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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: Tariq al-Latifh  (Read 1688 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by halyonix.

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Tariq al-Latifh
« on: Dec 24, 16, 02:36:07 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Tariq al-Latifh
Age and Birth Year:  39 (born 156 AP)
Race: short lived
Caste:  Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: uncut Summer Sky

Role: guard
Faction: al-Latifh

Play By: Shemar Moore
Distinguishing Features:


Most people would describe Tariq as honorable and levelheaded. Tariq will say that one of those is right, and then he’ll remind the speaker that a Warlord Prince is never, ever levelheaded -- they’re just good at pretending to be. Even so, Tariq is definitely an honorable, trustworthy sort of man, the kind of man other men look to for leadership, confide their secrets in, etc. The aura of alpha male is palpable, but Tariq is no bully or no attention-seeker. He just is -- and let’s try to keep it that way, shall we?

He’s a man patient up to a point, and then he takes matters into his own hands. The only problem with this is that he doesn’t always think things completely through, so sometimes this backfires on him. Like most Warlord Princes, he has his temper, and as quick as it is to appear, it is equally quick to fade. People earn his trust or distrust through their actions, as Tariq has never been big on words and promises. He’ll say he’s a man of action, and he has the actions to prove it.

He can be blunt because he hates lies. Some people say he can be a bit callous, he’ll ascribe it to lacking tact. He’s not a diplomat. He doesn’t mince words. And the only time he doesn’t speak his mind is around his family, since causing drama or being involved within it are two things he avoids avidly. Let others have the fame -- Tariq wants a comfortable lifestyle of his own. That doesn’t mean that Tariq doesn’t know how to have fun. He’s sociable enough, sitting around the fires with the men, telling stories and drinking alcohol. He’s just not the center of the party and he likes it that way.

His heart, what’s left of it, revolves around his two kids. He’ll do anything to keep them safe, and strives to be a good father to them, especially now since he’s the only parent. He wants them to grow up to be honorable Blood too, even if it means sacrificing a bit of himself to get there. In the end, he thinks it’ll be worth it.

  • 1 - Falconry. Tariq has always loved the sleek falcons some of the tribes use for hunting but his duties have never allotted him the time to train one of his own. Falconry imagery adorns his attire, and if someone were to make a gift of one of those falcons to him, he would be ever grateful.
  • 2 - Fighting. Tariq appreciates good swordsmanship, the energy of sparring, the thrill of battle. Sating a blood lust would not be the right phrase for why he enjoys fighting so much. Tariq would say that he loves the dance of danger most.
  • 3 - Beauty. Whether it be a beautiful woman or beautiful artwork (aren’t they really the same thing in the eye of the beholder?), Tariq appreciates beauty with the sensuality of a Warlord Prince. You can bet his attention will be raptly held by this sort of thing unless he’s fighting.
  • 1 - His sister Azar. Pride goeth before the fall, and Azar is full of it. While she imagines herself as the savior of Pruul, Tariq sees her as part of the problem. He’d love to see her dismantled in favor of someone who can actually DO something.
  • 2 - Cities. Cities are too crowded and too noisy. People always bump into you and try to steal your things. They are also dirty.
  • 3 - Being ignorant. This is a wide range of a dislike, from not knowing how to braid his daughter’s hair, to not being told something pertinent to his current job, to not knowing who important people are, etc. Tariq doesn’t like to be left in the dark, since that’s when things go south.
  • 1 - Sandworms. Tariq had a dangerous experience with one as a child and now has a rather healthy (or unhealthy depending on the day) fear of these creatures. He thinks sandriders are insane for riding the worms.
  • 2 - His tribe failing. The Tabur tribe is the oldest and most influential tribe in Pruul, and the Latifh follow them without question. But Tariq fears that the Tabur’s days are numbered because of outdated traditions and stubborn leaders. Without the Tabur, what is Pruul?
  • 3 - Public speaking. While a leader in his own right, Tariq hates giving speeches or being in front of a crowd. He often stumbles over his words, even if he has them planned out and written down.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 - Power bolts. Tariq has learned how to fire a short burst of power in rapid succession. He finds this overwhelms his targets better than one more powerful bolt.
  • 2 - Item enhancement. Tariq takes great care of his weapons and has learned how to weave enhancement spells into them that proudly display the colors of his Jewels. When he’s mulling something over, he’s usually to be found redoing these spells.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 - Emotional manipulation. Tariq is actually vulnerable to this being done to him because he isn’t keen enough to sense this soft of Craft.
  • 2 - Breaking Jewels. Maybe this is Tariq’s weak spot on purpose. He didn’t take too keenly to these lessons because he didn’t like the idea of stripping someone else of their power but not their life.
Life Story

Mother: Iesha al-Latifh, witch (deceased at age 72, born 121 AP, died 193)
Father: Naveed al-Latifh, Warlord (deceased at age 77, born 116 AP, died 193)
Siblings: ten siblings -- 5 older brothers, 4 older sisters
Ahmed - Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord * (deceased at age 52, born 141 AP, died 193)
Aliyah - Rose to Purple Dusk Healer * (deceased at age 48, born 144 AP, died 193)
Kahlil - Warlord (deceased at age 44, born 149 AP, died 193)
Malik - Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord * (deceased at age 43, born 150 AP, died 193)
Nasira - witch (deceased at age 47, born 146 AP, died 193)
Qamar - Warlord (deceased at age 41, born 152 AP, died 193)
Yadira - witch (deceased at age 35, born 158 AP, died 193)
Zaida - Summer Sky to Green Queen * (deceased at age 39, born 154 AP, died 193)
Azar - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Priestess (age 36, born 159 AP)
Spouse: Parveen (deceased)
Children:  son Amir Tiger Eye to undescended Purple Dusk Prince (age 19)* and daughter Laleh soon-to-be Blood Opal to undescended Sapphire Priestess (age 12)*
* indicates family rolled Jewels

Tariq was born the youngest boy in a brood of ten. Because his older brothers were mostly out and about helping with tribe by the time he was born, Tariq spent a lot of his youth surrounded by his sisters. To this day, he blames his sisters for ingraining him with all sorts of faults like emotions. Sometimes he really means it.

Hardly any of his family wore dark Jewels (until his Queen sister Zaida came along) so Tariq was not surprised to receive a Tiger Eye as a Birthright. What he learned in how to use his Jewel, he passed along to his domineering little sister Azar later when she received the same Jewel. When he neared his teenager years, Tariq was all too ready to become a man and learn manly things, since his life, up to that point, had been dominated by women. He absolutely loved his warrior training, which had begun before his Birthright, and he was eager to do nothing but that for the rest of his life.

At the age of seventeen, before going into his Offering, Tariq managed to complete his Trials. Strength and Fortitude came easily to him, and, to no surprise, it was the Mind Test that gave him a bit of difficulty. Declared a man, Tariq received his khanjar and descended into his Offering: Summer Sky. On top of his caste, this Jewel combination gave him solid footing within his clan, and Tariq began training with the leaders of the clan for more important duties.

While training was important to him, that was not to say that training was all Tariq ever did. A Warlord Prince needs regular sex to keep him in line, and these encounters brought him into the arms of the woman who would be the mother of his two children, a gentle but fierce witch named Parveen. She had also trained as a warrior, which might have been why the Rut choose her that time. Either way, their son Amir was conceived, though it was years before they actually married. Tariq always believed that their daughter Laleh was conceived eight years later because of the celebration the clan was having for Amir’s Birthright. Maybe that was truly the case, maybe not. It didn’t matter. Tariq had a family and was content.

He left with the men to escort a gem caravan through some of the most arid parts of Pruul one day and returned to tragedy. A raiding party from another clan had attacked their camp. Parveen killed defending it. Amir and Laleh survived with scars that would eventually heal. But Tariq had lost something vital to his soul, a piece of his heart and humanity. At the age of thirty one, with a four year old daughter and a twelve year old son, Tariq was a single parent and a warrior, divided in duties and family.

The raiding parties came more frequently as the rains stayed away. Tariq found himself at odds with the clan elders about how to proceed. As a leader of the guards, it was his job to follow the commands of the elders, but he didn’t think they were the right commands. Still, his hands were tied. He had to think of his people, his family.

Show Us What You've Got
Character in Play:
The smoke on the horizon told them that they would not be coming home to a pleasant welcome.

Spurring their horses on, Tariq and his men surged towards the last known location of their camp, their families, the billowing smoke beckoning them to hurry. There was far too much of it to come from a bonfire or multiple campfires. No, smoke that thick and that hue appeared because it had consumed more than just wood.Thankfully, it blew away from them so they would not be seized by its stench.

They had left the camp four days ago on a simple escort mission. Just a gem caravan that needed help getting through a patch of Pruul where sandworms were known to gather. It had been quick coin and easy.

Tariq would trade every mark in that purse he carried to know right then that his wife and children were safe.

It still took far too long to reach the camp, which was in chaos. Tents were charred, women were weeping, children were wailing. By the looks of it, the battle had happened earlier that day, probably in the early dawn hours when the guard was at its weakest. “Parveen! Parveen!” Tariq cried as he scrambled off his horse and began tearing through the camp at reckless speed. Where he had left his tent four days ago, there was now three other tents piled together smoldering slightly. “Parveeeeeen!”

She did not answer. And in the wailing and keening, Tariq did not hear the cries of his children. As a Warlord Prince and leader, he should be getting the report of what had happened, preparing for another possible attack. But all he could think about was his family.

“Parveeeeen! Amir! Laleh!” he shouted. If they had hurt little Laleh...if she had died...Mother Night have mercy on them all, Tariq would slaughter the entire clan that did this! “Amiiir!” he shouted, hoping that his eldest was still alive and able to respond. To the rest of the camp, he looked like a madman, his dark eyes crazed, the killing edge becoming his only reality. To his own eyes, he saw nothing familiar in a universe turned upside down.

Finally, blessedly, a familiar voice shouted, “Father!” Tariq whirled around with such speed at his son’s cry that he knocked over one of the men coming to speak with him. Ignoring the man, Tariq very nearly sprouted wings to get to his son.

“Amir, Amir, my child, Amir,” he repeated, holding the youth close, touching his head. Amir clung to his father tightly. “Laleh, where is Laleh?” Tariq asked, drawing back to see if Amir was injured. There were bruises and dried blood but the boy looked mostly unharmed.

“I hid her when it started. I hid her. M-Mother said--” Amir started to explain.

“Your mother! Where is she?” Tariq pleaded to know. The welling up of tears in Amir’s eyes told him the awful truth. Parveen was dead. Laleh and Amir lived. “We will find who did this and avenge her, my son,” Tariq vowed then and there. “Her spirit will not go alone into the Darkness, you hear me?” Amir nodded as tears slid down his cheeks. “Take me to your sister,” Tariq said. Amir obeyed, his father holding on to his hand tightly.

Once they sorted this out, once they had recovered enough, Tariq planned to find who did this and make them pay. Their Blood would soak the sand just like Parveen’s had and their swords would never come for his children again.

By his Jewels, Tariq swore it!

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Player Name: halyonix

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Re: Tariq al-Latifh
« Reply #1 on: Dec 24, 16, 02:38:21 PM »
need cut/uncut status on his Jewels (rolled from Azar's sheet) as well as two family Birthright Jewels please :)
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Re: Tariq al-Latifh
« Reply #2 on: Dec 24, 16, 04:23:03 PM »
As requested.
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Tiger Eye birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Summer Sky Jewel at your offering.



Two family rolls:
1. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
2. Blood Opal - Sapphire
character tracker

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Re: Tariq al-Latifh
« Reply #3 on: Dec 27, 16, 10:50:25 PM »
ready for review!
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Re: Tariq al-Latifh
« Reply #4 on: Dec 29, 16, 03:43:25 PM »
Approved by me for Want Ad!

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Re: Tariq al-Latifh
« Reply #5 on: Dec 30, 16, 09:35:24 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker