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Author Topic: Plot Meet: Tuesday December 28th at 9pm EST  (Read 1533 times)


Offline Jamie

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Plot Meet: Tuesday December 28th at 9pm EST
« on: Dec 18, 10, 11:20:49 PM »
The next plot meet is scheduled to be on December 28th at 9pm EDT; this is a Tuesday night.

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The Agenda

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Re: Plot Meet: Tuesday December 28th at 9pm EST
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29, 10, 10:07:54 AM »
Transcript provided by Dany. Thank you Dany.

jamie[9:02:43 PM]: Welcome to tonight's plot meeting; it's been a bit since we've had a proper one <.<
Kri[9:02:44 PM]: -pouts-
jamie[9:02:54 PM]: I hope everyone had good holidays and Santa (or whoever brings you gifts) treated you well
Dany[8:04:03 PM]: -nod-
sera[9:04:16 PM]: yep
jamie[9:04:25 PM]: I always chuckle to myself during meetings.. whenever we get down to business I start typing and everyone shuts up.. I feel like I'm giving a sermon.
Kri[9:04:26 PM]: And same to you, Jamie
Kri[9:04:38 PM]: -sits and shuts up-
Dany[8:04:44 PM]: AMEN!
jamie[9:04:58 PM]: Hallelujah!
Sinda[9:05:03 PM]: that's cause we respect the almighty dani...errr jamie
sera[9:05:05 PM]: praise the Jamie!
Dany[8:05:20 PM]: lol
jamie[9:05:22 PM]: Anyways <.<
Dany[8:05:34 PM]: -cough-
jamie[9:05:33 PM]: TOPIC: Wanted Ads
Day[9:05:41 PM]: rofl
Dani[9:05:44 PM]: Lol. <3 Sinda. :raises self::
Dani[9:05:47 PM]: *Praises self
jamie[9:06:00 PM]: One thing I have on my wish list/to do list for the coming week includes a Wanted Ad Purge and Renewal
Dany[8:06:17 PM]:
Dany[8:06:23 PM]: Burn it with fire!
Kri[9:06:17 PM]: Good idea
Day[9:06:28 PM]: *happy about this*
Crafty[9:06:36 PM]: Sounds like work.
jamie[9:06:42 PM]: White made us the index; I'll clean that up.
jamie[9:06:48 PM]: I'll also clean up any outdated wanted ads.
Dany[8:07:15 PM]: Coolies
jamie[9:07:14 PM]: And I am formally requesting that everyone put some thought into some new Wanted Ads. Revisit your plots, revisit your characters and think about what might be lacking or what could entice another writer to join you
Kri[9:07:37 PM]: Aye Aye, Capt'n
Dany[8:07:46 PM]: -nod- I have something brewing for the near future!
Crafty[9:08:00 PM]: I've been thinking about a few...
jamie[9:08:15 PM]: I am also going to start an "adoptable character registry"; this is kinda a staging area for all Adoptable NPCs that people may post. From my experience I've found that people get lured into a character long before a sheet is posted and many writers are hesitatnt to post a sheet without interest. So.. my solution is a little index of characters that can be adopted once the sheet has been properly filled out
jamie[9:08:23 PM]: Once I have this thread up please begin to reply
Dany[8:08:41 PM]: COOL!
Kri[9:08:48 PM]: Fun!
Sinda[9:08:59 PM]: i like that idea a lot jamie!!
jamie[9:09:07 PM]: So those are 2 plans I'm working on for the Wanted Ads because I did notice recently that htey're appearing quite stale
Dany[8:09:26 PM]: Agreed.
jamie[9:09:27 PM]: And we have an influx of new writers, like our Day, who can probably find use for up to date wanted ads
Crafty[9:09:39 PM]: Yeah.
Dany[8:09:44 PM]: -nod-
Kri[9:09:58 PM]: Clever Jamie
jamie[9:10:13 PM]: *taps forehead* Is smart
Dany[8:10:24 PM]: yars
Kri[9:10:24 PM]: Yes you are darling.
jamie[9:10:49 PM]: I won't bother going over "open" wanted ads today since we have the purge and remewal tasks coming up; but the good news is that for next plot meeting we'll have a great platform to work from.
Crafty[9:10:49 PM]: Never doubted it.
Dany[8:11:05 PM]: YAY!
jamie[9:11:11 PM]: Onto the next topic...
jamie[9:11:15 PM]: TOPIC: News & Announcements
jamie[9:11:19 PM]: I kinda went backwards <.<
jamie[9:11:21 PM]: Whoops!
Dany[8:11:36 PM]: You've thrown off the whole meeting! We must start over
Kri[9:11:34 PM]: -holds up N&A sign and sings theme music-
Dani[9:11:43 PM]: no worries -- you didn't have an 'official by the books' schedule
jamie[9:11:49 PM]: New Features Announcement Meeting:,614.0.html
jamie[9:12:18 PM]: This is tentatively planned for the 15th and more information will be forthcoming.
Kri[9:12:31 PM]: Hokay
Dany[8:12:38 PM]: cool
Day[9:13:12 PM]: *smells food cooking*
Crafty[9:13:21 PM]: Interesting.
Dany[8:13:25 PM]: >.>
jamie[9:13:22 PM]: I think it's a nifty new feature that I'm proud to roll out. I will say that I plan to utilize the full hour though not all of it will be for announcing the feature.. we'll do a "how to" scenario and spend some time going over it.
jamie[9:13:29 PM]: Participation points will be awarded so make sure to join
Dany[8:13:41 PM]: ooooh
jamie[9:13:38 PM]: *stirs her pot and looks innocent*
Kri[9:13:43 PM]: Aye Aye Capt'n
Blue[9:13:45 PM]: (returns)
Dany[8:14:02 PM]: wb, Blue
Crafty[9:13:58 PM]: *is now hungry*
jamie[9:14:17 PM]: Kinda funny.. on the Captn' thought.. one of my nick names as a kid was "Admiral" because I was the group leader and very water oriented..
Dany[8:14:30 PM]: LOL
Dany[8:14:39 PM]: That's the coolest nickname ever
jamie[9:14:48 PM]: I'm quite fond of it
Day[9:15:04 PM]:
Dany[8:15:09 PM]: -jealous-
jamie[9:15:17 PM]: Announcement & News: Book Club meeting has been scheduled for 1/10.. a little over a week away
jamie[9:15:33 PM]: I'm behind on reading it personally (boo Holidays) but hoping that people are having more luck than I.
jamie[9:15:41 PM]: The book is "Luck in the Shadows" by Lynn Flewelling
Dany[8:15:59 PM]: Nope. Completely forgot. I'll crank that out as soon as people at my hotel stop tormenting me. lol
Crafty[9:16:43 PM]: I'll see if I can get my hands on it, but unless my library has it I don't think I can make it.
Kri[9:16:53 PM]: -poofs to play child slave-
Dany[8:17:00 PM]: digital copy?
Dani[9:17:16 PM]: Send me an email Crafty at (those in need may do so as well)
Crafty[9:17:31 PM]: Ok
Dani[9:19:58 PM]: Sorry, chat room must have went funky.
Dani[9:20:06 PM]: Jamie indicated over IM that I am up... on that note.
Dany[8:20:11 PM]: -crickets-
Dani[9:20:14 PM]: Bold
Crafty[9:20:25 PM]: I was gonna say...
Sinda[9:20:29 PM]: o.o!
Dani[9:20:45 PM]: I would like to start out with introductions and before hand we have done a round robin style that usually takes extra long
Dani[9:20:50 PM]: tonight, we will do a free for all
Dani[9:21:18 PM]: Give us your name, how you are doing today, and the thing you most have enjoyed about the holidays (a gift, time off, what you will). EVERYONE GO! ^^
jamie[9:21:42 PM]: I'm back
jamie[9:21:47 PM]: Sorry.. mom came home.
jamie[9:21:59 PM]: From her trip to FL <.<
Dani[9:22:18 PM]: I am Dani -- working on not being sick :: cough :: and my favorite gift for the holiday is a white elephant gift we gave at my Dad's and is a 14in pool shark that inflates and is able to squirt water (specifically at Puppies. muwhahah)
Dany[8:22:36 PM]: LOL
Crafty[9:22:50 PM]: My name is Crafty, I'm doing pretty good, and my favorite part of the holidays was the lack of papers I had to write.
Sinda[9:22:53 PM]: My name is Sinda...idk how i'm doing today...i enjoyed y video camera that i got
Sinda[9:23:02 PM]: awww dani...poor puppies!!!
Dany[8:23:10 PM]: I am the Dany- I am super flustered and uncomfortable.... My favorite gift was my Nook.
Blue[9:23:08 PM]: Hi I'm Blue. I'm doing pretty awesome today - I've spent most of the day playing a video game with my brother which has been awesome! And I loved the holidays this year. I loved spending the time with my family, and I got some comfy pajamas that are my favorite ^^
Dani[9:23:20 PM]: Pfft. They love it Sinda.... or at least I pretend they do!
Crafty[9:24:29 PM]: What kind of puppies are we talking about?
Dani[9:24:48 PM]: A newfoundland mix and a german shorthair pointer. After the meet remind me and i'll find pics
Dany[8:25:13 PM]: They're awesome
Sinda[9:25:21 PM]: lol!! i still sympathize with the puppies
Dani[9:25:45 PM]: Anyone else wish to introduce? I'll give another minute ^^
Kri[9:26:22 PM]: adjbcn
Kri[9:26:31 PM]: -is no longer a child slave-
Dani[9:26:56 PM]: O.o what, you are 18?!  I can't believe it. :: orders a sammich from Kri ::
Dany[8:27:15 PM]: lol
Kri[9:27:16 PM]: I'm Kri! I'm doing well and my favorite part waaaassss.......
Kri[9:27:23 PM]: -gets sammich-
Kri[9:27:30 PM]: -delivers-
Kri[9:27:41 PM]: Getting a new bow ^.^
Crafty[9:27:43 PM]: That was fast.
Dany[8:27:49 PM]: ooooooh.
Kri[9:27:50 PM]: Like one you play with, not one that goes in your hair
Dany[8:28:08 PM]: Play with? For an instrument or for firing sharp projectiles?
Sinda[9:28:05 PM]: what do you play?
Dani[9:28:13 PM]: Did you shoot moving targets Kri??
Kri[9:28:22 PM]: I play the viola!
Kri[9:28:24 PM]: >.<
Dany[8:28:36 PM]: YES! GO KRI! -high five-
Crafty[9:28:33 PM]: Do you hunt?
Kri[9:28:51 PM]:
Sinda[9:29:02 PM]: AWESOME!! i played the violin! -loves other people who play string insterments-
Kri[9:29:03 PM]: I'm a vegetarian, so no ^.^
jamie[9:29:10 PM]: Aaand I'm back for real now
Kri[9:29:11 PM]: -licks-
Crafty[9:29:14 PM]: Oi, that's much better than hunting. 
Kri[9:29:19 PM]: I'm glad you know what I play!
Dani[9:29:48 PM]: Ok, now we will do a brief run down of Territory Updates -- at least for those plot leaders available. Going in terms of order on the board we would come to Jamie in Challiot
Dani[9:30:09 PM]: (Blue you will be next if you wish to get in a Dena Nehele mood)
Blue[9:30:28 PM]: Thanks ;D
jamie[9:31:16 PM]: Chaillot.. is a little too quiet right now for my tastes.. so I'm looking for people interested in spicing it up and adding a little flavor. Our plot centers around 2 big key areas. The first being the creation of the Dark Haven (looking for Black Widows, both good and evil, and patients both good and tortured)
jamie[9:31:27 PM]: The other is the Landen merchant plot.. currently it's with me and White.
jamie[9:31:36 PM]: For more information on either o those plots please ping me by messeger, PM or email.
jamie[9:31:37 PM]: Next.
Dani[9:31:51 PM]: Blue with Dena Nehele
Blue[9:32:04 PM]: Well, firstly, thank you for voting in my territory petition on Dena Nehele ^^;
Dani[9:32:31 PM]: next is me with Raej (light on Plot Leaders tonight -- if time we will run down basic plots going on in those Territories who's rulers are busy)
Blue[9:33:25 PM]: I'm so excited! But there are so many places to plug into play here. We have the guilds which are starting to emerge from the woodworks, and also the upper Aristo who think they are holding all the power. There are plenty of court positions as well as play room in the guilds. And I'm also looking for a High Priestess.
jamie[9:33:43 PM]: Myos is the best guild, btw.
Tal Has entered the room
Kri[9:33:52 PM]: LIE
Tal[9:33:56 PM]: Hello!
Kri[9:33:57 PM]: Shaos owns
Kri[9:34:03 PM]: Hiya Tal!
Blue[9:34:04 PM]: (and a conclave of priestesses)
Day[9:34:08 PM]: guilds? o0oh
Blue[9:34:19 PM]: -cough- neither of them are biased, I assure you.
Tal[9:34:26 PM]: I realize I'm slightly late...
Kri[9:34:27 PM]: Join the Shaos guild, we are awesome and do cool spy things
jamie[9:34:27 PM]: Myos could slaughter the Shaos in their sleep, pfft.
Dany[8:34:34 PM]: -sweat drop- I just got ambushed o.O
Crafty Has exited the room
Crafty Has entered the room
Blue[9:34:51 PM]: But yes, if you're interested, I'm available on messenger as well as in PM
Kri[9:34:52 PM]: Pah! If you could FIND the Shaos!
Dany[8:35:12 PM]: I say join any guild because they're all awesome ^_^
Crafty Has exited the room
Blue[9:35:11 PM]: btw. Jacks are the coolest ;D
Crafty Has entered the room
Crafty[9:35:18 PM]: Oi, that's much better than hunting. 
Day[9:35:18 PM]: lmao
Day[9:35:31 PM]: next character maybe >.>
Dani[9:35:33 PM]: Raej is still working on getting out of its foundling stages -- setting up relationships and figuring out plots to move forward. There are a number of Court posistions still open and even a plot in the works to start a more Landen spin in Raej. (Raej is known as the fire that started the man Landen rebellion 10 years previous with the razing of Hylia). Should anyone of questions regarding plot openings just IM/PM me, ^^ (Typed this while Blue went.)
Dani[9:35:39 PM]: Next is Jamie in Dharo <3
Dani[9:36:03 PM]: Pfft. Mr. Husband Gavril needs more aristos to be snobbish with in Dena Nehele. Stupid Guilds... so uppity
Kri[9:36:16 PM]: >.<
Dany[8:36:25 PM]: Toby needs someone to get rid of Mr. Nancy Husband
Blue[9:36:36 PM]: mmmm... Gavril. -drools a little-
Crafty[9:36:38 PM]: Dena Nehele is very tempting right now. >.<
Day[9:36:41 PM]: *blinks*
Dany[8:36:50 PM]: It's fun!
Kri[9:36:50 PM]: Always
Day[9:36:52 PM]: i love that name ...
Blue[9:37:03 PM]: It's a fun place to be ;D
Dani[9:37:08 PM]: pfft. Gavril needs someone to get rid of Mr. Crazy Stewardpants
Dany[8:37:19 PM]: It's the soap opera of the board
Dany[8:37:29 PM]: If a bear can't kill him, NO ONE CAN!
Kri[9:37:27 PM]: -raises hand- I'll do it!
Crafty[9:37:34 PM]: Well there appears to be a collective of assassins in the area...
Kri[9:37:40 PM]: -growls like a bear-
Day[9:37:44 PM]: lol XD
Kri[9:37:51 PM]: -coughs- Spies -cough-
Dany[8:38:07 PM]: Next thing you know there will be a stuffed Kri next to the stuffed bear in Toby's office
jamie[9:38:06 PM]: Dharo is in full swing, we've had a busy few months getting some of the major plot iniatives off the ground. Dirk is out in full effect (and congrats on the COTM again) and has been raining chaos upon the Court as if that were his job. Alora has returned to neutralize Dirk's chaos and in turn has brought a small sandstorm along in her wake. There's a lot of room in the plot for additional supporters to the Queen Rheava, or Dirk and Savenna, or even third party individuals. Would love to talk plot if anyone is interested.
Dany[8:38:42 PM]: Savenna needs supporters!
Kri[9:38:51 PM]: ^.^
Blue[9:38:56 PM]: Dirk would LOOOOOVE to play with you ;D
jamie[9:38:58 PM]: Savenna needs a swift boot in the rear
Dani[9:39:00 PM]: (Jamie is up again with Scelt, then we will run through the other Territories).
Dani[9:39:05 PM]: Savenna has Dirk
Crafty[9:39:08 PM]: I'm gonna try to get Carter up and running sometime next month, but i'm not sure what schools going to be like.
Dany[8:39:23 PM]: And that's it... she needs more friends. lol
Dani[9:39:37 PM]: No worries Crafty <3
Dany[8:39:56 PM]: Um... Dany will be back in a minute... -scurries-
jamie[9:39:52 PM]: I can't wait to see Carter!
Dani[9:39:55 PM]: We are not a board that will rush you when we realize life is what it is... Life! <3
jamie[9:39:57 PM]: Scelt..
Dani[9:40:12 PM]: good riddance Dany... er... hurry back? hehe
Kri[9:40:17 PM]: Scelty Scelt Scelt
Dany[8:40:49 PM]: -scurries back in- Had an issue with pool towels... Dany can die now...
SR Has entered the room
Crafty[9:41:04 PM]: All those pretty red heads.
Blue[9:41:17 PM]: -snickers at Dany-
Kri[9:41:22 PM]: Hiya Capt'n SR!
Dany[8:41:30 PM]: -flips off Blue-
Dany[8:41:32 PM]: lol
Kri[9:41:29 PM]: I like gingers
jamie[9:41:31 PM]: Scelt is steady right now with its plottage. The Queen continues to be burdened by her own inability to act against Eirne Sheane and her trouble makers.. and in the meantime the standards of the Court of Scelt, in running themselves ragged, have upped a notch. There has been a very public falling out between Loreniel and her grandmother which has become talk of the Territory and lots of other goodies going on. As always I would love to have more people here.. plenty of adoptables.. and plenty of room for everything. And our upcoming plot arcs should be spectacular.. Blue and I have cooked up something to cross into Dharo for a bit.
Kri[9:41:36 PM]: -gasp- Put that away!
jamie[9:41:41 PM]: Welcome SR!
Dani[9:41:52 PM]: Hey SR <3
jamie is a ginger
SR[9:42:01 PM]: *drops in* I have no idea what time it is in EDT but I think I'm late, sorry ;__;
Dany[8:42:09 PM]: Dany is too
Kri[9:42:03 PM]: I is too!
Crafty[9:42:17 PM]: Hi SR
Kri[9:42:21 PM]: It's 9:42, so no worries
SR[9:42:29 PM]: *stares at the ginger taint with mild horror*
Kri[9:42:42 PM]: -has no soul-
Dany[8:42:49 PM]: that sounded more wrong than it was. lol
Dani[9:43:04 PM]: LOL. it is highly amusing though
Day[9:43:17 PM]: *blinks*
Dany[8:43:37 PM]: Is it wrong to start drinking on the job? lol
Dany[8:43:46 PM]: Because I need a martini
Kri[9:43:49 PM]: Am I the only one squinting to see the difference between Dani Dany and Day?
Crafty[9:43:52 PM]: Depends on the job.
SR[9:44:01 PM]: Nope Kri...
Kri[9:44:06 PM]: It's always okay! -says the musician-
Dani[9:44:07 PM]: Now for your viewing pleasure, Jamie and I will tag team the remaining Territories. I will start With Askavi, T and Jamie can do Hayll
jamie[9:44:18 PM]: Deal
Day[9:44:31 PM]: i'm not, i'm only squinting to see the dif. between Dani and Dany
Kri[9:44:37 PM]: -grabs popcorn-
Kri[9:44:44 PM]: -___-
Dany[8:44:58 PM]: Should I change my name to The Dany to make it easier? lol
Crafty[9:44:54 PM]: Hayll <3
Day[9:44:57 PM]: *listens up*
jamie[9:45:09 PM]: Hayll remains constant; we have the aging Queen who will die of something as sinister as old age.. and the Black Widows and Priestesses are on opposite ends of a fight to be top advisors to the future Queen. This fight has turned sinister and dark and I suspect it should have a big boom. This Territory is open for Succession.
Kri[9:45:11 PM]: >.>
Dani[9:45:22 PM]: Askavi, T is ruled by the Black Warlord Prince Endevar and while powerful he is young and still fighting against a Terriority of long lived who see the 65 year old as little more than a child. Bowie, the player, has been on the look out for supporters, detractors and those in the middle.
jamie[9:45:55 PM]: (BTW.. the Priestesses are the team to side with.. Team Priestess FTW)
Dany[8:46:08 PM]: GO TEAM PRIESTESS!
Dani[9:46:03 PM]: Next up is Pruul for me, Shalador for Jamie
Blue[9:46:20 PM]: Detractors can play with my Altiar ;D
SR[9:46:21 PM]: *feels like she should be taking notes*
Crafty[9:46:25 PM]: GO TEAM MONEY!
Day[9:46:56 PM]: food's done, poke me when Askavi, K comes up
Kri[9:46:59 PM]: Meh
jamie[9:47:14 PM]: Shalador has recently been adopted by White in the form of the ruling High Priestess Rian. It's a Territory that is coming to grips with it's lack of Queen and are growing comfortable with their ruling Priestess. Hopoefully we'll see some great plottage coming from White in weeks to come. The T can use both supporters and detractors for the Priestess.. supporters can have faith in her Gray or in the fact that it's a non Queen ruler, anything you can come up with.. detractors probably would hate the fact that there is not a Queen in charge.. again.. the world is your oyster when it comes to plottage. You can contact White concerning the T.
Dany[8:47:25 PM]: um...Dany needs to vanish again...
Dani[9:47:32 PM]: Pruul is a special land burdened with no winds to make travel easier. Ruled by a Warlord Prince who has been selected by the respected and feared Black Widow Priestess, Pruul needs a Priestess Queen to lead them and none are to be found. For those intrested contact Bowie.
Dany[8:48:14 PM]: -awkward hat-
Dani[9:48:08 PM]: Next: Askavi K for me and Little Terrielle for Jamie.
Kri[9:48:29 PM]: -pokes Day-
Blue[9:48:45 PM]: -pokes Day-
jamie[9:49:06 PM]: Little Terreille is about to lose it's Queen (though I've been putting it off for a bit). The Queen will be murdered on a plot originating in Glacia and it will cause quite a bit of chaos and difficult tensions with the adjoining Territory. This is open for Succession.
Sakura Has entered the room
jamie[9:49:52 PM]: Welcome Sakura
Kri[9:49:58 PM]: Weeeeelcome!
Dani[9:49:59 PM]: Askavi K is a war torn territory, Eyriens fighting among themselves and versus the Jhinka. There has been no rest for the wicked or not in the last 185 years. The ruler with the most leverage is one Draekar Eventide (played by Erin.) He has control of the most land though his nemisis Lokevar, an Opal Prince vs. the Opal Warlord Prince, has made his difficult. For those in interest make sure to contact Erin about more opprotunities to play.
Crafty[9:50:07 PM]: Hey Sakura
Sakura[9:50:11 PM]: Sakura is here~ However late. XD
Dani[9:50:48 PM]: No worries Lady Saku <3
jamie[9:50:58 PM]: Go Team Lokevar!
Dani[9:51:54 PM]: Some may have noticed we didn't hit them all but those are places in need of rulers and not just absent rulers. Do not fret though, that doesn't bar you from playing there but keep in mind those places with plot leaders will be much more full of players than those withouth
Dani[9:52:07 PM]: Unbolding now to allow Jamie to take over yet again.
Tal[9:52:18 PM]: Did Glacia come up?
Kri[9:52:30 PM]: >.>
jamie[9:52:32 PM]: It did not.
Kri[9:52:34 PM]: Not really
Tal[9:52:35 PM]: I came in late so I'm not sure if I just missed it or no one said anything.
Kri[9:52:37 PM]: Just a mention
Kri[9:52:51 PM]: "The Queen will be murdered on a plot originating in Glacia and it will cause quite a bit of chaos and difficult tensions with the adjoining Territory."
jamie[9:52:52 PM]: no updates on Glacia at this point.
jamie[9:53:02 PM]: ^ is about LT
sera[9:53:22 PM]: *sneaks back into meeting*
Tal[9:53:22 PM]: kk
jamie[9:53:22 PM]: I have 3 more topics to address and then you'll be free to cause as much chaos as you please.
Sakura[9:53:30 PM]: Oh my~ Sounds mysterious~
Dani[9:53:42 PM]: ::snuggles in group while listening raptly::
Dany[8:53:52 PM]: yay Chaos!
Kri[9:53:53 PM]: -snuggles with-
jamie[9:53:59 PM]: TOPIC: News & Announcements
Blue Has exited the room
Blue Has entered the room
Crafty[9:54:14 PM]: *joins the snuggling*
jamie[9:54:16 PM]: To celebrate the end of 2010 we're launching an activity in January.
Dany[8:54:28 PM]: is there pie?
jamie[9:54:21 PM]: It will be the 2010 Superlatives.
Kri[9:54:28 PM]: -holds up N&A sign and sings theme music-
Tal[9:54:32 PM]: I like pie!
jamie[9:54:39 PM]: More information will be forthcoming concerning these but in short.. think about your High School yearbook superlatives.. but only better and RPG themed.
Blue Has exited the room
Dani[9:54:51 PM]: yum... pie.
jamie[9:54:56 PM]: We did them on Mother Night when we ran the board and it was a hoot
Dany[8:55:06 PM]: interesting
Kri[9:55:03 PM]: PIE!
Tal[9:55:17 PM]: I don't know what superlatives are.
Crafty[9:55:27 PM]: My school didn't have them my senior year 
Blue Has entered the room
jamie[9:55:33 PM]: One thing I'm going to be trying with my Territories is the concept of Territory Plot Meetings..
jamie[9:55:55 PM]: We'll continue with our standard monthly plot meetings but I'm also going to throw in a monthly one specific to the Territories to which I am Plot Lead.
SR[9:55:57 PM]: Most likely to succeed.... biggest slut.... best poised... etc.
Blue Has exited the room
Tal[9:56:08 PM]: ohoh
sera[9:56:12 PM]: lol
Dani[9:56:16 PM]: O.o Biggest Slut? Sounds highly offensive.
Dani[9:56:19 PM]: lol
Dany[8:56:28 PM]: ROFL!
Kri[9:56:25 PM]: I like it!
Crafty[9:56:30 PM]: That sounds really helpful!
SR[9:56:30 PM]: I couldn't think of anything good >.>
Tal[9:56:33 PM]: Yeah we didn't have that in our graduating class of 400...
jamie[9:56:35 PM]: <.<
Dany[8:56:41 PM]: Most likely to stab a teacher
Dany[8:56:42 PM]: win
jamie[9:56:39 PM]: I nominate Zienna :X
Kri[9:56:45 PM]: We had several
Kri[9:56:52 PM]: It was called the senior class
Dany[8:57:16 PM]: I don't think my school did that. IF they did, they forgot about me. lol.
jamie[9:57:17 PM]: And one more thing..
Kri[9:57:26 PM]: Haha
jamie[9:57:44 PM]: Inactivity Policy took affect 4 months ago.. which means that at the end of December we'll have our first round of deactivations.
SR[9:57:45 PM]: We never had them either. Or yearbooks for that matter XD
jamie[9:57:52 PM]: I sent out my warnings at the beginning of the month.
Crafty[9:57:58 PM]: Mine was going to, but didn't after people on the newspaper started cheating.
Kri[9:58:01 PM]: Oooo
Dany[8:58:04 PM]:
jamie[9:58:07 PM]: But if you want me to message you what characters of your's may be in jeopardy let me know now.
Crafty[9:58:32 PM]: Did you send them through PM or email?
jamie[9:58:41 PM]: PM
Sakura[9:58:43 PM]: -taking notes- Mmm gotta get on some stuff tomorrow -nods-
jamie[9:58:51 PM]: Crafty- you don't have any.
Crafty[9:58:59 PM]: Thanks.
jamie[9:59:03 PM]: Sakura- do you need a reminder?
Blue Has entered the room
Sakura[9:59:42 PM]: I do believe I do. I remember one on said list but yeah other than that nope
jamie[9:59:56 PM]: I'll send those to you
jamie[10:00:06 PM]: That's it from me for tonight. Does anyone have questions or additional topics to discuss?
Dany[9:00:16 PM]: nope
jamie[10:00:17 PM]: Sakura- are you on a messenger?
Sakura[10:00:22 PM]: Nope~
Dani[10:00:31 PM]: OMG! IT ONLY TOOK 1 HOUR!  haha, man, we usually run late <3
jamie[10:00:32 PM]: Do you want me to PM?
Dany[9:00:45 PM]: LOL!
Dany[9:00:48 PM]: Amazing!
jamie[10:00:42 PM]: Exactly an hour <.<
Sakura[10:00:43 PM]: My AIM is signed on, my msn is being wonky
Dani[10:00:48 PM]: sorry about the all caps... belatedly a bad idea. lol
Blue[10:00:49 PM]: Yay
jamie[10:00:51 PM]: Thanks are owed to Dani for coming up with ways to speed us along.
jamie[10:00:55 PM]: Well.. to speed ME along <.<
Dany[9:01:12 PM]: Damn you, Dani. I enjoy long meetings
Dany[9:01:13 PM]: lol
Dani[10:01:06 PM]: :: bows all around ::
Dani[10:01:20 PM]: <3 Jamie. your lovely if slow :: kids ::
Crafty Has exited the room
Crafty Has entered the room
SR[10:01:39 PM]: Would've been better if you'd been running late, I wouldn't have missed 90% of it >.>
jamie[10:01:44 PM]: *tears*
Dany[9:01:50 PM]: ROFL!
Dany[9:01:56 PM]: Run through it again!
jamie[10:01:54 PM]: I'm still thrilled you could make it SR!
Kri[10:01:55 PM]: Awwww
Crafty Has exited the room
Kri[10:02:09 PM]: -cough-
SR[10:02:10 PM]: Yes! Do it again!
Kri[10:02:10 PM]: erm
SR[10:02:15 PM]: I bet you can do it in 40 minutes this time >.>
Dany[9:02:27 PM]: and backwards!
Kri[10:02:27 PM]: >.<
SR[10:02:28 PM]: Yes!
Day[10:02:39 PM]: and sideways!
Day[10:02:42 PM]: >.>
Dany[9:02:50 PM]: while on your head!
SR[10:02:57 PM]: Or you know.... post a transcript/clip notes somewhere *cough* Which would be the sane thing to do.
Dany[9:03:05 PM]: with a mouth full of potatoes!
Day[10:03:02 PM]: and rubbing your tummy!
Tal[10:03:06 PM]: We're not still talking about plot meetings, are we?
Sakura[10:03:10 PM]: XD The chaos has begun?
Dany[9:03:17 PM]: lol
Kri[10:03:17 PM]: While playing the piano with your toes
Dany[9:03:26 PM]: I can do that, if you'd like SR
Day[10:03:28 PM]: i missed Askavi, K didn't i?
sera Has exited the room
Dany[9:03:40 PM]: Nope. There's no such place
Dany[9:03:41 PM]: lol
Tal[10:03:39 PM]: This is starting to sound like something the Cat in the Hat is going to do.
SR[10:03:43 PM]: I would appreciate it! And I know Bexx would too, seeing how she's currently hard at work xD
Dany[9:03:58 PM]: I'm sure we could do a copy and paste
Dany[9:04:00 PM]: Since it's short
Sinda[10:03:59 PM]: if i'm not needed and the plot meet is done i'm going to poof from here
Kri[10:04:17 PM]: Askavi K is a war torn territory, Eyriens fighting among themselves and versus the Jhinka. There has been no rest for the wicked or not in the last 185 years. The ruler with the most leverage is one Draekar Eventide (played by Erin.) He has control of the most land though his nemisis Lokevar, an Opal Prince vs. the Opal Warlord Prince, has made his difficult. For those in interest make sure to contact Erin about more opprotunities to play.
Sakura[10:04:20 PM]: Bye Sinda~
Kri[10:04:31 PM]: Bye darlin
Blue[10:04:33 PM]: Bye Sinda! ^_^
Tal[10:04:35 PM]: I gotta go too. Thanks for reminding me! Later guys!
Kri[10:04:47 PM]: Bye Tal
Blue[10:05:00 PM]: Bye Tal! ^_^
Tal Has exited the room
Sinda Has exited the room
Day[10:05:32 PM]: so I needs to hunt down erin
Kri[10:05:40 PM]: Who's Erin?
Kri[10:05:49 PM]: Is this another one of Jamie's imaginary friends?
Dany[9:05:58 PM]: LOL
Kri[10:05:52 PM]: Like Gina?
Dany[9:06:08 PM]: Sending PMs is the easiest way to get a hold of people
Dany[9:06:11 PM]: Gina's real!
Day[10:06:12 PM]: *blinks* there is not Erin?
Sakura[10:06:19 PM]: Gina and Erin are very very real~
Kri[10:06:28 PM]: Pah
Blue[10:06:32 PM]: Erin is the plot leader for Askavi, K
Kri[10:06:33 PM]: Lie
Sakura[10:06:44 PM]: I tell no lies~
Dani[10:06:58 PM]: LOL. you've seen Gina in the cbox Kri, stop your lies!
Kri[10:07:06 PM]: >.>
Kri[10:07:07 PM]: <.<
Kri[10:07:10 PM]: Curse you
Day[10:07:14 PM]: *blinketh*
Blue[10:07:17 PM]: You can find her on the member list, Day ^^
Kri[10:07:24 PM]: That could have easily been Jamie
Day[10:07:26 PM]: lol
Kri[10:07:38 PM]: I'm tellin you
Kri[10:07:45 PM]: Imaginary Friends
Dany[9:07:50 PM]: CONSPIRACY!
Kri[10:07:47 PM]: Bowie is real
Kri[10:07:55 PM]: But I'm worried about "Dani"
SR[10:07:57 PM]: I'm not real....
Kri[10:08:01 PM]: I think she's one of THEM
jamie[10:08:01 PM]: O_o
SR[10:08:03 PM]: I'm a communal figment of your imaginations.
Kri[10:08:08 PM]: -points-
Dany[9:08:14 PM]: It's true
Kri[10:08:12 PM]: I knew it!
jamie[10:08:18 PM]: Who am I?
Kri[10:08:24 PM]: You are Jamie
Dany[9:08:31 PM]: Just Jamie. The master of puppets
Kri[10:08:27 PM]: Creator of all
SR[10:08:28 PM]: A well spoken potatoe...
SR[10:08:32 PM]: Oh... or that.
Kri[10:08:40 PM]: Hahaha
SR[10:08:49 PM]: That was my second choice.
jamie[10:08:50 PM]: :: cocks eyebrow ::
Dany[9:08:55 PM]: Dancer of dances
Kri[10:08:55 PM]: I want orange juice....
Dany[9:09:00 PM]: speaker of tongues!
Day[10:08:59 PM]: *snorts*
Kri[10:09:04 PM]: Can you be orange juice?
Kri[10:09:14 PM]: Jamie the Orange Juice?
jamie[10:09:16 PM]: I am Jamie.. exhausted overworked workaholic.. I'm thinking it's bedtime.
Dany[9:09:19 PM]: YES she can!
Kri[10:09:31 PM]: Does Jamie the OJ need sleep?
SR[10:09:58 PM]: Bedtime? What is this "bedtime" thing you speak of?
Day Has exited the room
Dany[9:10:22 PM]: its' that time of day where you pass out and then you wake up and it's "tomorrow"
Sakura[10:10:23 PM]: Sleep is for the weak!
Kri[10:10:25 PM]: -whispers to- It means she's gonna turn into one of THEM
SR[10:10:28 PM]: I was led to believe it was a thing of legend and myth, gone extinct long ago...
jamie[10:10:46 PM]: Not for this girl.. sleep is my best friend and I am going to embrace it.
Crafty Has entered the room
jamie[10:10:56 PM]: SR; thrilled to see you join us! Can't wait to see you write.
Crafty[10:10:57 PM]: Thanks.
Dani[10:11:00 PM]: Yay for sleep. take it while you can <3
jamie[10:11:03 PM]: The rest of you.. well.. you're old news.. yawn.
Dany[9:11:12 PM]: Beer and the pool area are currently my best friend
Kri[10:11:10 PM]: -cries-
Kri[10:11:18 PM]: I use to be the shiny new toy!
Kri[10:11:26 PM]: -bawls-
Dany[9:11:34 PM]: Then we learned that you're defective!
Blue[10:11:30 PM]: I will never be old news >.>
jamie[10:11:31 PM]: You're now an old abused and broken toy.
Sakura[10:11:33 PM]: -pats Kri- It's okay. It's okay
Crafty[10:11:35 PM]: Sorry, my computer hates the chat >.<
jamie[10:11:35 PM]: That's how all the best ones end up.
SR[10:11:40 PM]: You should probably lower your expectations in advance Jamie <.<
jamie[10:11:48 PM]: I'm pretty sure that Blue is missing an eye and an arm and has chew marks.
Dany[9:12:03 PM]: She's also missing half her stuffing
jamie[10:12:02 PM]: From all the love I gave her as a new toy
Kri[10:12:02 PM]: -sniffles-
Kri[10:12:07 PM]: I liked being Shiny
Dany[9:12:16 PM]: I arrived broken and awkward. lol
Blue[10:12:15 PM]: >.> Jamie is holding my eye and arm for ransom
Kri[10:12:16 PM]: -pouts-
jamie[10:12:21 PM]: No one remains shiny for long around me ::eyes SR's shine and plots::
Dany[9:12:33 PM]: -spit shines Kri-
Kri[10:12:35 PM]: -wails-
SR[10:12:39 PM]: *flexes shiny rippling muscle*
Kri[10:12:42 PM]: -looks at tummy-
Kri[10:12:49 PM]: Am I shiny again?
Dani[10:12:56 PM]: Yay! Shine! ^^
Dany[9:13:03 PM]: I think I made it worse
Kri[10:12:56 PM]: Should I leave and come back in a few months?
Dany[9:13:09 PM]: LOL
Kri[10:13:02 PM]: So I can be new again?
Dany[9:13:13 PM]: That won't work
Crafty[10:13:10 PM]: You are always shiny Kri!
SR[10:13:11 PM]: You guys won't break me. *cocky*
Dany[9:13:25 PM]: unless you get a new face... like Nicholas Cage in Face Off
jamie[10:13:26 PM]: ::nibbles on SR::
Kri[10:13:30 PM]: -sucks thumb-
Sakura[10:13:32 PM]: >.> Good thing I got here broken and battered then.
Dany[9:13:47 PM]: Don't say that, SR.
Kri[10:13:42 PM]: -cuddles with blankie-
jamie[10:13:58 PM]: I love tormenting you all ::sighs with delight::
Dany[9:14:12 PM]: Tis truth!
Kri[10:14:08 PM]: -wails-
SR[10:14:12 PM]: Why not? Maybe I like the abuse... *eyebrow waggle*
Dany[9:14:24 PM]: -gives Kri cookie-
Dany[9:14:35 PM]: We're going to be fast friends then.
Kri[10:14:39 PM]: -sniffs-
Kri[10:14:42 PM]: -eats cookie-
Kri[10:14:46 PM]: -clings to-
Crafty[10:14:48 PM]: I'm headin' out. See you guys later.
Dany[9:14:54 PM]: -pats-
Kri[10:14:58 PM]: -waves-
SR[10:14:59 PM]: It's okay Kri, you can play with me and you'll be shiny by proxy <3
Sakura[10:15:04 PM]: Bye Crafty~
jamie[10:15:05 PM]: SR is challenging me... ::eyes:: Bed or rising to the challenge?
jamie[10:15:10 PM]: Later Crafty <3
Dany[9:15:17 PM]: Bed... then rise to challenge
SR[10:15:18 PM]: *baits Jamie more*
Dani[10:15:25 PM]: Night Dear <3 I am going to be off as well. (fighitng the sick thing)
SR[10:15:28 PM]: *pours buckets of newbe chum in the waters*
Crafty Has exited the room
Kri[10:15:33 PM]: -shows off shiny tummy-
Blue[10:15:36 PM]: -waves to Crafty-
Kri[10:15:42 PM]: -licks Dani-
Blue[10:15:47 PM]: -hugs Dani and waves-
Dany[9:15:59 PM]: bai, Dani!
jamie[10:16:03 PM]: Participation poiints have been awarded and the bank updated.
Sakura[10:16:22 PM]: Night to all those leaving~
SR[10:16:24 PM]: I'll never understand this point system ;__;
jamie[10:16:30 PM]: :: pokes the newbie :: I should always save room for dessert.. but maybe I torment later <.< Make you cringe in anticipation.
Sakura[10:16:37 PM]: -snugs SR- You'll learn it eventually~
Dany[9:16:55 PM]: I always hear the word "anticipation" in Frankenfurter's voice
Kri[10:16:56 PM]: I do not have points -sniffles-
jamie[10:16:56 PM]: You earn points for participating in events or writing.. the more you write the more points you get.. with those poiints yo ucan purchase yourself shinies in the shop.. such things as a Dark Jewel roll.
SR[10:17:02 PM]: Cringe? Psha... I'll believe all this talk of torment when I see it...
jamie[10:17:05 PM]: That was intentional, Dany
Dany[9:17:10 PM]: or save them for auctions!
Dany[9:17:26 PM]: lol
jamie[10:17:22 PM]: I don't anticipate having another Charity auction until next year
Dany[9:17:37 PM]: SAVE! SAVE! lol
jamie[10:17:37 PM]: But if that's the thought.. then save them for auctions <.<
Dany[9:17:46 PM]: Maybe I'll have more than 200 points by then?
jamie[10:17:44 PM]: It's worth it.. as we discovered.
Dany[9:17:58 PM]: I have a year to save up virgins
jamie[10:17:52 PM]: I'm also a very expensive whore <.<
Kri[10:18:00 PM]: Erm
Kri[10:18:03 PM]: Jamie...
Kri[10:18:07 PM]: I has no points
Kri[10:18:10 PM]: -bawls-
jamie[10:18:10 PM]: Are you planning to bribe White?
SR[10:18:13 PM]: I'll just be the little kid in the candy store going "I have this much monnies, how many jawbreakers does that buy me and how much chocolate?! =D"
jamie[10:18:15 PM]: Oh! Sorry Kri
Dany[9:18:34 PM]: With Virgins? Possibly
jamie[10:18:28 PM]: Then I'll jip you and steal your moneies
Kri[10:18:34 PM]: -cries-
Blue[10:18:43 PM]: Yes, Jamie is expensive >.>
SR[10:18:47 PM]: That's okay, as long as you don't let me know.
SR[10:19:00 PM]: Ignorance is bliss...
Dany[9:19:05 PM]: I also have a hotel full of beef cakes... but White didn't want them. Anyone else can have some if they want.
Dany[9:19:05 PM]: lol
jamie[10:19:13 PM]: Kri; it's fixed.
jamie[10:19:33 PM]: White does have a husband.. I doubt he'd like the idea of beefcakes.
Dany[9:19:41 PM]: Except the one I dubbed Toby- he's mine
jamie[10:19:44 PM]: And on that note.. I think it's past my bedtime.
Dany[9:19:54 PM]: g'nights!
jamie[10:19:50 PM]: Loves on you all.
Sakura[10:19:58 PM]: Night night Jamie~
Kri[10:20:00 PM]: Night
jamie Has exited the room
Kri[10:21:14 PM]: -pouts-
SR[10:21:29 PM]: *listens to the crickets*
Sakura[10:21:38 PM]: -tosses random shiny object out-
Dany[9:21:46 PM]: I need everyone to be quiet for a second so I can copy the chat
Dany[9:21:51 PM]: starting now...
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Re: Plot Meet: Tuesday December 28th at 9pm EST
« Reply #2 on: Dec 29, 10, 12:19:00 PM »
I'm real! I'm real!  I'm just bogged by teaching, travel, and baby! LOL  Thanks for posting this! It's a great help since I keep somehow missing these meetings. :(