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Author Topic: Gauging Interest in Plot Meeting Concepts  (Read 993 times)


Offline Jamie

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Gauging Interest in Plot Meeting Concepts
« on: Jan 17, 12, 11:26:44 AM »
We're trying to gauge the interest from the community on introducing different styles of plot meetings. Currently our plot meetings include all of these elements and end up being recaps of current Territory plots, etc.

Please vote in the poll but also express your opinions here about how you feel towards the current Plot Meeting structure and the suggestions we're making above for other stand alone plot meetings. These won't necessarily replace our current Plot Meeting but would be in addition to it.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone

Online Reid

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Re: Gauging Interest in Plot Meeting Concepts
« Reply #1 on: Jan 22, 12, 10:16:28 PM »
Territory Plot Meetings: Yes please. I would really like this because I am continually confused on how my characters are involved in plots, and what plots are being run when, and where I should be looking for RP for my characters, and I don't like being confused. :( What would we do for territories like Pruul/Chaillot/etc that have no real "Leader"? Just have an open floor meeting?

I think, though, that in addition to territory plot meetings, we should also continue to have meetings like we have been for the other concerns--wanted ads, brainstorming, and administrative meetings sound like they'd be very short meetings that splinter quickly as people find things they want to talk about. For instance, the last plot meeting I was in, I think I zoned out around Dhemlan Kaeleer because there was a concept I really liked. So, um. here's my suggestions for how the others would work:

Brainstorming meetings seem like something that'd be better worked up if someone was like HEY I'M APPING CHAILLOT, IF YOU WANT TO HELP COME TO THE BC ON (DATE), (TIME) AND LET'S KICK AROUND IDEAS TO SEE WAHT YOU GUYS WANT, and done more on a personal/what the topic is basis than one set up by admins. Or, to use my landen troupe as an example, I could've said "HEY, coming up with a plot for landens in Chaillot, come to the BC at (Date), (time) and let's talk out what you want to do". As long as it doesn't conflict with something a Plot Leader or HBC member sets up, then you're aces.

Wanted Ad meetings really seem kind of superfluous because like I said we do a lot of that in the overall meetings and it splinters really fast. We also advertise these near constantly in the cbox and over AIM. It'd probably be best to fit these under brainstorming and Territory Plot meetings, as well as the overall plot meetings.

Admin meetings I can see being useful if you guys decided to open a new territory, or run a plot influencing the whole board, or introduced a new race/character type a la kindred and demon-dead, or maybe if something were to be attached to "Who earned the most points this month!!" or something, but otherwise they seem like something that would run pretty infrequently, due to the easy accessibility of the sidebar.

ahhh i hope this all made sense. /posts before changing her mind again