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Author Topic: Hypatia Carmen Neascu  (Read 869 times)

Description: Healer. Rose to Summer Sky. NPC for Minerva Tailor

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Hypatia Carmen Neascu
« on: Mar 13, 18, 05:19:49 AM »
carmen neascu

advisor to caecian
NPC Name: Hypatia Carmen Neascu, known as Carmen
Is this specific name Required? (Y/N): Yes
If yes, the name will be entered into the Taken Name registry and will be removed from available names.

Age: 45 (149AP)

Race: Short-lived

Caste: Healer

Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Suggested play-by: Lena Headey (Not Cersei)
Is this specific play-by Required for this C? (Y/N): Yes (but if someone wants Lena Headey in Game of Thrones they can have her)

Desired Jewels: Rose to Summer Sky (Required)
Please also note whether Jewels are Suggested or Required.

Have this character's jewels been rolled? (Y/N): No
(Family rolls, Adoptable Ally roll, etc.) If so, link to roll:

Player-Character Sponsor Minerva Tailor
Link to PC's Character Sheet: Minerva Tailor

Is this NPC adoptable?: With permission from Reid and Phedre

Concept and Details
List any fears, history elements, or other details that are crucial to the character and/or have been referenced in gameplay:

Born in Lesser Caecian in 149AP, Carmen was immediately known for the Healer she was. An aristo by birth, she had access to the best lessons money could buy in the Healer-drained Territory. During this time, the battling for Healers was less intense than it is in the present day. Between her bloodlines (her father a Licht and her mother a Neascu) and the more interesting war for Queens, Carmen's life was fairly uninteresting until she completed her training.

Carmen decided that she required more knowledge before she could settle down in Dena Nehele, and headed south into Raej, where she settled in Kemet for four years, from the age of 20 to the age of 24. She trained further with Healers there, learning tricks that had been lost from Dena Nehelean arts. When she returned, it was to serve in the court of Lesser Caecian, beneath a Queen who had made her Offering too young. As such, the young woman could be capricious, assigning guilt and blame to parties who offended her rather than those who truly deserve it. Carmen intervened as often as she could, even dipping into her own inheritance to make things easier for the victims of the Queen she served.

When the Queen was assassinated in the fall of 177, Carmen did her best to save her, but was not truly that torn up when the young woman passed from her injuries. While awaiting the naming of a new ruler--the only known Queens being too young to make their Offering or already ensconced elsewhere--the Queen's Court did its best to hold Lesser Caecian together. Carmen stepped up to the plate, corralling the Court and aristos to support her cause. She was officially recognized by the Territory Court as the ruler of Lesser Caecian in 179.

Carmen ruled Lesser Caecian with a fair hand from the fall of 179 to the early winter of 193. During her tenure, she worked with the Priestesses to ensure better education among her populace, and corralled as many Healers as she could, spreading their numbers out according to the population centers of her District. She lacked the resources to set up a free clinic in her District, as Ilie Funar and Minerva Tailor would in Sevastopol some years later, but spreading her resources as best she could in the years of her rule served her people well. The education with the Priestesses reduced infant mortality by a measurable percentage, though the numbers still aren't where she would like them to be. The accomplishment of which she is proudest is the creation of an architectural code, which helps towns and villages prepare for inclement weather and reduces mortality in the aged and infirm.

Upon being released from her contract as Ruler, Carmen dissolved her Court. Though the possibility of applying to serve as Court Healer was a tempting one, she recognized that she would not be able to step aside and let another rule in her stead if she remained. After fourteen years of ruling, she knew the people and their troubles too well to simply stand aside from what she felt was hers. She did request several members of her Court present themselves to her successor as liaisons or possible Circle members, having no desire to leave Toyani no Kagen without the information she would require to succeed as the ruler of Lesser Caecian. In addition, her ouster is emotionally painful for her. She has given her entire life to Lesser Caecian and having it stolen away breaks her heart.

Instead, she joined Minerva Tailor in Caecian. While Carmen had never truly wanted to rule, the Opal Healer ruling next door did. Carmen recognized the same fear and lust for power that had plagued the Queen that she had once served in Minerva, and resolved to do what she could to prevent the Healer from turning all of her good works to rot in the fields of Caecian.

Music: Carmen is an avid pianist.
Healing: Carmen draws a not-insignificant amount of personal satisfaction from seeing her patients go on to live long, healthy lives. She keeps in touch where she can.
Horses: Carmen prefers to ride when traveling because she believes it makes her more accessible to the people. The loss of speed is an acceptable tradeoff to her.

Her ouster: Carmen will deny it, but she is incredibly hurt that Riley has forced her out of the District she has ruled for fourteen years for an interloper who intends to leave the Territory after a year. She feels betrayed and wonders what she did wrong to deserve this.
Change: Carmen has lived in the same place, had the same co-workers, and performed the same duties for fourteen years. Her escort is the same man who escorted her into Raej when she was twenty.
Winter: It's always such a tough time, in both Caecians.

The end of Toyani's contract: Carmen doesn't know if she'll be asked to return to her post by the Queen who sent her away. She knows there are many Queens returning and that installing a Healer in one of the field Districts is incredibly unlikely. She wants to go home, though, and return to her routine, and take care of her people the way she always has.
Minerva's potential: She sees in Minerva possibility for greatness, but also possibility for horror. Lust for power never ends well, in Carmen's experience. A woman who will turn the murder of a Queen into an opportunity is a woman who might murder a Queen to create one.
Assassination: The people of Lesser Caecian adore Carmen. She has changed their lives for the better in many ways, and because of her many of them are old enough to remember it. There are people coming of age who have never known any ruler but Carmen Neascu. If someone wanted to consolidate power and take Lesser Caecian, assassinating Carmen would be a good place to start.

Links to IC Posts with references to this NPC:

Link to Shop purchase of Registered NPC: Here

Application submitted by: Reid

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Re: Hypatia Carmen Neascu
« Reply #1 on: Mar 13, 18, 05:24:38 AM »
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Re: Hypatia Carmen Neascu
« Reply #2 on: Mar 15, 18, 03:28:10 PM »
Ready for review!

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Re: Hypatia Carmen Neascu
« Reply #3 on: Mar 15, 18, 04:56:47 PM »
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Re: Hypatia Carmen Neascu
« Reply #4 on: Mar 16, 18, 03:45:14 PM »
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