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Author Topic: Kaveh al-Izar  (Read 1737 times)

Description: Prince. Rose to Opal. Played by Beka.

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Kaveh al-Izar
« on: Jul 12, 17, 11:38:04 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Kaveh Mokri al-Izar
Age and Birth Year: 36 (born 158 AP)
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul
Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel: cut Opal

Role: Weaponsmith/ Organizer for the Clan
Faction: al-Izar/Mineborn loyal

Play By: Hamid Fadaei
Distinguishing Features: Kaveh is a well-built man, in part from his heritage but mostly due to years working the forge. He has a few notable scars from loose embers from the forge along his arms. The deepest scar is on his left arm, from wrist to elbow. It was earned from a foolish apprentice who turned to ask a question with a glowing blade in hand years ago.

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black, usually wears it long enough he can pull it back while working.
Height: just short of 6ft.

Personality:  Kaveh is a very steady, hardworking man. Rarely does much seem to faze him. The alternative is he bottles up his emotions enough to control himself. He feels he has to be strong for his sons and set a good example in light of everything that has happened over the last few years. Though if he is out of his element, he struggles to not get overwhelmed or defensive when faced with the unexpected.

He has a stubborn and perfectionist streak. This leads him to spending long hours in his forge until he gets his current project right. When he was younger, he would have to ask his father or a neighbor to stop him from overworking and staying days in the forge. Now that he is older and has sons he is more likely to pull himself away from a project so he can spend time with them. Or he drags them into the forge to keep an eye on them so he can keep working. This stubborn streak continues into learning a new skill which he tries to do often. If he sees something he likes, he will try to do it himself before paying someone else to do it. He has discovered over time there are things he is just not good at, cooking is one of them.

He likes everything tidy and neat like most Princes. He accepts his house will be a mess with two boys but his forge is neat. Everything has its place and if something is out of place he is not pleased and usually blames his boys. When his sons were younger he would shield his workspace so they didn’t mess with his shelves and tools.

  • Fire/heat: the hotter the better. From years working around his forge, heat and fire means comfort. To the point, he even keeps his own house hot much to the complaint of his sons.
  • Jewelry/Fine uses of metals:  He collects pieces he thinks are well-crafted or from smiths/jewelers he considers masters. He likes to display them in his house.
  • Markets: If he didn’t have other responsibilities, Kaveh would spend most of his free time at markets. He loves the display of goods and craftsmanship. He is most pulled to jewelry and swords. Often he will end up with arguments over the price of a good or warning other shoppers if he thinks something is subpar.
  • Soup: he doesn’t like soups. He finds them a poor man’s meals and refuses to serve any soup to guests or his family.
  • Horses: having rarely traveled outside Onn, he finds horses or any beast of burden a waste of space. Not to mention they smell or the messes they make. The thought alone is enough to make him shudder.
  • Being idle: having worked hard since he could walk he doesn’t handle having downtime well. After a few minutes without something to do with his hands, he will start pacing or find some other activity.
  • Drowning: until Sargon’s near death experience and his father’s death, Kaveh wouldn’t have listed drowning as a fear. There was little reason to be afraid of such things in Pruul. However, after the loss of his father, the fear of swimming, drowning is enough to cause him nightmares.
  • Being alone/no support: after struggling to raise two boys without family support he strives to create connections so he isn’t on his own again. His biggest fear is losing every connection and having no one to rely on. 
  • Losing his Forge: the forge has been his identity for decades, it’s as much as who he is as his caste or jewels. He couldn’t imagine not going into his forge every day. In a similar vein if he lost the ability to work in his forge he might just give up on life. The forge is his lifeblood.
Craft Strengths:
  • Warming & Cooling Spells: Kaveh has developed a fine sense of how hot something is or how cool it is. This helps him know the strength of the metal he is working or if it's been tempered correctly. He believes controlling the temperature gets his weapons an edge. It also helps he managed the temperature of his forge without having to stand next to it.
  • Witchfire: He constantly using witchfire to light his forge and control which of the coals are burning. His mother taught him from a young age to bend and twist witchfire, it was the only heat source she used when doing fine jewelry.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Preservation Spells: Kaveh works with metal and lives in a relatively dry climate. He has never really needed to learn preservation skills or had a desire to learn this piece of Craft. He lets other people worry about that sort of thing.
  • Combat shielding: Kaveh has little need for a combat shielding. He also struggles with the timing needed to effectively use combat shielding even in mock battles. While he seems to be able to control most uses of Craft effectively, this one escapes him.
Life Story
Mother: Simin Nikbin, White to Tiger-Eye witch, where abouts unknown
Father: Dariush Mokri, Yellow to Rose prince, dead (188 AP)
Widower: Roshni Sadeghi, died 189 AP at 28 years old, Rose to Summer-Sky witch
Sargon Mokri al-Izar, 12 years (b. 182 AP), Rose to (undescended Purple-dusk) warlord prince
Farzin Mokri al-Izar, 9 years (b. 185 AP), Tiger-Eye (undescended Purple-dusk) warlord

History: Kaveh was born into the forge or at least a family who always gathered around a forge. His parents, Simin Mokri and Dariush Nikbin were from smithing families. In fact, they met in the forge training their apprenticeships. Kaveh would be their only child. His mother focused on her profession didn’t see the need for more babies to watch or feed. She, a silversmith, made fine pieces of jewelry. Often working with jewelers to set previous gems from the mines or in rare cases Jewels. Her husband Dariush made more practical things likes nails, horseshoes and wagon rims. Together they a decent life for their little family.

The growing Prince spent most of his early childhood fetching things for his parents and learning his way around the Forge. His parents paid for an education for Kaveh though it was clear he would be a smith. Through his mother’s connections, they tested his interests out with other smiths of various crafts. He showed the most interest with weapons. None of the extended family were weaponsmiths and it took until his tenth year to find a master for the prince to train under. He was forced to start at the beginning even though he knew his way around a forge. Between this, school, and escort training Kaveh had little chance to be a kid or get into trouble. This developed a hard, dedicated work ethic as he grew.

He was not happy with his master’s pace for learning how to forge weapons and the like. Kaveh started messing around on his own time. If he wasn’t allowed at his master's forge he would retreat to his father’s and practiced on his own. He mixed skills he learned from helping his mother to make detailed hilts first on daggers and later into the training swords. It took him awhile to learn the clan symbols to attempt the khanjar. His master finally recognized his drive and helped hone his skills. To the point by the time his Offering came he nearly had enough business to break off from his master.

It was during this time he would meet his future wife, Roshni Sadeghi, when she came for measurements and designs for a sword. He had a hard time getting her out of his mind. After she passed her classes and took up escorting jobs for caravans coming into Onn, Kaveh started courting her. He didn't realize at that point how much she loved to wander. He didn't realize until she left to help escort a caravan after they married. She would return for a few months and leave again, her itch to travel too great for Kaveh to overcome.

He moved into his own forge, near his father and mother’s after he married Roshni. Through word of mouth and Kaveh's own tenacity, he grew his business over the next decade to become one of the most respected and requested weaponsmiths in Pruul. Roshni would return and bear Kaveh two sons. Though she only stayed a few months after giving birth before she left to sate her wanderlust. Kaveh had thought for a time their sons would be enough to keep her home but he was disappointed in the end. He began to rely on his aging parents to help him raise his boys. He moved them into a house close to him. Dariush helped Kaveh in the forge, their roles reserved from when he was a boy. His mother raised the boys.

Despite Roshni’s frequent absences life was good for Kaveh. He was busy; he had a family and was well respected. He would meet Nazhin ibna Zareen and her partner Namdar ibn Ramtin, sandriders, who often delivered requests, payments, and letters to Onn. They always seemed to need a place to stay. Kaveh had a hard time turning them out.

Things took a change for the worse when on an outing; Sargon would slip into an oasis not far from Onn and nearly drown. He was saved by his grandfather who took ill and died within a week of the event. Simin couldn’t seem to survive without her husband; she waned and in a few months, vanished from Onn. No one was able to find her and after a time she was declared dead.

Kaveh mourning the loss of his parents did what he could to balance the boys and his business. It was a struggle he thought would get easier when his wife returned. For a time it was easier and then she too vanished without a word. No letter, nothing, it took some frantic searching to find out she had taken a job to escort yet another caravan. It was in many ways the final blow to their relationship. Without his parents, he began to rely on his neighbors to help with his boys but by this point, they were older enough he started bringing them into the forge. During this time in his life, he would meet Lucky al-Izar by chance in the market admiring the same weapon. This would strike up a mutual respect and friendship between the two despite the age difference. Lucky "helped" Kaveh figure out how to handle a growing warlord prince in Sargon (or perhaps just cause mischief and headaches for Kaveh). In return, Kaveh showed and teach Lucky how khanjars were made and customized to each wielder.

Nearly a year after Roshni had left Kaveh, her body was returned to him. She had been killed during a raid on her caravan. Her death opened up a flood of emotions Kaveh had locked away to survive.  He spent three days and nights in his forge working out his pain, angry and reforging her sword into a dagger he always wears. He vowed not to be like his mother and fade; he couldn’t afford that with two boys. He threw himself into raising them and living his life. He took fewer jobs though he never lacked for work.

When the rains came across Pruul, Kaveh seemed to understand things had changed in Pruul. He sought out everything he could about the rumors though nothing could change what he had seen with his own eyes. He pressed Lucky for more information when he tracked him down in the general chaos of Onn. Kaveh was curious what the Mineborn  and Lucky were planning to do next. He felt hope for the first time in a few years. He jumped on the chance to potentially joining the new clan, a better life for himself and his sons. Maybe he wouldn't be on his own anymore.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
The prince stared at the sword resting on his anvil. His forge was quiet, the fire banked for the night. He hadn’t worked today. That was rare for Kaveh. He loved working, the heat, the pounding, the shaping of metal nearly as much as he loved his sons. Rarely did his forge sit idle but this morning before he started to work a body was bought to him. At first, from the rumors and whispers that made their way to his ears, he thought it might be his mother’s body. Finally found after years of being missing. No, instead it was a young woman's, Roshin's, his wife. His world had stopped for a moment and he wasn’t sure it had started again. Shouldn’t he be feeling more? Something then this emptiness and stillness. It worried the man enough that he locked himself away from everyone after they buried her. He had a neighbor watching his sons. He blinked and rubbed his face. He closed his eyes and hung his head as he mulled over his thoughts.

He hadn’t seen his wife in nearly a year. She had vanished much like his mother had. That raised enough questions that some of the males had investigated him to make sure he wasn’t hurting the women in his life. During the brief investigation, the males and Kaveh had found out his wife had taken up an escort job again. The males had concluded Kaveh hadn’t done anything wrong and left him alone. He had to privately deal with what he decided was betrayal on her part. He had needed her and she left him without a word. She left their sons home alone with no one to watch a toddler and boy.

He decided, as he raised his head again to look at the sword he had made for her, he had started building walls after that. Maybe that was why he felt nothing. It still felt wrong that he wasn’t angry, mourning, or in pain. A shudder the prince’s body. He needed to do something; he couldn’t just sit here dwelling on his lack of emotions. Maybe working would help him feel more at peace. He stood, his hand braced on the anvil, as he tore his eyes from the sword. It took a moment to figure out what he wanted to do; he moved towards the forge and with a tongue of witchfire started his forge. He picked up a shovel to move the coals around. Once the forge was warming up he turned to his workbench. He called in a piece of paper, intending on sketching a design. However, another shudder touched his body. The movement broke the piece of charcoal he called in, black shards and dust scattered over the paper and workbench.

He snarled, finally feeling something. Anger. He rested his hand on the bench and took a few steadying breaths. Without much of a thought, something that was rare for Kaveh, he picked up his wife’s sword and stuck it in the coals. He took another deep breath and turned back to his work bench and began to sketch a dagger design. Making something would help, making something from her sword felt fitting.

"Darkness," he breathed. As he drew he started to feel more, he almost wished he wasn't feeling anything again. He missed her; his chest ached as he allowed himself to feel, breaking down the walls he built with each stroke of charcoal. He worked out in emotions in the other way he knew how. With the cleansing fire of his forge.

Player Name: Beka

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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #1 on: Jul 12, 17, 11:38:41 PM »
General roll please

and three family rolls

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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #2 on: Jul 13, 17, 12:02:47 AM »
It's an al Izar! 


Ghanima will want to meet you~
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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #3 on: Jul 13, 17, 08:22:06 AM »
Your General Random roll...

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Opal Jewel at your Offering.



And your three Family Rolls...
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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #4 on: Jul 20, 17, 03:17:40 PM »
Ready for review

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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #5 on: Jul 20, 17, 03:23:31 PM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #6 on: Jul 20, 17, 07:59:22 PM »
Approved by me!

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Re: Kaveh al-Izar
« Reply #7 on: Jul 20, 17, 09:18:18 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker