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Title: About Plot Meetings
Post by: Jamie on Dec 18, 10, 11:19:30 PM
About Plot Meetings

Plot meetings are an irregular event at Blood Rites that we attempt to make monthly (at least). Plot meetings serve a handful of functions at Blood Rites but they are primarily used to keep everyone up to date on the various plots across the board.

We also use them to introduce new writers, request wanted ads and entice writers to join a new plot or three.

The meetings are held live in the BR Chat room ( and we attempt to schedule them for once a month. You may request a plot meeting be held sooner than the scheduled event by replying to this thread. Or feel free to create impromptu meetings using the chat room!

Questions or comments can be made as a reply to this thread. We're always looking for feedback and suggestions on the format of the meetings.
Title: Re: About Plot Meetings
Post by: AJ on Sep 11, 12, 12:13:23 PM
So... uh, when's the next one? :)