has an escort of their choice upon the completion of their training. No known cure for the Sandworm poison has ever been found in Pruul, but there have been some whispers that the long-lived once knew a way to stop the poison if one was quick enough.

The Rite of Aub

The training does not begin until after a witches Offering Ceremony, because her body is not yet strong enough. Once she has her second Jewel, all Priestess’ (except a Priestess Queen) have the option of going through the Rite of Aub. This rite involves ingesting the poisoned blood of a Sandworm. The hallucinogenic substance works its way through the body over a period of three days and if the Priestess survives she is allowed to begin training as an Aubdina. The Rite of Aub is incredibly dangerous and about 1 in 10 Priestesses survive ingesting the Sandworm's poison. As such, it is an incredibly momentous decision to take part in the Rite.

The first day the poison tests the blood. It is usually where most Priestesses die. It consists of a high fever and hallucinations and if the fever doesn’t kill than the hallucinations will, because they cause most Blood to put themselves in danger. Ultimately, the stress and fear of this first day could also stop a Priestesses heart.

The second day the poison tests the body. It alters the body of its inhabitant to handle the substance. This adaptation has only ever happened in the body of a Priestess, because they have a connection to the Darkness that no other Caste has, a connection that saves them. Thus, the second day is when non-Priestess witches’ who are poisoned die. Additionally, during this second day, the Priestesses crave the midday sun. They become hyper sensitive to the sun, their body thinking it needs hours in the sun with no cover. If they are not strong enough to endure it, they die from heat stroke and exposure.

Lastly, the third day of the poisoning tests a Priestesses’ Craft. The Aubdina can call water out of the air and this natural skill begins to manifest itself, but the young women cannot control it fully, so they begin to call the water into themselves instead. The body must filter the water out or the Priestess will die from cellular hypersaturation. 

The Training and Bonding Ritual

After the Rite of Aub, the new trainee will undergo three to five years of advanced tutelage at the Peaceful Place, the home of Pruul's Priestesses. Her teachers, Aubdina that have advanced into old age, will instruct the new Priestess in how the deadly blood of the Sandworms can be used to perform spiritual rituals. Additionally, the Priestesses learn deep communion with the Darkness, even in the presence of the blinding light of the sun. The training is dangerous, but the body of each Aubdina begins to build up a tolerance to the poison from the Sandworms after its initial exposure to the substance, so the older an Aubdina gets the more powerful they become and the more water they can summon.

The training is complete when a Priestess can call water from the air seven days in a row. To be released from the Peaceful Place, the witch must find a male escort to bind herself too. They exchange each other’s blood and the male swears a blood oath to protect his Priestess, even from herself. To be a bonded companion of an Aubdina is a prestigious position for any male in Pruul.

If a Priestess does survive the poison and her training, she is nearly guaranteed fame and fortune. Fully trained Aubdina are highly sought after, especially in this time of drought. Clans will pay fortunes of spices, gold, and food in order to obtain the services of an Aubdina, because they can sometimes be the difference between survival and destruction out in the deep desert. Recently, it is rumored that clans have even started to kidnap Aubdina in their desperation for water.