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Author Topic: Registered NPC Application & Process  (Read 11882 times)


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Registered NPC Application & Process
« on: Feb 25, 16, 09:19:00 PM »
• • • Application for Registered NPCs • • •

Before you submit an application, make sure you've read the Primer on what Registered NPCs are on Blood Rites, and how to determine whether or not you should apply to register yours. The following will describe the application and process in detail.

The Application:

Code: [Select]
[b]NPC Name[/b]:
[b]Is this specific name [u]Required[/u]? (Y/N)[/b]:
[sup]If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.[/sup]




[b]Home Territory[/b]:

[b]Suggested play-by:[/b]
[b]Is this specific play-by [u]Required [/u]for this C? (Y/N):[/b]

[b]Desired Jewels[/b]:
[sup]Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required.[/sup]

[b]Have this character's jewels been [b]rolled[/b]? (Y/N):[/b]
[sup](Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll:[/sup]

[b]Player-Character Sponsor[/b]
[sup]Link to PC's Character Sheet:[/sup]

[b]Is this NPC adoptable?[/b]:

[b]Concept and Details[/b]
[sup]List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:[/sup]

[b]Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:[/b]
[li]Link 1[/li]
[li]Link 2[/li]

[b]Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC:[/b]

[b]Application submitted by:[/b]
[sup](Your OOC name)[/sup]

The Process:

  • Copy the above code block and paste it into a post on a new thread in the Keep's Registry. Alternatively, this form will be available as a template in the drop-down options above the post box. Please post it under the handle of the character who will be the Player Character Sponsor for the Registered NPC.
  • Fill out the blank sections as detailed above. Just as with a standard PC application, you may post an incomplete application and work on it as you're able.
  • When you've completed the app in full, reply to its thread in the Keep with a note saying it's ready for review. Make sure you have purchased the Registered NPC item from the shop, and have included a link in the proper place on the application.
  • Review Council will vet the application, and if necessary will return feedback to you. This will mirror the standard application process, though obviously the NPC process will be a lighter, less involved Review.
  • Once Review Council is satisfied with the application, they will post the NPC's approval and move the sheet into the NPC Registry. It will remain there until the Registered NPC's creator requests that it be removed, the Sponsor PC goes Inactive, or the character is adopted (where applicable).
And that's it! If you have questions, please reach out to a staff member. We're happy to help!

The Details:

NPC Name: Choose a name for your NPC following normal naming conventions.

Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): If you would like your NPCs name to be entered into the Taken Name List and removed from the pool of potential character names, answer 'yes' here.




Home Territory:


You may supply specific details, suggestions, a range, or leave these blank if the NPC will be adoptable and you wish to leave these details up to the adopter. Non-adoptable NPCs should have this information filled out.

Suggested Play-by:
Is this specific play-by Required for this C?:
Choose an image that suits the NPC in your estimation, and note whether the particular face you've chosen is absolutely necessary for this NPC. Approved NPCs with Required play-bys will create entries in the Graphics Claim registry, preventing the face from being used for another character. If a specific face is not actually key to an NPC, please leave this as Suggested instead of Required.

Desired Jewels:
Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required.
Have this character's jewels been rolled?:
(Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll:
You may select a specific Jewel set, a range of Jewel sets, or, for adoptable NPCs, leave this blank to allow the adopter to decide the Jewels without guidance. Non-adoptable NPCs may be assigned Jewels up to a Descent of Green for living NPCs and Descent Red for non-living NPCs. Adoptable NPCs may have Suggested or Required Jewels noted here, but please be aware that it will be the responsibility of the adopting player to submit a Character Application for the adopted character, and they will be subject to the standard rules regarding how to obtain Jewels. If the NPC's Jewels have already been rolled in the Family rolls for an approved Player Character, or if you have a Dark Ally roll you would like to use for this NPC, please provide a link to the relevant roll or shop item.

Player-Character Sponsor
Link to PC's Character Sheet:
Every Registered NPC must be attached to a Player Character (PC). While the hope is that every Registered NPC will have a hand in the storylines of multiple PCs, there must be one primary PC character associated with the Registered NPC. If this PC ever reaches Inactive status, the associated Registered NPC will be retired, and all Graphics and Jewel claims will be released. Please note that Registered NPCs will not be eligible for Reactivation like Inactive PCs are.

Is this NPC adoptable?:
If this Registered NPC is meant to be adoptable, it will be treated like a Wanted Ad in the sense that the Review Council will look for approval from the Registered NPC's creator before approving this character's application in the Keep.

Concept and Details
List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:
You may list as much or as little here as you would like. If you do list details and the NPC is meant to be adoptable, please indicate which (if any) of the details and concepts are mandatory, and which are merely suggestions.

Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:
  • Link 1
  • Link 2
This section is not mandatory, but it is extremely helpful if your NPC has already been mentioned in established play. We highly recommend using the Links section to help any would-be adopters understand what's already been said about the character.

Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC:

Application submitted by:
(Your OOC name)
Your name, of course!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker