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Common Grounds / Dg's Lost Tags
« on: Mar 08, 19, 10:29:53 PM »
So.... I was already behind, and then I went on semi-LOA, and then my new job ate me, and then my book ate me, and now I am very behind. I am about to go on vacation for three weeks where I will have very limited internet, however, if you have a thread you would like me to tag in, I will be downloading a whole bunch on to my laptop before I go so I can work on catching up on the flights and during downtime. I will likely be letting several more of my characters go inactive over the next few months as I deal with my new job kicking my creative ass. Until I get my steam back, assume I will be a bit flaky.

The characters who I will definitely be keeping active are:


Anyone else will depend on motivation, time, and ability over the next few months. I hope that my summer I will be in my groove. I stop working two jobs at the end of April and should start bouncing back from then on.

If I have a character in the Keep for you, please be assured I still plan on making them, they will just likely be delayed. If someone goes inactive, I will likely reactivate, just as soon as I have enough energy to breathe again and IRL stops kicking my ass.

So! If you'd like a thread tagged, please post a link below. If you'd like more than one tagged, please prioritize them. I will do my best to get to everything as spoons allow!

Wanted Ads / Dhemlan, T Want Ads!
« on: Aug 31, 18, 05:08:55 PM »
Election Bureaucracy
Difficulty Level: Advanced/Major Plot Movers

Registrar of Voting and Candidacy
  • A well-respected Priestess who had spent a lifetime overseeing the census and records at the Archive, was chosen to monitor the voting itself and arrange for her sisters to prepare for the elections. She is a neutral party that both those who proposed and opposed the idea of the elections agreed upon. With little to gain or lose no matter the outcome, she is set on seeing this race run smoothly, fairly, and without backstabbing, and has been given the power and authority to see this done.
Head of the Judicial Election Oversight Coven

  • Working under the Priestess, this woman’s job is to screen all candidates and make sure that there is no Craft-meddling in the election. She has been given permission, along with a specially appointed Judiciary Coven, to request an inspection of any candidate’s mind for tampering, and to audit any vote.
Head of Security for Election Season
  • This male has been tasked to oversee the security of the candidates and to investigate any attempts against them. This is a real fear especially since there are Jeweless Blood and Landen in the race and it would be effortless for them to be picked off. This male could have a Bonded Queen but not one that is running.
PR and Transition Manager
  • He is perhaps the most important person in this election. He has been tasked to prepare the transition team to bring the new ruler, whoever he or she may be, up to speed as soon as the elections are over. He is also to hold all the possible debates and maintain the morale and widespread support for this election. A PR God and big personality, he will be keeping the eyes of the Territory focused on these elections instead of the rampant starvation.
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Queen: Joana Palomo
  • Jewels: White to Rose
  • She proposed the election and is campaigning hard both for herself and for the success of the system itself. Queen of the province of Ilbeda, she is running on a platform of fish, tithing for the aristo as well as the poor, and the expansion of the Academy to take in more students. She is a charismatic, energetic and put-together ruler but her Light Jewels and relative youth make her a questionable choice for Territory Leadership, and there are those those who believe that the architect of the system should not be running, for how can she avoid twisting this election in her favor?
The Landen
(unless someone else really wants them)
  • Where the Blood are divided, the Landen see this as their chance for a power grab. They have all united behind this man or woman, whose older age and vast experience in farming make them a strong candidate. Unless one of the Blood candidates manages to sway some of the Landen voters, there is a not insubstantial chance that even with each of their votes only counting as 3/5th, they will still win the Territory. The Blood see this and for perhaps the first time truly comprehend the power of Landen numbers. Unfortunately, while united, there is actually a great despondency among the Landen voters. If they all voted there would be no question of winning. But many, perhaps even most, do not intend to. This will be the hardest part of the battle for this candidate.
The Healer
  • Suggested Jewels: Yellow to Summer Sky
  • She is a master of infrastructure and forward-thinking. She is a pro at getting people moving and working. What she lacks in charisma and public speaking she makes up for in a great resume and a solid foundation of support among the working Blood of Dhemlan. She will be fighting an uphill battle given that she has neither a lot of money or an easy way with people, but sometimes it’s the person willing to work the hardest, not be the flashiest, who will win. This character should be older and come from a working-class background.
The Hearth Witch
  • Suggested Jewels: Summer Sky to Green
  • She’s a mother, a fabulous cook, a neighbourhood treasure. Everyone in her small village knows her and they put together the funds to help her campaign. Though it is unlikely that she will win, she might be able to gain enough support to really tilt the election one way or another by backing another candidate later in the race. Still, it is not hopeless! Her relatively Dark Jewel might actually keep her in the running longer than she, her family, or her village expects.
The Scholar
  • Suggested Jewels: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
  • This male or female knows what works and what doesn’t. They have studied political science and think this election is interesting, but probably doomed to failure. They want to get into the government and streamline and reform it. Their books and research means that they have authority when they speak and have already swayed a lot of the academic minds of Dhemlan to their side. Reason is their primary weapon and it is a powerful one, though they will have trouble swaying the less educated echelons of society and might become frustrated by the way these groups follow those with more charm, even when they blatantly lie.
The Warrior
  • Suggested Jewels: Opal to Sapphire
  • Dhemlan needs the discipline and safety that this man can provide. He has the Conquistador vote and probably that of the Hidalgos too. He is a valiant, almost mythological figure from the Great War and would lead the Territory the way he lead soldiers into battle: with honor and from the front lines. Unfortunately, trauma from the war and some nasty battle wounds make many worried that the stress of travel and the elections might be the straw that breaks this older man. He has a young Queen daughter who is just about to come of age in Sarque as well, so some might be concerned that he is planning to let her rule through him if he is elected. Still, his reputation is excellent and if he survives it though and can keep up with the energetic youths running against him, he could well prove to be a strong and good leader.
The Revolutionary
  • Suggested Jewels: Rose to Opal
  • This person wants change and wants it now. NOW. They are campaigning on wild hopes and dreams: Knock down the aristos, spread the wealth, end the starvation of the poor while the rich still eat multiple courses at every meal! Dhemlan must get rid of the old guard and see the youthful and idealistic rise up! Does this man or woman know what they are talking about? Only in the most basic sense. They have not truly thought through their ideas but if the right mix of people backed them and toned down their dreams with some common sense they might be exactly what Dhemlan needs if it wants to survive in a changing Realm.
The Ambitious One
  • Suggested Jewels: Summer Sky to Purple Dusk
  • He or she will say whatever you want to hear. Empty promises and a huge well of money and charisma gives them power in this election. They are ready to bribe, threaten, dispose of, or blackmail whoever they need to for the chance at fifty years in power. To anyone behind the curtain this is obvious, but in front of it, this is a man who gives to the poor, kisses babies, had a beautiful, idyllic family and seems like the perfect, upstanding citizen to speak for both the common folk and the aristos. He is everyone’s best friend and will be the ruin of Dhemlan if he is elected.
Other Concepts
  • Anyone can run as long as they meet the criteria. If you have a concept, drop me a line and tell me all about it. Anyone who runs has a chance at winning or at least shifting the campaign promises and support of other candidates!
Politicians, Supporters, Students, Reporters
Difficulty Level: Easy to Advanced

Parliament Members & Politicians
Legislative Branch’s Landen Tie Breaker
  • This character is the main backer of the election in the Legislative Branch of the Government and will be working alongside Joana to further the idea of the elections themselves, not just their own candidates. This is a distinguished politician with a long history of leadership and service and will be up against a lot of pushback.
Queen of Atholi: Lupe
  • evilQueen(™) by Dash, coming to a Province near you Summer of 193
Priest Prince of Sarque: Mamoru
  • And champion of the mixed-blood by Reid, coming to a Province near you Summer of 193
Queen of Gravardi

  • This lady was entirely Broken in the War or Purge and has seen rulers come and go and is intent on keeping the peace between those in favor of this election and those who are not. Pragmatic and sensible, she has no interest in running herself but she’ll be damned if she’ll let the Parliament not appear united in this time of change.
Black Widow of Visanda
  • When the Queen ruling them died, the Judiciary Committee of Visanda stepped up and appointed one of their own Caste to govern the Province and sit in the Executive branch of the government.
Campaign Aids and Managers
  • These can be anyone, or teams, of any Caste or strength!
Election Team
  • Under the one of the four officers listed above, they will be traveling the Territory holding smaller debates, conducting security, auditing polls, getting people on board with the election and explaining it to those who are still confused. Chance to travel widely.
Grizzled Veteran
Financial Backers
  • Got a candidate you want to see win? Got a lot of money? Invest in the future!
Sub-Plot Leaders
Have an idea? DM me!

Alexi’s Rogues
Please contact Kenna if interested!
  • The Red Jeweled Master of the Guard for Isadora was freed from her clutches, but not before she broke his chalice. Now, the famed warrior has become a ghost. Or a boogeyman. The men that he once commanded at court followed him into his madness, cutting off Antholi from the rest of Dhemlan. Alexi and his rogues think it is time for Queens to stop ruling. They have failed for thousands of years now and it is time for a new order. One that Alexi can control and make sure never spirals out of control again. Martial law is far better for his province. They attack anyone coming into the Province, killing them in blitz attacks that the Warlord Prince was known for during the Great War. This has become problematic for the rest of Dhemlan, as Atholi produces much of the food for the territory. It limits shipments in and out of the Province by expensive Wind coaches which makes trade difficult.
Second in Command
  • Also ringed in Isadora’s court, this male follows Alexi like he is a god, having fought with him in the Great War and served with him in Isadora’s court. He is more brutal than Alexi and often encourages the darker impulses of the Warlord Prince.
Black Widow of the Rogues
  • This Widow has fallen in love with Alexi. They knew each other at Isadora’s court and she found out that he had been forced to wear a Ring of Obedience. She specializes in offensive maneuvers and often hits their marks with terrifying webs.
Queen of the Rogues
  • When Alexi left Isadora’s court, he kidnapped traveling Queen. He intended to use her as ransom, if they were ever caught in a tight situation, but the two grew to care for each other and the Queen, after hearing of all the evils Isadora had committed, began to share Alexi’s vision that maybe a world where all castes shared power would be better.

Joana’s Court
Please contact DG if interested! All contingent on Joana going through as envisioned.
  • Joana Palomo is a fisher Queen and ruler of Ilbeda. She is a powerhouse of a politician but is only this productive and successful because she has surrounded herself with competent, trustworthy people what she works well with. Jo’s predominant skill as a Queen is less leadership and more a knack for pairing the right person with the right job and getting out of their way. To that end, she has a very active Court and everyone is expected to work just as hard as she does. Firm but not cruel, Jo leads from the front and relies on her people to fulfill her dreams and ambitions.
Priestess BFF
  • Dark Jewel Suggested.
  • They are cousins, she took Joe through both her Birthright and Offering and has been by her side throughout her lifetime. Only thirty years older than Joana, these two act more like sisters than cousins. While they share most of their fundamental worldviews, this Priestess isn’t scared to tell Jo when she’s making a mistake or acting foolishly, and isn’t scared to whack her across the back of the head if she’s being stubborn about something.
Triangle Members
  • Her Master of the Guard has been with her since the days of her Phantom Court.
  • Her Steward was one of the people she met during the decades after the Purge as she helped rebuild Ilbeda.
  • They are loyal and have seen Jo grow as a Queen and as a woman, but how they express that loyalty is up to the writer. They could be Bonded or not.
Court Seer
  • She and Jo… clash. Not that they don’t trust and like each other, but this Seer SEES the Queen for what she is and has noticed her ambition. Jo knows that this woman is always watching her, waiting for the day where she sets her morals aside for the sake of her ambition. If and when that day comes, her Seer WILL hold her responsible the fear of this is often enough to keep Joana from taking the easy but not entirely ethical path.
Court Healer
  • Does she technically heal members of the Court? Yes. Does she like to to it? Not so much. This Healer is all about systems. She and Jo concocted this election idea together and she has been the quiet power behind the throne helping Jo work out the kinks in her proposal.
  • After Joana’s father died, her mother, Jiakarta, returned to the sea. Here she has remained as a fisherwoman until the day her daughter announced her intention to run for Territory Rule. Now she is in a political sphere she doesn’t entirely understand, trying to support a daughter she loves but can’t entirely grasp the motivations of, and thrust into a game she has never learned to play.

Dhemlan / Joana Palomo
« on: Aug 07, 18, 08:25:34 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Joana Letizia Sofia Njama Palomo
Nicknames: Jo, Jojo, Ana, Sofia
Age and Birth Year: 593 born 400BP
Race:  Long-Lived
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Dhemlan, T
Home Territory: Dhemlan, T

Birthright Jewel: Uncut White
Offering Jewel:  Cut Rose

Role: Ruling Queen
Faction: Ilbeda Province


Play By: Karen David
Distinguishing Features: Joana has wavy hair instead of straight as is normal for Dhemlanese natives. This hints that perhaps her bloodline might not be entirely pure. Since her parents both have the typical straight hair, though, it is considered a throwback feature and polite company does not bring it up. Her hands are also fairly calloused, something she is actually quite self-conscious of.



Joana is first and foremost Dhemlanese. Though she was raised on the ocean and not on land, her patriotism knows no bounds. The people of Dhemlan, in her mind, are the most civilized, the most intelligent, and the most capable of greatness. It also means that things that affect the Territory and particularly her home Province affect her personally. An attack on Dhemlan is an attack on Joana and she will never take it lying down.

To better serve her motherland, Joana has worked hard to be the best she can be. She is disciplined, motivated, careful and precise. Her natural charisma has been bolstered by years of learning and playing the political game and by intensive study in Protocol and Landen manners. She might be called to run along the tide line with hair flying free and bare feet, but she has the self-control to always appear well put-together. Polite, firm, and passionate, Jo is comfortable in almost every situation and that ease translates well to the job of managing her Court.

While other Queens might try to micromanage and hold a tight leash, Jo truly believes that the Darkness has brought her each trusted member of her Court and staff for a reason and that if she can find the right cause or project for them that all she need do is oversee. She is a master of cognisant and careful delegation and has learned to trust her colleagues, including the ones whose passion is making sure none of the others is betraying her.

Her release valve for the stronger emotions and frustrations she feels is fencing. While the ocean brings her peace, having a rapier in her hand lets her have some fun and imagine whichever politician is annoying her that day as her enemy. It also helps to keep her strategic mind sharp and when she is unable to fence she enjoys games of strategy such as chess. This love of strategy means the political life is genuinely fun for Joana, something she does out of love as much as necessity.

In no-way insecure other than in her ability to Gift the Land, Jo's only real sore spot is her Consort, who while she cares for doesn't know that she only originally approached because his Dark Jewel would be a boon to her rise to power. Other than that secret, she is well adjusted, having avoided many of the traumas of the War and Occupation. Her only real regret is that she was not able to do more, but uses this as a motivator, not something to languish in.

  • The Ocean: Joana grew up on boats and diving down to coral reefs to Gift them. She knows the ocean so much better than the land and all her fondest memories are tied to it, as are her hopes for the future of Dhemlan. Joana knows the distinctive look of every fish off the Dhemlan coast and can haul nets, repair sails, and climb riggings like the best of sailors and has great skill sailing small, single person sailboats. Beyond the practical though, Joana simply loves the smell of the sea and the way the wind off it whispers whale song and mystery.
  • Politics: Joana loves the political game and is good at it. She likes that it’s never what it seems, shifting like the tide, and like the current of the ocean, she likes to predict which way things will go and steer a safe course through the storm. It fills her with delight to outwit an opponent or have someone change sides due to one of her carefully prepared argument.
  • Fencing: It was part of her childhood, something her father taught her on deck during long, sunny afternoons. Now it’s something she enjoys as a way to let loose and get some exercise during long days of meetings. Joana is not a warrior, She’s never fought with a sharp and uncapped blade, but on the lists, she is a fierce competitor and the fact that it is not ladylike has never stopped her.
  • Busy cities: growing up with only a few faces around her then ruling a small, working-class district, it took Joana a few decades after the Purge to first step foot in a big city. It isn’t that she didn’t like the architecture or even the crowds, it’s the smell. It doesn’t smell of nature or the ocean. Even in parks there is always that sense of fakeness. Joana enjoys something a bit more genuine and wild, but the halls of power reside in the cities, so to the cities she will go.
  • Her own ambition: aware of her own faults, Joana has never liked the part of herself that constantly pushes her towards more power. She has done her best to temper this by surrounding herself with people who will challenge her ideas and make sure they are ethical and sound, but a large part of her proposal to institute a democratic election was out of worry that if that did not happen and someone other than herself rose to power, that her own ambition would drive her to oppose them for that reason alone.
  • High Tide: Now that she is allowed on the mainland Joana loves the beach and is always genuinely saddened to see it covered up. Even though she enjoys the waves it is the sandy beaches full of clam holes that fascinate her and seeing them covered up is enough to ruin an otherwise good day.
  • Storms: her father was lost to a storm when she was forming her first Court and the pain has been with her ever since. Each time a storm brews on the horizon Joana’s heart aches with fear and she always insists on all boats in her Province coming in from the sea early for them. On those nights she curls up in bed with her Consort and trembles as lightning and thunder strike. It doesn’t just remind her of mundane storms. It reminds her of the Storm.
  • Dhemlan wasting away: it is her home, her people, her motherland. Joana would do anything and everything, moral or not to save Dhemlan. Still, she genuinely fears that it will be too little too late, or that the elections she proposed and is backing will see someone unfit rise to power, and her Territory will suffer for it. This idea keeps her up at night and colors every single step she takes and argument that passes her lips. It is also the reason she can’t stand the fools that would rather debate for years than act, for in inaction lies the sure eventual collapse of her Territory.
  • Bees: she is deathly allergic to the flying pests and even though she understands the vital role they play in crops she still screams like a banshee every time one gets too close. Any time she gifts the land she had to do it with a shield around herself to keep the buzzing demons off for it seems like they love her almost as much as her Bonded males do.
Craft Strengths:
  • Ocean Sense: As a Queen who grew up largely at sea, Joana developed an innate and intense sense of the ocean. Through the water, she can sense the land far below and feel the warm and cold currents and even the shadow of fish. This has allowed her to have a reputation for almost supernatural instincts about where to drop nets and when to go out onto the sea.
  • Queen's Gift (Ocean): With the waters she knows and loves around her, Joana can make the sea flourish. She often dives down and presses her power and blood into the ocean floor, using telekinetic Craft to keep it there until it sinks in (with a guard to keep sharks away). Even when it is not a full ritual Gifting, she often just lets her power sink into the water, feeling the deep sense of rightness and connection there.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Queen's Gift (Land): While she can make the ocean flourish with her Craft the same cannot be said for fields. The Ocean is wild, the forests are wild, but fields and farming are man-made and Jo has no ability to understand what the Land needs from her. Even when she is told explicitly what to do, it is as if her Craft refuses to behave. While able to give her blessing to a truffle wood or other natural phenomena, Joana is incapable of even the most basic of assistance towards agricultural efforts.
  • Thermal Craft: Jo is incapable of heating or cooling anything, let alone herself, with Craft. This means no staying warm in cool waters, no cooling off in the hot sun, no heating a cup of tea or cooling a glass of lemonade. Nothing that involves thermal control has ever been within her grasp and it irks her. It shouldn't, there are bigger things in life, but the mere fact she can't do it makes her keep trying... and failing.
Life Story

Mother: Jiakarta Palomo, Tiger Eye - Summer Sky* witch (age: 1237, born: 1044BP)
Father: Julio Palomo, White - Tiger Eye* Warlord (age: 1154, born: 961BP)
Granfather:Juan Louis, White - Tiger Eye* Warlord (age: 3745, born: 3552BP)
Granmother:Sophia, Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Black Widow (age: 2978, born: 2785BP)
Aunts and Uncles:
Enrique Palomo, Yellow - Rose* Warlord Prince (age: 1101, born: 908BP)
Catalonia Palomo, Blood Female (age: 1093, born: 900BP)
Natalia Palomo, Tiger Eye - Rose*
Ricardo Palomo, Blood Male (age: 1072, born: 879BP)
Letizia Palomo, Yellow to Summer Sky, Healer (age: 1007, born: 814BP)
Gomez Palomo, Blood Male (age: 543, born: 350BP)
Daria Palomo, White to Rose Prince (age: 689, born: 496BP)
Modina Palomo, Opal to Green Priestess (age: 615, born: 422BP)
Lucia Palomo, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Black Widow (age: 47, born: 146AP)
Isabella Palomo, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Hearth
 Witch (age: 36, born: 157AP)
Mariana Palomo, Blood Female, (age: 19, born: 174AP)


Joana was born at sea. Her mother and father were out on their fishing boat when Jiakarta went into early labor. Unable to get to shore alone and with a calm sea and gentle breeze, Julio was the one to help his wife through her labor and deliver a small but healthy baby girl into the world. The Territory might have been under Eyrien occupation and the Realm crumbling, but that mattered little on that day, as the two tired parents cradled their firstborn and laughed at the faces she made as she had her first meal.

It was nearly an hour later when the sun was high in the sky and Julio was preparing his wife a snack to help her recover from the ordeal of giving birth that little Joana first started smelling of Queen. Both parents were more scared than thrilled at the discovery and they decided to stay out on the sea that night until they could figure out what to do. It was no secret that Queens in Eyrien-occupied Dhemlan would be snatched up as soon as they could be. The Palomos didn’t want that happening to Joana. Fortune had favored them with a beautiful little girl that no one knew about, not even a midwife so perhaps that was the Darkness’s way of keeping their daughter safe.

They made for shore the next day, but Jiakarta did not leave the boat. Julio went alone to his father’s home and behind and aural shield told him of their fortune and fears. The old man cried tears of joy in hearing that he was the grandfather of a Queen but shared his son’s concerns. The head of a large fishing empire and with dozens of brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews, the old man promised Julio that Joana would be safe and instructed him to board the largest ship in his fleet with his wife and daughter and stay put.

That night, under the cover of darkness, Jiakarta walked onto shore and a hundred feet to the left to board a different boat.

That was the one and only time Joana was on the mainland until the day after the Witchstorm.

Her grandfather arranged things simply, but well. Joana and her parents would live aboard the Esperanza, which would stay at sea off the coast of Dhemlan. Once every week or two, one of the other ships of the fleet would come up alongside it to drop off provisions and news. Only the fewest possible parties knew why and these were sworn to silence by Joana’s grandmother, a Black Widow of no little skill.

The arrangement worked. Joana became a toddler, then a child aboard the Esperanza. By the time she was eight she knew every rigging and plank of her home and was as comfortable in the warm ocean waters of Dhemlan as on deck. When they anchored close to the reefs, Joana would spend her days diving down for pearls, sometimes pressing her palms to the ocean floor to feel the pulse of the land and sea wash over her.

Her Birthright was conducted on a small, uninhabited island that had an abandoned sanctuary. A cousin, recently through training as a Priestess was the one to walk Joana out with her White and the family celebrated by roasting fish on the beach and giving the little Queen her first Craft lesson.

Those lessons, and other more mundane ones colored most of her days. Joana’s grandfather sent family members one after the other to each teach her what they knew. She learned reading and writing from her mother’s sister who was an author, mathematics from the accountant in the family, history from her great-grandmother, and so on.

When she was not studying or learning how to fish and sail, Julio began to teach his daughter how to fence on the deck of their ship. It was exciting and fun and while never about actual combat helped keep the girl's energy in check and taught her discipline and strategy. Her mother often complained that it was not ladylike and her father pointed out that getting Joana to even put on clothes that were not suitable to swim in and brush her hair was a chore, and that they were going to have to resign themselves to who and what their daughter was.

Wild, smart, and curious, Jo's adolescence was filled with wonderful sights, fresh food, and a loving family (as well as some excellent romance novels a cousin snuck in for her). The only thing that marred her days was the way her family taught her to always have one eye on the sky, and if she saw one of the winged monsters to hide under water until they passed, using a bubble of air to keep from needing to surface.

It wasn't until she was twenty and had her Offering that she ever got the full story of what was happening to Dhemlan. On that day, when she was finally an adult, she requested that the veil of fun and comfort that had protected her childhood be lifted, and in the company of her parents and grandparents the Queen sat and listened to the story of her people.

And she wept.

Thanking them for giving her the chance of a happy upbringing despite the War and occupation, Joana stated her desire to join the fight. The family considered, argued, strategized, and finally decided that it was too risky for Joana to join the fight for Dhemlan on the mainland, but that her grandfather would attempt to bring the rebellion to her.

So began Joana's life as part of the resistance of Dhemlan. While she still never set foot on the mainland and staying mobile on the ocean meant only a very few ever knew how to find her, Jo became a center for rehabilitation for the males and females of the Companies that needed to get out of dodge or who had trauma that needed the care only a Queen could give. She spent her days writing to the leaders of the resistance and sometimes meeting with them, and her nights with her arms around those who could not get through the dark hours alone.

Many, over the centuries, felt her Touch and her comfort and while she developed an excellent mask to wear around them, her hatred to Askavi and for those who had surrendered to them grew and grew. A hundred years before the Purge, Joana formed her first Court, made up of the men and women who had been drawn to serve her over the years, including many members of her extensive family. They maintained their presence at sea, holding off shipments of supplies to the Eyrien occupiers and smuggling in food, weapons, and medicine for the resistance. While the Eyriens were aware of Dhemlanese 'pirates' off the Coast and did try to stop them on several occasions, Joana and her Court were never found. This was in part thanks to her Court Priestess and Seer, who worked tirelessly to mask all signs of their passage with both Craft and clever science and seamanship.

Rumors of her 'Ghost Court' spread in Dhemlan, whispering of hope and vengeance. Jo worked through intermediaries to push these rumors further, using them as a recruitment tool into the resistance, and by the time the end was almost upon them (unsuspecting as they were) there were few souls in Dhemlan who did not know of them by reputation and many were the songs and tales - mostly fanciful but with some core of truth - about the way they valiantly and cleverly laughed in the face of the Eyrien occupiers while working to free Dhemlan.

Joana was just about ready to start really pushing back, organizing the disparate Companies into a single force, when Witch did the job of freeing Dhemlan for her. While many others grieved for the devastation, Joana, who had been asleep when it happened, did not. Oh, the Queen mourned for those who lost their lives and Jewels, but on the day she made shore on the mainland for the first time since her birth to see the piles of Eyrien carcasses...

She determined the price worth it.

For the next fifty years, Joana, now in the open as the Ghost Queen of the Resistance, helped Ilbeda recover. She spent some of that time at one of the universities, learning the lessons she had missed growing up such as political science and agriculture, but mostly she just worked. Seventy years after the Purge she was elected to the Legislative branch of the government as a representative for her District. There, her natural skill for politics began to flourish and her work in helping the Territory pull itself back together did not go unnoticed.

In the spring of 147, her District requested that she step in as their Queen despite her continued inability to Gift the fields and orchards there. She did well enough that five years later, the Warlord Prince who had governed the Province in the absence of a Queen begged her to step in. Still new to rule but ambitious and ready to get things done, Joana accepted, forming a strong Court around herself, offering the Consort's ring to the Gray Warlord Prince who she had been growing close to for the past fifty years.

Around this time, her father was tragically lost to the sea during a storm. Her mother, unable to be consoled, returned herself to the ocean, going back to her roots as a fisherwoman but staying in close contact with her only daughter.

Since then, she has been ruling Ilbeda with a single-minded focus, trying everything and anything new to better the lives of her people. In those early years, she noticed that people were much more passionate and willing to work for a cause when they felt they had ownership of it. Instead of micromanaging, Joana became an expert at delegating projects to people who cared and getting her citizens motivated by asking their opinions on matters that would affect them. Local elections put people in charge of villages, towns, and Districts that might never have risen otherwise in a world where Caste and Jewel mattered so much, and this success led her to propose a democratic election to Parliament after the fall of Savion.

Now that it has been accepted, Joana faces a new challenge: how to run for Territory Rulers without breaking the system she, herself, designed.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Joana took a deep breath and yet still couldn't move.

"Jo?" Her father asked, a hand on her back. Only then did the Queen realize she was shaking. In just a few short steps, she would be on mainland soil for the first time since the day of her birth. It shouldn't scare her. She had faced storms, Eyrien squadrons, the nightmares of men and women who had lost everything. This should be easy. Hell, she had gone to short on the islands plenty of times so it wasn't even the unmoving ground that scared her...

"What if-"

"Sweetheart, they're gone. Dhemlan isn't under occupation anymore. Nothing will hurt you."

"That's not what I'm scared of," Joana said, then, like jumping into the water, she pulled air into her lungs, held it, and walked off the Esperanza. The rough wood of the pier creaked and rocked under her sandals. not allowing herself to look nervous anymore because she could see the crowd waiting on the shore, Jo straightened her back and march forward. When she reached the end of the dock she stopped and looked to the men and women gathered there, not a pair of wings among them.

"My name is Joana Palomo. I was born to citizens of Ilbeda and have been working for the good of this Province and Territory since I came of age. You may have heard of me as the Ghost Queen of these waters: a rumor, a myth, and hopefully as a curse on the tongues of the invaders. Today, I am just a daughter of Ilbeda coming home. How can I help?"

Player Name: DragonGirl

Archived Graphics Claims / Re: Graphics Claims
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Code: [Select]
[b]Dante Basco[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Lupita Nyong'o[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Bianca Comparato[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Joshua Sasse[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Kenneth Branagh[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Daniela Amavia[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Code: [Select]
[b]Hirosue Ryoko[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, April 8
Went through:
Code: [Select]
[b]Terrance Coombs [/b];; claimed by DragonGirl

Archived Wanted Ads / DG's Want Adds
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Moe's Nemesis

Moe is getting established in LT with his ragtag bunch of x-men/teachers and his school about to open. Someone tried to murder his Queen though, and this is unacceptable. This person should be easy to find but has proven slippery. This could really be a place where any Caste and Jewel/Landen could shine as long as they are smart and have some sort of vendetta against Moe or his Queen. Ideally, they are clever and sneaky; in fact, they might be even more clever and sneaky than he is! Moe is a morally gray person so alignment can swing in any direction. Is this someone trying to protect Rockland from a Warlord Prince who poses a threat to their way of life? Is this someone who supports a rival Queen? Is it someone from Moe's past? A criminal mastermind whose territory Moe inadvertently set up shop in? I want to hear your ideas and come up with someone fun together and then let them battle it out!

Elenor's Teacher

Elenor has been having dreams and visions ever since the damage was done to her Chalice. What she doesn't know is that this is the first sign of some very old spellwork in her mind coming undone. When it is shattered and removed she will be in a position to have to train to become a Black Widow and the stakes will be high for her to succeed. For this, she will need a teacher: someone who is willing to both teach her and help her confront the damage done to her psyche by the Black Widow who messed with her head nearly one hundred and eighty years ago. This character does need to be a Black Widow but everything else is up to you.

Gabriel's Lover

Gabriel and Tamara had a son fifteen years ago. They weren't in love but they both were lonely, in need of companionship, and wanted to be parents. Since then he and Tammy have bee traveling and raising their son together. She is a wingless half-Eyrien Hearthwitch who wears Yellow-Rose Jewels (though you could always reroll) and is perfectly capable to handle the Gray Warlord Prince she co-parents with. They often share each other's bed even though they are not in a romantic relationship (though that could change), and it is clear to anyone who meets them that she is the one in charge. Nerdy, curvy and sarcastic, Tamara is a powerhouse despite her Light Jewels and now that their son is nearly grown she is pro at dealing with Warlord Princes in any stage of life. Tamara will have plenty of opportunities to play with Gabriel, Saiph and her Court, Elenor and hers, folks in Dena Nehele, and will have the ability to pop up anywhere that she and Gabriel can get to on the Winds!

Writer's Tracker / All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
« on: Dec 21, 17, 11:03:49 PM »

Elenor al-Sabbah - Queen of the Sabbah
Nayarreh al-Sabbah - Ice Cream Shop Owner, True Sabbah Loyalist
Mehdi al-Sabbah - Gardener
Jasper al-Situla - Aubdina Escort and Part-Time Adventurer
Torin al-Jinan - Escort to the Voice of the Jinan
Shira al-Sabbah - Prophet and Second to the True Sabbah
Khosro al-Hague - Protector of the Geiba Survivors
Miriam al-Bakka - Healer Savior of Pruul (and Evil Sand Worm Wrangler)

Dena Nehele
Petra Constantin - Slave and Badass Priestess
Hanna Constantin - Healer, Sister, Mother
Gabriel Silvarin - Itinerant Coach Driver and FailPacifist

Alis Clery - Queen of Clan Clery
Arietta O’hEachthighearna - Musician and Monkey Wrangler

Little Terrielle
Merrihem Striker - Headmaster of a School, Spymaster to a Queen

Fayrian Avilor - Broken Queen and Landen Rights Activist

Taracena Omah - Mind Healer and Zen Master

Maud Tolousse - File Clerk and her Purse Dog
Henriette 'Riona' Rousseou - Dark Haven Patient
Florian De La Fontaine - Gentleman, Adventurer, Trend Setter, Great Smile!

Akane no Akimoto - Queen of Ito




Wanted Ad Bounties / Sabbah Villainy // Pruul // 100-500
« on: Nov 16, 17, 04:08:48 PM »
Zhaleh al-Sabbah - 500pt
Summer Sky - Green Priestess
Zhaleh is the High Priestess of Clan Sabbah and the leader of the True Sabbah faction. She is experienced, cunning, and embraces tradition and order. She has lead the Sabbah Priestesses for decades and has a strong and loyal following among her Clansmen. She is married to Prince Isfandyar al-Sabbah and has two children, Matin and Adileh (both played by mu), and took in one of the Geiba orphans, the little sister of Inara al-Geiba (played by tenkou). She was a loyal follower of Adramelech in his youth, but recognized his madness by the end, still, she does not believe that a Voice should be self-proclaimed, or should choose a Queen to be his puppet, so has been tirelessly working against Fin and Elenor from the start. While she has a strong sense of morality, honor is only do to those who earn it, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to rid her clan of the foreign scum that is polluting it.

True Sabbah Members - 150pt to the first, 100pt to the second
Any Jewels, any Caste or Landen
The Sabbah are a strong and proud Clan with traditions far older than living memory. The reasons to join the True Sabbah faction are numerous: hatred for foreigners taking power, believing in the vision that Adramelech died prior to accomplishing, believing that this is a time for embracing tradition, not change, or dislike of the current Court’s support of the Mineborn. Members of the True Sabbah should dislike the current Clan Queen and Court, probably dislike their Voice, and be willing to put their support behind Zhaleh and the Queen she found for their Clan. Other than that, their stories are wide open.

Quasi-Geiba - 150pt to the first, 100pt to the second
Any Jewels, any Caste or Landen
All Geiba with their Birthright were killed, and all those under that age are still children, but what of those just far enough removed? Older children of Geiba who married into other Clans and never bore the name? Best friends and cousins of Geiba who were killed? People who should have been among the dead but who slipped through by luck or cunning? When Fin al-Sabbah came to power as Voice, he pardoned all those of Clan Sabbah of all past crimes. When Elenor Lirion al-Sabbah accepted Inara al-Geiba into her Court, it gave others the confidence to begin coming out of the woodwork. All characters must be 18 or older as per site rules, and, if they believe as many do, that the death of an entire people was uncalled for, they bare a modified version of the Geiba tattoo, cut off at the neck in remembrance of those who lost their lives. These should be interesting characters to play as they will have to walk the fine line between the crimes the Geiba committed, and the slaughter that they were subjected to, which included many who did not have a hand in the atrocities of the mines.

All above characters will have the potential for plots with all Sabbah or Sabbah-affiliated characters currently in play or being created (played by DragonGirl, Gavin, Haloriel, tenkou, mu, Lene, Sol, Lochlan, theGildedHydra), as well as potential plot with the Mineborn (or at the very least Lucky and Khadi) and anyone hanging around Onn at the moment.

If interested, please message DragonGirl!

Real Life Jewels / DragonGirl -- Activated
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DragonGirl -- Activated

No male Castes
No broken Jewels.
No Tiger Eye (don't know why just don't like'em)

Randomized Jewel and caste: no

I have my long-standing theory, but I'd love to hear yours!

Archived Graphics Claims / Re: Graphics Claims
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Code: [Select]
[b]Blair Redford[/b];; claimed by DragonGirl, 10/17/17

Registry Cleanup / Amir al-Izar
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The Basics

Character Name:
Age and Birth Year: 
Birth Territory:
Home Territory:

Birthright Jewel:
Offering Jewel: 



Play By:
Distinguishing Features:



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  • 1
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Craft Strengths:
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Craft Weaknesses:
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Life Story



Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Petitions (if any): 

Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): 
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OOC Account Registration / DragonGirl
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Name: Allegra

Age: 26

User title: DragonGirl

How you found Blood Rites? Google

Contact Information:
Discord: DragonGirl

Favorite Black Jewels Book:Twilight's Dawn

Other Information: I am migrating over from another Black Jewels site after it went down. Can't wait to start writing in my favorite world again!

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