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Author Topic: Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT  (Read 1689 times)


Offline Dani

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Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT
« on: Sep 30, 10, 07:50:09 PM »
The next plot meet is scheduled to be on October 11th at 9pm EDT; this is a Monday night.

Joining the Meeting

Please note that the meeting location has changed. I have installed a host based chat program on our own server to give us greater control and logging capabilities. Follow these new instructions on how to enter the room.

  • Go to:
  • Login to your Account (or Register an Account if not yet created).
    Note that these accounts are separate from our board accounts. Use your OOC Account name (or whatever you most frequently go by on the board) when registering.
  • Click on the room "Blood Rites" to join the meeting.

The Agenda

If you have an item you wish to have added to the agenda please reply to this thread and we will include the topic point.

  • Introductions
  • News and Announcements
    a. Book Club
  • Wanted Ads
  • Territory Updates
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Offline Jamie

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Re: Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT
« Reply #1 on: Sep 30, 10, 08:30:25 PM »
I will do my best to show up but it will depend on work, computer, etc.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone

Offline Dani

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Re: Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT
« Reply #2 on: Oct 11, 10, 09:44:05 PM »
Due to invasion of homework I completely forgot the plot meet. Sorry all on failure on my end.

Rescheduling to: Monday Oct 18th at 9pm EDT
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Contact me at: -email/gchat- -Discord- Dani#5222

Offline Dani

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Re: Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT
« Reply #3 on: Oct 17, 10, 11:36:26 PM »
Reminder Bump

Plot Meet is tomorrow at 9pm EDT, aka October 18th.

Go to the top of this thread for info on how to join and where. ^^

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Contact me at: -email/gchat- -Discord- Dani#5222

Offline Blue

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Re: Plot Meet: October 11th at 9pm EDT
« Reply #4 on: Oct 18, 10, 10:25:24 PM »
Plot Meeting:  October 18.

Agenda Item #1

Blue:  Hi everyone! I'm Blue. I'm currently in the midst of making lots of new characters, and I may be a little insane. Um.... I'm 22, proud dork, and addicted to Firefly. And Oreos. And Diet Dr. Pepper.  I love catching plot bunnies. /end intro. 8D

Dani:  I'm Dani, coder and RP addict. I am 23 almost 24, also an uber geek as I also play table top RPGs. My character I'm working on is a WP for Hayll who serves a Broken Queen.  I'm addicted to mello yello  *end

Sakura:  I'm Sakura, Saku or whatever you wish to call me. Just hit 18 this year and I'm the resident mental ward escapee that lurks in the cbox. I have...a number of characters spread out over a good many territories so if you ever want plottage just punt an IM my way :3  And that's about it.

Sera: I'm Sera, I'm 25, enjoy long walks on the beach... Oh, oops wrong kind of intro. I love RP, BR is my fav site. I have three characters in three different territories, always up for plottage fun too!

Sinda: I'm Sinda and I'm 23. I have numerous characters all over so feel free to contact me if you want plottage. umm yeah i think that's it...

Anna: Hello, I'm Anna. Also 22, I work over fulltime but squander away my life via internet. I'm a newbie who loves books and movies. My character is Caroline Le Croix, for whom we are waiting approval! Blue already has me plotting a second character, which does not bode well for my character limits. xD *end*

Jess: I'm Jess. I am 22. I'm a housewife. I love books and rping and plotting. that mes.

Agenda Item #2
Announcements and Reminders

- Dena Nehele is under ruler petition by the most lovely Blue.  Anyone wanting to also apply for ruler must have their application in by Friday Oct 22nd by 9pm EDT.

- Also the Book Club for September and October is ready Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, the due date (ish) is October 31st and the book meet will be scheduled for shortly afterwards.  Anyone needing to get a hold of a computer copy of the book just hit Dani up on IM.

Agenda Item #3
Wanted Ads

Jamie put up an ad a while ago looking for a former triangle for the outsted Queen in Dharo, Alora Kent.
"I essentially need anyone that would have viewed Alora as their particular Queen. Pretty open floor plan for a character here. In addition there are 3 roles that are detailed in Alora's history as being major players who had sought her out long before Dirk managed to control her. These 3 I would LOVE to have filled, 1 or all, and names/castes/jewels are negotiable. Warlord named Wulfric, witch named Alivia, Healer named Morgan"
Jamie's Wanted Ad for Alora

Unofficial Wanted Ad
Kinda a wanted ad here: Odji still has requirements for a Steward and for plot purposes I would like a Head of the Coven, a person to play against Odji and someone who doubts the full truth of the Priest Warlord Prince.
Besides that there is a lot of room in Raej, Blue herself a mistress of a harem and Bowie playing the Lord of the Slave Markets. 
See Dani if interested!

Agenda Item #4
Territory Update

Raej, a land fashioned after Egypt, is the powderkeg of Terreille that started the true Landen movement.  A town called Hylia razed and the Landens revolted, leading Raej's economy to halt and the rioting even flooded over the Territory Court and killed the Queen of Raej.  That was 10 years ago. now a Priest Warlord Prince rules Raej, his intent focused on rebuilding his people, protecting Raej and his people from the dangerous Landens. Odji Khaldun does not seen the Landens as a force to be protected, he knows with the numbers seen there will be more dead Blood before that war would be won. He cannot risk the end of the Blood. Raej is on a pericipe of danger, Landens barely at an accord with the Blood, a ruler who sees Landens as a threat and not an equals, a Territory burning under the desert sun and tempers easily flared. 

A brief introduction by Blue about the territory application
Well, Dena Nehele is a territory that has been falling apart for some time. The Aristo are exploiting the lower class Blood and Landen, while they fight amongst themselves for power.  A Queen recently took the Territory seat based on the bloodline of her family, and that of the man she married. Being young and naive, she is manipulated by her father and husband while they attempt to return to exploiting the lower class, further pulling the territory apart.  In the middle class, there are three guilds: Shaos, Myos, and Jacks are their common names - and they are run by a Guild Master, who has his hand in the affairs of the Aristo more than they would like to believe.  Meanwhile the Queen begins to realize everything is not what it seems.
Blue:  If you're interested in more thorough history, just hit me up and I can explain it to you, as well as what I will be needing if the application is accepted.

Askavi Terreille; Ruled by the feared and dreaded Black, the Warlord Prince of Askavi doesn't get a free ticket because of his Jewel. With danger on the boards and snakes in the grass, Endevar Ranosi is a man in the middle of the maelstorm.

Challiot, Terreille: Ruled by the charming and loveable Aravice Laurent, there is a twisted side to Challiot. Fear of Dark Jewels has erupted, a common thought being that these dark Jewels are incapable of staying sane. There is tensions in Challiot that are only asking to be ignited.

Hayll: A land where the Queen is dying from old age, there are three factions looking to support their own candidate, the Widows, the Priestesses and the Warlord Princes. Neither side has a winning bid yet but that hasn't stop the political fires from being set. What side would you join or none at all?

Pruul: A land seeped in tradtions lost to time in most lands, Pruul is a harsh land with no webs to ride and near endless desert. Ruled by the iron first of a Sapphire Warlord Prince, the land begs for a Queen but as dry as the desert has been as has been the Queens. Will Pruul's deserts waste away into nothingness in their desperation for a Queen to rule

Askavi Kaeeler: A band of misfits try to hold their little piece of life together, bound together by a Warlord Prince and his resolve to survive. Draekar Eventide and his Court realize they need a Queen the common Blood can believe in before they will being to piece together their Territory.

Dharo: Ruled by a Purple Dusk Queen, Rheava Evesham is on her second attempt after being disposed and broken from her Sapphire over an elborate lie. With murders going unsolved about her court it is a good question on whether Rheava can weather her second attempt to rule or if she will be killed in the process.

Scelt is ruled by a Dark Jeweled Queen but that by no means secure's her power. The previous Queen, a Purple Dusk snake, has been relentlessly trying to prove Loreniel incapable and convince the common Blood and Landens that the girl is not fit to serve Scelt when a tried and true leader like her is available. With civil war on the horizon, there is no Jewel strength that can stop rumor from breaking the foundation of a strong Queen.

For plot leads on the Territory see as follows. Askavi Kaeleer (Bowie), Challiot (Jamie), Hayll (none at the moment, see a staffer), Pruul (Bowie), Raej (Dani), Askavi Kaeleer (Erin), Dharo (Jamie), Scelt (Jamie)


Sakura has two characters she needs to set loose once school stops eating her.
A Dhemlanese BW to terrorize Chaillot and a boyo for Scelt.

Sera:  Zyanya, my slave Queen is originally from Shalador, was kidapped and raped and sold into slavery (but she is not broken) So she's pretty scared and needs a friend of two within the Raej court
 - Kathleen going to make a bit of a friend for her in the form of Rashid
 - She can always use more!

Odji can always use Court members also and even someone to lead up the Merchant Council that controls the economy for the most part in Raej

Sakura may hit up Dani about the LT plot with Jamie/Dani/Blue/Sinda

Everyone had fun at the Plot Meet and Muses started working again!