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Archived Graphics Claims / Re: Graphics Claims
« on: Aug 06, 19, 05:34:24 PM »
Code: [Select]
[b]Arthur Gosse[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]David Tennant[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]Elizabeth Olsen[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]Janis Danner[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]John Boyega[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]Oscar Isaac[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]Paul Bettany[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
Code: [Select]
[b]Sebastian Stan[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Aug 6
eddie redmayne is currently up for review as sullivan gloom (:

Request Tags / request tags from em
« on: May 14, 19, 12:39:30 AM »

So between life, my cluster headaches, and everything in between I sometimes fall behind in posts. While I do my best to stay on top of things, there are times when either I lose track of a thread or I just flat don't catch it. This means below you'll find a worklist of things I am intending to tag soon, though it's in no particular order!

I let my muse guide me, as often as I can. That said: if you want to see me tag something sooner? Hit me up so I can prioritize it!  I've also got some starts listed as well, so if there's one of those I owe, let me know please ~ That also stands if we discussed a plot and you want to see it moving but my butt hasn't. Uh, rather my fingers haven't gotten it going, lol. Hence the entire organizing this so that they will get going, heh.

in progress tags:
the dream is over ... or has it just begun? - kesare and jeremiah
hear the whispering of the wind - andrei and tanith
worn out faces, worn out places - misha and jeremiah
sibs from other cribs - clark and kasidhe
a kind of waiting game - the people waiting for the birth
does the lion inside of you sleep - vengeance and ardent
in this handmade heaven - zhihao and ryuuen
let's try this one more time - cassius and jeremiah
just want to learn about the truth - asimov and jeremiah
they tell you it's all in your mind - stela and jeremiah are at it again
to feel complete here and now - shadya and aurelia
it's a feeling that cannot be missed - sorinna and gloom
an escape artist's reverie - bruriah and carmine
so take up your pencil here - roxanne and jeremiah
inquiry, with pleasant protocol - charisma and hearsay
for the eyes are never tired of seeing - xiong's enthronement
sapphires in her eyes - breck and kasidhe

starts to write:
jeremiah and aleia
jeremiah and radu
sydney and chauncey
gwenael and sydney
alina and alexandra (?)
yekaterina and artur
xiaowen and yuki
jeremiah and sorinna
jeremiah and ismenian
xiaowen and ryuki
xiaowen and lyoshka
other stuff i've probably forgotten

- ? ? ?
- MAKE EDITS, u know on what.

Playlist Potluck / Rated Em
« on: Feb 18, 19, 09:54:08 PM »
FEED ME MUSIC. i love making playlists!! for ships and for characters and SCENES. you can find my spotify profile here ~

i'm not looking for anything in particular but i am absolutely guilty of wanting any and all the things for my dumbbutt child. you know which one.

Code: [Select]
[b]Song & Artist:[/b]
[b]Add to playlist for whom?[/b]:

Archived Wanted Ads / Wanted in Tacea: Geisha & More !!
« on: May 27, 18, 12:01:06 AM »

Below you will find the Tacea-specific want ads that I am looking to see filled! Keep in mind that some of these have great potential to see you brought into some of the major plots within Tacea and can be a lot of fun!

Should you be interested in a want ad, hit me up on discord or the like so we can talk out your ideas and get it claimed for you! In most cases I have playbys saved and, as of posting this, they are not taken/claimed. If, for some reason, you do not like the playby or have one of your own that you want to use, you are free to do so!

That said, BEHOLD: the wanted ads!

Ureshi-sa is an okiya within the Flower District of Ito. The okiya is situated along the river that flows through Ito itself. It is, as of this time, the biggest okiya within Tacea with an unprecedented seven active geisha due to it's popularity. Ureshi-sa is frequented by many, well known across the land, as each of the Dragon Mothers in recent history have had at least one Ureshi-sa geisha serving as a Dagger (if not more, in the case of Hinata no Kagen). Each Ureshi-sa geisha is well trained, an excellent companion and escort to the women they are meant to serve.

Ryuuen Kirijo is the Otou-san of Ureshi-sa and has been such for the past fifteen years. He looks after each and every male that comes into the okiya as if they were his own son, ensuring that they have the best available education. Naoji Kirijo is Ryuuen's First Son and the heir apparent who often runs things when Ryuuen is called away. Beneath the surface, however, Ureshi-sa is not like other okiya. Though what that means is something to be discovered in taking up one of these roles. Just like the rumors of recent incidents and disturbances are creating cause for concern ...

Should none of the ideas below catch your fancy, that doesn't mean you can't come up with something by plotting with me! There are excellent chances for writing and plot by having ties to Ureshi-sa so don't be afraid to hit me up if you've got another idea you want to run by me!

The following rolls are available from Ryuuen's sheet for any of these characters: Yellow to Rose and Rose to Opal. You do not have to use these, they are just an option!

Toranosuke no Akechi is a Prince, recently turned 18. He must be no darker than Blood Opal when the time for his Offering comes. (If you wish to pursue him being darker, please reach out and plot as Dark Jewels within Tacea need to have plot attached.) Toranosuke is not the youngest son at Ureshi-sa but he is the one that is just now coming into his own within the okiya. Eager to please, he has taken to his studies and is looking forward to taking his first little brother so that he might begin passing on that which he has learned. Toranosuke is an excellent fighter, cheerful, and is expected to participate in the next tournament to serve the new Dragon Mother.

Backstory & Personality: Like many Toranosuke was found and plucked from the Priestess run orphanages. His parents are unknown to him, though it is possible that they become known through play (as his chance for prestige has grown through being part of Ureshi-sa). His personality is open for interpretation but he is expected to be at least joyful and eager to help out his younger brothers at the okiya. PS: If you are not attached to the name, you are allowed to change it.

Suggested Playby: Jin Dachuan


Shinobu Kuroda is a Warlord approaching his thirties. He must be no darker than Opal. Brother to Shun Kuroda, whom served the Dragon Mother at the Territory Court and died in the slaughter, Shinobu is still trying to move on from the loss. While he was not especially close to his brother, it still struck him hard; harder than it did the other geisha of Ureshi-sa. Shinobu is one of the older geisha, well-liked and sought after as a companion and escort. Recent months has seen him staying closer to Ureshi-sa because there have been a string of strange incidents, attacks some might say, and he is currently pushing that these events are connected.

Backstory & Personality: Shun and Shinobu's parents could not afford to feed both of them, commoners as they were. Considering it cruel to keep one and not the other, they instead were lucky when Ryuuen Kirijo saw promise within the pair. While there can be some strain between the parents and Shinobu, ultimately they still visit and communicate, as Shinobu is content with his life and his parents are doing much better (though they did have a daughter after the two boys that they kept). Shinobu is a very serious individual, dedicated to Ureshi-sa, and - much like Toranosuke - a potential contender as a future Dagger to the next Dragon Mother.

Suggested Playby: Max Ando

Chie no Kagen is a Healer in her mid-thirties. It is preferred that she is light jeweled but if she rolls dark, she can be no darker than Green. Chie no Kagen is part of the Kagen Clan, sent to Ureshi-sa by Hinata no Kagen to protect and keep an eye upon her Bonded and his home. She is no-nonsense and well-educated in not only the healing arts but combat as well. Becoming part of Ureshi-sa has given her time to pursue her own interests outside of serving at Court and she has begun to think about, perhaps, settling down. Not that she has yet and not that she's going to tell anyone about yet but it's there in her mind, especially so after all the death that has stricken the territory.

Backstory & Personality: Handpicked by Hinata no Kagen, Chie takes her post seriously. That isn't to say that she doesn't have a mischievous streak or that she isn't capable of having fun (because she is and she will remind you of this). Her parents were not part of the main branch of the Kagen Clan but her Healer Caste, along with natural talent and skill, brought her to the attention of Hinata no Kagen. Eventually she was picked to look after Hinata's interests within Ureshi-sa and has been there since. She has a good comraderie with Ryuuen and Naoji, as well as Zhihao when he visits.

Suggested Playby: Liu Wen


Archived Wanted Ads / written insanity (em's want ads)
« on: Apr 25, 18, 08:36:56 PM »

WELCOME TO THE MESS. I mean insanity. Uh. Chaos? Fun? Something like that! Within this thread you will find a collection of generic want ads that I am looking for to help spread the fun and get people hooked on plots with my characters! In most cases, unless I state otherwise, there are no jewel requirements for the characters. Similarly unless I note it there is no required Caste as unless the wanted ad calls for it, I believe in leaving things up in the air for the most potential.

Should you be interested in a want ad, hit me up on discord or the like so we can talk out your ideas and get it claimed for you! I do not have playbys saved or put aside for these, so they're completely open to your idea. If, for some reason, you do happen to have trouble picking out a playby I will absolutely help you out. Fair warning that I am better at finding blokes than ladies, though.

That said, BEHOLD: the wanted ads!

Within Dena Nehele there are things that go bump in the night . Often those are individuals within Myos but sometimes it is the Shaos. The Shaos operate in Dena Nehele as espionage and retrieval experts, be it intelligence, physical item, or an actual person.

WATCHER is female, somewhere between the ages of 23 and 32. She can be of any Jewels and any Caste. Watcher will be placed within the Court of Lesser Caecian, serving not only as eyes and ears for the Territory Court - as two people will be placed there by the Court - but for the Shaos as well. There will be a fine line of keeping tabs on Toyani no Kagen and ensuring that she is not revealed for the spy that she is. While she can come from any background, it is expected that she be able to navigate the political sea that Courts are part of. Protocol and Etiquette savvy are a must for this role.

Chances for plots include: the Kagen retinue, those within the Tulzbruja Province (of which Lesser Caecian is part of), the Territory Court, Shaos, and potentially things tied to Tacea. As there is already a Shaos member within Toyani's Court (Ioan Rosu) it will need to be plotted out whether or not Watcher is known to him or not.

VIPER is male, somewhere between the ages of 28 and 40. He can be of any Jewels and any Caste. Having lost her previous Shaos retainer, Alexandra Luceau will be recruiting Ioan Rosu to assist her in the matter of gaining another. While it is not a requirement that the character be an Aristo, it could certainly make things go smoother if they are. They are expected to be able intermingle with all manner of person within Dena Nehele and gather intelligence and otherwise for Alexandra.

There are chances for plots with other members of the Shaos, Territory Court members, and pretty much anyone else within Dena Nehele so long as you get Alex all that juicy intel.

Tantalus is a performance theatre troupe that is known all across Terreille. They have traveled across many of the territories and performed almost everywhere. While not everyone knows them, it is expected that if you are a fan of theatre you know about Tantalus. What is not known is that Tantalus is actually run and operated by the current leaders of the Shaos Guild: Raluca Vaduva and Marku Balan. It is not completely unreasonable that were someone to pick up one of these want ads that the troupe member isn't also part of the Shaos. Keep in mind that if none of these concepts catch your eye, you are free to create one of your own! Just hit me up and tell me what you have in mind?

Trouble is a fresh-faced young male, just recently turned eighteen. He can be of any Jewels and any Caste. Found on the streets by Tantalus ten years ago when he was eight, it took time for him to warm up to the troupe. Eventually won over by the troupe, Trouble connects best through the sense of family that Tantalus gives him. Trouble is an excellent pick-pocket and has an eye for details that others might miss. It is possible that he is training as a Shaos and coming to the final stages of it.

The Star is an older member of the Blood and older than twenty-five. They can be of any gender, Caste, and Jewels. They have been traveling with Tantalus for the past several years, having moved up the tiers of the performance troupe and eventually secured their place as leading actor. No one will take this from them and they delight in their ability to adapt to every performance, a chameleon upon the stage. As with any other troupe member it is possible that they are also a member of the Shaos!


Stagehand can be either gender, any age, and any Jewels. When Raluca looks to someone to handle the behind the stage aspects of Tantalus, she looks to the Stagehand. They are skilled in building sets, on the spot costume repair, and otherwise keep everyone on time and ensure that the show will go on or they'll find out that the only thing worse than their being angry is Raluca being angry. Just like the ones above if you feel inspired the Stagehand can be a member of the Shaos.

Eventually Cristina Dumistrescu will wear the Sapphire as her Offering. When that time comes she will begin to search, in earnest, for a male with a Darker Jewel to be her Healer's Escort and release Florin Albu from service.

The Escort is male, somewhere in his late thirties. He needs to be Descent Green or Darker and it is recommended that he be a Prince. Other Castes will work but you will have an uphill battle with Cristina and getting her to like him. Cristina is slated to attain her Offering sometime before the end of Spring and following that will be heading to the Court of Brisaov to serve as Court Healer.

Plot chances include: Caecian Court, Territory Court, and the Brisaov Court in the future.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Real Life Jewels / Rated Em
« on: Oct 25, 17, 12:18:48 PM »
Rated Em -- Activated

No descent only.
No female only castes
Y-R can burn in damnation.

Randomized Jewel and caste: ... sure???

so i am not really sure about what jewels? but healer warlord prince really speaks to me. reid really hit a lot of points below that are strong factors as to why i feel that's appropriate. i have a tendency to give and give and give until there's nothing left unless i happen to have a healer's escort, lol. ( petri's black widow warlord prince statement is also true >__>;;; )

but since i have to pick a jewel combo ... blood opal to sapphire healer warlord prince. just because i love sapphire, it is the gem of my birth month, and i feel like it's a good counterpoint to blood opal. ( yet this is a moment where i feel like stuff others have said is far more on point and better <3 )

Archived Graphics Claims / Re: Graphics Claims
« on: Sep 10, 17, 11:00:38 PM »

Code: [Select]
[b]Matthew Goode[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep 10
[b]Miles Frank[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep 20


Code: [Select]
[b]Otto Seppalainen[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep 10

Code: [Select]
[b]Alan Cumming[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep 15
[b]Arthur Gosse[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep24
[b]Janis Danner[/b];; claimed my Rated Em, Sep 23
[b]Jessica Lange[/b];; claimed by Rated Em, Sep 20

(i think this is alright? my listed reserved claim is now in play ~ if not i can remove one!)

OOC Account Registration / Rated Em
« on: Aug 12, 17, 07:47:57 PM »
Name: Em

Age: 31 (soon to be 32)

User title: rated em for naughtiness

How you found Blood Rites? Reid!

Contact Information:
gChat: --
Discord: rated em#4749

Favorite Black Jewels Book: Can't tell you! I actually just picked up the series last week or so before I knew about this place ~

Other Information: *whispers* this is so awesome

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