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Title: It's Time To Face Your Fears
Post by: Lucky al-Izar on Sep 02, 18, 12:13:25 PM
Lucky had put this off long enough.

He had run to an entirely different territory, founded a new Clan, and begun ruling Pruul to avoid it. But it had not gotten any better. Lucky felt himself grow irritated and angry throughout the day as his mind wondered back to the Mines. The slightest thing could set his mind off, the most innocuous noise. Yesterday, Fari had said his name for the first time, her small hands reaching out for him, and the Warlord Prince had needed to step away from the child, locking himself in his room.

He didn’t understand. It had been almost seven years since the Mines. Seven long years of living his life. Why was his mind grasping back in time now? It frustrated Lucky, because he couldn’t stop it. The harder he tried, the worse the memories came.

So the Prince was in the fucking Jinan camp. Seeing a Priest. The most useless caste of them all, after a Queen.

Stepping into a large tent when the appropriate time came, the Warlord Prince felt the muscles in his body tense. Anxiety washed through him like waves. He didn’t know what he expected from Vera’s male Priest, but he didn’t expect…a tent filled with junk.

Metal screws and scraps, wood, polish, pain, old parts and tools. The tent looked like it belonged in the tradesman district and not in a Clan dwelling. Lucky’s eyebrow arched as he made his way around a tall metal…thing…and spied the Priest, set up in bed.

“What the fuck are you doing in here? Going crazy? It looks like the markets threw up in here and only left you scraps.” He didn’t want some crazy mother fucker to talk to him. Lucky could already feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, looking for any reason to dart out of this tent.
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The poison had passed and Aahad had regained his strength. Then, as Second Disciple and Hashul'thani of the K'miar decided to return to Arnadeth to fulfill his mandate of protection. The worm attack on Tueno, then Onn, left a sour taste in Aahad's mind now that it wasn't addled with pain that the waters were threatened. Upon the decision, Jasper and what survivors were left of his Tribe asked him to stay. To help rebuild the tribe that was his family. Not the best family mind, but his family. So he decided to stay for a time and sent the K'miar not beset by illness or strife back to Arnadeth via the mountains while he remained.

Onn had it's own priestess regiment. There was no need for Aahad to barge in and try to get in their way. So rather than try to help Onn at large, he stuck with the tribe and fell into what inevitably had to come next with so many dead. Taking what was theirs, fixing what needed it, and then selling it. It was the Situla way to prosper when death was afoot. That was the way of the Vulture tribe. The dead have no need for trinkets and baubles. Tents or weapons. Not even their water. All would taken from them to serve the need of the tribe. The return would see the Situla thrive, to live on until death came again. And the Vulture would continue to slake it's thirst.

Aahad was one of the few salvagers of the tribe left standing, so it fell to him to do what was necessary. Lady Adavera gave him plenty of space to do his work, and the stockpiles of stuff that was once his tribe's belongings began carting in. Horse saddles, tents, weapons, clothing, backpacks. Then he went out into Onn to buy what was necessary - screws, bolts of cloth, leathers, sewing materials and tools. By the time he was finished his tent/workspace looked like someone had just unloaded a ghost town's worth of crap on the floor. Aahad couldn't be happier.

He was in his element, beginning to work on breaking down the broken items and restitching everything together into something better. His workshop in Arnadeth was similar. A pile of junk waiting to be valuable, it just needed some nimble hands and sharp wit to make it so. Most had left him alone, save Jasper who all but demanded he keep an eye on the Priest so soon after the poison stopped trying to kill him. Aahad didn't bother to try to mingle. Mother Night's Champion overcoming sandworm poisoning had just renewed the prophetic vigor among the faithful, to a point Aahad wanted no part of it.

He was in bed preparing a battle plan for fixing a busted Queen's tent when he heard the flap open. The scent was different from Jasper's but the wings weren't. The way he talked however let him know who exactly had walked into his tent without announcing themselves. "Prince Lucky, I assume." He looked down at the paper that was shrouded from Lucky simply by him being in bed. "My tribe died by the hundreds. There is a lot of work to do with what was left over. Very few salvagers survived so it fell to me to tend to our brothers' and sisters' belongings." The gesture to the pile of stuff. "Everything I need and am working on is right there."

He set the paper aside and shifted in bed to sit at the edge of it. It was still odd getting used to his body doing what he told it to do and succeeding from the crucible he suffered mere days before. "What can I do for you, Prince?"

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Lucky paused after the man spoke, his green-gold eyes staring at the Priest. He didn’t advance further into the room, not wanting to invade Aahad’s space in any form of a challenge. He switched into Protocol, the shift seamless after having it forced into his head for the better part of seven years. “I am truly sorry for your loss. I will regret that I wasn’t here to help save those that I could until the day I die.” The guilt ate at him, even now. He had wings. he could have flown away with one or two people, three or four children. He could have done…something. “If there is anything the al-Izar or the Territory Council can do for you, let me know.”

Hadjara had handled the situation well, tending to many that had fled into their compound. While he had been unhappy their security had been breached, he understood. Even Lucky could not have planned for the Sandworm attack on Onn. They were still bringing the dead in as the sands shifted and teams salvaged the bodies where they could. Lucky sometimes helped lure the worms away with blasts of Craft, but not all of the dead had been recovered yet.

The Warlord prince studied the Priest as he moved, feeble and still weak. Perhaps the only other person that had as many rumors and prophecies going for them was Aahad himself. 
It would be easy to corner him now though, snap his neck. He was not a threat in his current state, K’miar or Aubdina or whatever the fuck he was now. That was not why he was here though and it wouldn’t be fair to hurt a cripple. Where was the challenge in that?

“Vera said you helped her get the fucked up shit out of her head. She said you could help me as well.” Lucky grumbled and threw some sheets of paper off a chair and onto the ground so he could sit down, his foot tapping impatiently. “Well. Can you?” 
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Post by: Aahad al-Situla on Sep 03, 18, 02:07:17 AM
It would be Mother Night's twisted sense of humor that Lucky would come asking for help when Aahad wasn't at his greatest. He had never met the Prince, nor any of the Mineborn. The Izar were still a ghost, only cropping up a few times in Aahad's journeys but otherwise were too small to meet them regularly. But Aahad knew of Lucky's reputation. Remorseless. A killer with no soul. The young Eyrien who treated everyone like they were on his playground, and the price of playing there was whatever Lucky wanted from you. Your life. Your belongings. Your blood. What mattered was his mood. He was avoided if possible and discussion of him was in hushed whispers in shadowed corners out of fear he would suddenly appear and kill everyoen. The temple even had preparations for whenever Lucky decided to turn his attention to them - everyone goes elsewhere and one, and only one, tends to him. Not out of disrespect to the Warlord Prince but because that way only one died. In duty, sacrifice. That was the protocol at the Temple for Lucky.

Thankfully he never showed his face there. Lucky was reputed to have no interest at all when it came to the spirit, and everyone counted their blessings that he didn't.

There was no fear on Aahad's face when it came to Lucky throwing his things about and deciding to make himself at home. He didn't even have a face that suggested disrespect. There was fear, but only recognition. Years of training made his emotions relinquish their direct control of him. A few scraps of paper on the ground, illuminating how empty his condolences are. Either he doesn't realize or he doesn't care. He smiled at that.

"Thank you." He offered to the condolences and that was all. To the rest he simply let out a breath and got to his feet. "If you don't mind, I like to work while I work." He went over to Lucky, knelt down and picked up the papers he tossed unceremoniously to the floor. "Did she?" He put the papers on the table near Lucky after stacking them. "I'm flattered she thinks so." The next time he saw Vera he was going to flick her knuckles for sending Lucky to him. He just overcame poison! Why would she make him suffer even more? "What is on your mind?"

He would open his senses to Lucky's emotional state but he simply assumed that it would be an unsustainable amount of anger, and more than likely just provoke Lucky into killing him for casting a spell. So he decided to stick old school. Prompt, then listen. He would hone in from there.
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Lucky twisted in the seat, his hands wringing together and his heart beating rapidly. It was how he had felt before they had forced him to see Kesare. Defensive. Wary. Anxious. He hated feeling weak, he hated that his mind wouldn’t just fucking work properly. He wasn’t a pussy. Why couldn’t he just get over this? It made the Warlord Prince think something within him was broken, that no matter what he was doing, what joy he found, his mind would always tie it back to the Mines. To the Bad Man. Hadn’t he done enough to escape him? Hadn’t it been enough time?

Vera had said he could trust Aahad, but Lucky did not trust very easily. The Warlord Prince could tell him he was afraid. That he hid it from even his family. That he pressed himself into his room sometimes, Sapphire shielded, and cried until even Kitten in his lap provided him no comfort. That no matter how far he ran, no matter what feats he crafted, the Bad Man was always there, like he was standing just over his shoulder, pulling him back into the fear and helplessness of his past. And although those were the true emotions Lucky felt, he shrouded them in anger and arrogance, because anything was better than fear of a ghost. Aahad could easily take all of these truths and spread it throughout Onn, sowing even more problems for him and his family.

So he started small, his fingers curling into fists. “The Mines.” He answered curtly. What the fuck else was he here to talk about? He did not want to be here anymore than Aahad did. “It’s been seven years. I should not think of them anymore.” He had a whole other fucked up life now, one that should take his full attention. And yet, it seemed every time he thought of some pain in the Overlands, his mind sunk back to the Mines. “They have been closing in, more and more. When my niece cries. When I’m flying. Even when I’m fucking.” 

He paused.

"How do I know you won't tell all of Onn what we discuss? I don't know you. Only Vera does." His eyes flashed and his temper glowed in the room, even brushing the surface of why he was really here making his muscles tense and his defenses rise. 
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Post by: Aahad al-Situla on Sep 03, 18, 12:04:02 PM
Aahad walked to the pile of refuse and pulled out a backpack. It had a gash in it and one of the straps had snapped. He took it to the bed and set aside a box of stitching materials and thread along with some matching leathers to mend the hole. He began stitching but even Lucky could feel that intense attention was directed right at him regardless of what Aahad looked like he was doing.

Aahad had begun to speak but stopped when Lucky's tone got accusatory. He looked up, his eyes giving Lucky a heavy attention as if Lucky was entirely transparent. "That's an easy one. If you even suspect I told someone you'd kill me, kill everyone tied to me and then half of Pruul just to make sure you didn't miss anyone. Why would I tell anyone when half the territory could be at risk of your wrath?" His words rang with a 'duh' sort of expression. "Apart from that though, I don't do that. It's your own life and your own shadows. It isn't my place to tell. Just listen." His words with a faith of steel behind them.

"Besides...look at me. I'm a Priest in a junk tent that you simply walked into. If I was running around telling everyone's secrets, don't you think I'd have a bit more protection to fend off all the secrets I am supposedly spilling everywhere?" He shook his head. "I have no interest in power, prestige or riches. I don't know you so that immediately ticks off anything in the area of 'revenge'. I am happy with my life as it is."

He finished his latest stitch, as he was stitching the entire time he was looking at Lucky and then shrugged at him. "Tell you what. If you don't trust me? We can shake hands, you can leave and no offense given. If you want to stay, tell me about what happened in the Mines." The intensity of Lucky's anger, the growth of his tension that began to permeate the tent was swatted away by...calm. No rise of temperature in the air to where even the scent of his anger was suppressed to just his person. Lucky was many things. He was bulkier than Aahad, he was darker than Aahad, and he had waaaaay more temper tantrums than Aahad would have in his lifetime. But emotion? The heart and spirit? That was his domain and Aahad was sovereign. So it might be surprising that Lucky's sudden spike of anger didn't alert anyone. Not even the guard whose shadow hint at the entrance flap in a passing route. The last thing he did was drop an auditory shield around the tent.

"Just breathe, Prince. Focus here in the moment, and breathe. The past can't hurt you unless you allow it."
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Post by: Lucky al-Izar on Sep 03, 18, 10:50:31 PM
There were many rumors about the Warlord Prince of the Territory Council. They had multiplied and mutated over the last six or seven years, only worsening by the day. Lucky took no action to correct them and he mostly kept to himself, the al-Izar, and the few people he considered friends. The isolation had only fueled the rumors, stories of the Prince as the dark shadow that caste across all of Pruul taking root alongside a tale of him saving a swath of orphans from slavers and destitution. Depending on who was asked, Lucky al-Izar appeared to be either a saint or a sinner, but rarely in between.

It was a good thing that Lucky didn’t put a lot of stock in rumors. 

“Don’t believe everything you hear, Lord.” His head rested on the back of the chair and he stared directly at the male, his eyes watching him work carefully. “The last person I killed was a guard holding my Queen against her will.” He didn’t count the Jhinka in Askavi. They were little more than breeding rats. “I know the rumors, but most of them are not true. Should I believe that your touch to a child can guarantee their dark descent? Or that you were born from a union between Mother Night and the Darkness itself?” He snorted. “No. I prefer to meet people and size them up myself. Maybe you should do the same.”

Besides, he wouldn’t kill anyone other than the Priest himself. Why waste time with people he loved? Lucky was nothing if not direct. He would only hurt someone that badly if they fucked with his family. Perhaps the Priest had simply not heard the rumor right. 

Not moving from the chair, Lucky leaned forward, his green-gold eyes boring into the Priest as he took a deep breath, trying to reign in his anger as the band on his upper arm glowed in warning. He didn’t attack the other male though. No, instead he exploded from his chair and began to pace back and forth, hoping the movement would take the anxiety out of talking about this.

“The past can fucking hurt you. I attacked a Gray Jeweled Black Widow when she touched my mind a few months ago. I didn’t know how to travel through her barriers and the memories…they just…they reached forward and I lost it.” Lucky snarled at himself. “She could have destroyed everyone in that room.” His heels hit the ground hard, over and over again. “What do you mean, tell you what happened in the Mines? Loads of fucked up shit happened there. Where do I begin? But it was SEVEN years ago. It is over. Done. Why is it still kicking me in the balls?”

Well not all of it. Only one specific part. But that is the vary part he didn't want to talk about. Funny how that worked.
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*stitch stitch*

He leaned down and bit at the thread when the stitching was finished and tied it off with the help of Craft. Then he turned the strap inside out so he could stitch the inside and began doing so. Little got under Aahad's skin in these sorts of situations, and the retort of meeting people first before judging them did little to sap the reserved calm that he had since Lucky arrived.

Instead Aahad simply listened. Watched, and observed. The bait seemed to work. Warlord Princes were direct with everything but themselves and trying to gung ho down into the depths was never a good idea. Dance around it first, then let themselves find their way in. Past can hurt you huh? Well. That was something.

"You said the past can hurt you." Aahad answered his question as he stitched. "So. For you. It isn't just...done. It's alive. Thinking. Feeling. Planning. Ready to reach out and touch you at a moment's notice to hurt both you and those you care about. If it was just 'the past', then it would be a footnote that you don't think about. Since it's that way it must be confronted in order for us to figure out what is really going on." He shrugged.

After that Aahad looked down to focus on the stitching.
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TW: Childhood violence

“It isn’t fucking alive. It’s done. It’s gone. The fuckers that kept us in the Mines are dead. The Bad Man is dead. They are all dead.” Lucky felt his fists clench and unclench even as he realized the contradiction he was making. He had just said the past could hurt him, but now he was arguing against himself. Between the reality he wanted and the reality he felt he was in. The Warlord Prince continued to pace furiously.

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘confront it’? I fucking lived it. I confronted the fuck out of it when it happened.” When Lucky was feeling anxious, tense, he slipped back into the way he had spoken in the Mines, course and accusing. For those that knew him well, they would realize he was struggling with vulnerability.

And still the Priest continued TO FUCKING STITCH.

“You are useless, do you know that?. This isn’t helping at all.” He ground his teeth, but he didn’t leave, because now that he had started he felt like the words were going to burst out of him.

So he paced. And continued to talk, his words spat at the Priest.

“I killed people when I was a kid in the Mines. When I was barely tall enough to carry a bucket. There was one though…one that I didn’t get to kill. He fell on someone else’s knife.” He cited the common expression for murder in the Mines with ease. “It gets under my skin to this day. If I had just been able to stab him, over and over, I’m sure these fucking memories would go away. I would be fine. I could focus on what’s really important.” 
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The Bad Man huh? He didn't however comment. He continued to be 'useless', snapping the string with his teeth and using Craft to tie it off while pulling on the strap to test it's strength and durability. It didn't snap or budge or look weak. He held itself under the various tests of strain while Lucky gave his account of murder and death. Then he looked at his notes, turned the backpack and started to stitch elsewhere. There was no comment to his claim of being useless. He didn't jump up and defend himself to the Warlord Prince. He simply sat and continued to fucking stitch.

Only when Lucky ended his rant did Aahad finally speak up. It was worthwhile to wait for the proper time to speak up and put his two cents in. He didn't buy into the approach of lecturing others on what is and isn't. He knows facts, he knows trends and he knows signs. Lucky had the telltale signs of trauma. The memories Lucky continued to had were flashbacks to times of trauma. Flashbacks, he knew, tend to have triggers. But he deplored the idea that one could simply command or stand on high decreeing things of people who needed help.

He believed in another way, one that was passive for him and in his view more important to the sufferer. They must find their answers on their own. He is simply there to brush aside the parts that they shouldn't be focusing on as they make the journey inward. Events or feelings that would make them blind in their search or red herrings that would threaten to lead them astray. They will blabber out everything, a volume of filth and trauma and suffering. He would just listen for the right things and speak at the right time. He worked while he worked so he could be obfuscated. He's just stitching, not staring at you in judgement or scrutiny. It was more like ranting at an inanimate object that sometimes piped up advice.

"True." He concurred with Lucky when he finally decided to speak. "They made you vulnerable. Exposed. Intimately so. The only way to become invulnerable again is to punish those who made you so. Someone else robbed you off it leaving you powerless to extract vengeance. He got away, as it were, in the name of someone else's 'justice'. People who didn't suffer what you or the others did. Now he's a scratch on the roof of your mouth. You could ignore it...but you really can't." He set aside the backpack and revealed a canteen, unscrewing the cap and taking a drink of the Craft-chilled water. He let out a sigh of satisfaction and offered it to Lucky.

'The one that got away' seemed to be a figure of extreme significance. He wondered if the one who got away was the proverbial 'Bad Man' Lucky referenced. You only ever gave cute names to people of intimacy. He had an idea why he was said Bad Man, the Geiba were not especially imaginative in their brutality he had found in counseling, but he wouldn't presume. "Was the one who got away the Bad Man?"
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“Exactly! If I could have just killed him. I know I would feel better. I know I would be fine.” Lucky paused his pacing and went still, going to sit down next to Aahad, going very still as he thought about it. “But no…the man who killed him…he suffered…everyone suffered.” The Warlord Prince was not upset that his savior had not had a claim to kill the Bad man, he was upset that he hadn’t done it. He might have been small, not old enough for Mine Work yet, but he could still have made a dagger. He could have found a way. He could have ended it himself. And if he had, he wouldn’t be here now.

Gritting his teeth, Lucky felt tired suddenly, immensely exhausted. He took a sip of the water and felt the fatigue in his bones. When would this leave him? How could it go away? “Yes. The Bad Man got away. Someone else killed him and they broke him for it. Not only did he steal the kill from me, but he suffered for it. He suffered for something I should have done.” Lucky looked down, clutching the canteen and forgetting to give it back. “What can I do to make up for it? What can I do to make the past stop hurting now?”

Lucky took a deep breath, trying to get his temper under control as he looked up at Aahad, looking every bit as young as his twenty-one years spoke of. He was a man that didn’t know what it was to be a child, even as his chin angled up and he listened like one.
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A man rapes a boy and the boy has no closure. Walking around like a raw nerve exposed for the world to see. Everything hurts or everything reminds him of pain. No wonder Lucky has the reputation he does. As Lucky spoke the Priest seemed more inclined to think that Lucky should have mountains notching his body counts.

"You see the fact that someone else killed the Bad Man, rather than you, as a curse that haunts you. Someone, even if they had every reason to kill him just as you do, robbed you. Didn't you hear yourself? 'what can I do to make up for it?' You act as if this someone personally attacked you or debilitated you in some way rather than seeing the bigger picture - the fucker is dead. Good riddance."

Seeing his shoulders slightly slump from the emotional exhaustion of the discussion the Priest could sense that no, Lucky was vulnerable. It showed itself in small ways. The rabid, monsterous Warlord Prince that everyone whispered about looked like a child. Innocent confusion, the subtle erasure of abuse to reveal that beneath the strong-man image was a young man who had no clue what was going on, why anything happened, and why it was him. Aahad had to be careful. Cultivate that perspective, nurture that state and let it grow.

He needed to learn that some vulnerability was not always a bad thing. It was actually a very good thing.

"You need to learn how to open yourself up to others, Lucky. The Bad Man, what he closed you. Shaped you to believe that the only way the world will work is if you remain invulnerable to all things, at all levels of life. You would be right. It is very safe that way but also very lonely. Vulnerability is a good thing Lucky. It is how we forge bonds, make friends and enjoy the fruits of life. To make yourself invulnerable to everyone and everything is a lonely life. And the only person who will keep you company? Is the Bad Man's shadow, which casts over what you think, say and do. Controlling you, even now, long after he has died. You must learn that he is the exception and not the rule. Do that? And one step at a time, that shadow will recede until the only person left? Is you and those you have let in to enrich you."

"I have a homework assignment for you." He put the backpack on his workbench and swiveled to face Lucky. "I am certain since your emergence from the mines, you have met people you consider friends. Not the Izar of course. They know your pain better than I ever could. I don't count either. But someone you trust, or someone you want to trust. Someone you consider special. I want you to tell them what you told me today. Of your experiences in the Mines. How it makes you feel. Open yourself up to them. Make yourself vulnerable to them. See what happens when you rely on trust rather than strength. Then afterwards when you have the time...come back and see me. Tell me how it went and if it helped."
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Lucky placed his head in his hands, exhausted. He had brought the Rains, formed his Clan, created the Council—all from a drive to be safe. Have a family. Feel whole. But he didn’t feel whole. He still felt scared and lonely. He ground his teeth. How could something that happened so long ago still plague his thoughts today? It made no sense. It was as if the hand of the Bad Man reached through time and gripped the Mineborn by his throat.

“What do you mean he is the exception and not the rule? What about Adremelech? Dawn?” Even the name of the Black Widow that had tortured him caused the Warlord Prince’s hands to shake gently. “There are so many more bad people than good and even the half-descent ones, they still do nothing.” Why had the Mines been allowed to operate for so long? The Geiba knew about it. Their whole tribe had to have known about it.

“They see people suffering—the homeless in the streets that no one wants in their Clans or the slaves in the mines that no one bothered to check on—and they don’t care. Half of Pruul’s problems are caused by people that either don’t care or are too scared too.” No one took action, too held back by traditions that had led to the decline of the people and the territory. What frustrated the Warlord Prince the most though, was there was no action he could take against his own mind.

Although Aahad thought there was. Lucky stared at him, fear flashing in his gold-green eyes before he looked away and covered it with a snarl. “Tell them? What do you mean? What if…what if they think I’m disgusting?”
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Deep questions.

"They are the exception still." He reasserted. "The difference between the Bad Man, Adramelech, the Geiba, and everyone else is Impunity." He told him. "Your average person doesn't have impunity. They punch you, you can punch them back. You could kill them even. They may get lucky and kill you and even then there would be consequences. The Izar wouldn't let it stand, they'd probably run them through. They didn't have such fear of consequences, for a long time. They had impunity. No one to tell them no. No one to tell them to stop. Telling them no, or telling them to stop, just prompted them to do it anyway just to show that they could." Aahad was sure Lucky could relate, given that he used the same wording he used to describe Lucky not too long ago.

"Then Mother robbed them of their impunity. The Geiba became a shitstain on the carpet, the Mineborn feasted on Adramelech and what souls you could grab, and suddenly the Sabbah treads quicksand. I am sure the Spider had protections and misdirection in place high up but those protections are gone now." Aahad never knew or even met the Spider. "Exposed. Vulnerable. No longer carrying that impunity they are as vulnerable as the rest of us."

The rest Aahad treaded carefully. He didn't wish to shove words in people's mouths and call it truth. So he didn't say anything regarding Lucky's musings on the nature of suffering. Philosophy. He wanted too, but it wouldn't help Lucky at all.

"If they think you're disgusting?" He looked at Lucky. "Tell them to see how they'd look after getting raped multiple times and you'd bet their water they wouldn't look like a ray of sunshine either." He smirked. "If they believe you are disgusting then apparently they do not care for you as much as you thought. And that is okay. Who needs them. And it doesn't matter they now know your past either. What harm can it do? You know what you suffered, it isn't like reminding you is going to do anything other than make them look like an asshole."