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Author Topic: Graphics Shop  (Read 10584 times)


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Graphics Shop
« on: May 29, 17, 11:24:49 AM »

Graphics Shop

Welcome to the Blood Rites Graphic Shop!

Please make sure to reply to the current month's transactional thread with any graphics requests.

Writers may use the monthly transactional thread to request editing of pictures they'd like to use for their characters. The Graphics Shop allows the artists doing the editing to reap some reward for their talent and time spent helping their fellow writers by collecting points for each request filled. Writers who submit requests may ask for a specific artist to fill that request, but please remember that these are done at the leisure of the artist. If you want a specific artist to edit your images, it's a good idea to touch base with them before submitting the request to make sure they are interested in doing the work in a time-frame with which you are comfortable.

It is important to remember that all work done here is purely on a volunteer basis and that we're 'paying' for the work with site points that have no monetary value.

All transactions will be charged a fee whether or not the originator is satisfied with the work. If someone is truly dissatisfied they may re-list their request for another artist to complete it.

Graphic Services Offered

Note that the charges listed below are intended to be cumulative. IE, if you want a cropped and blended avatar picture with a scar added, you would figure the cost like so: 50 (for Basic Avatar) + 50 (For blending) + 100 (for scar manip) = 200 points.

Use the following form to submit your request:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Writer Name:[/b]

[b]Images to use:[/b] *List the name of the playby, and/or link the specific images you want used, if you have any*

[b]Graphics Shop Service:[/b] * Include each service you are requesting and the total sum of the cost you expect to pay, along with your specific instructions for the services requested *

Points Cost
Basic Avatar
(Crop/Resize included)
Basic Signature
(Crop/Resize included)
Design effects
(Colorizing, blending, layers)
(Wings, DaM ears, scars, etc)
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