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Topics - Corvo Anansi

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Raej / Nothing Ventured
« on: Feb 26, 18, 04:14:33 PM »
Corvo rolled away from the attack, and cursed,  He had barely spotted it in time.  He had no idea who the merchant was that he was protecting, only that he was foreign and wealthy, and that he had paid well for his protection; but who had killers on them in less than a week in Raej?  He shielded his charge from the next attack, and shoved the man into the next room, leaving behind three breakable Blood Opal shields to slow their assailants.  The merchant was blubbering, and it was all he could do to keep the man on his feet, and running.  Corvo had a safehouse along their route, but they would have to lose pursuit for long enough for him to get the merchant ensconced, before he could deal with those same pursuers.  It did not help that the merchant looked like someone had dressed a barrel in finery.  He stood out like a pig in a chicken coop.

As they went, Corvo bega to pluck away gold and jewels, some of it he vanished, some of it he just threw in the street.  Each time some bit of old or other finery hit the dirt road, a crowd of people dove for it, giving them more time to get away.  When his employer began to protest, Corvo reminded him that the money was paid, and the contract forced him to listen to his guardian, namely Corvo himself  If he broke that, he lost the money, and his protection, and the Blood Opal Prince seemed more than able to leave a merchant to his own devices if push came to shove.

Corvo conjured a plain cloak, an threw it over what was left of the merchant’s finery, bundling down several back alleys and along lesser trod streets.  Once he felt like they had the fewest eyes upon them, he cloaked them both in a Sight Shield and kept them moving.  Once, he spotted one of the killers in the street, so he snatched a saucer from a nearby cafe table, charged it with Craft and hurled it as hard as he could, imparting the saucer with additional force and accuracy.  The item enhanced edged opened the man’s throat, and he fell back into the alley he had stepped out of.  Corvo scowled.  He was not necessarily in the killing business, though he was more than capable.  He was in the saving business, and every time he did take a life for whomever his current employer was, he found himself questioning the differences between himself and the man or woman he had just eliminated.  No time for philosophy, though.

The current owner and operator of the Council sanctioned Anansi Guardians bundled his charge off down the street and into the safe house without further incident.  Once there, other members of the Guardians were engaged.  These men were family, some of them literally.  Corvo explained the situation to them, gave them their orders, secured their charge, and collected a few extras to go back out into the streets, and watch for assassins.  Not for the first time, he lamented his inability to access his Father’s Gift.  Dad could look at a situation, and see where it was going to fall apart, intuitively, without needed to really observe a room.  Corvo had to do it the hard way.  He had to watch, observe, see the patterns and the breaks in it, and figure out what was going on, and if he were very lucky, who was going to do it.  He went to the safehouse rooftop to do that, and settled in with a fieldglass to see what was what.

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