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Author Topic: River Vanviel  (Read 4972 times)

Description: Black Widow. Rose to Opal (Suggested). NPC for Baelfire

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River Vanviel
« on: Feb 25, 16, 09:58:53 PM »
NPC Name: River Vanviel
Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): Yes
If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.

Age: 45 (b. 145 AP)

Race: Medium-lived (Dea al Mon)

Caste: Black Widow

Home Territory: Dea al Mon

Suggested play-by: Evangeline Lily (As Tauriel in LotR)
Is this specific play-by Required for this C? (Y/N): Yes

Desired Jewels: Rose to Opal - have been mentioned in play, but so long as they are near this range it's okay.
Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required.

Have this character's jewels been rolled? (Y/N): No.
(Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll:

Player-Character Sponsor Baelfire Elendhen
Link to PC's Character Sheet:

Is this NPC adoptable?: Yes.

Concept and Details
List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:
River is dependable above all else. She takes her duties seriously, whether they are duties to her court, her peers or her territory. Having come from a disordered and dysfunctional home, she found order and purpose and to some extent salvation within the ranks of the Red Cloaks. Something happened to cause her to leave rather than sign up for more tours than she's served, but she's tight-lipped about the circumstances. She has found a similar feeling of order and purpose working for the Eddersea Guard, and she values her place there very highly, as a result. She and the Master of the Guard have a relationship that extends beyond mere superior/subordinate, though the specifics are unknown to any but the two involved. Rumors abound, of course, but rarely in the presence of River. Despite her unwavering professionalism and composure, she is a very skilled Black Widow and her control of her Craft has earned her a reputation for being... effective.

Suggested Likes: Neatness, her job, playing the violin.
Suggested Dislikes: Tardiness, disrespect, cheap wine.
Suggested Fears: Her family history catching up to her, Eddersea changing, the Brood
Suggested Craft Strengths: Combat Craft, Black Widow Webs
Suggested Craft Weaknesses: Poison Craft, Timed Craft

Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:

Application submitted by: phinn!
(Your OOC name)

Offline phinneas

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Re: River Vanviel (NPC)
« Reply #1 on: Feb 25, 16, 10:00:30 PM »
I've purchased a registered NPC here. River is ready for review, please.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

Offline Dani

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Re: River Vanviel (NPC)
« Reply #2 on: Mar 08, 16, 10:16:33 AM »
character tracker

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