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Title: Mehdi al-Sabbah
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The Basics

Character Name: Mehdi al-Sabbah
Age and Birth Year: 25, born 168 
Race: Short Lived 
Caste: Jeweless Blood Male 
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Role: Gardener
Faction: Clan Sabbah


Play By: Dev Patel
Distinguishing Features: His hands and clothes are usually covered in dirt. He sometimes has pockets full of seedlings. He is often barefoot and even though his skin is naturally dark, he has distinct tan lines from all the time he spends outside.


Mehdi is a kind and exuberant. He is made of optimism, laughter and overly dramatic speeches. He talks all the time, about anything and everything that interests him, and it’s probably a good thing he’s never been handed a book because he already has enough interests. His greatest love in life are living things. Anything that grows takes precedence to people or stone or sand. He cares for plants with the gentle touch and affection that mothers do babies, cooing to them and singing songs to help them grow. He is personally and deeply hurt and indignant when people step on a weed growing in a crack between pavers. He thinks every plant is special and there is a place for all of them, and that everything can be transplanted somewhere where it can do good.

Shunned and misunderstood by men who define worth only by the sharpness of one’s knife, Mehdi has generally always felt more comfortable in the company of women, though his youthful appearance and excitement rarely usually relegate him as just a friend.

His passion for gardening is not just a superficial enjoyment. He cries tears of true joy when he sees the first blossom on a fruit tree, and feels true sorrow when the sun dries out a plant that he tried to keep alive. He fears another drought more than he fears his own death and is intensely grateful that the Sabbah have a Queen again who can bless the land with her Gift.

Mehdi is a very creative man. His garden beds are arranged for both functionality and beauty, and his trellises are a thing of beauty. He always on the hunt to find new ways to help the soil retain moisture, or to keep the roots of plants watered, and if someone mentions that they know something about gardening, they will have to bat his eager questions away with a shovel. He also loves to draw, especially flowers. Sitting in his gardens, studying a new bud, fills him with the sort of deep peace and contentment that he imagines the Darker Jeweled Blood feel deep in the Abyss.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Madiha al-Sabbah, 49, born 144, Blood Female
Father: Wasif al-Sabbah, 51, born 142 Rose - Opal Warlord
Eijaz al-Sabbah, 29, born 164 Blood Opal - Green Warlord
Taheem al-Sabbah, 27, born 166 Tiger Eye - Summer Sky Warlord


Mehdi was the youngest of three sons, and the only one not to receive a Birthright Jewel. From a young age Mehdi was excitable, but gentle. Always exuberant and bouncy, his father hoped he would take to fighting like his brothers had. He did not. He had one love, and one love only: living things.

Mehdi’s mother had come from one of the farming families who lived around the lake in Onn. She had given up tending the land when she married but had never lost the joy of it, and she passed this joy to her youngest, much to the displeasure of the other males of the family. From the age of five, every time someone asked Mehdi what he wanted to do when he grew up, his answer would be: “garden!”

Adolescence brought no additional drive to fight, none of the drive to aggression that his brothers had. When handed a knife, he would dig in the dirt with it. When asked to drill hand-to-hand forms, Mehdi would dance. His father despaired of his son ever passing his Trials and becoming a man. 

When the time for that all-important rite of passage came, Mehdi tried -really tried- to pass, but when it came time for the Test of Strength, he lost his footing and failed to win the fight set before him. The Elders of the Clan told him to go back to his studies to a year and try again. He had spent the whole year tending to a small container garden that he had made in the back of a wagon.

Ready to pull out his hair, his father stood over Mehdi for the last few months, personally coaching him through his drills, making sure his son did not dishonor the family a second time.

He passed, but by the skin of his teeth and only because the Elders learned the first time and realized they had to test something other than the boy’s ability to wield a knife. Instead, his Test of Strength and Endurance were combined and consisted of hauling rocks to build a wall. His thin legs were shaking and arms ached by the end, but he was given his Khanjar and permission to have his Offering.

He came away with no Jewel, and told his father he was leaving and going to Onn to be a gardener. Shaking his head, the older man kissed his son’s brow and gave him his blessing. He would never understand Mehdi, but would have to find a way to love him anyways.

Mehdi’s Khanjar has lived in one of his drawers, untouched, since arriving in Onn. He got a job at the Sabbah Residence as an assistant gardener. When the Rains came, his boss and mentor was one of the Sabbah who died in the square. Mehdi cried but also rejoiced, because he had never seen something so wondrous as water falling from the sky. All his garden beds were overflowing with life in the weeks after, and then, as if the miracles were intent on coming one after the other, a Queen arrived.

She was shy and pale, but she loved his gardens and spent time in them every day with him, using her Gift for the land. They didn’t speak more than a few words to each other for the first half a year she lived there, but by the time she took her Trials, she was starting to open up. He was among the Sabbah who cheered for her when she formed her Court and the one who noticed how many shoots popped up all over the courtyard that had absorbed so much of her blood.
While he did not join her Court, for his loyalty is to the building and the gardens therein, Mehdi is proud to consider himself a friend to the Queen of the Sabbah, and a member of her household staff.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Mehdi bounded into the tiny courtyard with his arms full of pots, almost tripping over the dog lying sprawled in the sun. He righted himself, lanky body waving like a palm tree in a wind-storm, then jumped over the dog towards the fair-haired woman kneeling by one of the stone beds along the border of the enclosed open-air room.

“Rosemary, lemon verbena, and lavender!” He exclaimed, skidding to a stop near her and setting down the pots. “Just found them in the market. They are ever so wilted, but with some water and encouragement, they will surely grow to be the most glorious herbs that ever were. I know this, for how could they not when such a lovely space has been picked out for them?”

The Lady just smiled up at him, tucking a strand of yellow hair behind her ear then reaching for the lavender plant. Her finger brushed one of the wilted leaves and a look of sadness and concern crossed her face. She didn’t see it, but Mehdi beamed. This was what a Queen should be. People, they could take care of themselves, but the land… the land needed custodians.

“We should but this one in the middle. It will grow the tallest.” She said, straightening up on her knees and picking up a spade she had clearly been using just a few moments before. With care, she begs to dig a hold the side of the plant, and Mehdi joined her, using his hands to take the young lavender seedling out of the pot it had come in. With a wide smile spreading across his lips, he nestled the roots of the plant into the hole, and together they filled in the dirt around it.
Mehdi called in a small unglazed clay pot with a small opening. It was heavy with water and pulled the cork out. “If you would, Lady. This little one could use some help, I think.”

She nodded. A pin appeared in her hand, and with a little wince she pricked the tip of a finger and squeezed just a drop or two of bright red blood into the warm water. Her hand came to rest on the side of the pot and closed her eyes. “There. That should do.”

Mehdi beamed at her and buried the pot in the warm, sandy earth by the roots of the lavender. The water contained in the pot would slowly begin to seep out the porous shell, the Gift contained within nourishing the little plant until it took hold and began to settle in it’s new home. “Grow tall and bloom, my sweet,” Mehdi whispered, leaning close to inhale the floral scent of the single flowering stalk, “for you are loved beyond words, and will be cared for always.”

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You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.

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1. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
2. Blood Opal - Green
3. Rose - Opal
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