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Author Topic: Plot Meet (November): Notes & Follow up  (Read 1011 times)


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Plot Meet (November): Notes & Follow up
« on: Nov 20, 11, 09:13:31 PM »
November Plot Meeting Notes

Here are the notes from the meeting we held this evening.

Open for Succession

We pimped out Chaillot,, Dhemlan Terreille, Askavi Terreille and Askavi Kaeleer. We discussed potential interest and answered specific questions pertaining to the successions. Additionally it was noted that opening Pruul is in the works but is taking an extended amount of time since we lost so much in the IBPfree crash that cannot be recovered for rebuilding purposes.

Territory Updates

Territory: Little Terreille

Plot Updates:
  • At Court and across the Territory: Logain Morr, the Warlord Prince of Little Terreille, has just collared the former Queen and declared himself the Territory Ruler.
  • In the Slums of Goth: The Dragons are business as usual and looking to adopt more members into their gang.
  • Across the Territory: Glacian refugees have been flocking to Little Terreille and have been a drain on the Territory’s resources. It is a territory ripe with conflict and the people had been alienated from their Queen as she focused her time, efforts and resources in the influx of refugees and immigrants.
Wanted Ads:
  • Steward: A former business partner of Logain’s but otherwise a character open to be crafted by the writer.
  • First Circle: Looking for a strong group of male characters to support Logain but also for a bevy of females who see the power he could possess and back him either for the good of the Territory or for their own personal gain.
  • Question for the meeting: Do players prefer open Wanted Ads (eg. First Circle members!) or directed Wanted Ads (eg. Detailed character requests that provide a simple skeleton to build from)?
Solicit Ideas for new Plots: Any suggestions, recommendations on direction?

Territory: Glacia

Plot Updates: Across the Territory there is talk among province leaders, district rulers and coven leaders. Questions are arising over whether it is really Isyviel Valenkos that the Darkness holds in its embrace, whether or not there may be another who is more capable.

Wanted Ads:

Currently the most sought after positions to be filled are that of Isyviel's Inner Triangle and Outer Triangle. Someone's expressed interest in Steward and Consort is already taken.  Inner Triangle requires DJ Healer, Priestess and BW. 

Coven leaders as well as province leaders are also in great demand.

Solicit Ideas for new Plots: With Glacia in its starting point, all ideas and plot point suggestions are welcome.

Territory: Dharo

Plot Updates:
  • With the adoption of the Spy Master character I'm hoping to further develop that arc with Phe/Rhi's help
  • The terror plot against the Court continues to speed along; there are two elements upcoming in the works that will be played out shortly with a few more deaths.. perhaps even character deaths (gasp!)

Wanted Ads:
  • Demira Casban - a ballsy Black Widow who is willing to take on the role of Court Seer despite the demise of her predecessor.
  • Head Recruiter - another subarc in Dharo is the recruitment that Rheava completes to get people into her court (like Linnel), there needs to be a person in charge of this element of her Court.
  • Maclan Essex - a former rival of Rheava's who helped see to her demise during the first tenure of her Queenly reign, he serves in her First Circle as retribution for his mistake in overthrowing her years ago. He is independent and clashes often with the Queen
  • Emmaline - a character that was left MIA when Allie went MIA, this is a close friend of Alora's from her time at Court and someone that she betrayed when she shunned her friends in favor of Dirk. There's a lot of history there between Alora, Emmaline, Merletta and Ramsay.
  • Vance Stonehill - the charmingly rakish, a little brooding, and scarred Master of the Guard.
  • Carter Evesham - Rheava's older brother and Steward, they had a rocky relationship in childhood but it was his plans that got her back to ruling the Territory and shed light on the truth of her overthrow.

Solicit Ideas for new Plots: Any suggestions, recommendations on direction?
  • Dharo's plot has been unfortunately centered around the Court and I'd like to solicit feedback on how to expand it outwards and include a greater number of characters. I'm hoping the Spy Master inclusion will open up some more venues for that expanded work. I'm trying to help create a few societies (ala DN, Glacia, etc.) to bring more life to Dharo and am open to suggestions!

Territory: Scelt

Plot Updates:
  • Civil War remains a significant issue in Scelt and its tearing the land apart
  • The Master of the Guard to Eirne Sheane has been taken into custody by the Court of Scelt after a failed kidnapping attempt on Queen Loreniel Killan
  • Court arcs are alive and kicking and driving plot currently in Scelt

Wanted Ads:
  • Adoptable: Finley Devlin, Cillian Devlin, Ronan & Sorcha Devlin, and Siobhan Devlin
  • Always looking for more interaction in Loreniel's Court, Sheane Court and generally neutral parties.

Solicit Ideas for new Plots: Any suggestions, recommendations on direction?
  • Similarly with Dharo I am looking to introduce a few elements for new subarcs to occur outside of the Court. While Court is the primary plot engine for Scelt, as is the Civil War, there is a lot more going on in this Territory that I want to open up for exploration. I am, as always, open to ideas and suggestions but over the course of the next month I will be developing new arcs for Scelt as well as Dharo.

Territory: Raej, Terreille

Plot Updates: Far from a first, Landens have attacked the Blood! The revenge from Hylia, a slaughter of Landens 11 years past, was understandable by the powerful Jeweled and even Jeweless Blood but this time, Landens have gone too far. A Blood Family, caught at night and unaware was slaughtered and stolen from by a group of Landen men and women. While it was said the word Hylia was spoken by those who committed the acts, the Territory Court has caught the men and is working to understand what led to such needless violence.

Blood are nervous and angry, Landens are concerned and confused. At the heart stands Odji Khaldun, ruler and High Priest of Raej, and Kafir Abada, Head of the Landen Consul who deals directly with the Territory Court. It is just a beginning as the heat of Raej sends tempers to new levels and the Blood and Landen look at one another with renewed fear. No longer a question of who threw the first stone, people are beginning to wonder

Wanted Ads: Head of the Coven of Raej. A new Leader.
Odji’s Mother, a Rose to Purple Dusk Priestess. Head of the Coven and Odji’s Mother located here:,1620.0.html
Odji’s Nephew, Opal to Sapphire Priest Prince. NPC Sheet here:,1619.0.html

Solicit Ideas for new Plots: I am looking for Landens but don’t know what players want. Tal plays one but she needs MINIONS. I mean… friends. Also, what sorts of gangs may people want to see, as this is the direction that Raej’s underground seems to function with.

Territory: Dena Nehele
Plot Updates: Gavril has begun his slow assault on the lower classes of Dena Nehele. With the support of the Queen's father, he has manipulated and controlled the young Queen who is revered only for her ability with the land. Darcia, oblivious to the true duties of a Queen, is confiding in her friend Sora, revealing that she is pregnant, though fear of what happened the first time has kept her quiet about the knowledge until it becomes indisguisable. But she does not know the real danger. The Guild Master has given a personal contract to the head of the Shaos guild, requesting that the young Queen be kidnapped and brought to him, but what does he want with the figure Queen of the Territory? What could he possibly do with the idle princess who does not know the war she is wrapped in the middle of? Darcia is about to meet the true face of Dena Nehele in her streets and guilds, but also in the face of a person she has not seen in quite some years.
Wanted Ads: Many prominent players in Dena Nehele have taken the opportunity to place up wanted ads based on their own needs. as far as the Territory goes, there is still an opening for much of Darcia's family. We are also always looking for Aristo within the Court, or without attempting to get in. Roma and Jamie have placed wanted ads for their guild conspirators, while Meadow has one for some Aristo intrigue. Feel free to look all of these over and come to me with any questions or wants in the Territory and we'll try to find a place for you within our world.
Solicit Ideas for New Plots: Anyone who thinks Dena Nehele is a great backdrop for a plot idea you had, please feel free to come to me with that. I am more than happy to work with you on a plot so that it fits seemlessly into the Territory, while still holding to your original ideas.
I'm currently working on some plot ideas for both Shaos and Jacks guilds (Jamie has begun some awesome work with the Myos ;D), so if anyone has any ideas in regards to these, please see me. Also, Boots is looking for an assistant and/or heir of some sort. Someone who he can trust to take over the Territory after he is gone, after all - he's only getting older.

Territory: Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Plot Updates:
  •   The Marketplace continues to be a strong point of opposition, espescially given the new rulings made to cease the recently quelled riots.
  • Dark days are ahead for Dhemlan, soon a plague which only targets Blood will begin to spread through the land and place Dhemlan, Kaeleer as a whole Territory under Quarentine.
  • Mitra Sa Roya, the jeweless Queen has held Dhemlan under her rule for over a thousand  years.  Since the purge she's kept the Territory through strength of her court, her personality, and largely her standing as a living cultural icon and hero.  Though there ARE those who believe the Lady was wrong to Deny Witch her toll of Dhemlanese souls and blame the Territories current corrupt condition on their Queen.  There's room for allies, opposition, and up and coming new talent.   It needs to be stressed that THE LADY SA ROYA HAS ONLY CONTINUED TO RULE BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN NO ONE WILLING/ABLE to take the Territory from her and assure the country it's stability the way Mitra has.  Recently the Lady has Taken in a young protege Queen with the potential to wear DJ's, one of the first YOUNG strong Queen's it's had new in centuries.
Wanted Ads: There are tons of positions which need filling in Dhemlan, Kaeleer, and the population is large and unscathed enough from Mitra's shielding the Territory from the purge with the sacrifice of her jewels that I can likely find a plot/place for all sorts of treachery.  Strong Court members are -espescially- desired. 

Mitra's Brother will also be an NPC up for adoption & there is room for plotting with him/his children.
Solicit Ideas for new Plots: I am open & easy, I would really like for there to be a fleshing out of Dhemlan's scholarly side (perhaps a famed University that'll come in to play), and players to get drawn in to the Territories two inaugural big story lines.

General Plot Discussion

Opened the floor for general questions to Plot Leaders or High BLood Council and pimping of plots.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone