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Author Topic: Nazhin ibna Zareen  (Read 1693 times)

Description: Witch. Yellow to Rose. Played by Myst.

Offline Nazhin ibna Zareen

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Nazhin ibna Zareen
« on: Jul 12, 17, 11:26:22 PM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Nazhin ibna Zareen
Age and Birth Year:  26 (born 168 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Pruulian)
Caste: witch
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: cut Yellow
Offering Jewel: cut Rose

Role: soon to be new recruit/initially useless person/apprentice to Kaveh
Faction: al-Izar (future, hopefully!)


Play By: Hasti Mahdavifar
Distinguishing Features:

Because Nazhin was a sandrider, she has scars. A lot of scars. None of her limbs are unmarked. Nazhin's left leg has a pale mark at the knee, and another partway up her thigh. On her right lower leg, there is a jagged scar from where a broken bone came through the skin. Her right forearm bears a similar scar, and the nails show serious damage. Her left arm has various smaller scars from less serious wounds, and her left (non-dominant) hand is missing most of her pinkie, and the end joint of her ring finger. The left thumbnail no longer grows correctly, either.

Nazhin's face is largely free of scars, except for one on her left temple. Her back, stomach, and chest have some marks, but nothing from life-threatening wounds.

Even though she is not an active sandrider, she tends to wear the armor anyway sometimes. This stems from her being too stubborn to let go, and from practicality: it is a lot to vanish and she has to keep everything she owns vanished. She also keeps a walking stick with her. She bought it at a market, imported from another territory. It is quite sturdy, and while it is usually simply a walking stick, she can hit someone with it pretty hard if needed.



Nazhin appears more confident than she actually is, which isn't to say that she is secretly cowardly or completely pretending. She has plenty of confidence in her abilities as a sandrider and to continue forward into whatever her next stage of life is. She is afraid, too, and overdoes it on the confidence. It is also  partly a defense mechanism to cover up the grief she still feels over the loss of her partner, and the failed attempt at being re-matched that led to her forced break from sandriding.

For the most part, her emotions swing from anger to grief to numbness and back again because she was never allowed to simply grieve. Instead she had to try to bottle it up and  continue on with new partners, and now with figuring out what to do with herself since she is no longer a sandrider. Unfortunately, her ability to keep things in check is waning, and she turns sometimes to alcohol to feel nothing for a while when the emotional numbness doesn't appear on its own.

Beneath the grief and anger is pride. Nazhin is still proud of what she and her partner accomplished, even if their shared goals were never seen through to the end. They still completed their training and were, until his death, sandriders.

Nazhin can still find joy from time to time. She likes to have fun, kick back, and have a few drinks. It is just more difficult to relax to that point now than it used to be.

Finally, recklessness is a trait that seems to be a requirement for sandriders, and Nazhin is no exception. There is a limit to her recklessness, such as not attempting to ride a sandworm on her own, but it has gotten her into other trouble before. She gets a rush from doing dangerous things, and puts aside doubts to get that rush.

  • Having a Purpose: The purpose doesn't need to be grand. It doesn't need to be important. It just needs to exist. It can be The Thing She Will do Today. It can be planning for tomorrow's Thing. It can also be spur of the moment without any forethought. She just wants to do something.
  • Alcohol: Nazhin is eternally grateful that her Jewels are light enough that it is easy to feel the effects of alcohol. It was a way to relax and bond with the other sandriders. Now it is an escape.
  • Adrenaline Rushes: Liking adrenaline rushes is usually a must for sandriders. Nazhin likes the feeling of being afraid and having adrenaline push her forward anyway. She will run towards the danger in many situations, not just sandriding.

  • Crowds: A group of more than six people is a crowd to Nazhin. She grew accustomed to the relative solitude in the desert, and larger groups of people now make her grouchy because they cause her to feel closed in. Nazhin avoids them when she can, but puts up with them when she can't since it is impossible to completely avoid them.
  • When other people don't do what she says: This tends to be a quiet dislike, expressed with a sigh before going along with what the other person wants to do, depending on the situation. If the other person's plan would put them in direct, unnecessary danger, she will dig her heels in. Otherwise, she will just go along to get it over with, and then when/if it goes wrong, she will insist somewhat smugly on trying her plan now. Nazhin is not always right: sometimes the other person's plan works, or sometimes hers fails.
  • Inaction: Nazhin likes to be on the move. She feels that inaction is wasteful because it could be time spent earning money and supplies, or at least making herself useful. She doesn't sit still well and tends to fidget if forced to do so for long periods of time. It also leaves her too much time to dwell on things she can't change.

  • Sandworms: Given how dangerous they are, Nazhin thinks that it would take a great amount of arrogance not to be afraid of them. She knows firsthand that no amount of training can make anyone invincible, but she also knows that letting fear overwhelm her would have the same result as arrogance. It is a balance that must be struck, where a healthy amount of fear breeds respect.
  • Water: Specifically, Nahzin is afraid of large bodies of water. It's not that she doesn't like water; she loves to drink it. She also likes to bathe in it and can do so just fine.  She simply cannot swim.
  • Dying: Nahzin is not afraid of what comes after death, but the process of dying. She is afraid that it will be painful and scary, that it will be caused by someone else, or be preceded with her jewels, mind, or both being broken. She was also afraid of sandworms killing her, but at least death by sandworm is quick.

Craft Strengths:
  • Warming/cooling: these were craft skills that are very useful while living in a desert with sometimes scarce supplies. Being able to heat food without starting a fire or cool water for drinking were partially about comfort, and partially about simple survival.
  • Timed craft: Since food is sometimes scarce or at least difficult to find in the desert, Nazhin was taught trapping with Craft. Due to practice and practical use, she has become fairly good at it, enough that she is better at it than she is other types of Craft. Her application of this type of Craft is fairly narrow, so other types of timed spells would be more difficult for her.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Combat Shielding: Although Nazhin can create basic shields to keep sand out of places it doesn't belong, combat shielding specifically was not a large focus of her training to be a sandrider. It is the sort of spell that would enrage a sandworm, thus making it ineffective against them. While she might save herself in one moment, she would likely be making the entire situation worse by using it, so applications are very specific.
  • Craft used for vanity reasons: things such as using spells to hold an intricate hairstyle in place or remove wrinkles from clothing were utterly useless to Nahzin as a sandrider. She never had a reason to learn to do them well, so she could try, but the results would probably be comical.

Life Story

Mother: Zareen ibna Nazila (b. 137 AP), Rose - Summer Sky witch
Father: Bijan ibn Faraz (b. 136 AP), Purple Dusk - Green Warlord
Brother: Siamak ibn Bijan (b. 166 AP), Purple Dusk - Sapphire Prince

Important People:
Sandriding Master: Hasti ibna Sohrab (b. 147), White - Tiger-Eye witch
Sandriding Partner: Namdar ibn Ramtin (b. 167 AP), Landen male (deceased)


Born to Darker Jeweled parents, Nazhin was given over to the sandriders soon after her Birthright ceremony. She continued to see her parents from time to time after that, but visits were difficult to come by due partially to the amount of time her training took up.

Nazhin's master was an interesting woman. She sometimes gave instruction and sometimes went days without saying a word. When she spoke, it was almost always over a thread, and her voice was raspy from an injury to her throat, which she survived thanks to a very good healer. Nazhin learned many of her skills through being taught in silence. It allowed her to become attuned to the sounds of the desert as they moved deeper and deeper into it as her skills increased.

Like all other prospective sandriders, Nazhin went through the week long survival test. The silence seemed deeper without her master’s presence.

She managed to survive on her own using her master's teachings, and she was then taken to Tuono to start learning at the Madrasa. Her brother was there, but he was struggling. His struggles continued for several years as he stubbornly refused to give up.

The Sheikh originally intended for them to be a pair, but before this could happen, Nazhin's brother ended up dropping out, much to the dismay and shame of their parents. Nazhin was instead paired with a Landen boy named Namdar. Their Ceremony of Two went well, thankfully since there were so few other options. Nazhin grew more distant from her family due to lack of visits. Her brother resented her continued success in the face of his own failure, which drove a wedge between them.

As her training with Namdar continued, Nazhin began to come out of her shell around the small group of other, more boisterous sandriders and trainees while they were at The Madrasa. She also got to know the people of Tuono.

The friendship between Nazhin and Namdar grew. Sandriding takes both brains and brawn; Nazhin was the brawn and Namdar the brains, although both certainly had plenty of the other necessity as well. His initial training had been similar to her own, which was, as they found out, because their masters were partners. They worked in silence sometimes, growing in tune with each other’s movements. Mere glances and nods could communicate a fair amount, although there were times that words were still needed, especially when whatever plan they had started with needed to change on the fly.

Nazhin found that she loved her life. She and Namdar loved each other as well, although they were not in love. In many ways, he felt like the brother she should have had, and she was the sister he never had. They made a comfortable amount of money, spoke of the dreams they had, and made plans for their lives both separately and together. Someday when their active sandriding days were over, they wanted to be the Sheikh and the Emirate, and bolster the number of sandriders.

Everything was going well, or as well as things could for sandriders. There were plenty of injuries and a few lost fingers, but for the most part, their lives were good. Times were also strange. The pair heard about mineborn children who were released. Then there was an entire day of rain. Nazhin and Namdar heard many stories about it while accepting work, and some of the stories conflicted, so they didn't quite know what to believe. Either way, they knew it would mean change. Their lives moved forward, with more money and doing more planning and dreaming.

Until suddenly, times weren’t good anymore.

Namdar was killed. Nazhin almost didn’t see it happen. One moment they were doing well, and the next, both were tossed from the sandworm they were attempting to mount. Nazhin jumped clear, but Namdar did not. The broken leg he gained in the fall very quickly didn’t matter as the sandworm turned on him and killed him. Knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do for him, Nazhin fled. She wandered aimlessly for the night, unable to stop the scene from replaying over and over in her mind, trying to figure out some way that she could have prevented it from happening, as if it mattered, as if it could bring him back.

Nothing could bring him back. The words from her master were meant to be comforting, to reassure her that there was nothing she could have done to change what happened, but to Nazhin, they were only the cold truth. He was gone, and she felt like her heart had been wrenched from her chest. Everything they planned was gone. Nazhin functioned in a robotic manner for a week, eating because she knew that she should, numbing the pain with alcohol. The Sheikh wanted to try to pair her with another sandrider because she was good at it and their numbers were still quite low. There was no use wasting all the time spent training her, and her hard-earned skill.

The attempt failed spectacularly. While the male did not end up dead, the moment the twenty-four hours were up, he fled the room that stunk of her anger and his fear. She couldn't even explain what had gone wrong. Nazhin tried to get herself together for the next attempt in the works. She wanted to push through and continue being a sandrider; it was what she would have wanted Namdar to do if their positions were reversed.

Instead of trying again, though, Nazhin’s master came to her and told her that she needed to leave. While she was not being banished permanently - she had passed the Great Testing so her skill as a sandrider was not up for debate - she needed a break. Worse, it needed to be out of the deep desert and away from Tuono, which was the only home Nazhin knew. It made her angry, as if they were throwing her out. What if her skills got rusty? What if that meant she could never ride again? In the end, it didn't matter because she couldn't ride now, either.

So, she packed her things and left.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Only a day had passed since the Ceremony of Two failed. It was another blow to Nazhin, but at the moment, she barely registered it in comparison to the depth to which she felt Namdar's loss. Rather than feeling kicked while she was down, she merely felt as if someone had nudged her with their foot. All of her emotions were tied to that moment, the moment Namdar was killed and there was nothing she could do to help him. Everything else felt muted, drowned by the tsunami of grief and anger and denial.

Her eyes watched the ground in front of her as she carried water from the oasis pool back towards Tuono proper, one bucket on each end of her walking stick, held over one shoulder. She caught the psychic scent of her master in front of her and stopped upon seeing the other witch's feet.

Hasti didn't speak. She often didn't, not out loud. Nazhin stared at Hasti's feet for a few long moments before finally lifting her gaze. Hasti was holding Nazhin's sandrider armor, as well as bag.

*You must leave,* Hasti told her. She spoke by thread more often than not. Nazhin's response was a rush of confusion, despair, then anger. Her grip on her walking stick tightened; the buckets shook a little as her hand trembled with her surge of anger, causing ripples on the water surfaces.

*It is not forever,* the master continued unhurriedly. *But we have decided that you need a break.*

*For how long?* Nazhin's voice would have cracked if she had spoken, so she answered on the thread instead. She didn't want a break. She wanted to be here, to ride, to have her partner back.

*Until you find balance again,* was her master's reply. In silence, they exchanged the buckets of water for armor and belongings. The silence was as calm as it ever was on her master's part. It was barely suppressed anger for Nazhin. How dare they kick her out? This was her home as much as it was theirs! Nazhin abruptly broke the connection between them and her master let it be for a moment while she vanished her things. Since Nazhin already had plenty vanished, it was a stretch. She would sort that out later; her Rose would handle it for now. Then Hasti renewed the thread connection.

*You may say your goodbyes. There is a caravan leaving soon. You can go with them.*

There was no one here she wanted to say goodbye to, so Nazhin simply turned towards the caravan. She intended to just leave, her anger palpable in the air around her, and was ten paces away when Hasti spoke.

"I look forward to your return. It will be too quiet without you here." Although Nazhin had heard the raspy voice before, it always managed to startle her. She jerked slightly and turned to halfway face her master. The swirl of emotions she felt prevented her from forming words, but none were needed. Hasti nodded and Nazhin left.

Player Name: Myst

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Re: Nazhin ibna Zareen
« Reply #1 on: Jul 12, 17, 11:34:01 PM »
Could I please have a Light Randomized and three family rolls?

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Re: Nazhin ibna Zareen
« Reply #2 on: Jul 12, 17, 11:35:51 PM »
Your Light Random roll...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Yellow Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Rose Jewel at your Offering.



And your three Family Rolls...

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2. Rose - Summer Sky
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Re: Nazhin ibna Zareen
« Reply #3 on: Jul 14, 17, 06:40:36 PM »
Ready for review! I think. I'm not sure if it matters but! I discussed creating a sandrider with Kenna prior to making her.

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Re: Nazhin ibna Zareen
« Reply #4 on: Jul 14, 17, 08:22:13 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker