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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: The Mineborn Council  (Read 681 times)


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The Mineborn Council
« on: Nov 12, 17, 12:08:27 AM »

The Mineborn Council


Pruul is a land of nomadic beauty, the Clans moving across the desert like the wind. As such, there is no permanent location where a petitioner can visit every day of the year. Instead, the Mineborn have developed a quarterly system of governance, where petitioners and any major business is brought forward in Onn. A less formal system existed when a Priestess Queen ruled the desert territory, but the Mineborn wish to establish a schedule that Prullians can count on. Thus, the seven new rulers of Pruul are available for major business and petitions every three months for seven days, mirroring the duration of the miracle they brought to the dessert. Any issues are presented to the Council, discussed, and then voted on individually. The majority vote is the decided course of action. In the unlikely event of a tie, if a member of the Council is not present, business will be held up until the final member can vote.


Few openly questioned the formation of the Mineborn Council after the seven days and nights of Rains that the prophets blessed the territory with. Such a miracle was able to silence even the most avid critics of the young saviors for a short time. After all, most assumed the Council was just a thinly veiled disguise for Ghanima al-Izar to take up formal rulership of Pruul. Such a belief was beneficial to the fledgling organization, because it gave the Council the space and the time it needed to develop without the Clans revolting against the breaking of tradition.

Within this time, several key changes occurred. First, a new Clan—the al-Izar—rose up within Pruul, siphoned off from the Bali, the Sabbah, the Tabur, the Jinan, and those dwelling in Onn. Most of the converts were among those that witnessed the Miracle of the Rains, but some hope for a better life within the new Clan. Second, the Mineborn Council, with the help of allied Clan representatives, altered the structure of the Tribal Representatives. Instead of the Grand Prince being the First Escort of the Territory Court, he is elected by the votes of all those that make up the Tribal Council. In this way, the Mineborn Council is greatly influenced by the Grand Prince, because he is assumed to speak directly for the desires of the Clans and the Tribes.


The Mineborn Council represents all seven castes. In this way, it is a microcosm of Pruul, responding to the unique needs of all of its people. Going forward, it would be traditional for the needs of the Sayyadina or those that reside in the Peaceful Place to be addressed to the respective caste member on the Council. This is done, because it is assumed a Priestess would understand the wishes of a fellow Priestess better and could thus articulate their problem more clearly.

The Council was set up with the intention of passing on the roles of Caste Representatives in the future, so when the Mineborn return to the Darkness Pruul can continue to prosper under the guidance of all seven castes instead of just one. This is a new path for Pruul, one that severs tradition, and it will surely cause tension and strife across the territory. It is within this fire that the new Mineborn Council will be tested.

(Note: There is no expectation on Mineborn players to conduct a physical thread every three months. It will be assumed that the characters are around, but it is up to the players if they want to participate in any quarterly threads that might or might not occur.)