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Seven children are destined to save Pruul and shake the traditions of the territory to their very core. In response, factions have broken the peace of a previously unified territory and violence has erupted across the dessert. It is a battle between the past and the future, the young and the old, and blood won’t stop seeping into the sand.
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Author Topic: Leila al-Kurhah  (Read 3392 times)

Description: Healer. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Haloriel.

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Leila al-Kurhah
« on: Jul 23, 16, 12:35:46 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Leila al-Kurhah
Nicknames: Lai-lai, Aya
Age & Birthyear: 77 | 117 AP
Race: 1/2 Pruulian, 1/4 Challiotian, 1/4 Dhemlani
Caste: Healer
Birth Territory: Pruul, Terreille
Home Territory: Pruul, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel:  Cut Summer Sky



Play By: Myriam Fares

Distinguishing Features: Leila possesses the fine, golden skin of a Dhemlani, while her eyes are a blend of green the colour of the rich grasses near a Queen-kissed Oasis and the gold of her long-lived heritage. Her long hair stands out in Pruul sharply, holding the hue of the sunrise in its curling strands, a gift from a Challiotian ancestor. Compassionate is her smile paired with a diligent, expressive gaze. Leila is perhaps of an average height range for a woman, standing to approximately five and a half feet.

Though it is typically covered, and she has answered to 'Leila al-Sabbah' for half her life, the Healer possesses a simple black tattoo of a star on the bicep, representing her birth into the Kurhah Tribe. While there are few that notice, she still clings to the flat circular silver pin representing the Kurhah and wears it on a silver chain next to her Uncut Tiger Eye Jewel. Due to her long-lived heritage, smaller, though it is, the Healer has hardly aged since her mid-twenties, while instead of a heaviness occasionally slides through her happy expression revealing her years.


Personality: Pure sweetness blended with wisdom. One might argue that such a thing is difficult or impossible to find in Pruul, but much akin to the manner in which the desert can indeed give life, such is Leila. Born under a bright moon, and a blessing to her mother as the only child that reminded her of her own mother's distant Challiot, she registered her Healer Caste at once. Naturally inquisitive and wanting to tend others with warm compassion guiding her every movement, Leila typically manages to charm every person she aids with her gifts: tenderness, politeness, confidence.

With a Pruulian father born of the smallish Kurhah tribe known for their negotiating, and a half long-lived mother both Challiotian and Dhemlani that was adopted into the tribe along with her twin sister, Leila grew to understand a variety of viewpoints, and cultural differences, which reflect in the manner she deals with others.

This wisdom only serves to bolster her swift, creative mind in both mending techniques and social overtures. A hint of sadness lingers in her green and gold eyes for the losses of her son and husband, though these are at a considerable remove. Perhaps in manners that she should not be, Leila is very giving, possessing a tendency to pass along her extraneous supplies to those that lack. Passion is entwined with practicality, where permitted she is often one that will give a touch unto those that possess the need while maintaining inclination toward being a careful listener. Having a gentle, yet firm bedside manner is most important to her.

  • 1 Moonrises: The beauty of the moon is nearly enthralling for Leila, as not only is it the best time for prayers, in the honest chill of Darkness, but it is also the time of day that she, her son, and grandson were born. Thus, it has a very special and warm meaning for the Healer for both religiosity and memory.
  • 2 Weaving: Leila loves her hands busy, and with weaving is one calming way to accomplish it. The slide of silk, wool, and cotton underhand is adored and appreciated. Lastly, the calm repetition in accomplishing a task that creates something new is simply another way in which the Healer in her may resurge. Those that are ill benefit from handmade, warm blankets and it is one of her favourites to attach a healing weave to.
  • 3 Afternoon Naps: It is especially hot in Pruul in the middle of the day. Leila's favourite is to sleep under the well-shaded area after finishing all of her morning tasks. The best nap is after enough tasks and exercise that have one ready for lunch and then rest. Afterward, she is almost always spry and might offer an easy laugh.

  • 1 The Salt Mines: Having married into the Sabbah, she is, for all intents and purposes loyal. Mostly. The Salt mines, however, have always been a thorn in her side. Though trading salt brings considerable wealth, the entire business makes Leila's skin crawl. Quietly, she wishes that there were no more tribes and just one whole Pruul, but never ever would such a thing be uttered out loud. To her, it is one thing to force a male that has broken a witch to work the mines, or even more vile, the hated water thief, but innocents and children are just wrong.
  • 2 Sandstorms: While sandstorms are dangerous, it is not why she does not like them. Nor is it the sand but rather, their indiscriminate destructive quality that took her husband and father. It makes her fret occasionally, and ever more does she take the sands of Pruul more seriously than some might.
  • 3 Stubbornness: Stubbornness has a place, preferably away from her. She does not care for those that are unwilling to bend for a compassionate cause. Furthermore, those that allow their hatreds to colour their viewpoint are especially tiresome.

  • 1 Death by Poison: The sting of a scorpion is nothing to jest over. Leila is terrified of them after having watched her only son writhe in sheer agony after being bitten. She is especially careful, but sometimes she fears for her grandson and his tendency for slight recklessness, despite having reached his near thirtieth year. Though she tries to tell herself that as a Healer she could handle it this time, but that terror lingers, the loss of the last tangible piece of her darling Masoud.
  • 2 Endless Drought: While it is extremely arid in Pruul, there has been a true drought for decades of Leila's life. Thought the Aubdina have their ways of calling forth water from the air, in Leila's mind it is not a replacement of water from the earth, and more than that, the true gift of rain from the sky. As a Healer, anything that can potentially decimate populations leaves her immensely tense, as drought may lead to more disease. Both of these together are a Healer's night terror and particularly for Leila, as without balance, it means more death. She cannot help but think that her husband and son might not have been lost if it had rained.
  • 3 Historical Repetition: While it is old, Leila fears Pruul being brought lower than low once more. Though aware of the actions in the past both of the Great War, the Resistance, and finally the Purge through the story from her mother and other older relatives, she fears conflict repeating itself due to those that do not remember what has come before. More than anything Leila is a woman that while Blood, wants for her people to thrive. To her, it matters not what tribe or clan they are from, so long as harmony might be allowed to rise and endure. As a result, she very much links the Mineborn into her fears, for she knows of few that have truly had the chance to thrive and live well. Not to speak of inexperience. She is aware that some will say they have a destiny, and yet, all the Blood possesses a path, even if it is meant to end in death. 'How can one lead others if all that has been known is fear and pain?'

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Reverse Healing - Restoration: With so many that have old wounds in her acquaintance, Leila has primarily taken pains to study how to reverse healing for restoration. Poorly broken bones, twisted scars, she has worked to reopen and repair anew. Having known enough Eyriens in her lifetime, she has a particular skill in restoring wing movement/motion, having trained for decades alongside a half Eyrien Healer. Additionally, she is no stranger to using this technique in self-defence against the vilest sorts though thankfully it is not often needed.

  • 2 Healing Tonics - Pain&Nausea Management: In addition to mastering weaves that may ease some pain, Leila has a fine hand with tonics particularly revolving around pain management, and notably, do not taste like vile sludge. There are few things worse than a medicinal item that tastes horrible, after all. She is particularly well noted for her tonics that help with moon times and pregnancy. While unable to use Craft during that time, it has always been her opinion that there is less need for a woman to suffer more than necessary.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Defensive Shielding: So in tune with her world and life as a Healer, to use Craft as a shield has always been difficult. When Leila tries, her shields are often half-formed or very weak, or they fade with after a single strike even from Jewels lighter than her own.
  • 2 Travel Craft: With a lack of Winds in Pruul and despite her mother trying to teach her in other places, Leila was never able to master the talent. She is very proficient in getting to a place to place walking however, as one needs to be.

    Life Story

    Mother: Tamerie al-Kurhah; 1/2 Dhemlani&Challiotian. Twin to Zamerie. Black Widow. 179 | 12 AP White - Tiger Eye*
    Aunt: Zamerie al-Kurhah; 1/2 Dhemlani&Challiotian. Twin to Tamerie. Hearth Witch. 179 | 12 AP Tiger Eye - Summer Sky*
    Father: Dariush al-Kurhah; Pruulian. Warlord Prince. Deceased. Rose - Purple Dusk
    Uncle in Law: Mehr al-Sabbah; Pruulian. Dhemlani. Prince. 462 | 271 BP  Yellow - Tiger Eye* Broken Offering.
    Siblings: Ismail al-Kurhah; Warlord. 94 | 97 AP  White - Rose*
    Husband: Masoud al-Sabbah; Prince. 1/2 Dhemlani/Pruulian. Deceased. White - Tiger Eye
    Son: Javed al-Sabbah; Jewelless. Blood Male. Deceased.
    Grandson: Hadi al-Sabbah; Warlord Prince. 28 | 163 AP 1/4 Long Lived. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk* Deceased.

    *Adoptable; family rolls used.


    While Leila is of surely blended short-lived and long-lived heritage by appearance, she is at once Pruulian in manner, belief and bearing. Her mother and aunt were adopted by the small tribe, Kurhah, and subsequently, Tamerie, a Black Widow, bore two children with Dariush, a short-lived Pruulian man. Twins, the pair of women had not known their father, a Dhemlanese Prince, while their mother, a Challiotian witch, had been his lover. She remained among them with her children rather than departing after the death of Ismail and Leila's father. Thus, the born Healer has learned a little of the world outside of Pruul, though most of her concerns have always been within it. Her Birthright gave her the remarkable uncut Tiger Eye Jewel, and with the aid of her close family and other cousins, she trained in the arts of the Healer, Basic Craft, and Protocol until her twentieth year.

    Many young ladies have a Virgin Night that is at least worthy to be mentioned or recalled, Leila's was precisely the opposite, performed by a man that had been known to her father, and even for one of the Blood, not as creative nor passionate as the young woman would have preferred. Yet, she arose from it intact and hale. Two years afterward, her Offering to the Darkness followed, gifting forth a cut Summer Sky Jewel. During a Spring Festival a pair of years later, she met the man that would be her husband: Masoud al-Sabbah. He was remarkable to her due to the shared and indeed, greater Dhemlani heritage he shared with her, giving the two something in common that was above and beyond the difference in the tribe.

    Their courtship, and rather the courtship of the Prince's family to woo the Healer for their own took a pair further years (typically such a match might well have been very unlikely), and Leila consented, leaving her brother, mother, and aunt behind. It was Masoud that fell in love with Leila first; while she did not profess her feelings until after her son was given his name Javed after the Birthright Ceremony. Though it offered him no Jewel, he was still a great pride for both Leila and Masoud due to the difficulty of the child's birth. She would sadly be unable to give her husband further children, for no reason that she understands. Yet, the Healer pushed herself intending the son she did have, and the needs of others kept her reasonably content.

    Until at least, a sandstorm took her husband just as it had her father as if fate were against her. Leila found herself singularly raising her son with the occasional help of his paternal grand uncle. It left the lovely woman lonely, yet efficient in her duties for the Sabbah. After Mamoud's loss, she took no permanent, long-lasting lovers, though none questioned it for her usefulness. Years passed by, and Javed grew from a boy to a man and took a lover who was partially long-lived like himself. They had a single child, and the lady perished in complications that followed the birth of Leila's only grandson.

    A reprieve from the tragedy was brief enough, for while the desert gives life, it also takes. By the time Hadi was ten, his father had a violent death by way of a scorpion's sting. While Leila, his grandmother, took some care of him when needed, most of Hadi's upbringing was tended to by his father's brother's wife and her mother, as well as the women remaining of the family he was born into. As the young Warlord Prince is now very much a man, Leila finds herself without task beyond those that call to her for healing. With the Mineborn being a very real and present issue, she now has a decision to make: allow her fear of them and the supposed "destiny" to rule her and turn her back, or aide these youths that were so very ill-treated by the Geiba, despite their so-called backstabbing "mercy".

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Musical Embellishment: Pavane

    Water was life, and yet, there was not enough. There never was.

    The heat had been part of her very flesh for decades, so much that rain could well have been a myth if Leila was not old enough to know better. It meant that perfecting cleansing water with cheesecloth, Craft, and a series of containers hung all around her tent that rested under a rare rock wall were necessary rather than maybe overboard. She was good at cooling things with Craft and keeping them that way; skilled at pushing the hot wind through her hair and around her skin, paired with shields so that her lips and around her eyes did not crack or hurt. Thank Mother Night she had been born among the Blood.

    Green and gold eyes lay with an intensity upon the drips of water from her contraptions intended to save, collect, and store it. When she was not needed as a Healer, this was what Leila did with her time. It meant she could stretch out the oils for her hair and skin as well. Just because certain things were difficult to come by, did not mean that she had to either appear a slattern or not make certain others less clever than she was did not have fresh water. Typically, if she had more than her share, she gave the extra to the Al-Sabbah stores or others. The blonde Healer could almost remember what it was like to have enough water to last weeks at a time without needing to make it stretch.


    Leila turned her head, and her eyes brightened as they locked on her grandson’s golden gaze. He had long been a man and watching the way he moved, and his gaze flicked about so sharply with the coiled essence and Caste of the Warlord Prince he was made her terribly proud.

    Dearest Hadi,” she murmured, allowing the younger man to hear her pride and welcome in her voice.

    “You have water?”

    “You know I do. We cannot waste what there is and must reuse what we have, so I make it work.” Leila allowed the younger male to take her hands and inspect them, and release once he was satisfied. They were calloused somewhat, yet as soft as she could keep them, which wasn't easy.

    Hadi sat down next to Leila; both took to watching the delicate dripping. Craft kept each section of the cleansing apparatus contained so that it would not evaporate in the immense weight of the heat. It took much of her concentration to keep those spells going; other tasks were not possible with this part. In her lap lay her Uncut Tiger Eye Jewel, rather than upon the chain attached to her belt where it usually was. Delicately, it pulsed as she used the smallest puffs, the finest threads of Craft with it.

    “How long will it be, now, before there is more? I wish …”

    “That it would rain? Well, so do I, my darling.  But we will make this work, as always.”

    “You give the extra to others too much. All should remain here. It is akin to giving away gold, Grandmother, and leaving it for others to walk away with for nothing.”

    “You overstep, my darling Hadi. That happens to be my choice, and I am discreet.”

    No one should go without, as much as her grandson did not agree. The pair fell to a disagreeable, yet companionable silence, while it reminded her that his life was no longer hers in any way. Yet, there was not a sadness here. As he is free, so too am I. Leaning forward, she squeezed her grandson's hand. It took a few more moments, but the pair were able to share a smile between them.

    Petitions (if any): None.

    Player Name: Haloriel
"Bend thine façade upon potent determination, Darkness birthed and Night kissed. Blessed in weaving for the Priestess Queen."
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Re: Leila al-Sabbah
« Reply #1 on: Jul 23, 16, 12:57:00 AM »
One General Random roll and five family rolls, please.

Much obliged. -tips hat and blows on D20-

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Re: Leila al-Sabbah
« Reply #2 on: Jul 23, 16, 05:17:24 AM »
General Random
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Summer Sky Jewel at your offering.



1. White - Rose
2. White - Tiger Eye
3. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
4. Yellow - Tiger Eye
5. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky

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Re: Leila al-Sabbah
« Reply #3 on: Jul 26, 16, 12:54:45 AM »
Ready for review.

"The difference between true nobility and false is this. One is gold put to the use of paving stones. The other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Both are cruel."
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Re: Leila al-Sabbah
« Reply #4 on: Jul 26, 16, 07:36:12 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker