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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: Pre-Purge History  (Read 1499 times)

Description: 16,000 before purge - 3 after purge

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Pre-Purge History
« on: Mar 07, 13, 12:32:45 AM »
16000 BP: Battles rage over the land that will be Pruul until a great cataclysm of unknown source turns the fertile farmland to salt and gemstone-rich desert. The Winds over Pruul are shattered and broken, leaving only threads that dead-end at its borders. Shortly thereafter, the first recorded sandworms appear. While a state of friction (with small skirmishes) is common in the lands that will become Pruul, there is rarely outright war.

1800 BP: The warring tribes of the Lesser Bled and the Northern Ranges are united under a Summer-sky Priestess Queen, Tuulay Aslan, who is hailed as the Mother of her tribes. They begin to war against the fragmented tribes of the Great Southern Bled, with varying successes. They are a vicious people, requiring sacrifices to the Darkness to procure the fertility of the lands. Queens who ruled during droughts or famine often found themselves given to the Darkness of the sand, or buried alive.

1500 BP: A Tiger-Eye Priestess Queen, Gozde Kaader, unites the warring peoples of the Great Southern Bled. She forms an alliance with the Queen of the Lesser Bled and the Northern Ranges that is betrayed by a faction of malcontents. Her ignominious execution by stoning led to renewed war between North and South.

1420 BP: In the North, Saiph Nagi, an Opal Priestess Queen, comes to power. She stops the sacrifices, and is the first to bring the rains through her Craft. She unites Pruul for the first time, delineates District and Province lines, and creates the first stable Black Widow and Priestess schools.

1400 BP - 1000 BP: Pruul's Golden Age. The Festival City of Onn is built first during this era. This is when the tradition of allowing only Priestess Queens to rule Pruul begins, after the predictions of Rafiya Nagi, a Green-Jeweled Black Widow.

1360 BP: Saiph Nagi dies. Rafiya Nagi throws herself on Saiph Nagi's funeral pyre.

1000 BP: The precursor to Clan Sabbah revolts against the Queen in Onn. They are successful in their overthrow, and put a Queen on the throne.

1000 BP - 980 BP: The rule of Clan Sabbah brings Pruul down to a state of famine and drought. The Golden Age is over.

980 BP: Pruul fragments into many small warring states, based on previous District and Province lines.

900 BP: Astarte al-Sayf, a Priestess Queen wearing the Red, comes to power over Clan Sayf. Seeing the way Raej and Askavi are preparing for all-out war, she draws the Provinces and Districts under her banner and reunites Pruul under her leadership. She renames her tribe the Bali, the "Swallower", to reflect her actions.

846 BP: Astarte al-Sayf dies.

817 BP: The Eyrien Warlord Prince Solivar Loban comes to the current Priestess Queen of Pruul, Emel el-Amin, and warns her of the impending invasion from Askavi. Emel and her Triangle create a plan to trick the Eyrien forces, one that requires much sacrifice: They will leave false Courts for the Eyriens to conquer, so that the body of their people may spread out and avoid capture and dominance. Their natural command of their land and its dangers will protect them. Emel remains behind and elects Taraza al-Kaid to lead the true Pruul in her absence. She elects five Clans to rule the many tribes: Sabbah, Jinan, Kaid, Tabur, and Bali. The Tribes array themselves as they will. All Pruulians are called upon to take the name of their Tribe, so as to differentiate them from their Eyrien attackers and from Raejian spies. Traditional surnames die out within a generation.

801 BP: Askavi begins their war on Pruul.

801 BP - 731 BP: Pruul's Districts and Provinces fall at a steady rate as their true Courts disappear into the sands, replaced by patriots and backed up by criminals from the salt mines. The vast majority of these die. Pruulians resist only enough to make the Eyriens think these are their true Courts before disappearing into their lands. Those who choose to remain in the cities and towns of pan and graben are truly conquered. The Coven at Little Citadel vanishes into the ether; the Central Range is never conquered by the Eyrien forces.

731 BP: Pruul falls under Askavi as the last Province is conquered. In secret, Pruul joins the alliance with Shalador and Tacea to resist Askavi. Shalador and Tacea provide aid to Pruul until the Purge.

728 BP: Askavi realizes that the courts they have destroyed were skeleton distractions. True Pruulian resistance begins.

728 BP - 0 AP: Though Eyriens possess air power, the Pruulians know how to live in the desert and with sandworms. They use the natural hazards of their lands to overcome Eyrien units where-ever they may. The hidden Coven of Little Citadel assists by laying horrible traps for the Eyrien troops.

1 AP: The Priestess Queen of the Pruulian Clans and Tribes, Iksana al-Geiba, returns to the devastation of Onn. They begin rebuilding. The Eyriens remaining at the false District and Province seats are absorbed, enslaved, or destroyed for their part in the Pruulian invasion.

3 AP: Pruul joins with the other conquered nations to demand reparations from Askavi for the Great War. With the wealth from the mountains of Askavi, Pruul begins its Silver Age.