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Author Topic: Nafessa Domani  (Read 1873 times)

Description: Witch. Opal to Red. NPC for Nailah Abbasi.

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Nafessa Domani
« on: Jul 16, 18, 01:42:11 PM »

NPC Name: Nafessa Domani
Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): Yes
If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.

Age: 24 (b. 170AP)

Race: Short-Lived (Raejian)

Caste: Witch

Home Territory: Raej

Suggested play-by: Nafessa Williams
Is this specific play-by Required for this C? (Y/N): Yes

Desired Jewels: Opal to Red (Required)
Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required.

Have this character's jewels been rolled? (Y/N): Yes
(Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll:  Here

Player-Character Sponsor
Link to PC's Character Sheet: Nailah Abbasi

Is this NPC adoptable?: No.

Concept and Details
List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:

Nafessa Domani was born in Raej’s Damietta District in 170 AP. Her Birthright Ceremony was performed by a young Nailah Abbasi, who was just coming into her own with the local Conclave. Nailah calmed Nafessa’s fears, enabling the young girl to claim the Opal. Even as her family’s fortunes improved, she never forgot the woman who helped her realize her full potential. Assured to receive a Dark Jewel at her Offering, several courts expressed interest in mentoring her. Instead, the Witch submitted herself to the Daughters of Dusk for training, inspired to act as guard and companion to the Voices of the Darkness.

Nafessa trekked to Kemet at nineteen to personally request Nailah’s aid for her Offering. Obtaining a Red Jewel, Nafessa grew to believe that she was destined to serve the Red Priestess. She applied for, and gained acceptance to, the Dusk Warders and spent the next few years protecting Priestesses across Raej. Learning of a plot to harm Nailah's family, Nafessa returned to Kemet and offered her services as a bodyguard to the High Priestess in order to serve her directly.

Likes: Communion, Children, Spicy Food
Dislikes: Inactivity, Inebriation, Landen
Fears: Failure, Pregnancy, Permanent Injury
Craft Strengths: Defensive Shields, Security Spells
Craft Weaknesses: Combat Shields, Jewel Management

Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:

None Yet!

Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC:  Here

Application submitted by: Gavin
(Your OOC name)

Offline Gavin

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Re: Nafessa Domani
« Reply #1 on: Jul 17, 18, 12:45:44 AM »
Ready for Review.

Offline phinneas

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Re: Nafessa Domani
« Reply #2 on: Jul 17, 18, 08:42:41 AM »
Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

Offline phinneas

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Re: Nafessa Domani
« Reply #3 on: Jul 20, 18, 02:24:25 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker