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Author Topic: Errai al-Tabur  (Read 3015 times)

Description: Warlord Prince, Broken Blood Opal to Red. Played by Phedre

Offline Errai al-Tabur

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Errai al-Tabur
« on: Nov 27, 14, 12:21:57 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Errai al-Tabur
Nicknames: Rostam when he was a child, none now
Age: 36 (born 157 AP)
Race: Pruulian
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: cut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel:  cut Red

Play By: Christian Monzon
Distinguishing Features:
Errai keeps his head shaven, finding it easier to deal with the trials of the Pruulian desert if he is not encumbered by hair. He keeps himself in excellent shape, working through an extensive sword routine every morning regardless how hot the sun. After his own routine, he will often take a sparing partner if there is one to be had, but the lack there of never stops him from his routine. His eyes are a deep brown and extremely expressive, which is very useful considering he rarely if ever smiles. Errai's approval of a matter is more often expressed through the lack of a scowl than through an open appearance of positive emotion. When not required to wear them strung on his white kerchief for ceremonies, he wears his parent's water rings on a cord around his wrist and has since they were gifted to him as a teenager. They are small, there wasn't much left of his parents to give back by the end, but he still wears them with pride. 


Errai is a contradiction in terms, one that tends to make those around him feel extremely uncomfortable and ill at ease. While he is fiercely loyal to both his Clan and his tribe, which, in his case, are both the Tabur, that loyalty does not necessarily extend to the individuals within those designations, leaving those who are supposed to be able to depend on him always a bit unsure on where it is that they stand with him. Females have a better chance of gaining clear ground with him than males, but even they are often treated with a distant and cold respect at most.

For one so dedicated to what he considers an necessary interdependent tribal way of life, Errai himself would prefer to live isolated from others. He does not see himself as having the same base needs as those around him, the need for contact, touch, and community as something that is for others to find and seek out but not for him. This extends into his sexuality as well. Errai is not a stupid individual. He will seek sexual release if it is needed to avoid rut, but if it could be avoided with violence instead, that is the path he will take, finding it involves less intimacy with another human being. He feels much more jovial good will toward a sparring partner after a long fight than to a woman after a sexual exchange and is likely to repeat the experience, something that is unheard of when it comes to sex.

Errai's one weakness in his aloof stance becomes clear when he is around children. While impatient over the least offense from an adult, he has immense patience with children, especially those young enough to have not gone through their Birthright Ceremony yet. This has not gone unnoticed, and more than one woman has attempted to lure him into her life by using her children as bait. Errai does not respond well to this particular tactic, but he has never taken out his frustration on the children in question. 

Errai's lack of patience is a trait he is well known for, stretching so far back into his youth that his Trial of Mind during his Ordeals before his Offering was specifically designed to test his ability to be patient and do exactly as he was told. Neither have been strong points in the Warlord Prince's personality, but when it matters, as it did with his Ordeal, he can buckle down and find the inner strength to endure what is needed. This has not made him a more patient individual overall, as it was hoped by the Priestesses who set the Ordeal. It has instead reinforced his sense of arrogance. When pushed, he has proven beyond doubt that he has what it takes. Why should he then wait idly by for others?

Errai has endured a great amount of ridicule over the past ten years, ever since after his Offering when he sought out Saiph and was told there was no such child. This has done nothing to make him desire a closer relationship with those of this tribe. While he knew within his heart that he had in fact met his Queen eleven years ago at a Clan gathering, a young girl of just three years of age, the constant shadow of doubt and the strong force of denial that any such girl existed from the Kaid tribe has at times made him question his own sanity. Hidden away, deep beneath his uninviting exterior is a tiny but brilliant flame of hope that the dream he has been holding on to all these years is real and not some delusion brought on by sand sickness.

He has spent long nights in chosen isolation, searching the night sky and calling to the Darkness for answers that seem to never come. The constant shadow cast across his own belief has given him the edge of madness, even though he is in fact perfectly sane. He has honed his skills to a razor's edge in case that tiny flicker of hope can ever be realized. He is considered a dangerous asset, one that must be dealt with carefully.

He bides his time, counting the days, weeks, months, and years as his Queen ages, wherever she is. He waits. While she is too young to form her own Court, the constraints of Protocol and the memories of his dead are enough to hold him in place. Each night that passes brings his Court closer to the day when that will no longer be the case. Darkness help whoever stands in his way when that day comes.
  • 1 The desert. Errai has always loved the desert. Pruul is in his blood. As harsh as the climate is, he loves it. It challenges him, pushes him, forces him to his limits. It tests him and never allows him to become complacent. He sees the desert as a living thing, something that will always try to take you down, and you don't have to let it. It is a challenge he thrives on. 
  • 2 The night sky. Said to be born under a lucky star for his skill with water Craft, Errai has always found the stars fascinating. When he feels like despair is sure to swallow him in his entirety, he stares up at the sky and watches the stars. Somewhere out there, Saiph is looking up at those same stars. She has to be. He would know if she were dead. The despair would have swallowed him long before now if she were. She's out there. Somewhere. 
  • 3 His morning ritual. There is a meditative quality to the ritual that Errai goes through every morning with his practice blades, the denagi jar. He traces the specific steps that lead him through his work out and allow him to stay in peak fighting form, regardless of whether he has a sparring partner of not. This serves Errai's need to not have to depend on others as well as his desire to train every single day. He has extremely high expectations for himself physically and will not allow himself to slip up and become soft.   
  • 1 Disbelief. It has been ten years since Errai went in search of Saiph after his Offering. He is sick to death of the disbelief that his tribe has shown in that time. At first he tried to find people to believe him, to go with him to search for her. But as time passed, he realized it was better to remain silent and keep his tightly held flicker of hope to himself. Sometimes someone will still bring it up, mocking him, and it still elicits immediate fury from him after all this time.
  • 2 Depending on others. Errai understands that in order to survive in Pruul's harsh climate, a certain amount of dependance on others is required, but he dislikes it greatly. He would prefer to set out on his own, without the constraints of needing to depend on others for things that concern your life and your well being. Every new person you must depend on is a possible weakness, a possible source of issues later down the line. Better to only depend on yourself. You can trust your own mind and your own heart, at least that is what Errai tells himself over and over.
  • 3 Serving. It's not that he doesn't understand that serving is part of his duty. He serves his Clan's Queen to the best of his ability, having worn the white kerchief marking his service since he began training for her Court before his Offering. But she is not his Queen, and it grates against him to have to live out his life in service to her when he knows that Saiph is somewhere out there. He told her he would always be there for her and he hasn't been. His service stops him from being able to even properly search for her, being tied as he is to his responsibilities at Court. It is worse that his service is used as a tightly held leash to control him, his Queen believing him possibly mad and having no other means by which to keep him neutralized.
  • 1 The despair that is closing in. Errai has fought back the despair everyday since he was first told there was no child named Saiph among the al-Kaid, no young Priestess Queen in their tribe being raised to possibly be the Mother some day. It closed around him, thick and black and searing, like tar, and he has fought against it enclosing him ever since. Every tribe member who has told him he was crazy for holding on to his belief that she existed made the fight that much harder. Each year that passed with no sign and no word of her. Even if she had been alive then, how could she have possibly survived without detection for ten long years? And now, when the Black Widow has told him to present himself to the Mother, and hope fights desperately to flare to life that maybe, just maybe, it is her and she is alive, the despair feels closer than ever to swallowing him whole. He knows it can't be, so he fights the despair a little longer and a little harder, and tries not to drown.   
  • 2 Sandworms. Errai's fear of sandworms cannot be called irrational. A fear of something that really can slaughter you in an instant and is resistant to Craft is perfectly rational. Still, it hindered him from doing things that needed to be done as a youth and this was seen as a fault, a weakness that needed to be dealt with. He survived the trial that pitted him against the young sandworm for the longest ten minutes of his life, but instead of ridding him of his fear, it intensified it. Now he knows directly what it is to face one of the horrifying beasts. He still bears the scar across his thigh from the encounter. What he feared once in theory he now fears from experience. 
  • 3 Being trapped by a woman. Errai has no desire to marry and no desire to settle down to a family. While he does have a soft spot for children, he does not feel he is in any state to become a father and is extremely careful to not allow it to happen by accident. He drinks a contraceptive brew daily despite having no consistent lovers and is in fact rarely known to take a woman to bed at all. He does not respond well to women who flaunt their sexuality at him and has even become overly aggressive when this has occurred, which has caused him multiple altercations with the males attached to the female in question for the clear insult of his harsh rejection when a simple no would have done.   
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Scanning Craft. Errai learned early on how to use short, fast bursts of Craft to scan the desert for living creatures. While this is primarily used for hunting or for maintaining contact with tribal members, Errai has adjusted it to use as a way of finding sandworms. The bursts of power are so short as to not to get the sandworms' attention, but offer him more than enough feedback to detect the size and location of worms in a given area. It is the way he has been able to successfully travel the desert and not be completely debilitated by his fear. 
  • 2 The ability to find soaks and sip-wells. Errai's ability to find soaks, the natural places where water wells up through the sand, and sip-wells, water deep under the ground that with the right tools or Craft can be brought to the surface, manifested when he was just a child. The Tabur tribe were pleased to have such a talented child among their rank and believed him to be born under a lucky star. They called him Rostam, after an ancient champion who at a young age showed remarkable ability and promise. Later that name was used against him when the men of his tribe mocked his continued belief that he had found a young Priestess Queen. This ability is in large part what has allowed Errai to be less reliant on other people than most Pruulians are for he does not need the interdependence that they do simply to survive for constant fear of running out of water.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Combat Shielding. Rarely if ever used in Pruulian fighting techniques, Errai has never mastered the use of combat shields. His fear of sandworms hindered his willingness to learn early on as he was terrified maintaining a shield would bring the worms directly to him. After his trials, his fear increased. He has never properly learned to combat shield and will not use one when fighting unless he truly fears for his life. When he tries, it is patchy and inconsistent and will not necessarily hold against attack.     
  • 2 Social Craft. Having spent so much of his adult life attempting to separate himself from others, Errai lacks the basic social craft one would expect from a man who has served in a Court as long as he has. He is not skilled at manipulating others, lacks smoothness with attempts at using Craft to draw others to his way of thinking, and is at a loss for presenting a polished Court appearance. He can no more use Craft in negotiation than he can sprout wings and fly around like an Eyrien.
Life Story

Mother: Omid al-Tabur Rose to Opal witch (deceased)
Father: Ahriman al-Tabur Yellow to Rose Warlord (deceased)
Siblings: none

The Darkness only blessed Omid and Ahriman al-Tabur with one child. Omid covered her sadness over this fact by saying that Errai was more than enough to handle all on his own, but in truth, he was never much of a burden as far as boy children go. While he did have a habit of wandering farther than she would have liked him to, he did not have a loud or boisterous personality like many of the others, rather seeming more reserved and studious in nature than the others of their tribe. At the High Summer and High Winter gatherings, Errai would keep to himself, seeming uncomfortable with the huge increase with numbers of people as all of the Clan gathered to celebrate the festivals.

It was at one of these festivals that Errai's gift for water Craft was first discovered. He had wandered away from the noise and the fires of the Clan gathering, slipping the sight of the one who was supposed to be watching the children. When Omid went to find him, he was missing. They searched through the afternoon and into the night. When dawn came and the child had not been found, the faces of the Clan were grim as they looked to Omid and Ahriman. The Pruulian heat at High Summer was not something a child could endure, not without water and shelter.

Errai had fallen from a cliff side and broken his ankle. Unable to return to the encampment, he had lay where he fell, and wished for water. When the sun started to set, he followed his instincts and crawled to another area along the cliffs. Slowly, as the night went on, little bits of water rose to the surface, enough to get him through. When they finally found him, there was a small indent about the size of a child's hand next to him that he could slowly fill with water. They were amazed. The elders said he was born under a lucky star, and they called him Rostam, from the legends. When they asked him why he hadn't tried to call for help on a psychic thread, shaking though the skill might be for a child of his age, he had told them he was too terrified to even attempt it for fear the use of Craft this far out would bring the Sandworms to him. No one had the heart to tell the star blessed child that the amount fo Craft he had used to find the water was far more likely to have brought a Sandworm to him had there been one around, at least not until he was quite a bit older. When he came away from his Birthright with the Blood Opal, wearing a Dark Jewel as a child, the elders felt this was further proof that the young Warlord Prince was destined for great things.

When Errai was ten years old, a new Queen began to rule the Clan Tabur. His parents signed contracts to serve in her Court and moved with Errai to begin their service. Errai was plunged into the world of Court, something he found extremely uncomfortable. While it did not have as many people as the all Clan gatherings, Court life was even more confining. Errai struggled to fit in with the other youth, but he never quite did. Whenever he had the opportunity to get out into the open desert, he took it gladly, feeling like it was the only time he could properly think and really breathe.   

The unusual and studious child grew into a difficult and temperamental teenager. While still pensive at times, Errai was known for being incredibly impatient with those around him. He excelled at tasks that were set before him that he could accomplish on his own, but those that required his dependance on others were extremely difficult to navigate. A teenage Warlord Prince is never an easy creature to manage and Errai was no exception.

This became even more true after the death of his parents when he was 14. The Queen's caravan was caught in an unexpected sandstorm. They did their best to protect her, and while the Queen survived, much of her Court did not, including Errai's parents. Their sacrifice was an honor done unto their Queen and to their Clan, and that place of honor was passed on to their only child. It was decided that Errai would begin training for a place in the Queen's First Circle that he could officially hold after his Trials and Offering. Errai did not want to offend his Queen, but a life of service was never what he had envisioned for himself.

Grieving the loss of his parents and angry at the unfairness of his circumstances, he threw himself into the physical training required of all young Pruulian males. Before his parent's deaths, he had been proficient. After, he pushed himself physically every day, harder and harder, regardless the heat or how tired his muscles were. He gained no more patience with his peers and created a sword routine he could go through on his own if there was no one to work with him. This happened more and more as he was more frequently the first person out to the training area every morning.   

Errai gained the strength and skill of a warrior, but it was clear from his lack of diplomacy and social graces that he would never be a strong choice for speaking for the Court. Still, warriors were always needed around a Queen and Errai had the potential to come away from his Offering wearing the Red, if the could survive his Ordeals and the Darkness found him worthy.

He was only a few months away from his Trials when the High Summer gathering of Clan Tabur came again. Not yet a full warrior, he couldn't yet stand watch the way the men would, but he was a Dark Jeweled male close to proving himself and he did serve in the Clan Queen's Court. There was a rumored to be a young Queen from the Kaid tribe among the children. It was not uncommon for the oldest teenage males to assist guarding the children, a symbolic representation of what they would soon be doing, guarding the entire Clan once they made it through their Trials and their Offerings. Unlike his peers, Errai took on the shift with the children willingly, having always had much more patience for children than those of his own age group.

It was there that he met Saiph. She was not just a Queen, she was a Priestess Queen, a young Mother, only three years old, and the moment she took his hand, Errai knew he had found his Queen. Despite having never felt anything like it before, the bond was unmistakable. Errai vowed then that as soon as he had completed his Trials and his Offering, he would find her and serve her in whatever way he could, even if that meant simply guarding her and her family while she grew up into the woman she was meant to be. He would be her knife, forever close enough to her side that no one and nothing could hurt her. But first, he needed to become a man. He needed to be able to offer himself to her as a full warrior.

The time came for his Trials. They were exceedingly difficult, more so than were normally given for a Warlord Prince of his Jewel strength, but he had a life of belief that he was destined for great things to stand up to. The Black Widows had seen something that required true challenge and the Priestesses had set the challenges appropriately. The test of Strength did not pit him against other men, for he had shown again and again his ability to take them down swiftly. Instead they chose to pit him against his greatest fear: a Sandworm. The Sandworm chosen was just a youngster, otherwise there was no way Errai would have survived the encounter. He was given a spear and told to survive for ten minutes. He barely did.

He was brought into the Priestess's tent, injured and bleeding, and told to kneel and wait while they discussed his test of the Mind. Apparently, they had not expected him to survive the first test. They couldn't send him out in the desert to find water because they knew that was no difficult thing for him. They left him kneeling there while they retreated to discuss the matter. While he waited, women came to the tent to offer to tend his wounds or offer him water, offering to take him away while the Priestesses made their decision. He refused. When they pushed further, he closed his eyes and shut them out, focusing on Saiph, the little girl who was his Queen. He had been told to wait and he would wait. He knelt there through the rest that day and all through the night, never moving from where they had left him. He grew weak from hunger, thirst, and blood loss. In the morning the Priestesses returned. He had passed their test of Mind. Ever impatient, his test had simply been to wait, likely the most difficult thing they could have asked him to do.

His final test, the test of Fortitude,  was the most difficult. This was not because of the test itself, but because of how long he had been pushing his body for by the time the test started. More than 27 hours after the Ordeals started, he was sealed in a tent filled with bees. He remained still and suffered few stings, but by dusk when they opened the tent to bring him out, he was in extremely poor condition. A Healer was allowed to see to his wounds before he was taken to the Altar for his Offering. She looked at him with a great amount of compassion in her eyes and worked as quickly as she could. He was also given food and water. These things only helped a small amount, but it was enough. Errai emerged from his Offering with a cut Red Jewel.   
Errai took on official duties in the Clan Tabur Court now that he was a full member of the tribe. There was no time to ease him into the position. Nearly immediately following his Offering, terrible news reached the Court. The Mother had died in her bed and her Grand Prince was being blamed for it. To add to the deep sorrow, she was a member of the al-Tabur tribe. Errai and the other members of the First Circle accompanied their Queen to Onn to pay their respects. It was a jarring introduction to what being a full member of a Clan Court meant, and one he did not soon forget.   

Serving in Court did not suit him any better than he thought it would. He intended to ask for release when he found Saiph at the High Winter festival, but the al-Kaid tribe did not show up that year, sending instead an emissary with an escort with the tithes for the Queen. Errai was extremely distraught, but as he could not easily explain why, he fought back the emotion and decided to wait until High Summer. He might have simply gone in search of her right then if it wasn't for that fact that his new position in the Court came along with a great number of other responsibilities, none of which he could simply walk out on.

High Summer finally came and the al-Kaid tribe was in attendance. He went in search of Saiph, but she was nowhere to be found. What was worse, everyone he asked looked at him in confusion. No, there was not a Priestess Queen among their tribe. There was no child by the name of Saiph al-Kaid. They had no idea who he was talking about. Errai grew frantic in his search until finally it erupted into violence. He lashed out, badly injuring one of the al-Kaid males. The Tabur Queen intervened and demanded an explanation. The one he gave only damned him to questions of his sanity. An entire tribe swore such a child didn't exist. It was their word against Errai's.

Questions arose as to whether the extreme nature of Errai's Trials had broken something inside of his mind. Black Widows spoke to him, but all came away saying his chalice was intact. Still, there was no reasonable explanation for what he said. A Red Jeweled Warlord Prince was a dangerous asset when completely sane. If he was unstable, there was no telling what he might do. The Tabur Queen tightened the leash even more on Errai, right when he wanted and needed more than anything to break free and look for Saiph. She refused to release him from his contract, and rumors of his instability meant no other Queen wanted to take him into her Court either. It was agreed it was best if he stayed where he was.

Errai grew more angry as the years passed, chaffing at the confines of Protocol that had been lashed around him. Saiph was out there somewhere and she needed him, but until she reached her majority, she was at the hands of others as well. Errai made a promise to himself that he would bide his time until the year Saiph would turn 20. And then nothing and no one would keep him from searching all of Pruul until he found his Queen. If she didn't want him, that was her decision to make when she was old enough to make it. But he wasn't going to allow other people to force the matter, not when he knew his Queen was still out there somewhere.

He grew even more distant from his peers, isolating himself as much as possible. The childhood name that had been spoke in honor became a taunt. The star blessed little boy had grown up to be a madman, intent on finding a child that didn't exist. None of this seemed to keep the women from still desiring his strength and his Dark Jeweled seed, neither of which he had any desire of offering them. Errai lived within the Court, but he went through the motions more than anything. Anytime he did not have to be around others, he chose to be alone.

Ten years after his Trials and Offering, ten years of praying to the Darkness that Saiph would somehow be returned to him, he was ordered by a Tabur Widow to leave Court. The Queen was shocked, but the Widow silenced her. "Take yourself to Little Citadel and present yourself to the Territory Court. The Mother awaits." Errai could not even bring himself to hope that the Mother she spoke of was Saiph. It couldn't be. She'd be only 14. He decided he would do whatever was required of him, for six more years. Then she would be of age and then, then he would tear down everything in his path to find her.

But beyond his wildest imaginings, it was her. He fell to his knees before her, and wrapped her in his arms, and swore himself to the child Queen he had barely allowed himself to believe was real. Over his objections, she appointed him her Grand Prince, and Errai tumbled head first into navigating what it meant to run the bureaucracy of a Court while never leaving Saiph's side for any longer than was absolutely necessary.

He built an army around her of strong female warriors who would protect her at times that he could not. He trained with the men, every morning, leading by example, and challenging any who would say he didn't deserve his title, or didn't deserve to stand at Saiph's side. Errai made a new name for himself, one that described him as loyal, and dedicated, and fierce. And Saiph challenged his patience in every way imaginable, and he had never been happier. 

And then the darkness came, cloaked in the name of the Sabbah. And everything he knew and loved was at risk. When they fled Onn, they left all of that behind. He watched over Saiph's unconscious body while she slept, and learned, too far to hear him, or feel him. He was constantly fearful, constantly aware of everything that was at stake. His heart ached at leaving the mineborn behind, mere children that he had come to care for, to challenge in their strengths and abilities as should happen to the children of Pruul, a childhood they were never allowed to have. And Ghanima...

When treachery came at Namri's hands, from within the circle of those Errai had trusted, he sacrificed himself for Saiph, and has paid the price since. Trapped deep within the Twisted Kingdom while his body fights off the poison intended for Saiph, Errai clings to the ever shifting memories of a woman he once knew who was both child and woman at the same time, and of a pair of impossible blue gold eyes, and to the echo of a voice he thinks he once knew, perhaps in a dream. Every now and then he finds a marker in the vast wasteland that holds nothing but sand, endless, forever stretching sand, and he moves toward where he is supposed to go. Wants to go? He doesn't know. He's been lost too long... and everything, everything, is about to change. 

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:

Come away, Errai. They are taking so long. Let us help you.

The women had long since left him there alone, but their voices still ran through his mind, haunting him. He had questioned whether it had been stupid stubbornness to refuse their offers of help and chase them off as he did, finally closing his eyes and shutting them out entirely. The deep gash in his leg where the Sandworm's tooth had caught him needed to be looked at, but they had said to wait. So he waited.

Everything matters in your Ordeals, Errai. Every word spoken, every request. From the moment it begins, every moment is a test. Do not forget that.

The blood pooled around his knees, but he didn't move. His father's words echoed through his memory, granting him the reassurance he needed that he had made the right choice. Every moment was a test. For once, just this once, he would do as he was told.

He had been told to watch out for her, the little al-Kaid Queen. What he hadn't known was that she was actually a young Mother, a natural Priestess Queen. He sensed it the moment the entered the play area set aside so that the children had an area to run where they were not constantly under foot and were less likely to wander off. Apparently his own wandering had helped create the rules around the current children's area. It seemed oddly appropriate he was now tasked with guarding such a valuable young child.

Before he even had a chance to look for her, she was there, in front of him, pulling on his hand, trying to get him to follow her. The shock that went through him the moment she grabbed his hand left him still for a moment, unsure how to even respond. Mine. The Warlord Prince was suddenly extremely aware of every other male in the area. He didn't even know it was possible, to feel the call to a Queen so young. But there was no doubt in any part of him that was exactly what had just happened.

He fell to his knees before her, stunned to silence.

His muscles ached and he desperately wanted to get up and move, but he didn't. His throat felt like it was on fire. He knew it wasn't. He could go a while longer without water. He had made it this long before. He could do it now. There was something much more important on the line now, a little girl with light hair and deep brown eyes. He had to get through this. For her.

She stared at him, confused why he was now on his knees in front on her and not following her insistent tugging at his hand. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Saiph al-Kaid," she replied. "What's yours?"

"Prince Errai al-Tabur," he said, and did his best to bow to her from his position on his knees.

"Errai, I need you! You have to come help!" She returned to pulling insistently on his hand. He laughed and stumbled to his feet.

"I am happy to help, Lady Saiph," he said, as he let her pull him toward the source of her distress. It seemed several of the children were having a disagreement and she had run to get an adult to help. After he had worked through the argument, the children returned to playing and Saiph seemed pleased with his ability to help her. "I would like to always be there when you need me," he told her. The words were said with a smile, but he meant them with everything he was.

"Okay," she said. "You did pretty good so that's fine." She smiled at him and everything else faded away. He understood now in some small part why men would go to such extreme lengths to gain the approval of the Queens they belonged to.

He could see the stars through the open flaps of the tent from where he knelt in the bloody sand. All he had to do was wait. That was it. His body was screaming at him. Food. Water. Rest. But memories of Saiph tugged at him as he stared at the stars. Wait. Just... wait. It's only a few more minutes. A few more hours. A few more months. Just wait.     

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Life got hard, I went away for awhile, and like all of my characters, Errai became inactive.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Errai has always had active plots and will continue to do so. I have been monitoring my number of characters as well as my capacity to take on more. It has been my intention to bring Errai back for a long time and now feels like the right time to actually do it.

What are your plans for this character?
Errai has remained at Saiph's side (or Saiph at Errai's) through everything that has happened to both of them. Errai is re-entering a major plot arc that has been in the works for a long time, and has plots with Saiph and Ghanima as well as other characters. There is a current thread that Errai is about to enter and BIG THINGS are about to happen.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0 for Errai

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
1. Updated his age
2. Brought the history up to date with this short summation:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

1. I purchased a ratio slot for Errai when I created the character, so his Jewel is covered ratio wise.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

2. HUGE amounts of plot have happened since this character was originally accepted. I tried to summarize as best I could, and it still took 5 paragraphs. I'm not intentionally trying to be vague, but writing out all the details would make this app impossibly long.

3. Please re-gift him with Advanced Enhanced Battle Craft, purchased in the 2012 Thanksgiving shop. Thank you!

Player: Phedre

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Re: Errai al-Tabur
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Acknowledging that Errai is Ready for Review and that he's been added to my queue.

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Re: Errai al-Tabur
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