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Title: Sarina al-Sabbah
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The Basics

Character Name: Sarina al-Sabbah
Age and Birth Year: 175 AP, 19 years old
Race: Short Lived, Pruulian
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Pruul, al- Kaid tribe
Home Territory: Pruul, al- Sabbah Clan

Birthright Jewel: Cut Opal
Offering Jewel:  Cut Red

Role: Puppet Queen
Faction: True Sabbah


Play By: Danielle Soibelman
Distinguishing Features: Sarina is slim, and petite with thick dark brown hair and large deep brown eyes. She always gives the impression of calm collectedness.


Sarina is...conflicted, and calculated. Her instincts will tell her to do one thing, but her training will tell her to act the opposite. As a result, it is exceedingly rare for her to act on impulse. Rasheed, her first Bonded, is the only person who knows how impulsive Sarina longs to be. He is also the only one who has seen her be carefree since she was nine years old. Sarina only ever truly relaxes her guard when she is alone with Rasheed.

When Sarina is frightened or stressed, she wants to hit something with sticks. When she is happy, she longs to burst into song or laughter. When she is sad, she would weep if it weren’t a waste of one’s water. What Sarina actually does is to literally and figuratively take a step back and calculate all possible, and acceptable, reactions before settling on the one she deems to be appropriate for her in that situation. Because of this, Sarina often appears to others to be entirely detached.

When Sarina rages...well it’s a good thing that Sarina is slow to anger and even more difficult to come to the level of rage; when Sarina rages, she wants things to burn. When she is angered, Sarina believes she must feel physical pain to control it and be able to take that step back, and has on one occasion bit through her lip though usually digging her nails into her palms is sufficient.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, people who know Sarina, or at least know what she lets them know, tend to follow Sarina - both her example and her instructions. They also find themselves going out of their way to make her feel protected or to put a smile on her face. Sarina does her best to repay them for their kindness to her through the use of her Touch and giving emotional healing to those needing it. She is a Queen, she has a duty to her Clan and her Territory, and she will do what she must to fulfill that duty. Indeed, she will often push herself to her limits to give back, and would push beyond them were it not for Rasheed ensuring she does not overdo. Sarina hopes to be able to fulfill that duty without having to compromise her own ideals, but knowing she is to marry into the True Sabbah gives her little faith that her hopes will be realized.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Jala al-Kaid, deceased 183 AP
Father: Cirus al-Kaid, deceased 183 AP
Siblings: Golsan al-Kaid, sister; deceased 168 AP
Tutak al-Kaid, brother; deceased 164 AP
Others: Hamideh al-Kaid, cousin; b. 161 AP; Rose to Blood Opal Queen (Jewels not rolled)
Rasheed al-Kaid, bonded male; b. 161 AP; Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord Prince (Jewels are rolled)


Sarina was born the only surviving child to older parents and the second Queen in her immediate family. Both her older brother and her older sister died within days of birth. Her uncle, her father’s brother, had become the father to a young Queen four years before Sarina’s birth. The two girls spent much time in each other’s company, but her cousin was not especially fond of Sarina.

At the age of four, Sarina met Rasheed al-Kaid, an eight year old Warlord Prince with a Birthright Tiger Eye, and Bonded with him. Although he enjoyed spending as much time with his young Queen as he could, and was pleased to have her watch his weapons training, happy to prove that he would be able to protect her, Rasheed was less than impressed when Sarina would show more interest in watching others’ weapons training. When Sarina was five, an older girl took notice of the girl watching her training and befriended her. Shirin, in training to become a witch warlord, was someone the young Queen greatly admired; and Sarina looked up to her as an older sister, a relationship that was difficult for Rasheed to accept. When she was six, Sarina had a bad fall while out riding; her horse was spooked by a snake. Sarina had been talking to her uncle and did not see the snake; her distraction saw her fall and break her left leg in two places. Rasheed got her to a Healer who tended to her, but Sarina was terrified she’d never heal and would be asked to return her water. She never rode another horse after that.

Shortly after her eighth birthday, Sarina underwent the Birthright ceremony; curiosity and tenacity born of someone who wanted to be as strong as she could be, in ways that her lighter jeweled seudo-sister Shirin and Bonded male Rasheed were not, kept her pushing into the Darkness as far as she could. Blinking as she came out with a cut Opal jewel clasped in her hands she glowed with a sense of accomplishment, not yet considering what this would mean for her. Her father was jovial in his pride, gifting his daughter with a rare book, a book of fables about a Tacean Queen and the things she achieved. The book would become Sarina’s most treasured possession. Later, Sarina would wish she hadn’t been so stubborn in her walk into the Darkness. She overheard the Elders discussing her dark Birthright, darker than any in recent years. She would bring great wealth and influence to the tribe of her birth, they gloated. Sarina learned to hate that she was a Queen, an Opal Queen, a dark Queen because she felt she would not be free to be herself being what she was. At the same time, she knew she could not deny what she was and she would have to find ways to cope with it. She tries not to fight her instincts as a Queen and is constantly thinking of ways that she can try to be who she wants to be as a dark Queen.

A few months after her Birthright Ceremony and before she had had much training working with her Opal, Sarina’s family was attacked by raiders while stopped at one of the larger oasises. Her mother and father were murdered in front of her and Sarina was frozen with fear. When her pregnant aunt was also slaughtered in front of her, Sarina’s fear broke, and she was awash with rage, a haze obscuring her vision as she ran at the men who were coming for her. She wasn't even aware of what she was doing as she releashed an uncontrolled burst of power from her Opal, it was undirected but effective. No one expected it, not Sarina, not the raiders, not any remaining members of Sarina's family. A few raiders died in the hysterical outburst of the young Queen but she exhausted herself quickly and lost consciousness.

Rasheed returned from his sister’s marriage into another tribe to find his young Queen and her cousin to be among the few survivors of the raid. After that, Sarina was no longer a carefree child. She had terrified herself with the strength of her rage fueled outburst and had decided that all emotion was not to be trusted. Sarina had vowed to herself to never let emotion control her again; to examine every situation before deciding on the appropriate - and safest - response to a situation. When she is alone with Rasheed is the only time Sarina knows she can just react and be herself, because their Bond tells her that he is there for her and will do anything to keep her safe and happy.

Having no close family left but her cousin, Sarina devoted herself to her studies learning Protocol and learning to use her Jewel as a Queen should. She discovered that she has a particularly strong Touch and that she is able to read more from her Bond with Rasheed than the other Queens she knows read from their Bonded. She is able to practically communicate with him through the Bond on a level of privacy beyond even psychic threads.

She was twelve when the Geiba were massacred. It seemed to Sarina that violence was erupting everywhere, a thought which shook her, bringing back the memory of her parents’ deaths. Almost a year later, her tribe was attacked while at another oasis by another group of raiders. When Shirin was killed, Sarina very nearly let rage overcome her as it had when she was eight. She was trained in the use of her Jewel now, she had Rasheed physically holding on to her, protecting her, and Sarina still bit clean through her lower lip in the effort to keep control of herself; the pain and the taste of her own blood pulling her focus away from her rage, allowing her to instead focus on protecting a group of children, shielding them and using her Touch to keep them calm and give them courage.

It was after this that Sarina began drawing the weapons from her book, despite the fears she had of widespread violence. For her, the weapons she drew were about self defense rather than wanton carnage. The stilettos, the scissor daggers, the garrotte...they could all kill, yes, but they weren’t exactly weapons of mass destruction. In fact, Sarina was certain that to kill with them would take either extreme luck, or extreme skill, or to be in an extremely dangerous position...and to Sarina if you had the luck it made you naive in a way, or maybe desperate would be the better term since you were probably in that extremely dangerous position. If you had the skill, it made you dispassionate - something raiders lacked.

As Sarina continued her training as a Queen, learning the nuances of Protocol, ideas she would have to put into place were she ever given a Court to rule, she continued to draw away from her emotions. Her cousin Hamideh had her Virgin Night and made her offering to the Darkness to descend fully from the Rose to the Blood Opal; she made a fuss over now being darker than Sarina and gloated over the fact that Sarina had yet to experience her own Virgin Night.

Sarina was sixteen when the Rains came and her tribe learned of the riot surrounding the Mineborn. It wasn’t long before they also heard of a foreign Queen who sought to rule the Sabbah and the fractioning of the Clan Sabbah into those calling themselves the True Sabbah and those who supported the new Queen. Representatives of the True Sabbah came to the Kaid Tribe, looking for a Pruulian-born Queen. Hamideh strutted around, certain that she would be contracted for a betrothal since she possessed a dark Offering Jewel and had completed her training. Seventeen year old Sarina was more than content to let her cousin be chosen since she feared the Clan Sabbah would plummet into civil war. Both cousins were therefore shocked when it was Sarina who was chosen. The official reasons given were that Sarina had the potential to be one of the darkest Queens in Pruul and the strength of her Queen’s Touch; Sarina suspects other reasons. Two days after she turned eighteen she left home. She has now come to Onn, legally betrothed into Clan Sabbah.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

The velvety black of the night sky was liberally littered with bright, twinkling stars. Sitting, almost hidden in the dunes, was the slight figure of a young woman with her knees pulled up and her arms wrapped around them, her head tilted back looking upwards, as if searching the stars above her for some kind of answer. A few feet away stood a tall young man, a dark shadow standing sentinel. All that could be seen of him in the shadows of the night were his eyes which were fixed on his Queen.

Without turning to look at him, Sarina spoke quietly, “Rasheed, if I could fly free into the sky and escape, would you let me go?”

Rasheed didn’t say anything in return; he didn’t have to -- Sarina felt his response through their Bond. A sense of regret, a deep pain, fierce determination, and sad resignation all came ringing through the Bond, enveloping the young Queen’s psychic senses. She smiled sadly up at the stars, “I know Rasheed. You wouldn’t want to, would fight me and fight to free me yourself if you could. You can’t though. Tomorrow I go to the Sabbah. Not just the Sabbah though, not this Elenor Lirion al-Sabbah that I think I could respect; not her, no I go to the True Sabbah. I’m a bought bride for a man I’ve never met, whom I know nothing of.”

Silence ruled the pair for long moments, the wind through the desert providing the only sound. After some time, Rasheed closed the small distance between him and Sarina. She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t even turned to look at him, but he knew. He always knew when she needed him; always knew what she needed from him. He knelt behind her, letting her lean back against him, holding her lightly when she did so.

“I know you are coming with me Rasheed, and I know you know how much that means to me. But I still feel like my world is ending. I don’t think I can be myself with the True Sabbah, and I’m afraid. I’m afraid they’ll use me to start a war, Rasheed, I don’t think I could bear that.”

Rasheed said nothing; there was nothing he could say. All he could do was tighten his hold on his Queen and silently promise to do all in his power to protect her, whether her fears came to pass or not. He would do that, and more. Sarina knew that; had always known that.

Tomorrow would come soon enough. For now, Sarina chose to sit and stare at the stars of Pruul’s night; safe with her Bonded, and secure in the knowledge that he would always be there for her, no matter what.

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You've risen from the Darkness blessed with a cut Opal Birthright Jewel.


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1. White - Yellow
2. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
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Sarina will descend TWO ranks.
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Character Name: Braelyn Davenport
Player Name: Danika

Item Purchased: Inactivity Waiver

Points Cost: 100

Character Name: Sarina a-Sabbah
Player Name: Danika

Item Purchased: Guaranteed Full Descent (Rolled Jewels)

Points Cost: 400

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Weighed by Mother Night...

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