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Title: Celim al-Izar
Post by: Celim al-Izar on Jul 31, 18, 07:29:04 PM
The Basics

Character Name: Celim al-Izar
Age and Birth Year: 23 [170 AP]
Race: Short Lived
Caste:  Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Pruul
Home Territory: Pruul

Birthright Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  cut Green

Role: Guard
Faction: Clan Izar


Play By: Josh Peck
Distinguishing Features:
His eyes are a piercing green like new grass that springs from the ground near the oasis.  He also has numerous scars all over his body but the two most defining are in his left bicep and on his chest just beneath his heart. 


Celim is never quite at ease anywhere.  He's always looking over his shoulder, always one step shy of being comfortable in any social situation.  This is even more true when he knows members of the Jinan are nearby, in fact he's likely to find any excuse to vacate the area that he can come up with in this situation.  He does his best to avoid anyone who might recognize him from his life before the al-Izar.  He enjoys the company of a very short list of people and trusts even fewer.

Celim is very secretive about what landed him without a clan and on the streets.  He will not answer questions about his past or discuss it with anyone.  He will in fact either leave or change the subject when pressed and if the individual asking persists he will give them only one warning to stop or face the consequences.  Most people don't need a second.  Of his family he has only told Darya the truth about what happened and she swore never to repeat what she was told. 

He is very observant and is always on the lookout for trouble or threats to the safety of those around him.  A hold over from all the years he spent on the streets where not paying attention would have gotten him or the others killed or collared as slaves.  He is especially careful of Zinat and Yasmin's safety, the youngest of his little family.  Lately he's been having to remind himself that they are now of age and he can't keep chasing off the pairs rather numerous suitors.  Even if it is amusing to watch those suitors go pale when they are introduced to him.

Like a cat Celim does what he wants, when he wants.  He can seem almost boneless when relaxed and stretched out on a rooftop or ledge and can spring into alert and ready to fight in barely the blink of an eye.  It's rare for anyone to see him completely relaxed and enjoying himself and he hardly ever smiles.  Even as stern as he can sometimes seem he does pay attention to the needs of the people around him and will do his best to support his family and clan in their endeavors beyond just fighting for them.

Celim is at home on the killing edge.  That perfect clarity that lets him find and exploit the weaknesses of his opponents.  That crystal clear edge that brings everything into focus is as natural to him as breathing.  Some days he seems to hover just barely on the other side of the line, waiting for someone to step up and offer a challenge.

Celim has a highly ingrained sense of honor and protectiveness towards everyone around him.  He was taught from a young age that it was his responsibility to protect and defend and he considers it an honor to do exactly that.  His family may not like his decisions, but if they are in danger he will do whatever he feels he must to keep them alive and in one piece.  This includes tossing any of them over one shoulder and dragging them out of a dangerous situation.  Even Darya isn't immune from this even though she is a skilled fighter herself.  He doesn't view this as an insult to their abilities to take care of themselves rather he feels that if blood is going to be shed, or if someone is going to die, better his blood or life than the ones behind him.

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Could I have a General Random roll and a Descent for my first son Please?
Also four family rolls as well?

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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Green Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Rose - Purple Dusk
2. Rose - Purple Dusk
3. Yellow - Summer Sky
4. Opal - Green
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*grumbles*  Stupid boy...

But the Writer approves.
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Slapping my OK on him for future Vashti related stuff and also from Simin for the Jinan stuff.  Not sure if you really needed either but there they are :)
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Good with me for Torin mentions
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Approved by me!
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Ready for Round 1!
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Added to the queue.
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This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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Ready for Round 2!
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