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Author Topic: Plot Meet: November 15th at 9pm EST  (Read 1343 times)


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Plot Meet: November 15th at 9pm EST
« on: Oct 22, 10, 02:19:26 PM »
The next plot meet is scheduled to be on Monday 15th at 9pm EDT; this is a Monday night.

Joining the Meeting

Please note that the meeting location has changed. I have installed a host based chat program on our own server to give us greater control and logging capabilities. Follow these new instructions on how to enter the room.

  • Go to:
  • Login to your Account (or Register an Account if not yet created).
    Note that these accounts are separate from our board accounts. Use your OOC Account name (or whatever you most frequently go by on the board) when registering.
  • Click on the room "Blood Rites" to join the meeting.

The Agenda

If you have an item you wish to have added to the agenda please reply to this thread and we will include the topic point.

  • Introductions
  • News and Announcements
  • Wanted Ads
  • Territory Updates
  • Open Territories and Succession Info

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Re: Plot Meet: November 15th at 9pm EST
« Reply #1 on: Nov 15, 10, 10:27:57 PM »
Notes are mostly quick hand but you get the picture.  PM me if you have any questions or need clarification!

Notes for BR montly meeting for NOV 10

In attendance:B

Introductions of Miranda and Crafty

News and Announcements!

1. Turkey Hunt-
-The Turkey Hunt ends on the 20th
-All five places are taken- still more bonuses to go around so keep going!

2. FB
-Officially on FB! Check us out!

3. Winter is coming
-special winter surprise in store! Keep posting and save points!

4. Dani, white, jamie will be hosting a seminar on writing conventions driven rps.
-keep checking for announcements of dates and times.
-please sign up (starts later this week)

1. open ads- Dharo- politcal opposition to Rheava
Dharo- visiting foreign ambassadors
Dharo- former first circle membrs to Alora
Dharo- First circle to Reava
Dharo- first circle bw
Dharo- adoption onf motg
Dharo- adoption of evil doer Savenna

Pruul- Tribal leaders
Pruul- members of high court of Pruul

Askavi Terreille- opposition to Endevar
Askavi T- supporters to Endevar
Askavi T- Brothers!

Hayll- Bw looking for toys and healter for patients, villians and enemies
Hayll- puppet queens
Hayll- males to seduce
Hayll- Political Warfare
Hayll- Priestesses to align with calandra

Raej- Coven Leaders
       (be sure to check the want ads)

rules for petition
-must have 2 months of consecutive activity with a minimum of 10 posts over their tenure
-writer must fill out petition and submit it officially to a member of staff
-staff will announce the territory is under review- counter petitions ahve a 2 week window
-staff will work with petitioner on plots. must have an anonymous vote with the board
--Dhemlan Terreille
--Dena Nehele (under review)
-keep in mind most are not clean slates-

Askavi T- Plot mod/ruler: Bowie
territory remains in upheaval surrounding its black jeweled wp ruler. looking for political opposition.  great characters. in need of subplot (bowie, Dani, tal, Jamie)

Chaillot- plot mod/ruler is ME
2 plots currently going in Chaillot and both could use warm bodies.

Dark Haven plot- BR version of Belladonna 
Landen Merchant's Plot- cowing insubordinant landens

Hayll- no plot mod- jamie acting mod
BW vs Priestesses

Pruul- plot mod/ruler Bowie
Check out want ad

Raej- plot mod Dani
Odji's war on the landens

Shalador- plot mod/ruler Gina
cultural displacement, new ruler

Askavi K- Plot mod/ruler- Erin
In search of a queen

Dharo- Plot mod/ruler ME
Dirk Ryder vs Rheava mayhem, blood, and carnage

Glacia- open for Succession
Dark jewels vs light jewels

Little Terreille- open for succession
Execution of queen

Scelt- Plot mod/ruler ME
Civil war btw Killans and Sheanes
AIM: VealChopy