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Author Topic: Registered NPCs  (Read 8310 times)


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Registered NPCs
« on: Feb 25, 16, 09:24:41 PM »
• • • Registered NPCs • • •
Non-player characters, or NPCs, are typically characters that exist to enrich the stories of our Player-characters, or PCs. They can add flavor and depth to the stories we tell, sometimes to the point where a PC’s story just wouldn’t be complete without their presence. Players on Blood Rites have always been encouraged to be creative with their storytelling, and sometimes this results in the creation of some truly loveable (or despicable) NPCs.

Once in a while, an NPC’s role will expand beyond their influence on one PC’s story. The NPC Registry was created to catalogue some of the canon features and details about these NPCs for the benefit of other players who might want to reference them. There is no hard and fast rule to determine whether an NPC should be added to the NPC Registry, but a good guideline is the number of PC storylines the NPC will affect. If it’s only one or two, you may be better off just keeping track of NPC details and canon info privately, or on a Tracker (See: Character Tracker, Writer Tracker, Plot Tracker). Alternatively, if the NPC is adoptable, you might sponsor a Wanted Ad.

If there is a particular NPC whose first name, desired face claim, and/or Jewels are very important to the stories you are telling and who are not served well enough by a Tracker or a Wanted Ad, then you may apply to have them added to the NPC Registry where their details can be recorded as part of BR canon. Please bear in mind that Registered NPCs follow the same NPC rules as always, regarding their Jewels. If Jewels are chosen by selection, living NPCs may have Jewels up to a Green Descent and nonliving NPCs may have a Descent up to Red. Dark Ally rolls and Family Rolls made on a PC’s sheet may be used for these NPCs just as always, regardless of their depth.
Quick Points:
Registered NPC is a new item being added to the Points Shop. The price will begin at 100 points, and will be subject to the standard 150% markup for repeat purchases.

• If Face Claims and First Names of Registered NPCs are marked as Required on the NPC Application,  they will be counted as canon just as if they were PCs and removed from the available pool of names and play-bys.

• Registered NPCs must be attached to one Primary PC, even though the NPC will ideally serve and influence multiple PCs. If this Primary PC ever goes Inactive, the attached NPC will be retired.

• For Adoptable NPCs, NPC creators may mark their desired Jewel set as Required. However, just as it is with Wanted Ads, it is the responsibility of the adopting player to acquire those Jewels by normal methods (i.e., Shop Item, general roll, petition, Winsol Gift, etc.). More info on this HERE
To apply for a Registered NPC, head over to the Shop Transactions thread for the current month and purchase a Registered NPC. Then create a new thread in the Keep’s Registry, just as you would when beginning an application for a regular PC character. In the drop-down template selector, choose the “NPC Application” option, which will drop a blank form into the text entry box. Once you have posted your application,the rest of the process (Ready for Review, Feedback, etc) will follow standard Character Application procedures.

For a more detailed guide on completing an NPC Application, go HERE.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker