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Author Topic: Points System  (Read 13923 times)


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Points System
« on: Jul 19, 10, 08:29:41 PM »
The Points System of Blood Rites

How to Get Them, Lose Them, and Use Them.

The purpose of the Point-Rewards program is to promote and reward activity – as well as act as something of a thank you to our most active and involved players. It will provide a unique new experience for the writers at Blood Rites and will allow for a variety of prizes to be earned. For every RP post written the author will receive a designated amount of points. At the end of the month the points will be tallied and banked for each author. Those points will be able to be used on a variety of items that will be refreshed every month for both price and content.

Points are Used to “purchase” a variety of things, from the ability to play a capped-caste character, or an automatic full descent – to allowing a player to ‘slide’ on a month they’ve been inactive, points are a versatile way to keep things interesting here on Blood Rites! To find out what one can “spend” their points on, head over the the POINTS SHOP and see what’s available!

Earning Points:

Points can be earned in several different ways but the primary way to earn points is to write! Every RP written will be given points based on the following criteria:
  • 30 points will be awarded to newly registered/accepted characters each month.
  • 10 points for the first 250 words written and additional points at a rate of 5% on the remaining word count. (E.G. A 300 word post would be calculated like so: 10 + ((300-250)*.05) = 12.5 points)
  • 500 points will be awarded to the Character of the Month
  • 500 points will be awarded to the author of the Thread of the Month (and split between multiple authors).

Points Deductions:

While you can earn points you can certainly lose them too.
  • 50% will be deducted for each word of a post under the 250 word minimum (E.G. A 20 word points would be calculated like so: (250-200)*.5 = -25 points)
  • 50 points will be deducted for inactive characters (those who have not posted in the period of 1 month); exceptions will be made for characters who have been approved but have not yet made their premiere post. Notice: Blood Rites has a new inactivty system, a huge improvement to this one. Please check it out, click here.

Using Points:
Points will be used to grant prizes to the authors. The points shop will be refreshed every month and will include a number of different prizes ranging in price and power. No more than one item can be used on a single character.

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