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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: Fly Free and True, Wild Hearts  (Read 137 times)

Description: attn: Eskander, Malika, anyone with the Jinan

Offline Simin al-Jinan

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Fly Free and True, Wild Hearts
« on: Sep 30, 19, 10:22:48 PM »
A sound echoed through the Jinan quarter, reverberating around the buildings and carrying with it a strangely familiar sensation.   Simin looked up from the hoof she was inspecting on one of the foals who had been limping strangely and starred in the direction of the sound before she realized that the sound was echoing from everywhere.  It was a tired, long drawn out grinding noise that seemed to pull the very soul with its unending tribulation.  The horses in their paddock snorted and stamped into the dusty ground impatiently, their ears pinned back to show their displeasure at the volume and Simin wished she could do the same.  All she could do was cup her hands over her ears to muffle it.

A horn sounded over the grind, followed by another further off and another, the trumpeting noise layering in echos as it lifted to be heard over the cacophony of stone against stone.  Simin lowered her hands as she slowly began to realize where she had heard that sound before, when she had heard it.  Hope and a slow desperate hunger clawed at her stomach as she rose from her crouch and felt the shift of air, the scent that brushed over her as something changed.  She could feel it, the herd could feel it as they began to shift in their pens anxiously. 

“Release the herd,” she shouted loudly, startling the few who were also working with the horses early this morning, “throw open all the latches and stalls quickly!”  If she were right, they would have a stampede on their hands soon enough and better they run free than risk injury to themselves and others.  There was only a moment hesitation before feet flew into action and Simin ran to the gates of the paddock, pushing it open as she ran through it even before she felt the beat of hooves running behind her.

“Lady…” someone began to ask and the horns sounded again over the city as the call went out.

The Gates were being opened.   Finally after so many stifling months of enclosure, they were free.  They could run!

Simin felt the wild excitement as the horses thundered out into the streets of the Quarter, running for the Jinan gate and she turned almost as if rehearsed as her own mare came barrelling towards her.  Without a moment’s hesitation, she launched herself up with a touch of Craft to land on her bare back with a whoop of joy.

“Run!” she cried with exuberance and bent low against the mare’s neck to give her free reign to run as she would, holding on to her mane tightly with both hands.  She had almost reached hte gates when she felt and then heard Eskander’s worried voice in her mind but the intoxication of finally being free, of being able to run to her lost ones, to breathe free air left her speechless.   All she could muster was the wave of excitement that she sent to him, the feeling of flight on hoof as they dashed through the gates and out into the desert.   Already, her mind reached for that feeling in her soul, the herd, her brothers and sisters of the four feet.   She steered her mount down the familiar direction to the breeding grounds of the Jinan, knowing that familiar grounds would draw the lost ones there.   There was forage and water, there was safety. 

Offline Eskandar al-Sabbah

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Re: Fly Free and True, Wild Hearts
« Reply #1 on: Oct 18, 19, 11:59:58 AM »
Through the walls of their compound, the low rumble of the gates was hidden beneath the thumping of footsteps and voices of people moving throughout. Eskandar, in his room, reading a thick book at his desk, missed the initial cries of excitement that started flooding through the city. It wasn’t until the horn sounded that his attention was grabbed.

His gaze went out the window and it was then that he realized the rumbling was not coming from the people nearby in the Jinan compound. The rumbling and the horns – they brought shivers of dread down his spine because he had only heard them one other time. But this time, there was no signs of the massive sandworms and no screams of pain and panic. It took a long moment for Eskandar to realize that something good seemed to be happening.

The Gates were being opened.

As if on cue, as if sensing freedom finally, the stables of the Jinan were opened. Hooves pounded, rumbling the earth, as the herds rushed, riderless, towards the yawning gates. A dark river of fur and manes flowed like water. It was an arresting, beautiful sight. They were free, as horses should be.

It would have stayed a beautiful sight if he hadn’t seen a certain Queen joining that living equine river.

Simin was visible from astride her favorite mare and as Eskandar reached out on a psychic thread with a word of worry, he felt nothing but her elation. Could he blame her for falling into this moment? They had been cooped up for far too long. They needed this freedom.

Eskandar hoped it would not be a short-lived thing.

He hurried down the stairs to the open street, where a few of the men were saddling horses rapidly. “Prince!” one of them called. He had the reins of a roan gelding and was trying to keep it from joining the main throng. Eskandar ran over and mounted with a quick word of thanks. He let the gelding have its head while he tried to keep up to where Simin was running.

He managed to stop the gelding just beyond the gates, still a bit too wary to venture beyond the safety of the city, and scanned the flowing herds for Simin. **Simin!** he called, not in a panic yet, but he definitely wanted to get eyes on her. As he scanned for her, he also tried to spot signs of sandworms but he knew his knowledge of their movements was lacking.

At least he wasn’t the only one milling just beyond the gates. The horns had brought others and the people of Pruul were joining the horses in the open sands beyond, some running as far as their strength would take them and others staying close to the sheltering walls like Eskandar was. He hoped that their commotion wouldn’t be their doom.