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Dena Nehele / Re: so i heard you like forbidden fruit
« on: Aug 09, 19, 05:55:05 PM »
Dmitri listened, his face unreadable steel.  It was a face that would have probably been recognizable as it was his default expression in public.  He was used to keeping his thoughts and emotions closely underwraps.  It was one of the things about his relationship with Kale that had been like a breath of fresh air after being stuck indoors for so long.  Kale let him be expressive without worry of the openness of his expression being used against him.  He was still getting used to the sound of his own honest laughter whenever Kale did or said something that amused him.

Keeping up those walls would do him well in this instance though he suspected that with Mercer it might be pointless.  The man had an uncanny ability to slip beneath the thickest barriers and read into the heart of things.  It made him a good Steward but a damned worrisome opponent.

Taking a moment to gather himself he inhaled deeply.  “To begin, the situation with Lady Bannock was not quite as it appears.  I did not tackle least not in that sense.  It was a misunderstanding.  I was laying in the grass and she stumbled upon me, quite literally.  She’s a very stealthy walker and I did not hear her approach and didn’t think anyone would want to frequent that area of the gardens.  She startled me, and I reacted as I would if anyone suddenly appeared above me.  As for the rest of it, well she is not a child and a woman probably older than both of us combined.  She was just as eager as I was for a little recreational exercise.”  He couldn’t resist a little smirk at the thought of some of Precious’ more creative workouts.   “It was a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“As for Kale, I was very very careful not to cross those lines.  You can ask anyone including the Lady Adam.  I flirted and teased, but well Healer Heartly is a very attractive young man and I do so enjoy beautiful things.  As for being a Ward and not of his Offering,”  Dmitri’s voice shifted into a softer tone, “he might be young only in number but he has lived through and seen far more than most his age.  That has given him a different sort of maturity.  I hadn’t expected to make any serious overtures until he was past his Offering, out of respect for the rules of the court but things came to a rather precipitous head after an afternoon together.”  He held up his hands.

“I swear upon my jewels that I was not the one to cross that line first.  You can ask Kale, hellsfire I’ll even give you a peak at my memories if you wish.  He made the first move, and the second,” he said with a hint of a lascivious grin.  “I told him it wasn’t permitted, I told him he was forbidden fruit and I even told him that you would probably have my ass for it but…” he gave a little shrug, glancing past Jeremiah to something on the wall behind him.

“I’m not sure you can understand and it probably won’t help my case any but I’m not a man who resists his vices and urges easily.  Most cases it helps keep the more violent aspects of my nature in check to sate myself on a regular basis.  I held off for almost half a year, out of respect for not only the conditions of my employment but also for Kale.  I don’t take advantage of anyone.”  His scowl deepened.  “I care about Kale.  Even if we hadn’t taken our relationship to the bedroom I would still care about him.  He is…” he paused and took another deep breath, feeling uneasy about the way he simply wanted to spill his guts to this other Prince.

“He gives me a new sense of purpose.  He focuses me, it’s not just sex because let’s face it - sex for our Caste is a great way to calm the beast.  With Kale he gives me something to protect and to guard.  He eases me.”   Dmitri stiffened and crossed his arms.

“So, will I have enough time to say goodbye to Kale and Victoria before I’m escorted across the border?

Dena Nehele / Re: Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
« on: Jul 06, 19, 11:59:36 PM »
Damned if his angry face wasn’t the cutest thing he had ever seen.  Cute in a very handsome manly way of course but damn.  He saw the tears slide down the other man’s face and wanted to reach up and wipe them away but let Kale come to that realization himself.

“I didn’t tell you,” he said calmly, “because I knew you would worry and fret, and blame yourself.  I didn’t lose my job, I was just not having my contract renewed and besides, it wasn’t only about you.  Apparently, being stepped on by a Queen and accidently tackling her was also one of my blackmarks.  Funny though, he didn’t seem to mind the rest of my interactions with Precious.”  He gave a smirky little grin that he quickly erased when he saw the irritated anger on Kale’s face.  Then he did something he hadn’t done… not honestly, in a very very long time.

Dmitri cringed and felt guilty.

He glanced down, “I’m sorry Kale.  I thought I was protecting you.”   He opened his arms as Kale slid into his lap and tucked him close to his chest.   “And you can be pissed at me, I deserve that.”  He let out an unintentional sigh.

Raej.  Fucking Raej.   His fingers flexed a little on Kale’s skin as rage, fear, and desperation prickled deep in his core.  Maybe the Darkness would be kind and they could just slip through unnoticed.  Maybe he could go see the Court Seer and see if she had some sort cloaking spell that could make him seem Broken or shorter… or….

No, he was tired of looking over his shoulder every time he left the Seat, expecting to see someone coming at him ready to blast him unconscious and drag him back to the life he had left behind.  He had a new life and a purpose and even that shit hole wasn’t going to leave him crippled enough that he wouldn’t be able to protect Kale.   The first sniff someone got of his fair, beautiful Healer would have all the Slavers sending their best to snatch him away for the Auctions.   He’d blast every last living thing in the land if it came down to it to save Kale from the knowledge of that fate.

“Mercer wouldn’t have really cared,” he said after a moment, mumbling the words as his hand came up to brush absently into the light curl of his long hair that brushed his neck.  “Mutually corrupting,” and he gave a little laugh at that thought, “yeah he really wouldn’t have believed that you could even conceive of something that could corrupt me any further.   He wasn’t mad Kale, he was…” he sucked in air between his teeth.  “I think the bastard might have even expected it.  Creepy Black Widow shit,” he muttered lightly as Kale snuggled even closer.

He relished this simple contact and the trust that Kale placed in his hands. His fingers drifted lightly up and down the Healer’s skin, drawing up goosebumps with their delicate trail.

“Oh yes, you are just the worst,” he said softly and with dripping sarcasm, looking down into his lover’s face with a smirk.  “I just hate the way you throw yourself at me and exhaust me night after night and day after day with your insatiable lust.”  His eyes light up playfully so that Kale could not take anything he was saying as serious.

“Really Kale, look who are you talking to!  I’m the fucking Warlord Prince of greed and self-indulgant gratifcation.  Honestly, there are times that I wonder when you are going to wake up to the realization that I’m a good fuck but an awful partner and end this.”  His lips tightened at the thought, a lump forming in his throat hard enough to make his voice crack just slightly.

“You owe me nothing and  you don’t need to change anything for my benefit.  Ok?  I’m a free man now, those fuckers can’t touch me.  They don’t even know where I am and the last place they would think to look for me would be strolling right up to the Dark Gate.  I imagine they probably think I high tailed it for Chaillot or the furthest point south of Dhemlan to get away from them.  It seems to me that you’ve planned this all out so I’ll follow your lead and if it means I have to dance naked down the center of Kemet with bells hanging off my cock to distract the guards so you can get through the Gate, then that’s what I’ll do.

He dipped his head, his teeth scraping feather soft against his neck, “However, I would be an idiot to turn down one of your massages or the chance to see you in one of those fragile little pieces of cloth.  I do so much more prefer when I find nothing beneath your delicious skirts though.”  He leaned back in the bed, resting his elbows back on the bed.

“But if you are in the mood to make atonement for things you haven’t done yet, why don’t you straddle me right now and show me how very very sorry you are.”  He licked his lips slowly.  “I think we can postpone packing for the trip for at least…a few hours?”

Dmitri resisted the urge to shake himself like a dog after walking through the Dark Gate from the candlelit altar room in Terrielle and emerging in an almost identically dark altar room that already felt lighter and smelled...different.   The passage through the Dark Gate was done in the span of two steps but those two steps stretched out in the mind as magic swirled and the pull of the Darkness ebbed and flowed around you.  He cast a glance at Kale who didn’t seem to be effected in the same manner and gave a little shrug of his shoulders.   Perhaps it was something the very Dark experienced.  Perhaps sometime he would ask someone about it.

He followed close behind Kale, a hair step behind him and to the left giving a hard look to anyone who happened to move a little too close for comfort to Kale.   They were out of Raej with relatively little trouble except for the exuberant fee that was quoted to them and thankfully was paid by Kale’s new friend Noah.  He squinted slightly at the shift from Darkness to bright sunlight as they left the sanctuary that housed the Gate and into a new sky and new city.

Dmitri took a little sniff of the air but a city was a city, with the multitude of scents and people, sounds and images.  He cast a glance towards Kale and saw the other man...transform.  He couldn’t think of it any other way, there was a shift in Kale that stunned him.  He straightened, his chest lifted, his head was raised and when he turned his head to look back at him there was a brightness to his face that was beautiful.  Dmitri always thought Kale was stunning but this was incredible.  He hadn’t fully realized until that point how much Kale had been burdening by being in Dena Nehele and now he was free.  A different freedom than Dmitri had found but in some ways very very similar.

Grinning because he just couldn’t help it at the happiness in his Kale’s face, he stuffed his hands into his pocket and felt his own step lighten.  Soon they would sign their contracts to remain in the territory, something that he had known would occur but had put it in the back of his mind until the reality of it was slapped across his face.  Eight fucking years cowtowing to some Queen (and he prayed to the Darkness that it wouldn’t be HIS Queen) to remain in the realm.  He had almost said something that would have probably gotten them a lot of attention from the Guard but he took one look at Kale and felt some of his resentment and rage slide off him.  For Kale, eight years would pass as one and then they would be free to go wherever they wished.   He just had to figure out a way to make sure that they would be posted in the same Court.  He could use his training as a Healer’s Escort to bind himself to Kale but in all honesty they could assign him to any Healer and a Grey Jewel almost guaranteed him something in a higher circle.

Kale had struck up a happy little whistle and lead the way through the throngs of people until they reached a centerpiece fountain.  Dmitri watched with warm amusement as Kale leapt up on the stone ledging of the water feature and began doing a little balancing act while performing little tricks that were meant to delight and catch the eye.  Dmitri stood off to the side, his arms crossing over his chest as he adopted a scowling look that he threw at anyone who got too close to touching Kale.  He was glowing and no one would disrupt that happiness.   

A small child scurried close and placed an empty cup in front of Kale and tossed in a coin and earned herself a smile.  More viewers stepped up; more coins and a few small mark bills were also added to the impromptu coin collector.   Dmitri had a few marks tucked away that he had already planned to use for the next or two for shelter and food while they moved on with the next step of their plans but a few more marks wouldn’t be scoffed at.

Kale eventually replaced the small cup with a cap that he called in, a better container as the little cup was meant to hold a scoop of iced cream and not much else.  Dmitri had taken a seat a little further down the ledge and removed his jacket to cool off in the bright sunlight.  Kale didn’t even seem to notice that the air had warmed considerately, enjoying the attention, the applause and cheers that surrounded him.   The viewing crowd shifted, the show over for the moment and newcomers pressed closer to get a view of whatever cute trick Kale would perform for them.  Dmitri turned his back to dip his hand into the water, bringing a palmful up to splash against his neck and face enjoying the sweet coolness of the liquid when he felt something at his back and there was a startled sound and a loud splash.

He whirled to see Kale on his ass in the fountain, a completely poleaxed look on his face as he stared at someone standing just beyond the ledge where he had been performing.  The expression on Kale’s face was stunned, confused and then slowly panicked.  Dmitri closed the distance, hearing Kale swear fiercely as he fished around in the water for his eye patch, pulling it soaking on his face.  If there hadn’t been a sick feel in the air around them, Dmitri might have chuckled a little.   He turned his eyes slowly towards the woman and her escort that were standing there, his eyes narrowing dangerously as continued to just stare at Kale.

Did the bitch push him in?  Another cruel witch who pleasured in ruining the happiness of others?  Dmitri stepped foward, moving away from the scent of water and Kale and was hit in the face with…


Growling hard, he stepped into the path between Kale and this woman, his fists clenching tightly at his sides until he could feel his nails prick into his skin and feel the heat of blood rise onto his palms.   His voice slipped into something soft and velvet, and he almost purred the next words though no one in their right mind would mistake it for seductive or pleasant.

“He. Is. Mine!”

Dena Nehele / Re: Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
« on: Jul 03, 19, 02:28:30 PM »
Dmitiri watched the look of utter surprise come over Kale’s face as he turned to stare up at him in disbelief.  He flexed his forearms to give him the room to move without opening up the barrier of strength that he had symbolically erected.  As he waited for Kale to process his words, a strange sense of peace and rightness came over him.  He had meant every single syllable when he said it but as it settled between them, the truth of it seemed to mold it into something more.

Looking down at Kale, he realized that he was more than simply infatuated with the other man, he genuinely loved him.  There was a peace about him that settled something deep inside his soul and enough fire to rile him up on all the best ways.  Kale was intimidated by him, but he didn’t fear him and he had trusted him enough into his bed and into his life.   Dmitri never really expected to find anyone like that.

“Of course,” he said, his voice warming affectionately.  He reached over and gently curled his finger under Kale’s chin, holding the Healer’s eyes on his face.  “You are my home.”    His smiled widened as Kale sputtered about all the things that would complicate matters, already knowing how so much was decided before Kale had even made his Offering.   Dmitri’s smile slipped into something almost feral as he began to wonder if perhaps Mercer had known something more than he had when they had discussed his contract. 

Damned blasted sneaky sexy spider!

“Well,” he said, and the tone of his voice shifted from deep and seductive to a higher register, almost sheepishly adolescent as his hand left Kale’s chin and ran up through his tousled hair in a perfectly embarrassed motion.  “Things here… are fluid.  See, Mercer called me into his office a few months ago and gave me a rather stiff scolding.  Seems I broke a few rules…. Some important ones at that.  So he let me know that my provisional contract with the Court wasn’t going to be renewed.  I wasn’t being exiled or anything like that, but it seemed my preference for forbidden fruit,” and he gave Kale a sexy wink, “wasn’t going to be tolerated.  I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want you to worry or feel bad.  Truth be told, I’m not sure I’m cut out for Court life.  Too much drama.  It was a great favor they did me, but I don’t need to be a part of those intrigues.   I thought I’d apprentice myself out in town to the blacksmith or perhaps a woodworker.  I’ve always liked working with my hands, and having a big scary man would keep trouble away…maybe.” 

He slid his hands down Kale’s shoulders, his palms warm against the other man’s skin.  “I can go anywhere, do anything Kale.  I don’t want to do it without you anymore.  If that means I have to crawl on my knees across that hellhole of a territory to be with you, then I will.  Just don’t expect me to be the most pleasant person.  I swore I’d never return there and passing through will not be a fun trip.  I just hope we can get through and out the Gate before my own troubles sniff me out.  You don’t need to see those.”

Even as he said it so casually, sweat and goosebumps broke out against his back and old remembered pain burned in the scar tissue along his back and chest.  Raej, why the fucking Hells did the Dark Gate have to be there of all places.  He swallowed hard, bending his head to kiss Kale fiercely, letting the taste and scent of him push back the shadows and ghosts.   When he no longer felt the weight of them on his shoulders, he leaned his head back enough to let them both breathe.

“If you’ll have me, I’ll follow you through all the realms Kale Heartly.  I don’t want to go back to a life without you.”  He grinned fiercely, “So when do WE leave?”

Dena Nehele / Re: so i heard you like forbidden fruit
« on: May 22, 19, 08:13:13 PM »
The runner was nearly pissing himself, and just his behavior was rubbing at Dmitri’s skin like coarse bark.  Flustered, anxious and scared...Dmitri sighed and rubbed his hand against his temple as he nodded to the man who dashed off like he expected the Warlord Prince to blast him with his Grey.  Turning to close the door of the Healing Rooms, he walked back over to Victoria’s side as she continued to beat her herbs into the stone bowl.

“Steward wants to see you,” she said in a tone that could have almost been dismissive if not for the soft sing-song hint in her timbre.   He glared down at her, crossing his arms and even if she didn’t look up from her task, she noticed.  Her lips trembled in an attempt not to crack a smile as she reached for a few more leaves to add to her work.

“Oh come now,” she tsked, “you’ve been waiting for Mercer to call you to his office for a few weeks now.  You can’t be all that surprised.  It’s not really like the two of you have been discrete.”

Dmitri growled in his chest, looking out the window towards the gardens.  “We haven’t been that open either.”  She snorted loud enough that it drew his gaze back down at her.  “Please Dmitri, you can’t be that obtuse,” she said mockingly.  “Kale walks in the room and the temperature goes up twenty degrees.   Enough time around you both and my orders for contraceptive brews have almost doubled.”  She gave him a little feminine giggle.

“Well, I don’t mind the busy work, and you two do make quite a pretty picture.”

Dmitri scowled at her again, knowing full well that she was enjoying teasing him.  Truth be told he had been worried that once Healer Adam found out about the new level to his relationship with her apprentice, she would put a stop to it.  Imagine his surprise when she had not only approved but encouraged it.

“Maybe he wants to meet me with about you,” he muttered under his breath, “maybe he wants to go over… oh I don’t know… some plan to have you travel out of the Seat on Healing business?”

Victoria snorted rather horse-like, “First of all, he’d have to clear that with me and more importantly, with Riley’s delicate condition; I’m not going anywhere further than the gardens for the next several months and even that is too far away for some of the nervous nitwits in the court.   I might want children someday, but I thank the Darkness I’m not a Queen.   One fussy nervous father to be around me would drive me mad, she has a whole court of males tripping over each other every time she has a hiccup.”

Dmitri just shrugged and rolled his shoulders, trying to ease the growing tension.  He really didn’t care about such things.  “Well, guess I’ll find out what the Steward wants one way or another.”

That was how he found himself, newly washed and groomed and dressed in his finest suit standing outside of the Steward’s office at the appointed time.   The secretary had darted ahead of him to make the introduction but hadn’t bothered closing the door behind him so Dmitri stepped across the threshold behind the secretary.  When Mercer motioned to one of the seats facing his desk, he nodded briefly and took the offered seat, crossing one leg over his knee in an effort to find comfort in what would probably be an uncomfortable situation.

“Prince Mercer,” he said, keeping his tone neutral, “You wished to see me, so here I am.”  He rested his hands on the arms of the chair trying to look more relaxed than the tenseness in his body might betray.  “What can I do for you?”

He had run through so many scenarios in his head, he wasn’t sure which one if any would play out, but the one he dreaded the worst was if Kale was in anyway punished for his transaction and if he were exiled away from the young Warlord Healer.

Dena Nehele / Re: Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
« on: May 22, 19, 08:11:08 PM »
Dmitri watched as Kale played with the fruit, rolling it back and forth between his slender fingers and over his skin.  In any other context, he might want to nibble on that fruit just to get the taste of him in his mouth but the expression on Kale’s face was a bit too functional as a cold bucket of water on the coals of his libido.  His Healer was troubled and that was enough to pull his attention from other things.

There was that flash of pain, the way his pupils dilated that had his hackles raise in alarm, instinct snapping up and looking for the invisible enemy that caused this wound.  Kale looked away, his shoulders drooping in a manner that reminded him of a dog expecting a blow from its master.  Not him, Dmitri knew that much but he was waiting for something.

And there was the way he said his name, that cute little shortening -though was it really a shortening if you simply dropped one letter- that only Kale was allowed to get away with, that sealed the nail and had Dmitri’s full attention on the other man.  Something was wrong, horribly horribly wrong.  Today was supposed to be about pleasure, enjoyment, exploring both of each other and the newness of his Offering.  He had even planned, if they left the bedroom, to take Kale out to the woods and have him stretch out his new strength on some fallen trees.

“I’m leaving.”

Dmitri felt ice pierce his stomach, the cold hand squeezing around his guts in a way that was frighteningly painful.  No, more than pain, the sort of terror that gut pain arouses in the fear of internal damage.  He stared at Kale as his lover overflowed with the need to unload his thoughts and feelings, the scent in the room pitching up into a sort of desperate panic.  Dmitri wanted to kick himself in his own balls for not having noticed something so important sooner.

Kale curled in on himself as he spoke, shrinking away from the room, from the reality and then Dmitri realized, even from him.  Slender arms wrapped tightly around himself and he could see the white indentations that formed in his flesh as Kale’s scent pushed further into the realm of cornered animal, ready to leap and lunge even over a cliff to get away.

Dmitri slid across the small space between them, no more than a few handspans but it felt like he had to travel across the room.  His arms wrapped up Kale and pulled him into his lap, curling his body around the other man in a shield like fashion.  His back was to the door and his whole body was placed between Kale and the external source of his trama ; the Seat and its Court.

No, Kale would not die.  He would never allow such a thing, not as long as there was a breath in his body.

“Then we go,” he said surprisingly calm, though he could feel his heart racing in his chest.  As tightly as he was holding Kale against him, he was certain the other man would feel it as well.  “Today if you need it, I can be packed and ready in an hour.”

Dena Nehele / Re: Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
« on: Apr 28, 19, 09:06:23 PM »
Dmitri watched with an admiring eye as Kale stretched and roused himself in the dim light he had summoned.  He knew he was biased of course, but who cared.  The man had a lean, long body that was delicious beneath his hands or his tongue.  He knew Kale hated his scars, thought they reduced his beauty but they were symbols of his strength, his resilience, his spirit.   

After handing Kale the water, he couldn’t help but grin at Kale’s remark about the other things that had exhausted him that night.  “Oh, well that’s what the sweet rolls are for.  Thick and filled with honey to give you a boost of energy for… more celebrations.”  He licked his lips in a suggestive manner.  “I hope you didn’t have too many plans for the day because my intention was to steal you away all for myself as long as I can.  Even told Lady Adam that we were both going to be very occupied for at least a full day.  I think she might have even turned redder than you at that.”   He chuckled and beamed at his own personal best.  The Lady Adam was rather sturdy and unflinching about many things; it made him proud to know that he could ruffle her with thoughts of all the naughty things he would be doing to her protege.

Kale ate as he always did, like this was the last meal he would have for some time. Not too fast, but with a focused intent of someone expecting to have his food snatched away from his very hands.  Dmitri understood the feeling, it would be some time before Kale would pull away from those habits.   He reached over for another pear as Kale finished the last of the first one and held it out.

“Not sure, didn’t want to move the curtains to look but I haven’t heard the footsteps of the usual staff in the hall.  It doesn’t feel like morning yet and it was barely mid-afternoon when we both… finished…” he bared his teeth in a feral grin.  “So I would guess perhaps somewhere between after dinner and before midnight.   I didn’t hear the guard shift change begin.  I usually sense their presence outside my window.” 

He turned and rolled onto his back, folding his arms behind his head as he laid back into the bed, his eyes never leaving Kale’s face.  “Eat another pear love, and have some more water and I’ll quit fussing for now.”  He smirked and arched his back just enough to flex the muscles in his abdomen and cause the sheet that had haphazardly been across his lap to slide precariously off to the side.  “I think we can venture that no one will come pounding on my door until at least morning.”

He saw Kale’s thoughts shift, and saw the way his pupils contracted and the blue that he adored shaded in pain.  Dmitri’s hand slid out and moved to grab Kale’s thigh, his hand splaying to cover the flesh but he behaved himself and didn’t let his hand wander any further.

“Kale,” he said softly, knowing exactly what and who would be the cause of this sudden look of pain.  “He’ll come around.  He’s just feeling stung right now.  Guarantee he’ll shuffle off to his Queenling and she’ll do or say something that Queens do and he’ll come knocking ready to talk.   I’m sure he’s just feeling odd, being the older brother and you’ve already done your Offering.  He should know that these things happen when you are ready.  Not your fault he hasn’t gotten there yet.”   At least, that was what he hoped was the reason Quentin would miss out on the most important part of his brother’s life, instead of skulking away like a pouting brat.

Dmitri would have some words with him if he didn’t pull his head out of his ass soon and he wouldn’t be very gentle about it.  Kale could snarl at him about it later, but no one made his Kale upset, not even his own flesh and blood.   Deep within, he hoped that Kale’s father knew he was lucky to be dead, because Dmitri would have made him suffer for what he had done to his Healer.

Dena Nehele / Re: Not Your Typical Pillow Talk
« on: Apr 21, 19, 11:30:36 AM »
Dmitri drifted to consciousness with the feeling of something moving beneath him.  Familiar scents, familiar feelings rose to the surface of his waking mind as he began to piece things together.  Bed, soft, dark, warm, Kale.  The latter had parts of his body waking up a little faster than his brain was ready to endure and he enjoyed the rush of blood to those body parts.  He had long ago come to terms that his body was overly eager at times and he didn’t move to hide his obvious waking state.

He heard his lover mumble something, exhaustion and sleep still clouding his voice and he smirked a little to himself, his face pressed into the pillow at an angle that would make it impossible for Kale to see.  He was quite proudly responsible for some of that exhaustion, though he was certain most of it was still residual fatigue from his Offering.  Fatigue or not, Kale was certainly a very active and enthusiastic participant in their bedroom celebrations after they had retired to his room.  Dmitri had made it a personal mission to embed the memories of the day with his own brand of pleasure giving ministrations.  Most would assume Dmitri was as dominant in the bedroom as he was in life, and that was a true assumption but he was very very good about using that dominance to bring great selfless pleasure.

Lips found his bare chest, warm breath that tickled a little and the action made his cock press firmly into the bed beneath him.  Yep, he was awake and more than ready for some more fun.  Only Kale’s sleepy half-mumbles kept his actions tempered as his arm wrapped just a little more firmly around his lover as his eyes flickered open and looked around the too dark room.  He was certain that it had been still early afternoon when they had finally drifted off to sleep.  Could they have slept far into the night?  There was just too many muffling circumstances for him to pinpoint the hour.  He didn’t hear much movement outside of the room but he had put up aural shielding to keep their own sounds well contained and the heavy thick curtains he had put over his windows to keep out bright lights when he wanted to sleep in the middle of the day were of the best quality.  He couldn’t tell up from down.

He turned his head, pressing his face into Kale’s arm as the other man wiggled a little more and weakly argued against his hold, nipping at Dmitri again and hardening his resolve NOT to let the other man out from beneath him.    Especially when he called him… Mitri.   He had started calling him that after they took the step over the line from flirtation into physical contact and it pleased him.  No one else dared to use any sort of shortened form of his name as an endearment and it was just one of the things about Kale that made his heart warm with something more intense than desire.  Kale,  who was sweet, kind and a Yellow Warlord beneath his dark Grey and Warlord Prince nature that most would and probably assume that all the power lay on Dmitri’s side of the relationship would never have thought that to see the way that his Healer could bring him down a peg with a look or even a nickname. 

That was until he heard the distinctive sound of an empty and needy stomach and felt a little laughter rumble unbidden from his stomach until it came out in a snort at the same time that Kale became more determined to move.  He gave up the charade of sleep, rising up enough so that Kale could move from beneath his arm and sit up.  His eyes adjusted enough to see the other man in the bed beside him and his mouth curved into a sexy smile.

“Mmmm, me too,” he purred hotly, letting his eyes travel down Kale’s body in a very overly suggestive manner.  He wanted to do some nibbling of his own in that moment, but another rumble and his other nature pushed back his lustful side to attend to Kale’s greater needs.

Calling up a ball of witchlight to cast the room in a dim glow, he used craft to float over a tray with a pitcher of cold water, two glasses, and a bowl of fruit.  Always handy to have fruit around so he wasn’t always sneaking into the kitchens and bothering the staff.  Besides, if it was so late that everyone had gone to bed,he didn’t want to disturb anyone by making a meddle in the pantry.   He had the fruit as well as a few assorted snacks that he could serve up to Kale without either of them having to leave the room, let alone his bed.

He shifted his body to sit up as well, before pouring him a glass of water and handed it to him first.  “Drink first, you need to replenish your fluids and then some fruit.  I’ve got some sweet rolls tucked away if you need something a little heavier but the fruit will replenish some of the minerals that were used up during your Offering.”

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For a moment Dmitri was certain Kale would laugh at him, make a smart remark about his strange comment.  After all, it wasn’t as if he had given Kale any reason that his interest in him was anything more than lust driven attraction.  Well, there was plenty of that of course, after all he WAS a Warlord Prince but just as much a part of that side of him was his need to protect those who were important to him.   There were a few who fell into that category but none of them reached the level that Kale had grown to.  He might been hurt if Kale had rejected his playful advances, told him to fuck off magnificently or even out right ignored his teasing but he would have been much more hurt if he had done anything to offend or push away the man who was his friend.

Instead he held his breath, down right froze as Kale slowly put down his plate and rose up from his seat.  Great job Dmitri, he thought to himself, now you’ve pushed that line.  He even let out a slow deep breath reading himself to rise as well and see Kale out of his room.  Before he could even move his leg, Kale approached him in slow but directed steps towards him.  Dmitri didn’t move muscle, his eyes fixed on Kale’s focused face as the other man moved his leg off his knee with the same gentle hands that he had seen him use tending someone’s injury.  The motion was so orchestrated that Dmitri felt suddenly shy, sucking in a breath between his teeth as Kale moved up into his previously offered lap.   The long flowing skirt slid up his legs as he moved, not even reaching half way up his calves but the show of skin beneath the layers of soft fabric made his throat close up and go dry.

Kale’s hands slid up his chest and Dmitri’s body responded, chest rising up into his palms as they moved up over his shoulders and behind his neck.  He had shimmied up to his thighs now, closing the space between them as his fingers curled into the short trimmed hairs at the base of his head.   Dmitri just watched him, suddenly for the first time in a very long long time feeling…timid, uncertain, and almost awestruck.

He had started to form words to respond to Kale’s expectation of attention, of patience when his Healer… yes, he thought to himself, HIS Healer leaned in and brushed his mouth with the soft full lips that he had been dreaming about for weeks.  His dreams didn’t do him nearly enough justice.  He still had the flavor of their dinner on his mouth and Dmitri let him take the lead, still almost afraid to step over the line but his body was thankfully less shocked than his mind.

Dmitri found his hands moving down Kale’s back, sliding over his lean hips down his legs. Mmmm, they felt perfect in his palms as he continued his downward trek to the hem the skirt.  His fingers brushed against the exposed skin as his mouth teased at the soft easy kiss that Kale began.  It wouldn’t stay soft or easy for long.  He let his hands move beneath the skirt and travel up the delicious bare skin, feeling the lines of muscle and sinew.  His movements drew the skirt higher and higher, up to Kale’s hips as his hands slide over that fine ass he had been eyeing evertime the other man had turned around or bent over.  Especially when he bent over.  Oh fuck….

Dmitri’s fingers danced against soft silken fabric that was a little different than what he might have expected and yet with Kale, was completely within his style.  His lips curved wickedly against Kale’s as his fingers played with the delightful piece of cloth.

“I like this,” he growled softly, before hands cupped Kale’s rear and pulled him tight to his chest, taking control of the kiss with a fierce hunger.  His mouth opened and his tongue slid forward to seek entrance to the Healer’s mouth.   He let his teeth nibble at Kale’s lower lip while his hands ran over bare skin, satin and lace as he pulled back just enough to give them space to breathe.

“When Mercer comes to snarl at me,” he whispered in an even lower purr, his eyes hooding in lascivious hunger, “I’ll be able to say you were the one who jumped on me.”  He grinned playfully, “I was totally a victim to your insatiable urges.”   His mouth closed over Kale’s again before the other man could make a snappy remark.  The time for talking in complete sentences was long since done.

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Dmitri took in the tidbit about Kale and understood immediately that he had meant it to be  scrounging around in refuse piles, and was very surprised at the feelings of frustrated anger that it roused up at the thought of Kale having to dig through the trash for scraps of whatever edible food he could find.  Not that he was angry, it angered him to think of anyone who had to endure such hardships while so many had marks to almost burn; but more to the fact that it was Kale, who was still lean and had probably been far worse off when he had first arrived.

It was telling in the way he slowed down and sped up with his eating, as if he had to remind himself that his food wasn’t going to be taken from him.  Dmitri knew the sentiment, he had spent much of his youth before his Birthright doing much the same thing, before his value increased enough that providing him with enough to eat was deemed worthwhile by his Masters or Slavetenders.

“This is true, old leather is preferable to lying curled up in a corner while your body empties itself in a gruesome fashion,” he said almost too calmly as if he were discussing the weather or a bit of average news.  Dmitri was never one to focus on social niceties when he was in the privacy of his own rooms.  It was the one place he could speak and think as himself without worrying about offending or breaking any sort of Protocol.

The anger that lit up Kale’s voice had him lifting his attention from the piece of steak that was moving to his mouth, his eyebrow lifting to an arched point.  “Virginal no, though your certainly blush enough to have made me wonder the level of extent that you might be knowledgeable but perhaps pure was the wrong word.  Not many who have lived as you have make it to adulthood with anything that resembles purity.”   He placed his plate down on the table, folding his hands over his knee.  “ I didn’t mean to offer you any disrespect Kale, and if I did, I am sorry.”   He was.  Kale was probably the closest thing to a friend he had ever had, and even if things didn’t progress towards the naked and sweaty as he had hoped, he didn’t want to ruin that factor.

He watched Kale mimic his own body language, reclining back in the chair with ease.  “No, that is not why I WANT you,” he didn’t use the word fuck and he didn’t speak in a form that indicated a past desire.  He could fuck anyone, he was fucking Precious on a regular basis.  What he wanted from Kale felt more meaningful, deeper, more intense than any simple crude word like fuck would express.

“Virgins are delicious and sweet,” he admitted, “but a little boring.  I want to enjoy my lover, to relish in the way I can bring them pleasure.  Virgins require a different sort of attention and I don’t get to enjoy myself quite so much.”  He cocked his head to the side to study Kale, realizing after a second that he was mirroring the other man.  “No Kale, I want you for other totally immoral and deliciously lustful reasons.  I want you because you are lovely, intelligent, funny, wry and sassy.  I think you are an absolute delight.”  He switched his legs, crossing the other one over the opposite knee.  “I think you are fucking sexy because you are… you’re you.”   The honesty in his voice startled even him, causing him to fall silent in an awkward pause.

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Dmitri was enjoying this, enjoying watching Kale squirm and struggle to keep his composure while enjoying his meal. There was only one thing Dmitri was truly hungry for, and the blasted man was dangling it… metaphorically speaking… in front of him.  Well, perhaps not even metaphorically if he was lucky but it was getting harder and harder to keep himself planted in his own seat and not throwing the healer down to the soft plush rug for a long ravishing.

Kale’s sharp retort had him sputtering out of his little fantasy, his eyes widening in surprise at such a crude innuendo and for a moment, he was very very proud of the other man.  “If that is something you desire,” he managed to return, though his own comment lost some of its edge at the lingering startle.  “I do enjoy sweet cream myself, I could lick it up for hours.”  There….that got him some footing on their battle of wits, right?

His pants began to become uncomfortably tight at the images that lingered at the back of his mind, and he lost a little of his swaggered repose, pulling one leg over to cross his knee as he smirked.  “Very good Kale, you do quite well with that tongue.  I wonder what else it is good at.”  He brought his hand up to his chin, stroking it with thumb and forefinger as he gave Kale a slow pensive look. “Perhaps you aren’t quite as...pure… as I had once thought.”  His tongue slid along his lower lip.  “I look forward to expanding your education.”  He winked and leaned forward to pull his plate up from the tray to begin his own dinner.  It did smell delicious and he hated to think of food gone to waste.

“This steak is quite divine.  Soft and juicy, it almost melts in your mouth don’t you think?”  He said, taking a few bites himself before continuing, “Of course, I’ve never had meat that hadn’t been dried to the point of shrivelling before.  Rather like eating old shoes.   I don’t recommend it.

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Dmitiri hadn’t missed the flicker of disappointment that passed over the Healer’s eye as he took in his garments and manage to restrain himself from the smirk of satisfaction that he felt.  The fact that he had been considering giving the younger man a good eyeful in his original plan was not lost on him.   He almost regretted making the more respectable choice, but then again, he would be the first person who agreed that the obstacle of clothing was sometimes even more enticing than the bare flesh.  At least it was for him, the hunt and prize of peeling back layers.

He let out a little chuckle as Kale called him out for his control, moving the plate covers with a touch of craft to another distant surface before lifting an eyebrow at Kale.  “Oh?  My control is a problem?”   He leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees, watching Kale bring the fork up to his colored lips with almost rapt facelation.   At Kale’s insistence, he had begun to reach for his own fork until Kale’s next words sent a flush of heat down his abdomen.

“If I were less controlled,” he said, letting the heat he felt slide into his voice as he raised his own fork to his mouth, “you wouldn’t be waiting until after the meal to do so.”  His eyes were hooded, swimming with visions of the slender man sliding over his legs, that lovely skirt riding up to give him a clear view of the lean muscled legs he imagined had always lain beneath his Healer’s Robes.

He chewed slowly, watching Kale’s reaction as he slowly swallowed his food before continuing, “Of course, you might well forget to finish your dinner in our pursuit of desert, and that would be very irresponsible of me to do to you.”   He leaned back, reclining against the back of the chair with one arm thrown over the back, giving Kale a long easy look at the length of his form and consequently opening up the referred to lap in invitation.

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The kitchen had been surprisingly quick in providing quite a mixed spread of food, the servant placing the large covered tray on his seating table and scurrying off as quickly as he could.  Dmitri would have smirked at the display but his mind was occupied elsewhere.  He looked under the various lids.  A mix of cooked vegetables with some sort of steak tips. A carafe of wine and another pitcher of cold water.  Under smaller, cold spelled covers were two cups of a sweet chocolate whipped confection as well as a bowl of strawberries that had been dipped in dark chocolate and let to cool.  He made a small mental note to leave a generous tip for the kitchen staff at his next passing.  Certainly a lot of wonderful treats for dinner, and a few things to entice towards dessert of more than one type.

That in mind, he went into his bathing room and looked at himself in the mirror.  He was a bit on the scruffier side than he usually liked to carry, so he took quick care to bring down his facial hair to a much more respectable trim.  Not clean shaven, he didn’t like the way his face looked sallow and still too wain, and he thought it made his nose stand out more.  Besides, it seemed to be a fashionable look, just a rough scruff along the cheeks and neck, added more to his image of danger and he had just learned what the feel of his scruff did to Kale.  Dmitri wondered what the feel of that scruff on other places on his body would do to the other man.

Splashing his face with water, he stripped off his shirt and pulled out a dark sapphire one, made of smooth material that he might have thought silk if not for the price he had paid for it.  It was cool and silky to the touch, and he wore it only half buttoned, giving a long view down the front of his chest.   He called in his Green ring, pausing a moment before shaking his head and vanishing it back.  No, he wouldn’t need to be wearing his jewels, better not to do anything to call to attention anything that might spook the Healer.

A soft knock sounded at his door and he glanced towards it, pausing a moment in a flash of…no, that couldn’t be panic.  He was NOT having a moment of panic about the prospect of bedding a deliciously lovely young man.  No, he was just worried what might happen in the aftermath if someone in the Court took ire with his decision.   He HAD warned Kale, given him every chance to run in the complete opposite direction and he hadn’t.   He had come of his own volition so if something did happen, well it wasn’t like he seduced him.

Feeling a little more certain of his own convictions, Dmitri made short work of getting to the door to open it.   “Ah, Healer Heartly, welcom….” the words fell away from his mouth when he looked at the other man.  He was wearing the most interesting outfit with a soft looking sweater that adorned a long skirt that conspired to hide the long legs that Dmitri had spent far too much time staring at in the last several months.  With the makeup included, Kale was… he was deliciously adorable.  Not in a cute puppy sort of way, no Dmitri was NOT thinking of small, fluffy animals when he looked at the other man.  He was imagining peeling back that skirt slowly and sliding his hands up those hidden legs to see what other delightful things were hidden beneath.

“What a wonderful ensemble,” he said with a soft purr, his eyes lighting up, “and I just love the color of the liner around your eyes.   Do come in, dinner has been delivered already and they’ve gone and tossed in some delicious treats for dessert.”   He stepped to the side to let Kale walk in before closing the door behind him, slipping the physical lock on.   He didn’t want to make the other man feel trapped, he could easily unlock and leave and it would keep out unwanted interruptions.

“Please sit,” he continued, walking over to one of the two plush sitting chairs and reclining into it, his hand steepled in front of him as he watched Kale move, hypnotised by the soft swish of the skirt’s fabrics.  Oh yes, he could come up with all sorts of little scenarios in his head.

“So, despite my every warning, you still decided to come?   Trying to see if I’ll hold good to my word?”   He leaned forward, reaching for the covering lids on the two plates to remove them.

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Dmitri reclined back in his seat, watching as everyone else rose as soon as Kale and Radu walked into the room.  Kale looked tired but proud, glowing with the happiness of his achievement and his scent was richer, darker, and in some ways stronger.  More than his descent further into the Abyss, whatever secret tests he endured in those hours of darkness had strengthened his soul.  His eye was bright with excitement, but he could tell from the slight tenseness in his jaw that he was getting hungry.  He had learned to read Kale’s body language very well, and he allowed himself a smug little grin at his own thoughts before rising up as the wellwishers began to step away from Kale.

Give a little glance at Radu who was still standing at Escort position, he leaned in to Kale, his cheek brushing the other man’s as he whispered, “My gift will wait until we are alone, my lovely.” as he gave him a publically appropriate hug before stepping back to lift his hand to his mouth, his lips pressing into Kale’s palm.  “Well met Lord Heartly and many congratulations.”  Not exactly where he wanted to be kissing Kale but he was feeling suddenly a little...shy?  No, he didn’t get shy about anyone, around anyone. This was about Kale and something told him such a display would shift the attentions where they rightfully fell.

Stepping back to allow other people to make their own offers of congratulations, he gave Radu a little nod, and moving back to his own seat near the head of the table.  He figured the seat of honor would be given to the man of the hour and Radu would sit at his side with Mercer on the other.  He took the next available seat then, and watched the rest of the proceedings.

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Dmitri stared at the sliver of light coming over the horizon through the window he had been staring at all night, growling and glaring and willing the sun to rise faster and sooner.  This had been one of the longest nights since he had run to his freedom and it didn’t even matter.  He wanted to laugh at himself, for acting like a nervous parent during one of the most important nights of a Blood’s life.  He wasn’t even sure that he was this anxious over his own Offering.

It wasn’t his Offering, it was Kale’s and it was even more important to him because it was Kale’s Offering.  Kale, his deliciously sweet Healer, who had more spine and backbone in his slender body than any man he had ever met.  Or maybe he was biased in his opinion of the Warlord but he didn’t care.

So he growled under his breath and he paced the room that still held the scent of the other man in its fabrics and linens and waited until the barest sliver of light began to change the distant horizon from midnight to twilight blue and then sapphire.    Turning from the window he bathed in a long hot shower to relax his nerves before dressing in a silky, grey shirt that Kale favored, sleek black trousers and slicked back his still wet hair.  Kale had left him the invitation before heading to prepare for his ritual but he didn’t need a silly piece of paper.  Kale was HIS and he would be damned if he needed permission to celebrate.   Even more now that with his Offering, he wouldn’t be a Ward any longer and therefore their relationship wouldn’t or couldn’t be a point of issue.   Besides, only an idiot wouldn’t have figured them out by now after five months.  He was pretty certain Mercer knew, he knew Precious knew and of course Victoria was almost gleeful.  He was almost puzzled by her excited eagerness to see them involved.  Perhaps she thought it meant he wouldn’t turn his attentions on her.

Taking a glance in the mirror at his appearance, he sauntered out of his room and down towards the dining hall where he was certain anyone who also received an invitation would be gathering to congratulate Kale and toast to his advancement.  He had expected Mercer of course, maybe even Precious since he knew the Queen had struck up a friendship with Kale.  He wasn’t surprised to see the young Healer Dumitrescu, Healers often stuck together.  He was a little surprised not to see Victoria having already arrived, certain that Kale would have given his mentor an invitation, but knowing that woman she was going to have something private planned for Kale. 

Giving a silent nod to Mercer, he headed over to the buffet where there was coffee and tea spread out for the taking, pouring himself a cup of the dark bitter liquid.  He was going to need the drink to keep his eyes from drooping as he began to catch up with his sleepless night.  He would sleep later, with his Kale tucked up against him.  It was the only honestly restful sleep he had most nights.

Stealing a pastry filled with some unidentifiable fruit, he popped it between his teeth before moving over to an empty seat and sitting at it.  Chewing slowly, and giving himself time to push down some of his overtired and anxious grumpy attitude, he finally looked up at everyone.

“Morning,” he mumbled deeply, raising his coffee cup in a salute before taking a sip.  He glanced at the sky that was becoming more and more lightened through the nearby window.  It was going to be a beautiful morning, with a true summer-sky coloring.  He wondered if that was a good sign, that Kale achieved his full descent.

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Dmitri was REALLY trying not to linger on that sound Kale had made while he was beneath him.  Really trying not to feel the way the other man’s chest had vibrated under him and that deliciously needy sound had slipped from those soft looking lips.   He focused instead on the cool air that was starting to cool the sweat that had begun on his back.  Felt the brush of breeze against him that was almost too painful in some areas.  He sucked in air slowly between his teeth as he watched Kale sit up and look at him with those deep blue eyes.

Fuck, he was in so much trouble if Kale made true on his word to jump him or strip off his clothes.  He wasn’t even sure if he would be able to keep control of himself if he didn’t have a moment to pull himself together. 

Instead Kale seemed to have more sense than him, because the other man stood and seemed to be making the choice to walk away, even though his own body betrayed how much he didn’t want to.  Dmitri had almost settled into the relief that he was going to walk away.  He could accept rejection, surprisingly enough he could accept the rejection much more than the denial.   Instead, Kale didn’t leave, not really.  He gave him time.  He was going to come to his room after all.   

Dmitri sucked in a sharp breath, watching those long fingered hands slide down his pants and tried not to linger in his gaze; forcing his eyes back up to the other man’s face as he felt his head nodding while his mind was still catching up.

“I’ll…. Um… I’ll get the food,” he said distractedly as Kale turned and walked away, leaving him standing in the garden with probably the most puzzled and unexpected look on his face.   What the hell did this mean?!   Was Kale giving in? Was he just going to show up for dinner and make him keep his word, especially after he just all but told the Healer he wanted to pin him to the ground, or the wall, or anywhere he could get his hands on that lean body.

“Well shit,” he muttered to himself as he ran a hand over his face, feeling the scratch of his beard against his palm before he headed down a different direction from where Kale went, a different door that lead to the hall closer to his own room.  He sent a message with a servant to have plates brought to his room for himself and the Healer-in-training and then went for his own door.   Glancing around his room, he was glad for once to see that living at the Seat had its own perks of having a servant who cleaned and freshened the room for you.   He pulled together two seats to the low table he used to place his own meals when he chose to eat alone, then settled into a comfortable chair to await the meals or Kale, whichever came first.

Huh…. interesting turn of a phrase.

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He had underestimated the Healer-in-training, though by the shift in his scent, he might well be reaching his full potential very quickly.  He had known Kale had spine, no one who had endured what he had could walk away as whole as he did if he wilted under pressure but he certainly hadn’t expected him to step to the line.   Ever.   Never Ever.

Okay maybe not never ever.  He figured at some point Kale would just ignore his innuendos, maybe even stop flushing every time he even walked in the room and Dmitri would just become a fixture of his life.   It’s not what he WANTED but with all the damn restrictions and every eye on him, it was all he could do.   Besides, Kale’s interest could easily wain, and after all he had so many responsibilities ahead of him.  In honestly, the right thing to do would be to tone down the flirting and ease off the younger man.

Fuck doing the right thing, Dmitri wanted to do all the wrong things to the Healer.

His eyebrow quirked up, and he gave Kale a smirk, “Well, that would certainly be a delightful surprise.”  He looked around and gave a little sigh, “Well, I suppose here would be alright, as long as I don’t get any grass stains on these clothes.  They are such a bitch to get out of this fabric.”   He grinned and crossed his arms behind his back as Kale unleashed the vent of frustrations.  He wasn’t yelling, but Dmitri could feel the emotions that poured out of him.

The question of games wipe the smile from his face, bringing a dark scowl over his features.  He stepped closer, leaning in until his arms were able to touch the bench that Kale was sitting on, one hand on either side of Kale’s hips.   The space between them heated palpably as he whispered.  “I don’t play games of this nature Warlord,” he whispered in dark velvet tones.  “I don’t waste my time with boring prey.  When I am hunting someone, I intend to win.”   He leaned closer, his proximity making the other man lean back simply from the force of his presence.

“What I want Healer Kale?  I don’t know if you could truly fathom the depth of my desires,” he purred, his head dipping until his mouth brushed against Kale’s ear.  His breath tickling the little dark wisps of hair that was starting to curl slightly as they grew out.  “But you see there is a problem.”

He leaned in, his chest brushing against Kale’s as he pushed him back on the bench, towering over him as he so very very slowly lowered his body against Kale’s so that he had no choice but to lay back.

“There are rules here at the Seat.  Rules that I must abide, rules that keep me tethered with an invisible collar.  Rules that if I broke, would garner me the wrath of Mercer and probably any number of the Queen’s Circle.  You see, Kale Heartly,” he brushed his cheek against Kale’s throat, letting his half grown beard tickle his skin as his mouth almost touched his ear.  “You are the most delicious of forbidden fruit.  The juiciest, fullest, apple at the top of the most amazing tree and I cannot touch you.  I can only stand beneath and stare and imagine how sweet your juice would be on my lips.”   His fingers flexed just enough to brush against the side of his leg.

“You should be afraid of me Kale,” he continued, his voice husky with barely contained need, “because I am the big bad wolf and I will gobble you up if given the chance.”  He snapped his teeth next to the other man’s ear.   “I’d drag you down to my den and show you things that even in your most fevered dreams you could not have imagined.  So no, I am not trying to scare you off.  I am being awful and horrible, I am giving you only the smallest taste of the excruciating hunger that I have being around you day after day.”  He let out a soft moan.    “If you only knew the things I fantasized about, you might pass out from the blood rush.”

Dmitri leaned back, pushing away from the bench and giving Kale air and space to regain himself as he turned around, sucking in deep breaths to pull his own control back beneath the surface.  The cooling air helped, but only a little.  He was going to need a long soaking bath tonight to relax to a sensible level.

“But you are correct.  Perhaps I am simply torturing both of us needlessly, I don’t consider myself a stupid person and you are owed more respect.  You are a Ward of the Court, a factor that will probably not change for the better part of another year or longer depending on your training.  You are not of the age of majority and you still have to undergo your Offering.  All very important milestones in your near future.  You do not need the added distraction of my attentions.”

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Kale’s comment about being the only student of the Court Healer didn’t seem to faze him much.  He brushed it off with a dismissive shrug that said, “That detail doesn’t make my comment less true.”  He watched the Warlord turn his head to regard him, blue eyes travelling up and down his body before turning back to look at the sky.  It wasn’t really an appreciative glance, almost assessing or at least trying to seem that way if it wasn’t for the very noticeable shift in the other man’s psychic scent that drifted along the air and teased Dmitri’s nose.

No, he hadn’t been oblivious to the younger man’s attraction, which was what had made teasing him so much fun.  Dmitri was already frustrated and unable to act on it, so he didn’t mind sharing the feeling.  He looked up at the sky himself, taking in a deep breath and feeling the growing crispness tingle the inside of his nose.  “I can’t imagine that it feels worse than being hot to the point of melting,” he said with a little snort.  “At least with the cold you can always find ways to warm yourself.  Cooling craft isn’t quite as effective as burying yourself in blankets...or warm bodies.”   He gave Kale a sly sexy grin.   “I am intrigued about this...chucking of snow.  Do you use craft to throw it or a projectile?  I think that craft would be an unfair advantage and your fun would probably be over much too quickly.  I like to draw out entertaining activities.”  Another smirk though he didn’t look down at Kale this time.

“I think you will find yourself very disappointed then Lord Heartly, if you think you will find me out on a frozen pond.  I have a reputation to uphold and falling on my ass in front of the Seat would remove some of my well earned standing.”  He gave a little hauty tilt of his chin at that.  In truth, he just didn’t want to make a fool of himself, probably in front of children who would move around him and laugh.  He tried not to fall for foolish reasons if he could avoid it, and the last thing he would want to do is lose his temper and blast someone into the freezing waters because of his embarrassment.

“Besides, I imagine between the cold, the wet and the falling, Lady Adam will be quite busy with injuries and so I suspect there won’t be much time for play of that nature. Feel free to indulge yourself thought.  I will watch from the banks with a hot cup of coffee and plenty of warm layers.”  He crossed his arms over his chest as a cool breeze pushed its way under his coat and made his chest tingle.   This feeling of chill had been a little exciting and pleasing but he suspected that as much as he hated the heat of Raej, he was going to find himself grumbling about the bone chilling damp and cold that everyone was talking about coming.

“So, have you completed your studies for the day?  It is not often I find you alone without a book or a friend or on your way to Haven.  Is it possible that you might be taking a moment of free time for yourself?”  He reached over and gave Kale’s shoulder a playful nudge, smiling honestly at him.  “I can only chase after one Healer at a time but you have been working yourself to distraction lately.   I have noticed and I’m certain Lady Adam has as well.   Perhaps I should speak to your friend Radu who should be keeping an eye on such things, if he really intends to serve as your Escort.”  Dmitri pursed his lips a little in thought before leaning forward, elbows on his knees and getting close to Kale.

“I find myself with an evening free as well.  Lady Adam has, and brace yourself for a real surprise, a date this evening with a handsome guardsman and I think that my presence in the Healing Rooms might ruin any chance that she might enjoy a naked male that isn’t brought to her injured.”  He grinned a very wolfish grin.  “Perhaps you might like to join me in my rooms.  I can have some food brought in and you can share with me some of your news.”   He held up his hands, palms out.

“On my honor, a meal and company.  I promise I won’t do anything devilishly sinful or inappropriate.  Your virtue is safe… at least for tonight.”  Another sly sexy grin.

“I can behave myself when  I want to, I just rarely do.”

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Dmitri had never met a Queen before, and now he was meeting a Territory Queen.  This shook him a little, though he pushed hard to not let it show.  Granted, he should have figured he would actually meet her eventually but not yet.  He figured he’d meet her males, then they would go back to talk to her and then other meetings before finally being introduced.  The woman who entered with escort didn’t really strike him as a Queen sort.  She seemed too normal.  Also, he heard men talk about how beautiful Queens were.  This woman was handsome, with a form eye catching enough that he could enjoy warming her bed if required, but beautiful seemed a bit too much.  He schooled his face to neutral expressions though.  Other males HATED if you even thought badly about women they were focused on.

Guess they don’t waste time and words, he thought to himself as he studied the woman who was flanked by a Red Jeweled Prince who studied him with careful eyes.  Alright, he could understand that, strange Warlord Prince showing up, they would bring their heavy hitters.   Good, then they were taking him seriously and might actually hear him out.  He looked at the the men in the room and then back at the Queen and felt his eyebrow twitch before he held it down.  Men around their Queen were supposed to be on edge but…

Shaking the thoughts from his head, he executed a proper bow at the Queen, offering her sincere deference to her station as was required by Protocol.  Glancing over at Prince Mercer with a flicker of his eyes he settled into a relaxed pose, his hands going to fold behind his back but given the circumstances he chose instead to let them fall at his sides.  Best not cause them to wonder what might be behind his back.  He would have told them it was only his ass, but then again, not really the right environment for jokes.  He nodded his head towards the Prince as well.

“Dmitri Petran Lady.  Thank you, I appreciate the chance for an audience.  I realize my arrival wasn’t….well I probably broke a few important Court rules by not making an appointment first.  I’ve only just arrived in Dena Nehele, came straight away here in fact.  I’ve never been one for patience and I figured given recent troubles that it might be forgivable if I announced myself  first before word travelled about a strange Grey Warlord Prince outside your walls.”  He wrung his hands for a moment.  He wanted to phrase his request a million sort of ways and none of them seemed like they would garner much favor but he knew if he tried to sound ‘proper’, he’d only sound stupid.

“Thing is, and I told Prince Mercer so I’m sure he’s probably passed some of it on to your... Prince Cutrov,” he began, “I’m leaving behind a bad history and looking to start new.  Somewhere I don’t have to worry about being shipped off and sold again back to the bastards I ran from.  I heard about the things here and thought maybe you could use someone with my strength at least.  I can’t say I’ve been squeaky clean since I got here.  I told as much to Prince Mercer but they had it coming.  I killed just the one, but he did come at me with a knife so I suppose it was self-defense.  The others I only roughed up but I guess maybe with your Healer problems they might not be doing too well.”  He did feel a little guilty about that, but only a little.

“I’m not asking for special treatment.  I intend to earn my keep and work hard to do so, just I can’t fathom going back to that shithole.  I imagine what will wait for me there will probably result in someone dead; me if I’m lucky but more likely a lot of them if they come after me.  My last master died so I took advantage that no one knew and ran.  No, I didn’t kill her.  She was an old lady, a Healer.”   He was babbling and knew it, so he sucked in air between his teeth.
“I’d like to stay in Dena Nehele, find honest work, feel free air on my face, if you are amenable to that.  Not too many places in Terrielle that aren’t buying into slavery these days.”

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Dmitri finished securing the last of the shelves in the Healer’s Rooms, closing the sturdy doors and giving it a little shake before shaking it again and finally putting a little muscle into it.  The thing didn’t budge.  He was rather proud of that fact after having finally learned the reason behind the fading scars that lined Lady Adam’s arms had been the result of a falling glass case slicing her all to hell and back.  That was when he made it his mission to craft and create a whole new storage system for her that didn’t involve glass of any sort.  He had always liked working with his hands, and he liked the Lady, for all that she snarled at him for being sensible.

Of course, witches always snarled at males for being sensible.  He always assumed it bothered them to be the least sensible gender.  He just thought it was funny when she tried to look intimidating.  She was as intimidating as a baby bunny.   Of course he’d never say that to her face.  She had a sharp side for vengeance that was impressive.  He had learned that after he had snapped at her about being stupid for not taking a nap during her moontime and the next day his favorite bathing soap left streaks of green all over his skin that had taken days to fade.  Enough so that he hadn’t been able to find an excuse to be shirtless and working around her apprentice.  He certainly wasn’t going to let Lord Heartly get a laugh from his misfortune and damned if he knew how she managed it!  It wasn’t craft, and he couldn’t identify the plant base, but she had simply smiled innocently and feigned having no knowledge.

So he had decided to put his creative side to the test and with a little help from a local woodworker who agreed to let him use his shop in exchange for Dmitri providing extra labor in moving lumber, he had worked out a screen made of criss-crossing plant based mesh that was spaced enough to be visible to the contents inside but still secure enough that in the event of another ground shaking event, the contents would not and could not spill out of the cabinet while ensuring no more arm slashing glass.

The effect was rather pleasing in a contrasting pattern sort of way.  Maybe if this whole Healer Escort bit didn’t work out for him he could get work making furniture.  He wouldn’t mind something like that.   He could lose himself in the physical work, let his mind go to a quiet place away from the sounds that either annoyed, angered or arroused him.  Sometimes all three at the same time.

Mostly working on the furniture had given him a valid reason to be away from the Healing Rooms when Lady Adam didn’t need him and to keep him out of the area of her delicious looking apprentice who was becoming less of a established fixture and more..something else.  Sure, the boyo was pretty and had a set of lips that just called him to play with and he certainly had pondered what he would do with those legs wrapped around him but there were just two really big issues with making his nice little fantasies into a reality.

The first was that Kale Heartly was still a Ward of the Court, and he knew that it was a hard lined rule.  NO FUCKING WARDS.   Well, Precious didn’t really count.  She was a woman grown, past her Offering and Prince Mercer knew very well that he had been warming her up on a very frequent basis and didn’t seem to have an issue with this.  Well, why would he?  Red Jeweled Queen was getting her needs met and a Grey Jeweled Warlord Prince wasn’t getting murderously pent up and breaking objects or heads.  Win - win.  He liked the witch, she turned sex into play and had a wit that made him laugh.  Not to mention they had a similar background and that gave them an added bonding point.

The second issue was Prince Mercer.  Any thoughts of wanting to know if that white hair went all the way down was seriously in the past.  Rose Jeweled or not, the man could be downright terrifying in a way that Dmitri hadn’t known anyone light jeweled could be that didn’t have a controlling ring.  He had a healthy respect for the man and knew that he looked out for all the Wards.   Making moves on Kale, even if the man was almost at his age of majority almost seemed….disrespectful to the other Warlord Prince.  Like he was poaching on his territory when he knew that Mercer didn’t make any sort of those claims on Kale.   Come to think of it, he didn’t think Mercer had claims on anyone, male or female and that in itself was rather disturbing.  What sort of man didn’t like fucking anyone?

So he worked out his frustrations with Precious and with wood working, filling his bathing tub to boiling temperature and soaking until he turned nice and red and relaxed and let out a little steam while still flirting and teasing the Yellow Jeweled Warlord without crossing any of those blasted lines.  Yet…

He glanced out the window and saw the figure laying on one of the benches in the healing garden.  Saw the way the breeze teased the short dark hair that was facing in his direction and saw the way his leg lifted and bent and felt…

Oh shit.  Maybe he might have to go scratching on Precious’ door tonight after all. 

He stood at the window and watched the younger man enjoying the setting sun and for a moment pondered not going out there and sitting with him.  Sure, he liked teasing Kale and it was fun to watch the blush rise in his face even while he would try and stubbornly look annoyed or even better, nonplussed by Dmitri’s continued prodding.  More and more thought, he genuinely just like talking to the Warlord.  Kale was enthusiastic when talking about his Haven, intensely warm and open when talking about his brother or Radu, the Warlord Prince who had been coming around more often to learn how to become a Healer’s Escort.   Dmitri figured rightly that his intention was to become Kale’s Escort when the Warlord had completed his training and was a full Healer. He liked Radu, as much as one Warlord Prince liked another which was to say he didn’t want to kill him and he appreciated how much he looked out for Kale. 

There was a stillness to Kale that bothered him and intrigued him.  Being around him, Dmitri didn’t always feel on edge.  Lady Adam seemed to have noticed this, blast her, and had been rather insistent on having them in the same room whenever he started to get annoyed with her.  He wasn’t sure it had the same effect on the Warlord who seemed distracted and irritated by the distraction but what could he do about that.  There was also the fact that Kale talked to him in a way too many others didn’t.  The old man in the stables did, but he talked to animals so Dmitri had cause to question his sanity at times.  No Kale talked to him about things that were normal.  They talked about the weather, the coming cold; sure they talked about Healing and plants and stuff, but sometimes they talked about other things.  Foods they liked, a good joke they heard about the Seat, nothing that ever seemed to be something meant to placate a Dark Jeweled male’s temper which he found usually happened when anyone spoke with him.  He learned that Kale loved animals and had adopted quite a menagerie of his own and Dmitri told him that he had never had a pet.   That conversation had kept him awake worrying the other male would show up with some lost thing for him to keep.  No, Dmitri didn’t mind animals, but he wasn’t someone he could see adopting strays.  Besides, animals tended to sense he was a dangerous predator and didn’t usually want to be around him.   

Seeing the sun start to touch the distant treeline, Dmitri pulled on his jacket and walked out the rear doors of the Healing Rooms towards the gardens. Soon enough it would be time for evening meals and he would lose some quiet time with the other man before he would probably be off to visit with his brother and friend.  Strolling along the path, his hands in his pockets to keep them warm, he paused a few steps away from the bench, looking towards the setting sun.

“Pretty soon it’ll be too cold to be out here to enjoy this,” he said, his voice deep and soft, “I’m told that we might even seen snow soon.  Never seen the stuff, but I heard it’s pretty and that the garden ponds freeze over and daft people go out there and slide around and try not to fall on their asses or through the ice.”  He chuckled as he took a few more steps and sat down on the edge of a large stone planter.   “You’ll find me boiling myself in a big tub of water before you’ll see me out there doing fool things.”  He turned his head and looked at Kale.  “Don’t let Lady Adam see you out here, she’ll worry her favorite student would catch an awful cold and then she’ll probably make you drink some noxious medicine.” 

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Dmitri watched the flash of surprise, heat and annoyance flush the other man’s cheeks and couldn’t help but give him a wolfish grin in response.  His reaction was to respond ‘well if I could do that, I wouldn’t leave my room’ but he decided there was a limitation to riling the Warlord and while he was enjoying the tease, he didn’t want to alienate him.  Still, he saw him walking towards him and allowed him the moment to brush against his arm in a gesture of self-confidence to counteract his previous statement.  It was all too tempting to turn with the movement and slap him on the ass, but restraint kept his hand at his side.

You’re getting soft, he thought with a snort as he watched Kale walk away, his eyes drifting down over his rear with growing interest.  So so very tasty looking, he thought mournfully.  I bet he mews like a kitten when he’s pet the right way, and Dmitri knew all the right ways to pet him.  His mind danced across the little fantasies as he walked, letting that smile cross his lips.

The air was brisk, making goosebumps on his skin but he enjoyed the hard cold feeling as much as he enjoyed watching Kale fuss with his own shirt in response.  Yes, he would enjoy petting this male.  It was very amusing to watch the younger man pull himself on the roof without assistance and balance with the grace and ease of someone used to heights and narrow walking spaces.  His feet pointed and arched in a way that lifted his legs and subsequently that sweet little ass. 

He gave his assessment and listened to Kale’s explanation about resources and what they could use as a temporary fix, nodding his head as he eyed the roof with a practiced eye.  Not quite the same form and material, but a roof was a roof was a roof.

“A tarp would be fine,” he said, “and Craft to keep damp and rot away from the rest of the wood.”  He gave Kale a pleased smile, “I would not mind the work to keep my hands busy.  It can be boring at times, sitting around the Healing rooms and physical things please me.”  He flashed a little grin and let Kale take the double meaning if he would as he walked over to the edge of the roof and lowered himself down, dropping the extra space to land neatly on the ground. 

Waiting for Kale to follow he returned inside and grabbed his shirt and coat, pulling both over his arms but leaving his chest bare.  He wasn’t vain, but he did notice Kale looking at his chest and didn’t mind the other man eying him.  Casting a glance up at the sky, he let out a heavy sigh.

“I should make my way back towards the Residence.  I assume Lady Adam should have rested sufficiently and I should attend my duties.”  He looked around again at Haven and gave Kale an honest smile.  “Thank you for allowing me to walk with you today Healer Heartly.  I look forward to our next encounter.  Do not trouble yourself, I think I can remember the way back.”

He paused a moment, taking a small step closer until he was a handspan from Kale before leaning down slightly to murmur near his ear.  “I do hope to see you again soon.”   He let himself inhale loud enough to be heard as he breathed in Kale’s scent.  Then with a rakish grin, he gave Kale a small salute with his hand and walked back towards the Residence with a swagger in his step and his hands in his pockets.

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Dmitiri regarded the young healer thoughtfully.   He had noticed the spike of temper as he had been asking his questions about their material gathering capabilities.  Good, he was protective and defensive.  These were right things to be, it made all the difference between a good Healer and a great Healer.   He turned to look at Kale, square the eyes...well eye.  Unflinching, he wondered how many people shied away from looking the younger man in the face since his injury.  It was obviously still a fresh thing, there was still a tenderness to the scarred line down his cheek.  Good work done to mend the damage, but anyone who had been around wounds would know the signs.   

“Calm down Warlord, I was not criticizing the work you have done,” he growled in a way that wasn’t supposed to be threatening, though the tension was rubbing at his control like a piece of sandpaper.  Yes, some physical labor would be a good idea if he didn’t want to be snapping and snarling at everyone who tensed around him.   “I am just…gathering information.  Like asking a patient their symptoms before you diagnose.” Surely the Healer-in-Training would understand that.

The surprise that crossed Kale’s face at his comment made him pause.   Was it so strange the way he phrased it?  “Yes, small things with colored sticks. They like to draw, do they not?   I’m certain you probably have quite a few on the streets who come here.  Perhaps if they were allowed to make decorations, it would give them a little peace and a distraction from the wrongness of their situation?”   Were the children of the Masters in Raej so different from every other child.   “Or perhaps we could make some whitewash to brighten the walls?  They are made from stone, no?   Some water and lime and salt if such things are not expensive to obtain, it is far cheaper to acquire than paint.” 

He watched Kale release the tie from around his hair and had the overwhelming urge to slide his fingers deep into that dark hair. It looked soft and luxurious and not at all like the hair most men would wear.  Just long enough to pull on, given the right circumstances and Dmitri could think of plenty of right circumstances.  If Kale expected him to avert his eyes when he slipped off the eyepatch, he was sorely disappointed.  Dmitri never shifted his eyes from that handsome young face, in truth began to fantasize a little as Kale’s arms lifted up to fix the hair, flexing slender muscles beneath this simple clothing.   He was a bit skinnier than he usually looked for in a lover, but there was a softness to his features that started to give Dmitri all sorts of ideas that perhaps weren’t best thought of at this moment.  Pulling his eyes slowly down Kale’s body in an attempt to pull his thoughts away from how it would feel to pull that lean body against his, he dragged his gaze across the rough wooden flooring before turning his head towards the door.

“Your presence is always appreciated,” he said, looking back at Kale’s face with a feral hungry grin.  “Try not to fall in love with me while you watch me work.  I know it will take some effort, most people enjoy the sight of me bare-chested and lifting heavy things.”  He unbuttoned his dress shirt, sliding it off and laying it over the back of the chair with his jacket before striding out towards the door.   Stepping back out into the chill of the autumn, he pondered the decision to go bare chested but relished watching that blush of attraction creep back on the Healer’s face.  Oh yes, he might never taste that forbidden fruit, a Ward of the Court was pretty much off limits, but he could tease and tempt him just for the fun of it.   Looking around, he found some drainage piping along the side of the building and used it to climb high enough to gain a hand on the roof to pull himself up, turning back to offer a hand to Kale if he needed.   If not, he carefully walked across the slanted shingled roof, noticing where some had slipped and fallen away in some such storm or another.  Each step was carefully measured, tested before full weight was placed down in case the rot was more severe than he had believed.  Nothing worse than a grown man’s leg punching through a weak spot in a roof. 

After deciding the damage wasn’t too bad, at least not enough that he caused more damage, he did some quick measurements and found the area where the leak should be.   Crouching down, he pulled up some of the shingles, finding the spot where the water had begun to seep through.   Pressing against it, he hmmm’d to himself a moment before calling in his Green ring and used a little warming spell to begin drying the wood.

Looking back at Kale, he gestured with his chin, “Do you have any plaster of a sort around?   Doesn’t look like the damage here is too bad.  I’ll dry out the wood but I’d like something to seal the area so that the next rain doesn’t just start the process again.   This whole area should be reshingled.  As long as the weather holds as it has been, getting a few steady hands up here we can get it winter ready in two days.   Know of any men who might be up to the task?

Oh she was delicious to play with, and he was already looking forward to the next encounter that didn’t have him restricted to his play time.  With a full afternoon or even a full night, he could have her pawing at the bedding, begging him to release her from the endless, mindless pleasure he could give.  Still, given the pleased sounds he could hear echoing in his ears was proof enough of his skill.   He felt some of the tension that had been building beneath the skin lessen with each body shivering release that Precious gifted him, the sight and sound and taste quelling a little of that ravenous beast that lay within.   It wasn’t enough, but it would do for a while.   

Her tugging in his hair, and her half whispered begging for more had him moving up her body, teeth and tongue leaving a long trail up her perfect skin as he drew his tall body up against her.   They were still standing up against the door, if only because he had been pressing her against the frame and supporting her as her legs shivered.   He didn’t want the comfort of a bed.   He hated having sex in a bed, it reminded him too much of a false sense of civility and affection.   His mistress had always insisted he service her in her bed, and the feel of sheets against his cock was enough to kill any desire he could muster.   No.   He would take Precious against this wall, in a chair, on the fucking floor but he would not have sex in a bed.

“Quite right,” he purred against her mouth, feeling her explore his lips and tasting herself still wet on his lips, “one should not fill up on appetisers when there was a delicious entree waiting.”   His hand slid down her side to her hip, fingers pressing into the soft round leg that had wrapped around his hip.  He smacked the skin hard, squeezing with his large hand and pulling her up off the floor with the action.  Pressing her to the door, he pulled her other leg around his waist before cupping his hands against her ass.

He was hard and ready, and the heat of her was like a magnet to his cock as he moved her into position.  He stared at her with his dark eyes, pupils focused to a pinpoint as he let the rush of lust and need flood his body, unleashing the hunger like one would do a creature of the hunt.

“Hold on Lady, I am in no mood for gentleness,” he growled, rolling his hips forward and up, piercing her with little hesitation.  Bowing his head to her mouth, he pulled at her lower lip with his teeth as he rocked into her, each thrust achiveving more and more depth.  “We may do more than shake the walls.”   His hands tightened on her as he began to thrust with more intensity.  He wasn’t totally mindless.  His Grey flashed as he coated the walls in a thin shield.   He wanted to make her scream, but not because he rubbed the skin off her back in his haste or suffered her splinters.  Satisfied, he set about keeping to his promise of foundation shifting.

Mother fucking Night, she felt so good, smelled so good, and the feel of her dark power over him as she moved in unison with him without the bitter tang of fear or caution that he was so used to with the lighter jeweled lovers he had had in his life was intoxicating.  He reached up with one hand to fill his hand with her dark hair, pulling at it in time with the rhythm of his hips between her legs.   

“I hope….the main….course…isn’t too filling…” he panted between each hard deep thrust, “....I would….hate if….ngggg….you couldn’t finished …...uhhhh….everything on ….your plate.

Dmitri drank in the essence of her, aroused, dark, Queen, and felt himself growing so painfully hard that it took more will than he thought he had not to plow right into her, taking her hard and fast up against the door.  Time was an issue yes, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy his food properly.    His hands slide up behind her legs, cupping her ass to pressed her to his mouth more firmly as he lapped and licked before one hand slid between her thighs and teased at her entrance in time with his tongue. 
“Don’t worry, I plan on having you shake the windows eventually, right now I’m enjoying the appetizers,” he said, breathing hotly against her, his eyes looking up her body, “I want you begging for the entree.”   He was about to tell her that she could always shift the table setting and enjoy a few treats herself when he felt the coolness of air against his skin and realized she had vanished his clothing.   That was certainly a new thing, most of the time he did the vanishing or his lover prefered tearing his meager belongings off his body.  Something about the ferocity that they seemed to enjoy, he had allowed it if only because it meant he could get something new to wear.

Her hand was in his hair, he felt nails brushing his scalp in a way that didn’t demand his attentions as he was used to.  No matter the circumstance, no lover had ever let him forget that he was still a slave even in their bed.  Her hand didn’t feel that controlling, but encouraging, and enthusiastic.  This difference roused something more in him, and he slid fingers up into her wet folds, eager to hear that gasp from her perfect lips.   

If she hadn’t already closed her eyes in pleasure, she would have probably noticed the network of scars along his shoulders and back from her angle above him, though given she hadn’t said anything at this point he was either doing very well or she didn’t care.   He was used to the latter, after all a slave was expected to have scars from beatings weren’t they?

He scooped her left leg over his shoulder, giving him more access as he worked to bring her to the first of many climaxes this afternoon.  He wanted her wet and loose before he rose up to slide inside her.

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The sweet little smile that he gave him did much to lessen the hardened look on his scarred face and for a moment Dmitri almost had a vision of what he would have looked like unblemished and pure.  No, strangely enough the face he held now suited him more.  He would have imagined that that angelic young face was the mask that hid the darker and wounded interior that he saw in those eyes when Kale had stiffened and gone a little cold.   Dimitri liked pretty things, that was true but some of the loveliest were beautiful because of their unique flaws, not because of their perfections.   He had heard tell once that in Tacea, broken pottery was mended with gold because of some poetic something or other about showing that flaws are beautiful.  He agreed with the sentiment, he could do without the flowery storytelling.

Dmitri took in the shabby exterior of the building that Kale led him to, the exterior looking like it was an unprofessional job at fixing broken siding and windows.  There were planks of all assortments of wood that look like they had been scavenged from one place or another along the outside and a hand scrawled sign beside the door that read “Heartly Haven”.  The hand that wrote it seemed a little unsteady, a child’s hand almost. It was weather worn and grimy from exposure to the elements.  The warning beneath it made him smile with just a hint of feral meanness.   Despite the shabby nature, there was a clean feeling to the place that he hadn’t been picking up as they had walked through the Shambles.    There was mud splashes along the bottom of the siding from rainstorms and passing carriages, but there was a care taken here that didn’t seem to matter to many of the other buildings around.

Stepping inside there was a large room, and Dmitri could see where a wall must have been taken down, or fallen down to make the room bigger.  A few people were seated in some chairs and at some tables.  Dmitri did them the courtesy of not staring into their business too much.  He had never learned to temper the harness of his looks into something pleasant and he didn’t want to scare the smaller children.

The Warlord who turned and bristled at the sight of Dmitri set his shoulders rigid.  He wasn’t sure if it was his caste or his jewels that had the other man on alert, but Kale’s casual introduction humored him enough to relax his guard just a little. 

“I’m glad to see I have passed your muster,” he muttered softly under his breath, intending only Kale to hear it, though he didn’t care if anyone else did. Looking back at the other man, Tanner Kale had called him, he gave a perfunctory nod of his head before turning to look around the room some more.  So it seemed this Haven place was exactly that, a safe place for a variety of activities and a place where the rabble of the streets could come to seek assistance without judgement or danger.

Dmitri had read of such places, though usually they were charity houses run by Priestesses of some class or another.  Most were funded through private donations by wealthy benefactors who could care less about actually helping those in need so much as the social prestige of being the patron of “kindness”.  Some cared, but not enough.  He shifted his eyes away when he realized he had been looking at the young girl and her tutor and the other man stiffened in response. 

“It is something,” he said in a low timbre, not scary or aggressive but thoughtful.  He paced absentmindedly around the room, fingers brushing against the remnants of some patch job or another.   He frowned, his fingers curling over a piece of wood that was obviously thrown out due to rot and watched a corner crumble to the floor thoughtfully.

“Where do you get your repair supplies from?  Are they refuse on the street or are you able to procure better wood?   What of stone or mortar?  Is there a quarry near the city where such things are found?”  His eyes scanned up the wall to the ceiling, frowning at an obvious water stain from a leaking roof.   After taking in several things, he nodded to himself and turned to face Kale.

“The roof I can fix, but I will need to see that the water has not rotted the supports.  These windows too, they are leaking cold air through the cracks.  I can patch it if I can get the right clay, mud and straw.   It will last through a winter season until something better can be done.   The glass, I cannot do but I can board up what cannot be fixed and perhaps you can ask a child to decorate it with a nice image?  I am told children like to draw on walls.”   Well, that was what the brats who were born to the Masters did, and then slaves were punished for not cleaning up the mess quickly enough.

He pulled off his coat, laying it across the back of one chair and rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt.  He would have prefered a change of clothing that he could work in, but he did have other clothes, and these were dark enough to hide any dirt.   He looked around again, then looked out the dirty window, squinting up towards the sun.   

“Unless you have lessons with Lady Adam, I believe we both have a few hours reprieve before we have to return to the Residence.  I can probably take care of some of the more pressing problems before it is time to go.  So, what shall I do first?”

He wasn’t a man who was charitable, or thoughtful, or even generous.  He had never had much if anything, but he was a man who had always worked.  He liked the feel of his muscles as they moved things, he liked the accomplishment of completing a project though it was always soured by the knowledge that it was always for someone else's’ benefit.   This too was for someone else’s benefit, but he chose the task and that made all the difference.  Really, he was doing this for himself, to stem off the boredom of returning and being cooped up inside again.

Yes, that was it exactly.


She might prefer indoor dining, but if she kept letting her hands slide over his chest as she was doing, she would find herself the object of an impromptu picnic in the grass.   He growled softly, not menacingly but the soft growl of a man reaching a state of arousal that might rid him of his better senses.

He heard the gasp that escaped her lips as he brushed against the dark wings and for a moment wondered if perhaps he had hurt her, but she didn’t seem in pain but merely hesitant, anticipatory even.  His fingers gently traced along the bottom edge, a whisper of touch.  A lover’s caress of exploration.  He wondered if her wings had the same sensitivity as other parts of her body, if his mouth and tongue might make her gasp with equal excitement.

“Lead the way,” he purred darkly, his eyes hooding as his hand moved to her back in an escort’s motion though his fingers drifted much lower than Protocol would have ascribed for this situation.  He would have preferred her room anyway, he liked to keep his quarters his own and clean from strange scents.   “I look forward to filling so many needs,” he murmured, as her fingers curled into his shirt, “I do hope you aren’t a quiet diner.  I enjoy vocal conversations during my meals.”   Mother Night, he was pushing uncomfortably against his trousers at just the verbal foreplay.   A Dark Jeweled Queen playmate,  he almost salivated at the thought.   

He followed her dutifully through the hall back to her suites, which he was pleased to see wasn’t quite so far away from his own that would leave him wandering obviously when he might need a little “snack” some night.   As soon as the locks were closed and he felt the seal, he was on her, pressing her back against the door with just his body with just enough pressure to entice but hopefully not frighten.   No, what could she have to fear from him.   She was just as hungry as he was.  He lowered his head and licked her neck, tasting the richness of her lust in her scent.

“Yes sadly,” he agreed and snarled slightly at the reminder that his play would have to be interrupted. would lead him through the hall towards her room, get him inside,    “and for that I am sorry because I fear that after such a small morsel, you will only be more ravenous until I can return.   And since my time is so short, let’s not waste much more time with pleasantries.”   He vanished her clothing with a gesture as he moved to his knees, his hands pressing against her hips to hold her standing and still while his mouth moved towards its desired morsel, nipping playfully at her belly before his tongue flickered out and lapped at the core of her.

“Mmmmm, yes I shall very much enjoy this meal,” he murmured against her.   

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Dmitri just hmmed softly, looking a little pensive, giving Kale a measuring look as he bashfully explained his knowledge of the Healer’s private activities.  HIs last sentence gave him a moment’s pause as he studied the younger man.  “Not your type huh?   You prefer women of a different color, or perhaps it’s not her coloring that isn’t to your liking.”  He gave Kale a slow feral little smile. “Not that I mind such things of course, men and women, both are quite enjoyable when naked and hot.  Sometimes both at the same time, but that might be bit more than you can handle right now hmm?”  He laughed lightly and let the topic slide off, hanging in the air for Kale to digest as he would.

He found it amusing how Kale tried to behave as if the discussion wasn’t setting his own blood into a gentle simmer.  He could almost taste the lust in the air and for a moment he was tempted to lean in and sniff, but he might give the poor thing a stroke.   Still, it would be a fun thing for him to engage in, as time passed.  He did have such a delicious flush to his cheeks, and it gave him some amusement to ponder to himself if he could make him flush in other places as well.

When Kale stopped and turned to him, all flush and allure gone from his cheeks, it caught Dmitri a step off guard.  He had asked for hard reality from the lad, but the look of iron and ice in those blue eyes was striking.  He was aware that Kale had reservations of his looks, it was in his very presentation, right down to the party of his hair to attempt to hide some of the scar that graced along the side of his face. 

The words that accompanied that too old face settled some of Dmitri’s worries oddly enough.  He nodded somberly. “Truthfully, bias sometimes is a good thing and contradictions better.  Anyone who holds onto a single thought or path without being flexible and teachable, will break and fragment in the face of adversity. I would appreciate the truth as you see it.  With that, I can make my own judgements.   You see things with a fresher eye that someone else might, the benefit of youth and life experience.  There are too many who have invested too much of themselves into this place, and give it all the hope of possibility and are sometimes blind to its faults.”   He gave a little rueful grin, running a hand over his face.

“I feel like I have gotten too heavy in my monologue, and I am keeping you from your appointment.  Please, keep leading the way.”

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Dmitri listened with a careful ear and a quiet mouth.  Not that the comment about being a chatterbox had really affected him, it was a fair bit of fun teasing the poor lad and seeing what he could and couldn’t get away with.  It was like the hunt, but without the dangers of losing himself too far into it and causing damage.   His little bit of craft had the poor thing nearly apoplectic with nerves which told Dmitri that while the male might be going to a Red Moon House, he wasn’t using his time there in the same manner that Dmitri might.

“Hmmm,” he said thoughtfully.  He had done some inquiring as to how and why a Queen of Riley’s stature had a Court Healer who wore such light jewels and was so young.  He hadn’t meant the inquiry as an insult though his informant had bristled a little at the implication, but had told him the briefest history of the unfortunate office that he had found himself assigned to.  The news of harm being done to Healers disturbed him more than the idea of the Queens.  He understood, as Protocol dictated and as was always beaten into every male and especially every Warlord Prince, that Queens were the lifeblood of the land and a desired necessity of his caste.   Not him though, nope!  Darkness take the lot of them rather than tie him down to one of those.

He slipped his hands into his pockets and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find a few marks deep inside.  He hadn’t really checked the pockets after acquiring the clothing, but finding random marks is always a good thing.  So Riley had been Queen for a few years, which meant she might be ruling the Territory for a long time to come, unless she ended up kidnapped or killed as seemed to be tradition around here.  That meant at least for the time and hopefully for the long term, his contract with her court would last as well as the agreement binding it. 

“Well, really it should have been Healer Adam to look out for a suitable escort, and if she didn’t find one that pleased her, she should have spoken to the Queen.  My brief conversation with her makes me think she’s full of pride and spine, hurt too and some other stuff, but she’s got steel down her back and she probably thinks having me around means that they think she needs a babysitter.  Not sure about how she broke her Tiger Eye.  If she shielded during that powerstorm I heard you all had, well then that would have been a foolish thing to do and I wouldn’t have been able to help for that.  If she overtaxed herself and broke it, having an Escort around might have prevented that but as you said, its done and gone and moot to wonder about now.”

He thought about the Healer, casually kicking a stone across the street before asking, “So, Lady Adam… does she have someone in the Court warming her bed?  She didn’t seem the shy type but I didn’t really get the sense that someone was around that much.”  He glanced over at Kale as they turned down an alley, narrow and filled with refuse it caused Dmitri to move to walk behind Kale instead of beside him and left him unable to read the other male’s expression.  “Unless you have sights set on her,  sometimes an Escort can be asked to take on other duties but I wouldn’t want to step on any toes being so new.  She’s fair enough to look at, not as pretty as some of the faces I’ve seen today,” and he let his gaze slide down Kale’s back to his rear as his voice purred, “but it would be rather convenient for the both of us, especially me.  I do so need to be exercised frequently or I can become rather grumpy.” 

He stored the name of the brother in his mind, Q had to be short for something otherwise their parents had a cruel naming sense.  With a name like Kale, perhaps his brother was another food based creation.  Interesting names amused him, he had once enjoyed the simultaneous pleasure of a set of triplets whose mother had a fascination with flowers.  Every spring, the sight of Roses, Lilacs and Lilies always made him smile….and become very aroused.

“Very altruistic of you,” he remarked, his nose taking in the stench of waste and unwashed bodies from some of the worst of those who passed by.  “Tell me, this portion of a city isn’t exactly the place that the Court would pluck its young and upcoming talents.  How did you come to earning a placement with a Territory Court office?   Then again, some of those men I saw vulturing around the Queen didn’t exactly seem the most Aristo of men.  Interesting collaboration here.”  He put his hand on Kale’s shoulder to stop him, turning him to face him.

“Truth Warlord, what sort of swamp have I trudged into?  Am I going to find myself Ringed and bound or can I take this Queen and her Court at their face value?”

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Dmitri folded his hands behind his back as he kept pace with the other man, his eyes drifting back and forth with natural ease of a man used to having one eye on the path before him and one eye on the lookout for any potential issues that could come up on him.  The other man seemed both bothered by the fact that Dmitri had invited himself along for the stroll and at the same time pleased.  It was the latter aspect that tickled his fancy. 

Listening to him snap about his mentor and what had happened to her marked up his appreciation for this Kale, obviously he cared about his mentor and was rightfully upset at her for doing...whatever she did to break her Offering.  He had seen the White on her ring finger when they had finally had a moment to chat alone but had decided against commenting openly about it.  Some witches were prickly about anyone discussing which jewels they chose to wore openly, at least that had been his experience.

“I see,” was all the response he had for that statement.  “I find it interesting that she didn’t have an escort previously.  Do Healers in Dena Nehele not usually have an escort to attend them and make sure they didn’t do any of the foolish things that witches in general are apt to do?”   Perhaps his assignment had been more something of a needed necessity instead of a common place rule, after all if the healer who had only worn a Tiger-Eye had been left unattended, it meant either that she was of little importance (which he knew was contradictory to her being the Court Healer) or there simply hadn’t been any trained escorts to assign to her.  That second one seemed out of place as well, given that even if not trained specifically for a Healer, an Escort was still an Escort.

Kale’s comment about him being a chatterbox had him drawing his face into a stoic mask, “I am NOT…. a chatter box,” he said with a little steel in his voice.  “It makes me sound like one of those flighty groups of young females, I am simply collecting intel so that I might better fit in to this new situation.  After all, how am I going to learn and adapt if I do not ask, and you are conveniently here and willing to share information.   However, if you wish for silence on your progress, I can just walk and hold my questions to myself.”  He glanced over and gave Kale a heated look that slid along his body , “and enjoy the view.”   He gave a little bit of a chuckle, “Don’t worry lovely, when I step into a Red Moon House, annoy is the last descriptive that could be used.  Satiate, excite, exhaust and thrill are much better descriptors.  Sadly, I am without much in the way of funds at the moment, so I will have to find other ways to entertain myself.  You could join me, I’m sure I could teach you lots of wonderful new things.”  His mouth curved in a sexy grin as he lifted his chin in a moment of arrogant pride.

“I think you should show me this place you like to go, my curiosity is quite peaked at the idea of an establishment that caters to the things that make you flush so much at the thought,” he added with a wicked grin.   Just for fun, he let a flicker of Green extend out and brush against Kale’s temple, tucking a loose lock of hair back behind his ear with all the light gentleness of a lover’s finger as he looked around at the change in the town.  Gone were there shops and established homes of the merchants, of those who might not have been Aristo and rich, but were neither beggered or poor.   The quality of the road and the houses that lined them had begun a slow decline, soot and dirt more visible against walls and siding that looked like it had been a while since given decent repair.   He could understand why this place was called the shambles, it was a rightfully given name.   He looked over at his companion, at the way he seemed all too familiar with every step he took, memorized from a lifetime of steps.  “I take it you didn’t stumble upon this place by accident,” he said, “you look far too comfortable here.” 

A pair of frightened eyes, small eyes glanced at him from a dark alleyway before darting back under the cover of shadow and shade.  He had seen enough to gauge that the small girl child had not had a decent meal or bath in a long time and it made him scowl, made him want to go after her and make sure she spent the night in a warm room with a soft bed and a full belly but he was a stranger here.  She had already scurried away like a timid mouse in front of a stalking cat.

“How many do you take care of at this….Haven,” he asked softly, reigning in the flash of anger at the thought of small children who were reduced to street vermin while only a few short paces away there was those with the means to help.

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Dmitri watched the younger man shift his eyes away and back again and held back the urge to step even more into his personal space.  He was used to that sort of reaction from people, either because of his jewels or his sexual magnetism.  Either served him very well in getting things that he wanted.  Still, he didn’t want to scare the poor thing by overwhelming him in the first few minutes of meeting him, especially since he would have to be around him frequently.  Kale knelt and began examining a mint plant and he cast a glance down at the plant in turn.

“It’s fine,” he said passibly, “it’s a strong type of plant.  I don’t know how cold it gets here in the winter, but if you make sure to keep a layer of mulch around it during the winter it will survive until the spring.   If you have early hard freezes though, I would suggest potting the plant and putting it inside until the warmth returns.  Especially if you have dry winters.”  He glanced around the garden, his eyes calculating.

“Does Lady Adam have a hot house to grow things in during the colder months?”  He never had to worry about that in Raej, everything was hot there but he knew enough of taking care of green things to know the importance of a hot house.  He could probably put something together if there wasn’t one already in existence for the healing herbs.

When the Healer rose and started making a swift straight line through the garden, he followed close, his long stride keeping up easily.  So he hadn’t exactly been invited along but the male intrigued him and while he was assigned to Lady Adam, he hadn’t yet been given a schedule so he still had the opportunity to explore around.  Besides, he was following around the Healer’s apprentice, so if anyone squacked at him for not being in his room, he could use that excuse.

“In a hurry?” he said with dry humor as he kept  pace with Kale.  “Interesting way to describe your mentor.  So what is it about the Lady that makes her an idiot?  It would be good for me to be prepared for any trouble that she might get into, don’t you think?”  He noticed their path was taking him out of the gardens and away from the residence, towards the town but not by the main road that he had taken to get to the residence.

“So where are we heading?  Tavern?” he grinned playfully, “Red Moon House?”  His grin expanded, “Both sound pretty good to me, especially the latter if you have a place you suggest.”  He wondered if the Houses in Dena Nehele had any specific policies against bringing guests to join into some fun.  He hoped they weren’t all those sort of uptight establishments that required fancy appointments and charged extravagantly for services that he could get from any common street harlot who had just as much talent.  He didn’t mind paying for his release, but he hated being charged for bed.   He could work out just as much up against a back alley wall as the smoothest silk sheets.

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Dmitri felt his lips curl in a smirk as the stranger batted away his hand weakly. Mr. Sinful huh?  What an interestingly appropriate name.   He certainly enjoyed all manner of sins didn’t he.  Interesting this young warlord, the flush of innocence coloring his cheeks and just enough spine to make him adorable in his attempt to stand up to Dmitri.  He liked him already and not because he pursed those deliciously soft looking lips at him, making the older man want to lean down and pull on one with his teeth.

Hmmmm Healer and male. It was pretty rare,  he had only ever met one male Healer during his time in Raej and he had been an entitled prick because of it.  He let his eyes slide up and down the other man, slender and petite, with just a hint of muscle.  Lean and taunt, he felt heat slide down his back at the thought of sliding his hands down that body and seeing how far that delightful blush would travel down that pale skin.   Even the scar that ran down the side of his face didn’t detract from his beauty, gave it an odd exotic edge.  Warrior and Healer, he would ask him sometime how he came by that scar...maybe while he nibbled along that long slender neck. 

Dmitri pulled his gaze away, moving one hand just behind his hip to flex his fingers against his thigh.  He was getting edgy and itchy.  He would have to find out what sort of Red Moon establishments were in this city and find himself a partner for a night or three to work out some of his energy.   This boy was bringing out some of the deeper aspects of his personality and if he was going to be around him frequently, he would need to drain off some of that tension or risk losing what precious little control he had been working on.

At Kale’s question, he made a flippant motion with his hand.  “Not from around here, came looking for work and a way to escape where I came from.  When the Queen learned I had been trained as a Healer’s Escort, she agreed I could remain here in that capacity… as long as I didn’t cause too much trouble.   I agreed as long as long as I wasn’t locked inside the residence.  I really hate being locked inside.”  His features hardened angrily as he looked towards the distant hillside at something only he could see.  Unconsciously, his free hand reached up and scratched at his neck, just above his collarbone.

“Anything else you want to know, Healer Kale?”  he said turning his dark eyes back on the other man.

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Dmitri crouched by a bush of rosemary, marvelling at the quality and healthiness of the plant.  Things in Raej had always been so difficult to grow so well and none of the plants in the Healer’s garden had even looked half as good , or smelled as rich.  It made him think of roasting meats and for a moment he wanted to break off a sprig and chew on it, just to see if the scent matched the flavor he could almost taste.  Everything was so green here, and he could smell the moisture in the earth, thick and hearty.   He might be bound to the Court Healer in exchange for his residency, but as long as she didn’t mind him digging around in this garden and getting his hands good and dirty with wet mud, it would be worth it.  His eyes cast upwards at the blue sky with only the tracest of clouds.  It was full autumn and the day was warmer than usual, or so he had been told.  If this was warm, he was in for a hard reality when the winter months came.  He was already regretting not going back and grabbing the jacket he had left in his rooms.  Then again, there was probably already a slew of people looking for him to dress him in something else besides the clothing he had “borrowed”.

A tense voice behind him, male and young with just enough timbre to suggest more adult than boy but not with the hardness of a grown and tried man.  Dmitiri didn’t turn right away, guest that he was, he was still a Grey Jeweled Warlord Prince.   Without looking back he said, “Just taking a stroll, looking around the grounds.  Appreciating the work of the gardener.”   He rose up from his crouch, brushing his hands lightly on his pants.  “Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt the little….” he froze, stiffened as the shifting of the air brought the scent of the man to him. Warlord and...Healer?   Dmitri’s head jerk around to stare at the young man, who was wearing the strangest outfit.  Not strange bad, he had to admire the coloring compliment to the young man’s coloring right down to the polish on the nails.   He took a step forward, aware that he was taller than the slighter man and so loomed over him.  His nostrils flared slightly as he took in the scent again.  Yes, he had that smell to him, stronger that it couldn’t have been from any close contact with the Court Healer, and having met Lady Adam he would know that scent anywhere.  His eyes narrowed and his voice deepened, roughened.

“You are apprenticing to Lady Adam?” he said, a growl to his voice that spoke to his rising temper.  If they expected him to stand as Escort and protect his charge, he needed to know who was around her at all times.  His eyes flickered to the Yellow jewel around the man’s neck.  Darker already that the Lady, and not his full strength.  Dmitri took one more step, feeling something tugging at him.  Not a threat, certainly not in strength or skill, no this young man needed to be protected. 

“Interesting choice of dress,” he purred, reaching out rudely to finger the material of his sleeve, “Not something I saw on those uptight and snappy males that are hovering around the Queen.  Is this customary in this land?   I don’t think flowers would suit me very well, I’m a rather plain colored dresser, the darker the better.  Hides a multitude of sins.”  He grinned ferally, withdrawing his hand.

“Dmitri,” he said, letting his eyes glide over the other man’s body in a way that would either trigger a fear of attack or concern that he was peeling those same clothes off his body with his gaze.   “Apparently,” he said with a deep sigh of indifference, “I’m gonna be standing escort for your Mentor.  A condition of my probation I think…”   He studied Kale’s face, the slender line of his jaw and the playfully long hair that women would envy for its fullness and men, himself included, would want to run his fingers through.  “You are?”

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Dmitri looked around the room that he had been provided. Okay, the second room he had been provided.  The first one they had taken him to was larger yes, but the windows were small and faced some little garden that was flanked on the other side by another wing.  It made him feel suffocated and as calmly as he could manage without snarling, he had asked if there were another place he could use, something with a garden door maybe.  He wasn’t trying to be difficult but at least with a garden door he could open them in the warmer months and have lots of air and not feel closed in.

So this brought him to this second room.  Smaller, if smaller meant he could fit most of a small cottage into the suite compared to the whole village.   Fuck, if this was what it meant to work for a Territory Court, maybe he should have let them sell him off to the one in Raej long ago.   If this was the Price he had to pay to stay in Dena Nehele, then so be it.   It was so clean!   His Healer Mistress had been meticulous in her cleaning because of her practice, but this was pristine.  It made his skin itch.  Perfection was all an illusion, and what looked so good had to be hiding something.

As soon as he was left alone, he threw himself on the bed, wiggling around to make it look a little less pressed and neat.  Damnit, this was a nice bed!  He rolled around a little, spanning out the size.  Mmmm large enough for more than two people to sleep comfortably.   He grinned mischievously at the thoughts that drifted through his head as he hopped off the covers and began pushing against the frame.  No loud squeaking and just enough space to the wall that he could do some serious thrusting before the wall would begin to crack.  Excellent.   Now to hope that the Queen wasn’t one of those prudes who wanted nocturnal activities kept quiet.  He was anything but quiet.

Glancing around, he strode over to the garden doors and threw them open, walking out into the warm air and sunshine.   Some hedges that acted as dividers but nothing tall enough to obstruct his view of the distant hills and forest.  He walked along the path that lead past his room, following it along until he came across a different sort of garden, with plants that he was all too familiar with.  Kneeling down, his fingers began to trace along the different growing things that a Healer would need for potions and tonics.  He looked around and saw a large glass window and another door that faced where he was standing. 

“Must be the Healing rooms,” he said to no one but himself.  Good to know he could cut through the outside to get to his assignment without everyone gawking him in the corridors.

Dmitri was a little surprised when Lady Bannock suddenly shifted, her mood and body language suggesting that any wariness of him was gone and that his presence was no more a worry but an invitation.   He was good at seduction but he hasn’t even really been trying that hard.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth right?   Her eyes closed on his mouth and he had to try very hard not to pull her down to the grass right there.   

“Oh I am Lady.   It has been far too long, not since I first arrived and I have to say the meal was...pleasant but certainly not filling.   I even went in for seconds and thirds, arranged for more than one meal at a time but still, I was left wanting.”   He leaned in as her hand worked up his shirt to his collar, and he could feel the brush of her fingers against his skin, sending his pulse up a notch.

“Warlord Princes have notorious appetites Lady, if we aren’t fed and fed often to our satisfaction then we find other ways to stem off our hunger.   Personally I enjoy both, but I have been known to be a very good eater.   I have never left any table empty.”  He leaned his head down towards hers, closing the distance between them til only a hair might be threaded between their bodies.  He knew that despite their word play, there was no way for her to mistake the shift in his scent.

“Oh, the Darker is always better,” he said with a purr to his voice, “and if the host is also Dark then there is no need to restrain yourself in the meal.”  His hand moved behind her now, sliding down her back to brush along her wings with the back of his hand as he cupped her buttock and pulled her hard against him letting her feel his eagerness pressed against her.

“Do you prefer dining outdoors Lady?  I do enjoy this garden but I would hate to risk someone interrupting our meal.”  His fingers squeezed against her soft flesh in a tight grip as a feral smile filled his mouth.  “However, if you are hungry enough, I suppose an appetizer would be appropriate and then we could adjourn to my rooms for the main meal.”  HIs opposite hand curled up into her midnight hair, fingers sliding up against her scalp and gripping the strands tightly as his mouth fell to her neck, teeth gliding against her skin.

She tasted of Power and it filled his senses like an expensive wine as he tasted the softness of her skin, moving his mouth to her earlobe before capturing it between his teeth.  “What say you Lady?  What dish shall we begin with?”

I’ve been granted Sanctuary here.

Dmitri’s eyes widened and he stepped a little closer and tried to catch a hint of something in her scent but as usual, nothing more than any perfume she had used on her person.  Which of itself was quite fitting.  Some women would douse themselves in scent until they thought they smelled like a valley of flowers, he would have argued forcefully.   

Hayll, she said she had come from Hayll.  He knew of the place, though he had never gone.  No, he had never been sold outside of Raej but he had spoken to slaves who had passed through that place.   In some ways it sounded better than Raej, at least it wasn’t so hot and dry all the time but to hear them talk of what slaves were forced to do in Hayll.  Well, slaves were forced to do whatever their masters wanted, weren’t they?  It wasn’t only in Hayll that a slave could be put on their backs and used to relieve all sorts of hunger.

But she was a Queen, Red Jeweled at that.  He had never heard of a slave who wore that depth AND that caste. Queens were far too precious in every Territory, everyone knew that.  So what was she running away from?   As she spoke, his incredulity grew.  A Queen who didn’t want to rule?   That’s like a Warlord Prince who didn’t want to fuck!  It’s what the Damned Darkness made them to do, wasn’t it?

He wanted to ask, but held his tongue.  He hated when people snooped into his business and wouldn’t go poking his nose into hers, though he might pose his nose into other places if she was willing.   That thought made him realize how long it had been since he had done just that and the heat slid through him.  He wondered if they might go make the most out of the grass stains on her dress and move over behind some bushes for a quick interlude. 

“I see,” he purred, his eyes hooding with interest.  “How strange it must have been for the Steward to have not one but two dark jewels show up on his doorstep at nearly the same time seeking Sanctuary.”  He nodded his head before she could ask.  “Let’s just say I have no intentions of ever going back to the shithole that I left, though I suspect they might want to come looking for me.  The Steward though,  I didn’t think he’d give me the time of day but he’s an odd one.  I can’t put my finger on it, though I would if he let me.”  He gave Precious a sly grin, “He’s a fine one that, I wonder if all that silver hair goes all the way down.”  A thought occurred to him and he cocked his head, “Do you know?  He didn’t strike me as the sort to appreciate another cock in his bed but a lady of your quality, well he’d have to be a eunuch not to want to taste your sweetness.” 

When she brought up making things up to him, his lips curved into a smile that would either frighten or entice and he hoped a little of both.  “Oh, I could go for a nibble.  I find myself suddenly starving for something juicy between my lips.   In fact, I am positively ravenous.  I could feast for hours.”  He watched the smile play across her red lips and felt his body react.  He had never had a Red jeweled witch before.   


There was something about the way she said the name that held just the faintest hint of...well he wasn’t exactly sure.  Still, what a stupid name.  It was a title of endearment, not something you gave a person.  Maybe a pet.  A pet you didn’t really like too much because what an embarrassing name to carry around.   He couldn’t call her Precious.

He tilted his head to the side, studying her quietly.  “Mmmm Lady Bannock,” he said after a moment.  He would come up with a better name to call her,  something that sounded much better when he finally got her in his bed and groaned it out while she was doing something delicious with those full pouting lips.  And he would.  Any man or woman he set his eye on never resisted him. 

“You can call me Dmitri.  Truth be told all this title stuff is something I’m still getting used to.  Healer Adam calls me Prince, but I think she’s a little nervous around me still so its her way to feel safe, separate.”  He gave a little shrug as if this observation didn’t matter one way or the other to him.   He turned his head and followed her gaze to the corner of the garden where the black tipped red flowers were blooming and frowned.    She liked to hang out in Witchblood?  Well, he supposed if you were looking for a place where no one would come bother you, that would be as good as any.   He nodded his head, “Seems a good reading spot.”   He would make sure not to disturb her private space, whether she was there or not.

He watched her eyes drift up and down his body appreciatively but not longingly.  Hmmm, that was new.  Most women had that glint of desire after they let their eyes rome.  His interest peaked.  He was a Warlord Prince after all, a skilled predator and what predator didn’t enjoy the chase of the hunt?

“No, just a few weeks,” he said, casually.  “Just after the shitstorm that rained down here.  Heard there was quite a casualty list and figured there would be work.  I was right.  So now I mostly sit around in the Healing room and growl at anyone who looks like they might cause a problem, and get scowled at by the Healer for scaring patients.  Or I make sure she eats, or naps,  doesn’t fall over on her nose.”  He shooks his head sighing, “I guess she broke her Offering being stupid and not paying attention to her power flow so my job is to make sure her damned stubborn head doesn’t go and break her Birthright too.   Helps that my last o… last job was as a Healer’s Escort so I have the proper training and such.”   He gave a slow roll of his head and shoulders, “Gives me leave to walk the residence or into the town when I need some exercise.”  His lips curved into a devilsh grin.

He gave her another look over, “What brings you here?  I can’t really see the Queen and Court bringing in a Red Jeweled Queen, not with as protective as they are about Lady Vlas, without a damned good reason that assures you aren’t going to try and take over her place and her court.”   He folded his arms behind his back casually.

Heart pounding in his ears, he watched as the Queen lay passive and unmoving on the grass, her blank eyes staring up the sky with such emptiness that for a moment he wondered if she had hit her head on some hidden rock in the grass and was dead.  He had only seen that look on those who were dead and those who wished they were, their minds stepping out of time to a place that was better for their sanity.

It was a common look among the slaves in the Raej market.

She said something, her voice soft and silky.  Normally, when he wasn’t fearing for his ever fucking hell of an existance, he might have found the tone very alluring.  She certainly was gorgeous, soft and curved in all the places a woman should be in his opinion.  Any other time if he found himself rolling in the grass with someone that looked like her, one of them would be reaching for his trousers but his brain wasn’t really moving towards sex right now.   He felt uneasy, crouched back on his heels as he watched the shape of her finally move, sitting up and begin picking bits of grass out of her dark hair.  It was then he noticed…

Fucking Darkness, she had wings!  He had thought at first the shadow beneath her had been some sort of dark cloak or a piece of her outfit but when she sat up, he saw them flex and flutter slightly, shaking off any grass that might have attached to them.   He was so surprised by this revelation that he looked at her face and froze when his eyes met hers.

And nothing happened.

Sweet merciful Mother Night’s tits!   Dmitri could have hugged the woman for the fact that he didn’t feel that soul sucking punch of connection that would have doomed him to a life of servitude again, the kind from which there was no collar he could ever escape.   Shock quickly vanished as he realized he was safe and clear and he shook his head at her, fear and trepidation quickly replaced with a look of incredulity.

“You’re lucky I’m a better man than some,” he said, letting his eyes purposefully slide down her body.  Damn but she was fine, and he’d never had an Eyrien woman before...that would be something fun to explore how many ways he could make her wings move in pleasure.   “Otherwise it might not have just been a few grass stains on your nice dress that you’d be worrying about.”   He stood and reached out his hand to her and if she took it, he would pull her up effortlessly to her feet..  “Not your fault, the grass is high enough to hide a body well and I wasn’t really trying to be seen.”   He bit his lip, she didn’t deserve his snarl in that moment.  “Shouldn’t have tackled you though, just surprised me.  Not too many people come out to this part of the garden which is why I like it.”   He gave her a proper Protocol bow then, reflecting her rank as Queen in respect to his darker Jewel.   “Dmitri Petran, I’m the Court Healer’s escort and since I tucked the lady into bed for a well needed nap, thought I would get out of that tiny room and get some fresh air.   You are?

Dena Nehele / Remove our shackles and let us live as free men
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Dmitri strode widely through the gardens, his hands tucked into the pockets of his trousers as he took long deep breaths of the cool air laced with the smell of rich earth.  He passed through the last of the small bordering walls’ gate and out into the open field just beyond the residence before stopping, tilting his head up to the blue sky. 

It had been an insanely long morning, and he wasn’t particularly looking forward to following Victoria around the residence as she made her rounds.  Always inside, always cooped up.   He needed the open air, without feeling the walls closing in on him.   He must have been getting rather growly because Victoria had shuffled him out to the gardens, promising do nothing more than take a short nap and rest in her room.  Short of any major catastrophe, he expected her to remain asleep for the better part of an hour.  Enough time for him to get the staleness of the air indoors out of his system and to ease the energy inside.

Time passed quicker here than in Raej he felt, a day seemed linger there while it had already been several weeks since he signed his contract to the Court Healer and began serving as her Escort.  He needed to make some time to visit one of the Red Moon Houses soon, he was starting to get itchy, and that usually meant his tolerance for things that annoyed him dropped to almost nothing.

He would go back and look in on the plants that would remain in the garden for the winter season, as the Apprentice Kale and Victoria had already repotted and brought what they needed inside to ride out the cold but a quick turn around the field, with the crisp air and damp ground beneath his feet was exactly what he needed in that moment.

He finally found a spot far enough away that no one looking out a window would see him, calling in a worn blanket and laying it in the grass before he laid out and stared up at the lazily floating clouds that graced the blue sky.   Quiet, open, fresh. He could enjoy this place as long as he got to escape out here during the day.    HIs mind drifted and his attention wandered enough that he didn’t even noticed the sound of anyone walking through the grass until they just about tripped over him. 

Snarling he called up a Gray shield and pounced on the intruder, before the scent of Queen filled his nostrils, power almost as dark as his own.   He almost looked, almost turned his eyes to her face but at the last moment, he pushed her away, scrambling back and looking pointedly at anywhere that wasn’t her face.  No, he knew what could happen if he looked her in the eyes and he was damned well not about to take that chance.

Dena Nehele / Re: Petitioning Sanctuary
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Jeremiah’s words didn’t exactly ease all the worry in his heart about the possibility that slavery would remain a thing of the past.  Certainly it was a strong start but until it had the chance to take hold and grow roots, those who were losing out financially would continue to circumvent and bring things back in the way they would most profit.  He didn’t voice thoughts and used years of training to school his features and eyes in a way that wouldn’t betray them either.   He would offer the same tentative trust that was being placed in him.  It was counterintuitive to everything he had ever been taught in his life but if he wanted to make a fresh start and a new way then he would and should start with himself.

“This is good to know,” he said in a voice that was suddenly a little deeper with some sort of emotional response.  He wasn’t even sure what it was himself, and cleared his throat before he continued speaking.    It was a boon he thought as he saw the twitch in the other man’s mouth at his confession of what he did to those men.  Jeremiah didn’t seem too angered by his story but his serious tone told him that he was going to be allowed his “misunderstanding” on how things were done within the borders of this Territory and that he would do well to remember that.

Dmitri gave a little shrug at the probable fate of his attackers, “I won’t be losing any sleep about that.  Foolish men should have known better than to tangle with me, I guess they do know.  But I understand your warning Prince and will follow your rules.”  He re-crossed his legs to give the other leg a little reprieve.  “I’m aware of the scarcity of Healers in Dena Nehele, news of it reached as far as Raej.  I’m surprised that efforts weren’t found to steal away young Healers from other lands and sell them to your people… before such practices were outlawed anyway.” 

He leaned in a little, resting his folded arms over his raised knee at Jeremiah’s serious question, his dark eyes narrowing significantly.  “Anything.”  The total conviction of his words thickened the air between them with power, but not craft power.  The power of complete and unwavering promise.  He didn’t care if they put him to work warming the bed of every witch and male in the whole residence if that is what it took, as long as his neck remained unchained and he got some coin in his pocket.   Truth be told he had considered Red Moon Houses as an alternate source of income, but there was still a little subservience there that didn’t completely sit right with him.

A weight slipped off his shoulders.  Sanctuary.  A place that was his.  Maybe it would only last a few years until the term of his contract expired, and maybe he would decide to remain on a more permanent basis but the important part was that the choice was his.  “Anything Prince, name your Price and I will pay it.”

Dena Nehele / Re: Petitioning Sanctuary
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Dmitri almost let out a sigh of relief at the news that Dena Nehele had outlawed slavery.  He hadn’t heard much about the practice in this territory, didn’t remember seeing anyone from this land during his time in the slave markets.  Hayll for certain and when he was younger, he saw Pruulians in the crowds though they seemed to have changed their practices as well. He had hoped that Dena Nehele had banished such practices, but to hear the rage that built up in the other man’s timbre at the mention of it, gave him hope that this wasn’t simply a new thing but something that would never ever change.
Still, the comment about the controlling ring didn’t escape his notice. “So, you do still use those?” His question was hesitant, “I mean, you give consent for such things?  Hopefully under the most dire of circumstances.”  He had worn one for a time, and resisted the urge to curl into himself at the memory of the pain those wretched things could inflict on a man.  Certainly it could curtail the worst behaviors.  Oh Darkness, please don’t let them ask it of me.   He could understand the conditions that one might be requested, and if anything else the man said was truth he might even agree to it provisionally as long as it was just that, a provisional precaution.  Realizing that thought, he almost grimaced at himself.  He had never let the bastards bring him down when he wore a collar, now the mere thought of anything controlling him sent him into a childish panic.   Man up Dmitri, he scolded himself as he took the seat offered by the Steward.

“Aware of me?”  The words were slow, cautious, the careful dance around a potential attack. The guard at the landing web, he must have sent word ahead about his arrival. That’s why they didn’t have him waiting forever, they must have figured he would find himself a lodging and some food before coming to seek an audience.  Still… that creeping feeling still buzzed along his skin.  He casually folded one leg over a knee, reclining against the couch in a manner that hid his complete unease in this moment.

“Yes…” he said, that same slow response.  How had he known?   Blast his inability for psychic scents, he had bathed but he must still carry the scent of Fadid on him somehow, a lingering film of the Healer that had permeated his skin.  He only hoped that would fade soon.   Figuring truth worked to his advantage, he gave a little lazy smile to hide his concerns, “She bought me when I was a kid and had me trained to act as her Escort.  Fairly boring work if you ask me, she lived in a small village and as the only qualified healer in the area, no one gave her much if any trouble.  She used me more for physical labor than any sort of Escort duties but,” he shrugged his shoulders, “it was better than being sold to the mines in Pruul or the quarries.”

The next question had him sitting up a little straighter, sliding a hand over the shirt he had “borrowed” from one of his run-ins.  Giving Jeremiah a bit of a roguish grin, and then remembering how much it was not a good look on his face, he sobered his expression to mild amusement.  “Yeah well, some people aren’t smart enough to mind their own business and thought to poke themselves into mine. A few of them decided they didn’t like the look of me.  I killed one,” he said looking up at Jeremiah with blank honesty.  He didn’t regret it.  “Him and his friends decided to jump on me as soon as I hit the territory, ambushed me off the first landing web I hit.  I turned his own knife against him, left his friends with probably a few cracked bones and spectacular bruises but they were breathing when I left them. Should have stayed that way too but people like that attract a certain type of trouble.  I didn’t kill them, wouldn’t be surprised if someone else did if they found them like that, not gonna feel bad about it.”

“All told, probably about 7 men in all, including that first group, but only the one dead by my hand.   Stupid fools thought I had something to steal. Didn’t think to take anything with me from Fardid’s place, just dropped my collar and ran for the winds.  Nothing much but rags.”  He realized then what he said and gave a dark chuckle, motioning down at the clothing he was wearing.

“Ah well one of the fellows was about my size, and since he was so keen on relieving me of my belongings, I thought perhaps I might teach him a lesson.  Plus, it’s much colder here then in Raej and what I was wearing wouldn’t warm a flea.”   He held up his hands in a plaintive gesture.   “I’ll give the clothes back if you want, but I probably should find something else to wear.  Though, it might give a few of the ladies around here a rush if I didn’t.”   He winked at Jeremiah before coughing and sobering up again.

“Yeah sorry about that.  You probably don’t find that too humorous.

Dena Nehele / Re: Petitioning Sanctuary
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Dmitri had expected to be kept waiting, probably hours in fact.  That had annoyed him a little but only a little.  Temperamental and Warlord Prince he might be, but that didn’t mean he was ignorant of how things worked.  Uninvited and unplanned visitors threw schedules out of balance even on the smallest of scales, so he anticipated that his arrival here would be met with a “we’ll get to you when we have a chance” mentality.

He was fine with it actually, because the accomodations were comfortable and the coffee was excellent.  He had already helped himself to a second cup when the door to the room began to open.  He looked up from his relaxed seat, expecting to see the butler come to tell him exactly that when a different man walked in.   For half a moment, the white hair said “older gentleman” to his mind but then his eyes caught the face. No, this was a young man, maybe somewhere around his own age judging by the smooth skin and lack of age lines and as he approached, the fluid movement of his body brought Dmitri to his own feet, an unconscious recognition of something in common. This man shared his caste.  There was no mistaking the way a Warlord Prince moved, something that just screamed predator even to someone like Dmitri who had the hardest time with psychic scents.  Not that he wouldn’t ever ever reveal that to this man.

Tall, they met their gazes on an almost even level though Dmitri suspected he might just have a small advantage there.  Dmitri swept his gaze over the man, interest perking in a different direction.  He’d never had a silver haired man before, he didn’t usually enjoy older playmates so this might satisfy two different curiosities.  Was he silver all the way down?   His lips slid slightly into a curve as he felt the tingles of arousal begin as he contemplated this.  Other Warlord Princes were so much fun in bedroom games, where innate violence and lust could lead to all sorts of dominance play but as the man stepped closer, something cold and icy slide sharp nails up Dmitri’s spine, ending his fantasy.

No, there was something… he couldn’t put his finger on it but suddenly he had the very very strong feeling that this was not a man he should play those games with.  It wasn’t just the authority he bore, as Dmitri could now see the sigil ring on his right hand that meant he held an office in the Queen’s Triangle but something more primal.   The fire in his gut that had just started to smolder was quickly banked and replaced with a cold sick feeling that he just couldn’t shake. 

“Thank you Prince Mercer,” he responded with his own correct and polite bow. Different because in terms of jewels he was certain he outranked him,  he hadn’t yet met anyone who bore a darker jewel.  The other man seemed to watch him with a particular gaze and it made Dmitri feel a little off.  It was almost like he was looking at him and remembering another encounter, that slightly distant haze of focus but of course that wasn’t possible.  The curdling in his gut grew a little stronger.

“Yes, I inquired at the landing web with the guard there.”  He wanted to put his hands into his pants pockets, an act of relaxation but it might appear he was reaching for something like a hidden weapon so he just folded his hands behind his back.  “I heard about some trouble you had had here recently, “ phrasing the statement casually, because trouble was the biggest understatement when describing the news of a witchstorm that had swept through the territory.  “And I thought that maybe another set of hands would be welcome.  My situation had suddenly changed that I was in need of a new scenery, a new place to call home and I thought with my strength I could be useful somehow.”

He had meant to be vague, keep the conversation as limited as possible in terms of personal details.  After all, what use was it to have a fresh start and a blank slate if you started telling everyone exactly who and what you were running away from but as he was watched by the Steward, he began to feel antsy and under scrutiny though the other man’s expression hadn’t changed in the least.   He felt a weight on him, that if he was thought to be keeping any sort of secret, he would be turned out without any prospects or security.  His skin itched and he tried not scratch at it as the feeling grew along with his silence.

With a small huff of temper, he ran a hand through his hair nervously.  “Thing is, I’ve come from Raej. I spent my whole life as a slave there and the woman who owned me died suddenly.  No, it wasn’t by my hand.  I don’t kill women or hurt them if I can help it or unless they like it,  you understand,” and he figured being a Warlord Prince that Jeremiah would understand, “but she was dead and I was suddenly free.  Before anyone else discovered this, I removed my collar and ran as far from that hot hellhole as I could.  I heard about what happened here and figured that I could be valuable in a land where so many had been broken or killed.  I’m not looking for handouts, just looking for a place that won’t sell me back as soon as anyone comes looking for me.  Sanctuary is what I need Prince, and I’ll do anything required to keep from being sold back.   If that’s not something this Queen and Court can promise me, then I’ll just be on my way to another territory.”   His eyes grew hard and dark, temper rising not towards Jeremiah personally but in a way that hardened the sound of his voice to a most serious nature.

“No one will ever collar me again.  I’ll die and I’ll take out as many fuckers as I can with me before I let that happen.”

Dena Nehele / Petitioning Sanctuary
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Dmitri stared up at the ornate stone building, large and official looking.  It seemed cold and in his opinion a little ridiculous, carvings and accents were all over.  This was definitely something that belong to an aristo, probably the court seat of Queens forever.  He could almost picture the inside being decadent and horribly decadent.  If there were fat little winged babies hanging from the ceiling, he might even feel sick. 

He enjoyed art, he enjoyed beauty, and took great pleasure in looking on works of talent and skill but there was a great difference between stylistically beautiful and gaudy and overdone.  He hoped that whoever had designed the exterior had NOT had a hand in the decorations inside.  He studied a carving that rose out of the stone beneath the overhang that protected visitors from rain as they waiting for the door to be answered.  Mother Night,  seriously?  Pick flowers or pick wildlife but don’t create clusterfucks of both. 

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he heard someone approaching, heels on marble floor judging by the hard click of footsteps and straightened his posture as the door opened and a well dressed man in a uniform appeared and slowly glanced up at him.  Dmitri could have grinned, he did love having that effect on people who were not used to someone as tall as him appearing before them. 

“May I help you?” the man said in a properly crisp voice.

“I was told by a guard at the landing web to come here.  I need…” he suddenly felt a little silly.  Could someone just walk up and see the Queen?  Didn’t they have schedules for meeting with people and didn’t just take someone in off the street.  “I was hoping to speak to the Queen, or whoever is in charge of the guard?  I’m looking for work.”   Okay, that sounded pretty pathetic even to him and he resisted the urge to cringe at the stupidity of his words.   A credit to his training, the other man didn’t say anything disparaging, but did eye the Grey jewel at his neck with concern.

“I will see if there is someone available to see you.  Do you have a card or a name to offer?”

Dmitri fumbled.  No, he didn’t have a card.  Was he supposed to?  He didn’t remember Lady Fadid having cards that she used.  “   It’s a little complicated.  My name is Dmitri Petran,” the name was becoming easier to use each time he gave it, “I just came here from Raej and it's really important that I talk to someone in charge as soon as I can.”  There, that sounded civil right?   

The butler regarded him calmly before stepping to the side and motioning him in.  “I will have to ask you to wait in that room,” he said pointing to the nearest door,”[/b] and not leave until someone comes to you.  There has been much recently and a Prince of your strength cannot be left unattended in the residence.  There is coffee inside.  Please make yourself comfortable and I will notify a member of the First Circle that you have arrived.”[/b]   Dmitri nodded and stepped through the door that was offered and as soon as he crossed the threshold had the strangest sensation of being watched.  Not that anyone else was in the room, but that strange tickle against the back of the neck that meant that someone or something was keeping an eye on him.   He shrugged it off, he would have thought them pretty stupid to let him into their home without any sort of reference or appointment without precautions.   He stepped over to the waiting carafe and poured himself a cup of the black liquid, making himself comfortable on a couch as he waited for someone to fetch him.   

Hmmm, good coffee.

Dena Nehele / Dmitri Petran
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The Basics

Character Name: Dmitri Petran
Nicknames: Mitri  but only Kale can call him that
Age and Birth Year:  28 (166 AP)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: cut Green
Offering Jewel:  cut Gray

Role: Escort for the Court Healer
Faction: Second Circle, Territory Court


Play By: Djordje Bogdanovic
Distinguishing Features: Crooked nose from a childhood brawl (Healer didn’t fix his nose straight, leaving a pronounced curve to the bridge of his nose.   This doesn’t take away from his attractiveness, quite the contrary the flaw lends itself to drawing the eyes to his face in a mesmerizing way.  Besides, you can’t really see it unless he stands in profile.



Dmitri exudes the aura of a man that is as dangerous as he is tempting; an alluring contradiction that pulls people in as much as it pushes them away. His default expressions do not help matters, bordering just the side of polite boredom but only when he is in a passable mood. Should he edge towards anger, it is known because his expression turns dark and tumultuous. If he smiles? It might be best to turn the other direction and walk away because he is not a man who smiles because something delights him. He smiles when he has caught something in his hands and is about to enjoy it in all the ways that he can.

He is formally trained as a Healer’s Escort, though he isn’t pleased about this arrangement.  It was a training that was forced upon him by his last Master with all the self-serving intentions that she had planned.  Still, it did allow him to temper some of his aggression into the natural protective instincts of his Caste, for while he didn’t really like the keeper of his Controlling Ring, she was in a sense HIS to protect in a twisted way. 

When it comes to Dmitri and sex, he is a hedonist; taking pleasure from whatever and whomever he can and he enjoys the pursuit of beauty.   Had he been born of wealth instead of subjected into slavery, he might have enjoyed a career as a collector of art and lovers.  His needs in Raej had been sated both men and women, both free and slave.   He didn’t mind fulfilling both their needs and his own in this.

Now as a free man he is discovering the things that he enjoys for his own pleasure without fear of reprisal or that fucking painful leash around his Ring of Obedience.  His lust for bloodshed and the need to see others broken and bloody at his feet was one of the first thirsts he quenched as he made his way out of Raej and the experience excited and disturbed him.  Was this the man he truly was, tempered only by that cold metal around his neck or could he, would he be more?

Dmitri has learned that there are insecurities in him that he never had the time to discover before. Free, his thoughts his own and not monitored, he is not sure who he is really, what really motivates him in this life, because he is just now learning to live it. The idea of being free was all he could think about and now that he has obtained it, he is realizing that being free is a much larger state of being than he anticipated.  A man who had no choices in the direction of his life now has every avenue open but without the life experience and knowledge of what to do with those options.  Part of him fears that he needs guidance. That without someone dictating his day he will simply sate his more base desires from day to day and it will become the start of a new collar that will be much harder to escape.

He knows what his favorite drink is, his favorite foods; though now that he’s in this new place those things might change with local flavors but he has no idea what it means to travel for the pleasure of seeing a new place without being on assignment.   He has never wanted, or perhaps he never wished to risk the chance of something more than a passive affair because how could he give himself to another when he had no rights to even his own body.  Yet, he yearns to know, to stretch beyond the limited confines of his life’s experiences so far and absorb everything that life now can hold for him.

Dmitri does not know who he is and that is a scary thing but he is willing to learn that man, through trials and errors, and perhaps find something more along the way.   Just so long as it doesn't involve another collar, literal or rhetorical, because freedom means too much to him. His trip through Dena Nehele has been a gauntlet of self-restraint and temptations, but recent overturning of slavery presented Dena Nehele as a beacon of a new start.

  • Water - He loves it.  Had his childhood been different, he would have been the young boy jumping in every puddle and stream he came across and was out playing in every rainstorm.  Coming to Dena Nehele, the first thing he did was strip all his clothing off and jump into a swimming hole.  It was of course advantageous that it was very shallow because he never learned to swim but he will learn.  He never feels like he can't get enough of just laying in bodies of water as long as humanly possible.  He doesn’t even care how wrinkled he becomes.  If he could, he would live in a pond outside, just to constantly be in water.
  • Not being bonded to a Queen - He feels sorry for those poor bastards, stuck panting behind a Queen like a puppy on a leash.  He has no desire to meet his Queen and is hoping the Queen that he has to make nice with will be nothing more than another Witch in his place of work. He prefers to keep his life in his own hands, despite knowing instinctively that only HIS Queen would have a better hand than his over his volatile nature.
  • Pipes - He enjoys lighting up and inhaling the fragrant taste and scent of a pipeful of tobacco.  Not one of those skinny fashionable small things that the Aristos like to inhale, but a sturdy clay pipe has a feel and a weight to it.  It helps relax him when he feels himself stepping a little too close to the edge.  It is a suitable though weak replacement for what he would really like between his lips, but there are some things you can’t do in polite society.
  • Dry Heat - He loathed everyday he lived in Raej, inhumanly dry and horribly hot.  If he never saw an arid piece of land again, it would be too soon.
  • Ginger - Dmitri cannot stand the smell of ginger.  His Healer Mistress used it in a variety of her remedies and just the smell from the brews that she would cook up would linger on his skin and in his hair.  Sometimes he wonders if it has become fixed within his nose and mouth, and sometimes he can almost taste it in the air, a constant reminder of who he was and that he can never really outrun his past.
  • Feeling cooped up-  Living in chains and cages, being confined to small rooms and punishment boxes, Dmitri hates feeling enclosed or boxed in.  He cannot stand to be restrained in any sense, but especially around the neck.  His jewels are set into rings and cuffs, and he refuses to wear any sort of necklace or tie.
  • Acknowledging that he is afraid - Fear is a weakness, a chink in the armor that can be widened and made worse.  Dmitri very obviously hides this insecurity behind a grumpy and sometimes hostile outward demeanor, lashing out at the very suggestion that he is anything but a strong and fearless man.   After all, if you are afraid of him, you are less likely to try to be around long enough to figure him out that deeply.
  • Mind tampering -  Black Widows raise a natural sense of distrust in him, being that they are known for such specialties.  All his life he was used as a tool for someone else’s pleasure, and to have his mind stripped and played with like a puppet on a string raises his hackles.
  • Recapture- Even now with his Gray, he knows that he isn’t completely safe from being collared and returned to Raej, to a life of forced service where his will and his life are stripped from his hands once again.  He has only begun to enjoy this new life, a life without the weight of metal around his throat, where he has the options to go where he wishes and become what he wishes.  Death and destruction will come if anyone tries to place that thing around his neck again.
Craft Strengths:
  • Combat shielding - Not being allowed to have actual combat training, Dmitri adapted his need to break the bones of his enemies into a form of combat shielding, using craft to mold and shape physical-like attacks that would hit hard enough to incapacitate or if he was really pissed off, crush.  However, these attacks were never formed in a traditional manner to make it combat craft because he can use these same tricks of craft to put up obstacles in front of his opponents or those who are seeking to harm the person he is meant to protect (whether he really wants to or not).
  • Defensive shielding - As part of his multitude of lessons, the most importantly ingrained was the necessity that he protect his Healer at all costs.  This led in the development of his craft skills to create and hold strong double layered shielding around his Healer.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Detecting psychic scents - Dmitiri cannot smell the psychic scents that come off a person, not unless he is quite literally on them.  This lack of ability has led to quite a few of his most violent outlashings because he would rather strike first and ask questions later than risk his own neck. 
  • Tracking Craft - Tied in with his extremely weak ability to detect psychic scents, he cannot track a person worth a damn.  The only saving grace to some of those who took him on in a fight is that after they ran away, he was unable to pursue and finish the kill.   This weakness infuriates Dmitri, which only makes his temper more volatile.  The two weaknesses combined make him an easy target and easy prey if someone would try a sneak attack.
Life Story

Mother:Darius Grigorescu , Witch (deceased)
Father: Emilia Grigorescu , Warlord Prince (deceased)
Healer Owner:  Sandra Fadid, Yellow to Rose Healer (deceased)


Dmitri was a foundling, his parents assumedly killed in the progress of being burgled, though why anyone would break into their shabby and barely standing home was a mystery to anyone who saw the place.  At only a few weeks old, he was taken in by a local Priestess orphanage to be raised until a family wanted to bring him home.  Many families came, but one by one they all left with another child, another baby.  The challenge of bringing home a young, emotionally starved Warlord Prince was more than many wished to take on.

Dimtri barely remembers anything of the earliest days of his childhood; his first memory is only of the hands restraining him and the feel of a collar being slid around his throat as he became one of a number of orphan children that had been taken from Tulzbruja in Dena Nehele before they had their Birthrights. While he was potentially trouble as a Warlord Prince, there was a great deal of coin to be made if he could be trained and trained well.

Raej was a bright, hot hell for the young Dmitiri and he rebelled at every opportunity.  It didn’t take long before he had developed a reputation as a troublesome pest to have as property, causing fights and attacking other slaves, finding every which way to be disobedient and rebellious.  He suffered greatly for it, but where some might have had the streak beaten out of him, each lash and broken bone only reinforced his desire to fight back.

He was often traded and sold on a yearly basis, when it became apparent that his potential worth as an adult was not worth the cost of his outbursts.   With each sale, Dmitri grew more and more emboldened to act out figuring that eventually they would simply cast him aside.  He would have rather endured starvation in the streets as a beggar then the idea of being someone’s owned property.

During one of his more violent outbursts, in which he attempted to pummel the son of his owner with his fists while caught in the storm of anger that often swept away his better judgement, his nose was badly broken.  He was thrown to a local Healer in an attempt to fix the nose enough to be functional but was told to be sure that “it would never be straight again.”   The hope was that it would be a humbling reminder to the young boy of who held control of his life, not that Dmitri needed the reminder.  He wore it around his fucking neck everyday.

The Healer in question agreed to the terms of the arrangement and fixed his nose enough to be functional, but left the bridge a distorted crooked mess.  It gave his nose a flat, unattractive quality that only made his long face look even more horse like.  Still there was something about the angry and destructive boy that gave the Healer the idea that he would be useful to her.  She made an offer to his Master, who was more than happy to agree to her offer for his purchase, paying him almost twice what he had purchased Dmitri for.

The Healer, Lady Fadid as he learned her name was,  took him home and made him an offer.   She would arrange for his Birthright, something his previous Master had denied him the year previous and would train him to serve as her Escort to aid her as she approached her later years and would need the assistance.  In return, the beatings would stop and as long as he did as he was told, she would not use the controlling ring on him. 

At first, he all but laughed at this arrangement.  After all, if he wanted to give up for words and promises, he could have done that from the beginning and had a much easier life.  The first few weeks he pushed and pushed hard. He ran away, she had him brought back, he flew into a rampage and destroyed her workroom and she had the items replaced. He threatened her life and she ignored him.  He refused to eat and she left him food by his door when he couldn’t hold out anymore.

Slowly and reluctantly, he began to fight less and listen more.  He still snarled and grumbled at the workload she gave him to complete and more often than not found himself too tired to fight by the evening meal.  Still, she never raised a hand against him in any way that caused him pain.  Instead, she spoke to him coldly but rationally and for the first time in his life he felt guilt over the window that he smashed or the creative but horrible names he came up for her.

All the attendees were horrified when he emerged with a bright Green jewel in his hands, a look of triumph in his face when he emerged from his Birthright.  The troublesome, violent slave boy wore a darker jewel than many of his previous masters had in their offerings.   A group came to the Healer, insisting she hand him over to someone with more power, more control over the Warlord  Prince before he lashed out and broke free. 

To everyone’s surprise, no more than Dmitri’s, she loudly refused and told them that if she wasn’t strong enough to hold the leash on a half grown boy child wore a slave’s collar then she wasn’t fit to wear her own jewels and they would do well to kill her right then.   Seeing as she had been a well respected and well connected member of the village, the group left.

It wasn’t the first time, nor the last that a group would come to her door demanding that Dmitri be turned over to the hands of another Master.  Offers came to her from wealthy aristos that were four, five and sometimes ten times what she paid for him and every time she shook her head and refused.

He was still a slave, there was no affection between them but Dmitri began to develop a sort of respect for the woman.  She was after all the first person to treat him with a modicum of respect, even if that respect was still held at the end of a controlling ring.  So he performed his tasks and began to learn the skills that would make him a valuable asset to any Healer. 

Puberty held a whole new level of troubles, as the anger and aggression of a Warlord Prince began to mix with a burgeoning sexual desire that began to manifest itself within a few years of his Birthright.   His first Rut sent him into a raging nightmare of sex that resulted in a young maid being let battered when he had caught her alone walking past the Healer’s home one evening. 

That was the first time that Dmitiri realized what lived beneath his skin, and why so many had wanted to place him in a new ownership as soon as he walked away with the Green.  Fadid paid a substantial fee to the maid’s employer and took on the responsibility of mending her injuries as best that could be repaired.   Dmitri was forced to work for the man for a month, enduring hard physical labor as recompense.

Dmitri never lost that edge of violence that had developed in his childhood.  The threat of controlling ring could only restrain him so much.   At seventeen his violent attack on a local man led to his back being broken and at nineteen on the verge of his Offering, he lashed out against a group of youths who decided that a slave was fair game for a group beating.   When Dimitri walked away from that Killing Edge, only one of the men was able to walk away with any sort of certainty.   

The only person who never suffered from his wrath or ire was Fadid, who he had reached a begrudging respect for.  She had never once broken her word against him and while he waited only for the day when he could tear the infernal collar from his throat, he had to admit that being a trained Escort was much more useful to his future.

When the evening of his Offering came, the whole village waited with their breath held to see what the Darkness would unleash upon them.   Some had whispered that he should be put down like the rabid dog that he was before he could lash out and break free of his collar.   As the dawn rose, a fog swept through the square around the plaza, thick and heavy and choking, a soup of Gray that hid everything from view.  When the sun fully rose and burned away the fog, Dmitri and Fadid were gone.  No one needed to question which jewel now hung over their heads like a deadly sword.

Six more years Dimitri served his Mistress,  lashing out only against those who were stupid enough to step to the line with him, and finding a willing Witch who found the idea of a steady Gray Warlord Prince in her bed exciting and arousing and agreed to supply him with a steady bedmate and focus for any Ruts.  She actually enjoyed the brutality he could bring and encouraged it.

For the most part, Dmitri’s outbursts of aggression and violence faded to a whispered memory.   He learned his Protocol well and to the most casual observer, was the picture perfect escort to the Healer.  There was even talks, whenever the Healer took to her bed in illness or weakness, that when she did return to the Darkness he could be sold to an Aristo line or even perhaps to a Court.  With his training and strength, he could bring quite the windfall to the Healer’s heirs.

One morning, Dmitri awoke to find Fadid unresponsive in her bed.  His own skills told him that she had died in her sleep.   Without wasting a moment, he pulled the controlling ring from her cold hands and released the filthy collar around his neck finally being free for the first time in over twenty years.  Knowing that as soon as her death became known, he risked recapture and being sold yet again, he ran for the border. Catching the Green Winds, he headed north.  He had heard news of a Witch storm striking the territory of Dena Nehele and he figured in a land that devastated, someone with a Gray jewel could make themselves useful.  He would find a way to seek an audience with the Territory Queen and ask to stay, maybe taking up a position within the guard.  Certainly someone with his jewels would be in demand as a source of protection.

It took him longer than he anticipated, having to drop from the Winds several times and take refuge in the freezing cold mountain tops of Askavi, but when he finally landed exhausted, he was told he had reached his destination.   Dena Nehele was already everything Raej wasn’t.  Temperate, wet, with a million things to see that weren’t bleached by the sun.   He realized fairly quickly that he would need to change his clothing to something that looked less foreign, already he had received a few shaded looks but he ignored them and set into the town to see about how he could get to the capital.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Pulling himself together Dmitri stepped off the landing web, bristling as a man in a guard’s uniform approached him.

“Name and purpose for being here?”

Dmitri felt his shoulders tighten and the words “none of your fucking business” almost slipped past his lips but he bit his tongue and swallowed them back down.  The name thing, he knew what he had been called by his Masters, usually nothing kind or resembling a proper name.  He had a name in his head, something he vaguely remembered from a far away memory.

“Dmitri ...Petran,” he made up the last name, he doubted a first name alone would satisfy the requirement and he had known a Petra once.  Closest thing to a friend he had ever had in those shithole slave camps between sales.  Scrawny feisty Witchling, caused as much trouble as he did.  He wondered briefly if they had broken her down finally and what had become of her. Strange he hadn’t even thought of her before that moment.   “Came to Bidea looking for some work, maybe the Guard. Heard about the trouble here a few weeks ago and thought I might be of use.”   His hand slipped out of his pocket, turning just enough to bring the man’s eye to the Gray jewel that rested on his finger.

The man paled just slightly, making a note before tearing out a piece of paper and handing it to him.  “Gives you a pass for the day to go as you please.  You’ll need it to be anywhere around the Queen’s residence.  Show this to the guard at the gate and tell them you want to speak to the Master of the Guard about work.”  He waved Dmitri on his way.

Relief flooded him, and he smoothed his hands down the black shirt and pants he had chosen to wear.  Actually, it was less of a choice than an opportunity.   A rather unfortunately stupid group of men had decided he looked like easy prey and attempted to rob him. 

Thankfully one of the men had been his size, and he could change out of his obviously foreign clothing into something that seemed more suited to the men in this Territory.  Also thankfully the clothes had been dyed pitch black, which made some of blood he had spilled to acquire his new clothing far less visible.  He wasn’t sure if they smelled like their previous owner, or of his blood.  He had found a fountain and soaked the shirt in it, grateful for the warmth of the summer on his bare skin.   

Tucking his hands inside his pockets and pulling out the leather wallet that was filled with an assortment of marks, he made his way in the direction that the guard sent him.   First perhaps a tavern for hot meal and a bath to wash away the last of any scents that might cling to him before presenting himself.

He presented a few marks to the innkeeper, padding the payment for a private bathroom and the condition that he receive his meal in his room and otherwise be left undisturbed.   Then he filled a moderate sized tub with scalding water and soaked away most of the morning.  The heat helped, easing aches and relaxing tense muscles and drained away the tight feeling in his back.  Not caused by any physical discomfort but the residing tension of keeping himself from lashing out at every stray look that came his way.   Dmitri sighed and let his head hang back over the rim of the tub.  Mother Night, he was exhausted.  He had worked full days of backbreaking labor and never felt quite so tired.  Was this his life now?  An endless ongoing parade of days and nights where he was forced to grit his teeth against the need, the hunger to feel a body in his hands.   Right now, he didn’t much care if he was kicking someones ass or fucking it, but the need was there.

Realizing the water had gone cold, he rose up out of the bath and dried himself off with the rough towel provided, studying the whipcord scars that mapped his chest and abdomen in the mirror before dressing himself one again in his ill-gotten outfit, slicking back his wet hair and tried to look a little less...what?  He attempted a smile, and shuddered at the sight.  No, he couldn’t paint on a smile like some.  He tried to look at least neutral and found that it seemed a little more genuine. 

A maid arrived with a tray of hot stew and fresh bread with a pint of ale, and he tipped her generously following through with a playful swat to her behind as she was leaving.  The look she gave him told him that inquiries that night would prove very fruitful and that did a little something to ease his tension.   He ate quickly and then hurried out of the inn towards what seemed to be the Queen’s residence. 

By the time he was finally called in for an audience, he was beginning to feel his control slipping.  Guards, males that walked by, everyone seemed to trigger his need to lash out, to growl at them and probably to do more.   To his surprise, he was lead to a large room that had far too many men in there to put him at ease, and they were all hovering around one woman. 

This must be the Queen,  he thought as he performed a Protocol appropriate bow in her direction.   A man who heeded Protocol as little as possible, he didn’t wait for introductions.

“My name is Dmitri Petran, formerly of Raej.   I’ve come to your land seeking a new start, employment, and refuge from the life of slavery I have recently escaped.  I do not wish to go back there and am putting myself at your mercy for sanctuary and to avail myself and my skills to your service.”  Something tugged at him and he gritted his teeth before continuing, “I’ve ...had some encounters since I crossed your border, left a few lads with a lesson and some broken bones but if you will let me stay, I will pay your Price for my indiscretions and strive to make myself a better man at your command.  I’m a good fighter, I can serve in your Guard if it please you.”

The words hurt, they were almost like giving his neck back to the collar but he wasn’t stupid.  Murder was not illegal and the Gray was a strong jewel, but there were enough men here that he could be taken down if she wished it.  Maybe if he could appeal to her better nature, he might have a chance.

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