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Author Topic: Matin al-Sabbah  (Read 288 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by mu

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Matin al-Sabbah
« on: Jul 30, 19, 05:02:12 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Matin al-Sabbah
Age and Birth Year: age 30, born 164 AP
Race: Pruulian (Short Lived)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: uncut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk

Role: Steward to Elenor Lirion
Faction: Clan Sabbah


Play By: Omar Borkan Al Gala
Distinguishing Features: Matin is meticulous in his personal care and keeps himself well-dressed and well-groomed. If, at any point, he can be described as “scruffy” or “unkempt,” assume that something terrible has happened.


Personality: There are certain characteristics one expects in a Warlord Prince. Volatility, jealousy, sensuality, focus. Matin has the potential for all these things, but invests himself in the service of his Clan and the protection of those dear to him in ways more typical of a Prince. He thrives within order and organization, moves easily when he has tradition and Protocol to direct his actions and is quick to impose the rules he lives by on other people. However, even at his most restrained, Matin can be a string of snide comments, sarcasm and underhanded praise. His social acumen and mind for language mean that he can be very subtle with this when he chooses, and any blatant insults are worded just as deliberately. Among the few people he trusts, his wit is playful rather than malicious but often just as devious.

Training and experience have curbed the less predictable facets of his nature and honed those he finds useful, but eventually his self-repression will break and whatever he was holding back will pour out of him with far less control.

He has spent his adult life without the influence of a Queen. Unfortunately, despite their Bond, he and Elenor rarely get along. She brings out his bitterness and anger, and he does not spend much time close enough to her to fully benefit from her touch. In her presence, he tends to be especially defensive and irritable, though he maintains a veneer of refinement and would ultimately keep her from any real harm.

When he is with his daughter, Matin’s need for control drops. His focus is entirely on her, and unless something threatens her he is able to relax in a way that few others will ever witness. While he was raised to uphold Sabbah traditions, his forced self-control is something that developed after her mother was executed and protecting her became his primary goal.

  • Dancing. As a young Warlord Prince being groomed for a Territory court, Matin trained in much more than Protocol and Blood Law. He took to dancing with the rigor and precise physicality of his caste, and enjoys it more than most other physical outlets.
  • Mental Challenges. Matin has an affinity for puzzles and games of strategy, whether playing at a table, navigating the labyrinth of social standing or making negotiations.
  • Pruul. Besides being fiercely devoted to his clan and people, Matin loves the desert. It is unforgiving and brazenly honest, and makes great demands of those who call it their home. But to a man who spent his boyhood climbing dunes, hunting lizards and birds and pressing his palms into still-warm sand to ward off the night’s steep chill, it feels more like a sanctuary than anything else.
  • Uncalculated risks. Matin may sometimes show a Warlord Prince’s brashness, but when level-headed he will always choose consistency and proven methods over a less certain alternative. When he must gamble, he tries to do so analytically and with a healthy supply of contingency plans.
  • Outsiders. Especially when they meddle in things that they don’t understand and grab at power that they have no right to.
  • The Mineborn. If Matin is resistant to outsiders in control of his clan, he despises the idea of the Mineborn being given any sort of power or influence. The circumstances that lead to their births were abhorrent, but that makes them victims, not saviors.
  • Not being able to protect Salma. Every parent fears for their child, but not every child faces the dangers that Salma does. Matin has lost many things and people that were important to him, and will sacrifice anything to keep his daughter safe.
  • Being manipulated into acting against his values. Matin feels that he, like many others, was taken advantage of by Geiba leaders and by Adramelech, and he knows that his beliefs and emotions can be used against him. His Bond to Elenor especially confuses him and he fears how it may affect him, and what it might lead him to do.
  • Failing his clan. Matin has spent his life being driven to protect the Sabbah and its interests at any cost. If he is unable to do that, he is sure he will be outcast; while losing his life’s purpose would be difficult, the root of this fear is that he cannot imagine living without the structure and support of his Clan.
Craft Strengths:
  • Diplomacy Craft. Isfandyar taught his son many skills that are second nature to a Prince, particularly those that would help him gain rank in courts. Determining a person's intent and anticipating their reactions is one such ability that has proven quite useful.
  • Hunter’s Mark. Matin learned this Craft to keep track of the most important pieces are on his chess board, but almost exclusively uses it to monitor his daughter’s safety.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Battle Craft. While he is a skilled fighter and strategist, Matin falters when facing multiple opponents in combat. It is a weakness he has trained to overcome, but one he has never been able to completely escape.
  • Mind-Affecting Craft. Matin is exacting in the control of his own emotions and skilled at reading people, but lacks finesse when using Craft to manipulate or compel. The results are often much more intense than he intends, and he prefers to gather his information via Craft and use more mundane methods to influence people.
Life Story
Mother: Zhaleh al-Sabbah, Summer Sky to Green Priestess (age 50, b. 144 AP)
Father: Isfandyar al-Sabbah, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Prince (age 49, b. 145 AP)
Sibling: Adileh “Adel” al-Sabbah, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Priestess (age 22, b. 172 AP)
Child: Salma al-Sabbah, Birthright Rose Queen (age 7, b. 187 AP) with Michka al-Geiba (half-Blood White witch, b. 165 AP, d. 188 AP). Currently in the care of Theodor Lirion.

Aunt: Shira al-Sabbah, Green to Red Black Widow (age 45, b. 148 AP)
Wife: Sarina al-Sabbah, Opal to Red Queen (age 19, b. 175 AP)
Bonded Queen: Elenor Lirion al-Sabbah, Rose to Opal Queen (age 196, b. 3 BP)

Matin was the firstborn child of a Priestess and a Prince, and they channeled all of their ambitions into him. His education began in toddlerhood, with Protocol permeating the way he learned to move and speak and every ounce of the young Warlord Prince’s energy channeled into the service of his Tribe. He played at fighting, as all Pruulian children do, and was expected to excel, but he was also expected to be well-spoken and well-read. When he began his formal combat training at age six, Matin’s other studies became more rigorous as well. His father, a Summer Sky Prince called Isfandyar, oversaw many trade negotiations on behalf of the Sabbah tribe and ensured that his son was not only knowledgeable about arithmetic and commerce but also had the social ingenuity to turn any situation to his favor. His mother, Zhaleh, had heady aspirations as a Green-Jeweled Priestess and compelled Matin to have similar fervor.

It became clear early in his life that his strengths often favored the mental and social features of his caste over the physical, and their ambition was given a target: the position of the Grand Prince of Pruul. His education started focusing on the history, customs and skills that would allow him to easily gain status in a court, and his mother tutored him on the emotional intricacies he would need to understand as the First Escort to a Priestess Queen.

When Matin was seven years old, Zhaleh became pregnant, and shortly after his eighth birthday his sister was born. When Adileh’s psychic scent established her a Priestess like her mother, she was quickly folded into their parents’ scheming, and it seemed like all of their attention was on her when the time came for his Birthright Ceremony. When he returned with a Tiger Eye Jewel, they seemed to be disappointed that he was not more powerful instead of being proud that he had taken one more step towards manhood or that the Darkness had blessed him with a Jewel at all.

The training with the warriors of his tribe was one of the few things that stayed consistent as Matin progressed into adolescence, and his bond with his new training mates grew strong. He considered them his siblings to a stronger degree than their other Sabbah contemporaries, and he spent increasingly more of his free time with their families instead of his own. Many of these children belonged to the Sabbah’s constituent tribe the Geiba, who Isfandyar had extensive dealings with, and as Matin was accepted into their families he gained an appreciation for the small variations in the traditions he had been raised with and he developed a certain feeling of kinship within their communities.

As a Warlord Prince and the son of a Priestess, Matin faced his rites of manhood with the burden of others’ expectations. The test of Strength was the most difficult; while he had his caste’s affinity for combat, he had always struggled when facing multiple opponents, and there were moments of disorientation when he feared he would fail, but each time he recovered and ultimately passed the test. The test of Mind was more suited to his strengths. His mind was quick and thorough when presented with a puzzle, and this was no exception; it was not an easy challenge, but he knew from the first moment he would overcome it. The test of Fortitude was the most straightforward, but he felt less confident when he began. He had spent his life in the desert and was not afraid of its inherent dangers, and he had the strength of his Tiger Eye Jewel to draw from if he needed it. The trial wasn't as straightforward as it was for many people, but he passed through it and returned from the open desert, a man in the eyes of his people.

Shortly after he received his Khanjar, Matin was taken as an apprentice to the Clan’s Steward. He shadowed the man in addition to his continuing studies, and found less and less time to spend pursuing his own interests.

Chief among those interests was a young half-Blood witch named Michka al-Geiba. She had a sharp wit and clever tongue, and her family had recently joined the large group of Sabbah that surrounded their Court, even in the absence of a Queen.

Matin spent every spare moment with Michka, and they would stay up long into the night playing chess or another game by witchlight and talking. During the day, they would help each other with chores and studies and it became common to see them working side by side as they fulfilled their duties to Clan and Tribe.

During the next New Year Gathering, rumors and speculation about Matin and Michka’s relationship spread throughout the Sabbah. Between the two of them, things progressed more slowly. As an adolescent Warlord Prince, Matin was learning to manage his new volatility, and Michka was, for all her self-assurance, a nonjeweled witch. His Protocol books accounted for many things, but were less forthcoming on how to emotionally manage one's first love. Old Pruulian traditions were seldom more helpful, and Matin’s parents seemed more interested in the social and political ramifications of their relationship than their son's happiness within it.

For two youths that considered themselves bound by tradition, they found themselves without direction as they explored each other. Things moved forward slowly and carefully over the next years. Michka had her Virgin Night with a trusted member of her Tribe, but Matin was her first lover, and she saw him through his first Rut. By the time he made his Offering to the Darkness, everyone around them knew it was only time until they married.

Shortly before Michka was to make her own Offering, she learned that she was with child; several months later, the brutalities of the Geiba-controlled mines were brought to light. By the time their daughter, Salma, was born, Pruul was teeming with anger and fear. Matin’s instincts were primed to do anything to protect her and her mother, and every ounce of his cunning and Craft were devoted to that task.

Despite his efforts, when Saiph al-Kaid began arresting marked Geiba there wasn't much he could do.

Michka was apprehended, and Matin took Salma and ran.

He spent the next years moving between small groups of Sabbah and unaffiliated caravans until he found himself with his parents again. At Zhaleh’s insistence, he made his way back into the Clan’s political circles. He had ingratiated himself with the Voice of the Sabbah during his apprenticeship, and it was easy enough to once again gain his favor once he explained the reason for his sudden disappearance.

Adramelech’s failing mind eventually brought him and his followers down, but Matin saw the pieces start to fall well in advance, and this time he didn't wait to disappear.

Recent History:
Matin Bonded to the long-lived Queen of the Sabbah, Elenor Lirion, during her Trials, and was named her First Escort. He worked as a double agent for the True Sabbah for several months, openly undermining the rule of a Queen he felt he had been cornered into serving. Their relationship changed when they left Onn and the shadow of the True Sabbah; Matin’s loyalty was cemented and the two of them became more intimate and willing to trust each other. When he confided in her about his relationship to the surviving Geiba children, she sent him back to Onn to investigate abuses against them while she continued to travel to other Territories.

Following his return, newly betrothed to Sarina al-Sabbah under Compulsion and suspected for the murder of Elenor’s Steward, Matin was the highest-ranking member of the Sabbah Court in Pruul. He led his Clan through the Sandworm Attacks and the Siege of Onn, instituting rooftop gardening under Elenor’s instructions and providing food and resources to all residents of the city in need.

On the day that Elenor returned to Onn, one thread of Shira’s machinations came to a head in the form of an early Birthright Ceremony for Salma, with the intent of denying Matin paternity. Adavera al-Jinan, a friend of Matin and adoptive mother of one of the Geiba orphans, broke through Shira’s compulsion on her and, along with Matin and others, fought her way to the temple to rescue the young Queen. The building divisions in the Clan calcified, Matin became Steward of the Sabbah, Sarina and Salma became Wards of the Court.

When Adavera married Torin al-Jinan in the Sabbah compound, Shira orchestrated an attack. Matin sent Salma with her Bonded, Theodor Lirion. They left Pruul with Elenor, who had survived an assassination attempt, and most of the Court. Matin stayed behind to protect those unable to leave and serve the Sabbah still in the Territory. He was married to Sarina and, when he refused to cooperate further, was imprisoned, poisoned, and tortured as punishment both for his own infractions and to punish those who cared about him.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Matin wasn't in Onn when Saiph al-Kaid ordered the execution of the Geiba.

He wasn't among the Sabbah who stood witness in silent protest or those who gathered in their camps out of fear of the gathered crowd's vengeance. He wasn't one of the countless that gathered to cheer at the bloodshed.

Matin was at the edge of a mountain range, huddled in the shade of a solitary tent, his eyes heavy from nights of hard travel, stroking his infant daughter’s hair as she slept through the heat of midday.

He was waiting for the piece of Craft that connected him to the child's mother to disappear.

She chose this.

The thought ripped through Matin, leaving a jagged wound that festered with pain and anger and betrayal.

Michka chose this end. He had seen that it might come to this and seen that she might escape, and she had refused him. He had let her stay because the decision was hers to make, and because part of him had continued to believe that the Mother would choose justice rather than slaughter an entire people.

Then Michka and every other Geiba over the age of eight had been arrested, and he had realized that there was only one way this would end. He had been foolish to hope.

Honor, cherish, protect. He couldn't have done all three, not once she decided to sacrifice herself, but his chest was tight with the feeling that he had chosen wrong.

Salma stirred against his chest, her voice creaking in the way it did when she was hungry, and he reached into his pack for a skin of camel milk with shaking hands.

Honor, cherish, protect. He hadn't been able to protect Michka, but knowing that he still had to protect their daughter was the only thing holding him back from the Killing Edge. Without her, he would have been dead already. He doubted he would have cared much.

Matin felt the psychic mark he had placed on Michka dissipate. He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back the urge to manifest all of his rage and grief into action. If he let that happen now, Salma would cry. If Salma started to cry, it would shatter what was left of his broken heart.

Reactivation Petiton: 
Why did this character became inactive?
I went on a planned hiatus to focus on other projects and obligations, but Real Life ate me and mental health stuff happened and my backlog became daunting, and I just never came back from hiatus.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I’m sticking to a single active character for the time being, so that I can more easily stay on top of activity and not get overwhelmed, and am working on plots that are less stressful for me to keep up with. Also DragonGirl will literally bite me.

What are your plans for this character?
Matin has a central role in the ongoing Sabbah/True Sabbah/Min Alramad plot. He has just been released from imprisonment, is in a marriage he doesn’t want to be in, is separated from his Queen and daughter, and is being blackmailed and poisoned to keep him in line. I’m not sure exactly where all this is going, but it’s definitely going somewhere.

Number of previous Reactivations:

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Updated character ages, Role and Faction, and Family to reflect current time and plots. Added to his History to bring it up to date.

Player Name: mu

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Re: Matin al-Sabbah
« Reply #1 on: Jul 30, 19, 05:14:53 PM »
Ready for review.

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Re: Matin al-Sabbah
« Reply #2 on: Aug 09, 19, 05:41:06 PM »
Sorry for the delay, mu!

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