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Author Topic: Plot Meet: July 19th, Monday at 9pm EDT  (Read 3635 times)


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Plot Meet: July 19th, Monday at 9pm EDT
« on: Jul 17, 10, 01:03:27 PM »
We'll be having our plot meet on Monday July 19th at 9pm EDT.

We can use this to discuss recovery or current plot plans. It's a way to get the community together when we need it the most! Hope you can make it.

Joining the chatroom is EASY! Simply follow these steps::

      1. Go to this link:
      2. Login as BR-your name
      3. The Channel is #blood-rites

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Re: Plot Meet: July 19th, Monday at 9pm EDT
« Reply #1 on: Jul 19, 10, 09:57:03 PM »
If you are still missing characters or threads send a message to Jamie and she will organize the search party.

Wanted Ads
Erin (Saveena) Requests: Puppet Queen to manipulative for Hayll
Sakura (Sallian)  Requests: Brothers, Lighter Jeweled Warlords
Sakura (Ophelia) Requests: Toys for a Black Widow, particularly a protective Blood male
Erin (Donovan) Requests: Love interest
Bowie (Endevar) Requests: A whole shit load of people: Political players, Court members, Detractors
Bowie (Qasim) Requests: A whole shit load of people: Tribal leaders, Court members
Jamie (Rheava) Requests: A tremendous shit load of people: Adoptions of: Carter Evesham (brother to the Queen), Dirk Rhyder (father to Alora's daughter), Savenna Rhyder (evil doer), Vance Stonehill (MotG)
Jamie (Rheava) Requests: even more people: First Circle Black Widow, Court Seer, First Circle Members to Rheava Evesham, Visiting foreign ambassadors, Dharo political opposition
Jamie (Alora) Requests: Former First Circle Members

Territory Updates
Askavi K
Looking for evil doer, someone "truly diabolical" to interact with Lokevar
Fighters for Drake's Court

Focused on the present plots; Dark Haven & Landens.
Characters needed for both plots.

Focused on Court disruptions and deaths; has become center of plots in Dharo with room for spinoffs and subplots
Writers needed

Focused on moving forward with the Terreitory plot; continuing the war between opposing Queens
Developing discord throughout the Territory

Tension filled with ruler who has been slowly restricting the rights of Landens
Looking for Court positions

Plot Interests
Meadow interested in all Jamie's plots
Sakura sending a boy to Scelt
Jess interested in Chaillot plot
Meadow interestd in a Dharo character
Merry interested in creating a character