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Author Topic: Dinah al-Tabur  (Read 4247 times)

Description: Black Widow Queen. Summer Sky to Opal. Played by halyonix.

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Dinah al-Tabur
« on: Jul 15, 18, 10:06:48 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Dinah al-Tabur
Age & Birthyear: 32 (AP 163)
Race: short lived
Caste: (Trained) Black Widow Queen
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Opal

Role: Ruling Queen
Faction: Tabur clan


Play By: Shivani Ghai
Distinguishing Features:


Heavy is the head that wears the crown, is the cynical, personal motto of Dinah. She is imbued with the traditions of her tribe, drowning in it, she would say. For every thought she has about how to better things, there are a dozen voices that tell her otherwise, some of them her own. She feels like a puppet, a pawn, when she should be the one in power and ruling. Dinah adores stories of the great Queens of any Territory, and wishes she had the strength to be the same.

Sadly, Dinah believes that history will record her a weak-willed Queen who did nothing.

But let’s talk about Dinah the woman for a bit.

She is kind, especially towards children. She wishes she could do more for the poor and the abandoned but she isn’t allowed to. She adores music and history. She is eager for intelligent conversation. Philosophy, astronomy, arts -- Dinah can hold her own when talking to scholars of these fields and more.

Dinah aims to be fair in all decisions and judgements. Her wrath is slow to waken but deep. Frustrations and sorrows are displayed in private, where she allows herself to shed the trappings of Queen and simply be Dinah. If she could run away from being Queen, she would, but her duties chain her. She can’t let everyone down by being so selfish so she allows herself some selfishness in other ways like indulging herself with books. She aims to keep as much of her true self private, since it has always been called into question.

  • 1 - Aromatics. Dinah goes through great lengths to smell appealing. Essential oils, dried herbs, incense -- these are things that attract her interest and she keeps her favorite ones with her at all times.
  • 2 - The dunes. One would think that a desert would be boring and unchanging but Dinah sees the patterns in the dunes, the colors they turn at sunset. Dunes shift. They are not solid like rock and Dinah wishes she could be more like that instead inflexible.
  • 3 - Reading. The moment her day as a Queen is over, Dinah can be found curled up with a book. Anyone who discourages her from this will quickly find themselves scarcely in her company, since this is one of the few times that Dinah can be herself and not have to put on appearances.
  • 1 - Holding Court. Dinah has a little ritual before this: a martyred sigh and then a tilting of her chin upward, as though she is going bravely to her death. Her demeanor becomes stiff, formal, because in Court, she is hardly allowed to move a toe out of line and she hates it.
  • 2 - Men only out for sex. Charming words and flattery immediately set Dinah on guard. Dinah selects her personal companions based on intellect first, not looks or sexual promises. This is a double-edged sword for her, as she has no male bonded to her, and she secretly believes that is because she is so distrusting of men like this.
  • 3 - Sandworms and their riders. Dinah has a hard time fathoming why anyone would willingly ride such a dangerous and ugly beast, and her interactions with most sandriders have been curt or unpleasant. She struggles with a prejudice against them because of that.
  • 1 - Being unremarkable / never amounting to more. Dinah does not want to be remembered as the Queen that did nothing for her people. She wants to be brave, she wants to bring good changes. She wants to be the Queen that was hoped for, not the embarrassment that they got.
  • 2 - Never bonding to a male. There is a growing seed of insecurity within Dinah that somehow her failure to Bond with a male in her Court is a sign that she will be a failure of a Queen. She both desires and dreads having a Bonded male though.
  • 3 - The Mineborn destroying everything. While Dinah is eager for an outside catalyst to force her tribe to change its strict ways, she is also worried that the Mineborn will destroy the rich culture of Pruul. She is keeping a close eye on their movements.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 - Preservation spells. Being a woman of intellect, Dinah cherishes manuscripts and books, and has learned plenty of sound ways to preserve these items against the harsh Pruul climate. She enjoys the small ritual of these spells as well, often completing them as though she was writing some elegant script the air above the books.
  • 2 - Cooling spells. Pruul is hot. Dinah doesn’t mind this in the evening hours or during meals but when she is holding Court, she maintains a low cooling spell on her garments, usually tying into the breeze so that it is barely sensed by others.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 - Death spells. Dinah wrestles with the idea of taking a life. If the matter can be resolved without violence, she jumps at it. And so, she cast aside any training in these sort of spells.
  • 2 - Seduction spells. Dinah avoided learning about these sort of spells more out of embarrassment than anything else. If she cannot win a man into her bed with her intellect, what use does he serve her?
Life Story

Mother: Mitra, White to Tiger Eye witch (deceased at age 62, born 131 AP, died 193)
Father: Rasheen, Summer Sky to Opal Warlord (age 68, born 126 AP, deceased in 194 AP)
Brothers: Shinar, White to Yellow Warlord Prince (age 44, born 151 AP);
Javid, White to Tiger Eye Warlord (deceased at age 40, born 153 AP, died 193);
Bashir, Yellow to Tiger Eye Warlord (age 39, born 156 AP); 2 other brothers (ages 33 and 36) and a myriad of cousins as well.

The baby of a small horde of brothers, Dinah was the daughter her mother always wanted. But the moment her psychic scent established her as a Queen, it was determined that the pampering Dinah’s mother wished she could shower upon the little girl was not to be. Dinah grew up in the strict tradition of the Queens before her, learning the rituals, playing exactly by the rules, constantly in the spotlight, until the little girl couldn’t buy her own treats with her own money at the market without being questioned. Everything she did was in full sight of her large family, who expected her to rise to power some day.

Dinah almost saw receiving her Birthright Summer Sky as further enslavement to this family dream, since it guaranteed that she would at least rise high enough in the ranks of her sister Queens to be considered as the tribal Queen. Her family paid for the best tutors they could afford. The only happiness Dinah saw in this time was in books and manuscripts, since her tutors lavished these upon her and stoked her childish imagination with tales of strong, daring Queens and adventures in far off lands. These stories reminded Dinah that she had wings to fly and was not a bird caged.

While the man that saw her through her Virgin Night was kind and considerate, Dinah found having sex without an emotional connection to be far too awkward and uncomfortable. She abstained from it for years afterwards, though plenty of men offered themselves to her after she rose from her Offering with an Opal Jewel. She served in a tribal Court in the second Circle afterwards, to learn the ways of tribal dealings, eventually moving up in the hierarchy because the elders found her to be a demure, easy to manipulate candidate, despite her Opal Jewel. Dinah was pressed into becoming more than just a lowly tribal Queen because it was expected of her, not because she truly wanted it.

The weight of that decision and of countless others began to fall heavily on her slim shoulders when she was elevated to the Queen of the Tabur. If Dinah thought her life was critiqued and questioned before, it doubled, as her family expected her to be both savior and blameless. Any move she made to change the course of the Tabur clan was struck down. Tradition, they said. She wished so many of them would choke on that tradition like she was. Change needed to happen but they were all too blind to see it.

And then the Mineborn began stirring. And Dinah wondered if she would have her chance at saving her clan from its hidebound ways.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Dinah sat in perfect stillness as her maid, clucking and cooing like a bird over her lady’s beauty, braided her dark tresses and arranged them into a crown around her scalp. Dinah’s hair was very thick, so her maid devoted half of it to the braiding and left the other half to tumble freely down Dinah’s back. The scent of desert rose wafted into Dinah’s nose. Her maid must have oiled her hands with it before working on Dinah’s hair.

Had she been permitted to smile, Dinah would have, because the Queen took great cares to smell pleasant, unlike many of the courtiers, supplicants, and other visitors that were paraded in front of her all day. It was nice to know that her maid had noticed such a small thing. But smiling would have alerted her brother Shinar, who was seated in front of her, watching the entire ritual with a bored expression, that she was actually thinking something, which would have then started a discussion, which would have most likely deteriorated into some chastisement about some minute aspect of her life.

Just the thought of it made Dinah feel numb again. For a Queen, far too much of her life was controlled. She understood Protocol, the intricate dance of the Blood around the Queen. She understood what was supposed to happen but it was a far cry from what did happen.

Dinah, for all of her power and caste, was barely more than a caged bird, singing for her clan to keep them happy, her wings clipped, her dreams of freedom futile.

Beside her, near enough to reach without disrupting the maid’s ministrations, sat a dish of curried dates, with a light yogurt sauce for dipping. Untouched. Dinah, though pressed to eat before holding the day’s formal Court, simply could not. Her stomach always worked itself into a state of torturous limbo -- hungry but afraid to eat, in case something happened. Who knew what troubles would be brought before her today?

Dinah decided she would leave the dates for the maid to eat. It was a delicacy for someone like her. She would appreciate it. That belief made Dinah feel just a tad better, since she was doing good for someone else.

“There you go, my Queen,” the maid declared merrily, shuffling back enough so that Dinah could move and view the handiwork in the small hand mirror at her side. “As beautiful as the sun,” the maid crowed.

Dinah disagreed. But it was rude to say otherwise. “I thank you,” she told the maid. She rose, waving her hand at the uneaten dish. “I am afraid my appetite has left me. Please. Enjoy it for me.” To Dinah’s pleasure, the maid’s expression lightened in delight. Dinah rose, her heart eased that she had at least been right on that front. Shinar also rose and offered her his hand, as an escort should. Dinah took it, wishing that there was at least some affection between them. But there was none. Everything Dinah did was as the clan decreed. Even holding a formal Court was more of a show than anything else -- the elders of her tribe also gathered to dicker and debate, until they decided, and Dinah enforced.

Suppressing the sigh that came from her heart, Dinah parted the hangings that covered the door and stepped into the cage that was her life to sing yet again.

Petitions (if any): 

Caste Requesting : Black Widow (purchased here
Reasons For Requesting these Castes: purchased for her back in 2016 and ready to use it after having her progress through Black Widow training. Threads listed below:

Webs In The Sands
Blessings of Spiders
Spidersilk on Sand
Spin the Dream of Spiders
Spider's Caress
Spidersilk and Blood
Gift of the Spider

Plans for this Character: to struggle with the sexual side of being a Black Widow, to use the defiance of keeping her training a secret as a reason to remove some people in her Court

Other Petitions you’ve made here: none

Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): 
(Use below for character fulfilling a Wanted Ad, otherwise remove)
Wanted Ad Link:
Wanted Ad Sponsor: Kenna

Player Name: Halyonix

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Re: Dinah al-Tabur
« Reply #1 on: Jul 15, 18, 10:07:32 AM »
ready for caste petition review
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Re: Dinah al-Tabur
« Reply #2 on: Jul 15, 18, 11:31:27 AM »
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Re: Dinah al-Tabur
« Reply #3 on: Jul 16, 18, 12:13:35 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker