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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Pruul

Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: Petition of Pruul  (Read 3306 times)

Description: For reference purposes (By Kenna)

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Petition of Pruul
« on: Feb 22, 17, 10:08:31 AM »
This petition is in its original form, and should be used as a reference for anything missing from current articles.

Character's Name: Lucky al-Izar
Character's Caste: Warlord Prince
Character's Jewels: Purple Dusk to Sapphire

Territory Plot:

Pruul is many things. It is the great sun that can still even the greatest warrior. It is the straight-backed Clansmen that share their blood like water. It is a land of struggle. It is a land for the strong. For thousands of years tradition has dictated the life of Pruulians, from going through their coming of age rituals and receiving their Khanjar (the traditional weapon that signifies adulthood) to paying tithes to the Priestess Queens that have always ruled the scattered nomadic people of the desert territory to riding the great Sandworms (overly predatory whale-type creators that live in the sand). Because of this tradition, Pruul has always been broken up into four Clans that function similarly to Province Courts: the Bali, the Jinan, the Sabbah, and the Tabur. Each of these are led by a Queen and a Voice (a landen or member of any caste that is respected among the Clan or Tribe). Few events rocked the relatively stable territory until a Black Jeweled Priestess Queen was discovered illegally enslaved in the depths of the salt mine of Pruul.  Her name was Erisian Maboya, a Shaladorian, and her own sister had arranged for Erisian to be held underneath the sands of Pruul indefinitely.

What was not known to Saiph al-Kaid, the young fourteen-year-old Black Widow Priestess Queen who ruled Pruul at the time, was that there was more than just a Black Jeweled Priestess Queen in the depths of the salt mines. There was also seven children that had been born down in the chaos of the mines. One of each caste. It was extremely rare for the Geiba, a tribe of the powerful Clan Sabbah, to let a child born in the mines live, but a great prophecy was seen for each of these children. Strands of the prophecy wove throughout the Twisted Kingdom as these children were born, Black Widows from far and wide within Pruul catching glimpses of seven saviors in the depths of their Webs. To anyone but the Geiba these glimpses of dirty and wild children made no sense, but they persisted, perplexing a generation of Widows’ who had no idea what treasures laid underneath their feet.

The Geiba Black Widows’ could only see bits and pieces of this glorious future, the vast expanse of the Twisted Kingdom obscuring the entire prophecy, but it was clear that these children had a purpose, a destiny. So while the vast majority of Mineborn were killed at birth, seven survived and seven made their way into the light when the Black Jeweled Queen was freed. It was a difficult path for the Mineborn when they emerged from the darkness. They had only known violence, hunger, and backbreaking work. They had been poisoned, the insidious Craft of the Geiba preventing them from obtaining a Birthright darker than the Opal. They did not know how to read or write, much less how to navigate the complexities of Protocol. But most importantly, they had never seen the sun. The group clung to each other; more of a family than they had ever known deep in the darkness. 

It did not help that Pruul was in upheaval when the Mineborn emerged from the Mines. Clan Sabbah began to rebel against Saiph al-Kaid’s rule, because she mercilessly executed Tribe Geiba for unlawfully imprisoning not only a Black Jeweled Priestess Queen, but many others as well. Clan Sabbah employed the help of the Sayyadina (the landen term for Black Widows’ and Priestess’) that resided within the Little Citadel (the center for training Black Widow’s in Pruul) to wage their silent rebellion against the child Queen.

The Mineborn, fractured and broken—even from each other—struggled to adjust to this new world and this new way of life. They were suddenly the center of attention within Pruul, word spreading like the great sandstorms of the territory. Black Widows realized that it had been the Mineborn they had been seeing within their Webs. Clans became cautious, their Widows telling them that change was coming with the freeing of these children from the mines. A great pressure was put on the Mineborn’s shoulders, the pressure of fulfilling a destiny that they did not feel ready for.

And still the sun rose, every day, the hot unyielding sun that sucked up the precious little water that remained. Even the great oasis of Onn, the capital of Pruul, was drying up; its level lower than it had ever been in living memory. Children began to beg for a drop of rain. Water was more valuable than it had ever been. Prisoners in the Salt Mines were the first to die, but the great thirst began to drive even the most prosperous of Clans into a frenzy.

Saiph al-Kaid looked out on her land and she saw ruin if she did nothing, so she disappeared into the desert, looking for a spell to bring the rains. Some whispered she went to save the territory, but some thought she had left the land to die. The Mineborn where left all alone and the Sayya began to try and pull the close knit group apart, believing that they would represent less of a threat on their own. With Saiph gone, a male stepped forward to subtly guide the flow of the territory from behind the scenes: Adramelech al-Sabbah. The Old Spider. He was a Black Widow Prince and some said he had travelled too far into the Twisted Kingdom to ever return. Adramelech settled his eyes on one of the Mineborn: Ghanima al-Izar. He genuinely believes that the young Queen was the true Mother (Queen) and that she would bring the rains to Pruul, saving them all.

The Old Spider began to manipulate Nima and the Mineborn grew further apart. Rationing of water had begun and various tribes were on the brink of attacking each other for water. The future looked bleak as tensions rode high in the territory. The Sayya thought Ghanima was being held back from bringing the rains by her fellow Mineborn. The group was able to whisper words into her ears that they could not control, so they took action. Adramelech and the Sayya kidnapped Lucky al-Izar and sold him for slaughter, disguising him as a full-blooded Eryien with Webs. They sent the sole Priestess of the Mineborn to The Peaceful Place (the home of the Priestess’ of Pruul) to train. The Black Widow they lured deep into the Little Citadel.

The drought continued and the tribes began to sing songs to the sky, preying for the rains day and night. They did not come though. Adramelech became more agitated and tensions came to a climax when Lucky was discovered among the first foreigner fighting pits of tribe Hague. The pioneering tribe wished to make enough money to buy water from travelling merchants, so instead of mercy killing any foreigners they found out in the desert, they trained them to fight each other. The winner would win their freedom and be allowed to enter into tribe Hague as a reward. Few could imagine the destruction that was unleashed the day of the first fight, when Lucky al-Izar, maddened and crazed, killed nearly twenty foreigners when he stepped onto the Killing Edge, blood coating his entire body and a human heart crushed in his shaking hands.

He was returned to the Citadel, badly scarred from his ordeal, after Ghanima al-Izar recognized who he was through the Illusion Webs the Sayya had layered over his body. Word spread among the Mineborn of the event though and his reappearance caused them to return from their studies and their seclusions. For the first time in nearly a year, they were all back in the same place.

-Plot up to date with current cannon-

Succession Plan: (old ruler to new ruler)

-It would be my desire to play this out in game-

These children were saved for a reason.

The Mineborn will fulfill their destiny. Together they will unite and bring the rain. Seven castes. Seven minds. The Mineborn Priestess was visited by Mother Night while she was communing in the Peaceful Place. The Mineborn Black Widow saw a vision of water pouring from the sky. Lucky can feel his Offering beckoning, a deep reservoir of power that whispers to him at night. The prophecy is close to being fulfilled. The Mineborn can fill it in their bones.

The pieces begin to fall into place as Ghanima al-Izar connects with Saiph in the desert. It is not safe for the triple caste Queen to return to the Citadel, but Ghanima is able to learn the spell for the rain from the child Queen. The future looked bright for once to the young Mineborn Queen. Deep in seclusion though, late one night, when Nima tried to activate the spell with Saiph’s help, it did not work. It only brought a small trickle. The ground remained parched and aching. Something was missing. As it turned out, the young Black Widow Priestess Queen had only discovered part of the spell to bring the rains. A group of Priestess’s undergoing the complex Twilight Agony trial discovered the second part.

The Twilight Agony trial is only undergone in times of great need within Pruul. Seven Priestesses form a circle and they use the remains of a sandworm to preform their Craft. Within the great beasts that inhabit Pruul is a great deal of poisoned water (some think that the sandworms are why Pruul is so arid). The Priestesses injected the poisoned water that gives life to the sandworms into their bodies. It was an extremely dangerous process, because the poison is incredibly deadly. With the visions that this produced when combined with their connection to Mother Night the group saw seven children, one from each of the castes, united together. Their power interwove with a Queen, who held her hands up to the sky. Smiles graced their faces as they saw this, because the cool feel of rain ran down their cheeks like tears. The seven Mineborn were the missing pieces of the spell that Saiph al-Kaid had discovered.

Before the Mineborn could convene together, they had to get rid of the one thing that was keeping them apart: Adramelech. They would not be controlled any longer. Lucky al-Izar made his Offering in secret with the help of Hadjara al-Izar, the Mineborn Priestess. He descended to the Sapphire and provided the power the group needed to confront the man that had tried to tear apart what little family the group had cobbled together. Joining hands, the Mineborn braided their power together for the first time, the effortless Craft that was inherent to the group enhancing their Craft two-fold. They were prepared to destroy every stone of the Little Citadel if it meant they would be free. Before such death could be brought though, Adramelech stepped forward with the guards, sycophants, and loyal Blood that followed him in tow. Ghanima al-Izar, Mother to all the Mineborn, stepped up to the Old Spider. He did not fight her. He did not fight any of them. Ghanima was his Mother after all. The chosen one. He had looked into his Webs. He had seen. If this is what it took to save Pruul than so be it. So the man just laughed and laughed as Ghanima ripped out his heart.

They did not stop there though. In front of everyone gathered the seven Mineborn braided their strength together once more and Ghanima psychically connected herself to Saiph. Together, their hands joined, they poured their jewels up to the sky. A great groan could be heard in the earth and their combined power nearly destroyed the circle. It was almost too much. Almost. They brought down the rains for seven days and seven nights, but it came at a terrible price. The backlash of the spell washed through the Mineborn, nearly destroying their Queen. Saiph al-Kaid protected Nima though and in the process she passed into a deep coma.

When the seven Mineborn came away from the ordeal, they passed out, haunted by disturbing images of their past and future. When they awoke the al-Sabbah and the Sayya were around them, seven ancient khanjars in their hands. Each of the Mineborn had preformed an unimaginable water-debt (the most difficult debt to pay back) of a kind the tribe had never seen. They did not know how to repay them, but they began to see the Mineborn in a new light. Not as a tool to be used, but as a group that could lead. They had seen their power with their own eyes after all. The Mineborn were idolized by every inhabitant of the Little Citadel as new saviors of Pruul. The bringing of the rains changed everything.

With Saiph in a coma and transported to the Peaceful Place for care, Pruul was left with no ruler and there was no Priestess Queen to meet the burden. So, breaking with centuries of tradition, the Mineborn formed a Council, representing all seven castes. Ghanima al-Izar was at the center of it all, the young Queen the glue that held the group together, but each person had an equal say in decisions. It was easy in the days immediately following the rains. No one could look at the group without awe in their face. Such a radical reshaping of the political structure of Pruul reverberated through the territory though and problems soon occurred. Lucky al-Izar was wild and rash and wished to execute every last person that had followed Adramelech.  The others, new to ruling, did not know what the best course of action was, so the al-Sabbah, lead by Cutter al-Sabbah, who supported the Council, arranged for each of the fourteen clans and tribes of Pruul to send one person to advise the new saviors of the territory. This became the new council of tribal representatives and their leader is the Grand Prince, the man who conveys the group’s advice to the Mineborn.

It was then that the Mineborn realized just how hard their transition to power was going to be. Other clans, traditionalists, were not so happy with a group of children ruling their territory. They had only withstood Saiph al-Kaid because she was a Priestess Queen. Clan Bali, once the news reached them, was particularly vocal in their displeasure, but with the rich Clan Sabbah supporting the group they hesitated. Outright war between Clans had not happened for centuries and it would be disastrous to the already small population. So Clan Bali began to plot. The advisor they sent to help the Mineborn was a powerful Black Widow Priestess. Her mission was to ensnare one of the weakened minds of the Mineborn and slowly tear the group apart. For if one of the group fell, they all would.

Clan Bali is not stupid though. If their Black Widow Priestess fails they have other plans. The seven days and nights of rain did not only bring blessings to the territory after all. The increase of water also caused an increase in sandworms, the creatures breeding like crazy. They have started to wander out of the deep desert, venturing into traditionally safe places like the Free Districts, the few populated centers that Pruul does have. Clan Bali have discovered a new weapon if it must come to war, a complex ritual that allows their Healers to manipulate the poisoned water within the sandworms in order to control the frenzied nature of the creatures when Craft is used. It is dangerous and many talented sandriders have been lost. Two al-Bali succeeded though. Two hold the power to control one of the fiercest creatures Pruul has ever seen. Only time will tell how they use such power.

The months after the rains came were filled with joy and peace, so it provided some time for the Mineborn to obtain their bearings before any true trouble started, but it also allowed for a small group of Priestesses to rise up. The Order of Tohm. The witches wish for a Priestess Queen to rule Pruul again and they will do anything to see that happen. The group is led by a mysterious light jeweled Priestess who believes that only violence will cleanse the filth that follow the Mineborn, a group of imposters that claim a miracle that only a Priestess Queen could have brought. 

The Mineborn have more enemies than they knew what to do with, so Lucky al-Izar called for fifty warriors from every tribe of the al-Sabbah to protect the group. Not everyone within Clan Sabbah supports the Mineborn either, but enough of them trust the word of their Clansmen who saw the miracle with their own eyes that the group is relatively well protected. The rash Mineborn Warlord Prince wants to prepare for war, but his counterparts on the Council advised caution and patience while they try and calm Clan Bali, stop a Clan War from breaking out, figure out why sandworms are attacking the Free Districts, and somehow find time to rule Pruul as well.

Roles of Castes specific to Territory:

An overall note: Since the Council consists of a member of each caste, the various castes have a strong voice in the ruling of the territory. Each caste would want to curry favor with their respective counterpart on the Council, thus creating a minor amount of political jockeying that is relatively new to Pruul. Additionally, other innocent people from the mines, who knew the Mineborn, from all castes, are adoptable as well.


**There is currently a moratorium on naturally casted Priestess Queens**

Queens are split into three groups: those that wish to learn from the Mineborn Queen that brought seven days and nights of rain, those that believe they would be better rulers now that tradition has been so irrevocably broken, and those that are uncertain if the rumors of the power of the Mineborn are true. Either way, Queens are flocking to the Little Citadel, the Mineborn’s current residence. They wish to see the cause of the miracle. Most attribute the rains to Ghanima al-Izar solely, the idea that others besides a Queen could have bearing on the rain mystifying. There are a few who know the truth though and just as the ideas of a Queen ruling have been changed, the traditional powers of a Queen have been altered as well. Could Queens link with other castes to heal the land? What other rituals could be found to increase their power? Perhaps Queens, without the Priestess caste, could be just as beneficial for the territory? 

Warlord Princes:

The miracle of the rains changed a lot, but it did not cool all the tensions that rocked the territory. The traditionalists do not believe the rumors of the Mineborn’s power. The al-Sabbah, one of the most influential clans in Pruul, is dedicated whole-heartedly to the Mineborn Council. The Warlord Princes in each Clan can feel the tension and they are on edge. Add to that the fact that sandworms have been attacking tribes right and left and Warlord Princes are perpetually on the killing edge. During this period of upheaval, the Mineborn are requiring one Warlord Prince from every tribe to come to the little Citadel, traditionalists or not. This convening of heated tempers and male ego’s will present a forum for talk, exchanged fighting techniques, and near murderous encounters.


The sandworms are injuring people at an unprecedented rate. Many Healers will be busy dealing with those injured from these attacks, but rumors have also spread that Healers are uniquely gifted at controlling the fluids inside a sandworm. Healers are able to control blood vessels, fluids in the body, and they can constrict and enlarge muscles within Blood. In this way, they can put pressure internally on a sandworm by constricting their veins and stopping the flow of the poisoned water in their bodies. Craft use around sandworms sends them into a killing frenzy and the Healers who have gained control of a sandworm internally have used this to make the beasts even more deadly. A few brave (and foolish) souls will try and replicate this process, training in this complex art in order to bring power to their tribes. Many will die. Few will succeed.

***The two Healers that have successfully controlled a sandworm will be adoptable, but not until the plot is more fully established***

Black Widows:

The Sayya have fallen behind the Mineborn. They spent a large amount of their time trying to pull them apart, but they saw first hand the power of the group united. All is not well among the Mineborn though. Years of abuse in the mines does not make for a stable mind. Although some are strong, Black Widows will be employed to try and stabilize some of the minds of the Mineborn. Outside the Citadel, Black Widows will work to see the future of a territory in transition. Old sentiments still hold sway, but one of the most powerful clans now supports the rise of a cadre of Mineborn, some not even past their Offerings. Will they continue to hold power? Do they have anymore miracles in their future? How does each of the tribes futures look in the midst of this new landscape?


Priestesses have long been the backbone of Pruul. Some feel like they are being forgotten and their caste marginalized by the change of power. Others disagree and think that the Mineborn’s miracle was only made possible through the work of a dedicated group of Priestesses. This has created a rift within the Priestesses. Some wish to oppose the new Council, pitting tradition against youth, but some think the Mineborn are the answers to their prayers to the Darkness. Such a mix has created heated exchanges within the Priestesses and a small sect of the group has become radicalized and wishes to destroy not only the Mineborn, but any follower of the group. They are called the Order of Tohm. They wish to return the balance of power to Priestess Queens at any cost, even if it means turning against their own caste and their own people.

Princes are the mediators between the tempers that most of the Warlord Princes have at this pivotal moment in Pruul’s history and the need to have order and calm in order to protect the witches of their tribes. They are trying to not succumb to the chaos that the rains and the Mineborn unleashed, but it is hard, especially as some feel that the child council is too young and too inexperienced to rule an entire territory.


Witches can take on the caste of a Warlord in Pruul and the two castes make up the backbones of tribes. They make up the majority of the Blood population and will have strong bearing on if their people believe the Mineborn’s miracle or not. Additionally, it is the warlords/witches who have extensive training with the Khanjar, the tradition weapon of Pruul. In this way, they too will bare a heavy burden when tribes are attacked by sandworms. They can never be too prepared and they are training relentlessly.

Landen/Jeweless Blood
Unlike other territories, Landen and Jeweless Blood are prized in Pruul and they have no stigmas attached to them. Any healthy body that can work in Pruul is an asset. Many Landen and Jeweless Blood have been Voices for their tribes, Sandriders, and even in the territory Courts throughout Pruul’s history.

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm::

The new ruling Council of Pruul is very busy trying to establish and hold their power, but the Prince Mineborn of the Council enjoys the concept of diplomacy. He is going to reach out to the other territories. He will establish relations with them and try and avoid any outside interference from other rulers during this transition process.

Raej, a neighboring territory to Pruul, has always been friendly to Pruul. Odji, the ruler of Raej, even has a nephew heart-bonded to Saiph al-Kaid. Sandworms have been sighted along their shared border though and Queen Ho-Ankh has even had some reports of her people being attacked by the great beasts. This will create some tension between Pruul and Raej if the Mineborn cannot figure out a way to get the sandworms under control.

Hayll and Pruul have never had much friction, but both territories are undergoing a shift of power at the same time. Trade is not the only thing that is being exchanged between the two. The Order of Tohm is obtaining supplies from Hayll and Clan Bali has a Tenebrosi Iarvis agent in their ranks (though the rest of the Clan is unaware of their member’s affiliation). Perhaps their neutral relationship could change in the future. 
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