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Author Topic: To Transplant the Living  (Read 95 times)

Description: Attn: Danyal, Naya, and Ehsan

Offline Sarina al-Sabbah

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To Transplant the Living
« on: Jun 23, 19, 02:10:41 PM »
It was exhilarating to be out in the reqlative open of the city, not cooped up inside the walls of the residence. It had been weeks since Sarina had seen a space larger than her courtyard garden from anywhere nearer than her bedroom window. The Queen didn't even want to think about the months it had been since she had seen open desert, let alone walked among the dunes.

Her freedom was entirely illusionary, but the young Queen was willing to pretend for a short while.

It was also heartbreaking to be on the streets of the city. There were still so many signs of devastation - ash and rubble and just misery. She sighed viewing the damage that weeks had yet to erase. Her people had a lot to answer for.

 Sarina had in her pocket a small bag of seeds she had acquired that she had soaked in a small bowl of her blood overnight once the plans for this trip had been made. Every time she found a patch of dirt somewhat protected by the side of a building, Sarina would make an excuse to pause so she could dig a small hole with the heel of her foot so she could drop a few seeds and cover them back up. She was pretty sure she’d managed to plant at least three dozen avens seeds. If any of her companions had noticed, they weren’t saying anything - yet.

“Lady Naya, thank you again for agreeing to come with me. I needed to return this book to the library and I know I could have sent someone to take it back, but I just really needed a change of scenery.”

Offline Ehsan al-Tair

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Re: To Transplant the Living
« Reply #1 on: Jul 07, 19, 10:56:28 PM »
Ehsan walked a step behind Sarina, keeping pace despite his longer stride, never breaking too close or too far from her.  His eyes were hawk-sharp, keeping a careful eye on the streets, the rooftops, the merest shift of shadow had him readying for an attack he expected might come.   He couldn’t fault his Queen for wanting to get out of the gilded cage that she had been forced into, to breathe fresh air.  He wanted to pull her away from the stench of death and ash that still lingered in Onn, out to the rolling dunes of the desert to clear her soul of the acts of the True Sabbah but Shira would never allow her that.

He let a growl roll silently in his belly.   Sarina was Queen, she should be the one who commanded not a Black Widow, even one who wore the Red.  Shira had the hubris to assume that even her power could overshadow Sarina’s natural status.  Still, he had to admire her resolve in a way.   She saw a problem and acted out to fix it and had she not, Sarina would have been relegated to a simple tribal Queen far away from his reach.   So there was merit in her reach of power, so long as she did not forget that she needed Sarina for her coup far more than Sarina needed her.

Ehsan watched as Sarina dropped yet another one of her bloodsoaked seeds into the bare patch of earth as discreetly as possible.  She did so with the shy manner of someone trying to be stealthy but lacking the expertise.  He had caught on after the second time and used just a drop of craft to shift the earth before her foot touched it, making it easier for her to make a deep enough divit to place her seeds in.  A good Queen, she was a good Queen and his heart was happy that he had been gifted such a one as her.  He made sure to place himself in just the right angle to keep her actions private for now.

The excuse for the outing was a trip to the library, a chore that could have been deligated to any servant or even himself but it was the ability to leave the Compound more than the duty of returning a book that mattered.   She had almost been happy when Shira had agreed to it, especially since she had let him take to her side.

He had only been serving Sarina for a few weeks, and he knew the Black Widow still doubted his loyalties.  Oh he was loyal, to himself and to Sarina and no other.  He told her so quite frankly.  He didn’t give a damn about her, or her agenda or the True Sabbah, only to Sarina’s safety and he was well aware that her safety relied on her remaining exactly where she was.  He was all too aware of how far Shira would go, the poisoning of Sarina had been just a mere taste of her cruelty.

Safety meant she stayed… for now.  When the winds shifted and safety for her meant dragging her out her window and out into the desert, then he wouldn’t hesitate a single second.

He wasn’t a man of many words, and he could leave the small talk to the women as he focused on more important things.