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Topics - Ryder Nordskov

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Rihland / Ryder Nordskov
« on: Sep 02, 17, 02:31:59 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ryder Nordskov
Nicknames: Ry, Nord
Age and Birth Year:  29 (164 AP)
Race:  Short lived
Caste:  Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Rihland, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Cut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: Uncut Green

Role: Runner
Faction: Reclaimers


Play By: Stephen James
Distinguishing Features:

It is hard to say what one notices about Ryder first. If he is sitting down, it is likely his striking eyes or the tattoos that cover most of his body. If he is standing, however, it would be hard to say that anyone could notice anything before his sheer size. Standing at 6'6", he is a true Rihlander, with the defined musculature to match. While his height might be due in large part to his heritage, his muscular form is something he works very hard to improve and maintain. Since returning to Rihland, this has become even more important to him. 



Ryder Nordskov is quick to smile and even quicker to laugh. While his neutral expression may be rather intimidating for some, Ryder is actually much more likely to crack a joke or do a back flip over a friend than he is to start a random fight (random being the key word, of course). One of his favorite activities is to try to break the seriousness that has settled over the Reclaimers, whether by making them laugh (the way he does with Killer) or embarrassing the Hell out of them (like he does to Mels mercilessly). If someone comes at him first when he's alone, Ryder will do what is needed to get away from the aggressor and make it to safety. It's not worth it start shit if it's just him at risk.

This casual and chill exterior dissolves entirely if someone he loves, cares for, or has been charged with protecting is harmed. Or threatened. Or even looked at funny. This is when Ryder shows the ways he is a Warlord Prince in truth. He becomes vicious, uncaring of the lives of anyone but those he shields. When he fights, he fights to the death, something that the Reclaimers have been trying to stop him from doing. Accidental kills don't exactly look good for the Rihlander nationals. Ryder is working on it. Kinda.

Ryder is charismatic and seems to naturally draw a crowd. Given a chance, like at a business meeting or at a bar, he will easily and comfortably become the center of attention and hold it. In Rihland, this can be a bit tricky and occasionally a bit dangerous. Outside of the Territory, though, he is a beautiful anomaly. Tall, muscular, and covered in Rihlander tattoos. He appears as exotic and intriguing, a fact that he uses to his benefit in all of his business dealings.

He is quick witted and has learned business from some of the best in Little Terreille, lessons he took to heart and has used to continue to run both money and goods for the Reclaimers. Ryder uses everything from slight of hand to social Craft to smooth his way through even the most dicey situations. Since the borders opened two years ago, his life has been made much easier, but he still takes precautions. His loyalty will not allow him to put those he cares for, and whose ideals he serves, at risk. 

It's one of the only areas in his life where he is cautious. He's rather a bit of an adrenaline junkie, willing to take risks, sometimes seeking to take risks. He's been know to hang out on the edge of rooftops, do back flips off bridges into rivers of unknown depth below. He's not entirely fearless, but all of his fear is based in the people he cares for, not for his own survival. This is the life he's got and he's going to live it for all it's worth.

  • 1 Tattoos: Ryder came of age in Little Terreille, a melting pot where a dozen different cultures have come together. Ryder wanted more than just his stature and coloring to mark him as a Rihlander and started the process of covering his body in Rihlander based tattoos as soon as he could. Once he returned to Rihland, he began adding both Skald markings and secret Reclaimer tattoos to his body, becoming even more a giant canvas. He loves the self expression and enjoys the attention of being an anomaly. 
  • 2 Traveling: Ryder has traveled with his parents ever since he can remember. Before they moved to Little Terreille, they traveled all over Rihland. After, they traveled even further. Now running the business his parents started, Ryder has traveled most of his adult life. He loves it, loves the people, the places, packing up and heading out. If he has to stay in any one place too long, he gets restless.
  • 3 Being a Warlord Prince: Perhaps because he has a generally happy and chill demeanor, Ryder doesn't have as much difficulty with his caste as it seems others do. He loves the physicality that comes with his caste, the easy way he can spend hours training and bulking up his form, or dancing and being goofy just to embarrass Mels or make Killer laugh. He loves being strong enough to protect the people he loves, and the way he feels possessive about them. It was hard being away from Mels, but they remained close in part because of his drive to care for her. He likes the way it feels to claim those he cares about. The only downfall is how quick he rises to the killing edge, and how often that has ended with Ryder standing in a pile of dead bodies. But even that is something he enjoys the rush of, even if it makes life for the Reclaimers more difficult.   
  • 1 Eyriens: They need to get the fuck out of Rihland. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. He is angry about being under their rule and blames them for missing so much of Mels' life, not to mention being torn away from his homeland and his extended family for so long.
  • 2 Prohibition: There are real problems. The Skalds and their knowledge are a dying breed. Rihland heritage is being destroyed. Queens like his Second Father's daughter Kibeth are being kept hidden from the land, only recently being granted a chance to rule. Why the fuck does anyone care who likes to gamble? At least he can drink again in public. If that was still illegal, Ryder would get in a lot more trouble than he already does.
  • 3 Monogamy: Ryder's earliest memories involve a circle of adults that loved and cared for each other. Even with the connections his parents made in Little Terreille, it was never the same. They still live there, separated from their cohort. Ryder wants a life full of people and relationships, whatever those look like. He can't see himself ever monogamously paired and is perfectly happy with that.
  • 1 Something happening to Mels while he's away: He has to travel for life and work, but Hell will pale in comparison to what he will do if anything happens to her while he's not there to protect her. He spent 13 years with only letters between them. Now that he can be near her again, he will be damned thrice over if he allows anything to happen to the woman he has viewed as a sister since they were children. 
  • 2 Spilling his secret to the wrong person: Ryder is not the best judge of character when it comes to who he should trust. It's one of the advantages of having Killer travel with him. The Prince has a much better handle on that kind of thing than he does. He wants to recruit strong, passionate people to Mels' cause, but if he says the wrong thing to the wrong person, he could put them all in danger.
  • 3 His company failing: Built by his parents, and expanded to include Ryder as he grew older, his family's company is extremely important to him. Not only is it the second most important thing in his life, it supplies money for the first. The Reclaimers are funded in large part by Ryder's ability to bring things in and out of the Territory, under the guise of his business. The company is thriving, and there is no reason to think it won't continue to. Unless he gets caught. Unless the exchange figures out what he's doing. Unless he starts getting citations. There are so many unknowns and he fears the worst. 
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Communication Craft: What started as training that enabled Ryder to communicate with his parents and let them know where he was and that he was okay at all times has become a true strength as he's grown both older and Darker. Ryder is especially skilled with long distance communication, enabling him to reach further and more accurately with his psychic threads than would be expected. This is a boon to his business and helps him immensely while traveling through various Territories.
  • 2 Social Craft: Ryder has a natural charisma that people want to be around. He learned from Laurel Gold how to use this to his advantage in business situations, helping people feel more at ease in his presence than they likely otherwise would being near a Green Jeweled Warlord Prince. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Mending and joining of objects: This is something the Ryder has simply never been able to grasp. While others can use Craft to do at least a basic mending of a shirt or combining objects with Craft, Ryder has absolutely no ability for this. His attempts often make things worse than if he had just left them alone. This often results in a shirtless Ryder, for if it gets torn, his general attitude is "fuck it."
  • 2 Physical Enhancement: Ryder is a large, muscular guy. He is determined to stay that way, in large part because he completely lacks the ability to enhance his body through Craft. He cannot pour Craft into his muscles to be stronger, or faster, or have more endurance. The only ability that he has is based in the constant and intensive workouts that he holds himself to, aware that in a fight, he is really lacking the edge to enhance any of his physical attributes.
Life Story

Mother: Eira Nordsov Blood Opal to Sapphire witch
Father: Brynjar Nordskov Yellow to Rose Prince
Second Father: Tyr Madsen White to Broken Tiger Eye Warlord
Second Mother: Adelhild Kriemhild Descent White witch (deceased)
Siblings: none

In 157 AP, a young couple named Eira and Brynjar Nordskov met a man named Tyr Madsen through the Exchange. At the time, they didn't know how influential he would become in their lives, and in the life of their child. Ryder was born in 164 AP, a giant bundle of bouncing baby Warlord Prince. Tyr was named his Second Father and Adelhild Kriemhild named his Second Mother. His caste was apparent almost immediately and caused concern to the community. Not wanting to create a splintering of the cohort, it was hoped that Ryder would obtain a Tiger Eye or lighter at his Birthright, guaranteeing a light descent.

Four years later, Tyr's daughter, Kibeth, was born. It was the time of the Kvivik massacre. Johannes had already bonded to the little Queen, and when he found her and her mother close to death, he chose to save Kibeth. Tyr's gratefulness for his daughter's rescue caused him to name Johannes as Kibeth's Second Father. Ryder's mother Eira was named her Second Mother. It was mostly an honorary naming as to protect Kibeth, she was never really allowed to leave her father's house. Despite Ryder's close connection to her, they never met as children.

Tyr considered leaving Rihland to protect his daughter, but chose to remain. It was instead Eira and Brynjar who chose to leave after Ryder's Birthright Ceremony. He came away from the altar with a Summer Sky Jewel. They had waited as long as they could, but it was time to leave to protect him. It took two years for the Nordskovs to find a way out of Rihland safely, but they finally did. At ten years old, the young Warlord Prince was relocated to Little Terreille. Tyr was heartbroken that they left, but he understood because he had considered the same for Kibeth. He continued to send Ryder gifts through the exchange as he felt a Second Father ought to.

Ryder was very unhappy to have to move. He had grown up with Mels as his sister and was suddenly forced to leave her behind as well as their cohort and go to a Territory that was not his own. He continued to stay in contact with Mels through coded letters. They shared everything they could about their lives with each other. Mels told him of Rihland and of reaching her Offering. Ryder told her of traveling with his parents through Kaeleer, expanding their business as they did.

In 178 AP, Mels wrote to tell him that her mother was executed and her father broken. The loss of his Second Mother hurt him deeply, but it was a mere shadow in comparison to how he ached for Mels and her loss. A year later, another letter filled with the scent of her grief came. Her father killed himself. Ryder was beside himself with not being able to be there for her. Through his parents work with Theodanis Dewitt, they had made connections with Laurel Gold. It was Mels grief that solidified his decision to join a Court for proper training. Someday he would return to Rihland, and he would never let anything like that happen to her.

Ryder signed a six year contract to serve Laurel Gold from 180-186 AP. Within her Court, he learned a great many things, but none as important as how to use his natural charisma to further his business negotiations. Lady Gold was the best teacher he could have possibly asked for. He flourished under her teachings, and matured from a 16 year old boy to a 22 year old man, complete with a Green Jewel for his Offering.

When his contract was up, he began to return to Rihland as a part of his parents business. He was assigned an Eyrien escort, and while he hated having a babysitter, it was worth a great deal to him if it meant he could return to Mels side. He sought her out immediately and the homecoming celebration was joyous and long. It was at this point that he first met Killer as well, and learned in full detail of what Mels was working toward for the Rihlander people. He was also reunited with his Second Father, Tyr, another happy event.

Over the next four years, he moved in and out of the Territory with the Eyrien escort at his side. When, finally, two years ago, the borders were open and he could move freely again, that was when he was really able to start supporting the Reclaimers efforts financially. He was also able to travel easily with Killer, taking his closet friend to meet his parents in Little Terreille, as well as traveling with him as much as they were able.

That changed about six months ago when Killer needed to take a Stewards position to continue Mels work. They rent an apartment in Belaya where Ryder comes and goes as he is able. He still travels a great deal for work, even if it's not quite as much fun without Killer to accompany him. He see Mels frequently, never staying away for long.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Ryder Nordskov was ecstatic to be back in Rihland. There were things that annoyed the Hell out of him, of course. Like going from Little Terreille where alcohol flowed freely, including strong spelled alcohols that affected the Blood with much more potency, to Rihland, where the stiffest drink available tasted like piss and got him just about as drunk. Ryder was pretty sure he could go in the back, open a barrell and dunk himself in head first and at best he might get a mild buzz. He carried his flask with him everywhere, always filled with strong spirits he had smuggled in from other Territories, and spiked whatever he happened to be drinking. It was the only way he survived.

But there was so much else to love about his homeland, he could deal with the weak ass alcohol, and even the Eyriens (fuuuuuck so many Eyriens) if it meant he was able to be near his extended family again. He had missed Tyr, his second father, very much, but even more he had missed Mels. Coming home and finding her fiery and driven had done him good. Being able to pick her up and hug her tight was another thing he had missed. They had remained in contact with coded letters, remaining a constant part of each other’s lives, but it was nothing compared to actually being able to see her whenever he was in town.

His friendship with Killer was another boon. He hadn’t been looking for it, but it was good to have another guy around. Ryder liked males generally, with the exception of the pissing matches that seemed to occur every time he was around other Warlord Princes. That shit he could just do without. He didn’t need to drop his pants and compare who had the biggest dick. He was happy to just go along his way and be left the fuck alone. That changed if someone he cared about was gonna get hurt. Then the part of him that needed to protect what was his roared to life. At 6’6” and carrying muscles he worked very hard to maintain, he was no easy target, but Mother Night did people keep trying anyway.

“You can do that? Make me my very own Growler? Oh man, that would be so cool. I’d trust you to know what I like, but you’re welcome to ask me as many questions about my tastes and preferences as you like. I’m an open book.” Ryder was aware of the way his words could be taken, that he could be talking about more than just the Growlers, but he didn’t fucking care. He was just so happy to be here, to be out with Killer, to be home.

Now, if those assholes in the corner booth would just stop eyeing them, everything would be fine…

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