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Raej / Re: hello, sister, my old friend
« on: Aug 13, 19, 01:28:36 PM »
Corvo faded back into view at Masika’s words.  If he was going to be a visual deterrent, than he had better be visibly armed.  He conjured a second stick, a match for the first, and strapped them neatly to one long thigh.  Then he conjured a staff that was as stall as he was.  The staff  was essentially made of the same material, but it had about two feet at the center bound in leather, and the ends were capped studded leather caps.  Corvo also conjured a set of spikes, but these went unseen, as they appeared under his sleeves.  By the time they were under way, he was visibly armed, and visibly capable.  It was one thing to carry a walking stick, quite another to carry one that was clearly a weapon, well—a weapon to anyone with half a brain to look at the thing.

”Lady Masika, your safety is attached to Lady Rehema’s safety.  You will be under my protection by default, and I will act accordingly.”  It was a small but subtle statement that he hoped was understood.  When it came to Rehema’s safety, he would call an end to nonsense, and that might interfere with the way Masika saw matters playing out.  He would apologize later, once all the Abbasis in his care were safely away from danger.  The Blood twin was wise enough to give him the lead, and since he knew the way to the neighborhood and address he was given, he did just that.  He had scowled at the address, but said nothing more about it.  Corvo shielded the Ladies at the Rose, to preserve his strength, but he did project an aura of menace ahead of him, to encourage people to let them be.  That, combined with being armed, seemed to do the trick.

It was the sort of bar he might come to for information, or for trouble.  It was not one he would take Rehema or any Abbasi to, given a choice.  Masika moved forward once they were in the bar, and Corvo endured the scrutiny of another woman.  He smiled when her eyes finally reached his, he knew it was a long trip, so he waited for it.  Once they passed within, Corvo’s instantly disliked the small hallway, he caught Masika by the shoulder, and kept her from walking into the room ahead of him.  He paused to make sure that Rehema was close, and he turned the doorknob, pushing the door open with his staff so he could see within the room, before he allowed Masika ahead of him.  He preceded Rehema, but he reached a hand behind him, gathering her against his back as he moved into the room.  He eyed the injured man silently, assessing not only his wound, but whether or not he wore Jewels—and where those Jewels were in energy, if he had any.

Raej / Re: Just sign on the dotted line.
« on: Jun 19, 19, 02:24:11 PM »
Corvo had been raised in a loving, yet business-like, family.  He could not remember a time when he was either the child underfoot, or that other children were not under his feet.  He had a sister, ad he had a wide array of cousins and aunts and uncles.  His family had been expanded by marriage, and by chance.  They had adopted, officially and unofficially, many members.  There were men as close to him as brothers, and women, as close to him as sisters.  They were the Anansi Guardians, they were all pulling in on direction, and it was that family that made them a success.  Corvo liked children, as a rule, but he had been around enough to know that in Raej even a child could wind up in the worst of places.  Try as he and his Father might, they could not save them all, and neither could Rehema for that matter.  He knew what he was witnessing, and he did not like it, but the Lady was right, it could be much worse.

He grunted by way of acknowledgement of both his scolding and his need for silence.  He didn’t want to offend some overly sensitive criminal slave master or mistress.  That might see the kids out on the street or turned into far worse things than the thieves and beggars he suspected they were already being made to be.  Corvo had decided to remain close to Rehema, and as they moved through the neighborhood, he did just that.  He only slowed down for the little girl, who reminded him of a myriad of cousins and babies in his family.  The girl thanked him, and he returned her smile and moved on, spotting Rehema eying him.  He made a ‘move along’ gesture, and shook his head slightly when she did so.  They were children.  What else was he supposed to do?

Corvo laughed at Rakel’s reaction to his height, and to Rehema’s scolding of the boy regarding it.  He continued to smile, even though he knew that he had been born easily enough, unlike his sister.  He felt certain that even his Mother would have laughed.  He listened solemnly to the boy’s concerns about the use of Craft, and considered Rakel’s artwork at least as seriously as the boy himself did.  Corvo leafed carefully through the old book, and smiled at the boy’s enthusiasm for what he did know about its contents.  ”I want to write travel logs.  Other people have done so, but I think yours will be the best.”  The Blood Opal Prince smiled, ”If anyone can make you tall, it is Lady Abbasi, she is a gifted Healer.”

Rehema gave the boy a pair of shoes, likely spelled for some purpose.  They were worth a small fortune to a boy in Rake’s situation.  He didn’t even have to touch the footwear to know, and when the Healer asked for blood, he knew for sure.  The sandals fit the boy perfectly, but he lamented their eventual loss.  Corvo chuckled behind his hand when he realized what Rehema had done.  It was small magic, very nearly a practical joke, but in this context they kept Rakel wearing his own sandals.  When he was brought up again, as payment for the sandals, he quickly schooled his expression.  He nodded solemnly at the boy, ”Absolutely.”  He gestured, ”I would be honored to have a famous traveler’s artwork. When you write your books and everyone knows your name, I will say, ‘Oh, I knew him when he was just a curious boy.”  He nodded seriously, ”I will get your shoes.  If someone takes them, and keeps them out of spite, I will get them back for you.”

He could do that, or one of the other Guardians could.  If he told his Father, they’d be recruiting from the old woman in under a week.  They couldn’t get them all out, but maybe they could save some.  Corvo looked to Rehema, and gave a slight shrug.  It wasn’t like she was never coming back there, right?

Raej / Re: Call on me, will be there
« on: May 02, 19, 12:06:18 PM »
Corvo had meant his greetings.  It was good to know more of Rehema’s family, not only for professional reasons.  It seemed that Lady Theoris was measuring him for some thing or some reason.  He smiled, took note of her amusement, and then did as he always did.  He became a part of the landscape.  He was not there to engage in their conversation.  He should have seen the Red Moon House as safe, more to the point, he should have seen the Healer’s Sister’s House as safe, but that was not what he was paid for.  Corvo was alert, even if Rehema was not.  He could relax in her home, even in her bed, but out in the world, he was never not on duty, even if he said he wasn’t.

He did briefly wonder what the Abbasi’s had been doing to produce the beauties that they had.  Rehema had a twin sister, Theoris was not only beautiful, but a bit lush and mysterious as well—what you’d expect from a courtesan that owned her own establishment.  Corvo had seen Rehema’s more famous sister, and no one would dismiss her because she was not easy to look at.  He wondered how any of them had come so far without additional protection.  Raej was not the safest place in the realm, and not every slaver was interested in moral questions or ethics.

Corvo quietly observed the room, and the sisters.  He could sense their affection, and he could appreciate that.  He was the product of a warm extended family, a warm and often nosy extended family, so he could appreciate the kind of connections and emotions that likely tied these two women to each other.  He could feel it in the room, and he could see it in their physical comportment.  He barely listened to their words, however, having trained himself not to eavesdrop unless he was called for or mentioned in some context.  Corvo heard the mention of the clinic, and that returned his more direct focus just as Rehema glanced his way.  He smiled warmly for her, but didn’t add to her declaration.  If Theoris knew Rehema well enough, and he believed she did, she would know exactly what the Healer meant.

Raej / Re: Just sign on the dotted line.
« on: May 02, 19, 11:48:05 AM »
Corvo’s Father had been right.  Rehema needed an escort, which was what Corvo had told him after spending time with the gentle Healer.  She was the sort of client their enterprise existed to protect, everything else paid the bills.  If Rehema had been unable to pay for the contract, they still would have worked something out, perhaps a trade in services.  After all, bodyguards and escorts needed healing from time to time, and she’d proven her skill there.  Corvo appreciated her instincts, but could not help but see all the ways that she could have been subtracted from his world long before he ever met her.  She had been terribly fortunate so far, and while he did not want to frighten her unnecessarily, he really needed to be certain she understood that.

He half-smiled at the implication of her words, ”That is hardly fair.  There’s a timeline to those wounds.  I have been doing this for a little while.”  He nodded sagely, ”Of course, while you were healing.”  Corvo continued to smiled as they went, until the topic returned to what he perceived as potential harassment and danger from the men who turned up, unwanted and uninvited, in Rehema’s neighborhood.  ”We’re already scouting your area, I’ll let them know about these men.  In the future, if you spot anyone suspicious that I do not, please tell me.  Making eye contact is a solid deterrent, believe it or not.  It lets them know you’re alert and aware, but under no circumstances should you confront them.”  Corvo chuckled, ”Only to one pretty Healer.”  He tilted his head slightly as he held her eyes, ”My knowledge or ignorance does not guarantee that I’ll try to stop you, nor is it likely mean that I won’t.”

When they finally came to the neighborhood, Corvo looked around, looked skyward briefly and made sure he was standing at his full height.  He was not built heavily, but he was solidly built, with good shoulders for his height, and an obviously fit physique.  No one looking at Corvo would believe he was not someone who could handle himself, whether it was his alert eyes or his demeanor.  He had already vanished valuables before Rehema made mention of doing so, and he looked at her carefully to make sure she had done the same.  Then he did the opposite, he conjured a leather case, that he strapped to his thigh with craft.  At his height, he could do that.  In the case were two simple looking sticks of rattan a little over two feet in length.  They were easy to see, as was the way he belted the case on and strapped it to his leg.  Corvo did this as he followed Rehema, making sure that anyone looking at the Healer Escort too hard saw that he was armed.  For someone with his Gifts, they might as well be swords.

Corvo shadowed Rehema, the bulk of his form completely protecting her back, and she was already shielded, whether she knew it or not.  He eyed Lady Obsenti, but did not speak.  He left that to Rehema, he functioned best as a silent guardian, or a silent threat.  He continued with the Healer after they were waved onward.  He looked around them, listening as Rehema outlined the situation that she had clearly been stepping into regularly.  ”Uses them you mean?  They’re not here for free, I’m sure.”  He had a smile for the little girl, and produced a ball and cup toy, that he demonstrated quickly for her, and then left in her lap to follow Rehema.  ”Kids are good friends to make out here.”  The Blood Opal Prince smiled when they came to Rakel, and gave the Blood boy a nod.  Where he had been silent before, this time he answered the boy about his height.  ”I was born tall, if you believe my Mother.”  He shook his head, ”I don’t hit my head as often as you’d think.  You get used to ducking after a while.”

He felt Rehema’s Craft come into play as she softly spoke to her young patient.  He shook his head, ”I have my shoes made.  Makes things easier.”  He tilted his head and grinned at the declaration of marriage, and the small display of jealousy.  ”I can light the lanterns, but so can you.”  He wiggled his fingers to indicate Craft use.  Corvo’s eyes went to Rehema who was still working, and he walked over to crouch by the boy, his long legs folding under him, ”I would love to see your book.”  He paused, ”Did you make it yourself?”

Raej / Re: Nothing Ventured
« on: Apr 05, 19, 01:17:08 PM »
It was not an easy thing to decide to move as he had.  Corvo had been enjoying where he was, wrapped in Rehema in all the ways that mattered.  He moved against her and within her, and pulling himself from the sheath of her body was not a decision easily made.  He wanted to be closer, to feel more of her body, to sense every tremor that ran through her, and hear every sigh and gasp that he pulled from her lips.  So, move he did.  Corvo smiled slightly at the sound she made when he did withdraw from her, and that smile brightened when he saw the way she moved, instinctively assuming a position that immediately improved on the change he had made.  A sensory partnership that resulted in them finding new depths, and new pleasures together.

He felt her fingers in his hair, which increased his fervor, his hips rolling to thrust deep into her  body, the sensation entirely changed with their new configuration.  Corvo felt Rehema tremble, felt the way her body writhed with and against his.  He felt the hard tops of her breasts, and rolled his fingers across them, as he kneaded and squeezed her breasts, the nipples caught between his fingers and pinched.  She murmured and groaned his name, always in motion with him, her head turning in an effort to find his lips.  Corvo kissed her when he could spare the breath to do so, or when he was not so focused on the connection of their bodies, and the way she felt when she tightened around his shaft.  His touch wandered her flesh, caressing, kneading, even teasing.  Corvo’s fingers teased across her belly, to the place where they were joined, and his fingertip unerringly found that sensitive nub hidden by her petals.  Even as his manhood slid into her, her stroked that sensitive point, groaning against her ear as he felt the results.

Corvo did not slow or stop his movements, he continued to explore her body, and the depths of her, his hips moving and rocking as he pressed the length of his body against hers.  He groaned her name against her ear, against her shoulder, and once more against the pulse in her neck.  He growled softly, and pushed her over onto her belly, his length still moving into her, as his knees came to rest on either side of her legs.  Corvo let Rehema adjust as he knew she would, her bottom rising to set the angle, as he braced himself on his hands and his knees, driving into her from behind, pinning her to the bed with the weight of his body, and the depth of his thrusts.

Raej / Re: Just sign on the dotted line.
« on: Apr 04, 19, 03:22:55 PM »
Corvo considered Rehema’s lack of response to his earlier comments, and that small, soft smile on her face that made her eyes light up. ”I can get used to anyone, and if she has a problem with me, for some highly unlikely reason, I can pretty much just blend in to the woodwork.”  He was not worried about Rehema’s sister interfering with his work.  He was there to keep the Healer safe, everything else was secondary.  At least, everything else was secondary if he thought of the situation in an entirely professional way.  She responded to his somewhat rhetorical question about her good fortune, but at least she had the good sense to recognize how dangerously she had behaved.  ”Your name and your Caste won’t always been enough.”  Corvo replied to her, but not in a scolding manner, but rather in a tone that spoke of honest concern.

He felt her react to is touch, and he was pleased that he could have such an effect on her.  He  didn’t want to terrorize her, despite his real worry, so he attempted to put her at ease, rather than characterize the world as being full of dangers.  Even if it really was.  Corvo grinned, ”I’m not hurt all that often.”  He considered that statement for a little while, and then added, ”No more than anyone expects anyway.”  His expression grew serious, and he reached out, leaning forward, his long arms bridging the small distance easily.  He gently brushed his fingers against her cheek, ”No debt at all, or need to thank me.  It was the right the to do.”  He frowned slightly, a dangerous glint in his eye, ”Have they now?”  Corvo tilted his head slightly, as threads flicked out quickly, before they were too far from their home office.  ”I will look into it.  Tell me when you saw them.  As for Lady Ranma and your colleagues.  They will be much safer soon enough.”

Corvo nodded as she described when she had last seen those men, and he filed away the incidents.  They were, if he were correct, kidnappers.  They were looking for a way to get near to her when she was alone, seeking to lure her away from safety, so they might keep her for some nefarious purpose—or worse.  There was a slight surge of annoyance and anger, and that vanished behind a half-smile.  ”For you?  I would have made myself available.”  He met her eyes, ”I am glad that you kept my card.  So, do you want to tell me what we’re heading into?”

Raej / Re: Just sign on the dotted line.
« on: Feb 15, 19, 11:20:38 AM »
Corvo tapped the side of his head, ”I have things prepared in here.”  He conjured a razor, and then made it disappear again.  ”I do have my own place, and I use it when I can, and when I can’t, I have cousins that will, and a sister that sometimes likes to organize so she can yell at me later.”  He smiled, ”I promise you, I am prepared.”  She was teasing him, after all that business about staying professional, she was teasing him and implying things with a playful look on her face.  He raised an eyebrow at her, and laughed.  ”So few couches actually fit me.  They’re always too short, and that just isn’t comfortable.”  Corvo smiled mischievously, ”Yours fit me just right, though.”

He nodded, ”You don’t need to go through a lot of trouble.  Like I said, just enough room to stretch out will do me fine.  I’ve sleeping bags and a bedroll and such.  I can sleep about anywhere.”  Corvo chuckled, ”I’m flexible, but not like a snake, and I’m not a flower stretching towards the sun.”  His expression became mildly serious as she described her sister.  ”i will try to be as charming as possible.  I don’t want her to be uncomfortable in her own home, and believe it or not, I can be unobtrusive, so long as I can be near, the terms of our contract still works.”

Corvo tilted his head slightly when she conjured the ticket and then slowly frowned ”How? would have gone to the Barracks even if I wasn’t there.”  It was not a question, ”Mother Night, Rehema.  Do you know how lucky you have been?”  He took a breath and sighed, reaching out to touch her shoulder, before his head slid to the base of her neck, his fingers gently caressing the sensitive skin there, before he withdrew his touch.  ”I am glad tht you came.”  Corvo shook his head, ”Someone’s Court is many times safer than the neighborhood we’re headed to.”  He reached out again and squeezed her hand.  ”Good.  We can see your patients, and I will keep you safe if anyone decided to be stupid this time around.”

He chose to sit across from her when the coach arrived, so he could quietly observe her features, which he had appreciated since the day they met.  Corvo’s eyes and small smile said as much to Rehema, without him have to utter a single word.  His eyebrows rose at her question, and he shook her head.  ”I can’t read webs, or portents in tea.  I hoped you would come.  I wanted you to.  You really have been lucky.  If my Father knew you were taking these trips, he might have sent me to look out for you for a few days free of charge, just so you could learn the benefits of our service.”  Corvo grinned at her, ”I didn’t expect you, but after that weirdness at your gate, I thought the chances were pretty good that I would see you again, you know, professionally.”  He gestured, ”The chances were very good that you’d see me again personally, even without a stab wound.”

Raej / Re: hello, sister, my old friend
« on: Feb 15, 19, 10:56:36 AM »
Corvo had a good feeling about Kontar.  He had to be a quick judge of what he called ‘immediate’ character, and he found that Kontar was a steady enough fellow, Warlord’s usually were.  He didn’t listen into the conversation, though he could hear it, he had learned a mental trick to not eavesdropping.  He listened more for tone and emotional import, than words, this way he didn’t learn anything he wasn’t meant to, but if someone was startled or pained or frightened, he could respond appropriately.  Corvo was even able to chat with the other Healers, and the other Guardian that had taken up post there at the clinic.  He noticed Rehema’s sister when she arrived, because she was Rehema’s twin, and both women were more than worth noticing, and she hesitated a moment, before going in to visit with her siblings.

Rehema came out after awhile, and he could tell that she was not calm.  She was not angry, but she definitely was not pleased.  Corvo spread out his senses, and reeled them back in, glancing at his employee, who gave him a small nod.  ”Yes.  We are good here, around the Clinic, and likely on the way home.”  He did not think they were going home.  Something as clearly amiss, and while he did not know precisely what, he could only attribute it to something Masika had said or done.  He nodded to Masika as a greeting, and turned back to Rehema.  ”I will be invisible, unless someone knows enough to look.  You will not hear or see me, but you will know I am there.”  Corvo waited to hear where they were going, gave Rehema a significant glance, before stating, ”I can be completely discrete so long as you need me to be, Lady Rehema.”

Corvo faded from view, but he tapped on Rehema’s outer barriers, and opened a thread with her, so she could speak to him if she wished.  Behind his sight and aural shields, he conjured a stick—made from bambo, and about three feet in length.  It should be all he needed, if he needed it at all, but he was satisfied with the weight of it in his hand, and all the things that he knew he could make of it if there was need.  To Rehema, he send his thoughts, *You can proceed, Rehema.  I am here, and I will keep you safe, but--minimize your use of Craft long the way, we don't know what kind of injuries we will find.*  A brief pause, *This should satisfy whatever shady folks are at the other end of this trip.*

Raej / Re: Nothing Ventured
« on: Feb 15, 19, 10:35:40 AM »
There was an instinct in Corvo to be careful, to be gentle, to shield the Healer’s Jewels as he claimed her with his body.  It was not her Virgin Night, and he knew that, but Rehema had so impressed him with her gentility, that he wanted only to treat her well, to be as kind and gentle to her as she was to others.  Of course, he had other, stronger instincts that warred with his more trained ones.  It would be a lie to say that his passions had not been moved by the sight of her, and now that those wicked thoughts were coming true, he could not completely restrain them.  Corvo moved with Rehema, their kindled heat making them move in sympathetic concert, each rising and falling with an intimate familiarity that they should not yet have.  She took hold of him, and helped him to find her center, her touch a pleasure that was quickly replaced by the welcome heat of her body.

Rehema’s moan sent electricity racing down his spine, and made his hips curl forward slowly, despite a conscious effort to patiently let her body adjust to him.  He settled within her, hearing her breathing, sighing from the pleasure of it, before he moved again.  Corvo held her gaze as he claimed her, his hips rolling in time with the slow motions of her body as she accepted his return again and again.  He groaned softly, feeling her hands on his shoulders, and smiling as she whispered his name.  Corbo nuzzled against her neck, kissing her racing pulse, teasing her soft skin with his teeth, as his hips continued to drive him home into the tight ecstasy of her body.  He felt her leg encircle him, lockink him into place even as the other leg tangled with one of his own.  The muscles in his chest and arms coiled and relaxed as he moved, his bottom tightening at the end of every thrust, as though he could never quite get deep enough.

Corvo’s hips moved slowly and passionately, every motion long and ending in a firm press of his body to hers.  He murmured her name against her lips, and against her skin.  His hand managed to find one breast or the other, as he did do.  Cradling and kneading, or running the rough edge of his thumb across the tips.  He kissed her deeply, and often held her eyes, as he held himself just above her, most of his weight settling against her hips as he moved into her again and again.  When he moved to change their position, it was slow and natural.  He withdrew from her with a grown, and rolled to one side, gently rolling her away, and lifting one of her legs so he could spoon with her, and slide his length back into her from behind.  He kissed and nipped at her shoulder then, before sending his hot breath across her ear, as he began to nibble on the lobe.

Raej / Re: Call on me, will be there
« on: Feb 14, 19, 07:35:19 PM »
The evening inspection was one of the ways he communicated with the field team that occasionally worked the neighborhood.  They would be needed less as time went on, but it was something the Guardians did from time to time to render a particular area more secure.  A small team of men and women, with one Black Widow from the family if they could manage it, would check on who was in the area, with a particular eye for drifters, homeless, or those that simply didn’t belong.  It was not bigotry, but experience, and an effort to minimize vectors of danger.  They would even use webs to dissuade people from squatting in certain places, simply encouraging those that had no business to be in an area to look elsewhere.  Those that did belong, had their backgrounds checked, and if there was potential for trouble, addition steps could be taken.

He returned to find that they were going to visit yet another sister in a couple of days,  Corvo went with Rehema, of course, but he had conjured a slightly better suit to cover his nearly seven foot frame.  There was sky blue in the accents, and it helped make his eyes more noticeable, if that were possible.  Corvo had decided that being noticed did more for them than fading into the background.  A man of his size could be intimidating, especially if he were obviously there to protect the Healer.  He did not feel the need, at least not with this outing, to be obviously armed, and he told Rehema as much when she revealed exactly where they were heading.  He had no idea that it was an establishment attached to her family, but he chose not to reveal that he knew exactly where it was.  He let Rehema take the lead on that, and was vigilant as they went.

Corvo noticed Rehema fussing with her clothing when they arrived, and he smiled, leaning down slightly to say.  ”You look amazing.”  They headed towards the entrance as his Healer almost nervously described her sister.  ”I am certain your sister runs a fine establishment.”  It was very good the last time he had reason to do business there, but it made him wonder when Theoris had taken over, and if he would know Theoris.  He didn’t recall the name at all, and for that he was grateful.  He had a good memory for faces, and most names.  The door was opened for them, and he smiled warmly at the hostess, he assumed, before he ducked inside out of habit and then remembered he could stand up straight.  ”You have no idea.”  He said in response to the mild teasing.

At the sight of the woman that was clearly Rehema’s sister, he very briefly looked a little relieved.  He did NOT know here, and that was good.  It would save everyone a little bit of trouble, and Rehema seemed more than a little perturbed already.  Thus far, he had not seen any ladies that he recognized, though he would have bet they were lurking somewhere.  He looked around for a moment, and when he was introduced, he bowed slightly, ”Lady Abbasi, a pleasure.  It is good to meet another member of Lady Rehema’s family.”  With that done, he stepped back slightly, making clear that he was there professionally.  He was not meant to be a guest, or to interfere in this family meeting.  He should be thought of as furniture, like an armchair that could leap into action when it became necessary.

Raej / Re: Just sign on the dotted line.
« on: Feb 14, 19, 12:40:00 PM »
The Anansi Guardians was one of the oldest approved businesses of its kind, if not the only one.  There had been efforts made at small time competition, but those people generally found themselves absorbed by the larger and better prepared Anansi.  Daud was a key factor in that, via a combination of charm and Prince Craft, the business had grown beyond just family.  They had actual employees as well, and while it was true that family tended to fill the leadership roles, everyone still benefitted.  The idea had never been to get rich, but to protect people, most of the deserving, some of them not, and to make a living in Raej on their own terms.  They had certainly accomplished that.  The hope, for Corvo and his Father, was that they would find themselves protecting Healers, and it seemed like that was happening as well.  Privacy was only a part of their offerings.  If they could make a living protecting Healers alone, they would, but Raej was not so fortunate.

Corvo made a face at his Father, but made no other comment, to Rehema he nodded.  ”No, you will not see them, and if you do, they will be reprimanded.  Also, it will not be a constant.  Do not worry, no one will be scared away.  We want you to be who you are; a Healer.  We just want to be sure you are safe while you do so, from others and yourself.”  He nodded at her next question, and the smiled, ”I have enough stored away, and my people can bring me more as needed.  I don’t really carry much in the way of things.  I prefer to be unencumbered, if at all possible.  If I go about armed and armored and this tall, I’ll scare people away at a distance.”

He escorted her outside as she began to lay ground rules that they would ultimately ignore, he was certain.  Corvo did not interrupt her, but as he listened, he only  smiled.  It was the same smile he had favored her with in bed.  ”Of course.  Professional.  Absoutely.”  He walked by her side as she squinted into the sun, ”I just need enough room to stretch out.  I recall a place or two.”  He laughed and shook his head slightly, ”I have my favorites, but to be honest, I’m not terribly picky.  I need the food and the energy, particularly as I will be looking after you and the house.”  Corvo nodded, ”Yes.  I will also be happy to explain to her what my presence in the house means for her safety as well.  I mean, she will be there, so she can’t be ignored.”

Corvo blinked at her for a few moments, ”I’m sorry, I thought you said the Barracks.  Something like the worst neighborhood in three territories.”  He shook his head as he considered it, ”Yes, I have been there.”  He looked a little surprised, and curious.  ”You have a the Barracks?”  He breathed a sigh, ”Okay then, we can go there, but the moment I say we have to leave.  We have to leave.  I’m not unreasonable, and I have no doubt you’re checking on someone, but—I can’t believe you have gone there on your own.  Nevermind.  Where are we headed now?”

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Daud had not been personally concerned until the client, Rehema, had pointed out not only her route and routine but where all of that happened.  She was an ideal candidate for their full service.  His intention had not been to make the Healer feel bad, but to cover up the ‘Shit, that’s dangerous.’ statement that had bubbled up at the back of his mind.  It was no small wonder that she had managed to avoid trouble thus far, especially when one considered who she was related to.  Daud glanced to Corvo as he joined them, meeting his son’s eyes for a moment, and then flicking his gaze tot he maps on the table.  The younger Prince was very familiar with the city in question, and his assessment had been more than accurate.

The older man nodded, ”Yes, we like to protect the privacy of our potential employers.  Sometimes, they want protection, but the do not want to look like they have any.  Privacy helps, as well as anonymity.  The less people they see here, the less likely they are to recognize their guardians.”

Corvo smiled winningly at Rehema, just before he took his seat, folding himself into a chair.  At her request, the Blood Opal Prince brought a hand to his chest as if she had wounded him.  ”I think that I always listen to my Healer.  Don’t you?”  He met her eyes with heat in his gaze, and smiled at her until his Father agreed, and added a sheet of paper to the contract with that clause.  Corvo shook his head, and then nodded at Rehema’s announcement.  ”Yes, yes you do.  The various details will be organized over the next few days, by that I mean any other coverage we deem necessary, but with the exception of me—because I’m the most difficult to hide—you’ll not really see any others if they’re needed.”

He laughed at her question, and got to his feet.  Corvo circled the table and offered her his hand to help her rise.  ”Right now.  I’m all yours.  Where to next, Lady Rehema?”  Daud shook his head and gathered the papers.  A moment later, a tube appeared that was sealed and stamped with Rehema’s name.  Corvo picked it up and handed it to her, ”Your copy, if you want to read a lot of boring legal text.  We suggest you store it away.  Always best for people to be unaware that you are protected.”  He offered her his arm, and waited.  He was not exactly smug about the whole thing, but he was obviously pleased.

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There was never a chance that Corvo would hesitate now, no matter what happened to the house.  Short of the roof collapsing on top of them, the Blood Opal Prince would have his Healer.  He was too aware of her to even consider the possibility that this might not happen.  He was far too aware of her arousal, and his own, far too aware of her scent, psychic and mundane, and far too aware of the way her body felt and fit against his.  The bed would be safe enough, until they broke that.  He vanished the last barrier between them, and he felt her hands play against his skin.  He knew that Rehema had wanted to maintain a certain amount of distance, but that had been dispensed with, and he wanted very much to keep her focused in the moment, and not wondering about consequences.

He growled soft and low, and she continued to kiss him, the small sounds of her pleasure, almost restrained, only served to make him want her that much more.  Corvo groaned against her lips as they pressed together, he full breasts against his flat chest, her strong legs wrapped around his lean form.  As they kissed, teasing each other with soft bites and suckles, the Prince was determined to explore her body.  He seemed intent on touching every inch of her with his hands, if not his body, and he seemed to remember what she liked after only a moment of observation.  He teased her body, starting with her breasts and the tips, silencing her sounds of pleasure with his lips.  Corvo’s hips rolled against her, but she moved slightly trapping him, teasing him, and so he teased her in turn.

Corvo was not surprised to find her ready for him, but when she guided him, he smiled in delight and kissed her deeply.  He followed her instruction, and stroked her jut as she desired, feeling her body move against his touch.  He broke the kiss for a moment to breathe, and heard her whispered words.  He did not immediately respond to her.  Instead, he continued to tease her as her fingers toyed with his hair, and her hot breath caressed his neck.  She nipped at his ear, and he growled softly.  He had meant to continue that touch, to stroke her perhaps until she came across, but now more.  He shifted against her, and slid his teasing hand along her thigh to guide her legs apart.  He took a moment to guide himself into her, teasing her with the touch of his ready sex, before he slid his length into her.

The Blood Opal Prince thrust slowly but completely into Rehema, his hips grinding slowly against hers.  He rested there for a moment, pressing against her, leaning down to kiss her.  Corvo wanted her to be used to him within her, and he was not in a hurry to leave her.  Slowly, he began to move, his hips rolling and pushing against her own, pressing her firmly into the mattress.  He supported himself on arms corded with muscle, and he gazed down into her eyes with undisguised need, appreciation and desire.

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Daud smiled gently when she said she should feel flattered.  He was not going to confirm or deny that sentiment anymore than he already had by means of his expression.  ”My son has not talent for divination, and he did not once say that you were predictable.  He was concerned, and he hoped that you would be as well—sooner rather than later.”  He chuckled, ”Now you flatter me.  I am proud of my son.  He will take over for me one day, and he will be better at it than I ever was.”  He patiently drank his tea while she took in the maps, and then looked with interest as she described the routes she took to and from her clinic and home, and the minor variations to that regular journey.  She could see him looking it over, and practically hear his eyes click to alleys rooftops, and points of attack that she likely never considered.  ”I see.”

He listened as she went on to describe what her usual haunts were.  Where she went for supplies, and he smiled again as she displayed her true nature when discussion the slaves.  Daud did not keep or purchase slaves, he had plenty of family for the work, and when she was alive, his Wife had much the same opinion of that Raejan activity as his Wife had.  At the mention of the Territory Court, another map was made to appear, and he surveyed that one in connection with the others.  ”Thank the Darkness that you came to us, Lady.  You may think I am paranoid, or that my son is, but I am very surprised that you have been so lucky thus far.”  He tapped the maps, ”You are a woman of means, important to the Territory Court, and a Healer besides.  I see now why my son was so concerned.”

Daud conjured a clipboard with a contract on it.  It was surely one of his own.  It did not look old, but every sheet of the contract had triangle of gold color upper left corner, with the word ‘Healer” boldly printed within that colored corner.  ”I recommend full service protection, beginning for one year.  We can extend as needed.  This would mean that Corvo, or an appointed replacement or replacements, plural, would see to your safety.  It also means, to be clear, that he will be with you at all times.  He will, of course, listen to any requests you make of him, within reason, with the only exception being your safety.”  He paused a moment, “Once engaged, he cannot, for example, be dismissed for any reason.  He can be asked to use an aural shield, if you mean to have a private discussion, but he cannot be sent away.  Once again, for comparison, he would be akin to your First Escort—he cannot speak for you, but where matters regarding your well-being are concerned, he is the final arbiter of responsibility.”  Daud tapped the map, ”We, as a company, will check the security of the clinic as part of this service.  We will offer our services to your peers, and speak with the escorts they have already engaged.  This, too, is part of the contract as we must verify the security of your home and place of business—as, honestly, those are the only two places we can verify.”

Corvo slipped into the are from behind one of the heavy curtains, he smiled at Rehema, and took one of the available seat, ”In short, Lady, I will sadly be underfoot every day.  I will keep you safe from anything and anyone that might mean you harm, and I will listen to your ‘orders’ at my discretion.  You are not expected to obey me, unless the situation has devolved into combat, and then sharp attention is likely best, don’t you think”  He sat back in the seat, ”I am glad you came.”  He tilted his head slightly, and thought about asking about those strange men, but something made him keep his silence.  He took the clipboard from his Father, ”It is fairly standard.  Your rates are reduced for signing for a year, and even if we need additional mean, you do so at a cut rate because of the extended time—and--like I said, we like Healers around here.”

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The Elder Prince Anansi grunted quietly at her words, ”Is that what you told him?”  Daud shook his head, ”He likely took your advice much as he takes mine, meaning not at all.  He’s a good boy, but sitting still has never been his way.”  He seemed pleased when Rehema took to the tea, and he nodded when she thanked him.  The Prince served himself and took his seat, taking a bit of tea before he answered her question.  ”It is a contract for an amount of time you set.  We have a base fee, but that is negotiable.  The standard offering essentially means that you will always have an Escort, or a set of guards if that Escort is, for some reason, unavailable.”  He paused for tea, ”Were you in a Queen’s Court, you would have regular protection.  Think of this as being tended to by the Master of the Guard of a Queen’s Court, only we are better at it.”  He smiled.

”Corvo is not.  He asked me to wait for a time.  He is the best suited to your Contract, he had a talent for it, and he has the training.”  He lifted his eyes to meet hers, ”No, he does not.”  Daud gestured, pride in his eyes, ”We have a good reputation here.  We are one of the very few businesses of the type that is fully accredited, and we have been here for years now.  Anyone can hire a Guardian, and not every employer has been-----an exemplary citizen?”  He shrugged mildly, ”But we have doors to keep open, and a family to feed.  No, Lady, he does not often show such concern.”  He smiled at her, and then laughed.  ”He is a head taller than I am, than everyone.  None of us are sure how it happened.”

Daud nodded, ”He is.”  And then he listened to her describe the clinic.  He placed a memory crystal between them, freeing his hands from having to take notes, and instead fixed her with a Prince’s full attention.  He did not interrupt, though after a moment, a flat map fluttered to the table, showing the street where he clinic was, as well as the surrounding neighborhood.  ”I am aware of the importance of your family, Lady, but it is of no concern to us.  You are the Healer, therefore you are the concern in this case.”  Another map fluttered to the table, and the two sheets overlaid neatly.  It now showed enough of the city to include her home,   ”Please show me how you walk to and from work.”  Daud watched her do so, and then leaned back in his seat.  ”You would be hiring a Healer Escort on retainer, Lady.  My son would be there with you at all times.  You will become his protectorate, his Ward.  So, yes, he will see you to and from the clinic, and anywhere else.  He can be as discreet or as obvious as you need him to be.”

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Corvo had not intended, upon being healed and not dying, to spend the night with the beautiful Healer.  When he had first seen her, the notion had wormed its way out of his subconscious instincts swiftly into conscious thought.  He was, after all, still a Blood Male and a Blood Opal Prince, some feelings were only natural, but that did not mean one acted upon them.  Corvo’s professional life had been professional, for the most part, at least ninety-nine percent of it.  Ninety-five?  The point was that he usually did not spend the night with potential clients.  Women he had just met?  That was uncommon, but not impossible or improbable.  There had been undeniable chemistry, and in the end, he had simply not denied it.  Neither did Rehema, and they went on not denying it for the rest of the night.

In the morning he walked her to the Clinic once again, and pressed a card on one of the guards.  He had a connection now, which would have been better avoided, and now he wanted to see her safe personally, as well as professionally, and the little gambit by that small group of men still troubled him.  Corvo forced himself to return home, and not stalk the Healer’s steps.  That was no way to behave, even if it was for her safety, it might not look that way.  He entered the family offices grumbling under his breath until his Father asked him what was wrong.  Corvo only told him that he had met a Healer that he hoped would take him up on their services.  Daud had raised an eyebrow, and reminded him that he might well get another job before the Healer made up her mind, Corvo then asked for day work, until they were sure.

When Rehema did arrive, Daud could tell that this was the Healer his son had talked with him about.  She was beautiful, as Corvo had mentioned, and even if Corvo had not said the name Abbasi, he would have known it.  He inclined his head respectfully, ”Lady Abbasi, it is a pleasure to meet you.  My son’s poor words did not prepare me for your loveliness.”  He smiled, and there was a hint of Corvo’s recklessness in his older, wiser eyes.  ”Please, come with me, sit.”  Other members of the family worked in the room, but when Daud brought Rehema back to a friendly looking round table with comfortable chairs and a tea service waiting, curtains fell into place around them, drawn there to create a little alcove of privacy.  ”The process is an easy one, Lady.  There is a contract.”  He served her some tea, and fruit appeared after a moment.  ”A full Healer’s Escort contract is perhaps our finest offering—and we get to offer it so rarely.”

Daud paused a moment, his eyes focusing into the middle distance, with a small smile of memory on his lips.  He sighed and shook off the reverie, ”So, forgive an old man his assumptions, and his pride—but Corvo is the best of us, and I am assuming it is his services that you would like to secure?”  He paused and leaned closer, ”I think he has been a little worried about you.  You would be doing me a favor by taking him off of my hands.  A seven foot man pacing through the office is a distraction at the best of times.”

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Corvo held Rehema against him.  There were some advantages to being as tall as he was, and this was one of them.  Any woman that he could essentially pick up and hold close worked very well for him, and that in this case it was Rehema made things that much better.  Corvo wondered, briefly, how often someone opened their eyes on Rehema after an injury, and fell in lust—or love, both were entirely possible.  He dispensed with the thought.  If there was a term for this from the old days, his Father probably knew it.  More than once, he had been warned about not fraternizing with the clients, and while she was not a client, Rehema could become one.  Did it count if they fraternized before she was?  He decided, in a lightning calculation, that it did not.  He could not say when that decision happened, somewhere between her climbing on to him, and his hands settling her her pert bottom.

He asked where she wanted to go, and returned to kissing her.  He didn’t really care of Rehema gave him an answer, bt we she did, he growled and did his best to follow her directions.  There was so much furniture!  A side table was far too low for his liking, and got him right in the shin.  He grunted, but ignored it in favor of the Healer’s kiss.  He felt her legs tighten around him when he accidentally pressed her against a bookcase.  It was a good accident, and his hips rolled against her with a mind and will of their own.  Corvo had to move again, and he made it into her room, where he tried to remove his clothes, and got tangled in a low hanging light fixture.  He growled again.  Why was this house made for little people?  He finally pulled off his shirt, hissed when she laughed, despite his own good humor, and vanished their clothing with a thought.  When she grounded against him again, she could feel that he was more than up to the task.

Corvo scooped her up again, and tossed her onto her bed, where he quickly followed.  ”Safer here, I hope.”  He covered her with his body, kissing her hungrily, pressing against her, his hands wandering over her with slow and diligent awareness of where she liked to be touched.  One learned, he made sure to repeat those caresses, before he kissed her neck and moved lower.  He teased the tips of her breasts, going so far as to tug each with his teeth, before returning to her lips for a kiss.  Corvo slide his hand along her belly, and along her inner thigh, slowly stroking sensitive skin before he brought his touch to her center, and teased his fingertips over her mound.

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Corvo made a bit of a face, laughing softly and shaking his head.  ”Tall tales?”  He gestured at himself, ”Isn’t that a little redundant?  If i’m in the story, they’re all tall tales.”  Things were going well.  Perhaps too well, he could almost hear the amusement in his Father’s voice.  He had been on the job.  He had not expected to run into a Healer, let alone one like Rehema.  It was not only that she was selfless enough to really need his protection, and that was what he had been trained to do all his life, it was that she looked so terribly good doing it.  It was not exactly the way to build anything meaningful, but it was the hook that had undoubtedly drawn him in.  It was not only Rehema’s appearance, it was the person as well.  She was clever, game to bandy words, and unconsciously far more alluring than he believed she would ever give herself credit for.

It was a fine way to start courting a woman, if Corvo ever courted a woman, but it probably was not the best way to start what should have been a business relationship.  He wanted her to hire him to be her guardian, her Escort, not only because she seemed actually need someone to look out for her, but because he was more than alright spending time in her company.  Professionalism had given way to other demands.  There were plenty of real reason that Corvo should excuse himself, and several more reasons that Rehema should ask him to leave.  He would not be able to blame her, after all, he was her patient and he truly did want her to be safe and protected, but then she looked at him.  Not like a patient, not like as an escort, she just looked at him the way a woman looks at a man she’s interested in, and all those small voices in his mind vanished.

Corvo rarely felt like the pursued, but Rehema had clearly come to a decision, and who was he to counter it?  She surprised him, for certain, but not for too terribly long.  He kissed her back after the surprise was done, brought her up to his level so they could kiss more comfortably, and smiled when she was surprised by that effort.  It made their next kiss that much sweeter.  It was deeper, more confident, and flushed with desire.  Corvo’s hands settled on her bottom as she wrapped her legs around him, and there was not much more to say after that.  He released his will, and the shield dissipated back into the nothingness from whence it came,  He held her there easily, and then moved slightly, until he felt the couch behind him.  Corvo broke the kiss for a moment, his lips caress her long neck, and her shoulder, his hands gently kneading the curves of her bottom.  ”Here? Or should I take you to a bedroom somewhere in this place?”  The question asked, he returned to teasing her skin, his breath warm, his lips soft.

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Corvo was, at the end of the day, a Prince of the Blood.  Everyone liked to talk about the nature of Warlord Princes, their passion, their lack of thought, the excuses made for them when they were incredibly stupid and created tragedies that in many cases could have been avoided.  A Prince of the Blood had the same instincts, the same passions, and if left unchecked, they could make the same mistakes.  Only, a Prince did not, because part of their instinct was to create order from chaos, and order means you don’t leave things to the very last minute.  A Prince still had those feelings, still had those passions, and there were times that Corvo was reminded of that very firmly.  Rehema Abbasi was one of those times.  She would have piqued his interest because she was a Healer, but that was not the only reason, not anymore.  It was easy to see what else might draw him to her, and then they had spent time together, short though it was, it was enough for the astute Prince.

Her skin was smooth and warm, and she was, on close inspection almost golden in complexion.  Corvo was on the paler side for Raej, his blood a mix of influences in a meandering family history behind him.  The contrast between them, as he caressed and massaged her, was not lost on him.  Nor could he do anything but notice how favorable she reacted to him, it changed her scent both in reality and psychically, and he was too alert to her to fail to notice that.  Corvo was beginning to think he had lost his sense of professionalism, that somehow she had tricked him into being far more personal than was wise.  It had happened so very quickly, and soon enough, she was on her feet and probably going to properly eject him, no matter what might happen in the future.  ”It would be arrogant in the extreme to begin writing my memoirs at my age.”  He smiled at her.

Corvo flirted with her, rather shamelessly.  The voice at the back of his mind did not know whether to cheer or to shame him.  She really could keep him, he did not mind at all.  He told her he would see her again, she politely demurred.  Then she told them that he ought to rest, and as she touched his belly where he had been wounded, her hand smoothing over his tunic, she told him not to exert himself.  He could already think of a few exertions he wouldn’t mind at all, even if it hurt a little, it would be worth the effort.  She moved even closer to him, her hands still upon him, the fingers of her other hand toying with his buttons.  Corvo was sure he was going to get a polite kiss, probably on the cheek, and be gently shoved out the door.  He bent at the waist and lowered his head so she could reach him, and found himself pleasantly surprised.  Corvo’s arms went around her when she kissed him, and he slid a shield beneath her feet to lift her up to his level, so they could be more comfortable.  He did not break the kiss when he did so, his embracing gently pressing her against his chest.

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Corvo smiled at the teasing comment, shrugged, and then spread his hands.  She was probably right.  He was always selling, in some ways.  He had grown up a part of the family business, and had been raised to not only take part in it, but to ultimately inherit it in a way that only his Father really understood.  In many ways, it was their way of memorializing his lost Mother, and neither man was ever prepared to let that slip or go away.  Corvo had seen his Father would the Guardians into many conversations growing up, mentioning them as the premier protection force if one needed it, even when they were just starting out.  It was a little bit different here, he supposed since Rehema was so easy to look at--No!-- because Rehema was actually a Healer, the client they most wanted to serve.

His talents had developed along different lines, and because of that, he had become quite good at reading people.  Corvo had learned that he had to be, to both avoid trouble and protect his ward, whomever that was at the time.  Reading people became a habit, something he just did without thinking about it, and he had been reading Rehema since he had met her.  It was not only how she had handled him and his injury, but how she had handled herself at the Clinic, and out in the world.  Even her banter, and flirtation revealed more about herself than she might have realized.  His own did as well, but he couldn’t read himself for Rehema, even if he wanted to.  Instead, he let his fingers do the talking.  He eased tension from her muscles, letting her relax in ways that he was sure she had not been able to enjoy before his bold argument regarding semantics.  ”Everyone’s story is interesting.  Anyone that says otherwise is too wrapped up in their own to see it.”

Corvo tilted his head at the simplicity of her statement.  ”Except your calling is to heal people.  To mend their flesh, to cure a disease.”  He continued to massage her as he spoke, and his voice softened.  ”Selflessness is a rare trait, Lady, one that should be protected.  You would heal someone to your own detriment, simply because you felt it was your calling.”  He smiled, “”No, Lady, that is very interesting.”  He caressed his fingertips along the smooth skin of her arm, and tried to remember exactly why he was doing this.  Corvo was making the point that she needed an Escort, someone not only to protect her, but to tend to her needs as well once she was safe and removed from her work.  It was an entirely professional effort, he told himself, even though a part of his mind scoffed at him, and told him that he was lying to himself.  He was very tall, and had a unique perspective on Rehema’s contours, a perspective he changed by focusing on the massage.  Corvo took a deep breath, unable to entirely resist the scent of her, especially now.

She slipped away and rose to her feet, and Corvo could not quite restrain the sigh of disappointment as Rehema turned to face him.  She thanked him, and he shook his head.  ”No thanks are necessary.  You did save my life, after all.  All I shared was my time.”  He stood there and watched her as she seemed to be making up her mind about something, about him, he supposed.  He nodded, ”It is getting late, but the night is still new.”  Corvo met her eyes for a long moment, and returned her smile.  She had smiled a lot that evening, and he found that he enjoyed being the reason.  His nostrils flared slightly, and his eyes seemed to caress the lines of her face, even as his fingertips had moved along the graceful line of her neck.  ”You could keep me, if you wanted.”  He looked down into her eyes now, as she stood before him.  Corvo took her offered hand, his thumb running slowly across her knuckles, and raised it to his face, as he bent over slightly.  He brushed his lips across her wrist so lightly, it would have been easy for both to deny.  Then slowly, he lowered her hand.  ”The pleasure was mine.”  He let her hand slip from his, ”I will see you in the morning, just to be certain all is well.”

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Corvo chuckled, ”Of course, I did.  How could I not answer a question about being heroic.”  He smiled at her, and laughed at the billing warning.  ”Fair enough.”  He coughed a bit, and drank more tea.  ”Well, I did things with a skewer we won’t discuss in polite company.”  He shrugged, ”it is my gift.  I snatched a skewer up and, well, you saw how he felt about what I did.”  Corvo laughed a bit darkly, and shook his head before having another sip of his beverage.  Then he was on his feet, watching how her body reacted to him moving around her.  He smiled at the way her back straightened, and he did his very best not to study her lines.  He failed, but he really did do his best.

She responded favorably to his touch.  It changed her scent ever so slightly, and he could not miss it when he was standing this close.  She almost rose to the touch, and whe he began to massage her in earnest, she moved to let him do so.  She stretched her neck out to feel the relief offered by his work, and he smiled slightly when he heard her answer the offered question.  ”Very noticeable, I think.”  Having begun, Corvo simply continued, offering her the gentility and pressure of his hands over her neck, her shoulders, and her upper back.  He even liked the shape of her shoulder blades, which seemed a strange thing to notice and focus on.  ”The whole story is always interesting to the person telling it.  We just need to hear it, so we know what we’re getting into.”  Corvo continued to work, and considered her question with a smile.

Corvo leaned to one side and met her eyes, ”I think you are used to taking care of others, not just with your Craft, but personally as well.  I do not think you often let anyone take care of you.  You have a good heart and try to see the best in people, even if they don’t deserve it—and you are a true Healer, willing to harm herself if it means someone else feels better.”  He took her arm and stretched across the back of the couch.  He ran his fingers along it, and began to massage her arm, starting near her shoulder.  ”That’s just my gut, and observation.”

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Corvo considered that question for a moment, and then lifted his hand in a back and forth gesture.  ”Not really?  Sometimes?”  He smiled and then chuckled, ”We are guardians.  Even people that can’t really afford us are still sometimes deserving of a little protection.  We will make the money up somewhere else.”  He grinned at her playfulness, ”It is?  I certainly won’t stop now.”  Right, he told himself, purely professional.  Or maybe, it was a response to being almost killed that caused him to think of Rehema in a certain light.  He had almost died, what better way to celebrate life than to find someone to celebrate it with, and the Lady seemed like someone it would be very good to celebrate with.  Corvo coughed and drank more tea.  ”The Prince in question might just continue the job so he can fall under a certain Lady’s care.”

She continued her flirtation, and he smiled, before she went on to talk about her family.  He decided that, perhaps, things bore further exploration.  ”Is there a difference?”  He tilted his head, ”That might require testing.  A caress...”  Corvo got to his feet, and moved around behind Rehema.  Part of his training was also tending to the Healer when they had worn themselves out.  He reached out, and very gently, very softly, despite calloused hands, caressed the round of each of her shoulders, just a slow circle over each with barely there fingertips.  Corvo did that for perhaps thirty seconds, ”As opposed to...”  His hands tightened on her shoulders, and his thumbs pressed just so at two points, and he began to give her a simple chair massage.  He quietly worked on her shoulders for nearly a minute, before he asks, ”Is there a difference?”

He continued the massage as he considered how to answer her revelations about her family, and the gentle teasing she had delivered.  ”Very few are as cocky and stubborn as I am, and no one is as tall.”  He smiled as his hands continued their work, made warm by the heat of the tea in the mug he had held in both hands.  ”My last client was not a good person.  He had enemies because he had made them.  No one sends assassins after someone that didn’t earn that kind of attention.  He lied about it, but luckily, I had a gut feeling about the foreigner, and planned ahead.  The worst clients are the ones that lie to us.  We do not care why you need protection, not really, not if you are willing to pay right up front, but we can’t be as effective if a client doesn’t tell us the whole story.”

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Yes, it was entirely professional.  It had nothing to do with how she looked, or how truly kind she was, or that she really did seem to need someone to lookout for her.  It was professional.  He blinked at her question, drank more tea, and debated how best to answer when she arched her brow at him.  ”Sometimes, Lady, it is just about doing the right thing.  Sometimes, someone might not even know they need protection, and so we help anyway.”  Corvo smiled, ”Other times it is because a Prince has been healed, and the least he can do to repay the beautiful Healer that got him back on his feet is keep her safe for as long as he can, before other responsibility pull him away.”  The Blood Opal Prince met her eyes, and took a drink of his tea.

He could sense her relaxing, and that was a good.  It was especially good that she could do so with him nearby.  There was already an element of trust developing between the two of them.  There was also a definite layer of flirtation, which he was obviously enjoying, and he believed that she was as well.  Women could be complicated, but he did not think he was entirely wrong in this.  ”Caresses?  I said massages, that is much more than a simple caress.  You must agree?”  He smiled at her, enjoying her blush as he had from the moment he first witnesses it.  Corvo whistled at the size of her family.  The Blood could be fruitful, but the Abbasi seemed blessed more than most.  ”That is a big family, well, a big immediate family.  I am not sure what I would do with so many siblings.”  He drank more tea and listened to her describe the nature of the High Priestess.  She might be right, it could have been destiny, but such high seats were usually filled by politics as well, and he wondered what compromises one had to make to claim such a seat for themselves.

Nothing he did would alter the course of his entire family.

”Like me?  You mean charming and handsome, or ridiculously tall?”  Corvo smiled, ”I am ‘the tall one’, by far the tallest in my family.  No one knows why.  We suspect a giant ancestor from some far off land once came to Raej.  Most are dark-haired like me.  We are all of us eventually pulled into the family business in some way.  The older men and women teach the younger.  Some leave us to do their own thing, but the door is always open for them to come back.”  He took a breath, and leaned back, entirely relaxed.  ”We protect people.  Healers in particular, but anyone that needs us.  We don’t like all of our clients, of course, but we keep them all safe, all the same.”

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Corvo supposed that there was an element of self-promotion happening as he remained by Lady Abbasi’s side.  He would have done so anyway.  She was not unusual for her Caste, in that she wanted to put her skills to work for everyone, for as many as she could help.  It was not by coincidence that being a Healer’s Escort was an actual occupation, and for some Healers, an absolute necessity.  Corvo had been groomed to be just that, and he knew that an instinctive part of him wanted to exercise that training.  He regarded Rehema as she served the tea, and sat beside him, and told himself that was the only reason he was there, to make clear that she needed help.  Not only did she need help, she needed his help and protection, for her own good.  It was purely professional.

The Blood Opal Prince smiled, ”I know that I don’t have to do it.  I choose to do it all the same.  I have a bit of time, and I am up early in any case.”  Corvo put honey in his tea, and sipped at the hot beverage, testing the temperature and blowing on the edge of his mug, before he attempted to drink any more of it.  ”It is not always about profit, Lady.”  He shrugged, ”Unless you have a strong personal objection to me checking on you in the morning, I will be here to see you to the Clinic.  I will not be the day after that, but tomorrow at least, I will be.”  Corvo drank more of the tea, watching her gaze deeply into her mug.

”Some would say that the probing in such intercourse is the best part.”  Corvo smirked, his smile hidden partly by his mug.  ”So, what you are saying, is that your hand can be traded for a heard of meat pies and a massage.  Understood.  I will keep that in mind for the future.”  He grinned when she blushed, and then laughed as she turned so fetchingly shy on him in the space of a moment.  ”Home is home.  You do not need to explain it to me.  That must have been quite a night for your family, the night that the High Priestess was also your sister.  How many more sisters are there?  Just the two?”  Corvo had more tea, ”I do not have any siblings, but I have plenty of cousins, the gifts of a large extended family.”

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Corvo was, he realized, selling his services.  It was not a hard sell, by any stretch, it was too unconscious an effort for that.  He had grown up in the business, and making mention of it under certain circumstances was second nature now, simply a part of who he was.  He was enjoying the Healer’s wit, and no matter the Caste, that was not too common in his experience.  It had nothing to do with her appearance, of course.  That she was terribly easy to look at was just an objective fact.  It had no impact on his dealings with her.  Corvo told himself that in his mind every now and again, he thought that eventually, the statement would be true.

If he could keep her smiling, at the very least, he would be remembered fondly.  ”Are you certain?  It felt a bit too probing for friendly intercourse.”  Corvo smiled slightly as he spoke the words, and then laughed.  ”What attitude would encourage a proper proposal then?  You’ve made me terribly curious now.”  Corvo could tell Rehema was blushing, and not entirely because he could see it.  It changed her scent a touch, made it stronger.  He was keeping the lightest track of her as they went, and instinctive and protective psychic touch, at a level she could not sense.  ”That is true, but to be fair, you did patch me up.  I think dinner is a fairly small price to pay.”  When the events of the night unfolded, he could feel Rehema’s discomfort.  He did not need to open himself to her to do so, it was in her posture and in her glance.  Corvo would never have staged such a thing, but he would not have blamed her for being suspicious that he had.  Thankfully, she was just concerned about her safety.

He did not like the way the encounter ended anymore than she did, and when she invited him in, saving him the need to insist, he happily accepted.  Corvo stood close to her, a literal and proverbial shield, as they entered.  He checked the gate behind them, and rattled it a bit to be sure it was locked, before following Rehema into her home.  He had to duck to step inside, but he was able to stand to his full height within the room.  Corvo looked around, and he smiled.  It looked largely like he had imaged it would.  It was cozy, comfortable, a home where one could relax.  Corvo took a seat at her insistence, in one of the worn but comfortable looking armchairs.  He watched Lady Abbasi bustle about and ready the tea for them.  ”It was no trouble at all.”  He answered truthfully.  What was he going to do?  Stand there and let her come to harm?  He had never been wired that way.  ”I honestly do not know if someone was hurt or not.  It doesn’t really matter.  You are not in a position to heal them, and if someone really is, they can get to the clinic.  When I leave tonight, I’ll leave word with your clinic orderlies that there could be trouble.  Just in case.”

Corvo had tea with milk and a fair bit of honey, quietly observing her as he did so.  He drank his tea, and smiled in return when sh turned that expression on him.  He reached out and gently touched Rehema’s hand.  ”You are safe now.  Don’t worry.  I can stay for a bit, if that would help you.  I can even meet you here in the morning.”  He could tell the encounter had made her nervous.  ”My home is not far, at least, not when you have long legs like mine.”  He smiled and withdrew his hand, drinking more tea.

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Corvo was enjoying their banter, if nothing else.  He knew that laughter was a far bettery way to be remembered than by belligerance.  He hoped that she would remember him in the days ahead, and that he had said the right things to encourage her to consider acquiring an Escort.  He was not truly trying to make her fearful, but it seemed to him that she had been terribly lucky so far, and her name would only support that good fortune for so long.  Corvo did not want her to be harmed because of her faith in people, frome purely a business perspective, of course.  "I do not think a Healer can assuage the pain of a wounded ego."  His eyebrows rose a touch when she agreed with him about protecting her own Caste, and he was not certain what she meant by how she had said the words.  "My Father feels the same, and so here I am."

Rehema shared his water with him, and he nodded, before he shook his head.  "Yes, my Mother's Family, and my Father's Family, joined forces to build this company.  Not everyone participates, but most of us do."  He hate a bit more, before he verbally responded, "No, I am not married."  Corvo laughed, "I did not think you were offering me your hand in marriage, Lady Abbasi.  I have been intereviewed before."  He found her blush rather charming on her, and he continued to smile.  "Just when I thought you could not be more fetching, you go and blush."  He grinned when she continued eating, clearly to silence herself.

Corvo had immediately disliked the way these men had arranged themselves.  He disliked the fact that their story changed even more.  He considered how best to kill these two men, while maintaining Rehema's safety.  He could keep her shielded, there was no doubt, but multiple assailants was always tricky.  Corvo would have to drop one swiftly, in one attack, if he could manage it.  The men relented, however, either intimidated by his size or his Darkness, either way, the Blood Opal Prince was glad he would not have to spill blood in front of the gentle healer.  Corvo frowned at the greement o go to the clinic, because now he was concerned what would happen there, but he allowed the men to depart intact.

He growled very quietly.  Dead men would have been safer, but he shighed and straightened from his ready crouch and turned to Rehema.  He saw her relaxing as well, but he did not remove the Blood Opal shield he had her in, instead, he adjused it so it could move with her.  "Of course."  Corvo replied softly, "I was going to ask if I could do just that, just to make certain everything is okay."  He smiled at her offer, "Sedative free tea sounds wonderful.  I can also conjure the food I did not eat, so it woul be perfect.  Thank you."  Corvo stood close behind her, ready to follow her in, shielding her from view and more with his own body.  It would have seemed intimate, if he were not watching where the men had gone rather than Rehema herself.

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Corvo considered her smirk, and chuckled quietly.  "Yes, I am relaxed."  He shook his head slightly, "But you still drugged me.  You were pretty smug about it too."  He raised his hands to stop a potential argument, "But, I suppose that I had it coming, after what I did."  He was amused by her decided she needed the barrier of Protocol between them.  They had been enjoying sparkling banter, as far as the Prince was concerned.  That did not happen with everyone, and he suspected, probably not with any other Healer.  It seemed to him that the Lady took herself and her work seriously enough, but did not let it crush her or make her depressed or otherwise emotionally fragile.  Corvo believed that was for the best, it meant she would last.

There was no 'maybe' about it.  Rehema seemed to be considering his words, but unwilling to concede that he was right.  Corvo was not going to press the point.  Sometimes, people's minds were terribly difficult to change.  Routines were comfortable, they were like a big warm security blanket in one's life, and changing could be startling to an individual, especially over something as theoretical as potential harm.  Telling someone they could come to harm was often met with counterarguments about being run over by a horse.  It was a false equivalency, but not worth pointing out.

Despite a desire to keep her distance, Rehema still joked with him.  Corvo smiled, "No.  I had my team take over.  I was a liability once I was bleeding like a stuck pig, so I removed myself from the equation, and besides, the men pursuing my client are all dead."  He breathed a long sigh, "Not that he likely deserved our protection, but he paid his money, and e did our job."  He grinned, "I do not need an Escort.  The only thing I need protection from is your biting wit."  Rehema continued to show interest in him, whether she realized it or not.  Corvo nodded, Yes and No.  I was trained to be a Healer Escort.  My Mother was a Healer, my Father her Escort.  When she passed, he felt like he wanted to serve her memory--so he started the Guardians with our Family."  He smiled, "He trained me, and we found I had a gift for it."  Corvo gave a mild shrug that she nearly missed because of his height.  "I've worked for one at length, one for a brief time, and one of those was foreign.  Your Caste, Dear Lady, is quite rare, but deserving of protecting, in my view."

Corvo nodded.  He knew when he was hurt so badly that field medicine was not going to do it.  This time, it had happened within walking distance of a clinic.  He might not be so fortunate, next time.  As they walked, they passed the man that had helped Corvo to that very facility.  He was a shish kebob vendor, but he was closing up for the night.  Upon seeing Corvo, he held out his hand, and the Blood Opal Prince conjured a couple of coins right into his hands, and smiled as they passed him by in favor of the meat pies.  Rehema finally gave in to her hunger, and ordered two.  Corvo bought a total of six, and handed the Healer hers, before they were walking along again.

He smiled at her gratitude, "It's the least I can do for you."  Corvo ate one of the pies in large bites, chewing each down, and conjuring a canteen of cool water for them to share.  He offered it to her first, one she had a few bites of her own spiced pastry.  Corvo shook his head slightly, "Once this protection job is done, I will go back into rotation.  We have more than one contract going, but they are usually limited and brief.  While there is a shortage of Healers to Escort, present company notwithstanding, there is no end to people that have mae enemies, so we do pretty well."  Corvo laughed, "Well, we will not get rich, but everyone eats, everyone gets an education.  Two large extended Families reap the rewards."

Corvo looked ahead as they approached what had to be the Lady's residence, but he picked up on at least two people waiting nearby.  He vanished his food, to free his hands out of pure reflex, but did nothing else.  He was a towering presence nearby when Rehema was addressed, and then answered.  Corvo's eyebrows rose slightly at the issue raised for the Healer's attention.  Triage Craft should handle that, and then they could move the subject.  It was his job to know something of Healing, so he could gauage a real emergency, if his Healer were not in a condition to do so herself.  Corvo remained silent, letting Lady Abbasi make her denial, hoping that they would just to no for an answer.  They did not, and he could read the change in the man's mood by the look on his face and the palcement of his feet, and that was when the other man suggested himself onto the scene.

The Blood Opal Prince's eyes narrowed, an he snapped shields around Rehema, placing himself close to her and positioning himself to be between her and the two men as he nudged her towards her gate.  "The Lady can perform no further miracles this evening, my Lords."  He gave them the politest benefit of the doubt, though he detected only one Warlord, the other was Jeweless, so there was Craft, but not at a strength he could not overcome.  "She must rest tonight, so she can perhaps perform her good works on the morrow.  I would suggest a bit of Triage Craft to splint or support the ankle, and then a cart or further Craft to transport the patient.  It is hardly a mortal wound."  Corvo took a breath, "Those are my recommendations."  He eyed each man evenly, and let them feel the weight of his Blood Opal and his Caste.  "I will not be polite twice."

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Corvo, with the exception of being drugged, had been enjoying himself well enough.  Not being dead did that to a person.  Once the wound was cared for, and the sort of ignorant danger of it all had passed, he felt a little more alive.  He had been hurt enough to know when it was bad, and he knew well enough when to go to a healer.  His scars spoke of the times when that had not been an option.  The Lady Abbasi had performed surgery, the Healing had gone deep, he had sensed that much even as it happened, and she had been very skilled at it.  Corvo smiled when the Healer attempted to create a bit of distance with formality.

"As you wish, Lady Abbasi."  He half-smiled, "It seems terribly formal, considering you have drugged me and washed me of blood, but if it makes you feel more comfortable."  They walked toegther along the steet, and he told her that a routine could be dangerous, which was not untrue.  If people were going to decide to kidnap her or cause her harm, if they were smart about it, and they could be, they would watch for a routine.  Once they new how and where she went, they could grab her when it was the most dangerous for her, and the safest for them.  Corvo nodded, "It is something to think about.  Varying the route, without being unsafe, is a good idea."

Corvo smiled when she accepted his gratitude, and listened close to the description of his wound.  He understood the terminology used, and as expected, he had narrowly avoided something worse.  His Father used to tell him that a knife fight always ended one way; someone was dead, someone went to the Healer.  Victory was just in living, coming away wounded, even badly wounded, was the expectation.  "Minutes?"  He took a breath, and nodded, "Well, it was a good thing I did arrive."  Corvo shook his head, "I was more focused on you, and the task at hand."  He smiled slightly, "Yes, the wound indicated that a job was done.  My people can handle the rest.  I have been doing this my whole life.  My Father did it before me."

They continued to walk along, and he stopped her at a street vendor selling meat pies.  "Did you want anything?"  Corvo glanced down at his body, looked thoughtful for a moment, and shook his head slightly.  "I may change my mind, but no, I am alright with the scars.  They serve as reminders, lessons if you will.  I do not want to think I got away with anything, when I did not.  No one does, really."  He gestured at the vendor, "You must be hungry.  How many would you like?"

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The Healer had, in her own way, promised him that she would remain.  She had told him to sleep, and promised that she would remain.  Well, perhaps not a promise, and sleeping had not been his choice, but all the same.  She had, indeed, remained.  She bantered with him when he woke up, because for a moment, he had the very real thought that this lovely woman had somehow gained entrance to his room.  It would not have been a bad thing if she had, Corvo preferred to remember how he arrived from point A to point B, and he had no memory of bringing anyone home for the night.  He cleared his head, and got is feet under him, quickly realizing the reality of the situation.

Corvo regarded her from his height, and leaned down a touch, so she did not have to step back.  "I know that I do not have to Escort you, but I will anyway.  It is proper."  He was drawing eyes, he knew, standing at nearly seven feet, he always did, but he was also fit, muscled, a bit scarred, but otherwise not terrible to look at.  He was used to being noticed, unless he did not want to be.  That was the flip side, sometimes it was easier to disappear with small changes when the enemy was looking for a blue eyed fellow standing a head and shoulders above the crowd.  Take to the roof, cut through a basement, or just hunch, and it could be easy to avoid notice.  "Rehema.  Thank you, Lady.  Please, call me Corvo."

He smiled at her, "All the more reason you should have an Escort.  Predators watch for routines."  Corvo walked along with her easily, even if he seemed to take only one step for two of hers.  He tried not to stare down at her, or lag too far behind, doing the same.  He was tall, not blind.  After a moment, he realized that he did not have a shirt, and conjured one to shrug into, but he did not bother closing it.  "Thank you for your work, it feels good.  I did not have much range of movement before, and I feel pretty much the same as I ever did."  Corvo regarded Rehema for a moment, took a breath, and asked, "How bad was the wound, really?  Did I narrowly avoid the embrace of Mother Night?"  He chuckled at his own dark humor.

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Corvo knew when he had been outmaneuvered, but that was what made such engagements fun.  He had not expected the Healer to be so stubborn as to bluff with her own reservoir, but she had accurately figured him out.  He could not take the chance, and she knew it.  It was a dare, but he could not call her bluff.  He could tell that she was tired, that her reserves were low, and he really did want her to rest and to listen to him.  She was not his responsibility, but even a Healer not under his contract was a precious thing.  ”Oh, I do alright.  I am here because I successfully protected a client, not because I was trying to make a sale.  There are always risks, Lady.  Some things are worth it.”

She took up his card and read it over.  He had dozens of those handy, though this was the first given to a Healer in his recent memory.  Corvo could protect anyone, but he was especially good for a Healer.  He could sense the Lady’s strength, and he knew that he could protect her.  He only hoped he had made an impression, and even if it was not a good one, at least he knew it wasn’t entirely bad.   Corvo eyed the tea, ”Of all the—that’s a dirty trick.  Aren’t you supposed to let a patient know before you drug them?”  His eyes narrowed, maybe he hadn’t had enough—then he yawned.  ”Mother Night’s…”  He let the curse made under his breath trail off, and breathed a sigh, before he grinned.  ”Okay, I know when the cards are stacked against me…I will rest, and trust you to keep your promise, but not because bedpans worry me.”

Corvo yawned again, and frowned.  ”This was very unfair, you realize.  I will be watching for this—“  Another yawn hit him, despite himself.  ”—next time.”  He hadn’t even finished the tea, having taken a sip or two before putting it aside to await the Lady’s reaction.  He was glad that he had, after all, she could have thrown anything at him.  Corvo watched her leave the space he was left in, and found that he was watching her with more than professional interest.  He shook his head, and restrained yet another yawn, grumbling as he settled back down in his cot.  Corvo began to focus on his body, attempting to improve his stamina, before he remembered that he really had just been healed.  He sighed, and decided to get rest while he could.  The next thing he knew, the Healer was over his bed, calling his name.

He blinked a moment, ”How’d you get in here?”  Then he remembered where he was, and blinked again, frowning.  ”The tea worked, I guess.”  Corvo rolled onto his back, and then sat up, testing the wound gingerly as he did so.  He turned in the bed, putting his feet on the floor.  ”I am hungry, but it can wait.  I will see you home.”  He got to his feet, and reminded everyone there exactly how tall he was.  Corvo reflexively ducked when he felt his hair brush the ceiling.  ”I can probably grab something along the way, someone was selling kabobs earlier, they probably still are.”  He smiled at the Healer, ”Lady Abbasi, might I have the honor of your first name?  As you have said, you have sisters, and I find specificity when dealing with sisters is always best.”  Corvo had no shirt on, but that did not seem to bother him.  Someone had removed his boots, so he stomped his feet back into them, and regarded the Lady, ”Shall we?”

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Corvo smiled at her reassurance.  He believed her.  He believed that when she told him she would not overextend herself, that she absolutely meant it.  He also felt certain that the moment she was faced with someone in need, particularly an infant, she would absolutely forget that promise and try to help, even though there was another Healer.  He also knew there were practical remedies, and that this Family must be dealing with their first baby.  Corvo had seen probably a dozen babies in his own Family growing up, some that had been dream children that slept through the night, and others that were nightmare screaming demons in tiny forms.  Whatever the case, he could not trust the gentle Healer to not want to help, it was in her nature.

He looked to the Male, and chuckled, "Oh, I'm calm."  He even accepted the tea and had a sip, "And what you have just told me only confirms what I've said."  He nodded as the man bowed, and waited.  After a moment, he decided a hot cup of tea in hand was not the best idea, so he set it aside.  Corvo began to count under his breath.  It was, to put it mildly, a bold move on his part.  Was it a gambit for a contract?  No.  He had done so more out of instinct than anything else, but he should have thought the better of.  She really was likely to do herself harm, and he had trained all his life to do just what he had done.

Corvo was not entirely surprised when the roll of bandages struck him in the chest, despite them sailing out of nowhere, preceding the Lady Healer's appearance.  The next one got him in the head, which only surprised him because of its accuracy.  When he did see her, her hands were loaded with soft improvised weapons, which he endured with patience and aplimb.  "You seem, well, you are actually taking this better than I thought you would."  He tilted his head when he sensed the tap against his mental barriers, and he allowed the communication in.  At her threat, his eyebrows rose slightly, and he looked at her for a long moment.  He answered audibly, "You would drain your Jewels out of spite?"  He made a bit of a face.  It was a bluff, of course it was a bluff, but he could hardly take the chance. 

He waited until he heard the other Healer approach the family and the crying infant, and he figured that situation was no handled.  Corvo dropped the shield from around Lady Abbassi, and gave her a nod.  "There.  It is gone.  You really should be careful."  He gestured, "Would you like some tea?  I'm told it is relaxing."  He smiled at her, and then conjured card on heavy stock, the lettering and calligraphy both lovely and clearly done by hand.  It fluttered into the Lady's lap, declaring 'Anansi Guardians' and their location within the City.  "I truly meant no harm.  I have not had a Healer to mind in some time, and--I hope you'll pardon me for saying so--it seems to me you could use an Escort.  Someone who worries about you, while you worry about everyone else."

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Corvo shrugged, ”What’s the point of all of my Gifts if I cannot use it to keep another safe?”  He offered casually, ”Your Black Widow would only find s sad story.”  He smiled at her, and settled back on the cot.  He chuckled at her mild surprise over his insistence that knitting needles could be deadly.  He decided that she must actually knit.  Only someone that used the tools often could take such offense.  Corvo laughed, putting his hand over his wound as he did so, though there did not seem to be a need.  She had no idea how close a guess she had just made.  ”I can assure you the cot is safe where it is.”

He lifted his head and looked at his own feet, and smirked.  ”A stool won’t be necessary.  This is not my first short bed.”  Corvo nodded at her question, ”Yes, I can sense it through Craft, because it is what I am trained to do.”  He nodded; it was a useful talent to have.  She seemed surprised by his concern.  It was more than just training, it was simply ingrained.  The Lady Healer had no idea what his story was, or why he was interested in Healer’s and their Craft.  He had grown up worrying about Healers, in one sense.  He replied to her expression, ”Yes, I am concerned.  You would be concerned if you saw a man about to fall off a horse, would you not?  This is not too different.”  Corvo shook his head, ”My stature is often defense enough, usually.”

 ”How much more does it cost?  I can always see a moneylender.”  He smiled, and heard her name called.  His eyes cutting to the Male that walked into the room.  Another patient had arrived, and for such a minor thing.  Corvo knew that the Healer was at the end of her reserves, and certainly a crying child pulled at the heart strings, but that same child would not be served if the Healer broke herself for something as regularly solvable as colic.  ”You should let Lady Ranma see this patient, please, Lady Abbasi.”  She was selfless, as many Healers were, but she seemed willing to see that instinct through to a fault.  Corvo watched her rise, and turn away, and he placed a Blood Opal shield around her.  She could physically move, hold a child, shake hands, even flip a coin or other fine work, but she could not lay her hand on someone through his shield.

He braced himself for her to respond poorly, and he was debating his choice after he had done it.  It was his job, only it was not.  Corvo had merely exercised an instinct based on his knowledge of where her reserves were.  He spoke to the Male that brought him tea, ”Please, Lord, you should get Lady Ranma, I fear Lady Abbasi will be back very shortly.”  She might not realize what he had done, at first, but the Healer would feel it soon enough and there would be only one person to blame.  Lady Abbasi had a quick wit, and her math would lead her back to him.

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”Right.”  Corvo smiled at the teasing, ”Only sometimes.”  He did not like killing, no matter how good he might actually be at it, it was not his real purpose.  However, protecting someone or something sometimes meant putting threats down permanently.  It was not his favorite part of the job, though he supposed he liked a fight now and again.  He was not a Warlord Prince, but he still had a measure of ferocity, and could access it when needed.  Corvo continued to smile at their banter, ”And knitting uses stabbing needles.  I do not see the difference.”  He had, of course, seen more damage done with knives, but he had just killed a man with a skewer, which was sort of knitting needle-like, so he felt his point was valid enough.

He shook his head slightly, ”I am not suggesting we leave the bodies to rot, just that they be careful.”  Corvo eyed her when she claimed she would rest at home.  He did not believe her.  He glanced around the clinic, and considered her earlier words.  She was not a Healer who rested.  She had worked on him, and been very thorough, out of reflex, he had monitored the use of her energy, and he would have stopped her himself, had she gone too far.  There were many Princes, and very few Healers, and considering the people in the clinic, she was far more necessary than he was.  Corvo had recognized her name, of course, and had not expected the Lady that he met.  It was an opportunity that he could, perhaps, take advantage of.  She needed the support of a neutral Escort, if he was any kind of judge, and he wanted to be contracted by a Healer, not a sweaty foreigner.

Corvo noticed he eyes sliding along him.  He was, unfortunately, terribly tall.  His Father did not understand where it came from, and his Mother had not been a tall woman.  Combined with his eyes, he was a bit hard to miss.  ”I was not guarding a Healer at the time, but I would certainly like to be.”  Her eyes lowered, and he took a breath.  The Lady Abbasi was a striking woman, beautiful and almost exotic in a land full of exotic beauties.  Corvo’s nostrils flared, as all of his senses breathed her in.  ”It is my job to know that.  I have a gift that was cultivated by my Family.  I told you, I am a trained Healer’s Escort.  I can sense what you have left in your well.”  He tilted his head slightly, ”I will follow your rules.”  He settled back, ”But I will not lie here and let you hurt yourself.”  Corvo laughed, ”Armor is not subtle.  I will just be more careful, and remember this wound…though, returning to your gentle hands has its own appeal.”

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Corvo watched the Healer because it was at once appropriate to do so, and enjoyable.  At her question, he flashed on that moment again, considering it.  It had turned into a moving fight, with Corvo using his environment to his advantage.  He had gone from being comfortable with the odds, to being endangered by them.  He felt the blade bite into his side, and did not even think about his reaction.  He lashed out with a power bolt to shatter a shield, and hurled a shishkabob skewer he snatched from a passing cart, meat, vegetables, and all, into the one assailant's eye.  Corvo nodded, "Yes, the man that did this is also dead."  He laughed at her statement, "It's not always like this.  It's a protection business, not a mercenary company."

"I know one Warlord Prince that carves wood.  It is not knitting, to be sure, but it is the same in spirit.  Knitting needles make deadly weapons in a pinch."  Corvo hald-smiled, and looked around the Clinic.  "Yes, rest.  If you do not rest, these people will lose the services of the Healer that cares so much for them."  He let her wash his hand of the blood that had covered it, getting sticky as it dried upon his skin.  At least it was his own blood, which was a strange thing to think, all things considered.  HIs kills had been fairly clean, blunt force trauma, thrown weapons, or straight bursts of power.  Corvo listened to the Healer give her man orders, and frowned slightly, "They are all dead.  Your man should be watchful, in case there are more."

Corvo met her eyes, and for a moment, he fell silent, regarding her.  Mother Night.  Wait.  Did she ask something?  Did she say something?  Was he staring?  His eyebrows rose slightly, and his ears finally managed to upload what he had heard to his brain.  "Okay then, I will stay."  He sat up on his elbows, very carefully, muscles rippling, as he looked down at the now faint scar.  "Excellent work, thank you again."  Corvo smiled at the Lady, "Actually, I am a Healer's Escort.  There are only so many that need my services, so we hire out as personal protection."  He shook his head, "I do not hire myself or my people out to hurt or to harm, or with intent of either.  We protect."  He met her eyes, and quietly added, "You really do need to rest.  Much more, and you will completely deplete yourself, and make yourself ill."

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Corvo remained calm.  This was not his first injury, and he doubted it would be his last.  He did not always have access to a healer, which was why there were a few people in the Guardians that were more than skilled at field medicine.  It was the sort of work that left scars behind, but it was also the sort of work that saved lives.  A Healer was, by far, the preferred method of not dying.  The woman that came to him had probably not seen very many combat wounds, her expression was one of surprise.  He wondered if it was because of the blood, or because violence was the source of the injury.  Corvo would have to ask later.

When they shouted the Abassi name, Corvo's eyebrows shot up.  He knew that name, and he had not once associated it with a Healer, but then again, he typically kept busy, and when he was not busy, he was not in rarified circles.  Lady Abassi, as it turned out, was a Healer, he sensed her approached, and admired what he saw.  He was only bleeding, after all, not dead.  He managed a smile at her question, "No, more like an average day.  There are dead men not far from here that had a bad day."  He gave the mildest of shrugs, not wanting to move the wound anymore than he already was.  "Oh, only a few minutes ago.  I was trying to keep killers from a client, and missed one, who took the chance to not miss me."

Corvo nodded at the Lady's assurances, and at the mention of cutting his shirt, he just vanished it to save her the trouble.  He laid on the cot, lifting his head to see what she was doing.  He had always been fascinated by Healer Craft, and seeing himself healed did not deter him from that fascination.  "Prince Corvo Anansi, Anansi Guardians.  That last part is for the authorities, if you choose to involve them.  It was not random violence, it was work."  He was comforted by her presence and scent, and there are worse things to do then be tended by a beautiful woman.  Make no mistake, this Healer was beautiful.  Corvo smirked, "The only crime committed was that I believed I knew where all of them were."  He nodded at her command, "As you say, Lady."  He lay back, and focused on steady breathing, though he opened himself to his sense of her.  He would not have a Healer harm herself for him.

He could feel what she was doing, even as her lips moved silently, as she guided herself through the unseen steps of her Craft.  His pain lessened, and still she went on.  He did lift his head once he sensed that her Healing energy no longer flowed into him, and saw that the bleeding had stopped, and that the wound itself was closed.  Corvo would, thankfully, live another day.  He reached for the Healer's hand with his own bloody one, "Thank you." And then he added, "You should rest, before you wind up in a cot next to me.  You also should not do anymore Craft today, if it can be helped."  He glanced down, "Is it safe for me to rise, or should I say right here?"

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Corvo had expanded their perimeter.  He had moved out to a distance of perhaps three or four city blocks, and settled in to observe the streets and the people that moved along it.  He had paused for a snack of dates and water, when he saw the first thing that was out of place.  Two men moved down the street, looking intently at building, and occasionally stopping to talk with shopkeepers and street urchins.  Their attire was very similar, down to the colors, and Corvo would have eaten his fieldglass, if they were not armed, and probably in an identical fashion, given the way they walked.  Hands strayed to where hidden weapons were, eager to make a kill, and hoping that the next man they saw was their target.  There were only two, that was not an insurmountable amount, and if he was careful, he could manage it on his own, without pulling anyone from the charge.

He marked their position, and began to make his way down to street level.  Corvo wrapped up his head and his face, leaving only his eyes visible.  His eyes were often a problem.  Few had eyes to bright, and if these men had taken note of them, he might not get very far.  He had small, flat throwing blades on him, and two sticks.  Corvo had to get their attention, but he had the feeling that whether or not they recognized him, that would not be a problem.  They had been foiled in their little quest, and they would be eager to stab someone, anyone, even if they were not their target.  He moved around the alleys and streets, and managed to find the pair, approaching them from behind.  Corvo moved briskly but quietly, reaching the two without being noticed.  He shielded at the level of his Blood Opal, and burst through them, moving briskly, then breaking into a run and cutting down an alley.

As expected, they gave chase.

Corvo let them catch a glimpse of him rounding the next corner, and then skidded to a halt.  He pulled out one of the sticks, and waited.  He did not have to wait long.  When the first man came around the corner, he was met by a Craft-enhanded stick that cracked into his forehead.  His feet kept running, and the man flipped completely over, landing in a belly flop and not moving again.  The other drew a blade and came at Corvo.  The Blood Opal Prince fought him with two sticks--and that was when he realized he had failed to consider something; a Sight Shield.  It was an old trick.  Give them a few people to see, hide the rest.  Corvo was shoved across the alley, where he smashed a plaster covered mud-brick wall.  He bounced off, losing one of his shields in the process, and found himself up against three men.  Corvo sighed, and shifted his sticks to one hand, while dropping a throwing blade into the other.

"I do not suppose we could just talk about this over tea?"  They advanced, and one got a blade through the foot he slid forward.  The alley filled with his scream, and then the fight was on.  "No sense of humor.  Right."

Perhaps twenty minutes later, he was being carried into a clinic.  Corvo had his hand over a wound low on his belly, and he was bleeding like a stuck pig, which he was in a sense.  The cut was not deep enough to spill his entrails, but it was deep enough to bleed through the pressure he applied with the scarf he had had around his head.  He had paid one of the street vendors to help him here, as walking was an exercise in futility.  He had to keep the wound closed, but walking and putting weight on that leg only seemed to make it worse.  Corvo conjured his calmest smile, and fixed his bright blue eyes on one of the woman.  "Your pardon, Lady, but I seem to have a problem..."

Raej / Nothing Ventured
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Corvo rolled away from the attack, and cursed,  He had barely spotted it in time.  He had no idea who the merchant was that he was protecting, only that he was foreign and wealthy, and that he had paid well for his protection; but who had killers on them in less than a week in Raej?  He shielded his charge from the next attack, and shoved the man into the next room, leaving behind three breakable Blood Opal shields to slow their assailants.  The merchant was blubbering, and it was all he could do to keep the man on his feet, and running.  Corvo had a safehouse along their route, but they would have to lose pursuit for long enough for him to get the merchant ensconced, before he could deal with those same pursuers.  It did not help that the merchant looked like someone had dressed a barrel in finery.  He stood out like a pig in a chicken coop.

As they went, Corvo bega to pluck away gold and jewels, some of it he vanished, some of it he just threw in the street.  Each time some bit of old or other finery hit the dirt road, a crowd of people dove for it, giving them more time to get away.  When his employer began to protest, Corvo reminded him that the money was paid, and the contract forced him to listen to his guardian, namely Corvo himself  If he broke that, he lost the money, and his protection, and the Blood Opal Prince seemed more than able to leave a merchant to his own devices if push came to shove.

Corvo conjured a plain cloak, an threw it over what was left of the merchant’s finery, bundling down several back alleys and along lesser trod streets.  Once he felt like they had the fewest eyes upon them, he cloaked them both in a Sight Shield and kept them moving.  Once, he spotted one of the killers in the street, so he snatched a saucer from a nearby cafe table, charged it with Craft and hurled it as hard as he could, imparting the saucer with additional force and accuracy.  The item enhanced edged opened the man’s throat, and he fell back into the alley he had stepped out of.  Corvo scowled.  He was not necessarily in the killing business, though he was more than capable.  He was in the saving business, and every time he did take a life for whomever his current employer was, he found himself questioning the differences between himself and the man or woman he had just eliminated.  No time for philosophy, though.

The current owner and operator of the Council sanctioned Anansi Guardians bundled his charge off down the street and into the safe house without further incident.  Once there, other members of the Guardians were engaged.  These men were family, some of them literally.  Corvo explained the situation to them, gave them their orders, secured their charge, and collected a few extras to go back out into the streets, and watch for assassins.  Not for the first time, he lamented his inability to access his Father’s Gift.  Dad could look at a situation, and see where it was going to fall apart, intuitively, without needed to really observe a room.  Corvo had to do it the hard way.  He had to watch, observe, see the patterns and the breaks in it, and figure out what was going on, and if he were very lucky, who was going to do it.  He went to the safehouse rooftop to do that, and settled in with a fieldglass to see what was what.

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Ready once more.

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Ready for the next pass.

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Ready for Review

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Preemptively Keeping; in case there's a sweep. :)

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I would like to accept the Opal Birthright, reduce it to Rose and descend to Blood Opal, please.

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Double Random Birthright Roll, please.

And Descent ranks, also, please.

Pending approval of purchase Here.

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The Basics

Character Name:  Corvo Anansi
Nicknames: “Cor”
Age and Birth Year:  35 (Born 159 AP)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory:  Raej
Home Territory:  Raej

Birthright Jewel:  uncut Rose
Offering Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal

Role: Healer’s Escort


Play By:  Donny Lewis
Distinguishing Features:

By stroke of genetic luck, Corvo is possessed of intense, clear, sky blue eyes.  They almost shine from his face, no matter what he wears, or how presentable or dirty he might be.

He also stands nearly seven feet in height, combined with his eyes, he tends to standout.



Corvo knew his Mother for only a short time.  He lost her when she brought his sister into the world, and this event has shaped his person and his life.  He has had surrogate Mothers, thanks to Aunts and his Sister, there were always women in his life.  He wonders if he could have saved his Mother, had he known then what he knew now.  It is illogical survivor’s guilt, but it remains with him to this day.  It is what makes him a natural protector, whether he is being paid or not.  This is less true for men than it is for women, but if he can prevent harm from coming to someone, he will do so almost without thought.  The only exception is when he is under contract, and on the job, at that point, his employer becomes the full focus of his instincts and skills.  Corvo has been groomed to be exactly as he is, and if asked, he would say he is rather proud of that fact.

Publicly, some might see him as paranoid, but here again, his upbringing benefits him.  He cannot help but look for angles of attack, vulnerabilities and places to exit or enter, along with defensible positions. For him, for the most part, it's not about winning a fight, but about getting his charge out of a situation in once piece.  As a result, he is far more used to being in charge of a situation than being reactive, and secondary.  Once he has decided to protect someone, whether because of circumstances or a contract, he expects his orders and recommendations to be followed, for the good of the subject and for no other reason.  Corvo will listen to protests, but unless that person knows better than him, it is unlikely to sway his opinion in one direction or another.  For some, this might make him seem stubborn and wilful, but that is not truly the case.  Outside of his area of expertise, he listens, tries to understand, and can follow an order thoughtfully given, but once the ball is in his court, once the situation has gone south, and security and safety are the main concern, he absolutely asserts himself, and takes charge.  Away from work, Corvo is more relaxed, but remains alert for changes and dangers in his environment. 

He's friendly, and tries to be good humored, but the sense that he is, at least, somewhat 'On' remains.  Corvo has grown up around a large extended family.  He's comfortable in a crowd, and prefers the warmth of people rather than solitude.  A bar, tavern or tea house is far preferable to a lonely road or meditation in the desert.  He cannot quite stop himself from reading a crowd, good or bad, but he still prefers to be in one.  Corvo would rather share a meal, than have one alone.  Even when he is at rest, while he can and does sleep alone, he grew up sharing rooms, and when necessary, sharing a bed.  He leads a somewhat exciting life because of his work, and as a result, he has stories, and he knows how to tell them and, perhaps more importantly, how to embellish them.  He tells these tales as though he were trying to become a folk hero, and that might be partly true.

  • 1 Healers; this would seem a given, but he really does appreciate the Caste.  His focus is primarily on Females.  In his experience, many have been selfless, concerned about the well-being of others to a fault.  He respects and protects that.  His Mother was an exemplar of the Caste, at least in his mind.  She was selfless, kind, and never saw a hurt she did not move to Heal.  In every Healer, Corvo sees echoes of this, as if he is looking for something he once lost.
  • 2 Women; the absence of his Mother, and the presence of his Aunts and Sister, he has a great appreciation for Females, and not merely as potential lovers.  He believes that women have a unique perspective, one he has been taught to respect and to listen to.  At the very least, a woman sees the world differently from how he sees it, and that contrast alone makes listening an advantage rather than a chore.
  • 3 Company; Corvo grew up around a big family.  While he can be alone, it is not his preferred mode of operation.  He likes company.  He likes having people over for a meal or a drink or just to shoot the breeze.  Silence is troubling to him, it means there is an empty house, which is something that seldom happened around him growing up.
  • 1 Abuse; His Father taught him to cherish not only Healers and women, but people in general.  Abusing a child, a woman, a man, or a slave is a waste.  It is low and base, and proves nothing, save that you can abuse your on station and power over another, whether it is a free man and s slave, or the strong abusing the weak.  Corvo keeps no slaves, and does not believe anyone else should either, but he understands that opinion might not be popular.
  • 2 Waste; during the struggle to open and maintain their business, nothing was wasted  Every member of the family was put to work, every coin was maximized, every deal had the most squeezed out of it.  If someone had any kind of talent that was useful, they would find a way to take advantage of it, no matter what it was.  Corvo has seen waste, the wealthy throwing out clothes, food, even people, and he finds it distasteful.
  • 3 Sloppiness; Everything has a place, and should be kept there.  Precision and preparedness are the keys to success, everything else is a half-measure.  He dislikes disorder, though he knows he profits from it.  He keeps a clean space, a clean room, a clean house, and a clean person.  Corvo applies this to his work, making sure all of his bases are covered, but intensely dislikes it when the client believes they know better, or encourages sloppiness by not letting him do his job completely.
  • 1 Familial Loss; Corvo lost his Mother in his youth, and he does not know how he would handle losing his Sister or his Father.  Now that his Father is getting older, it haunts him just a little.  It was a big part of his reasoning for taking over the business, and setting his Father into a consulting role, rather than still being in the field.  His Father is still capable, but why take the risk?  Let him remain the Patriarch of the family, and let Corvo take the risks so maybe--just maybe--he gets clipped before his Father ever does.
  • 2 Servitude; not service, because he is in the service business.  Should his business fail, there is the chance that all the independence he has enjoyed over the years would disappear.  He would be forced into servitude, potentially made a slave, if the failure incurred enough debt, and that would be a terrible fate indeed.
  • 3 Mistakes; Everyone makes them, of course, and Corvo has had his share, but he is most concerned about mistakes made when someone’s life hangs in the balance.  It is not always easy to know what to do, and sometimes, it’s just a matter of acting, and hoping his experience and muscle memory helped him make the right decision on the fly.  His work and life are both dangerous, and one day, it could all catch up to him.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Jewel Management; Corvo has the ability to monitor and assess a given subject's Jewel reservoir.  He has been taught to do this for two reasons.  First, he uses it in his work, to monitor the status of a Healer's reservoir, to insure she does not overextend and harm herself in doing so.  The second, which he learned in action, was so he could monitor an opponent's reservoir, and account for that in his tactics and strategy.
  • 2 Item Enhancement; Corvo can turn improvised items into Craft-enhanced weapons.  He can take small objects; flatware, saucers, playing cards, a pencil, everyday items, and turn them into weapons he can use against Shields and flesh, for instant use.  He cannot infuse larger objects in this manner, a sword would only be a sword in his hands, due to its mass, but something lighter, like a bamboo staff can become something else in his hands.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Exploit Weakness; this is a truly Princely art, and one his Father was always good at, but Corvo does not have the eye or the talent.  It would certainly serve him well in his line of work, but instead, he has to rely on cunning and deductive reasoning, rather than Craft to tell him if a situation is about to go sour.
  • 2 Warming and Cooling; he cannot grant his charges, nor himself, any comfort.  He cannot keep himself cool in Raej, nor can he heat himself at night.  He cannot do this for others either.  It is not necessary to keeping someone safe, usually, but it would have been nice to be able to do this, however, his focus elsewhere, and a lack of talent in this regard, have made this so difficult, that it is not worth attempting.
Life Story

Mother: Wylla Anansi; Healer; Roseto Blood Opal; 51 (Born 141 AP)
Father:  Daud Anansi; Prince; Rose to Purple Dusk; 52 (Born 141 AP)
Maia Anansi; Hearth Witch; Yellow to Rose; 26 (Born 167 AP)


Corvo Anansi was born in Raej, to Daud and Wylla.  Wylla was a Healer, and Daud had been her Escort.  It was how they met, and ultimately, how they fell in love.  They would have two children, Corvo and Maia, though Wylla would not survive the second child due to unexpected complications.  Despite her own skills, there was just nothing that could be done.  Heartbroken, but strong, Daud went on to raise his children, and to found a business that did not, at first, seem viable.  Luckily, Wylla’s family did not contest his paternal rights, and Daud had the opportunity to remain with and to shelter and care for his children.  In fact, the business he founded would not have worked without the aid of their extended family.  He called it The Anansi Guard, to honor his Wife by using her family name.

Daud became heavily involved with the Merchants Council to get this idea off the ground, expanding the core idea of employing and offering trained Healer Escort into high end personal protection as well in order to get the permissions he needed.  Corvo was raised in this business and family, and while his Mother was absent, her presence was always felt as she was the reasons for it all.  From a very young age, he was molded into a proper Healer Escort, particularly after his Father discovered the young Corvo’s ability to sense the reservoirs of energy in another, sometime after the boy received his Rose Birthright.  He was taught how to fight, protect and defend an individual, and how to take care of a Healer’s needs.  He spent years of his life practicing and mastering these arts, apprenticed to his Father who worked in the field, leaving management to other members of the family.

Young Corvo's life was filled with Family. It was as thought the loss of his Mother had somehow inextricably bound to family lines together.  They lived together in the same collection of homes, the children were trained and educated together.  They played and fought and did all the things that families have always done, together.  His home life was rich, full of loving and caring, mingled with his Father's sense of purpose.  They were not a wealthy family, but they always ate.  The closeness led to a few internal feuds; Corvo accidentally stole his elder cousin's girlfriend, and that ran through the family like wildfire when it happened.  Situations like that drove Corvo to see what the world was like beyond the capital, something his Father understood.  He traveled the River Vaal, finding work as he went, promising to return when he had seen and done something more.  Corvo had no idea what that would be.

It was in his travels, in his youth, shortly after he received his Blood Opal, and he developed his distaste for slavery and the waste of talent.  He saw quite a lot of both on his road.  Corvo loves his home, loves the culture and people of Raej, but hates the underbelly and underpinning of it all.  It was a curious thing to learn when he was travelling along the River alone.  He once had a job guarding a caravan, and when he discovered it was slaves from out of the Territory, he quit--violently, and returned home.  Once he was back home, his Father said nothing of his long absence, and welcomed him back to the Family.  Once back, he did not realize how much he had missed the warmth and affection and the press of people, a factor that remains true in his life.

Corvo took well to the work, and the life.  Protecting people, especially Healers, appealed to him, and hooked neatly into the instincts of his Caste.  He might not have the ferocity of a Warlord Prince, but those basic urges were there.  As his Father aged, field work fell to Corvo more and more, while his Father continued to run the business and deal with the Merchants Council.  In time, he also learned the required bureaucracy to run his business, and deal with the Council, planning for the day when Daud could simply retire, knowing that he made something lasting in the memory of his Wife.  He has become somewhat known to the Council, as he does not always see eye to eye with them, and he is far more vocal than his Father has ever been.  In his career, he has escorted and assisted only a few Healers, their rarity preventing him from doing more than that over the years.  More rarely, a foreign Healer might contract their services, before leaving the capitol.  For the most part, Corvo has been responsible for the Anansi Guardians close protection service, and he has a solid reputation in matters of security and personal safety.

To date, Corvo is an unbound Prince, trained to escort and keep safe a Healer, who has not been truly able to do so in a few years.  He has two main frustrations; running the Family business, with his Father’s assistance, and of course, that of his sister and his extended Family.  The other is the fact that he has not been able to seal a contract with a Healer, at least not one long term, which would be a boon to the business, and allow him to put all of his skills to use.  Until something changes, he lives day to day, and lives well.  He does not try to live beyond his means, because he prefers to spend his money on carousing, good meals, friends and lovers.  If his journey along the river taught him anything, it was the fact that you can't take it with you when you go.

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Character in Play:

Corvo rolled away from the attack, and cursed,  He had barely spotted it in time.  He had no idea who the merchant was that he was protecting, only that he was foreign and wealthy, and that he had paid well for his protection; but who had killers on them in less than a week in Raej?  He shielded his charge from the next attack, and shoved the man into the next room, leaving behind three breakable Blood Opal shields to slow their assailants.  The merchant was blubbering, and it was all he could do to keep the ma on his feet, and running.  Corvo had a safehouse along their route, but they would have to lose pursuit for long enough for him to get the merchant ensconced, before he could deal with those same pursuers.  It did not help that the merchant looked like someone had dressed a barrel in finery.  He stood out like a pig in a chicken coop.

As they went, Corvo bega to pluck away gold and jewels, some of it he vanished, some of it he just threw in the street.  Each time some bit of old or other finery hit the dirt road, a crowd of people dove for it, giving them more time to get away.  When his employer began to protest, Corvo reminded him that the money was paid, and the contract forced him to listen to his guardian, namely Corvo himself  If he broke that, he lost the money, and his protection, and the Blood Opal Prince seemed more than able to leave a merchant to his own devices if push came to shove.

Corvo conjured  plain cloak, an threw it over what was left of the merchant’s finery, bundling down several back alleys and along lesser trod streets.  Once he felt like they had the fewest eyes upon them, he cloaked them both in a Sight Shield and kept them moving.  Once, he spotted one of the killers in the street, so he snatched a saucer from a nearby cafe table, charged it with Craft, an hurled it as hard as he could, imparting the saucer with additional force and accuracy.  The item enhanced edged opened the man’s throat, and he fell back into the alley he had stepped out of.

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