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Glacia / From Peaceful Darkness With a Smile
« on: Oct 23, 19, 06:06:23 AM »

Every pleasure is more grateful,
(it is) to me, with you, more sweet ...

Where was Lilja? She wasn't entirely sure, but thankfully for lazy hitmen, a certain Prince who had saved her once before, long ago was on the trail even though the Black Widow had no idea. Lilja's head throbbed painfully and her eyes, the length of her spine hurt so badly that she was nauseous. Her vision swam with dark blots, indicating some kind of head injury. Her shoulders were wrenched as she was bound to a heavy chair that had been bolted to the floor to stop her from tipping it in order to free herself. She'd checked that detail almost right away, feeling despair clog her throat. She had been able to get off one distaff to spear link to Matias with a sense of true, horrific terror as her only hint that something was viciously wrong, and then the link shattered as she couldn't hold the connection with only Basic Craft. She heard his voice, her father, knew he had her Jewels because he had said so, hours ago now? She knew he intended to marry her off after forcing the local Priestess to attend to a divorce.

Was that even legal? She sniffled, feeling almost out of her sense of body that this had happened to her. She'd made a mistake, the trained Black Widow realized then with rewiring his mind. As such, Lilja understood why he had done this to her. Revenge, even though she had been trying to make her father safer. To make him forget that he had murdered his only son. She sniffled.

"Please. Let me go. I promise you, my husband has not abandoned me." This was somewhat a lie of course because Prince Aksel had been very busy with his grieving brother and orphaned child. She hadn't blamed him for ignoring her, not even a little as her depression had deepened. It wasn't his fault that she was vastly, horrifically lonely and even a White Jewelled male could sense her ache for company, for sensual release.

"Please." Her speech was heavy due to a swollen tongue, she must have bitten it at some point. Lilja spat blood from her mouth afterward and sighed. Mother Night help her as she had heard the explosions in the city; the chances of anyone being able to find her with the present chaos was ... near impossible. The trained Black Widow's eyes filled with tears.

All she had wanted was to be loved, were children. She wanted nothing more than to fulfil her duty as a Glacian woman despite her vast, enduring preference for the female body. Even now, bound as she was, she thought and fluttered through her memories of the now-deceased Queen who, even though easing toward madness had been utterly beautiful and perfect in bed. She regretted never pressing her lips to the Lady Kaija's just then and trembled. "Please forgive me, papa. I did not intend disrespect toward you--AH!"

"Shut your mouth. You will accept the divorce and marry Prince Ahlström."

The Black Widow knew the man he referred to had been one of those awful creatures that supported her father and had nearly been one to attend to her Virgin Night, but she had been saved from. She would rather have died. Truly, and could hardly think through the shock and horror despite how much she wanted the pain to stop. Her father to stop. This couldn't be who he truly was. The man that raised her. The man that cradled her as an infant and adored her. Then she remembered that he had killed her brother in a sudden burst to the Killing Edge and loss of sanity. Her father had long, long been a man that refused the aid of a Black Widow to help mend his mind ... so she knew much of his actions were those of a broken extremely flawed male. That men in general, Warlord Princes, in general, were NOT like this. Lilja held on to that truth as hard as she could.

"I cannot. The Priestess did not have my full c-consent. Please, papa. While the Dark Religion has been corrupted here, there are matters temporal and spiritual that cannot ... cannot ..."

Lilja groaned as the larger man gripped her long beautiful hair and pulled it tight to tip her head back. It set her senses on fire and she nearly vomited from the pain, instead, blacking out for several minutes. Her father slapped her back awake.

"P-please." She could barely speak without blood spilling from her mouth, and her breath rasped from a broken rib or three. It was hard to tell from the way his goons had dragged her up on the sidewalk. Her pretty white gown was covered in blood and gore and was hard to even look at. It was almost a blessing that her vision was so unclear. The only one, ironically that could help her now was indeed Prince Matias. The once lovely Black Widow would have laughed if not for the severe pain.

Poor Lilja slumped as he backhanded her and broke her left cheekbone. She could feel the explosive agony in her face and let the laugh roll low in her throat.

*Mother Night save me. This man is going to kill me just like he did my sweet brother in his madness.* And her father was completely insane. She could feel the fissure in his chalice, calling to her to fix it. A shiver moved through the beautiful blonde's entire body. It hurt to try to smile as her lower lip was split while her left eye had begun to bruise ferociously. She tried to reach out for any of the Coven that she could sense, but there seemed to be no one. No one would know that she was going to die, unfulfilled of her dreams.

"Papa. I forgive you these evils, I know you do not mean these things. Just ... let ... let me go."

"Be silent or I will carve you into a thousand pieces instead of wedding you off. A man only needs a woman to stick his cock into. Nor do you need to be alert and awake to have a baby regardless of what that IDIOT tried to insist that saved you before, bitch."

"Yes, father." She let the feminine insult and the one to Matias roll off. Lilja had to. He had the upper hand.

Tears slid down Lilja's face. It was too late. No one would know she was in real and true agony. Hours passed before she spoke again, or had it been a day? Her throat was as dry as a desert, the woman thought, so perhaps he might favour her with sweetness? In order to marry anyone, Lilja couldn't look the way she did!

What was his plan? There had to be a plan.

She decided to call out for water, unable to help herself and to ask to use the toilet. The first one he allowed, thankfully with some dignity which made the bruised and battered woman burst into tears when she looked in the bathroom mirror. She had never been truly attached to her face, but this!? It was not right. No one, no man or woman would touch her after what he had done without a Healer.

"I ... need water. Water--ahhh! AH, stop." The Warlord Prince, a beast at this point the way her papa looked at her with such violent fury, gripped her arm and ground her left and right wrists to dust. "I told you. Not. To. Ask. For. Anything. Your mother is dead for the same reason."

Lilja sobbed, and then let out a scream before fainting dead away. Mama! She wished she had the will, the strength to defend herself but she never had against him despite her far greater Jewel strength. He had been her FATHER! How could she turn her hand against him in violence, ever? She realized at the very last of her breaths that it had cost her everything she held dear.

He kept his promises, that was for sure, as she remembered he had threatened to break both her arms if she had kept talking to the Master of the Guard of Glacia. It was too much. Her beloved father turned into this creature that just needed to be put down.

I did everything I have ... for love, she thought loudly at the last until every sense of her just seemed GONE.

Playlist Potluck / Haloriel
« on: Feb 18, 19, 04:18:26 AM »
Spotify and YouTube, mostly the former. My longest currently maintained mixed playlist is close to a thousand different songs. I listen to everything from Opera, R&B, Jewish religious music, hard rap and musicals in just about every language under the sun that I can find something from. Comes from years of study of music that I ended up doing very little with for a lack of time and disability. Some of you I already follow on Spotify and have for a while. L'chaim, Cheers.

Things I do before choosing a song for a scene: I sing it to make sure it fits before writing a single word.

Random Personal Faves: French Mélodie (Art Songs; Fauré especially), German Lieder (Art Songs, Strauss, Schumann), Italian Arias (like all of them).

If I like a piece of suggested music for any of my characters listed here, I'll add it to their playlist.

Character affectations based on real life: My character Charisma Rilindisil-Larethis receives a physical reaction (auditory-tactile synesthesia, chromesthesia, and severe frissons) to primarily musical frequencies that are sung or played, which is based on my own personal experience.

Dena Nehele / Fire Bright, Fire Out of Sight
« on: Jul 17, 18, 12:54:25 AM »
Locale: Bidea, Dena Nehele. After Wondering, and Before Oblivion

Cluj-Muşatin Opera House
Pretty woman, walkin' down the street ...

Her name was on the building, Ismenian had noticed upon entering. Muşatin.

Pretty woman the kind I like to meet ...

Or rather, part of her name. Their name. Her family. Or rather, her mother's family. She had been able to get inside after a brief security check because tours were always running it seemed, as part of a bid to continue funding despite the fact that this was a secondary venture beyond business in Aechia. Ismenian knew these details because her mother had considered it paramount for her daughter, despite her very Eyrien "flaws" to know where their family stood and the grand position they still held despite limited reclusiveness.

Pretty woman I don't believe you, you're not the truth ...

Despite presenting as a Yellow Jewelled witch, Ismene was horribly nervous. So far, during the tour at least, no one gave her a second glance; she had pulled a large grey hat down over most of her face, tucking her hair up entirely beneath it. A large grey square of a shirt and long billowy skirt in the same colour almost entirely hid her very happy shoe concession: silver strappy heels.

No one could look as good as you, mercy!

Sunglasses hid the colour of her eyes, which too eerily matched most of the aged paintings on the walls in the welcome and historical sections of the Opera house.

This was a huge mistake, she thought, but I really had to know if mother was telling the truth.

The spell hadn't flickered in ages, it seemed like. So for the whole, beautiful tour, she had felt safe, and then Ismenian lost herself in the main concert hall. As it was mostly empty except for a few players practising, what she assumed for an eventual upcoming show, they were raw, open, and perfect. Most of them left the stage for lunch except for what looked to Ismenian like two people. She sat down in one of the boxed seating areas that were empty for now, biting her cheek at the perfect, plush seating.

Pretty woman won't you pardon me ...


Pretty woman I couldn't help but see ...

Part of her was stunned that her mother had run away from all of this. But part of her understood it. The Lady Vasilica hadn't wanted to be controlled. Ismenian couldn't decide then and there if she might care for any of it, either, or if it would feel safe. It figured certainly in that specific and particular moment, the very complex spell hiding her Caste suddenly flickered.


Pretty woman that you look lovely as can be ...

She crawled under one of the beautiful tables in Box Five, typically used for private refreshments and waited. It would take at least an hour, if not longer for the delicate, warm scent of Queen to fade. If she was anywhere else, it might not have been so much the concerning issue, but this was Dena Nehele, where Queens were rarer than diamond slippers. But first, making sure no one had seen her before scenting her. She'd wait at least a minute.

"One thousand one ... one thousand two ..."

Are you lonely just like me?

Dena Nehele / Wondering If I Have To Do Without You
« on: Jul 12, 18, 01:25:46 AM »
Locale: Bidea, Dena Nehele. Blue Medallion Night Club

Blue Medallion Night Club
Primarily Landen, the rare Jewelless Blood and still rarer Jewelled personage tended to arrive at the Blue Medallion. A lovely place that was especially ordinary in its presence. They tended to have an open stage twice a week, and most of the apartments and flats around the club were lived in by mostly working-class Landen. Ismenian had researched as carefully as she could before showing up late one night a few weeks ago to make back a little of the money she had blown through while floating about the border of Raej.

If any given performance added to the takings of the house, the arrangement was that the entertainer for the night could receive as much twenty percent after the overhead and profits were pulled. It entirely benefited the Blue Medallion and its Jewelless Blood Proprietor, but Ismenian in her disguise as a Yellow Jewelled witch didn't really care. She needed enough to eat and hold on to the flat that was little more than a box in Bidea's fourth dirtiest section of the sprawling city.

Dulceață the Entertainer
A risk even showing her face, tonight she had decided to colour her hair red and changed her startling Basarab-Muşatin blue eyes (and a touch of gold) to a muted, muddy green for the evening. The proprietor was by now, accustomed to the bronze-skinned witch's appearance and didn't mind because of the coin she made him by occasionally showing up. More than once he'd tried to get her to sign on with a contract of permanent entertainment, to which her response had been with a sweet, almost cheeky smile well suited to her ancient nineteen years:

"Lady Dulceață doesn't do contracts, mister. But I'll come back around for the coin, that you can be sure of," she grinned. "But I'll stick around for as long as this arrangement helps us both." She was too smart to tell anyone her actual name, instead, using the gentle hailing her mother had used for her when she'd been alive. A swell of bitterness rose in her thoughts as she waited backstage, peeking out front every few minutes. Soon enough, the usual cover band would finish their set, and it would be her turn. As usual, nerves flicked along her skin.

So far, her true hidden Caste of Queen had remained exactly that, and no one gave a damn about a Yellow Jewelled Girl in a territory with plenty of Greens and Sapphires, Reds and Greys and as rumoured, even a Black. Or at least, as Ismenian had convinced herself. She hopped from stylish foot to foot, having stitched every bit of her outfit. Far less expensive to buy her own cloth and turn it into something spectacular than hope for better. Silver heels she'd bought at a clearance knock off mart and fixed the broken, cheap parts with a little better paired with a silk pink dress that was as flattering as it was covering and she was ready to go.

This Priestess Queen, a rare bauble, some might say and others speak of her past villainy even though it has been ages since she's tried to turn over better leaves. For Lady Estrellien Gualtierrez, I am seeking a few writers to really round out her day to day machinations, and go on a journey of ambitions for the Province Throne of Coreserini. For the present still, the Lady has held the District of Logrona now since the aftermath of the purge, but she wants more and has invited better, new players to be the face of her Court to keep her on the straight and reasonably narrow, because a girl still needs to treat herself, you know?

Primary Advisor, Logrona High Priestess

Playby Suggestion/Request: Paula Patton [FC saved sweetly by Idariel!!]
Name: Seraia Montoya [negotiable]
Age: 1,237
Caste: Priestess
Race: Fully Long Lived Dhemlanese
Plot Minimum Specifics: Contracted to serve as Priestess specifically to keep an eye on Estrellien for the Cáthedra; has served as the High Priestess of Logrona longer than Estrellien even has been Queen of the District by about two centuries. They started off as frenemies but ended up as lovers, occasionally sharing a man between them when the moment strikes. Though this character's true loyalties are to the Cáthedra and the Lady Carmen Vilendra and that will never change, she is deeply in love with Estrellien, though she'll likely never say the words. She is a character that desires more power as well, so even while keeping a firm hold of Estrellien's antics and sheer creativity for pettiness, she is possibly primarily responsible for the Queen's "heel to face shift."
Plot Concept Level: Advanced, potential to work threads with other Priestesses among the Cáthedra and a free range of other characters.
Points Reward: 800

Steward of Logrona, Cautious Gentleman

Playby Suggestion Request: Giancarlo Esposito [Or Similarly Appearing Model/Claim]
Name: Alcides Fernandez
Jewels: Any
Age: 2,600+
Caste: Prince
Race: Dhemlanese Long Lived
Plot Minimum Specifics: Alcides is a man that is all for the money, and really loves to dress as well as one possibly can. That handkerchief for the suit pocket that costed the same as a poor Dhemlanese families whole year of foodstuffs? Purchased, even while he helps them on the sly. Guilt doesn't typically come into the equation with this man in anything he does, as risk assessment is extremely important to Alcides. While not at all bonded to Estrellien, nor does he like her spoiled tendencies very much, what he does appreciate is that she pays on time, sometimes even early, and occasionally extra bonuses for all the work it takes to keep her Court well run, and those within their district safe. Recently the dapper man signed a three year contract with the Lady Gualtierrez and managed to convince her to triple his salary. All in a good days work, no? What most don't know is though he appears the absolutely vapid male, he's frighteningly good at his job. Violence decreased a good 10% since the Queen has kept him on. He's even still at keeping the illegal elements lessened, and actually enjoys the Landen friends he has on the Council.
Plot Concept Level: Medium Difficulty. He's a pretty straight forward character.
Points Reward: 600

Master of the Guard of Logrona, Jack of All Trades

Playby Suggestion/Request: Joaquin Furriel [Or Similarly Appearing Model/Claim]
Name: Tobias Zapatero
Jewels: Any, Darker would be nice but not required
Age: 500+
Caste: Warlord or Prince
Race: Dhemlanese Long Lived
Plot Minimum Specifics: Has a variety of skills, and fighting forms that he has honed over the years. Former Dhemlanese Naval Lieutenant. A tendency to race through lovers as quickly as he does a good glass of sangria in the afternoon, but of course, it is respectfully done given his position. He is also in the position by choice and contract, where the pay is simply too good to consider not serving. He generally likes Estrellien, is half in love with the High Priestess, and also hungers for more power. Has a solid bit of court service experience.
Plot Concept: Easy-ish
Points Reward: 600

Beloved, Desired, Enemy and Estranged First Escort/Consort

Playby Suggestion/Request: Bruno Mars [Or Similarly Appearing Model/Claim]
Name: Raziel Marques Cavallero
Jewels: Uncut Blood Opal to Uncut Red from Estrellien's Dark Ally Adoptable Jewel Roll.
Age: 1100+ [Required]
Caste: Warlord Prince [Required]
Race: Dhemlanese Long Lived
Plot Minimum Specifics: Though not always in residence, Prince Raziel has been a thorn in Estrellien's side since the beginning of her foolishness, and is her only bonded male. They truly love each other, but also hate each other at once as he's never forgiven her for being involved in the deaths of his parents. When they are good together, its very, very good, but when they are not, it is better for Raziel to be as far away as possible from the Queen of his soul, lest he choke her to death. He is the one person she fears above all people, and is the primary motivation behind being scared to a narrow, well cared for path, rather than that of the villain. Further details of their involvement are on Estrellien's character sheet. The details are very, very important and for this complex character I'm looking for a writer that neither would shy away from writing a very, very dark male with ... some standards at least. Would he kill the Lady Gualtierrez is the question. Sometimes he craves it, even when he's lost in the sensuality of her bed.
Plot Concept: Advanced
Points Reward: 1000

Court Seer - Points Fully Waived by Writer
Taken by Idariel upto Jan 31st

Court Healer - 600 Points on Character Approval and First Post.
Taken by Isa upto Jan 31st

First Circle/Bonded - 600 Points: Completed!
Bounty Filled by Sol

All concepts are able to have additional/other plot work. Poke me (Cerebearstare#1344) on Discord directly, or tag me in the Dhemlan-K channel of Bloodrites Discord!

Registry Cleanup / Bahija al-Kaid
« on: Nov 16, 17, 01:25:53 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Bahija al-Kaid
Age and Birth Year: 734 | 542 BP
Race: 3/4 Hayllian, 1/4 Pruulian
Caste: Priestess
Birth Territory: Pruul, Terreille
Home Territory: Pruul, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: Uncut Blood Opal

Role: Aubdina
Faction: Tribe Kaid


Play By: Kirby Griffin
Distinguishing Features:



  • 1 Ritual:
  • 2 Baths:
  • 3 Sunrises:

  • 1 Cheap Items:
  • 2 Overblown Pride:
  • 3
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
Craft Strengths:
  • 1
  • 2
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1
  • 2
Life Story



Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Petitions (if any): None.

Player Name: Haloriel

Rihland / Books Worth Fathomless Words Unspoken
« on: Jun 06, 17, 09:37:05 PM »

Great Library of Ebon Varos
Three stories that Rihlanders could get to had been refurbished over the last pair of years, yet truly the Library was made for those that had wings. The doorways were large and high to the point that one truly could just fly in without granting harm or annoyance to those unable. The three above the lower were accessible by flying or Craft touched ladders. As the Librarian Archivist for Ebon Varos, this space in all its magnificence was Lady Weber's domain.

Stone floors and walls were polished to a shine by continuous spells to keep away the dust and other harm from being done to the books, as well as a variety of records. Any book one could near imagine on an incredible number of topics could be found in this space, even though once many of the tomes kept here were largely by Eyrien viewpoint, that had truly begun to change following the Priestess' appointment.

Still a project in process, as most Rihlanders were not ones that tended to enjoy books. But she was determined in her father's memory, and his grandmother before that, to change the rules. As she had most of the days these last five weeks, the attire Aelarian wore was in marked, soft earthen tones that matched well with the brown and gold of her heavy lidded gaze. No one had yet noticed the Archivist was no longer using Craft to put away the books, but then, hers was a near silent presence, unobtrusive in the extreme while also making her viewpoints exceedingly clear by way of action rather than speech. She'd left notes and advertisements in every single public establishment able to be arrived to by foot, making certain that whether Glacian roots, Rihlander, Eyrien, or even any blending of those bloodlines - all were welcome within the Great Library, so long as respect was done to the books, and quiet was kept as a rule in the space to a point.

Most importantly, violence was not permitted in any way, shape, or form. Thus far, her wishes had been mostly kept to, and only rarely did she need to send for someone to break up a disagreement. Given the fact that she was not remotely anywhere near displaying the secret she had been hard pressed to keep and had taken to wearing an enhanced item to disguise the truth of her psychic scent to the depths of the Sapphire, Aelarian was fairly relaxed as much as she ever was in public. It was the best that the lady could afford - and it was rare enough that she encountered anyone more darkly gifted than her late husband had been. More particularly, the point had been keenly made that she did not desire grand wealth for tending books.

One did not pay for what was considered a calling, she felt, and an extension of the self, and Caste. Hands folded beneath her wings, which fluttered softly by the rare reflex, her heel tapped rhythmically upon the stone floors. In slightest motion, the long braid she wore which was thick as a warrior's wrist slipped in idle form over one shoulder. Given that her assistant for the hour was on a meal break and Aelarian's senses were subsumed with a constant dizziness, she had no desire to eat, even though it had been perhaps four hours since the last attempt. A cool, focused expression made it almost impossible to tell the woman was not feeling as well as she ought to have been.

Stacking several books upon a long table and aware they needed to go to the sixth floor, an airy sigh eased from her in annoyance. As much as she loved tending the books from touch to smell and appearance ...

"If only they would put back the tomes when finished with them as the signs say ..."

Turning her head toward the window and a faint hint of sapphire hue upon a book darkened her mood as her recently executed husband came to mind. At least she had done her duty for five centuries, while he certainly had not. A raw shudder moved through her. She still did not know what to think, of all the times they had tried over the centuries in their marriage, and only now after a bitter, angry coupling had he managed the entire point of their union: to unite her mother's bloodline with his.

Ah, Torar. You never could listen to anyone, and now you are returned to the Darkness.

Hayll / Ode to a Concealed Spectre
« on: Jun 04, 17, 04:20:55 AM »
Locale: 191, Late Autumn. Draega, Hayll. Augustinus Townhouse.
If only I were that warrior, my dream might come true! An army of brave men with me as their leader, victory and the applause of all Memphis! To you, my sweet Aida, return crowned with laurels, telling you: for you I have fought and conquered!

Outdoor Garden Sitting Room

Weeks had passed since her last sighting of Prince Jupiter Cinerus; Caelissine thoughts easily slipped his way several times each day. It had taken all of her will nearly not to do more than send the occasional note to inquire after the gentleman's health. Firmly within her memory he lay, as had each moment they had spent together, and not assuredly only the sensual as many Hayllians might have wrapped themselves around.

Greater than that, she fretted over the man's spiritual well being. Recalled with precious warmth the way his hands had toyed with the long locks of her hair, how he dreamed to have more. His Queen, he had claimed, though she hardly could want to believe it true due her own experience with her Mother's loving tenderness even as a Broken Queen, did not seem even to notice he existed on many a day. With a deepened, wise grace, she imagined patching them together from a distance as it ought to be between Queen and Bonded.

Yet, in all fairness, the Priestess understood that her particular circumstances were among the true rare, akin to a diamond plucked from the earth already polished and ready to wear. To distract herself, the lady dove into the Garden, still for the moment avoiding her sister Maerina. The younger woman would have questions she did not know how to answer, especially following the disturbing news she had heard in her brief sojourn away from the city regarding some 'disturbance' within the Colosseum.

Given that she was neither soldier, nor politician and that was her brother's purview as a Senator, Lady Caelissine Augustinus-Agrippina kept to her own business, while tending to the Agrippa Temple in Draega daily. Troubled thoughts wrapped to and through her brother as well, as Julius would eventually no doubt discover her ... lingering attachment to a gentleman of rank; and not only of rank, but connected to the Hayllian Court and simultaneously the same family of those born to those first within all Hayll. For the moment, she did not want those many eyes upon her, the Priestess did not wish for the feelings that scrapped against old wounds allowing them to settle to cause her further pain.

Hayllian men in particular were not known to seek women like her. Ones that were not terribly interested in a variety of dalliances nor expansive orgies that extended for no reason than constant sex. As wondrous as the state was of revolving pleasure, Caelissine in any of her seekings always wanted more. She needed reasoning, tenderness. Trust.

Needed she had always, craved to know the person she caressed even if their kisses when no where at all that made a difference. Gralian at least, had appreciated her unlikeliness to wander without speaking gently of her intentions first, as had in some regard for his ruts upon her, had Prince Gideon, centuries ago. Midnight hair swept down upon the ground where she knelt in blessed solitude. Caelissine loved the quiet, loved every measure and stricture of prayer, whether it was in the midst of a man's arms, or entirely alone.

Gentle, rich, and low contralto laughter bubbled up gently akin to a spring from a wild, wandering brook.

In turn and time, her mother's Queenly Caste had taught her a deep respect for nature's grace, rare enough among those that preferred their slaves, and unfairly ripped splendour from those that had less. Even among the Occupation of Hayll by the Askavi, she had not enjoyed the war, pain, and violence as many had, nor hatred. It was to her mind that it was one matter for the Blood to disagree, to need to fight to vent pressures, but to end each other's lives seemed ...

Well it seemed anathema to Mother Night's will without great cause. Most Hayllians of course, did not believe so deeply in the fashion that she did. Caelissine felt that the lady was real and true, and while perhaps on one level the Purge had been her blessed heavy hand making a point that she for one had never forgotten, upon another, the bitterness that remained giving way to a depth of corruption that had deepened in Hayll since then - well, it hurt to watch.

Another blush rose into the Lady Priestess' face as her thoughts wandered again to dark, shorn hair, and a piercing, angry gaze. Her dual toned gaze of gold and amber was shuttered away by long lashes as she bowed her head. Having no one to speak to in offering real perspective toward what she wished, in abject desperation, she had left a delicately written note to either be given directly into Lord Gnaeus' hands himself. Though he was her sister's ghost, her protector and Footman, she'd always seen him as more than that, even if the words never left her lips.

Instinct told her she was right, about something deeper, some training in his bearing.

When a tiny, chubby faced Maerina as a practical baby had told her of her invisible friend, Caelissine was the only one that had believed her. She'd helped assemble baskets small enough for tiny hands to carry, full of food, and bits of clothing that no one would miss, and that her deeply grieving mother would not offer complaint over. Ever since saving her sister's life he'd been a fixture of the household, but his presence had always bothered Caelissine due her deep dislike and hatred of Hayllian slavery, much as her father had felt about the matter before his death.

While the Warlord Prince had lived, there had not been slaves of any kind upon their lands. It was not until after his death that a few servants ended up the "unpaid" variety surrounded by her younger sister, which was disturbing for Caelissine in the extreme. It was one of a variety of reasons that since her return from Dhemlan months previous, and now, almost nearing a year to have her Chalice mended, that speaking to Maerina was simply too difficult.

Yet, she'd finally come up with a method to tend both her issue of what to do perhaps regarding the manner in which thoughts of Prince Jupiter caused her heart to skip wildly in her chest, as well as Maerina's issue and becoming too Hayllian for her own good, the way their father never would have wished.

Small number of his journals kept over the man's lifetime, that had been left to her to have lay next to her, numbering seven. If there was anyone in the world that could convince Maerina to read them, or leave them in a place that her sister would come across them, even though she herself had been viciously protective over the tomes and it was Gnaeus.

He would understand, had always understood from his place in the shadows, her absolute revulsion. Unlike many, Caelissine possessed one thing that almost none of their kind did, beauty notwithstanding: a trace of innocence that was utterly unheard of in a Long Lived personage especially among the Hundred Families of her age. A trace of true, deep compassion for others, including even the Eyrien.

Never, ever had forgotten the touch of the soft, leathery wings Prince Gideon had possessed, and how they opened and blossomed in to both fearsome and incredible flight powered by Craft. Despite the fact she had not seen him for ages, and wished him quite well now having moved forth with her life, it gave her an understanding toward the others, and their need to take. Something had to drive it more than hatred, and greatness.

"Please work. I need her to understand. If she can understand, I can sway Prince Julius to the right path." The whisper was soft and terribly gentle and for now, her concern allowed her to smother the near constant highlights of blushes that lit up her face and its delicate spray of freckles over smooth golden cheeks.

'Heavenly Aida, divine form, mystical garland of light and flowers. You are queen of my thoughts, splendour of my life. I want to give you back your beautiful sky, the sweet breezes of your native land! To place a royal garland on your hair, to raise you a throne next to the sun.'

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Okay hello! I'm putting up one of these if anyone has any particular thing they'd like me to post on.

Character list and current threads and such is here in the Writer's Tracker area. I think its pretty close to up to date as to what I have in progress. :)

Glacia / Lilja Syklee-Winterton
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The Basics

Character Name: Lilja Syklee Winterton
Nicknames: Lili; Lady Winterton (Mother Night, don't do it)
Age and Birth Year: 27 | 164 AP
Race: Glacian - Short Lived
Caste: Black Widow - Trained
Birth Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Glacia, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Cut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: Uncut Sapphire

Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Laura Vandervoort
Distinguishing Features: Brilliant Blue-grey eyes that are especially piercing when her full attention is held, Lady Lilja has both a studious presence that meshes precisely and beautifully with the delicate and deliberate sensual presence of a Black Widow, though she was born a witch. Pale golden hair once cut quite short to her shoulder blades has been allowed to flourish and grow in lengthy, near platinum spirals to a trim waist and beyond rounded hips. Tall and willowy, the lady stands to a perfectly graceful five foot nine, while the subtle scents of vanilla and lemon remain ever present upon supple curves and within the psychic scent. She is noted for the pure sweetness of a tender, yet bladed soprano voice - which rings with naught save pure ice in speaking of her husband.


Personality: If ever there were a lady in truth, a courtier so sublime it gave one an ache simply to watch them move, then that woman is the Lady Lilja Syklee ... Winterton. Indeed, her husband's surname is most assuredly an afterthought, albatross, and blessed grace rolled into one complicated confusion. Though at her root Lilja is a tender and expressively passionate woman to those she permits to know her well, it is infuriatingly difficult to break through and past the ice that has formed her shell and defense over the last few years since her marriage to Prince Aksel and especially the demise of her fraternal twin, the decidedly ferocious yet once steadying Prince Lorin. One could have once said that the woman's smile, capable of lighting up a room and more were her best and most captivating feature, were she willing to bestow it.

Sensuality as a trained Black Widow, even in possessing the warm gift of a Sapphire of Mother Night's grace, she is controlled and maintains an iron fist around the thrum of desire that all but forms her core. Certainly, her husband has never seen it, and the idea would no doubt present as a joke that she possessed such at all. Whilst whispers about of the Lady Lilja's profound skill in the bedchamber, they remain only that and serve primarily as a constant, sharp needle toward a husband Lilja is bitterly certain couldn't satisfy her with his eyes closed and standing upon his too agreeable, strangely distracted head.

An anger rests in the Lady that she is stuck with such a man that seems to care only for her existence due a deep friendship with the Territory Queen - Elisif Brenden. It is a teeth grinding, frustrating existence that has all but clawed its way into her personality with an explosion practically hovering and near begging to occur.

In every breath however, Lilja makes all moments count for as much as she can tear from them with the well trained almost patience of a proper, dutiful and most of all, devout courtier. While she might not believe in the inferior status of Light Jewelled Blood, she certainly does find that their place in the world is to serve beneath their betters. Though collars make her twitch and she questions internally their use, neither can the lady deny the political handiness. After all, wretched prick of a spouse or no, one does have to survive.

  • 1 Perfect Silk: Smooth. Over the hands or rolling over a hip, Lilja finds even the tiniest threads through her finger tips nearly orgasmic. A woman's breast and hardened nipple beneath said silk is even better, doubly so if it happens to be her own, but that of course is private. When they are clean and neat and not sweaty, she is most fond of the softness of men in the same way, though it would be as pulling teeth to get her to say the words. She'd kill to tie down her husband with said silk and play one hundred questions if there were no risk. Alas, especially in needling an Ebon Grey Jewelled male, there is a certain finesse and intellect demanded.

  • 2 Massages: The Sapphire Black Widow loves to be touched; unwrapping herself for intimacy is very, very difficult due to having lacked a proper understanding for that part of what it means to be a Black Widow in the training she received. As a result of one longtime lover long since parted from her frustratingly out of fear of her husband, Lilja was able to learn a trigger to unlock that part of herself, something forever twisted up due an awful experience in a Virgin Night by a woefully inept partner.

  • 3 Singing: Beautiful does not do the sound she produces justice whatsoever. Though the Lady ... Winterton seldom sings these days, and certainly wouldn't for Prince Prickerton, the upper sweetness of the soprano she possess is both wrapped with Seduction Craft and can not only crack a crystal glass if she chooses, but also is particularly well trained as one would expect of a courtier rather than a lady in service to any court. After all, being a dear friend of the Queen does come with considerable perks.

  • 1 Forced Touch: Power couple. That is what she and Prince Ak-fuck-sel are; it is a fact of life. But she would really sooner touch a quivering rabbit or tantruming toddler willingly than him. While she knows to make every correct, elegant and proper movement in public at any time, whether in front of those her husband values and would never dream of embarrassing him in any important moment, she despises such times they must be seen together. It is clear the way her normally incredible smile never touches her eyes when in his presence, as well as the brittle sense of futile anger that all but rolls from her in his presence. The problem is, as much as she would give anything to be fucking RID of him, Lilja has never been a quitter in her life at anything ever.

  • 2 Vapid Courtiers: While one that enjoys the glamour of wealth and being occasionally the center of attention when she has done well and capable of a grand pretense when it comes to being a socialite, the truth of the matter is that Lilja is far from empty headed, despite how much she might seem "harmless" in that fashion. Even as it turns her stomach, she is very gifted at turning fear and unpleasantness especially for what some might feel of her husband to grace and careful respect, thereby saving lives, perhaps, while as well teasing out weaknesses to be used at a later date if needed. Ironically, as much as the Lady hates her position, she loves what it brings her: the ability to tear down useless wastes of space.

  • 3 Pointless Conversation: Lady Lilja does not care to talk about the weather, or other mind-numbingly mundane topics as to whom is marrying what sibling, which family has lost what fortune or the other given that at one time, she was such a gossip piece. Unfortunately, there are far too many socialites and others in the set of company she keeps mostly for the purpose of maintaining a distance from her spouse. He hates that kind of woman especially, and the longer he believes her one of them (she is not at all) perhaps she can avoid producing an heir and the rest that much longer, may Mother Night preserve her for even thinking such foolish waste. Fencing, discourse upon the grander will of Darkness, visions and other complex topics are preferred, but one's personae is of greater importance. Given that Prince Prickerton likely would not be caught dead or alive near her private chambers, the books and various other pieces of Lilja's personality and preference may remain delightfully secret. She hopes.

  • 1 Failing her Purpose: Despite roiling anger and a near disgust at the standstill failure of her farce of a marriage, it is an ache that she could fail the very point of wedding and at least on the surface, cleaving to her husband to ensure him Dark Jewelled children that should be his blessed mirror. It is a failure that the thought of which often causes Lilja to both either crumble and cry herself to sleep, or furiously, quietly throw things. As a result of being inflicted with a sense of deep romance due her parents perfect marriage, her own is like a whip to the soft skin of her back in a metaphorical sense when not partaking in the literal sense. She fears both not becoming a mother as well as being one; the idea of a child's cries not stirring that Darkness blessed maternal instinct in her is absolutely harrowing.

  • 2 Loss of Social Status: It is no secret that her supposed husband has no true wish to keep her, and would get rid of her the second he knew he could for those that know the pair well. Weight of the man's Ebon Grey is not a worry precisely but an annoying gnat ever present as her marriage in the way it was was not how it was supposed to be. Possibly, Lady Lilja is one of a very precious few women that holds not even a hint of fear of her husband, nor the men closest to him even in her psychic scent.

  • 3 Loneliness: Though she had no desire to wed Prince Winterton at all, her family badly needed to be rescued from the immense debt they carried, and their position of having not given forth a Light Jewelled child in at least a century if not longer was a considerable sway toward the Prince's family being willing to pair the two in sacred binding. The lightest offering in fact in existence in the Lilja's family was the Opal; as if they could have been Light Jewelled but the Darkness gave forth just a little more sweetness. As a result of her expectations of marriage being far, far higher than what she had to learn to live with: glacier cold courtesy at the warm end of matters, she very firmly (if not unfairly) blames her husband with the lack in their relationship. Thus, rather than awkward ice having the chance to thaw into something far more useful, bladed courtesy and even occasional true anger is apparent in considerable pettiness between the pair. It leaves Lady Lilja achingly lonely for something she likely will never have: actual respect, love, and a proper family like her own despite even the death of her twin brother.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Social Craft: With weaving heady, precise Craft through her voice, Lady Lilja is capable of maneuvering and soothing most awkwardness from those in a limited surround. While much more effective with people the lady is already acquainted with, she is often able to convince those that have doubts in certain situations to release them at least temporarily. It tends to draw people in returning to her especially that are Sapphire or lesser jewelled and has little effect with those that are darker, if any at all.

  • 2 Seduction Craft Webs: Very gifted with seduction without Craft after the receiving of eventual and quite precise lessons, Lilja learned to apply said practical physical seduction with that of the Craft for it. Slowly over time the Black Widow was able to excel as well as being able to lay Seduction Craft along Security Webs. It makes for a very different approach to protection in which she is rarely and foolishly underestimated. Rather than immediately doing harm to one's quarry, her gifts instead turn them toward raging and temporary desire.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Defensive Shields: Though very gifted at beautiful webs in both appearance as well as function and possessing the Darker Jewelled delight and interest in violence, defensive shielding is one skill that Lilja lacks despite having been taught how. Even thin shields will slip away at the range of the Opal, which is stunningly inept for a Black Widow of Lady Lilja's skill. To compensate, she relies very heavily upon Seduction Webs as well as Trapped Webs.

  • 2 Whimsy Craft: While once  skilled at Whimsy Craft for the sake of her twin brother whom quite enjoyed it enough to be able to turn Lilja's deepest anger to delight with effort, the attempt simply brings nothing at all, as if the Black Widow had no Craft at all to work with. Grief in this case has placed the graceful, beautiful socialite at a standstill, save for the very rare emotional moment when she can call snow around her almost winter pale golden hair. Compared to once possessing the ability and patience to entertain an entire wide room with Whimsy, a mere few moments when constantly concentrating appears to be her limit.

    Life Story

    Mother: Elana Syklee; Purple Dusk to Opal Priestess 54 | 137 AP
    Father: Ralin Pierce; Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Warlord Prince  57 | 134 AP

    Lorin Syklee (twin to Lilja); perished at 23, would be 27, Opal to Red Warlord Prince
    Vinia Syklee; Summer Sky to Green Priestess 29 | 162 AP
    Arina Syklee; Summer Sky to Blood Opal Healer 31 | 160 AP

    Cousins: Lady Aneta Pierce; Green to Red Black Widow, perished of old age.

    Husband: Aksel Winterton; 36 | 155 AP | Sapphire to Ebon Grey Black Widow Prince


    To have been born a Syklee was practically a breath of royalty and Mother Night's lips rolling over the soul, if not of course, on the poorer side and in financial decline. While once of reasonable and modest wealth with a very distant foremother having been very wealthy, when Lady Lilja was born without the hoped for Caste of Priestess due its favoured state in her family among the women they held out hope that the youngest child - for her late twin brother preceded her in order - would not grant the first disgrace in over a century of perfectly dark and respectable jewels.

    In blessed form with her brother's birthright having been a stunning Opal, the pressure did not let up but instead only increased as from infant to the age of eight, Lilja was trained with the absolute best of tutors due the presumption that their good fortune in terms of children would continue. When her ninth birthday approached, the receiving of a Blood Opal was a most excited notation considering Lorin's gain the previous year; her parents separated the pair to allow each child their stance in the Darkness alone to be celebrated.

    With two elder sisters above her in precedence until the advent of Lilja's sensual awakening and the lack of any specific caste blooming for her, focus on training in further Basic Craft continued, with the very first lessons and delving into primarily, self control with the expected darkness of eventual Offering. Neither her rather strict, yet attentive and loving Priestess mother at the time, nor Warlord Prince of a father desired a daughter that would grant potential discord, but one that would lift and bring life to their standing and fortunes as a family.

    As such, Lilja's Virgin Night responsibility was to be tended an old friend of the family, the same as that had tended her sisters' previously. Unfortunately, matters went awry; Lilja found herself not enjoying the training prior to the Virgin ceremony itself, as her preference for women was completely disregarded in favour of that for men unintentionally. It was a mistake that not only nearly cost Lilja her Jewels entirely, but left the young woman comatose for sometime after the awful attempt that was only just barely successful. It took considerable Mind Healing to repair the damage caused as well as Emotional Healing for a couple of years before Lilja's next permitted and paired sensual encounter. However healed, it caused Lady Lilja considerable lingering awkwardness with men.

    All the while, the Syklee fortunes continued to dwindle slowly due to mismanagement, and overspending. Matters however did not become desperate and apparent to the very insulated Lady Lilja until well after her Offering, and her brother Lorin's death in a duel gone suddenly very wrong. Very, very close to her twin brother as much as two siblings could be, the loss affected profoundly.

    While a very good young man and devoted to his family, their mother's issues with contenting herself by additional expenditures as a method to escape her own grief from her husband growing away from her placed a tension on everyone in the respectable manor house. Embarrassment and needing to defend against rumours sent the young and fiery Warlord Prince into a fight he had no business partaking in, a moment that very much was pivotal in shaping Lilja's much more cynical outlook upon life.

    With additional concerns of the need for their father to sell off precious parcels of land rolled into this frustration to save face, Prince Lorin did not think through the challenge granted to defend his familial honour and lost his life for it: his rival, though survived only to have his throat ripped out by an offended husband. It was initially then that the then witch found herself drawn first to the Priestesshood, only then to discover that the training of a Black Widow called to her with far greater depth. It was while at first a method to fill the space left by her brother's death, but became much more than that.

    Thus while Lilja agreed cooly that her twin's death had received an answer by Mother Night, for legally there could be naught done, it did not change the fact that a massive hole lay in her heart. With her elder sisters having swiftly been wed to ease the financial stress still an issue with minor, lesser matches after the fact, only the Black Widow in training was given reprieve after the death of her brother even while it was clear that something was in the process of being arranged. Her father felt that as an eventual Black Widow with a Uncut Sapphire Descent, that lingering over what match he would eventually find for his daughter required considerable forethought. 

    With the loss of a Red Jewelled Warlord Prince, her father Prince Ralin Pierce had no intention of losing any further of his Dark Jewelled children to ridiculousness, as he phrased it. Both Vinia and Arina were wed to men fifteen years their senior with enough reputation and lack of Light Jewels in the immediate families that the social embarrassment of Lilja's mother leaking away the familial fortune like a sieve was less a blow in particular to the family's social habits.

    It did not however, solve the issue, and soon enough Lilja Syklee found herself among the very unwanted place of privately being genteel poor; gowns were not replaced as often as she was accustomed to. Increasing her stitching skills to the point that gowns always appeared new and fresh to the eyes of the rather vapid and shallow crowd she had once enjoyed prior to her brother's death was exhausting, yet it was one way that she managed to try and maintain appearances. Keeping herself useful to her father for as long as possible so that perhaps he might forget that he had another daughter that had descended to Sapphire, and possessed a rare Caste even if learned, on top of that. Unlike the unpleasantry of her Virgin Night, the eventual emergence of a snake tooth from vigorous learning received first from the Hourglass Coven until the family fortunes grew very thin, and then later supplemented tutelage by Lady Aneta Pierce, a much elder paternal cousin and Red Jewelled Black Widow, was relatively peaceful, as such things tend to go. She did her best in keeping most of the changes to her personality from her father, if only to keep herself away from sharing her sibling's fate.

    Estate management and an innate understanding of social discourse between both those that were servants, Light Jewelled and Dark were gained slowly, painstakingly over time, despite Lilja's feelings that those that held less than the rank of the Opal Offering needed careful watching over. After all, they were still an investment in one's home at best, and it did well to keep such persons out of both embarrassing situations as well as in positions of quiet, unobtrusive use. Bookkeeping however, was the method that for a time worked best to keep her father away from the words of marriage, as it was the last thing on the Black Widow's lists for desires at that juncture even while possessing the innate understanding that eventually she would be required to make a proper match, Lilja, even in her cold, grieving cynical heart, dreamed of true romance and the laughable chance at choosing her own spouse.

    Sadly, due her mother's gambling to ease the loss of her son increasing, paired with several poor choices to grant bad harvests and awful trading schemes the remains of the Syklee family wealth were shattered utterly despite her best efforts. It became even difficult to so much as appear in public for the number of people that her mother or father owed funds. With the last "gem" being Lilja herself, and with the young woman having spent so much time refining herself into the absolute perfect Glacian lady, it seemed almost a death knell and ill fate that Prince Ralin's eye would turn to his only remaining single child to both make a pristine match, and wipe away the Syklee debt in full.

    Choosing to truly sell his daughter to the highest bidder of all those he owed funds to with the caveat that his wife would be provided unlimited funds for her addiction for the remains of her life, the entire Syklee estate made solvent, and all trace of debt wiped away was brilliant for the male and her mother, but a horror to Lilja, whom truly desired only to be left to her devices. Perhaps without surprise, it was among all of these potential suitors that the Winterton family settled to the top of the pile with considerable ease. Swifter and more tightly bound by invisible chains than she could imagine, Lady Lilja Syklee found herself betrothed to Prince Aksel Winterton more rapidly than she could even think to form the word: no.

    After all, what socialite would not desire a man not only in service to the beautiful Elisif Brenden, Tri-Casted Queen of the Star of Kaeleer? The courtship was cold and elegant as winter peaks, and as unfeeling. While normally as well the Lady Lilja would have kept her own name, part of the marriage contract due the exchange of so much money between hands was that the Black Widow take the Winterton name. What was worse for her was that the kindly, elder woman that had completed her Black Widow training perished months prior to her marriage.

    Her father and mother protested the addition on behalf of their daughter to little avail, given that it was a fair exchange to care for the Syklee estate for the remainder of its existence. As a result, being the darkest Jewelled, those lands as well were slated to pass to a child born of her union with Prince Aksel Winterton, effectively wiping out the Syklee claim. Certainly greater reason to accept the marriage, at least for the Winterton side of matters. Worse, unaware entirely that she shared a hidden Caste with the man that would be her husband, a mere Prince simply did not seem to do anything for Lilja at all, nor did the formality and politeness of his presence, despite how terribly attractive the male appeared.

    It broke something in Lilja to have his cold, unwilling lips attempt to press against her own in the end more than once, making it impossible for the two to properly get on well. That uncertainty in the beginning of their marriage that could have turned to a mutual respect failed as all Lilja could think of was how much of a burden she had to be, in every glance, every query after her health. She flinched at the few touches granted, and eventually that ice turned to pure hate underneath that at times made the Black Widow want to throw things. Neither was it safe for her to attempt to escape the marriage, for Lady Lilja knew her father would simply and immediately find another match for her, and no doubt, the second more dismal than the first. It caused Prince Winterton to be both chain and protector at once, though she would have sooner ripped out her teeth than explain. One more secret to be filed away and never speak.

    She wondered at the absolute unfairness of her fate to be chained to this creature of a husband that could give her naught at all. Polite words eventually were returned all but dripping with sarcasm and ire under her politeness, the prickly nature having its way after years of a marriage gone utterly unconsummated - an absolute social embarrassment that would be if it got out. Unable to help herself and being something of a deeply unfulfilled powder barrel, it was a mere few months in passing that Lilja began to hold that over Prince Aksel's head. It was subtle of course and very well remarked so that the hooks of the shame could not settle in until after the man had left her presence, but then, she was hardly better in the manner in which her fire, her passion were given wholly to others.

    Lilja Syklee-Winterton wanted rid of him, but at the same time, did not intend to declare herself a loser in her own damned marriage especially given the stakes that would harm her father and mother. On the outside, Lilja smiled, simpered and offered all the precise praises that were expected of a Winterton wife, while inwardly she considered if her present husband did not desire her, perhaps she could seek a second once and for all without coming through at a loss. Now, years later and still trapped in an absolute loveless situation, the lady is quite beside herself, having naught save her music to soothe the loneliness that only a snow covered mountaintop would know.

    Yet, on the inside ... Lilja burned.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    If my complaints could passions move ...

    Lilja laid her hands upon her lower back, then to the edges of the tub she had lain in for an hour. Water warmed with Craft and filled with enough softeners scented of vanilla, lemon, and the bite of winter's kiss, her skin remained perfectly supple, every curve steeped in deserved richness. After all, she had practically been a sacrifice to keep her parents' estate endlessly solvent. A brittle smile curled the Black Widow's lips, while glacial blue eyes burned with rage.

    Long nails painted in a rich Sapphire tapped the edge of the tub before she rose from it in all her nude glory that her husband of three years had not so much set an eye upon, not to speak of hands. Motherfucker. Ever the socialite and keeping herself busy only with the rare walk, the years of Lilja's frosted marriage had been kind to her appearance at least, filling out willowy, barely there curves with a greater ample feature than she had while trying not to drain the Syklee coffers: at one time this had been a joke in any court, but no longer.

    Though she quite despised Aksel for his absolute uselessness to her, it could not be denied that the man's money opened doors that she never believed she could ever touch, even with the grace of a Sapphire Offering. Beringed and well manicured toes touched the soft furs upon the stone floors, which had been warmed with continuous spells set in by her army of maidservants, both appreciated and gently ignored much of the time unless not serving their purpose.

    They had more than she did, at least in terms of choice.

    It was never what Lady Lilja had wanted for herself. A marriage eventually, certainly. Despite her cynical feelings upon the matter, Prince Lorin, her late brother, would have wished the same for her, even without happiness. Before his death when the idea had briefly been first apparent by their father, the slightly older of the two twins had made a point: even surrounded by children with a chilly husband was better than being alone.

    Yet, she did not even have that much.

    He couldn't be bothered to so much as enter her wing of the incredible estate that had been purchased for appearances. Truly, Lilja could go weeks without even a glimpse of Aksel if she wanted and much of the time it was damned easier that way than locking thorns with that fucking oaf she had married. Her upper lip curled even as while wrapping herself in a warm robe to stave off the first of the chill of leaving the tub that a faint rivulet of suppressed desire sluiced through her.

    "Not a chance in any hell," she remarked, causing a maidservant to turn about.

    "My Lady?"

    "My creams. Are they readied? There is ... a gala this evening that I am required to attend."

    "Yes, mistress."

    Truly, Lilja would have rather curled up with a book with her fingers idly toying with Widow's Webs and a little light music for ambiance, yet that was not to be.

    Instead, she needed to play her part as a lady, socialite, and wife. After all, in three years she had not given her husband an heir, thus tongues would begin to wag as they did. Not that it was her fault. It wasn't. She wasn't the one that was incapable; that much was plain due the number of others that she graced the beds of, preferably drunk when she could manage the rare feat so that she did not have to think of the fact that her duty was denied her. Ever more, the questions from her mother and father grew further intense.

    If they found out, it would be an absolute wreck; it was not as if she was getting younger.

    A conversation with a Prince was demanded.

    Settling in a chair nearest the fireplace, Lilja waited for her maid to tend her now hip length hair, only ever worn down when certain her husband was not in residence which was another small petty victory. The older maidservant eventually began to ply a soft brush through the wet waves, allowing the fire to slowly dry it. Eventually pale lashes fluttered against skin near as pale, while Lady Lilja was resigned as ever. While not often did it occur, this particular gala was one required to be attended with her typically absent husband. Rarely did Lilja choose to sing, and certainly not within or near her husband's presence, but here it was safe among servants that had one place in the world: to tend her needs.

    Thus soft lips parted while a face as lovely as the moon softened dramatically, as if winter itself could be warm and welcoming. The clear soprano was sweet and high, though a near whisper just in case. "If my complaints could passions move, or make Love see wherein I suffer wrong. My passions were enough to prove, that my despairs had governed me too long. Oh Love, I live and die in thee, thy grief in my deep sighs still speaks; thy wounds do freshly bleed in me--"

    Quietly, the maid sniffled while brushing Lilja's hair, and the song, as tender as a rainbow formed through carved ice, ceased.

    "... Please continue, my lady," came the soft whisper.

    Bristling suddenly for the fate of her evening, blue-grey eyes slit suddenly.

    "Do you enjoy your position as my maidservant, Lady Eina?"

    "I do."

    "Then never ask me for more than you are worth," the Lady Syklee-Winterton snapped, which resolved the room to pristine silence.

    Petitions (if any): None.

    Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any): Yes.
    Wanted Ad Link: Aksel's Wife
    Wanted Ad Sponsor: Nicole

    Player Name: Haloriel

Writer's Tracker / A Midnight Dreaming Rose
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Haloriel's Dreaming Darlings
(Presented in forename alphabetization)

Aelarian Weber:
Uncut Rose to Uncut Purple Dusk Priestess
Mixed-Blooded Eyrien
Librarian Archivist for Ebon Varos
Currently in Rihland-Kaeleer

Playby: Aaliyah Haughton
Writing Sample: While the laws had primarily been a tool for subjugation, now it was equal, and Aelarian liked this very well. Her late husband, however, had not, and made his rage very vocal. Sometimes, she wished that he had left her, rather than forcing her to suffer the embarrassment of being wed to a fool that could not think. It displayed that perhaps in even the best of a bloodline and a family, some people just were foolish, regardless of how well that Mother Night had blessed them.

"Do you not miss your husband, my lady?"

Aelarian blinked, soft hazel brown and gold eyes focusing on the other librarian, whom unlike her, had brilliant blue eyes and soft blond hair. Aelarian found it beautiful, like the sun in the sky. It made her miss her father. She did not inherit his blue eyes, but rather, the brown of the man's Rihlander grandmother. This too was acceptable.

What a query, indeed. Did she miss Prince Torar and his incessant complaining about finally having equality among the peoples of Rihland? Not remotely. But what they could have been, that, she wept for. Though such a personal statement she would not let free.

"I miss what could have been. But no. I do not miss the man I was forced to marry to save my family."

Long was the pause that followed.

"I miss other things, but that too will pass."

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Alazne Orellana:
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Mixed Blood Dhemlanese
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Little Terreille, Kaeleer
Itinerant Character - Can Travel to Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Play By: Cardi B (Belcalis Almanzar)
Writing Sample: The tips she got to keep entirely, and tonight had been really good. Alazne had noticed the drop in the tips after the Hell Lords' had been obliterated, and the first thing that had pissed her off had been the serious drop in tips. She'd gone from having 100 Marks' in her pocket to 20s, which depending on how much they were fleeced for in a month occasionally wasn't enough to keep the heat on. Lately, however, the money had been trickling back, which confirmed a thought and increased a concern. She tapped her foot to the muted bass, this particular bar was finally closed for the night and the rest of the staff were busy cleaning, but even if she was honest there probably wasn't enough Craft in the whole world to do anything about those floors.

Still trying to make money, Lazne worked at as many bars as she could stand while Healing on the side. Sure, maybe those priorities were in the reverse, but the number of tips that she could get often exceeded what she could make as a Healer without any fancy Court connections. Even while learning all about her Caste from people that were fully Dhemlanese, Court connections were such a very distant kind of idea to Lazne. She understood Protocol mostly in the sense of 'who was going to get angry first and how to steer clear of which of the Blood could hurt you more.

Active Thread(s): Dile a tu nuevo querer, truly - Alazne and Geralt
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Algernon Breckenridge:
Uncut Opal to Uncut Sapphire Prince
Glacian and Hayllian
Master of the Guard for Little Terreille
Currently in Little Terreille, Kaeleer

Playby: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Writing Sample: Breck was pleasantly drunk, and the bar looked all the better for it. A pretty blonde bitch sat on his knee, and he was perfectly fine to have her there while sipping from a glass of brandy, served neat. He grinned while she whispered in his ear all the lascivious things she'd do to his cock if he paid her well enough. He was not drunk enough, however, to disregard the fact that she was overcharging by half. There would never come a day in passing that Prince Algernon could disregard such a thing. She was pretty indeed, yet not that beautiful. With a pleasant smile barely granted, he moved the woman off of his knee.

"A kind offer, but no." He leaned forth to kiss the woman's lips to blunt the refusal while placing a few gold coins in her brassiere with a bit of a pinch of her nipple. "I think it seems that is all I can afford, madam." The merriment, of course, lay in heavy-lidded eyes that were more Hayllian than Glacian, while his golden skin often drew enough gazes. Breck could thank his father for that, being apparently good looking enough to pass on some of it to his unwanted son. A grin turned up the full lips.

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I'll Put My Armour On, Show You How Strong I Am - Breck, Amerys, Kallias, Fairuz.

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Wrap It Up In Soiled Twine - Jonothan and Breck.
Your Star is so Sharp it Leaves me Jagged Holes - Territory Court and Courtland Province Court.
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A Little Light Reading - Hayden and Breck.
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Amadeus Tristan Holguin:
Uncut Rose to Uncut Blood Opal Warlord Prince
Sceltic and Dhemlanese
Falkirk Clan

Will Bond to Yseult Falkirk
Play By: Sterling Sulieman
Writing Sample: Though he did not play loudly, the soft tones of the instrument filled the room as if he could offer the tenderness of the notes to whatever beauty had occupied his place of business yesterday. From the moment he had stopped in the room to ensure that nothing had been left behind, leaving it had been an exercise ending in an increase of true irritation and very little patience. The elegant Kohl allowed the gold and green of his eyes to stand out with a particular sharpness, which had matched nicely with his shirt and vest. The coat sat casually upon a chair, while he found himself lulled by the peacefulness of the strumming.

Of course, at least two men had been looking for Amadeus that morning, as he had one specific useful item of political importance that was needed in a mere hour.

His personal presence.

While he did not often see the Queen of Logrona, his original restoration deal for the Gilded Swan had taken place because he once served as a sous chef at the Queen's Residence some years ago in exchange for monetary assistance in reviving the place. Though she had attempted to entice him to remain, the only thing Amadeus had interest in was running his own place. As such, relieved at a few moments of no one calling his name for one issue or another, irritable wasn't a suitable description at Prince Holguin's reaction to the knock at the double doors.

"What is it." A sudden discordant note made the quick murder of the beauty in the strummed piece. Amadeus set down the elegant guitar before scrubbing a hand over his curly head of hair.

Active Thread(s): Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror

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OOC Account Registration / Haloriel
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Name: Haloriel

Age: As old as Every Breath You Take.

User title: Halo, Mamabear.

How you found Blood Rites? Through a quick google search, though it was Idariel's suggestion some time after I addicted her to the book series for which I am eternally unapologetic. I first read the books when they were published, incidentally and as minor amusing fact, managed to convince my mother and sister in law to also read them. My goal is of course the world next. -steeples fingers-

Contact Information:
--I do not typically use the other chats unless I am pressed to because I almost never remember to sign into them. A simple email or message upon the website will do well enough, as well as contact through g-chat hangouts with this email. Just preface your message with who you are on Blood Rites, please.

Favorite Black Jewels Book: Daughter of the Blood, specifically, the introduction of the Highlord of Hell. He remains my favourite character in the series.

Other Information: I enjoy reading immensely and I write prolifically. I wrote long before it ever occurred to me to learn to role-play, a decision I have never regretted due the wondrous people I have met over the years. I have wanted to write in the Black Jewels 'verse for over a decade, so suffice to say this is excellent, and I look forward to meeting/greeting all of you.  :)

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