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Author Topic: Plot Meet: Sunday, January 8 at 8pm EST  (Read 1557 times)


Offline Jamie

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Plot Meet: Sunday, January 8 at 8pm EST
« on: Dec 26, 11, 07:45:21 PM »
Plot Meet
Sunday, January 8th, 8pm EST

Joining the Meeting

  • Go to: OR Click the "Chat" button at the top of the board.
  • Login to your Account (you will automatically log in if you are logged into the board).
  • Enjoy the plot meet!

The Agenda

If you have an item you wish to have added to the agenda please reply to this thread and we will include the topic point.

  • Open Territories and Succession Info (Chaillot, Dhemlan T, Askavi K, Askavi T)
  • General Questions from the Crowd and Feedback Solicitation
  • Territory Updates & Plot Discussion:

Please feel free to RSVP to the Plot Meet by replying to this thread. We're also open to accepting new Agenda items and suggestions.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone

Offline Lene

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Re: Plot Meet: Sunday, January 8 at 8pm EST
« Reply #1 on: Dec 26, 11, 11:02:58 PM »
I will so be there, especially since I have a particular interest in an open Territory.

Offline Jamie

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Re: Plot Meet: Sunday, January 8 at 8pm EST
« Reply #2 on: Jan 08, 12, 08:36:20 PM »
Here are the notes from our discussions tonight..

Dani stole the hosting reigns from me <.<


Territories still up for succession: Challiot, Dhemlan, Askavi K. Askavi T is technically available until Tomorrow, Jan 9th at 10pm EST should anyone submit a competing application. After that the petition goes into the hands of the HBC.

Basic petitioning info for those who may have forgotten You must have been a member for 2 months and have a total of 10 posts. Any questions about the standing plot in the territories or concerns can be addressed to the staff by emailing

For the full run down of petitioning see this thread:


Make sure to look at superlatives and think back to the whole year. Even new members are welcomed to nominate. Look around, check out some threads and throw in your 2 cents.


* Dena Nehele, update by Blue

Basically - the guilds are plotting to kidnap the Queen out from under the Consort and Darcia's father - meanwhile some players in the game have their own agendas.

Everyone is getting mixed up into the action. Darcia is still sitting unknowingly in the center of the entire web of politics and shady dealings. If you'd like to be involved in the upcoming fun, please contact me or any one of my players (as they all feel free to plot away and throw in some curves).

* Raej, update by Dani

The highlight of the current plot is the murder of a Jeweless Blood family with Landens taking the blame. The whole Territory is holding its breath as this is the single most significant Landen – Blood confrontation since the previous Queen destroyed a Blood village and was later killed by Landens.

This means that players can react to this event, hear rumors and even particapte. To particapte please reach out to me. 

 In Raej I am still looking for a major player, Odji’s nephew. He is a Blood Opal to Sapphire Priest Prince. He requires a dual male petition though not fully trained so only members with 4 characters at 10 posts each can apply. Odji’s Mother is available and the Snakes of the Sand are still looking for their own adversary. (To apply for the Snake’s antagonist see Blue or Dany.)

* Glacia, update by Tal

 Triple casted Queen Elisif is making subtle moves around the territory. Everyone needs to make characters to get involved in the drama that will happen when Isyviel’s court breaks and Elisif is made Queen. The Light Jeweled are going to majorly suffer in the coming months and any Nharkavan rebellion will be SMOTHERED.

* Dharo, update by Jamie

With the help of Phedre we are currently working on further developing the Spy trade in Dharo. A ton of wanted ads went up.. sisters for the Spy Master (Rhiannon Devine), general Spy wanted ads, and a newly introduced element called the Rampart Club. Reach out to myself or Phedre if you're interested in Spies for Dharo. We're also working on developing subarcs of plot to tie in with the Court; it's about to get fun.

The overall plot of Dharo is moving along slowly with the subplots currently taking center stage. However the newly appointed ruler of Little Terreille is currently visiting the Court in Dharo and there are opportunities for open threads with people in his delegation and interaction between the two Territory Courts.

* Nharkava, update by Dani

Nharkava is still looking for players to adopt characters for the Rebellion, both Landens and Jeweled or Jeweless Blood. The Rebellion hasn’t fully started yet as I only just finished one of the leaders, one Devika Ranjana, but the Culture thread is up and giving you sexy eyes. Any questions can be fielded by me, Dani, or my co-plotter Blue. If you have an idea for a rebellion member reach out to us any time! One Council Seat remains open.

 When the rebellion starts expect to see raids planned and the slow start to seeing the dreams of equality with the Blood realized. The pending civil war appears as if it could be bloody and likely much of Kaeleer will be curious to the outcome of such political battles.

* Scelt, update by Jamie

Things are heating up behind the scenes in Scelt and if you're not already involved this is the time to jump in before Dani and I unleash an unprecedented plot to Blood Rites (gasp, shock, suspense!).

Aside from that I do have some more things in the works to release before the major big plot comes down the pipeline so keep your eyes open (and it will involve wanted ads). Blue and I are also working on a plot that will send a small Sceltic delegation to Dharo, who is suddenly the center of Kaeleerian political attention, lol.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone